Kimmy and Samantha, Chapter 6

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By Jeneee

“I have to go over to Europe for a few days with Doug and a couple of other guys from the company,” Peter announced to his wife as he arrived home from work one evening a couple of weeks after the Johnsons’ party. “We leave Thursday morning and will be returning the following Tuesday. Have to visit a couple of our clients in England and France,” he explained.

“Make sure you bring back something nice for me and the girls,” Debbie told him with a smile. “And behave yourself while you’re there,” she added. “No frolicking with any of those French floozies, understand?” she teased, slapping his butt.

He grinned. “I’ll find something nice – for you and the girls, I mean,” he quickly added, swerving away from another swat he saw coming his way. “I’m going up to grab a shower before dinner.” And he escaped upstairs.

Denise and Pammy came running into the kitchen, hair flying behind them, smiles on their cute faces, eyes shining. “Was that daddy we heard?” Denise asked, hugging her mom.

“Yes honey, he just went upstairs to have a shower before dinner,” Debbie replied, ruffling the little girl’s unkempt hair. “Gonna have to do something with this mop of yours,” she added laughing. “Yours too, Pammy,” she smiled, looking over at her younger daughter. “You both need a shampoo and a style, I think. Especially now that we’re going to be having some company soon.”

“Oooh what company?” Pammy asked jumping up and down as Denise chimed in with “Yeah, who’s coming to visit us?”

“Well, I don’t know for sure sweetie, but daddy has to go away for a few days with his job, and remember that little girl I was telling you about from the party mommy and daddy went to a couple of weeks ago? Daddy’s boss’s little girl? She’s the one who really wants to meet you two. Well, I’m thinking maybe we can invite her over for a sleepover while daddy is away – that is, if her mom will let her come – would you like that?”

“Yay!” both girls yelled out in unison. “That would be fun mommy. Think she’ll be able to come?” Denise added excitedly.

“I’ll phone her mom later tonight and see. Daddy and her father are going away together on business, so maybe her mom would like to bring her over to meet you two. Her name is Angie, and she’s really a cute little girl.”

“Maybe her mommy can stay too,” Denise suggested with a big smile. “Then we can have our own big party,” she added, jumping up and down again, her short skirt flying up with every leap, revealing her cute pink panda panties.

Debbie nodded as another idea crept into her devious mind. “How would you like me to invite Kimmy and Samantha from next door to come too? They can keep an eye on you three while Jasmine and I spend some time together. That’s the little girl’s mom.”

Denise and Pammy looked at each other and grinned shyly. “Yeah, that would be great too, mommy,” Denise replied, jabbing her sister on the arm as Pammy began to open her mouth as if to say something. She could almost hear her sister thinking about those big girl games they might play again and knew her mom would want to know more about that if Pammy happened to mention it. As for Debbie, she could almost swear she saw the little girl blush slightly as she quickly closed her mouth again, biting her tongue.

Yeah, I bet you little vixens can’t wait, Debbie thought to herself as she recalled the scene she’d witnessed in the shower on the evening of that party two weeks ago. Several times during the past two weeks she had been on the brink of mentioning her unannounced visit to the house that night but decided to wait until a more opportune moment. She giggled to herself remembering that she still had the pair of white panties she’d picked up from the floor buried away in her purse.

Having Jasmine visit as well would give Debbie the chance to probe a little more into the relationship she had with her daughter, Angie; that is, if she was able to summon up the courage to ask. She still vividly remembered the good-night kisses she’d laid on the little girl’s butt and pussy, just like Angie claimed her mom did to her every night. Just how would Jasmine react if she confessed she’d complied with her little girl’s request that evening? It might open up a whole new world of possibilities.

“Okay girls, go get changed for bed and as soon as daddy finishes his shower you can go have your baths. I’ll give daddy his dinner and then come up and check on you. Go.”

And with another flurry of giggles, both girls ran upstairs chattering back and forth between each other excitedly as they disappeared onto the landing. The names Kimmy and Samantha were clearly audible to Debbie, and she suspected her daughters couldn’t wait to have their young neighbors visit again. And to tell the truth, she admitted to herself, neither could she. Just wait until they all meet Angie, she thought, grinning to herself.

At that moment she heard a screech from upstairs and a “Daddeee, you dropped your towel,” followed by high pitched giggles from her daughters. Debbie smirked to herself as she realized what must have happened and climbed the stairs to see her blushing husband bending down to pick up his towel, his cock and balls hanging in full view of the still giggling young girls in front of him who were now getting an eyeful of his equipment as it dangled precariously close to their faces.

Seeing their mom appear they turned to her and Denise explained, “Daddy dropped his towel and we saw his thingy mommy. It’s so funny looking.” And Pammy giggled again as she watched her father finally manage to wrap the towel around his waist, regaining some sense of dignity.

