Led Into Shadow, Chapter 5

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By Jen

Eventually Francoise awoke and we returned to the house. I was still somewhat confused about what had transpired. I did not really understand the offer my stepmother had made to me, but something deep within my soul was propelling me towards accepting it. She inhabited an exciting hidden world, where she seemed to hold all those around her in her thrall. I both wanted to serve her and to be her. It was an intoxicating and mysterious proposition.

That night I could not sleep. Looking for some distraction I slipped out of bed and across to Francoise, but found her deep asleep. I returned to my own bed and lay staring at the ceiling. Moonlight softly beamed into the room and cast shapes on the walls. I watched them for a long while, as they slowly crept across the wall of my bedchamber. Thoughts of my life and the strange goings on within our house swam in my head, and the shadows seemed to spin and race across the wall. In amazement I watched as the moonbeams slid up the wall, as if the moon itself were plunging down below the horizon. Getting up, I drew the curtains wide just in time to see the last sliver of moon vanish, where only a few minutes before it had been high in the sky.

Out of the darkness rode a dark figure, my stepmother on her great dark horse. Only her pale face stood out in the hood of her dark cloak, she wore long riding boots and black gloves upon her hands. Pulling the horse up and dismounting she handed the reigns to a maid and swept inside.

I turned away from the window and went to wake Francoise, but when I reached her bed I found it empty. How had she stolen out of the room without me hearing her? I looked around but there was no sign of her. What caught my eye was something upon my pillow. Drawing close I could not quite make it out in the darkness. I reached out for it, but suddenly stopped. What was going on? Was this the sign that my stepmother had spoken of? She had said that if I chose to follow her I could not turn back.

I hesitated for just a moment. No, this was what I wanted, I was sure of it. I reached out my hand for the thing on my pillow, and grasped it. As I did, I felt a sharp prick like a needle in my thumb. Dropping the thing on the floor I saw that it was a cruel knife, and that I must have laid my hand on one of its spikes. I held my hand up to my face and saw blood run freely down it, glistening in the feeble starlight. I could smell the richness of the blood as it ran warmly to my wrist, and on an impulse I licked it. Suddenly my head swam and the room spun, and the last thing I remember is the floor coming up to hit me softly.

I awoke to the feeling of someone running their fingers through my hair, and opened my eyes to see the face of Mademoiselle Courtald close to mine. My hair hung around my head, and she pulled it back and tied it up with a ribbon. My arms were stretched up behind me and seemed to be secured by the wrists. I was completely naked, and felt a large pole behind me, presumably to which my wrists were tied. Mademoiselle was wearing only a short tunic in red, and said nothing. When she was done with my hair she put her thumb to my lips and wiped off a spot of blood that I noticed was still wet. Mademoiselle stepped back from me and looked me up and down.

I noticed for the first time where I was, this was father’s library, but he was nowhere to be seen. Illuminated only by candlelight, the library had a high vaulted ceiling upon which shadows danced. An upper level ran around all four walls, and it was to one of the supporting wooden columns of this that I was tied. I looked up and saw silk knots securing my wrists firmly. In the middle of the library a table had been cleared and on it a rich cloth concealed a collection of objects.

I looked back to Mademoiselle. She was spreading step-mother’s black riding cloak on the ground in front of me. When she was done she unbuttoned the neck of her tunic and pulled it off over her head. She stood completely naked, and once more I was struck by the beauty of her womanly body. She looked around her for a moment and, seeming pleased with everything, drew an object out from under the cloth on the table. It was a small chest about the size of a money box. She placed it on the floor on the other side of mama’s cloak and opened the lid. From within she drew a strange object that she treated with some reverence. It looked like a carved man’s penis, life sized but with with a ribbed and studded shaft. It was a rich red color, decorated with bizarre symbols along its length. Mademoiselle closed the lid of the chest and inserted the thing into a recess on the top, where it locked into place, thrusting skywards.

She looked up at me and grinned, then bent over the thing and took it into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down slowly a few times and I heard her slurp. After a moment she lifted her head, and I saw the shaft now lubricated along its length with her saliva. Without any further ado the beautiful naked woman straddled the chest and its wooden phallus, and positioned her opening over the tip of it. Massaging her breasts gently she slowly slid herself down onto the penetrator until I could see it no more. She straddled the box on her knees, and I saw the wooden cock disappearing inside her as she rose up and slid down it. She drew on her nipples as she did, and her hair fell about her face and shoulders.

