Amanda and Tara, Chapter 1

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By Amanda

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in June 2005 }

Amanda sat quietly at the bus terminal waiting for her niece, Tara, to arrive from Denver. Her sister had moved to Colorado’s capital city two years earlier and She was happy to be only a forty five minute drive away. Amanda lived in Boulder where she had for the past five years, ever since graduating from college.

The Denver-Boulder express bus pulled into the terminal and within minutes the passengers began to file off. Amanda’s face lit up when she saw her lovely little niece bound off of the bus. The girl paused once she stepped off of the coach and looked around for a moment before seeing her aunt through the window. A smile lit her face and she came running into the terminal, colliding with Amanda and wrapping both arms around her.

They had always had a good relationship with one another. Amanda could not have children, and had never wanted her own, but she adored Tara and spent as much time with her as she could.

This weekend was the beginning of Tara’s summer vacation and she would be spending it, and most of the following week in Boulder. Stacy, Amanda’s sister, would be spending the time in Hawaii with her current boyfriend. “How have you been, angel?” Amanda asked, peeling the child off of herself. She smiled down at her lovely little nubian princess. Amanda herself was almost Irish in appearance. Fair skin and red hair with lovely green eyes. She had narrow hips and a smallish B cup chest, but over all was very happy with her looks.

“Great!” Tara beamed. “Can we have a picnic?” Tara loved going up into the mountains and having picnics with her aunt. “Where’s Jamie?” She inquired about Amanda’s last girlfriend.

Amanda’s family had been rather religious and none of them had paid much attention to the fact that their oldest daughter had not had a boyfriend since junior high school. It was more denial than anything else that they had not noticed her regular stream of new female friends, some of whom would move in with her for short periods of time.

Her last relationship, with Jamie, a girl of only eighteen, had ended almost before it could begin. She rarely got overly upset about loosing a girlfriend. There had always been something missing in her relationships, something she could not pin down.

Amanda looked down at her lovely ten year old niece and smiled. “We’ll have a picnic, I promise.” She said.

Another hug and they collected up Tara’s luggage before heading out to Amanda’s Jaguar. They rode the short distance to her house with Tara chattering away about everything that had happened since they had seen each other last.

Amanda was semi-wealthy, living in a lovely three bedroom house in Boulder’s north end. She pulled into the drive and helped Tara with her things, ushering the girl into the house.

“What do you want to do this weekend?” She asked her niece.

“Can we go to the planetarium?” Tara loved going to the planetarium and watching the laser shows.


Tara smiled a broad smile and walked away to put her things in the guest room. Amanda watched her go, realizing she was enjoying the sight of the girl’s round little butt swaying slightly as she walked. Immediately she blushed and looked away, ashamed to have allowed such a thought into her head.

Tara was a lovely little girl though. She was only four feet nine inches tall, with dark brown curly hair and green eyes. She had her hair pulled back in barrettes exposing her pretty little face. Amanda never ceased to be amazed at how beautiful mixed race children could be. Tara’s father had been black. Stacy had gotten pregnant during a short lived relationship. She chose to keep the child even though her and Marcus did not work out.

Amanda was sitting on the couch watching television when Tara came in and flopped down almost on top of her. “I love you, Aunt Amanda.” She said wrapping her arms around her aunt. Amanda put her arm over the girl and pulled her close, rubbing her back gently.

Tara was wearing a short skirt with a half shirt, something Amanda was surprised her mother would have bought. Her thin legs were folded under her and Amanda found herself looking at the smooth, dark skin of Tara’s thighs. Realizing it, she blushed and tried to place her focus back on the increasingly uninteresting talk show on television.

Tara leaned back against the arm of the couch and kicked her legs over her aunt. Again Amanda found herself looking at her niece. She followed the lovely skin of her legs up to the hem of her skirt, noticing that she could just see Tara’s pink underwear. Amanda found her self staring at them, unable to look away.

