Serendipity, Chapter 8

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By Naughty Mommy

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“Try this, Amanda! It feels good!!” Bambi was facing the wall of the oversized shower in her bathroom, one of the jets striking her crotch.

There were three more jets at the same level, one in each side wall and another in the center wall where Bambi stood. Amanda eagerly took her place beside her ‘twin’, squealing as she felt the stream of hot water stimulating her. Paige followed their lead, going to one of the jets on the side. Unlike the other girls, she had never had an orgasm. But as she positioned herself in front of the spray, she instantly became very aroused. This felt even better than when she would wash her private parts in the bathtub, way better!

Gwen stared at the three naked preteen girls, soapy fingers teasing her stiff clit.


“Tell me more about what you did with my little girl,” Sheila said.

She and her sister Bridget were sitting by the kitchen table in Sheila’s house, both women masturbating. In a few minutes they would have to drive back to the beach to bring their daughters home, but right now they were sharing some special private time together.

Bridget continued, “Well, uh, like I said, I was, I was kind of touching her with my hands, sort of caressing her all over, everywhere.”

“She was naked?”

“Uh-huh. We both were.”

“Okay…” Sheila pushed two fingers deep inside her dripping pussy, groaning in pleasure as she reached for her g-spot.

“And I, um, well, first she started sucking my nipple, which felt really great, and then I, you know, started rubbing, um, between her legs.”

“You were playing with my 12-year-old daughter’s pussy?”


“That is so fucking hot.”


Angela smiled. She and Eve and Tina were on the huge round bed in the master bedroom of the penthouse suite, all three still in their bathing suits and cover-ups.

The younger woman, Tina, was in the middle. She was leaning back on her elbows, a dazed look on her face. Angela bent down and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. Pulling back slightly, she studied the brunette’s mouth, her pretty features, her lovely blue eyes. After a second soft kiss, this one held a bit longer, Angela whispered, “You haven’t done this before, have you… been with a woman, I mean.”

Tina shook her head. “No,” she breathed.

“That’s all right,” the blonde said, straightening up again. “You’re in good hands. Eve can tell you that, can’t you, darling?”

“Yes, you’re in good hands,” Eve chuckled. “Very good hands. We both are.”

Angela smiled more broadly. Raising one of those hands to her own breast, she began fondling an erect nipple through the thin material of her bathing suit. Then she looked at Tina. “Would you like to tell Eve and me what it is you’ve been doing with your daughter?”


Bridget rubbed her clit as she stared at her sister’s pussy, watching Sheila fuck herself, two fingers sliding rapidly in and out, gleaming wet with her moisture.

“I like watching you,” she said quietly. “I always did, even when we just were kids. It made me so hot.”

“You like watching me?”

“Uh-huh, I really do.”

“I’m glad. It turns me on.”


“Do you like it? Do you like how it feels?” Bambi asked with a big smile, standing in front of the jet of water in the shower stall.

Amanda nodded, closing her eyes and trying to concentrate. It was hard to speak. She couldn’t seem to catch her breath. “It’s… it’s like… it’s kinda like… with… my mom…” she finally managed to say.

And it really was. It felt almost as good as when her mother would touch her, putting her hands between her legs, rubbing her, helping her masturbate. This felt so good, in fact, that it might… it might give her that same feeling… might even make her…

She heard Bambi giggling, somewhere near. Amanda opened her eyes to look at her friend. Bambi was right next to her. Wrapping an arm around Amanda’s shoulder, she brought her face close, and the two naked 10-year-olds kissed.


Sheila grinned at her sister. “So, if you like watching me play with myself, do you think you also might want to watch me… having sex with Erin?”

“Uh… you mean… watch you together?!” Bridget was surprised but also very aroused by this suggestion. She rubbed her clit faster.

“Uh-huh. I’d really like that,” Sheila continued, licking her lips. “I’d love to have you watch us while I’m eating her pussy.”

Bridget could feel a climax approaching. It was hot enough to picture Sheila and Erin having sex with each other, mother and daughter, but to imagine herself actually being right there in the room with them — that was even hotter!

“I want to do that soon, Bridget. I want to fuck Erin and have you with us. Would you like that? You wanna do that?” Sheila was just about there, on the verge of yet another orgasm.

“Oh my god, yes, I do!”

And then it was time. Spreading open her cunt with one hand while rapidly rubbing her wet fingers over her clit, Sheila cried, “Watch me now, Bridget! Watch me come!”


