Broken Monster, Chapter 1

  • Posted on July 20, 2015 at 10:05 am

By Nuit du Loup

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in November 2009 }

Aina was terrified.

“Mom!” she shouted as she ran through the night shrouded park. There was no response.

“Mom!” she cried again, more desperately.

She continued to run in the direction she had seen her mother run away in with the night dew soaking into her shoes. Aina had seen her mother run from their backyard being chased by something shadowy and indistinct. She’d seen the indistinct black shape running incredibly fast after her. She was afraid for her mother’s life.

Aina, just 12 years old, only had a vague idea of where she was right now. She knew she was in something called Montpellier Park but she had no idea where that was in relation to her home anymore. She had run onward, only trying to keep the dark shapes of her mother and her pursuer in sight. Now she’d lost both upon entering the tree filled park.

“Mom, where are you!” Aina wished she’d thought to grab her cell phone off the kitchen table before she given chase. She hadn’t been thinking clearly enough for that at the time though. Her only thoughts had been about helping her mother.

As she rounded the corner of a restroom building, something grabbed hold of her long brown ponytail and yanked her back hard. She let out a great yelp of pain and surprise. Her cry was cut short as that same something shoved her bodily into a nearby tree. Aina collapsed to the ground as the wind had been knocked right out of her. She lay there on the ground stunned, trying to catch her breath.

When she tried to rise up on all fours she was kicked hard in her ribs over onto her back. Again she cried out but was muffled suddenly by a hand that slapped hard over her open mouth. Nearly terrified out of her skin Aina saw she was being held down now by a beautiful blonde woman. She had a great, almost entirely exposed chest, high cheekbones and a small pert mouth set in a grim line. Most of all though, Aina saw the cold inhuman eyes looking down at her, they filled her with a chill dread she didn’t entirely understand but felt on an instinctual level.

“Such a young thing,” it seemed an idle comment from the quiet spoken woman. “Very cute though.”

She felt the woman’s other hand roam over her body as if searching for something. She tried to squirm away from it. The woman responded by pressing that hand painfully into her stomach. It wasn’t hard for the woman to hold her down. Aina was a small, skinny girl with tiny budding breasts and little other body fat.

“I would have loved to play with you for a bit but my other prey went and got hit by a car, so you’ll have to satisfy my hunger instead. Don’t look so sad now, she isn’t dead or even badly hurt. I just can’t be seen, that’s all.”

Aina knew the woman was talking about her mother. Now she was going to be attacked in her place. The woman had called her a meal. She didn’t have to wonder long what she’d meant by that because the woman gave over feeling her up and yanked her head back by her hair, straining her neck all the way back.

“Sorry about this girl,” the woman actually sounded truthfully apologetic. “But someone has to feed me. Your mother would have survived it, but you, being so little, will likely not and I have no more time to find another.”

Aina tried to scream. All she managed was a muffled groan around the woman’s fingers. Her mind insisted that what was happening was impossible. People didn’t go around eating other people. Then she saw the woman’s face again. It changed before her eyes. It was as if an animal was looking at her instead of a woman. The eyes became bloodshot, and the pupils glowed a soft red. The skin paled as well and the hand holding her mouth felt cold. Worst of all was the teeth; they had to be impossible, the canines visibly lengthened as she watched.

Aina wasn’t an idiot. She knew the name for what she was seeing. That however didn’t mean she wanted to accept it as reality. Vampires could not exist. They were only alive in urban fantasy novels screwing every female in sight or glittering douchebags in movies looking like they’d rolled in a tray of Christmas glitter. They weren’t in parks attacking girls and their moms.

The woman didn’t give her much time to contemplate the unfair nature of her world. She leaned in and Aina felt a tongue lick her neck. Despite herself, the sensation sent an aroused tingle through her nerves. In books vampires were sexy gods who made women desire their touch; the reality was that it was all an illusion if Aina’s attacker was a typical example. The beast was tasting her, not trying to seduce her; she was just having a physical reaction because she would normally find someone licking her neck arousing. Aina’s thoughts cut off as sharp pain shot from her neck. The woman had used those teeth to slice her neck open.

In a last bid for her life Aina thrashed her head. She felt the hand on her mouth dislodge a little. It was enough for her to bite down hard between the woman’s thumb and forefinger. The woman screamed in anger and Aina felt something hot and thick in her mouth. It tasted very metallic but was much too viscous to be normal blood. It filled her mouth till she was forced to swallow or drown in it. She only had that one moment to contemplate about it before she was lifted into the air and hurled against something unyielding.