Amanda’s eyes traveled up Tara’s body, her smooth stomach with her tiny, cute belly button. Up to the slightly visible mounds that would be her breasts. She suddenly became aware that Tara was looking back at her and smiling. Amanda blushed and averted her eyes, ashamed of herself.

“Do you think my boobs will get as big as my mom’s?” The girl asked. Amanda was awash in humiliation, Tara had indeed seen her looking.

“I… I’m not sure.” Amanda answered. “Are you hungry?” She wanted an escape and preparing a snack for Tara would fit the bill nicely. Tara shook her head but Amanda got up and went in to the kitchen just the same.

In the kitchen Amanda poured herself a glass of wine and leaned against the counter, sipping it. She was feeling something she had not in a while. Horny. Something about Tara was getting to her and she could not place it. Amanda drained her glass and went back to the living room.

They watched the rest of the television program then left the house for a fast food restaurant. Amanda did not feel like cooking and Tara loved burgers so it was an easy dinner.

When they got home Tara went into the guest room and started unpacking her things. Amanda stayed in the living room watching television,

Tara came out of the guest room and flopped down on the couch, kicking her legs over her aunt’s lap. “How come you don’t have a boyfriend?” She asked.

Amanda was taken aback by the suddenness of the question. “I don’t want one.” She finally said.

“Why?” Tara pushed. She wiggled around for several moments trying to get comfortable.

“I just don’t, sweetie.”

“Mom thinks you’re gay.” She said so matter of factly.

“She said that?” Amanda asked incredulous. Tara nodded her head. “When did she say that?”

“When I asked how come you never got married.” She pursed her lips for a moment. “Are you?”

“That’s kind of personal, sweetie.” Amanda blushed. She was not ashamed of her sexuality but she was not sure she should be talking about it with her niece.

“I am,” Tara offered.

“What?” Amanda almost shouted. “You don’t know what you’re saying sweetie, you’re too young to know that.” Amanda knew she was lying, though. She had known she was gay almost from the moment she had learned of the concept.

“I do know.” Tara snapped. She frowned at her aunt. Tara was used to being treated like an adult by her aunt and to be spoken to like a child hurt her feelings. “Are you gay?” She asked again, this time more impatiently.

“I just don’t have a boyfriend, angel.” She finally said. She had never told her family of her sexuality, and thought that they had believed her when she told them that her girlfriends were just friends.

“Please be gay, Aunt Mandy.” Tara whined. “Please, I don’t want to be the only one.”

Amanda’s heart melted. Hearing her niece say something so pure, and so sweet she felt the need to open up to her. “I’m a lesbian sweet heart. You’ve met some of my girlfriends.” Tara squealed and jumped up to hug her aunt. She wrapped her arms around Amanda’s neck and began kissing her cheeks, giggling as she did. “Okay sweetie.” Amanda said as she gently broke away. “Just don’t tell your mom I told you okay?”

“Of course not.” Tara said. “She’d freak out.”

Amanda chuckled. Her sister would freak out. Stacy was quite religious when it gave her the opportunity to look down on some one. “You probably shouldn’t tell her about yourself either.”

“God no!” Tara gasped. “She’s throw me out.”

Amanda did not see Stacy throwing her out, what she did see was her sister putting Tara through homosexual recovery. Stacy would no doubt go through the church to try and cure her daughter. “I’ll keep your secret.” Amanda drew an `x’ on her chest. “Cross my heart.” Tara was visibly relived.

“Have you had many girlfriends?” She asked, her curiosity getting the better of her. Amanda shrugged. “What do you do with them?” The girl seemed genuinely confused and interested.

“Tara!” Amanda gasped. “That’s really something I can’t talk to you about, hon.”

“Fine.” She crossed her arms over her chest and feigned pouting.

They watched television for most of the rest of the night quietly. Around ten Amanda got up and ushered her little niece into the guest room where she kissed her good night.

“Aunt Mandy… I’m glad you told me.” Tara said as her aunt turned off the light.

