An Afternoon’s Delight, Part One

  • Posted on September 12, 2015 at 10:00 am

By JetBoy

It’s a hot August day, and I’m sitting on the patio outside my mother Carol’s house, whiling away the afternoon while Mom is off playing tennis with her friends. My ten-year-old daughter Cinnamon is nearby, splashing playfully in the swimming pool as I lounge in a striped deckchair, sunbathing in a skimpy bikini.

The summer sun warms my oiled body, giving me a sweet tingling between the legs. Almost without thinking, I press my thumb against the thin material covering my pussy. A prickle of pleasure wafts through me, and I begin to fondle myself more intently, fingers snaking between my thighs to brush a now throbbing clitoris.

Suddenly I realize that my little girl is standing right next to me, clearly curious as to what I’m up to. I glance down to see the crotch of my bikini bottoms pushed to one side, revealing my shaved slit.

“What’re you doing, Mommy?” Cinnamon asks, her head tilted to one side.

I raise my head, studying my daughter. She is an adorable, gazelle- like creature, still wet from the pool in her two-piece bathing outfit. Her sapphire-blue eyes are wide as she watches me, and I quickly adjust my suit. For a fleeting instant, I catch a glimpse of what looks like… disappointment on Cinnamon’s face. Is she really that interested in seeing my pussy?

Despite my display of modesty, the arousal I’m feeling is now even stronger. I don’t know why, but I’m kind of turned on at the thought of my little girl watching me pleasure myself. I’m bisexual, with a strong preference for women and a secret craving for young girls, but I’ve never been sexually aroused by Cinnamon before. Well, almost never.

I gently tell her, “Mommy is just making herself feel good, baby.”

She ponders this for a moment, nibbling at her lower lip, then says, “I do that, too. Susie showed me how.”

Susie? Stunned, I slowly sit up in the chair, mind racing. Susie was Cinnamon’s best friend, and they were close, but I had no idea that they had been exploring their bodies together.

“What… what kinds of things did she show you?” I keep my voice casual, not wanting to startle Cinnamon with my eagerness to know more.

An apprehensive look flutters across her face, as if she suddenly realizes that she’s said too much. Placing a hand on her arm, I give it a comforting squeeze. “It’s all right, honeybunch… there’s nothing wrong with you and Susie playing that way. In fact, that’s one of the nicest things that girls can do together.” I smile warmly. “So… what else happened?”

Shy but willing, my daughter continues. “Well… she, um, taught me how to kiss… for when we get boyfriends, you know? With tongues and everything.” She grins, her cheeks turning a lovely pink. “It felt weird, at first… but I liked it!”

My heart is pounding, though I manage to keep my cool. “That sounds nice, honey. My best friend was the one who showed me how to kiss, too.” Actually, we went much further than kissing, but Cinnamon didn’t need to know that just yet.

“Really? Did she… touch you, too?” coos Cinnamon. “Me and Susie did that.”

Oh, my God, this is incredible. I’m dying to hear everything, but don’t want to seem too excited. “Did you undress first?” I ask.

Cinnamon nods, her eyes wide. “How’d you know that, Mommy?”

I grin. “Oh, that’s what girls do, when they get together to play… private games.” I touch Cinnamon’s bare shoulder. “Go on, tell me more about what you little imps got up to!”

She sways to and fro, her hands clasped before her, now happy to share her secret. “We just snuggled with our clothes off, and we kissed a lot. Then we took turns” — her voice dropped to a whisper — “touching each other’s kitty!” She giggles, pleased with her boldness. “I… I really liked doing that, Mommy.”

By now, I’m so fucking hot from picturing my little girl playing lesbian games with her cute little friend that I have to get myself off — I have to! And since Cinnamon is no stranger to this kind of activity, I see no reason why she can’t see Mommy make herself feel good.

“Honey,” I begin, “I’m feeling all warm down in my own kitty, just from hearing about you and Susie… and, um, I sort of need to touch myself some more.” I swallow, then add, “You can watch, if you’d like.”

Cinnamon’s eyes are absolutely huge. She slowly nods. “Okay…”

She perches at the bottom of my deck recliner, utterly fascinated as she watches me slip a hand inside my bikini bottoms and begin to masturbate. Her eyes are riveted to my fingers as they move beneath the thin material.

God, I don’t know why, but this is getting me hotter by the minute. I am so wet and turned on with my little girl observing me that I stop to tug my bikini bottoms off, then drop them to one side. Then I figure why not, and take my top off too. Now naked, I part my thighs and slide a finger deep into my honeypot.