“Idiot girl,” she heard the woman grumble. “I don’t need anymore trouble tonight. Just give me what I want and you can die peacefully. Hell, you might even survive if you’re lucky.”

Aina was again lifted into the air but this time the woman had her by the throat and held her up with one hand. The woman pulled her close. Aina could feel the woman’s hard excited nipples against her though the shear blouse she wore on her arm. The woman placed her lips on her bleeding neck. Suddenly Aina felt so incredibly weak that all her limbs went slack. In mere moments her body gave up on her and she gratefully slipped unconscious, not caring that she might not wake up again.


Unfortunately, as Aina figured things, she did wake again. At first though it wasn’t a complete awakening, it was more of gradual change in consciousness. After a while she was awake enough to begin hearing things.
“….lot of blood…transfusion…”

“…tests blue on the Shrondrite scale…”

“…change will complete in two hours…”

“…she’s healing quickly…will wake soon…”

The conversations drifted through Aina’s numb mind. Around her, her body felt odd. Even just lying there still she could feel that something wasn’t normal. She could smell strange things, and her hearing seemed to be more sensitive since the background noise began to grow more and more. She could feel the bed she was on as well but not a distinct temperature; it was as if it was the perfect level of warmth in the room. Aina wished she could hurry and wake all the way up so she could ask what was going on.

Finally she was able to open her eyes. She found she was in a large hospital room filled with nurses and a doctor of some kind. They were all performing various tasks she didn’t understand or checking monitors that seemed to be attached to her. The room itself was a large white painted space filled with various medical machines. Aina knew they had probably kept her alive. Along the top of the door wall ran a long steel plated bank of colored lights. Currently there was a deep blue LED gleaming about a quarter of the way down its length. Turning her head a little, all the range she could move it, and saw the tube running into her arm with a red liquid running into her. It was blood. She could smell it somehow. She could also smell something else, something very enticing to her.

“She’s awake!”

Aina tried to see who had spoken. It was a youngish looking woman who had turned away from her screen. The response was quick and efficient. The doctor, a man at least in his fifties with a mostly bald head of gray tufted hair, and three nurses moved from their stations to her side. The one who announced her return to consciousness stood attendance at the doctor’s elbow, ready to take orders.

“Can you understand me?” The doctor asked in a calm rumbling voice. Aina nodded that she could.

“Can you tell us your name?”

Aina tried but her throat fell incredibly dry. She shook her head and mimed with her non-tube attached arm, drinking a glass of water, it was difficult because her arm felt like it was made of lead. The doctor flicked a hand at his attendant and she immediately got a small bottle with something like an infant non-spillable lid thing on it. The nurse held it to her lips and she sucked down the water till the bottle was empty. Once she had swallowed it all she realized it had tasted strange.

“My name is Aina Dennet,” she finally spoke. The water felt weird in her stomach, she wondered how long it had been since she had eaten if just water made her stomach grumble.

“Do you know what happened to you Aina?”

She certainly did remember. It was hard to forget being bitten by a vampire woman when they shouldn’t even exist.

“Yes,” she told the doctor. “I was attacked by…a woman.”

“We know what it was that attacked you,” the doctor said.

“You do?” Aina asked in surprise. She had thought the man wouldn’t believe her is she had said the full truth. “How do you know what she was?”

The man gave an amused snorting laugh and held up a manila folder with her name on the tab and then pointed to the light bar on the wall with it.

“This room is specially made for cases like yours Aina. Even if your attacker hadn’t been seen by an enforcement agent, your blood test results tell the tale. We know that you were attacked by a vampire. Can you guess why the light there on the wall is blue?”

“It means that the person in the room was attacked by a vampire?” she guessed.

“Not quite,” he said. “It represents what kind of creature or being currently occupies the room. The four blue lights mean a vampire is in here and that deep colored one further classifies it a bit.”

“There’s a vampire in here!” Aina said in shock. She tried to look around and see where it was. The doctor remained silent as she glanced around. Then what the doctor had said sank in and she stopped. She was the room’s occupant; he meant she was a vampire.

“Was it because she bit me?” she asked in stunned voice.

“Not just that, you also ingested a substantial quantity of her blood. That is the main reason.”

“So what happens to me?”

“Not much from us actually,” the doctor said with a smile. “You’ll go home with a volunteer from our staff for a couple days for bit of learning about your condition. But after that you can go home.”

“You don’t think I’m a monster?”