Amanda went up to her room and climbed into bed, pulling her clothes off as she did. The image of Tara’s legs would not leave her head. She found herself fantasizing about touching them, drawing her fingers along the Tara’s lithe, beautiful legs. Absently Amanda slid her hand down her pants and into her underwear. She began massaging her clit, moaning softly as she did.

Guilt was secondary to the excitement she was feeling. Amanda imagined what it would be like to kiss Tara’s soft lips. She dreamt of running her hands over the girl’s body, touching her fleshy bumps on her chest that would one day be breasts. She bit her lip as her excitement began to build. The walls in the house were thin and she did not want Tara to hear her. Amanda buried her face in her pillow and let out a loud groan as the waves of heat and pleasure ran through her body. She folder her legs over her hand as she came, drenching her fingers in her own juices. Exhausted by her climax, Amanda drifted at the edge of sleep.

Amanda opened her eyes and sat up with a start. Tara was crawling across the bed, pulling the covers over herself as she did. “Wha?” Amanda grumbled.

“I can’t sleep.” Tara whispered.

“Oh baby, you shouldn’t…”

“Please Aunt Mandy.” Tara begged. Amanda nodded her head and held the covers up so she could get the rest of the way under the covers. Tara pushed her body against Amanda’s, wiggling and shifting until she was comfortable. Amanda wrapped her arm over her niece and snuggled her close. “I love you, Aunt Mandy.”

“I love you too, angel.”


Amanda opened the door for Tara and they hurried into the apartment, still excited from the dazzling laser show they had just come from. Tara hurried to the bathroom while Amanda went into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine. She then poured a soda for her niece and took it into the living room where she found the girl flipping through channels. “Thirsty?” Amanda set the glass down on the coffee table.

“Can I have what you’re having instead?” Tara asked. Amanda shook her head immediately. “Please Aunt Mandy!” She begged.

Unable to resist her niece Amanda went into the kitchen and poured half a glass of wine for the girl. Stacy would throw a fit if she found out, but it was the beginning of summer vacation, the girl deserved some celebration. “So what do you think about going up to the mountains tomorrow and having that picnic?” Amanda asked as she handed the wine to Tara.

“Yes!” She squealed. Amanda sat down next to her niece and sipped from her wine. Several minutes later she noticed that Tara had nearly finished her glass. “Just a little more?” She begged, holding out her glass. Her aunt rolled her eyes and agreed. Tara jumped up and almost ran to the kitchen. She returned seconds later with the bottle and filled Amanda’s glass before pouring more for herself.

“If you tell your mom, you know we’re both dead right?”

“I never tell Mom about what I do here.” Tara said with a smile.

At the bottom of her second glass of wine, Amanda was feeling it’s effects. A heady warmth flowed through her and she was slightly dizzy. She leaned back on the couch and focused on the television. Tara moved close to her and snuggled against her aunt. Amanda began absently rubbing the girl’s back. She was hardly paying attention to herself, simply enjoying the sensation of her beautiful little niece laying against her.

Tara pulled her legs up and leaned into Amanda. It was then that she realized that she was rubbing her niece’s round ass. She pulled her hand away and heard Tara let out a disappointed sigh. Amanda glanced down at Tara, confused. “You okay angel?”

“That felt good.” She slurred.

It had felt good. Amanda had not felt so comfortable with any one in a long time. Tara firm little butt had felt so right in her hand that it frightened her. `You’re way to drunk.’ She scolded herself. `Shit, she’s drunk too.’ Amanda was ashamed of herself.

Tara’s arm slid down to her aunt’s leg and the girl began lightly tracing circles around her inner thigh. Tara’s finger was reaching much to far up Amanda’s thigh for her comfort, but no matter how hard she tried she could not make herself say anything about it. What disturbed her even more was the warmth she was feeling between her legs.

Amanda had resumed rubbing her niece’s back and found herself allowing her hand to slid further and further down the girl’s back until she was once again circling her palms on the girl’s ass.

“I’m going to put on my pajamas!” Tara said as she jumped up, nearly startling Amanda sober.