I’m a little worried about the possibility of freaking Cinnamon out, but a glance confirms that my daughter is totally into this, watching eagerly as I pleasure myself. In fact, her hand steals up to her chest, absently touching her budding breasts through the bikini top she wears. I nearly moan out loud when Cinnamon brushes her nipples with the tips of her fingers, and I could swear that I see them stiffen before my eyes. I suddenly imagine myself sucking them, feeling my baby’s nipples swell in my mouth.

God in heaven, I’m seeing my own child as a sexual creature — and, for the first time, as an object of forbidden desire.

I can’t believe what I’m thinking, even as the idea is flitting about in my head like a trapped bird, but there it is, waiting for me to make it real. I know how utterly wrong this craving is, honestly I do. But I also find myself imagining how wonderful it would be for my little girl to discover love with her mother. We adore each other already… why couldn’t she and I take our relationship one step further? Somehow, at this instant, it all makes perfect sense.

Heart pounding, knowing that I’m crossing a dangerous line, I whisper, “Honey… do you want to help Mommy feel good?”

Her face lights up, and she excitedly says “Sure!”

I motion her closer, taking her hand, then bring it to my lips to kiss her palm, whispering, “I love you, baby.” My gaze never leaving hers, I draw that hand between my thighs, placing it on my mons. “See, now… this is where you came from, just ten years ago.”

My daughter’s lips are parted, a look of wonder on her face. “You feel warm, Mommy!” Her fingers are tentatively exploring my sex, and it feels so good that I’m seeing stars.

Biting my lip, I manage to say, “That’s because I’m all excited, sweetheart… and when you touch me this way you excite me, you know — very much.”

“Wow,” she breathes, her hand still lightly fondling my vulva.

“Here, honey,” I murmur, “let me show you something else you can do.” I carefully position two of Cinnamon’s fingers at the entrance to my vagina, then slowly ease them inside.

“Mommy,” my child breathes, practically shivering with excitement.

Cinnamon’s fingers are buried in me, deep as they can go… and I grip her hand tightly for a moment, marveling at how lovely they feel. Then I release her, settling back into the deck chair. “Good… very good. N-now move your fingers in and out, baby.”

Cinnamon begins slowly at first, but soon her wrist is moving steadily, fingers pumping in and out of my cunt. It feels so fucking good — but I can take more.

I place a shaking hand on my daughter’s arm to stop her, taking a deep breath to steady myself before I speak. “Cinnamon, honey… you know, your whole hand c-can fit into Mommy’s pussy, if you push it inside slowly.” Cupping her face, I whisper, “Will you do that for me? ”

She nods eagerly, her eyes alight with excitement.

I lie back and spread myself open for her. Cinnamon presses into me, her brow furrowed as she concentrates. A moan escapes me as her knuckles slide past the vaginal ring, and then, suddenly, she is inside. Oh, my goodness.

I close my eyes and push back against her hand, gradually taking her up to the wrist. My body is vibrating with tiny tremors, as if an earthquake was massing in my center. She is bent over me, absorbed in her work; and I can feel her breath caress my clit.

In a shaky voice I tell her to make a fist, gasping in disbelief as she does. Then I breathe, “Okay, honey… now, move your hand forward and back, just like you were doing with your fingers. Start slowly, though.”

She begins, and I moan ecstatically at the unimaginable fullness I feel, a deep-banked mixture of pain and pleasure that is too intense for words. My baby’s hands are dainty and very elegant, but all I know at that moment is that her little fist is bigger than any cock I’ve ever had inside me.

With trembling lips I stammer, “Okay, Cinnamon… you can g-go faster now.”

Her pace gradually accelerates, and I want to scream at how utterly divine it is. My body is alive like never before as I buck against my little girl’s probing hand. No lover has ever fisted me before, and it feels incredible.

“That’s it, b-baby, twist your hand… and… and… oh yes! YES! Oh Cinnamon that’s so good!” I gasp.

“I love how you smell, Mommy!” my little girl pants, her face inches from my cunt as she works her hand around inside.

Then the craziest impulse hits me, and I find myself wondering just how far I can get my daughter to go.

“Cinnamon, h-honey,” I stammer, unable to believe what I’m on the verge of asking, “Would you like to — ooh, that’s so nice — do you want to make Mommy feel even b-better than this?”

Her eyes are sparkling with excitement. “Yes, Mommy,” she coos, her hand still buried deep inside me. “What do I do?”