“Not until you do something to deserve the appellation.”

Before she could ask anything further, she remembered something important. “What about my mom, that vampire woman said she had been hit by a car?”

“She exaggerated by a great deal then,” the doctor laughed. “She was almost hit but she fell out of the way and only has a few scrapes. She’s outside getting a lecture from a nurse about you right now.”

Aina felt relief flood through her. “So she’s gonna know what I am?”

“She has to know if you’re going to continue living with her, you’re going to need to feed from someone at least once every three weeks at the very longest, and that’s if you aren’t very active.”

“I don’t want to drink my mom’s blood!” Aina said with horrified disgust. “Can’t I drink from blood packs or something?”

“We have patients who desperately need those,” the doctor said disapprovingly. “Despite what your attacker probably makes you think, vampiric feeding isn’t normally painful or dangerous. In fact she is currently being hunted down for attacking you.”

“But my mom…”

“When you stay with one of my staff here for the next three or four days you’ll see what I mean. He or she will show you everything you need to know.”

“Are vampires that common then?” Aina wanted to know.

“They are now,” the doctor answered with a sigh. “In fact you’ve become one at a very interesting time. In about 30 days or so, the government is going to do a mass public release about all the creatures that have been in hiding for the last couple of centuries.”

“Why are they gonna tell everyone?” Aina asked curiously.

The doctor waved his hand at the room. “Because of technology like this. We can find them very easily now. Also, another factor is that the population density in some of the species has reached a point that people will begin to notice them regardless of how they try to hide.”

“Can I at least see my mom before I have to go?” she asked.

“Of course you can!” The doctor chortled. “You’re not a prisoner, just a patient. She can visit you at the house you’ll be staying at all she wants and then at the end of the instruction period you just go back home and go to school like normal for a while. After the new legislation come into play things might change a little, but for the most part you’ll have a normal life. ”

“What about the sun?” Aina said in shock. “Won’t it kill me now?”

“Nope, sorry. A lot of the myths are full of crap.”

“Doctor!” Admonished one of the nurses.

“Sorry about swearing,” the doctor said in good humor. “But most of the stuff you know is false, hence the instruction period.”

“So what kind of vampire am I then?” Aina asked pointing at the light the doctor had pointed out earlier. “You said that light classifies what kind I am.”

“We don’t know,” the doctor answered honestly. “That dark blue represents an unknown type. It doesn’t mean much right now, medical science is still learning about the differences.”

Aina shrugged. She had only been curious, it didn’t seem that important.

“Then who am I staying with?”

“Some of the nurses here in this ward have volunteered for the task. One of them will be chosen for it.”

Aina looked around her at the nurses. Most seemed to be fairly young, she would guess that none of them were out of their twenties. They all seemed friendly enough to her as well since they all gave her a warm smile when she looked at them. As she looked them over she realized that the good smell that was making mouth water and her body to tingle was coming most strongly from the youngest looking nurse.

To Aina the nurse seemed a bit tall. She also had short reddish-brown hair that she kept tied back. Aina noted as well that the nurse had a very pleasing and curvy figure under her smocks with sizable breasts. Aina had always liked looking at other girls, especially once with nice bodies like this nurse. Sometimes she sneaked looks at her classmates when they changed for gym or when she went swimming.

Looking at girls like that always made her want to touch herself between her legs. Her mom had caught her doing it once a couple years ago and had warned her not to ever do that in public as it was a private thing. She knew now what masturbation was after she heard about it and then looked it up on the computer and she did it very often since she was always looking at nice looking girls. This nurse and her smell made her want to touch herself now.

“What about her?” Aina asked pointing to the pretty nurse. If she was gonna live with a strange person for a couple days she wanted to be with the nice looking one. “She seems nice, and she smells good.” Oops. She hadn’t meant to add the part about the smell.

“She smells good?” The doctor asked. “Nurse, do you have any cuts or other breaks in the skin?”

Aina saw the nurse seemed surprised to be singled out and her cheeks reddened. “No doctor, she shouldn’t smell blood on me at all.”

“Not like blood, not like that does,” Aina said pointing the blood pack and tube. “She smells nice, like something sugary. It makes me kinda thirsty when I smell it.”

“Thirsty?” The doctor said in surprise. “You shouldn’t feel thirsty. We’ve put as much blood in you as your body will hold.”

Aina just looked at the nurse who was now staring nervously back at her. As she looked in the young woman’s eyes she felt something tingle inside her, something inside her chest and crotch. As she felt that tingle the nurse across from her began to squirm with her legs in odd fashion that Aina didn’t understand.

