Kimmy and Samantha, Chapter 7

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By Jeneee

Samantha woke on Friday morning with that familiar feeling down below. She’d awakened in the middle of a dream about her young neighbor, Denise, who had been licking her pussy as she looked slyly up at her from between her legs. The first thing entering Samantha’s mind as she slowly became conscious was a picture of Denise’s soft blond hair glowing between her thighs as, with her eyes firmly fixed on Denise’s, the young girl caressed the older girl’s clit with her firm, wet tongue.

As the vision slowly and sadly faded, Denise slid her fingers down between her legs and felt the sticky wetness of her fleshy lips and languidly started to caress them, periodically snaking a finger inside her pussy and wiggling it against her g-spot, lifting her butt off the bed as she did so. She remembered her mother telling her the night before that the next door neighbors had invited her and Kimmy over again for the coming weekend, not really to baby-sit, since she would still be at home, but to keep an eye on her young daughters and another young friend who would be visiting them while her husband was away on business. Mrs. Johnson would also be having company, the young girl’s mother, and as she didn’t want to have to constantly keep an eye on the three girls while she was entertaining she was hoping that Kimmy and Samantha would be able to come over and maybe even spend the night if they were able, to supervise the sleepover.

Samantha realized it was this thought on her mind as she went to sleep the previous night that probably inspired the dream she had just had, and she found herself excitedly waiting for the opportunity that she and Kimmy would have to go next door again to be with Denise and Pammy once more. More of those big girl games, she mused hopefully to herself. As she closed her eyes and increased the vigor of her caresses she thought back to the fun they had all had in the family room, and then later in the shower with the two little girls. She remembered how sweet Denise’s pussy had tasted and was still amazed at the creamy juices her young cunny had secreted as she licked her until the young girl had finally experienced her first orgasm.

“She’ll never forget me for that,” Samantha thought happily to herself. “Her first cum…ohhh,” she moaned, as she felt her own climax rapidly approaching. Her breathing suddenly stopped and she exploded, juices flooding her hand as, at the same time, Kimmy came bursting into her bedroom with a huge smile on her face.

“Can’t wait for to…,” Kimmy started to say but stopped, suddenly noticing her younger sister’s closed eyes and flushed face. “Mmm, looks like my little sis got a head start,” she teased as she pulled back the covers from Samantha’s bed and saw her shiny wet hand still resting between her thighs, coated with sticky, slippery-looking, wet juices. She knelt down and lifted Samantha’s hand to her face and slowly licked each finger one by one, savoring the tangy taste of her sister’s juicy cum.

“Mmm,” she moaned, “I just love the taste of your sexy, hot little cunt first thing in the morning. It has such a…well, such a distinct smell to it too, almost like you’re about to piss yourself,” she laughed, teasingly.

Samantha smirked up at Kimmy. “Well, if you don’t let me get up, I might pee all over the sheets right now if I’m not careful. You know how I always have to piss so bad first thing in the morning.”

Kimmy smiled devilishly as she pushed Samantha back down onto the bed and pressed gently against her sister’s tummy. “Does that help?” she teased, as a finger from her other hand started to slide slowly down between Samantha’s sticky cunny lips, coming to rest against her puckered, hot asshole. “And what if I do this?” she added, the wet slippery tip of her finger now slipping firmly into the narrow passage of her sister’s butt hole as she continued to press down even harder on Samantha’s tummy. “What will happen then, my dear, sweet little sister?”

“Oh my god, Kimmy, puleeeese…don’t do that,” Samantha moaned. “What are you trying to do, make me poop as well as pee? Oh damn…” she groaned, starting to panic, “…you’d better let me up quick, or else.”

“Or else what?” Kimmy laughed, as she slowly relinquished her hold on her sister, slipping the tip of her finger out from the tight confines of her ass and up into her own mouth. “Mmm, I must say it tastes delicious too,” she giggled, licking her lips as Samantha quickly jumped to her feet and rushed off to the bathroom.

