Serendipity, Chapter 27

  • Posted on September 6, 2015 at 1:48 pm

By Naughty Mommy

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“Something else you might want to do,” Angela suggested, “is go online and look for stories, lesbian erotica, about mothers having sex with their daughters. It’s getting to be quite a popular topic these days, believe it or not.”

“Really?” asked Tina, wide-eyed. “I had no idea.”

It was morning, and the women were lying in bed in the large master bedroom of the penthouse suite. They’d been awake a few minutes.

“Yes, and the thing is, not only might you enjoy reading those stories — I’m quite sure you would — but more importantly it could be a way to connect with others who share your, and my, desires.”


“If you’re lucky,” Angela continued, “you could strike up an online friendship with someone who lives near you, or at least someone who might know someone who lives in your area and who could then introduce you, virtually. You know what I mean, do some networking — use those connections to make other connections.”



Eve fell forward, leaning on the bed with both hands, her head down, her eyes closed, her body still quivering with climactic passion.

“Jesus!” she gasped. “My god these — these — I’ve never had — orgasms like this — in my life!”

Gwen was wide awake now. She scooted over beside her sister. “You okay, Mom?”

“Yeah…” Eve slowly opened her eyes, smiling at the girls. She was perspiring, overheated, her vision a little blurry, but otherwise she felt fantastic.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she added. “I… I don’t mean to scare you. I’m kind of, I know I’m kind of… crazy… with lust right now.” A hand went to her breast, fondling it and playing with the nipple.

“That was fun last night, Mom,” said Paige.

“Did you like it?” Eve asked.

“Uh-huh. I’m glad we did it. I liked it a lot.”

“Good.” Eve climbed onto the bed in their hotel room, moving close to Paige, kissing her cheek. “I’m glad too, sweetheart.”

“Can I, um, can I lick you again now?” asked the 11-year-old.


“How do you do it?” Fiona asked her big sister.

She and Erin were lying naked on the floor between their mom’s legs, looking at her pussy. Sheila’s pubic hair, trimmed but not shaved, was dark brown, tinged with auburn. Her labia were full, with a gleam of moisture in the center.

“It’s easy,” Erin said. “Just like you’re kissing her mouth, only more.”


“Um, start by, like, using your fingers to, you know, open her up.” She pointed at their mother’s vulva.

“Okay,” Fiona nodded. She took a deep breath, swallowed, then placed her fingers on the labia. They felt warm. Slowly she spread them apart. “Wow…”

Inside was bright pink and shiny with juices.

“Wow,” the younger girl repeated. She could smell her mom’s scent, her sexual aroma. It was strong and very appealing. It made Fiona hungry.

“Now, um, now just kiss her there,” Erin smiled.

Bridget was listening, watching, and masturbating. To see these two girls, 15 and 12 years old, down between their mother’s legs, looking at her, touching her, talking about kissing and licking her, and now to see the little one, Fiona, putting her mouth there, bringing her lips to meet her own mother’s pussy lips, it was —


Bridget suddenly climaxed.


Tina had turned onto her side, toward Angela. Their daughters were between them, still sleeping, both nude. Bambi had an arm across Amanda’s shoulder. Their little faces were close, noses almost touching. Tina smiled as she looked at them. A hand went between her own legs.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it?” she whispered, now lifting her gaze to meet Angela’s. “How innocent they are, and yet… and yet also…”

“Also what, darling?”

“They’re, I mean, they’re so sexy. They don’t even have to try to be. They just are.”

“Yes, I know. It is amazing.” Angela was masturbating as well. “And to see them together, young girls together, it’s very arousing.”

“Yeah, it really is.” Tina kissed Amanda’s head. The girl stirred.

Bambi stretched. Her eyes blinked open. Pushing herself up on her elbows, she smiled first at Tina and then at her mother. “Hi, Mommy.”

“Hi, baby girl.” Angela stopped playing with herself long enough to take Bambi’s face in her hands, giving her a long warm kiss on the lips.

Tina noticed that Angela’s fingers were glistening, apparently wet with her own pussy juice. She must already have been masturbating for a while, fucking herself as they talked. That made Tina very excited. She rubbed her clit faster.


