Lucky in Love, Chapter 2

  • Posted on August 18, 2015 at 10:36 am

By JetBoy

It was evening, and that meant it was bathtime for Beth. This took place in the en suite bath attached to my bedroom. My little girl loved her bath. She would happily play with the suds and splash about. This would go on for a long time with fits of delighted giggles echoing throughout the house. Eventually I would get down to the serious business of washing her.

She would stand in the water while I lathered her baby body all over, eyes closed as I massaged the soap into her soft skin. I would work shampoo into her hair, and Beth cooed happily, delighting in the gentle massage of her head and neck. She would then lie back in the warm water, where I would support her, and float while I rinsed her hair with the shower head. She would giggle as I playfully flicked the water at her.

She would lie relaxed, purring as I played the warm shower water up and down her shiny young body. She happily let her legs fall apart as I aimed the powerful stream of water up and down between her legs from her babyish sex to her anus and back again. Her body would be covered in goose bumps, her tiny little button nipples gone erect. Her expression was dreamy while I fondled her. Often, just doing this for my baby made me wet between the legs.

I then carried my sweet child into her room, where she would then stand still as I very gently dried her with a fluffy towel. Her mouth would be slightly open as the towel passed over her. Then once Beth was dry, I would lift my naked little girl up and place her on the bed, then lie beside her, spending a while making my daughter feel good.

First I would touch her body, all over. Her arms and legs, her angel-soft tummy, her sweet bottom… then I teased her little nipples with my fingers, which never failed to make Beth giggle.

Soon my hand would glide down my three-year-old’s body, past her belly to slip between her thighs. My heart throbbed as I tenderly explored the incredible softness of Beth’s slit, and she made the most adorable sounds of joy when I fingered her. She was still too young to climax, but loved to have her vaginal cleft stroked like a baby kitten.

While I pleasured my child, I’d kiss her tiny mouth, teasing her lips with my tongue. While we had not yet advanced to full French kissing, Beth did respond to me, her own tongue sometimes emerging to toy with mine. Within a year, I estimated, she would be kissing me as lovingly as her big sister did.

Finally I would nuzzle a path down my little girl’s body, leaving a trail of tiny kisses that made Beth wriggle and squeak delightedly, until at last I lay on my belly between her legs, gazing at the pink crease of her vagina with all the love in my heart.

I unashamedly pressed gentle kisses into Beth’s sex, even licked her a bit. She loved how it felt, and let me know it with her tiny whimpers and sighs, occasionally whispering, “I love you, Mama.” Her bunny, as she called it, would be puffy and moist where I had kissed her.

After awhile, I would gently dry Beth with a tissue and put her into her nightdress. She was usually quite sleepy by then, her little head nodding as I got her ready for bed. She would fall asleep, a look of innocent contentment on her face, almost as soon as I laid her down.

Three months ago, I would have then padded back to my own room, fallen into bed and brought myself to a shuddering climax, finally giving release to the passion Beth had ignited within me.

But now that my older daughter and I had become intimate, my evening routine was very different. Once Beth was asleep, it was time for Chelsea and I to play.

Even as I tucked Beth in I could hear the sound of water running, and it made me smile. Drawing the covers up to my baby’s chin, I waited until I heard one word, gently echoing from the bath, “Mama.” Then I knew that Chelsea was ready for me.

I went into the bathroom to find my ten-year-old naked in the bath, her body partly obscured by soap suds. She splashed about and called again, “Ma-ma…” and gave a little giggle.

Quickly stripping off my t-shirt and panties, I climbed into the bath, facing my lovely daughter. She grinned excitedly, then bent down to an ample breast and took the erect tip into her mouth. As she sucked my nipple, her hand pushed its way between my thighs, seeking and finding my pussy.

I was under her spell. All I could do was cradle her face to my breasts while she pleasured me. She stopped just short of making me come, though, and I was trembling with helpless desire as my little girl stood up in front of me, then turned slowly round, allowing me to soap her all over.

Once Chelsea was facing away from me she bent forward, resting her hands on her knees. I caressed every bit of her backside with soapy fingers.

“Mama,” she whispered, arching her bottom higher. I knew what she wanted.

Spreading her buttocks, I bent down and began to lick my little girl’s pink slit. Her gasps took on a new urgency, quickly becoming moans and cries of rapture. Unlike Beth, my oldest daughter was quite capable of reaching orgasm, and making her come thrilled me as much as any sex I’d ever had. I buried my tongue in Chelsea’s anal cleft, licking up and down the smooth crack as my fingers stole between her legs to touch her there. Soon she was shivering violently, head thrown back, mewling in ecstasy as I brought her off.

As soon as Chelsea caught her breath, she turned to me and smiled. “Now you,” she whispered.

Without a word I stood, leaned back against the wall and put a leg on the edge of the bath. My girl got onto her knees before me and buried her face in my minge. Her tongue emerged to lick, caressing the sticky pink flesh, loving me just as I had her. Chelsea feasted on my pussy, then turned me around and tongued my asshole, pressing her mouth between my buttocks. Finally she nuzzled a path back to my cunt, seeking out the erect clitoris and sucking it between her lips as two of her fingers found my vaginal opening and decided to pay a visit.

I had taught her well. My thighs were quivering uncontrollably as she pushed her fingers into me, right up to the third knuckle. I screamed into my hand, clamped tightly over my mouth throughout the sweet agony of orgasm so that I wouldn’t awaken Beth.

Even after her own climax, Chelsea was still very frisky. She began to masturbate herself as I sank into the water, panting for breath. After a moment I sat up, and before I knew it, my little girl threw one leg over me, offering up her bare slit to my hungry gaze. “Mama… oh, Mama,” she begged.

I gave my daughter what she craved. She sobbed with a child’s innocent joy as I kissed, then licked at her clit until she came again. Sinking back into the water with me, Chelsea and I shared a passionate kiss.

We made love in the water. We made love wrapped in towels. And we made love on my bed. When my daughter and I finally drifted into slumber, we slept with our bare bodies entwined. I hoped that she would never tire of this delicious intimacy we had discovered together.

Then there was baby Beth. So adorable and affectionate at three… would she want to be part of our incestuous loveplay when she grew older?

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  1. kim says:

    great story, so hot.

  2. Leigh says:

    I wonder if the sisters ever have sex together. It be great to see a ten year old having sex with her mom and younger sister. Cool story I know its fantasy but it gets me wondering could or would I ever get to see it for real? Thank you

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