Kimmy and Samantha, Chapter 2

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By Jeneee

“Mom, I’m going next door to keep Kimmy company,” yelled Samantha from the front hallway of their home.

“Okay dear. Just don’t make a lot of noise and keep those kids from going to sleep,” her mom replied from the kitchen. “Otherwise Mrs. Johnson won’t want you girls back again.”

“We won’t Mom. Bye.”

And Samantha closed the door behind her and ran quickly across the lawn to their neighbor’s house, eagerly ringing the doorbell. Kimmy had told her to come over right after she saw the Johnsons leave, so Samantha had been keeping a close eye on the activities next door. Shortly after seven she had seen their car drive away and that was the signal for her to join her sister and the two little girls, Denise and Patty.

Kimmy had also told her to wear a short skirt and a white blouse, and to leave her underwear — panties and bra — at home. She’d giggled to herself as she dressed, and had to make sure her mom didn’t see her as she left the house. She was wondering what Kimmy was planning as cute little Denise answered the door and let her in.

“Hi Sammy,” Denise smiled. “Kimmy said you’d be coming over.” And she led Samantha along the hallway and down a few stairs into the family room where her sister and Kimmy were watching a video. Denise was wearing a cute little orange dress that flared out from her waist revealing the smooth skin of her long coltish legs. As she bounced down on the couch beside her younger sister she drew her knees up and wrapped her arms around them, her white panties now on full display pressed tightly against her puffy cunny and indenting slightly into her youthful slit.

As she watched this Sammy giggled to herself, realizing that if she sat that way her short skirt would leave her naked pussy in full view of everyone since she had no panties on. Maybe that’s what Kimmy had planned, she thought — for the girls to see her cunny for themselves.

Patty, the six year old, was curled up on the couch, snuggled against Kimmy, her baggy shorts providing a clear view up inside her skinny thighs revealing that she, too, was wearing white panties like her sister. Both girls were blessed with that cutesy look of innocence, their angelic faces, bright blue eyes and long, wavy blond hair promising a future filled with having to fend off the advances of the opposite sex as they gradually matured through their preteen years into puberty.

But if Kimmy had her way they would soon become familiar with the delights other girls had to offer them, before boys led them astray. There was no time like the present to begin to expose them, she thought to herself with a smile as she hugged little Patty more tightly to her. Yes, she thought, tonight would do just fine.

Since the couch was taken by Kimmy and the girls, Samantha plunked herself down on an armchair across from them, her short skirt sliding further up her thighs as she made herself comfortable. Both young girls still had their eyes glued to the video they were watching, but Kimmy grinned at her sister as she peered up between her slightly parted thighs to the sweet pussy she so loved to play with, happy that Samantha had done as she asked, and left her panties at home. She began to feel the familiar twinges of desire emanating from her own pussy as she started to lubricate from thoughts of the many possibilities that might present themselves that evening — if she went about it the right way, that was.

The video soon came to an end and Kimmy asked the girls if they’d like a snack before their bath.

“Aww, do we have to get ready for bed already?” Denise groaned. “Why can’t we stay up longer and play games with you and Samantha?”

“Because your mom said videos, then a snack, then a bath and then bed,” Kimmy replied, firmly. “Besides, me and Sammy play big girls’ games, but we have to make sure both of you are ready for bed first.”

Denise and her sister both pouted.

“And you do want us to keep coming back to babysit you, don’t you?” Kimmy continued. “We wouldn’t want your mommy finding out that you stayed up late, and then not inviting us back again.”

“We won’t say anything, will we Patty?” Denise pleaded eagerly. “Please, can we stay up a little longer? Pretty please?”

“Well, I dunno…” Kimmy replied.

Denise, sensing a weakening, continued, “And maybe you can teach us some of the big girl games you and Sammy play. I am already eight, you know,” she added, hopefully, standing up as if to show how tall she was. And she was tall for an eight year old, her long slim legs and narrow hips making her appear even taller. Samantha smiled at the young girl’s eagerness.

But Kimmy still managed to maintain a doubtful look on her face, although inwardly she was starting to feel excited. “I’d still like a snack, though, wouldn’t you?” she asked the girls.

“Eat me, eat me,” Samantha suddenly chimed in, laughing as if on cue, this time with her legs spread wide enough that her uncovered pussy was obvious to everyone.