“You’re pretty anxious to do that, aren’t you?” Eve said to Paige. “You want to lick me some more?”

“Uh-huh,” the girl nodded. “I never knew, I mean, how nice it would be. But I love it. I want to do it all the time.”

“Ooh, that’s so hot…” Eve slid down onto her back. She started touching herself again. Her pussy felt very warm and very wet. She had to be the luckiest woman in the world.

Grinning, Paige positioned herself between the outstretched legs. She watched the fingers move, observing how her mother masturbated. It was something she had never seen before in her life until just the day before. She was still fascinated by it. But her hunger for the taste was even greater than her interest in watching. With a happy sigh, she lowered her mouth to her mother’s sex, closed her eyes, and began licking.


“Ooh Jesus fuck, that’s good, so good…” Sheila squeezed and pulled and twisted her hard nipples as she felt her younger daughter, Fiona, kissing her pussy.

“God!!” Bridget cried again, the sudden unexpected orgasm jolting through her body.

Debby woke up. Her mommy was right there, behind her, holding her tightly, but she was shaking all over too. It must be that thing again, whatever it was, that sex thing. Organ-something. It was a little scary how it made her mother act, but she seemed to like it a lot, so that was good.

Raising her head, the girl saw that other things were happening at the same time, more sex stuff. Her Aunt Sheila was on her back beside them with her eyes closed and she was kind of grabbing her own boobs and playing with them. She seemed to be really excited. Debby couldn’t tell for sure, lying where she was, but it looked like her cousins, Erin and Fiona, were down between her aunt’s legs, doing something there.

As Bridget’s climax began to subside and she was able to open her eyes, she realized that Debby was awake now. “Oh baby, baby girl,” she sighed, kissing her daughter’s hair, her neck, her cheek, “my sweet little baby, did I wake you up?”

“It’s okay.”

Bridget turned Debby toward her so she could kiss her mouth. She gave her a long, warm kiss, only briefly tickling the child’s soft lips with her tongue.

“Good morning, darling girl,” Bridget whispered, the spreading, soothing post-orgasmic glow filling her with love. She kissed her daughter again, this time with more intensity. Debby’s mouth opened and their tongues entwined, breath coming faster.

Bridget finally pulled away, a strand of saliva stretching between their wet lips. “Did you sleep okay, honey?”

“Uh-huh,” Debby nodded. And then she lifted her head and looked down again at her cousins. “What are they doing, Mommy?”

“Well, they’re, um, see, Erin is teaching Fiona how to… how to kiss their mom, your Aunt Sheila, in a really special way.”

“Oh.” The little girl sat up. “Can I go watch?”


Leaning over Amanda, Bambi gave the girl’s mom a kiss on the lips. “Good morning, Miss Tina,” she grinned.

“Good morning, Bambi,” Tina smiled. “Did you sleep okay?”

“Uh-huh, I always do.”

Amanda was coming awake now too. She rolled onto her back, yawning and rubbing her eyes. Tina bent down to kiss her pretty mouth. “Good morning, darling girl,” she whispered.

“Hi, Mom,” the little one smiled. Then she turned to look at Bambi and Angela, seeming to suddenly remember where they were and what they’d done the night before. “Wow…”

Bambi gave her a quick kiss on the lips. “Good morning.”

“G’morning,” Amanda giggled.

“So, what do you kids think you want to do today?” asked Angela.

“Um, you know what I want?” Bambi replied. She was on her knees now, her eyes bright with excitement.

“No, I don’t know,” grinned her mother. “Tell me.”

“Well, yesterday I tried to do something with Amanda, only it didn’t work. I went too fast. I can do it better, and I want to.” She looked down at the girl. “You want to, Amanda? Can I fuck you now?”

“Yeah, okay!”

And with more giggles, Amanda happily moved underneath Bambi, spreading her cute legs, offering her pussy to her friend.


Gwen was surprised to find that she had begun masturbating without even thinking about it, playing with her clit as she watched her little sister eating her mother’s pussy. Not that she minded, of course, it felt great — but it was amazing how open they had become with each other in such a short time, eagerly showing their bodies, expressing their desires, sharing their love and their lust.

