Streetwise, Part One

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By Androgyne

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in March 2009 }

I’d better start by telling you something about myself. My name’s Kyra Cross, I’m 12 years old, I’m a little over 5 foot tall and slender, if you’re a friend that is; if not then I’m skinny. I’ve got red hair, cut short, blue eyes, fair skin that freckles easily and burns way too easily if I get too much sun; and not much in the way of a figure. My tits have started to grow but they look like half lemons stuck on my chest though my nipples are extra long and a nice shade of pink.

Also I’m a big time pre-teen lesbian!

What, you say? You’re sure you’re a lesbian and you’re only 12? Well duh yeah! Like I had my pussy licked for the first time when I was 10 and loved it. The second time was the same night and then my sister went down on me and I loved it with her too so I guess I’m sure I’m a horny little lesbo kid.

I’ll take you back a little in time before I tell you all about what I get up to present day.

Two years ago my big sister Eva came home from university for the summer break, which meant I had to stay out of her room and stop sneaking her sexy undies out of her dresser drawers and wearing them to school instead of the cotton briefs Mum insists on buying for me.

Just the same I was glad to see her back home, Eva’s cool! Some sisters hate and row with each other but I never had a second’s trouble with mine. I love her and she loves me. In more ways than one as you’ll soon find out. The first Friday she was home Mum and Dad went out early to a city centre wine bar leaving sis to baby sit me.

Crap! I hate being told I’m having a baby sitter! For fuck’s sake I was 10, old for my age, and knew lots of things a 10 going on 11 year old shouldn’t know. Eva wanted to go out for a drink so I told her go enjoy herself but get back before Mum and Dad ‘cos I’d say nothing and they’d never know.

Fair enough she did get back early but not sober and not alone. I could hear her giggling when she let herself in and some-one else with her giggling a little too. Sounded like they were both a teensy bit tipsy to me. As they sneaked their way up the stairs I caught big sis in what she must have thought was a whisper, booze can make you careless.

“Ssshhhh Coral! My kid sister’s asleep and I don’t want to wake her and have to explain what you’re doing in my bedroom. Remember you’ll have to be gone before Mum and Dad gets home so let’s make the most of the time.”

The other voice was deeper but clearly a lady and had a tinge of an accent to it too.

“No probs honey I’ll be gone before they get home and you’ll be sorry I couldn’t stay longer.”

Now even when I was younger than 10 I had an idea about big sis, she never had a boyfriend and spent all her time hanging round with girls from her school. Told you I knew things I wasn’t supposed to know at my age and knowing my sister’s a dyke was one of them. Now even, young as I was, I was getting curious so I sneaked out, after a while, to spy.

From outside her door I could hear all kinds of interesting noises, moans, groans; gasps; and the occasional “Oh Jesus Christ don’t stop”! I couldn’t help myself; I turned the door handle and peeked inside. Wow! My life changed right that moment.

Eva was propped up on a mound of pillows, her thighs were spread real wide, and a young woman had her head buried between them. Whatever she was doing sis loved it ‘cos she was sorta crooning to her “Yeeesss Coral yeeesss, harder, harder”. By now I could see that Coral, whoever she was, had her fingers inside my sister’s gash pumping them in and out.

Big sis filled out early; hope I fill out eventually too. She’s got fabulous boobs, round and full, with huge brown nipples. What Coral was doing to her made her “nips” even huger. Then sis looked up and saw me standing in the doorway and sorta shook and stiffened.

Coral lifted her mouth from sis’s gash and sounded kinda puzzled.

“Jeeze Evie you ain’t cum already have you? Didn’t seem much of a cum either.”

Sis nodded towards me and Coral rolled over to look at me. She was black, sorta muscled but with a pair of tits as big as sis’s and a lovely round rear end. She gave me a big grin showing teeth like sugar cubes. Her face was smeared with some sort of sticky stuff.

“Hey there honey! You must be Kyra. Your sister never said how cute you are.”

I never sleep in a nightie or p. j’s, only panties and tee shirts. I’d shot up a bit recently so the tee shirt was short, showing my flat tummy while the panties were old and real tight. You could see my pussy lips through them; at least that’s what sis calls them. Coral was looking at me real hard and smiling.

“This is Coral Forbes Kyra, I met her in the Premium bar, she’s in the Royal Engineers and home on leave.”

Sis was definately mellow, probably vodka her favourite tipple, she surely wasn’t upset at me finding her naked with this black lady. Coral winked at sis and waved to me.

“Come on over here kid, lets look at you.”

I’d show her I was a big girl so I ambled over to the bed and sat down where Coral patted the spread.

“D’you know what I was doing with your sister honey?”