“You’re disgusting, Kimmy” she yelled back over her shoulder as she ran down the hallway. But Kimmy could hear Samantha giggling to herself as she walked past the half open bathroom door on her way back to her own room, listening to the fierce splashing of her sister’s piss as it hissed forcefully into the toilet bowl, accompanied by a loud plopping sound.

“Make sure you wipe yourself well, you li’l slut,” she yelled out to her. “I’m gonna check on you,” she giggled, closing her door behind her just in case her father was still home. She didn’t need him nosing around.

School seemed to drag so slowly for both girls that day and when the bell finally rang to signify the official end of the school week they both tore home as quickly as they could.

“What are we gonna wear tonight Kimmy?” Samantha asked her sister as they entered her room. “Mrs. Johnson’s going to be there so we can’t dress slutty,” she mused.

“We weren’t slutty last time,” Kimmy replied. “How could I help it if you forgot to wear your panties,” she teased.

“Hey, you told me to leave them at home, remember?” Samantha retorted.

“Yeah, but since when do you do everything I tell you to do, you slut?” Kimmy giggled.

“So? What do we wear, big sister? You were dressed hot enough last time that Mr. Johnson couldn’t keep his eyes off your tits. I saw him ogling them. Couldn’t keep his eyes off you,” Samantha taunted. “Wonder what his wife thought of that?” she added, thoughtfully. “She’s not that bad looking herself, is she?”

“Well, he’s not going to be there this time. So maybe I’ll dress for Mrs. Thompson,” Kimmy said, wiggling her hips. “Maybe she likes girls too,” she giggled. “Wouldn’t that be a hot surprise?”

“I’m just going to wear jeans and my pink tee, I think,” mused Samantha. “Or maybe I’ll wear that new skirt mom bought for me. Wonder what that other little girl is going to be like? And her mother? Hope they are not snotty. It’s Mr. Johnson’s boss’s wife and their little girl, you know. That’s what mom said anyway. And they are, like, sooo rich she says. It was their party the Johnsons went to that night we babysat.”

“Yeah, I know. Well if you’re gonna wear that hot pink tee make sure you leave your bra off,” Kimmy told Samantha, grinning. “If the women can’t take their eyes off your nipples we’ll at least know they might be interested.”

“Think so?” asked Samantha, with a curious glance at her sister. “Or maybe pissed at us is more likely.”

“No idea,” Kimmy laughed. “But it would be fun to see the looks on their faces. Your nipples are so fucking hot-looking when they get hard.” And as if to make her point, she reached over to tweak one of them through Samantha’s blouse, making her jump. “See what I mean?” she added. “Told you. They get hard so quick.”

Samantha looked down at herself, then up at her older sister and stuck out her tongue. “Like ‘em, don’t you?” she teased, prancing away. “Well, I’m gonna go get changed. I’ve decided I’m gonna wear that skirt after all, and with panties,” she emphasized to Kimmy. “What time do we have to be there anyway?”

“Seven, mom says. And we have to bring our jammies and stuff, too. Remember, we’re staying the night. So don’t forget your toothbrush.”

“Mmm, wonder if we’ll get to sleep with the girls? That would be so hot.”

“Yeah,” Kimmy agreed. “Yummy hot. Come on then, slut. Hurry up and let’s get started. I’m going to grab a shower before dinner. Coming?” she asked with a wicked grin on her face.

“Don’t tempt me,” Samantha yelled after her as Kimmy ran from the room.

At seven sharp the girls yelled goodbye to their mom and quickly hurried next door. Kimmy rang the bell and seconds later the door was opened by a smiling Debbie Johnson who invited them to come right in. They followed her down the hallway to the familiar family room where they’d first met the girls the last time they were there. As they walked behind her, Kimmy couldn’t help noticing how good Debbie’s ass looked in the white shorts she was wearing. She could swear she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, unless it was a tiny thong. And if it was, it was sure buried well between her cheeks, she thought to herself.

“Hey girls, look who’s here,” Debbie announced to her daughters as they reached the family room. Immediately Denise and Pammy jumped up and ran over to Kimmy and Samantha, hugging them tightly, like long lost friends. Both young girls were already in their nighties, dressed for the sleepover they had been looking forward to for the past two days.