I tried my bonds again, but they were firm. Why was I tied like this? Who had brought me here. Suddenly I heard the voice of my stepmother close by.

“Welcome, my darling.”

I looked around, but could not see her.

“I am here, though you do not see me, as I have been with you for a long time. I have watched you from the shadows as you have grown, and have come to you under veils of shadow, or through the flesh of another. And always I hoped that I would bring you to this place.”

Her voice seemed nearby, but I could not place it.

“Mama?” I said

“Yes my dear, I have been that to you for a little time. But from tonight I will be your stepmother no more. If you choose the life I have to offer you, things will never be the same.”

“Where are you?”

“I am right here,” she laughed softly and I felt a hand touch my cheek lightly. “All you have to do is call me forth.”

Mademoiselle watched all this intently as she rode up and down on the ornate rod, sometimes changing her rhythm to grind her hips in circles upon it. I looked at her, and at the cloth-covered table in the middle of the library.

“Show me.”

I heard Mademoiselle laugh at that, and I followed her eyes to the cloak laid out between us. It was blacker than the deepest shadow in the candlelit room. The cloak seemed to not be there any more, replaced by an inky pool. Suddenly a shape started to rise from within. It grew silently, and Mademoiselle slowed her movements almost to a stop as she watched in wonder. The shape grew tall and thin, and blacker than the darkest night. Suddenly a hand emerged in it out of thin air and grasped some invisible edge. With a flick my stepmother tossed aside the cloak of impenetrable blackness, and it fell to the floor and vanished.

Before me stood a ravishing queen. Her milk white skin was smooth and soft, and she was entirely naked before me. Her eyes burned with a peculiar intensity, and she stared straight at me tied to the pole. I wriggled self-consciously, at which she began to slowly walk towards me. I watched as she sensuously placed one foot after the other, like a great cat stalking its prey. Her legs were long and slender, and between the thighs she was shaved bare. Her hips swayed slightly as she advanced, but my eyes were drawn upwards, past the shapely waist and the small, full breasts to her long neck and the beautiful face. Her lips were red and full, and her black mane fell to a little short of shoulder length. Her eyes were locked on mine, and as she drew close I could see that it was not just the candlelight that made them seem like dark pools, for where you would normally expect to see color, she had only shining black. These were the eyes of a hungry monster, and though I found them frightening I could not look away. Now at arms length from me, she looked my bound form up and down and smiled, and as she did I saw the razor-sharp fangs of an animal in her mouth.

“Now, my dear,” she said, drawing closer, “you can see me.”

She placed one hand delicately on my waist and stepped in close to me. Our bodies were just about touching, and I felt myself pulling slightly against my restraints. I looked into her black eyes, and saw how much she wanted me. My chest was heaving. She placed her other hand on my waist and pulled herself in, our breasts and bellies touching softly. Her mouth moved in to my ear and she whispered,

“I want you to surrender to me… entirely.”

I felt her tongue lick my ear lobe lightly, and she pulled back her face to look me in the eye. Time seemed to hold for a moment, and I don’t remember whether I consciously made the decision or not, but what I said was:

“Kiss me.”

And she did, moving her lips in to mine and sweetly kissing my lips. I kissed back with building passion and pressed my naked body against hers. She held me tighter and her tongue parted my lips to meet mine. She played within my mouth, and her tongue seemed to be extraordinarily long and supple, giving me such pleasure from a kiss I had not felt before.

One of her hands moved up to my head. She ran her fingers through my hair and pulled on it firmly as we kissed deeply. I writhed against her soft warm body slightly. Suddenly she broke off the kiss and pulled my head back firmly, exposing my neck. I felt her long tongue lick along it and she kissed it softly, making me moan. I wanted to place my hands on her body, but they were held fast. Instead I wrapped a leg around her and rubbed against her. She released her grip on my head, and I saw her slide a little down me and take one of my breasts in her hand, bringing the nipple up to her lips. She looked me in the eye for a brief moment, before I saw her tongue snake out and lick it delicately. I could clearly see that her tongue was forked at the tip, and she used it to play deliciously on the pink bud before her. Groaning with pleasure I pressed my mound against her body and felt my warm juices flowing from within me.