“Showing off to your little girls are you, Peter?” she teased her husband, as he turned toward their bedroom sticking out his tongue at her. “Okay girls, show’s over for tonight, time for you to get your baths while I get daddy his dinner,” she told them, smiling at the delightful looks on their faces from seeing their father naked.

“Is that thing what he uses to make babies inside you, mommy?” Pammy asked, curiously.

“Of course it is, silly,” her elder sister replied. “Don’t you know anything?” she teased.

Pammy scowled at Denise as their mom quickly ushered them into their bedroom. “But it’s so much bigger than a finger. How does he get it inside?” Pammy persisted, remembering how tight her own little cunny was and how she had to work hard just to get a finger inside.

“Mommy’s a lot bigger than you, Pammy,” Denise explained, sounding as if she knew all about it. “Aren’t you mommy?”

“Can we see, mommy? Please, please?” Pammy begged her mom.

“Girls, that’s enough. Get your clothes off and I’ll run the bath for you. We can talk about this some other time. Now get!” she commanded, although inside she was half tempted to try to satisfy her daughter’s curiosity. But that would have to wait, she realized, as she left them to get ready for their bath.

After filling the tub she returned to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner. As Peter walked in, now dressed again, she laughed saying, “Now they want to know all about how we make babies. Good thing you weren’t hard or they’d never believe you could get that thing inside me. I think the time has come for the ‘facts of life’ discussion. Maybe while you are away I’ll try to enlighten them. Oh, and by the way, I’m going to ask Jasmine if she would like to come over with Angie for a sleepover on the weekend while you guys are traveling. Angie was so eager to meet the girls after I told her all about them. And I think I’ll ask Kimmy and Samantha from next door to come over to help supervise too. The girls seemed to get along well with them.”

“Sounds like it could be fun,” her husband replied, as he dug into his dinner. “Just make sure the girls get some sleep at least,” he smirked. “I know what these all-girl parties can turn into,” he added, laughing. “Not much sleeping goes on at a sleepover, you know. Or so I’ve heard.”

Oh, how well I know, Debbie thought to herself, remembering some of the wild times she had had with her girlfriends in her younger years. Her aunt had initiated her well and she discovered that some of her girlfriends were only too eager to experiment with each other as they learned about the delights of sex. No wonder her own daughters had acted the way they did that night. It must be in their genes. And Kimmy and Samantha seemed to have picked up on that quickly enough, she thought, once again envisioning the scene in the bathtub.

Later in the evening after cleaning up from dinner she telephoned Jasmine to invite her and Angie over after the men had left for their trip. Jasmine was delighted to hear from her and accepted right away, adding that her little girl was so eager to meet Denise and Patty. She’d been talking about them almost non-stop since the night of the party. The idea of staying the night, she added, would be the icing on the cake as far as Angie was concerned. And on my cake too, Debbie smiled to herself.

Then she phoned next door and asked if Kimmy and Samantha were free over the following weekend and, as long as they had their homework finished beforehand, their mother agreed they would be able to go as well. So it looked like it was all set.

While Peter was watching a ballgame on television Debbie went up to the girls’ room to see if they were still awake and if so, to tell them the good news. Quietly opening their bedroom door she peered into the moonlit room and as her eyes adjusted to the gloom she saw with surprise that both girls were sleeping together in the same bed, no covers over them, Pammy on her back with her legs sprawled apart and Denise laying on her side, one arm across Pammy’s chest and one leg bent so that it rested between Pammy’s thighs. Their nighties were tugged up around their waists and neither girl was wearing panties. The scene was reminiscent of two lovers sleeping together.

Debbie crept over to the side of the bed for a closer look and held her breath as she stared down at her two beautiful young daughters. As she watched, Pammy’s eyes flickered open a little and then closed again, but in her sleepy state she sensed her mother’s presence and muttered, “Hi mommy. We were just playing some big girls’ games like Kimmy and Samantha taught us, an’ my kitty feels so good.” And she fell asleep again squirming slightly against Denise’s thigh as it pressed against her mound.

Oh my, Debbie thought to herself, gazing at the globes of Denise’s butt as they seemed to glow brightly in the moonlight. Leaning gently over the bed she bent down and softly kissed those warm cheeks goodnight, and remembering what she had done with Angie, she lingered a little longer, letting her tongue slide slowly between them, tasting the delicate flavor of her daughter’s muskiness.

Denise shifted a little and sighed sleepily. “‘Nite mommy, I love you,” she whispered softly, and then hugged Pammy a little more tightly, kissing her cheek before falling soundly asleep once more.

Debbie felt the familiar tingling starting in her pussy as she straightened up and backed slowly from the room, hand pressed firmly between her thighs, rubbing vigorously. My girls are just like me, she thought to herself as she felt the dampness seeping into her panties. Just like me.

She couldn’t wait for the weekend to arrive.

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