A Mirror Darkly, Part One

  • Posted on July 17, 2015 at 1:21 pm

By Galatea

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in September 2005 }

It was the worst thunderstorm of the year. In the middle of summer, they were always worse, aside from the winter storms two years ago. Still, even those weren’t as loud as this one. Ku waited patiently. Her sister could stand about a half of an hour by herself, but this storm was not letting up.

Only moments later, her door opened and shut, though quietly. The soft voice of her sister came from out of the dark. “Ku…?”

Ku simply slid over and opened the blankets for her sister. She caught a brief glimpse of the lanky, boyish form of her twin sliding into the bed as lightning painted the room. As she wrapped her arms around Chisato the girl whimpered, and then the thunder crashed.

Spooned against her sister’s back Ku sighed softly and stroked her twin’s long black hair. “It will go away soon, Chi, calm down.” Ku was the dominant twin usually: ‘silent and spooky-smart’ as Chisato described her. Chisato was a social butterfly, who knew everyone and all of the gossip, though she spread little of it herself. “I’m right here.”

It was purely a phobic reaction, and they both knew it. They also knew they could only do so much about it. Though they had been given separate rooms at an early age it had been several years before they would remain in their own beds under even ordinary circumstances. Ku did not mind Chisato’s presence in her bed while the storm raged any more than Chisato would have been bothered by Ku’s sneaking into her bed after a nightmare. Sleep, on the other hand, would be impossible while the storm raged.

“I’m sorry Ku…” Chisato murmured, tensing as lighting brightened the room for a split second. “I can’t help IT!”

The last word emerged as a squeak of terror as the thunder rumbled, close enough to rattle the windows just a little. Chisato’s trembling became more pronounced, and Ku kissed her temple gently.

“I know, I know. I’m not angry, Chi. I’m right here, and you’re safe.” Ku held her sister close, sighing softly. Tucking her arm under her pillow (which allowed Chisato to rest her head in the crook of her elbow almost perfectly) and wrapping the other about Chisato’s waist, she pulled her sister a little closer. Chisato was warmer than usual through her nightie. “Were you hiding under your covers again?”

Chisato only nodded in response. She jumped again as thunder crashed; the center of the storm was getting closer. Ku sighed again and kissed her sister on the back of her head. She could smell the strawberry rinse Chisato loved, and the warmth of their bodies under the blankets was making Ku sleepy. She was quickly woken by Chisato’s cry of dismay as lightning flashed, and a roll of thunder quickly followed.

“We’ll never get to sleep like this you know.” Ku was thoughtful for a moment as her sister answered.

“I know, I’m sorry Ku, it’s so stupid but it scares me so bad…I’m so sorry…” Chisato began to sniffle, and Ku became alarmed.

“No no no, no crying Chisato Hsieh! If you cry, you’ll scream, and you KNOW mother doesn’t like us sleeping together!” Ever since their mother had caught them playing doctor together when they were seven, she had been worried her daughters might turn out ‘strange’. Their father, a more sophisticated man, had calmed their mother down and given them the full lecture on sex and drugs and abuse, using some of his books to illustrate the points he made – under their mother’s watchful and worried eye. She’d been much reassured when Chisato had brought her first boyfriend home. Ku adamantly avoided all such entanglements with either gender.

Chi nodded and sniffled again. Ku stroked her hair gently, and didn’t resist when Chisato clutched her hand with both of her own and pressed it to her cheek. Shifting a little, Ku felt the warmth of her sister’s body, and made her decision.

“We have to get some sleep, Chi.” The socialite nodded miserably. Ku kissed her ear softly and murmured gently. “We could do what we did last time…” Chisato jumped at another roll of thunder. The warmth that grew in Chisato’s cheek where her hand was pressed against it was not from that, Ku was quite sure.

“We shouldn’t, Ku, really…” Chisato’s worry was evident in her voice, but her fear was reflected through her whole body. Ku murmured again, this time slipping her hand away from her sister’s hands and stroking her taut belly. Ku’s hand brushed lightly against Chisato’s navel ring – an affectation that Ku did not share but appreciated in her twin.

“We don’t have to if you don’t want to, Chi.” A soft kiss to her sister’s neck brought about a loosening of her shoulders. “You could do it all yourself, you know. And you have tests tomorrow,” Ku reminded her sister gently.

When they had been twelve, four years ago, Ku had slipped into Chisato’s room during a particularly bad storm. In an effort to keep Chisato’s mind off of the thunder and lightning, they had talked about what Chisato would and would not let her boyfriends do, and what Ku might allow a boy to do with her if she found one she liked. From there they had talked of the things they had seen in their father’s library, and what they’d discovered more recently in the encyclopedia he had shown them when they’d been caught by their mother.