Good idea, she thought to herself, and she went to her own room to do the same. For Amanda pajamas were a pair of boxer shorts and a long tee shirt. For Tara it meant a shirt that came down just above her mid thigh and a pair of shorts.

Amanda sat back down on the couch closely followed by her niece. Tara curled up next to her aunt and immediately laid her hand back on Amanda’s thigh, resuming the gentle little circles she had been drawing.

With her shame and excitement both growing, Amanda slid her hand down Tara’s back, curling her finger’s around her little behind. She squeezed her niece’s bum, then began stroking her back, under her shirt.

“That feels nice.” Tara said. The acknowledgment sent a shock through Amanda, once more threatening to chase away her light buzz. Tara’s little fingers flattened out on Amanda’s leg and she began rubbing, stopping her hand only after her finger tips passed under the leg of her aunt’s boxers.

Feeling those tiny little fingers under her boxers should have prompted her to put an end to the cuddling, but instead she found herself growing more curious. Each time Tara’s hand slid up her leg she felt the familiar quiver in her belly, the tight cold jump she only felt when she was with a lover.

Amanda closed her eyes, whispering to herself, begging herself to stop this. She was sure Tara could not know what she was doing, but the girl seemed so deliberate in her actions. Her niece’s whole hand was slipping under the hem of the shorts now. Her finger tips were coming only inches from her burning sex.

She had to know for sure. She had to know what Tara was thinking. Amanda slid her finger tips under the waistband of her niece’s underwear, gently caressing her soft skin.

Tara paused for a moment before relaxing into her aunt, “mmmm.” She purred. Amanda’s pussy was on fire, feeling the little girl’s behind under her fingertips was like a drug, an addiction forcing her to continue. Amanda rubbed her hand over the curve of Tara’s rump and brushed just inches from the girl’s tender young sex. She pushed her fingers further.

Amanda paused. She was about to cross a line that she could never come back from. What she was doing now was wrong but what she was about to do was unforgivable. “Are you okay?” She asked. Tara’s heavy breathing stopped and she opened her eyes to turn and look up at her aunt.

“I like it.” She said softly.

Spurred on by Tara, Amanda pushed her fingers down, feeling the velvety soft skin surrounding her niece’s labia. She brushed her fingers over the girl’s slit and up it’s length to search for her tiny clit. “Do you want me to stop?” Tara said nothing. She simply pushed her hand as far up Amanda’s shorts as she could. Her fingers were dangerously close to her aunt’s mound and she was sure the girl could feel her heat. Tara’s fingers were reaching, clumsily searching for her aunt’s pussy. She became more aggressive, adjusting herself so she could get a better reach.

Amanda’s breath seized in her chest as she felt her niece’s tiny fingers move through her pubic hair. “I don’t have any yet.” The girl said. Amanda could only silently nod her head. She did not stop exploring her niece’s folds though. With each passing moment she could feel the girl getting wetter and wetter. She could feel Tara’s heart pounding her in chest. She wanted the girl. Right and wrong, incest, taboo, none of it mattered to her, she just wanted her niece.

The ring of the phone startled Amanda, any remaining buzz she had had was gone now. It rang again, and with a gentle pat on Tara’s butt she got up to answer it, despite the girl’s protests. “Tara, it’s your mom.” She said as she walked back into the living room holding the phone.

“Hi mom!” She squealed into the phone. “We were having a tickle fight… I won’t… I wiiillll… Maaaa Ooooom! Okay, I love you too, bye bye.” She handed the phone back to her aunt.

“She’s being a perfect angel Stacy, relax. You just have a good time.” Amanda said. “Kisses.” She pushed the off button on the phone and set it on the end table next to the couch. Tara immediately started giggling.

“That scarred me.” She laughed.

“Me too.” Amanda turned to face the little girl and folder her leg under herself. “Sweetie, what we were doing… Before… We shouldn’t have done that. People don’t think kindly of grown-ups that do those things to little girls.”

“I knooooww.” She grumbled. “I know all about peta… Umm, petathingys…”

“Pedophiles.” Amanda offered.