I place a finger against my clitoris. “Lick me, honey, right here. If you like the way it smells, you’ll love how I taste.” I bring a wet finger to my lips and suck at it. “Mmmm… it’s yummy.”

My daughter, wide-eyed with curiosity, moves closer to my sex. She gives my clit a timid swipe with her tongue, and I moan out loud. “Oh, yes, baby… oh, yes.”

Clearly liking the taste, Cinnamon begins to lick me with growing enthusiasm. She’s so focused on this new task that her thrusts have ceased, but that hardly matters — every tiny movement of my baby’s hand has my head reeling, and the sensation of her warm tongue teasing my clitoris is positively electric. I’m shivering from head to toe, breathing in frantic gasps.

I place a shaking hand on my daughter’s head. “That’s it, honey! Now… nibble at it a little bit! Oh yes, honey! You’re Mommy’s sweet little girl…” I lean back in my chair, head spinning, edging toward an unimaginable orgasm. Cinnamon has progressed from licking my clit to sucking at the inflamed tip, and her hand is beginning to churn about inside me again.

“Oh, my God,” I suddenly hear from a few feet away.

I sit upright, my daughter’s hand still stuffed deep in my vagina — and go rigid with horror.

My mother Carol towers above us in a white tennis outfit, an indecipherable look on her face. Jesus… she wasn’t supposed to be home for two more hours!

Mom has caught me having sex with my little girl. My life is over.

I quickly look away, my pulse galloping as Cinnamon removes her hand from me with a slurping sound. There’s a roaring in my ears, a cold slab of ice in my belly.

I wait for my mother to explode in rage, but the storm fails to materialize. Somehow I force my gaze up to meet hers, and get another shock when I see… she’s smiling!?

Mom turns to my daughter, who’s sitting frozen, hands clutched in her lap, on the verge of frightened tears.

“Cinnamon,” Carol gently asks, “are you and your mommy having fun?”

“Uh-huh,” comes Cinnamon’s timid reply, my child barely able to meet her grandmother’s gaze.

Mom squats down next to my daughter, placing a hand on her arm. “May I have some fun with you and Mommy, too?”

“Um… sure!” Cinnamon responds, tilting her face up in surprise.

My jaw drops as Mom turns to me, eyes aglow. Reaching out, she draws me to her with a tug, claiming my mouth with hers. She kisses me passionately, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. Stunned as I am, I can’t help but respond… and so I return Mom’s kiss without hesitation, my tongue flashing to life to join hers.

Mom pulls back slightly, her nose barely touching mine. “I’m into women too, baby,” she murmurs, “and I’ve wanted you ever since I found out you were bi.”

Our mouths meet again, and I melt into the kiss… letting my mother know without a word that I am hers.

Then Mom turns to Cinnamon, who is staring at us with enormous eyes as me and my mother make out like lovers.

“Would you like to kiss me too, honey…?” Mom coos.

Bashfully, biting her lower lip, my baby nods.

Mom draws my little girl into her arms. I open my mouth to protest, then stop. How can I refuse my mother the right to kiss her granddaughter, when the child was licking my clitoris not two minutes ago?

Carol tilts her head slightly to kiss Cinnamon, her lips brushing my daughter’s mouth. Where Mom was rough with me, the kisses she gives my little girl are warm and sensuous.

Needless to say, Cinnamon quickly gets over any shyness she might be feeling. I shiver at the sight of my mother and daughter locked in a passionate embrace, their mouths sliding together, tongues dueling. I see Mom’s hand gliding down my child’s back to cup her pert little bottom.

Finally my mother plants one last kiss on her granddaughter’s mouth, then rises to her feet. Smiling down at Cinnamon, she softly says, “We’ll play some more in a minute, honey, but your grandmother needs some attention now.”

She turns to me. With a single violent motion, Mom rips the tennis skirt from her hips and tosses it to one side, leaving her in a white top and skimpy black panties.

I look up into her hungry eyes as my 45-year-old mother says “Make love to me, Angela.”

The firmness in her voice makes it clear that Mom will brook no disobedience. I haven’t heard that tone from her since I was in high school, running wild with the stoner kids and slackers.

My mother stands before me — strong, beautiful, magnificent. How can I possibly refuse her?

Instinctively, I reach around Carol to fondle her shapely ass with both hands, pressing my face into the rise of her mound. I slowly tug her panties down to her ankles, exposing a generous thatch of pubic hair and a thick scent of wet pussy that makes my mouth water.