Patty noticed and giggled, “You didn’t wear any undies Sammy. I can see your kitty,” she cried, pointing. And she nudged her sister. “See Denise? Look at her kitty.” And Denise gasped, her eyes widening, as she looked between Samantha’s open legs.

“Yeah, she’s easier to eat that way,” explained Kimmy, with a sly smile on her face.

“What do you mean,” asked Denise, puzzled. “You mean it’s easier for her to eat when she’s not wearing panties? Why? That’s just silly.”

“No, it’s you that’s silly,” Kimmy laughed. “It’s easier for me to eat her when she’s not wearing any. That’s one of the big girl games I mentioned,” she added, as Denise continued to frown. “Wanna watch us?” Kimmy asked, wondering what kind of reaction she would get.

Denise looked over at Patty, who shrugged, and then both of them nodded okay. And as the young girls stared in amazement, Kimmy knelt down in front of her sister who had by now slid forward on her chair spreading her legs as wide as they would go, and pressed her face right up against Samantha’s pussy and noisily kissed it.

“Eww,” exclaimed Patty, “she’s kissing her pee pee!”

Kimmy stopped and looked back at her. “But she loves to be kissed there, don’t you Sammy?”

Samantha nodded. “Mmm, yeah Patty, it feels so nice.”

Patty looked over at her sister who appeared to be watching curiously. “Is that the kind of game all big girls play?” she asked Kimmy.

“Only those who wanna have real fun,” Kimmy replied and added. “Now watch me carefully.” And as the two young girls moved in closer, Kimmy spread her sister’s pussy and started to lick her slowly up and down inside her lips, which were now starting to moisten copiously from the state of her arousal. Samantha reacted by raising her hips, making it easier for Kimmy’s tongue to reach her, moaning softly, urging her on.

Kimmy paused again, much to Samantha’s frustration, and looked up at Denise who had moved in really closely by now, becoming more and more interested in what was happening. Kimmy gently pulled back on her sister’s sheath and watched as her shiny clit appeared. “See that?” she asked Denise, who nodded affirmatively. “That’s called her clitoris, or clit. It’s a little button that every girl has which feels really good if it is rubbed softly or licked.” Denise instinctively cupped her hand to her own pussy as Kimmy smiled and assured her that, yes, she had one too.

“What about me?” asked Patty, a little shyly, looking down in the direction of her own pussy. “Do I have one too?”

“Yes, Patty, you do,” Kimmy smiled at her. “All girls do, and we can show you yours later too, if you like. But I think right now Sammy needs me,” she added, turning back to her younger sister and returning to the task at hand. And as the two younger girls watched, she spread Samantha’s by now very slippery pussy lips and poked her tongue in between them, listening to her moans increase in intensity as she began to lick away in earnest at the tasty juices flowing from her sister’s sweet little cunt. Patty grabbed on to Denise’s hand and knelt down beside her as they both closely watched this big girls’ game they were being taught by their new neighbors.

They watched as Kimmy licked slowly up and down, occasionally even flicking her tongue at Samantha’s wrinkled butt hole, and then swirling up toward that shiny button that Kimmy had called her clitoris. They also watched as Kimmy let her tongue slide back and forth over Samantha’s clit, hearing her moaning increase as she did this, seeing her lift her butt off the chair and press it tighter against her older sister’s mouth. They watched in amazement as Kimmy’s face seemed to become wetter and wetter, as if Samantha had accidentally peed as she squirmed around, with Kimmy trying to hold on to her by firmly clenching her butt cheeks.

As Denise watched intently all that Kimmy was doing, and heard how Samantha was reacting, she felt a funny feeling begin between her own legs, not like she wanted to pee, but another strange kind of urge. She couldn’t help squeezing her hand over her own cunny, initially outside of her panties, but then as the feeling grew, slipping it down inside, over her puffy lips which she found were now getting strangely wet at the same time. Denise found she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the scene before her and as Samantha suddenly let out a squeal, pressing her pussy hard against Kimmy’s mouth, Denise felt her finger slip between her own cunny lips, and she let out a small moan of her own at the intense feelings that suddenly overcame her. As she tightly squeezed Patty’s hand she thought to herself that she was really beginning to like the games big girls play.

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