Like I’ve said I’ve always known things that I was supposed to be too young to know so I tried to look cool.

“Sure! You were going down on her.”

Coral’s eyebrows rose and big sis giggled and her tits bounced.

“You ever had anyone go down on you honey? You ever done it with anyone?”


There’s nothing worse than a kid trying to show off what they know or claim to have done to a grown up. Grown up’s smirk at you when you lie to them. being honest to them seems to impress them though.

“D’you wanna try it?”

I’ve caught the accent now; Coral’s got a hint of Jamaica in her voice like some of my classmates at school.

“Sure why not, sis looked like she was having fun.”

Glancing at my sister I expected her to look stern and shake her head. She certainly fooled me! Maybe it was the vodka or maybe Coral had her really hot but she grins at us both.

“Go on Coral baby give her that first cum to remember. Slow and hot!”

Coral grabbed the hem of my tee shirt and pulled it up over my head, as it came off she sucked in a sharp breath.

“Damn those are some nipples you got there honey.”

In those days I didn’t even have the lemon sizes tits but my “nips” were really hard and swollen, guess I was getting kinda excited kinda quick. Next this black lady hooked the waistband of my panties and tugged them down to my ankles, letting me step out of them.

Her eyes went real wide as she looked at my pussy lips.

“Fuck Evie your sister’s got a sweet set of lips on her and she’s getting wet already,”

Looking down I could see she was right. My tight pussy lips were damp with a few little creamy white beads oozing from them. Coral gently pushed me back against Eva. I finished sitting, thighs spread, and my back resting against Eva’s boobs. I’ve shared a bath and the shower cabinet with Eva but this felt much different.

Against my back her tits were hot and her nipples like rocks. Curving her arms around me she took a nipple in each hand and began to twist and tug on them. Felt so good! My rump was pressed onto her pussy slit and it was warm and very wet. It felt slippery and slick. Then I forgot sis and what she was doing ‘cos Coral made her move.

Despite her having big hands she was very gentle when she took my tight pleated pussy lips then peeled them apart. Her head bowed and the tip of her tongue slid inside my wet crease. I started wriggling instantly, sis grabbed me and held me tight and I concentrated on the hot darts that were flickering through my tender flesh. Next Coral pushed one finger slowly into me, twisting it back and forth.

I just let go like crazy.

“Oooww! Nnnggg! Mmmm!”

Then I had my virgin cum! When I stopped bouncing and writhing on the bed I looked down at my groin. Soaked with white creamy stuff, and as Coral straightened up her face had long strings of it stretching from my pussy to her mouth.

“Gawd Evie your kid sister cums wet and hard. I hope you cum like that! Hey you ain’t cum yet. Why don’t you and your sister get it on while I watch?”

So that’s how I finish up having a 69er with my sister. She’s underneath and eats my pussy even better than Coral did. She also licks my arse which turns me on even more. I just try to do what big Coral did to me, licking and sucking her pussy lips until we both start to quiver, suddenly she squirts her juice all over my face and seconds later I shoot just as hard and wet as I did before.

Eva tastes great, sweet and creamy. I just hope Coral and sis like my flavour as much. I’m worn out with my first cums. Coral is lying watching us and has four fingers dug inside herself, her pussy’s sopping.

“Wanna do it again kid?”

Time to be honest and adult again.

“Sorry Coral no! I think I’m too sore and tired but it was fantastic.”

So I staggered off to bed and fell instantly asleep, luckily I picked up my tee shirt and cum sticky panties when I left or I might have got caught up in the explosion. Coral and sis got going again after I went to bed and I guess the booze and oodles of sex made them sleepy. When Mum and Dad came home Mum walked into sis’s bedroom and the screaming started.

The shouting got louder after Coral got hastily dressed and left. When I poked my head out of my room Dad and Mum both yelled at me to get back inside and mind my busines. I could hear Dad call sis a filthy little pervert while Mum screamed about how could sis even think about doing it? Before sis charged into her room and started packing her bags she shouted at Mum that if she’d never tried it she’d better stop knocking it.

Before sis’s taxi arrived to take her away she came into my room, crying a little. She hugged me and kissed me.

“Listen sweetheart don’t ever let Mum and Dad guess you like doing it with the girls. Take great care or you’ll finish up like me. Didn’t think your big sis was a fucking pervert did you? Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine, keep looking on your laptop and I’ll be in touch. Bye little sis.”

Then she kissed me again and not like a sister, her tongue slid into my mouth while her fingers caressed my hardening nipples then she was gone and I cried a lot. It was a while before I saw her again in the flesh though we were soon talking to each other again.

Continue on to Part Two


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