I lean in close, knowing that this is where I came from — my mother’s vagina. And now I will thank her for the gift of life, by going down on this juicy cunt and eating Mom until she comes in my face.

Gently at first, I kiss and lick her slit. Then I’m parting her labia with trembling fingers, moaning into that luscious pubic forest as I eat my mother’s pussy in an unrestrained frenzy of lesbian lust.

Mom is riding my face fiercely, her nails digging into my shoulders. “Oh, God yes, lick me,” she moans, in front of my own baby girl — which only turns me on all the more.

I allow my hand to glide over her bare ass, fingers gently probing between her cheeks to stroke the anal pucker. Then I press the tip into Mom’s rectum, slipping my finger inside her right up to the third knuckle.

Mom reaches down to clumsily paw my breast, her fingers seeking and finding my nipple; giving it a pinch. Seeing stars, I moan into her cunt, then trail my tongue up through the dripping slice until I reach her clit. I flick playfully at the crimson nubbin once or twice before sucking it between my lips.

My mother cries out loud, her climax kicking in hard and fierce. I can feel her fingers tangling in my hair, the shuddering of her womanly frame when I suck the tip of her clitoris. Finally, she pushes my face away, then slowly sinks into a patio chair.

As soon as she catches her breath, Mom gazes at my daughter, a wicked smile crossing her face as she purrs, “Come here, Cinnamon,” accompanied by a crook of her finger.

My daughter dutifully pads over to stand expectantly beside my half-naked mother. Sitting up in her seat, Mom reaches around Cinnamon’s back to unfasten her top, letting it drop into the grass.

As I watch, every atom of me aching with lust, Mom tugs my baby’s bikini bottoms down to her feet, and Cinnamon daintily steps from them. My mother rises to help her granddaughter onto the nearby table, placing her on the edge to face me.

A tiny moan of stunned excitement escapes my lips. I’m seeing my little girl completely naked for the first time in years, and she is so lovely that I want to gobble her up.

As if reading my mind, Cinnamon grins excitedly as she spreads her legs, exposing her smooth sex. All I can think about is how much I want to kiss that juicy pink slit.

Mom moves over to me, unbuttoning and removing the tennis top she wears, then unfastening the bra to reveal her generous breasts. She bends to me and whispers, her warm breath caressing my ear, “Go on, Angela… taste her.”

I rise to my feet and move to where my Cinnamon lies, propped on both elbows and watching me with expectant eyes. Does she fully understand what is happening here? I’m not sure, but this much I do know: my daughter is now going to experience the delights of lesbian love. I will deny her nothing.

Standing above my awed little girl, I bend to kiss her left knee, then the other. She watches, a dreamy smile on her lips. I begin to nuzzle her thighs, slowly working my way between them. Her smile only widens. Encouraged, I trail kisses over the smooth flesh until my mouth is centimeters away from my daughter’s pussy. I stare, enthralled by the soft pink cleft, moist with the dew of a young girl’s arousal. So perfect, so innocent and untouched…

Closing my eyes, I move in to take that first lick, the tip of my tongue grazing Cinnamon’s slit. She whimpers, a delicious shiver coursing through her babyish body, and I lick her again.

She is delicious. Thirsting for more, I press my tongue into the moist flesh, reveling in the scent and taste of my daughter. Slipping my hands beneath her, I cup her soft little bottom, my lips parting to cover her sex with my mouth in the most intimate of kisses. My lovely child is quivering beneath me, mewling with pleasure.

Intoxicated by the newfound delights of lovemaking with Cinnamon, I’ve all but forgotten my mother. So I’m surprised for an instant when I feel her naked body against mine, her pelvis grinding into my ass as if she were fucking me from behind. I think longingly of the strap-on cock I keep under the bed back at home, wishing I had it now so that Mom could possess me completely. Next time, I promise myself.

Instead, I feel my mother’s hand slide around my body to roughly grope at my breasts, pausing to roll each nipple between the fingers, then she shoves her hand down to delve between my thighs. I part them, giving her full access, moaning long and low into my baby’s bare vulva when Mom plunges three fingers inside me.

Raising my head from Cinnamon’s mound for an instant, I look back to see my mother’s face, now transformed by lust. She’s a dominating she-beast, taking me, making me her slut. I stiffen with excitement at the thought, and am met with harder, deeper thrusts as her fingers curve into my vagina.

It seems so perfect, so obvious. I’ve always had serious submissive tendencies, and the idea of being sexually controlled by my beautiful mother makes my head reel. Mom is such a strong, confident woman, and I’d always relied on her advice, her guidance — why had I never thought of giving myself over to her this way?