Her mom was looking at her, watching Gwen masturbate. “I like that, honey,” she whispered. “It’s really hot.”

Eve’s hands were on her breasts, toying with her erect nipples. Her legs were wide apart, knees drawn up, pelvis rocking lightly up and down as she fed her pussy to her younger daughter’s mouth. Her eyes, though, were fastened on Gwen’s crotch.

“I like that,” Eve repeated. “But I… I want to see it up close. Come here, get on top of me. I want to look at you.”

“Okay.” Gwen was shivering with excitement. She crawled closer, then knelt over her mother’s face.

“Open yourself up for me,” Eve whispered. “I want to see inside you.”


Bridget was masturbating again. She’d climaxed just a few minutes earlier, but now as she sat up and watched her darling daughter, only 9 years old, squeezing in next to Fiona, trying to get a very close look as the girl kissed and licked and sucked her own mother’s pussy, she could feel another orgasm quickly approaching. It was all so unbelievably hot, so exciting to see.

Sheila was almost there too. It never took much for her, and having Fiona lick and suck her clit while Erin guided her, then feeling a finger slide inside her vagina, pushing in deep — was that Erin’s finger? Fiona’s? Could it be Debby’s?? — was plenty. She was right on the edge.

“Fuck me,” she urged, “suck my clit, fuck my cunt, make me come!”

And then she was coming. “OH GOD!” she cried, a powerful orgasm crashing through her. Her head was thrown back, her eyes squeezed shut, fingers pinching her nipples. “GOD!!”

Bridget climaxed too, watching and masturbating, fingers flying over her clit. “Fuck yes fuck yes fuck — yes!!!”

Fiona was amazed at how fast it happened. She’d only just started doing what Erin said, pulling back that little bit of skin, the hood, Erin called it, and then putting her mouth over her mother’s clit. It was kind of big and hard and it felt nice between her lips.

But it seemed like she barely began sucking on it and then all of a sudden she heard her mother scream and her body shook and her legs came together — except all three girls were right there so they got squeezed in even closer to each other. It almost made Fiona laugh, but she wanted to keep doing what she was supposed to do. She sucked and sucked and it tasted really good and her mom kept shaking and screaming.


Gwen opened her pussy, using her fingers to spread her lips. Her whole body was trembling. She was so excited, already close to a climax after rubbing herself for only a couple of minutes. And now, oh my god, this was just incredible, showing her pussy to her mom, holding it open right in front of her mouth, while her little sister was down between their mother’s legs, licking her!

“Put your finger inside,” Eve said. “I want to see you… fuck yourself.”

“Okay.” The word came out like a squeak.

Gwen was so turned on she could barely talk. But she did as her mother asked, placing the tip of her index finger at the opening to her vagina and then pressing it slowly in. Her vagina was hot and very wet inside, the slender finger sliding in easily, moving deep inside her. Gwen heard herself groan with pleasure.

“Fuck yourself now, fuck your pretty pussy while I watch you,” Eve sighed, licking her lips.


As she lowered her hairless pussy on top of Amanda’s, Bambi glanced first at her own mother, Angela, who gave her a wink, and then at Tina.

“I tried this yesterday,” the 10-year-old grinned, “only I got too excited and I went too fast. I can do it better. I’ll show you.”

“Um, fine,” was all Tina could think to say. She’d stopped rubbing herself for the moment, astonished by what she was seeing.

After making sure they were arranged just so, Bambi began to very gently move her lithe body on top of Amanda’s, taking an easy pace at first, just a little bit of rocking action, up and down, back and forth. She seemed to be concentrating, focusing on her task, her eyes closed, the tip of her tongue sticking out the corner of her mouth.

Angela was kneeling beside them now, fucking her cunt with her fingers. Tina sat up too and resumed stroking her clit.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, Bambi began to pick up speed. Tina watched closely. She could see the child’s muscles tensing and relaxing as she gradually accelerated the steady motion. Small though she was, she appeared to be strong, and she obviously had a lot of experience with this.