“Aina,” The doctor said, drawing her attention back to him. She heard a sigh from the nurse. “Nurse Peters is on the list of volunteers. Are you sure you want her though? There are more experience nurses available.”

“I want her,” Aina said strongly. “But after I see my mom, can she come in?”

“Of course, I forgot about that.” The Doctor said and gestured for his assistant to go get her. “Nurse Peters are you sure you want to volunteer yourself? You just started with me a month ago.”

“I don’t mind,” the nurse smiled as she spoke in a clear voice. “I’d like to help Aina out.”

“Alright then, you’re dismissed with pay for the rest of the week. You can get the materials you need from the lock-up. Make sure you grab the right info packets when you do. I’ll take care of the rest on this end.”

“Yes doctor,” the nurse answered quickly and turned to walk around the bed and out of the room.


Aina turned in the bed to look at her mom entering the room. Whatever sedative they had given her seemed to be wearing off as her movements felt much less sluggish now. Her mom quickly crossed the room and leaned over to the bed and hugged her. Aina smiled as she smelled her mom’s lavender perfume. That smell would always remind her of her mom.

“I’m so sorry Aina, this is all my fault.” She said in a worried rush. Aina thought her mom was being a little over dramatic since there wasn’t a scratch on her now. The doctor didn’t seem to make her being a vampire as that big of a problem either.

“Mom, I’m alright. They explained everything, didn’t they?”

“Yes, they did, but it’s still my fault you got attacked by that woman,” her mom said as she pulled back. Every time she saw her Aina always wished she would look like her mother when she grew up. Her mother had a curvy, glowing beauty to her that had grown as she aged. Aina suspected she would be one of those rare individuals who carried their beauty all the way to their graves. “She wouldn’t have touched you if I hadn’t run away like that right in front of you.”

“Did they tell you what I have to do?” Aina asked.

“Yes they did. You have to learn about the new you for a couple of days and then you come back and pick back up were you left off. I’ve already called your school and arranged the medical time off.”

“It doesn’t bother you that I’m gonna have to drink blood now?”

“Nothing to help my daughter bothers me. They explained that part to me too. You only need to feed a little bit every so often and I’m happy to feed you as I’ve always done. I’ll just miss making dinner for you.”

“Technically she can still eat Ms. Dennet. She just won’t gain any nutrition from it and it’ll pass through her a little uncomfortably if she eats a lot. A little bit won’t hurt or bother her and she can still taste it.” The doctor pointed out.

“Well that’s a bit reassuring,” Mom said with a smile. Then she looked back to Aina. “Don’t worry about feeding from me, they said it doesn’t normally hurt and I think it’ll make us closer as mother and daughter.”

“It really doesn’t bother you? Not at all?”

“Nope, not at all. You just go and learn what you need to and I’ll do the same. They gave me a whole book thing to read about what a vampire really is. It’ll keep me occupied till you come back home.”

Aina laughed at her mom’s contagious enthusiasm. “I’ll be sure to do that and you know I get all A’s so I’ll learn everything I need to with no problem.”

“Hah, that sounds like my like my daughter.”

“Ms. Dennet?”

They both looked and saw that the nurse had returned and was carrying two large plastic cases. She also had a paper folder pinched in the fingers of one hand. She set down the cases and handed out the folder to her mother.

“This is my address and other info you’ll need.” The nurse explained. “Is it possible to have a couple days worth of clothing brought over or should I swing by and get them?”

“Oh I can bring them over, no problem,” Mom said cheerfully. “Your place isn’t actually that far from ours. I can bring them by in the morning when I go to work. For now though I brought a change of clothes with me here since I thought she might be here overnight, she can wear those for tomorrow.”

“That’ll work just fine,” the nurse said with a pleased smile. Then turning to Aina, “Can you get out of bed on your own yet or should I get a wheelchair?”

“Let me try myself first,” Aina said. She thought being pushed around in a wheelchair would be really embarrassing. It would almost be as bad as being seen by any of her friends in the hospital clothing she was wearing.

Very slowly she slipped her legs off the bed’s side and lowered them to the floor. Two of the other nurses came and held onto her arms as she put her weight on her legs and stood up. Her legs felt a little odd from being numbed by the IV drugs but she didn’t feel unsteady.

“I think I’m good,” she said cheerily. “Just lead the way.”