She played expertly at my nipple for a long time, sending waves of desire through me. Then when she broke off she moved quickly down my body, kissing me as she went, until her face was inches from the seat of my desire. She took the leg I had wrapped around her and placed it over her shoulder and studied me between my thighs for a moment. Then her long forked tongue slid out and traced a line down my delicate inner thigh to touch my lips. It slid along them softly, and she brought her mouth in closer. Her tongue explored along and between my lips, then she drew it up and softly licked across my clit. My knees trembled with pleasure, and she soon set to work again, her wet tongue sliding easily between my slippery petals. I spread my legs further for her, and she probed more deeply, the animated tip of her tongue finding its way easily inside my vagina and tickling me inside. Her mouth was over my whole genitals, and her top lip rested on and stimulated my clit as her tongue worked smoothly within me. I had never felt such pleasure in all my life. She grasped me firmly by my buttocks and kneaded them as her prehensile tongue began to work back and forth within me. My juices flowed copiously, and she drank them willingly.

My groaning began to build in intensity, and as it did she opened her eyes and looked up at me. She slid her tongue extra deep inside me, then I felt it slither out and she pulled her mouth back and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She grinned lasciviously at me, and rose back to her feet, sliding her body along mine as she did. Clasping her hands behind my back she brought her face in close until our lips were almost touching.

“Are you ready for the final dance now?” she whispered.

“I am ready for anything,” I declared.

“Good!” she said, pulling away and turning towards Mademoiselle, who was still riding the wooden phallus. “Although I warn you, it may not be quite what you expect,” she called back over her shoulder.

Taking Mademoiselle’s hand, she helped her to her feet, and bent down to retrieve the object of the other woman’s pleasures from its mounting on the chest. She came back towards me, holding the weird object in her hand. When she was just in front of me she placed the dildo upon her pubic mound, and I saw Mademoiselle reach around from behind her and secure it in place with a kind of light harness. It was slick with Mademoiselle’s juices, and Stepmother ran her finger tips lightly along it as she approached me. I was not afraid of it, and wanted her to see how ready I was for her. She took my head in her hands and our mouths met once more in a along kiss. Her breasts touched mine, and I felt the warm, hard, wet tip of the dildo part my thighs and slide against my lips. Our kissing became deeper and hotter, and letting myself hang from my silk-bound wrists, I wrapped both my legs around her waist and tilted my hips forward to bring the tip of the shaft to my opening. She was hungrily pawing at my body now, and she began to lick my face and my neck. Then with a slow, irresistible force, she pressed the head of the rod into me. My body parted willingly, and it slid inside me. I could feel the ribs and studs of it disappearing into my body, and I threw my head back as her tongue licked at my throat. I clasped tighter about her waist and forced myself deeper onto the shaft, and it slid deep within me. She began to move her hips slightly, moving the slippery rod just slightly back and forth inside me. The sensation it caused was wonderful, and she seemed to find the moaning it elicited arousing.

She held me tight and whispered in my ear,

“If you wish, you can become my companion. I have a world of delights to show you, and all you have to do is say yes.”

“Yes,” I said breathlessly.

Her gentle thrusting slowed, and she moved her position slightly. She grasped the back of my hair again, and pulled my head back a little further. My soft throat was inches from her face, and I felt her tongue tickle lightly on it. I could feel the pulse beating under the skin, and in a moment she opened her mouth and placed it against the flesh I offered her. I felt two sharp points of pain stab as she bit into the neck with her long fangs, and the hot blood began to well up and flow into her mouth. She sucked strongly at the blood I offered her, and her grip redoubled in strength. She began to thrust the dildo back and forth more strongly, and my head began to swim at the sensations flowing through me. I was growing fainter with every passing moment, as she drank deeply from my neck, and I could feel her pulling the life out of me through the wound there. The room began to spin, and I hung limply from my bindings, and my mind began to cloud over as my eyelids began to flutter and my vision drained away. I was slipping away from the world, in a haze of delirium.

After a moment I felt something sting on my lips, and something like ice water flowed into my mouth. I swallowed and jerked back into consciousness. Opening my eyes I saw my stepmother’s face close to mine, with her wrist clamped to my mouth.

I pulled away in confusion, but she said, “Drink.”