And then there was my precious Cinnamon, now spread out before me, squirming on the table as I went down on her. How could I have fantasized about young girls for so long while overlooking the flawless gem of my own daughter? I might have raised her to be my lover from the beginning, I think, the tip of my tongue tracing her vulva like a paintbrush.

An image suddenly enters my mind of bringing a five-year-old Cinnamon into my bed, teaching my tousle-headed moppet the wonders of lesbian love. Or of pleasuring her as an infant; licking the delicate crease of her slit as she gurgles happily, little fists waving as Mommy’s fingers brush her tiny nipples.

Jesus, what a perverted bitch I am, I think. Back in the here and now, I slip my tongue into my preteen daughter’s virgin cunt; thrilled at the realization that, whatever her age, I was going to be my baby girl’s very first fuck.

The idea of performing oral sex on a ten-year-old girl is freaky enough, but when it’s the child’s adoring mother doing the licking… well, let’s say that it’s wilder and more twisted than I ever imagined I could be.

As if she can read my mind, Mom is hissing into my ear, “You’re a dirty, dirty slut, eating your daughter’s pussy like this,” as she continues to drive her fingers deep into me, rubbing her breasts against my back. “Now do her ass.”

My baby girl is wiggling and whimpering in ecstasy as I lick her juicy slit. Then when I lift her hips, then trail my tongue down to probe between her pert buttocks, she squeals in a mixture of surprise and delight, parting her legs even further to offer me full access to her rosebud.

Words can’t capture the adoration I feel for my precious child as she gives herself to me so sweetly, sighing “Oh, Mommy… oh, Mommy,” over and over as she experiences oral sex for the first time. But not the last, I tell myself. I’ll definitely be doing this again.

Wondering if I can make Cinnamon come, I draw back, using my fingers to expose her tiny clitoris… and take it between my lips to suckle, sending a ripple of pleasure coursing through her thin frame. Then I place my index finger against her opening and slowly, gently push the tip inside her. My child’s body stiffens for an instant… and then, wonder of wonders, she begins to push back against my loving intrusion, encouraging me to go deeper. I gasp in awe as my exploring digit slips into her body, entering her right up to the third knuckle.

Cinnamon has done gymnastics for years, so her hymen is gone. As long as it doesn’t cause my baby any pain, there’s no reason why I can’t fuck her, is there? Emboldened, I carefully roll my finger about inside her vagina, the tip making tiny circles. I begin, very slowly at first, to work it in and out.

“Ooooooh, Mommy… f-feels good!” Cinnamon stammers as she grinds lewdly against my finger, churning her hips in time to my steady strokes. Eager to give my daughter her first orgasm, I bend down to continue licking at her clitoris.

As for Mom, she continues to probe my cunt, her generous pubic tuft rubbing against my ass. She’s nuzzling my back and shoulders, then suddenly gives me a sharp bite on the neck that I’m sure is going to leave a visible mark. How am I going to explain that at the office? I think.

I imagine myself at the water cooler, running into that obnoxious dork Bob from Accounts Receivable, who smirks as he points at my neck, sniggering, Where’d you get THAT beauty? — then, the stunned look on his face as I casually reply, Oh, my mother gave me that in bed last night… she’s one insatiable lover.

My baby girl’s moans are steadily rising as I pleasure her with fingers and mouth. Suddenly, with an incredulous cry of “Oh yes, Mommy! OH!” she is coming, in quick shocks that jolt her thin body. I continue to lick and suck at Cinnamon’s vagina, guiding her through what I imagine must be her first ever climax, which rises to a quick peak. She goes limp, her head hitting the table with a barely audible thud.

I lift my face from between my daughter’s legs — and, clutching my shoulder, Mom roughly pulls me back into her until I’m standing upright. Our sweaty bodies are pressed together, and three of her fingers are buried up to the hilt in my throbbing cunt. She allows her hand to slide down my neck and around me to grope my tits. She nibbles my ear, then whispers, “I love you, Angela.”

“I love you too, Mom!” I gasp, clutching her hand to my breasts. Twisting my head around, I seek out her mouth and kiss her as passionately as I’m able to at this awkward angle, wanting to love my mother face to face, but needing her fingers to stay inside me. Our tongues flicker together like twinned flames as we share the taste of my daughter, then I break away, turning back to face Cinnamon, getting a firm grip on the table.

“Take me, Mom,” I plead, my head bowed. “Fuck me, hard as you can. Please… make me come!”