“Yeah, them. And I don’t care. It’s different if I liked it, isn’t it?” she asked with wide eyes.

“It’s only different for you. But your mom, the world, to them I’m forcing you. I’m abusing you.”

“The world sucks.” Tara said, her bottom lip pouting. The girl’s eyes were glazing over, and she looked like she was about to cry. “Please, Aunt Mandy.” She begged.

Amanda did not know why but the magic words for her were `Please Aunt Mandy.’ Tara had been, for years, able to get almost anything she wanted by uttering that incantation. It wasn’t her lovely little face or the pouty lip, it was the new feelings and desires in Amanda that prompted her to reconsider her stance. But not without a drink.

The wine bottle was on the table sweating. Amanda poured herself a glass of wine and drank it down, then poured another. Tara immediately slid off of the couch to her knees and poured a little of the red nectar into her own glass. She sipped it, preparing herself for what she had decided she wanted for some time now.

The girl slid back up on to the couch timidly and turned to face her aunt. “Now what?” She asked. Amanda nodded her head absently.

`Yeah now what, Aunt Mandy?’ She asked herself. Tara was perched on her knees, her feet folded under her. As gently as she could Amanda leaned forward and pushed Tara back, coaxing her legs out from beneath her. When the girl’s head rested on the arm of the couch, Amanda leaned down and gently kissed Tara’s full lips. She parted her lips ever so slightly and pinched the girl’s bottom lip between her own before breaking the kiss and sitting back.

`Slowly.’ She said to herself. She had to be gentle with the girl. If she did too much to fast it would frighten Tara. The child had only experienced the most minor of petting, and lightest of sexual contact, and though she seemed to want more, she could not know just what more meant. “God you’re beautiful.” She whispered, blushing when she realized she’d spoken.

“So are you, Aunt Mandy.”

“What do you want?” Amanda asked. Tara blushed and giggled and covered her face with her hands. “Sweetie, it’s okay, I won’t laugh.” She reassured.

“Can I… umm, can I see your boobs?” It was genuine, so innocent that Tara’s tiny voice and the simplicity of the question almost made Amanda cry. She began unbuttoning her shirt, feeling unsure. She kept her eyes on her niece’s face as she worked the buttons.

Her shirt finally fell away and Tara’s eyes widened almost comically as Amanda unclasp her bra and slipped it off of her shoulders. The girl pushed herself up on to her elbows, studying her aunt’s thirty four C breasts. She pushed herself up until she was sitting, and reached out toward the round globes. “Can I touch them?” Amanda nodded her head. Tara smiled and closed her hands over her aunt’s breasts, rubbing them, playing with them. She was smiling, giggling. Amanda relaxed seeing how much fun her niece seemed to be having.

Tiny thumbs plucked at Amanad’s nipples and she laughed in spite of herself. “What are you doing?” She asked.

“It feels good when I rub mine.” Tara said quietly. “Do you like it?” Amanda nodded her head. Each time Tara’s thumb brushed over her nipples, she could feel it all the way to her clit.

“Mmmm.” She purred. “That’s nice.” Amanda rubbed the girl’s cheek with the backs of her fingers, smiling down at her. “You like it… Mmphh, You like that too, do you?” She asked, trying to recapture her hold on the moment. Tara nodded vigorously. Amanda wrinkled her nose when she smiled and reached out, running her hands up along the girl’s body. She caught Tara’s tee shirt with her fingers and pulled it up. The girl obliged, lifting her arms in the air and giving her aunt a break from the intense stimulation.

With Tara’s shirt now laying on the floor Amanda coaxed the girl back to a reclined position. She straddled Tara and resting a part of weight on the girl’s legs began running her hands over the child’s belly and chest.

Amanda could feel the girl draw a deep breath every time her fingers passed over her nipples. Tara’s breath was heavy and quick. Amanda felt the familiar quiver in her belly as she rolled the girl’s nipples between her fingers and felt them harden to her touch. `What are you doing?’ She kept asking herself.