In short order she was led through the labyrinthine hospital corridors to an elevator bank. They rode the car down to the ground floor where they went through a second and larger maze. She was amazed the hospital staff could find any place they needed to be in the massive complex.

Eventually she was led to an exit where hospital valets had pulled Mom’s and the nurse’s cars to the curb. She hadn’t noticed the directions for that being given so she assumed the doctor must have called ahead or something. When she stepped out into the late evening sunlight she stopped in surprise.

“Whoa, I feel really warm in the sunlight! How come I’m not cold, it’s February!”

“That’s because even though you aren’t harmed by the sun, you can feel it a lot more. You don’t feel the chilly winter air because you can’t feel anything except warmth now and mostly only from the body heat of others. Extreme temperatures are also unfelt regardless of direction.”

Aina then climbed into the nurse’s car as she loaded the cases into her back seat. She found it was really roomy inside. When the nurse started the car she was a bit surprised to hear heavy metal blare out of the speakers.

“Sorry about that,” the nurse said as she turned the volume down.

“No problem!” Aina laughed. “I listen to that stuff all the time.”

“Then at least we have the same taste in music; that makes living together for a couple days a little easier. I always listen to music at home.” She put the car in gear and began to pull away. Aina waved a cheery good-bye to her to her mom. “By the way Aina, my name is Danielle. You can call me Danni if you want too.”

“Cool, so where do you live Danni?” Aina asked as she sat back and watched the nurse drive. She wondered what the nurse would think if she knew she was checking her out. It wasn’t really all her fault she reasoned. Danni was just really good looking and had that wonderful smell that made Aina salivate and aroused simultaneously.

The drive didn’t take very long but they chatted and got to know each other on the way. Aina liked Danni. She was funny and liked to laugh at everything. It was a lot different than how she was at the hospital. Danni explained that though and said that she was the new person on her team and didn’t want to make anyone feel she was unprofessional.

Aina told Danni about herself too. Like about her school, classes and the like. The usual stuff a 12 year old girl will talk about to anyone. By the time she they were pulling into Danni’s driveway she was already so comfortable with Danni that she was complaining about the violin lessons she took at her mom’s insistence.

“Do you live here by yourself?” Aina asked as she climbed out and looked over the outside of the mid-sized single story house.

“Yeah, I got it really cheap from a foreclosure auction. I couldn’t pass it up when I could afford it on my entry level salary.” She paused as she unlocked the door and the deadbolt. “It’s only a two bedroom but it’s almost brand new and is comfortable.”

When they entered Aina saw it was rather sparsely furnished but it had what it needed. The living room at a couch and chair and the visible dining area had a small wooden table. Everything had a well maintained and cleaned look to it. She didn’t even hesitate about taking her shoes off before stepping on the immaculate carpet. Danni just laughed.

“Yeah I’m a bit of a neat freak. But it’s not too bad though; once I clean it usually stays pretty clean since it’s been only me and occasional guests here. Come on in and I’ll show you the place.”

Aina really liked Danni’s place when she saw it all. The nurse had so much cool stuff. She had a huge TV, a big kitchen and big bathrooms too. One thing she noticed right away though was that the second bedroom was set up more like an office/study room. It had a table, bookcases and a huge desk with two computers on it and a really comfortable looking recliner with a lamp next to it.

“Uhm…where am I sleeping at?” she asked.

“Oh! I thought I said it earlier somewhere, but you’re going have to share my bed with me. But if that makes you uncomfortable I can sleep on the couch.”

Aina liked the idea. She had always secretly loved sharing beds with her friends on sleepovers, especially the ones that only slept in their underwear. “I don’t mind sharing,” she said quickly.

“That’s good then,” Danni smiled. “I’ve got a nice big bed too, so we won’t be squished on it.”

Suddenly a great yawn seemed to creep its way out of Aina’s mouth.

“How come I’m so tired still,” she asked the nurse,”I just woke up a little bit ago.”

“That’s because you weren’t really resting before, your body was healing itself and changing to that of a vampire. Now you’re exhausted from doing all that. You just need a full restful sleep and you’ll be back to normal…well mostly normal anyways.”

“It doesn’t bother you that you’ll be sharing a bed with a 12-year-old vampire?” Aina asked. “Even a brand new one?”

“Not really,” Danni laughed. “Vampires can be really dangerous and scary, but for the most part their just like normal people. They just happen to have different bodies and abilities normal humans don’t have. I’ve met a number of them since I’ve started working with the doctor and they’ve all been nice enough.”

“So what do I do now?”