And she begins to work my cunt with an renewed aggression that has me panting, her fingers pumping in and out of my creamy hole like a slippery, relentless piston.

Still seated on the poolside table, Cinnamon watches avidly as my mother fucks me — hard, deep and rough, the way I like it best. Then I see Mom’s free hand beckoning her closer. My naked daughter clambers onto her knees and moves nearer to our hot incest action. It’s plain to see that she is eager to participate.

“Kiss your mommy, Cinnamon,” my mother pants.

My daughter’s gaze flickers to meet mine, a question in her eyes — and my answer is yes.

Cinnamon smiles happily as she leans into me and we kiss, her mouth angel-soft against mine. Surprising me, my child brings her tongue into play first, delicately licking at my lips. A delicious shudder runs through my body as I realize that my daughter is tasting her own juices on my mouth and chin. I curl an arm around Cinnamon’s waist as my lips part for her, returning her kiss as my heart throbs with love for this flawless child, born from my body.

Mom continues to fuck me, though more slowly now while I kiss my sweet baby girl. Each thrust of her fingers is a small explosion of pleasure, and I sense my climax approaching through the thick haze that seems to envelop me. It begins in my belly, a smoldering heat that quickly fans into flame, then mounts into a roaring holocaust.

Then my mother leans forward to whisper something in Cinnamon’s ear that I can’t make out. Suddenly my daughter breaks our kiss, bending down to take my right nipple into her warm mouth. Mom’s other arm has slipped around my waist, without me really noticing, but it certainly registers when her fingers seek out and find my inflamed clitoris.

My knees nearly buckle as I burst into a convulsive orgasm. Mindless of who might hear me, I cry out, “Oh, yes, Mom, yes! Fuck me! Cinnamon, baby, ooooh God I love you! I love you b-both! Ohhhhhh!”

Mom’s hands wriggle and work between my quivering legs, Cinnamon is rubbing her face against my breasts, kissing wildly at the soft flesh… and ecstasy soars as my incestuous lovers take me higher and higher. A strangled scream is ripped from my throat when the sensations reach an unimaginable peak that seems to occupy a small universe. Then everything breaks into tiny pieces, myself included.

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  1. Sid says:

    Wow. Very hot, JetBoy! Can’t wait to read the next chapter.

  2. Billy McDonald says:

    Hi there Jetboy.I love the incest story. I thought it is very good and I love the way that Mom and Grandma fuck the little girl and the way that the little the mother daughter eat her smooth shaved pussy.

  3. Matthew McHenry says:

    Thanks! Very sexy, if only women and girls were like this in real life.

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    So awesome!…great story,JetBoy!…never knew this story was here at JS.
    Really intense sex! well written, the dialogue carried me along so quickly, I hardly noticed anything else around me. And the ending was as explosive as it was for the characters!..whew! Angela and her sweet young daughter,Cinnamon were so wonderful as they became more intimate, sharing not only their sexual curiosity & desires but darling Cinnamon’s secret encounter as well…and then Angela’s mom, Carol, catching them!…well that was like icing on the cake, as these few lines illustrate:

    I place a finger against my clitoris. “Lick me, honey, right here. If you like the way

    it smells, you’ll LOVE how I taste.” I bring a wet finger to my lips and suck at it.

    “Mmmm, it’s yummy.”

    And as reader Sid commented: Wow!
    Brilliant, JetBoy…just brilliant.


    • JetBoy says:

      Thanks for the praise! Yeah, I have quite a few stories here that haven’t gotten much notice… I suspect it’s because I posted so many of them before we opened the site for public scrutiny, and most folks’ attention goes to the new stuff.

      Oh, and I hope you dug the second chapter of this story as much as the first.

      • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

        Just finished part two,and am sitting here in a sweat. Wow!
        it reads twice as wonderful as the beginning with Carol, Angela & her deliciously precocious and delightful daughter,Cinnamon, going full tilt with their uninhibited,unbridled incestuous sexual desires…so good, so brilliant, so damned intense!
        Thanks for reworking this story, JetBoy, It bears your expertise in details & it flows so well from one beautiful sex filled moment to the next!

        Happy Christmas,New Year and Holidays..Cheers!


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    I love how you describe this mom’s thrills when she does things for the first time with her daughter. I had a LOT of fun reading this one. Yum!

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    Yes a most enjoyable story. As always very well done by JetBoy. And a great pic also.

    Kim & Sue

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    Orgasm machine story

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    I needed a story like this, deep inside me. Wonderful …..

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