Amanda caught herself as she began unbuttoning Tara’s shorts. She stopped and looked into the girls face. She was laying there, a slight smile on her lips and heavy eyelids, looking past her aunt. “Are you sure you’re okay, baby?”

“Mmmm yes Aunt Mandy.” She purred.

Slightly drunk and prodded by her raging desires, she continued. She pulled the girl’s zipper down slowly, trying to give her as much time as possible to change her mind. Tara lifted her ass to allow Amanda to pull her shorts off. She waited, holding her bum in the air, waiting for her aunt to remove the pink polka dotted panties from her body.

Amanda almost gasp when her belly tightened as she looked at the girl’s young, hairless pussy. Tara lowered herself back down to the couch and smiled. “Am I pretty?” She asked.

“Oh god yes.” Amanda answered absently.

“This isn’t fair.” Tara pulled herself up and reached out for Amanda’s pants. Instinctively she moved her hands to stop the girl, but relaxed. Her niece began pushing them down her hips. Amanda wiggled out of her pants. She knelt down close to Tara and smiled.

“Is this better little angel?” She cooed. Tara giggled and nodded. Amanda was so far over the line now that she could not see it any more. She had given up on stopping herself, all she could do now was be as gentle with her precious niece as possible. She wanted the girl more than she could ever remember wanting any one else. She wanted her so much that she did not mind taking her time so as not to frighten the child. She leaned in and kissed Tara’s quivering lips. She pushed her tongue gently into the girl’s mouth and brushed the inside of her lips before receding.

Amanda leaned to one side, laying on the couch so that she could prop herself up on her elbow and look down at her beautiful little niece. “My little nubian princess.” She whispered, leaning down and kissing her shoulder. She slid her hand down the girl’s body, pausing at her belly to enjoy it’s softness.

Amanda’s hand slid slowly down her niece’s belly. She slowed as she felt the girl’s mound. The woman laughed to herself remembering that little girl’s pussies were often called peaches. Tara’s little mound felt so much like a little peach that it was almost amusing. The girl’s belly tightened slightly and she drew a trembling breath. Amanda pushed further, cupping her hand on the girl, pushing her fingers against her clit. She moved her middle finger in several small circles on the girls magic bud before running her fingers through her moist folds.

Tara shuddered and moaned as her aunt pushed her finger just inside her young pussy. She was so excited that she could feel sweat beading up on her brow. Each touch from the older woman set her body on fire. electricity seemed to race from her clit through her belly to her nipples, even her face had begun to tingle.

Tara suddenly became aware of Amanda leaning down to kiss her. The girl opened her mouth, ready for her aunt. She reached into her aunt’s mouth with her own tongue.

She tasted, licked, sucked on her aunt’s tongue before turning her attention to the woman’s bottom lip. Amanda had gently kissed her bottom lip and it had been so sexy that she wanted to try it. Tara gently nibbled Amanda’s bottom lip, sucking it and biting it between her own.

Tara pressed back on the couch, arching her back as her aunt’s finger probed more deeply into her. “Oh god.” She whispered. “That… Oh…”

Amanda found herself about to laugh. Not at the girl, but at the wonder of being able to elicit such reactions from the child. She leaned close an nipped softly at the girl’s ear. She kissed her neck, her shoulder, down to her barely visible breasts. She drew Tara’s nipple into her mouth and sucked it in time with her finger.

The child was dripping wet, on the verge of orgasm. Amanda pulled her hand away, and Tara gasped, “why did you stop?” She was almost shouting.

“Trust me angel.” She started working her way down the girl’s body. She planted little kisses along the length of Tara’s frame. She made her way to the girl’s thigh where she began nibbling at her skin. Amanda slid around the girl, bringing herself to rest between her legs. She looked up at her with a sly smile and leaned in, drinking in the scent of Tara’s excitement.

Tara’s aunt pushed her tongue between the child’s folds. She sucked Tara’s clit into her mouth and began working it with her lips. Sucking it in and flicking her tongue across it, delighting in the girl’s every whimper and moan.