“Angie’s not here yet,” Pammy told them. “But she should be coming soon. Mommy says she’s really nice, so I hope you like her,” she continued, smiling up at Kimmy as she reached up and tried to pull the older girl’s face lower down towards her. “Maybe we can show her some of your big girl games too,” she whispered into Kimmy’s ear, and then pulled back, giggling.

“What are you two whispering about?” Debbie asked, smiling broadly as Denise shushed her younger sister and plunked down on the couch, pulling Samantha and Kimmy down beside her. As if I didn’t know, Debbie thought to herself, just as the doorbell rang again.

“They’re here,” screeched Pammy, grabbing Kimmy’s hand and tugging her up to follow her mother, who had already started down the hallway toward the front door leaving Denise and Samantha alone on the couch.

“I see you are already dressed for bed Denise,” Samantha giggled, eyeing the little girl’s nightie which was tucked tightly over the young girl’s knees. “Couldn’t wait, huh?” she teased.

“Well, me and Pammy wanted to be ready for some more of your big girl games,” Denise whispered with a bashful smile on her pretty face. “See?” And she tugged her nightie up above her knees and spread her legs slightly, revealing her sweet, naked cunny underneath. Denise caught her breath as she stared at the little girl’s pussy winking back at her, remembering how delicious it had tasted that evening a couple of weeks earlier, and thinking once again of the dream she had had just before awakening this morning.

“You’d better be careful your mom doesn’t catch you with no panties on, you little devil,” she scolded Denise, trying to resist smiling. “Even I wore mine this time. Wanna see?” And she lifted up the hem of her skirt to show Denise her skimpy white undies which by now had begun to creep slightly in between her pussy lips. “Even if they don’t cover much,” she added giggling, noticing the young girl staring in fascination at the sight between the older girl’s legs.

“But I can still see your cunny through your panties,” Denise giggled. “They don’t really hide much you know. They’ve sort of slipped in between your lips. What about Kimmy? Is she wearing any undies?” the young girl wanted to know.

But before Samantha could respond she had to pull her skirt down again as they heard voices approaching from the hallway. Denise quickly stood up, letting her nightie fall back down around her slim, coltish legs and ran toward the doorway. Just as she reached it her mom appeared with another lady, followed closely by Pammy holding hands with a cute little girl with long, wavy blonde hair that fell down over her shoulders. She was wearing a tight pink top with little spaghetti straps and a flared, dark grey skirt that reached almost to her knees. But what caught Denise’s attention immediately was the little girl’s beautiful face which her mother had obviously enhanced by adding some light pink glossy lipstick and purple eye shadow, giving her the appearance of an attractive child model Denise had recently seen in one of her young girls’ fashion magazines.

Samantha caught her breath as the little girl entered the room with Pammy, followed closely behind by Kimmy who was wearing a broad grin on her face, looking like the proverbial cat who’d swallowed the canary. The girl’s mother was also very stunning, sporting a low-cut, light blue top and a short, flared orange skirt. And did she ever have the legs for it, Samantha noted. Long and slim, and so smooth. She could certainly see where the little girl got her good looks. No wonder Kimmy was smiling – and scheming too, I bet – Samantha thought to herself as she caught her sister’s eye with a knowing glance. It looked like the evening, in fact the whole weekend, was getting off to a great start.

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  1. MrStrut says:

    So hot this chapter peeks your interest with all the great descriptions of the ladies. on to chapter 8.

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    Fifth paragraph from the bottom.
    Looks like the second ‘Denise’, should have been, ‘Samantha’.

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    I love it
    Oh my god, Kimmy, puleeeese…don’t do that,” Samantha moaned. “What are you trying to do, make me poop as well as pee? Oh damn…” she groaned, starting to panic, “…you’d better let me up quick, or else.”

    “Or else what?” Kimmy laughed, as she slowly relinquished her hold on her sister, slipping the tip of her finger out from the tight confines of her ass and up into her own mouth. “Mmm, I must say it tastes delicious too,” e it!

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