It wouldn’t take long. Gwen loved to masturbate anyway, and she usually could bring herself to orgasm pretty quickly if she was turned on enough. Right now she was very turned on, fucking herself with her finger, sliding her thumb over her clit — and doing it right above her mother’s face, with her mom watching her!

Paige could hardly believe how good her mother tasted. If she’d known how nice it was before, she would have started licking her a long time ago. Why hadn’t anyone ever told her how great this was? No matter, she was here now, licking and sucking her mom’s pussy, and she never wanted to be anywhere else. One hand was between her own legs, rubbing that spot, that perfect place that made her buzz inside, rubbing it faster and faster and faster, getting more and more excited.


Bambi was moving faster, faster now, her eyes still closed, face pinched in concentration, skin becoming flushed. Instinctively Amanda raised her pelvis, accepting the other girl’s increasingly rapid rhythmic thrusts and meeting them. Both children were panting and sweating.

Tina heard a whisper. It was Angela. “Fuck the little girl, fuck the little girl, fuck her little pussy…”

Amanda groaned. Tina saw her daughter’s eyes roll back in her head. Was she ready to climax already? Not quite, although it appeared she was getting close.

Tina rubbed herself faster. She wanted to come when they did, if they did. Could Bambi really do this? Bring herself and Amanda that way?


“God… god, that was good!” panted Sheila, wiping perspiration from her face and pushing back her tangled hair.

Slowly she raised her head, smiling down at Fiona, who was grinning at her from between her legs, that adorable face shiny with her mom’s juices. “Come here, baby, let me kiss you.”

With a giggle, Fiona crawled up on top of her mother, falling naked onto her warm body, hugging her tightly. As they pressed their mouths together, Sheila tasted her own pussy on her daughter’s lips.


With Paige kissing and sucking her clit, sliding her face all around inside her wet pussy, and with Gwen holding her own beautiful pussy open just above her mouth, Eve was delirious with pleasure. She felt that familiar pulse in her center, coming from deep inside, another wonderful orgasm approaching, surging, swelling, pushing up, almost there, not quite, but almost, almost, and then —

“Mom, god, I, I, I’m gonna — OHHH!!”

Gwen was climaxing, and that made Eve come. “God! Fuck!!” the woman cried, and as she came she grabbed her older daughter’s bottom, pulling the girl’s pussy toward her mouth, while at the same instant her thighs clamped together around her younger daughter’s face, trapping her there.

Paige was climaxing too, her fingers moving fast between her legs, pressing and squeezing her little clit. Her mouth was almost inside her mother’s vagina now, forced deep between the woman’s pussy lips as Eve’s thighs squeezed her daughter’s head. It hurt a little bit, but Paige didn’t care about that at all. Her face was covered with her mom’s juices and she was still licking and tasting and swallowing and coming all the same time, happier than she’d ever been before.


“Fuck the little girl, fuck the little girl,” Angela whispered, more to herself than anyone else.

Tina watched the blonde woman masturbate, three fingers pumping rapidly in and out of her dripping pussy. It looked like she was almost ready to come. Tina was getting close too, rubbing her clit, but she wanted to try to wait if she possibly could, see what would happen with Bambi and Amanda.

The little girls were moving very quickly now, in almost perfect synch, small bodies in motion, pussies sliding together, clits kissing again and again and again. Tina heard Bambi breathing “yeah — yeah” with each pelvic thrust and her daughter Amanda moaning in reply every time she raised her hips to take another lunge.

Faster and faster they moved, their cries getting louder. Tina was almost there. She wanted to come so bad, but she really wanted to wait until, until, until — now — no more need to wait!

Amanda squealed in pleasure, wrapping her legs around Bambi’s bottom, pulling their pussies tightly together as she climaxed. Bambi went rigid, pushing herself up on her hands, head thrown back, face and chest bright red, her slim body shuddering with every orgasmic spasm. Tina fell on her side, gasping and groaning, her thighs clamped around her hands as she came again and again.

“FUCK!!” Angela cried “FUCK!!” as all four reached orgasm together.

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