Amanda’s eyes rolled as the electric shock of sexual excitement rushed through her. She lapped at the girl’s nectar, drinking it in, loving it, desperate for more. She pushed her finger in to Tara’s waiting sex, pushing it in deeply.

“What’s… Oh, something… Mandy!” Tara squealed. Amanda pushed her finger in as deeply as she could, sucking hard on the girl’s clit and pressing against it with the top of her tongue. Tara reached down suddenly as her back arched. She intwined her fingers in Amanda’s hair and pulled at her, coaxing for more suction, more pressure, more of everything. Tara collapsed against the bed and sighed heavily. “That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt.” She gasped.

Amanda kissed the girl’s mound. She withdrew her finger from the child’s pussy and slid back up to lie next to her. She laid there tracing her drying finger on Tara’s chest, humming an old song she used to sing to her when she was a baby. “More?” She asked finally.

“Yesss!” Tara said in a breathy voice. She rolled on to her side and propped her head on her hand. “Do you want me to do that to you?” She asked, looking unsure.

“I want you to do whatever you want to do.”

Tara’s tiny hand gliding along Amanda’s side and down her hip relieved any uncertainty that she had had about whether or not the girl could or would reciprocate. The child was clumsy and unsure which only seemed to make Amanda more excited. No other lover had done to her what the beautiful little girl was doing, and she had hardly been touched. She realized what had been missing all of her life. She understood why none of her lovers had interested her, had captivated her. She was captivated now, absolutely and completely engaged with the tiny angel lying next to her.

Little fingers tangled her in pubic hair and began playing with it. Amanda laughed softly, as it tickled. “You like that?” Tara’s unsure voice.

“I love everything you do.”

Tara leaned toward her, pressing her lips on Amanda’s. She parted them and drew in Amanda’s breath. She pushed her tongue into her aunt’s mouth, almost wresting with Amanda’s.

“Oh… Angel…” Amanda gasped as she felt Tara’s finger reach her folds and brush over her clit. She was so close to cumming, it would hardly take anything to send her over the edge.

“Can I kiss it? Like you did?” Tara’s voice seemed so small. Amanda nodded. She slid herself down until she was laying on her back, then helped the girl as she wiggled between her legs. The child looked down at her aunt’s sex for a moment before looking back up at her, glassy eyed. “How?” She finally asked.

“Here.” Amanda tapped her finger against her clit, sending waves of pleasure through her body. “press your tongue there. You just move your tongue a little and suck on it. And if you want you can put your fingers inside.”

Tara giggled fiercely before she calmed down and looked back at the neatly shaved muff. Timidly she leaned in, holding her tongue out, and pushed against Amanda’s clit. Her aunt’s sharp inhalation let her know that she was doing it right.

Tara worked her tongue up and down her aunt’s slit, unsure but encouraged by the moans and sighs escaping her aunt’s lips. She tried to imitate what Amanda had done to her. She pushed her finger’s into her aunt, fucking her with her hand. She put her mouth over her aunt’s clit and sucked on it like it was a tiny lollipop. She rolled her tongue over the nub, keeping pressure on it as best she could.

The girl laid there between her aunt’s thighs, sucking her clit and listening to her moan loudly. Tara found herself giggling, part of her was afraid but mostly she was just fascinated by the experience. It was the realization that she was doing this, she was controlling what her aunt felt.

Amanda’s back arched and she slammed her palms down on the couch, dragging her nails noisily as she clenched her fists and tried to muffle a scream. She was experiencing the most amazing orgasm she had ever felt. The most sensuous sexual experience of her life.

Amanda relaxed against the bed and began to chuckle softly as the waves of warmth and the tingling subsided. Tara climbed up her aunt’s body and laid her head on her breasts. “Am I your girlfriend now?” Tara asked.

“Yes baby girl. You can be my girlfriend.”

“It’s our secret.” Tara looked up at her aunt’s face, smiling. After a moment and laid her head back down and closed her eyes.

The fell asleep lying there, naked, with Amanda gently stroking Tara’s hair.

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