“Well Aina, why don’t you go have a seat in the living room and watch some TV or something for a minute. I need to change out of my scrubs. Then I’ll find you an extra pillow and stuff so you can get some rest.”

“Alright,” Aina answered brightly and turned and went to find the TV.

Danni closed her bedroom door and leaned back against it with a huge sigh. She’d been dying to get some alone time for a while. Despite her denials to herself she knew the reason she wanted to be alone. It was Aina and her pixie-like body.

For some reason she found the girl to be incredibly arousing to look at. She had been a lesbian all her life and had found herself attracted to all sorts of different girls and women, but never to such an underage girl before. And with Aina it was incredibly strong too. When she’d stared into Aina’s eyes in the hospital room, she had practically creamed her panties on the spot without even touching herself at all.

Now that she was alone she considered that she might have just made a huge mistake by letting herself give into her temptation by even participating in this. She could have just let some other nurse handle it. Unfortunately the suggestions her crotch and hormones had been offering her were entirely too convincing and she’d agreed immediately.

She knew she might be in trouble here. She would be letting the girl feed from her in the next couple of days and she knew that was sometimes an incredibly erotic act. She suspected she might have a very hard time keeping her hands off Aina if that happened. Even worse was the fact that she couldn’t ask her current girlfriend to come over and help relieve some of her arousal and frustration.

If she called Casey, her girlfriend and fellow nurse at the hospital, knew she was attracted to Aina so badly, she would probably just crack jokes about it. She would also probably taunt her about it to get her horny and frustrated. Casey was like that sometimes.

With another sigh she pushed away from the door and began stripping off her scrubs and tossed them into her laundry basket of dirty scrubs in the corner. She also unclasped her bra and slipped down her panties. Those she dropped onto the floor as she sat on the edge of her bed and then lay back so her legs still went over the edge and her feet were on the floor.

Without hesitating a moment she grabbed a firm breast in one hand and slid the other to her hot and wet pussy. Since she was already worked up and soaked she stuck a finger right into her hole and began working it in and out rhythmically. She used the long slow strokes that always got her off quickly and her palm rubbed on her clit as she pumped. Soon she was so worked up again that she barely remembered to restrain her voice so Aina wouldn’t hear.

With that she set to getting herself off. She hoped that it would allow her to think clearly again when her body had been satiated.


Aina sat on Danni’s big sofa with her legs curled under her. She flipped through the channels idly as she waited for Danni to finish changing. As she sat though, she still thought that she felt thirsty.

She sat the remote aside for a moment and went to the kitchen to find a glass. After locating the cupboard containing them she filled one with water and drank it. When it was all down she again thought the water had tasted odd. Not only that though, it had done nothing to the sense that she wanted something to drink.

It was then that she smelled it again; that deliciously sweet smell that had come from Danni. Without really thinking about, she began following the smell through the house. It was much stronger now than it had been before and she hoped to find the source of the smell.

She stopped outside of Danni’s closed bedroom door. As she paused, she knew that it was coming from inside, past the door. Her thirst suddenly grew very demanding. It was so distracting that she never noticed the soft gasping and groaning coming from the bedroom.

In an effort to hide herself she knelt down on the carpet and then cracked the door open. The sight she saw sent a hot bolt through her body for multiple reasons. The first was that she was looking right between Danni’s open legs. She could see the woman’s fingers at work down there too. The sight made her hornier than she ever remembered being from looking at images online. This was like the stuff of her fantasies.

The second reason was that the smell swamped over her in a wave and made her body tingle with anticipation. It was a new feeling but it was overpowering everything except her arousal. As she watched Danni masturbate, saw the woman’s wetness glisten on her pumping fingertips as they exited on each stroke. That sight triggered something inside her, something very new, powerful and instinctual.

As is someone else was driving her body, she crawled quietly to the bed and between the nurse’s spread legs. The woman had her eyes closed in her passion and saw nothing. She got very very close to those pumping fingers until her mouth was an inch away. The smell at that point was driving her a bit crazy and she slipped her own hand into her loose hospital pants and into her panties to stroke her wanting pussy. For a moment all she did was stare at Danni’s crotch and play with herself like that as she breathed in the enticing smell heavily.


Danni was so damn horny that she couldn’t believe herself. She had already cum once and was now working herself up a second time. She had felt as soon as she came the first time that it wouldn’t be nearly enough to satisfy her need.