The talk had aroused curiosity and feelings, and they had experimented a little. Nothing more than mutual touching and some (on Ku’s part, at least) experimental kisses, but Ku had experimented with self pleasure more than Chisato had. As a result, Chisato had experienced her first orgasm under Ku’s hands rather than a boyfriend’s. She had almost immediately fallen asleep, to Ku’s astonishment – the storm had not abated at all.

“I’m too afraid,” admitted Chisato, though she was slowly relaxing under Ku’s soft caresses and gentle kisses. There was a tensing of her body as lightning flashed, but she only shuddered a little when the thunder rippled through. Ku’s lips were at her shoulder, suckling gently as her hand slid along the translucent nightie. “I don’t know Ku…we’re not little kids anymore,” the soft whisper continued.

Ku’s hand flowed along the curves of Chisato’s belly and then to her thigh, to raise the nightie up past her waist. “I’m your sister, Chi. It’s okay…nothing bad will happen.” Ku slid her hand down once more, and traced the edges of Chisato’s lacy panties. She whispered breathily into Chisato’s ear. “I promise.”

The promise had its intended effect. Chisato held an unwavering, unshakable faith in her sister, to the extent of being willing to risk life and limb on Ku’s say so. Not that Ku would ever do such a thing as put her sister in danger; the power she held over Chisato did have its good points though. Ku almost never exercised her power over her twin if she could help it.

Ku’s fingers slipped under the elastic of Chisato’s panties, and aided her twin in escaping the snug lace. Their builds were the same: long legged, skinny, small chested; their heart shaped faces, long black hair falling straight to their waists, and violet eyes matched as well. Chisato’s penchant for body jewelry and an open, happy expression were the only visual differences, for Ku was stoic and had no piercings. Their voices were also somewhat similar, but the way in which they used them were utterly disparate.

“We really shouldn’t be doing this…” Chisato murmured, before thunder elicited a startled cry. When she had calmed down, largely through Ku’s gentle kisses and light caresses along her belly and thighs, she continued. “We’re sisters, and it’s not really right.” She did not pull away and in fact moved closer to her sister when Ku pulled gently on her. She felt bare skin along her lower back and thighs. “You’re naked!”

“I always sleep naked in my own bed. We ARE sisters, so we aren’t going to be doing this all the time. We aren’t girlfriends.” Ku shifted, wrapping her leg over Chisato’s legs as her hands slid the thin material of her twin’s nightie all the way to her underarms. She then ran her free hand back down her sister’s lithe body. “I need rest, and so do you, and we won’t -” Ku was interrupted by lightning and the tension it produced in Chisato. “- we won’t get any with-” The thunder shook the windows again, but her sister relaxed under the slow caress and softly murmured words. “- with you doing that all night.” Ku’s practicality put forth a hard argument, as did her movements.

Chisato made a soft noise that could have been agreement as Ku’s hand moved up to trace the curves of her breasts; the other remained under her own head, arm pillowing her sister’s head. They were small, firm, and warm. Fingertips explored aureole, feeling the tender flesh swell a little. Ku nibbled lightly on the back of her twin’s neck, and was rewarded by Chisato turning to look at her with violet pools of darkness. The movement freed her largely numb arm.

Ignoring the discomfort, Ku slid her arm underneath her sister. Using her newly freed hand to gently cup her sister’s other breast, Ku softly kissed Chisato. She did so carefully hiding inexperience with deliberation, this being her first real kiss. Chisato responded to the kiss, not necessarily eager, but certainly accepting it. Her twin only jumped a little at the rolling thunder.

The tingling warmth of her first kiss was exciting and pleasurable; when Chisato deepened the kiss. Her tongue tentatively touching Ku’s lips, Ku experienced her first soul kiss with her twin as well. She’d kissed before – experiments with schoolmates, with Chisato a long time ago – but she’d never been truly intimate with anyone. Remembering what she was supposed to be doing, she gently squeezed her sister’s breasts, trapping Chisato’s nipples between her fingers.

Chisato moaned softly into the kiss, and moved in an exciting manner against Ku. Ku’s upper hand moved, tracing her belly, and passing through the silky curls between her twin’s legs. Chisato hesitated before parting her legs, forcing Ku to unwind her own leg from her sister’s. Ku was a little surprised to discover her sister was shaven, other than a strip above her feminine places. The ring that was placed through her sister’s clitoris was an even greater surprise.

The thunder made her sister tremble, so she discarded questions for later. Instead she concentrated on the kissing, the swell of breast in her hand, and the tenderness of her sister’s bare nether lips. Chisato relaxed slowly, and broke the kiss, breathing heavily. “Ku…I…” Ku hushed her, and worked her finger slowly between the softness, feeling the warm, almost hot moistness of her sister. She drew her fingers along her twin’s breast, her trapped nipple.