I saw two punctures on her wrist, and a trickle of blood flowed down her arm. She forced it back into my mouth, and the ice-water taste returned. I swallowed as she ordered, and though it felt cold it was intensely rich and invigorating. It flowed into all my limbs and made them sing with new strength and suppleness. I drank hungrily at the cold blood, and felt my mind swoon, only to gain new focus and sharpness. Sucking hard at the source of this wonderful power I strained hard at my bonds, and felt them tear easily. I toppled over on top of her, but she swung me round deftly, and while I was still impaled upon her wooden rod, she flipped me onto my back and pinned me on the floor beneath her. I gripped her strongly around the waist with my legs and drank from the bloody wrist she held to my mouth. After a short while she pulled it away from my mouth, and I let out a cry of disappointment.

She held my face in her hands for a moment and kissed me softly on the lips. Then she withdrew the dildo slowly from where it was buried inside me, and rose to her knees, running a hand down my body and across the offering between my spread thighs. Then she stood up and ran her hands through her hair and looked down at me where I lay. I looked up at her and panted. I tried to raise myself up onto an elbow, but when I did my head reeled and I fell back to the floor. My skull cracked against the stone painfully.

“Gently, young one,” she admonished. “You are still weak from the turning, and you must be hungry.”

I realized she was right; a ball of angry hunger knotted my stomach.

“Come, we must complete this.”

She held out a hand, and helped me shakily to my feet. My body hummed with explosive potential, but I was shaky and almost doubled up again with hunger. She led me slowly over to the table in the center of the room where Mademoiselle stood. As we drew close she flung back the cloth, and I saw that it had concealed the body of my friend Francoise. She seemed totally unconscious, and was still in her night gown, her silky blond hair spread like a halo as she slumbered. I could feel the beat of her heart within her chest.

My former stepmother, my new vampire queen, held me up and spoke into my ear.

“You must feed soon, or you will fade away. Do you want this girl’s surrender?”

I looked at Francoise’s sleeping face, and could feel her breath passing between her lips. I was hungry, and she was what I wanted to satisfy me. I turned to the vampire holding me up and looked her in the eye.

“I want to drink her,” I said.

“Good, my dear,” and she reached out to touch the girl lightly on the forehead. Francoise’s eyes flicked open and looked in confusion around at her surroundings. She half sat up, and looked at me quizzically. I leapt onto the table in a blur and straddled her, startling us both with my speed. I held her face in my hand and shushed her gently, looking deep into her eyes. She was transfixed, and slowly sank back onto the table. I followed her down and brought a passionate kiss down onto her lips, and slid my tongue into her mouth. She embraced me back and her hands ranged up and down along my naked body. We kissed for a long while, and I opened my eyes at one point to see the two older women watching us, Mademoiselle licking at one of my queen’s nipples as they did.

I broke off my kiss with Francoise and sat up. I spread her legs and pushed up her night dress, and drew my face down close to her nest of blond curls. The delicious aroma of womanhood filled my nostrils, and I licked out to taste her arousal. It was rich and warm and I savored it like never before. Parting her lips with my tongue I explored within her silky folds as she began to squirm with pleasure. I licked at her hungrily and began to hear her pulse in my ears. I turned my face to lick up the inside of her thigh where I could feel an artery beating strongly within the soft skin. Without a thought I bit down hard, feeling my new fangs bury deep into the flesh. She cried out briefly, but did not struggle. As her blood began to flow I drank its salty hotness down into me, and felt it filling the great void there within. I looked along her body and saw that her hand had replaced my tongue between her thighs, and she flicked at her clitoris urgently as I sucked at her thigh. The more I drank, the more I felt complete, and I was becoming more and more aroused. My body writhed and the heat between my thighs built and pulsated. At last I built up to a screaming climax, and tipped over the edge into the strongest orgasm I had ever felt. It flowed over me in waves for what seemed like an eternity, until finally it left me spent and twitching, my fangs still sunk deep in the flesh of her thigh. No more blood flowed and I pulled away with a gasp.

Francoise lay lifeless, but I felt no pity.

“And excellent first show, Genevieve,” laughed my lady vampire, “even if is a little uncouth to drink a young girl entirely dry in one session. I will teach you how to savor the feeding yet!”

Wiping my mouth, I looked at her. “What shall I call you now?” I asked, cocking my head to one side.

“Call me Catherine, darling. We shall be companions and sisters from now on.” She helped me down from the table and motioned for Mademoiselle to take care of the lifeless body upon it.

“And you may find,” she said “that from now on is a very long time.”


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