Now though it was as if someone was breathing fire into her pussy to stoke its furnace. With her eyes clenched tightly she began to stroke herself in and out even faster and rougher. She usually liked it slow and sensual, but for now her body was demanding something else and she gave into it.

It was then that she realized that something was breathing on her crotch. She opened her eyes and raised her head to see Aina kneeling there with her face only inches away front her busy hand. The girl had a look in her eyes that Danni had seen on many lovers before; the desire to have what she was looking at.

“Aina what are you doing in here?” She gasped out without stopping her hands’ pumping of her pussy. She was way too far along to stop now. “You shouldn’t be down there.”

“But I need it,” Aina said in a soft voice.

Danni saw that the girls shoulder and arm was moving in a very suggestive movement. The knowledge that little Aina was playing with her 12-year-old pussy between her legs almost made Danni cum. That and the odd arousing tingle she was getting from the girls breathe as it washed over her own pussy. Danni knew she should stop herself and ask Aina to leave the room, but for some reason she didn’t want to.

Then she felt it. A soft tongue sliding up the wet, pussy soaked knuckles of her working hand. At the contact something sharp ripped through her. It wasn’t painful but it was surprising in its strength as it tore around and affected her. Her nipples, already aroused and pointy suddenly became like little sensitive rock nubs. Her skin suddenly became much more sensitive and every passing bit of air seemed a lover’s caress. It was as if her body had been directly changed by Aina’s tongue.

“Aina, please don’t,” she tried to plead. But it didn’t work; Aina licked her hand clean again.

This time her pussy responded. Her juices became an insane flood that pored out around her fingers with surprisingly hot squirting noises. Her clit became like a lightning rod as her hand rubbed it. Jolts of pleasure ripped through her. She hadn’t even cum yet and her body was already contorting and convulsing. One such convulsion dislodged her fingers. Aina wasted no time and jammed her tongue into the opening provided.

Danni felt the tongue in her immediately. Her pussy clenched and convulsed on it like she had a lover within her. She couldn’t understand what her body was doing to her under Aina’s touch. It made no sense, but her mind was in no shape to think too deeply about it. Then all thought was wiped out as Aina’s girl tongue lapped up onto her clit. The orgasm that went through her lasted for literally minutes and was almost painful in its intensity. She was surprised she didn’t pass out, but there almost seemed to be a compulsion on her mind not to do that.

Then Aina’s tongue withdrew and peace again settled onto Danni. Small mini orgasms rippled through her, but they were a cool down from the main event she had just felt. When she again raised her head to look at Aina she saw something that shocked her intensely again. Aina was literally swallowing her cum juices. It was streaming straight from her pussy and legs, through a foot of air and into Aina’s open and rapture faced mouth. She saw that even the stuff that had squirted out onto the bed and Aina’s face were streaming into the open mouth. Aina swallowed it all like Danni knew she should be if she was drinking blood. It was impossible, but it was happening right there between her legs.

The telekinetic thing wasn’t surprising though. Many vampires and supernatural creatures manifested such abilities, but the way Aina was using it to feed on her juices was a first for Danni. She hadn’t heard of many vampires doing that with blood except only the most ancient and powerful of them. Then a realization passed through her. She realized that this is what Aina had meant earlier by her smelling good. Aina had smelled her arousal. Aina had also said it made her thirsty to smell it.

As her brain calmed and reason came back Danni knew she had a very unique case sitting between her open legs. As she felt the juices slipping from her body as Aina consumed it all, she realized that Aina needed two food sources, not just one. She seemed to need both blood and, as inexplicable as it was, vaginal fluids.

“Mmm,” Aina said in a small moan.

Danni sat up slowly and looked down at the kneeling girl. Aina now looked almost asleep. She had her eyes heavily lidded and was supporting herself with her hands.

“Can I go to bed now Danni?” Aina asked in a dead tired voice. Danni didn’t think the girl was very aware of things anymore. “Sure, you can go to bed now Aina, just crawl under the blankets here.” She told the girl.

Aina smiled happily and stood up woozily. Then Danni watched as the girl climbed into the bed and slipped herself under the sheets. As she watched Aina laid her head on a pillow and was almost instantly asleep.

Danni watched the girl for a long while as her brain processed what had just happened. She had just let a very young girl lick her pussy and had been given the strongest orgasm of her entire life from it. And most of all she hadn’t fought it at all as it happened. She had lain there and accepted it. Even now when she looked at Aina’s small skinny form she felt desire stir anew.