Chisato’s eyes closed and she pressed her back against Ku’s body, the hard points of her own nipples quickly warmed by her twin’s flesh. The gently probing finger sought deeper, and was rewarded with wetness. Ku proceeded to thoroughly coat her finger in her sister’s warmth, which brought soft noises and loving movements as a result.

She suckled gently at her sister’s neck, tongue sliding across soft, salty skin. Ku entertained the thought of leaving a hickey, but discarded the idea. It would bring too many questions that Chisato could be bullied into answering. Shifting her sister slightly, Ku was able to wrap her arm completely around Chisato’s chest, and took her other breast in hand as she slowly ran her tongue along the throbbing artery in her twin’s neck.

The slender girl was moving now, responding to Ku’s gentle intrusion by shifting her hips and guiding that deft, slick finger along her femininity. A gentle shudder went through Chisato’s body, this time not caused by the thunder that rumbled past, but from the sensation of Ku’s finger sliding slowly over her pierced and erect nub. Ku’s licking became soft bites and kisses, and her other hand clutched gently at soft flesh.

Chisato was very wet now, and Ku decided she wanted to try more. What virgin wouldn’t with such a responsive lover? She moved, pressing her sister back and lying over her, gently trapping her into another kiss. Straddling her sister’s leg, she slowly introduced a second finger to the warm, wet slit. Chisato’s moan was gratifying, muffled as it was by Ku’s lips and tongue.

Breaking the kiss, Ku made her way lower, lips and tongue tracing the contours of tendon, skin, bone, until she reached one of the small mounds. Slowly she caressed Chisato’s curve of bust with her tongue, from one side to the other; then she moved and did the same to the lower halves of her breasts. Her fingers continued their intimate play, and the rocking of her sister’s hips was enough to let Ku know she was enjoying it.

Rain, lightning, thunder, it was all forgotten as Ku locked her lips over one hard, pert breast, slowly running her tongue over the entirety of aureole and nipple. Chisato’s hands roamed through her twin’s ebony tresses, and her body arched in pleasure as the two fingers found their way deeper into the heat between her legs. Her breaths were deep and fast, and this was enough to cause Ku to move on.

When Ku pulled away entirely, Chisato looked up at her in confusion. “Ku, what are you…” Ku’s fingers – dry ones – touched the lips of her brighter mirror to hush her. Ku moved down, between her twin’s legs, and Chisato’s eyes widened as she suddenly realized what was intended. “But Ku, I – ” She broke off as Ku slowly ran her tongue along, and inside, the soft, warm, moist places so carefully prepared.

As Chisato clutched the sheets, a soft gasp her only further comment, Ku gently parted her nether lips with gently fingers and explored them with her tongue. The salty musk was not unpleasant, and while she couldn’t bring herself to delve deeply, her sister proved very responsive to the touch of tongue to inner folds and petals.

Ku finally shifted her attention up just a little, as Chisato’s breath started to suffer pauses, knowing them to be a sign of how close her sister’s release was. The two fingers slid gently inside, deeply inside, and the quiet twin placed her lips over the jeweled epicenter of Chisato’s pleasure. With her twin’s penetration, and the slow caress of tongue over her pierced nub, Chisato could hold back nothing.

Three things happened at once. Lightning and thunder struck at once, the center of the storm crashing in on the twins. Chisato screamed, her orgasm intense and unstoppable. Ku relented, allowing herself to admit there would only be her sister in her heart for a long time to come. She slowly licked a few more times, drawing the last of her sister’s pleasure out.

Crawling back up the bed Ku turned over onto her side once more, as her twin curled up against her. Chisato was still shivering on occasion as the remnants of her pleasure faded. Spooned once more, Chisato laid her arm over Ku’s arm as it was wrapped around her waist.

The next crash of thunder, more distant now, did not bring even a gasp as Chisato lay with her twin wrapped protectively around her. “I’m not afraid anymore, Ku,” she murmured sleepily.

“I know.” Ku laid a last kiss on her sister’s temple. “Go to sleep, Chi.”

Chisato murmured something, but sleep had indeed overcome the lanky girl. Ku sighed, and relaxed slowly. She wouldn’t ever really have a boyfriend – or a girlfriend for that matter – for a long time. She had her hands full just watching over her sister. There was no regret, no resentment for not being loved as she loved. Ku was more than pragmatic, more than practical. It was dedication, dedication to Chisato’s happiness. Once Chisato was safe, happy, and secure, Ku would seek other things to do.

For now, however…”I love you, Chi. Sleep well.”

Neither would ever mention the experience, and in the morning it was as though nothing at all had happened. Just as Ku had known it would be.

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