Gwen glanced over and saw Bambi and Amanda kissing. That’s so exciting, she thought, as she continued vigorously ‘washing’ herself, it’s totally sexy — except she couldn’t tear her gaze away from her sister.

Paige was in another world, her eyes closed, her hands pressed against the shower wall, the hot spray flowing over her virgin pussy. She swayed rhythmically side to side, almost like a dancer, letting the jet caress her private parts, all around but especially right there in the very center.

Gwen didn’t know whether Paige had started masturbating, they had never talked about it. And she was sure Paige had no idea about her forbidden fantasies, that at night in her bed she would picture her little sister’s body and imagine herself touching the girl, rubbing her hands all over her, kissing her, licking her, tasting her—— and suddenly Gwen came.


Sheila came hard, her vagina visibly pulsing, gooey moisture dripping out of her. Her face was bright red, her eyes squeezed shut.

Bridget licked her lips as she stared at the awesome sight. She wasn’t quite there yet herself, but she was rubbing her clit very fast and getting closer. Almost, almost there now…

“Watch me, Sheila,” she urged, “look at me… look at me!”

The other woman slowly opened her eyes, smiling as she looked at her naked sister, her legs spread wide as she furiously masturbated.


“Yeah, I… I think I do want to tell you about us,” Tina nodded slowly.

Her head was swimming, partly from the tequila, she supposed, but also from that incredibly erotic kissing with both Eve and Angela, and mostly from the realization of what she was about to do. She was going to admit to having sex with her little girl — committing lesbian incest!


Gwen clenched her thigh muscles, prolonging the aftershocks, as she marveled at how amazing it was — she’d just masturbated to orgasm in the shower with three little girls, one of them her own sister!!

Neither Paige nor Amanda appeared to have noticed. It wasn’t really a huge climax and Gwen was able to stay quiet, although Bambi still seemed to sense it somehow. She’d ended her kiss with Amanda and was smiling at Gwen.


“Oh god — fuck — yes!!” Bridget cried as she finally toppled over the edge. Her legs came together, clamping around her hand.

Sheila watched, nodding happily, licking her own pussy juice from her fingers.


Holding Amanda’s hand in hers, Bambi stepped toward Gwen.

The teenager took her own hand away from her pussy, trying not to shudder too obviously as she continued squeezing her thighs together, still feeling those delicious residual pulses of sexual energy.

Bambi hadn’t stopped smiling. She looked into Gwen’s eyes. It was clear she knew exactly what had happened. She knew Gwen had made herself come.

“Can you show Amanda how to kiss now, Gwen? How big girls kiss each other?”

“I — ”

“I already know how,” Amanda said proudly. “I saw it in a movie and then I did with my mom too. We like kissing that way.”

“You — ” Gwen was all but speechless. These kids were unbelievable!

“Paige?” Bambi said. “You wanna do some kissing?”

The pretty brunette didn’t move away from the wall, but slowly turned her head to look at them. Her eyes were glazed, her face flushed. She said nothing.


“I… I was showing Amanda how to masturbate…” Tina began “…and then I, and then we did more. A lot more. And now, um, now we help each other all the time. I mean, we masturbate each other. And we kiss. We put our fingers inside each other. We… we have sex. A lot. I’m having lesbian sex with my daughter. Lesbian incest.”

“Mmm, that’s nice,” Angela purred as she continued massaging her breasts, now with both hands.


Gwen made a decision. Or perhaps it was simply a reaction, an instinct.

She went to her sister. From behind, she took the 11-year-old in her arms. One hand went to her breasts, to those tiny swells on her chest. Under her soapy fingers, Gwen could feel that Paige’s nipples were hard, engorged. Her other hand slid downward, gliding over her mons, then caressing her smooth hairless pussy lips.

“You’re so hot, so sexy,” Gwen whispered, kissing her sister’s neck.


“I just want to make you feel good…” Gwen stroked the girl’s labia the way she would stroke her own when she masturbated. She’d had a lot of practice, doing it two or three times a day, at least, since she was 12.


Paige was confused. It felt nice, so nice the way Gwen was touching her — but Gwen was her sister — and that was wrong, wasn’t it? What would their mother think?!


Paige’s mother could hardly believe what she’d heard. Tina and Amanda too? Just like Angela and Bambi? It was astonishing — and very arousing!! She put a hand between her legs and began rubbing herself through the thin fabric of her bikini. If these women can do it, Eve thought, then why can’t I, with my own daughters?

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