Reaching between her legs she felt the dry thighs and slightly moist lips that had just moments ago been covered in her juices. Her own body had reacted strongly and strangely to Aina’s touch. She had become unnaturally wet and had gushed forth like never before.

She stood unsteadily and walked to her kitchen and poured herself a glass of juice as she thought over the implications. Aina was a vampire, which had been confirmed at the hospital, but she had been registered as an unknown type. That wasn’t unusual. Science was only just starting to catalogue all the differences in supernatural things. But now she had just shown that she needed more than just blood.

Danni knew that Aina was not a succubus. She had seen two of them before and they looked and acted entirely different. And they fed on the sexual energy of a person, not their fluids. So this was an unprecedented find, a vampire with more than one feeding requirement.

She picked up her cell phone and called the hospital’s supernatural ward. It was secret for now, but in a few weeks they would be public knowledge just like all the creatures would be. She called since she knew that she had to report this finding, however embarrassing for herself it might be.

“Hello?” asked a voice as the phone was picked up.

Danni let out a huge sigh she didn’t know she was holding. She knew the voice. It was her girlfriend Casey. She worked there as a nurse for another one of the doctors in the unit. It was the last persons he would have wanted to talk to.

“I know that sigh, that’s you on the line, isn’t it Danni?” Danni could her the laughter in the voice.

“Yeah it’s me Casey,” she responded. “I need to report a change in my charge’s status.”

“Sure thing Danni, I heard you volunteered for the newbie vampire girl. How is she, I hear she’s pretty cute?”

“Yeah, she is pretty cute,” Danni admitted. “She’s fine actually. She’s asleep right now. But I need to report a change in her feeding requirements.”

“Her feeding requirements?” she heard Casey ask curiously. “But she’s a vampire. What kinda change could there possibly be? Does she only want a certain type of blood or something? And how do you know already anyway, you aren’t supposed to feed her till the third day of the program?”

“Uhm…that’s part of the change in requirements,” Danni said as she felt nervousness creep in. She didn’t want Casey to here about what had happened, she would tease her relentlessly about it.

“What? Does she need an unusual amount of blood or something?”

“No…she uhm, requires…more than one kind of food.” She said the last in a desperate rush.

“More than one!?” She heard the sharp surprise and curiosity burning through the phone line. ~~ “She’s a vampire! What else besides blood does she need?”

“Uhm…it seems she also consumes human vaginal fluids.”

She heard dead silence for a moment.

“Can you explain that please?” Casey said in a voice that Danni couldn’t read well.

Danni gave a very short version of what had happened. She left out Aina licking her crotch and left it to just the hands and the telekinetic drinking. All the while she heard Casey typing it all into the database for the doctor to look at later. Casey’s reaction was predictable though.

“Holy damn you lucky bitch! That’s so freaking hot!” Casey sounded as excited as her words implied.

“Can you ask on of the doctors what I should do?” Danni asked in the hope that Casey would leave it at that.

“Yeah sure,” Casey said jovially. “But can I come over and see her too? I want to meet her.”

“I don’t know Casey; she’s only twelve years old, even if she is a vampire. It’ll be hard enough explaining just this to her mother.”

“Aww come on Danni!” Casey laughed. “Don’t hold out on such a cutie like that!”

“Maybe,” Danni said reluctantly. “Just ask the doctors, will you?”

She heard Casey’s chuckle as she walked away from the other end of the phone. Danni loved Casey dearly, but sometimes her girlfriend was a bit difficult to handle. She heard the tapping feet announcing Casey’s return.

“The doctor has asked that you take samples of the girl’s saliva for testing, but has said that you need to comply with the patient’s dietary requirements, even if they are unusual.”

Danni let out another sigh. She’d been slightly worried about being in trouble. She was glad she wasn’t. Taking the samples would be simple enough in the morning when Aina woke back up.

“Thanks Casey,” she told her girlfriend. “That’s all I needed. I’m going to head to bed now.”

“No problem, Danni. Please think about it though, will you?”

“After I talk to Aina and her mother,” Danni said firmly. “Good night Casey.”

“Night, love!” Casey said happily.

Danni tapped the END key on her phone and slipped it onto its charger unit on the counter. After finishing her juice and washing the glass she walked back to her bedroom. She paused in the door for a moment to admire Aina’s sweet sleeping form for a second before she entered and slipped into the other side of the bed. Soon after she had gotten herself comfortable under the sheets she felt Aina’s hand reach over and grab her arm in her sleep.

Danni thought it was incredibly cute and fell asleep smiling.

Continue on to Chapter 2


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