While the Mouse Was Away the Cat Did Play, Chapter 1

  • Posted on July 14, 2015 at 4:25 am

By hornykate

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in July 2012 }

It was my daughter’s friend who started it. That’s unfair. I think the whole thing was the result of a perfect storm (literally!) when all the fates conspired to bring so many things together.

That day started off as any other weekend day. I get up, prepare breakfast for me and daughter who’s still in bed. Mother shouts daughter down etc. You get the picture. Another day in suburbia.

We’re at the table eating, chatting. We have a great relationship. I love her dearly, and she loves me. You want descriptions? Me: Anne, about 5″6′, dark hair in a bob (bit retro), slim, small boobs, not bad shape, face like sally field (if u remember her), and just celebrated 31st birthday. She: Ruth, just under 5ft, sandy brown straight hair, starting to shape out physically. Hips, check. Boobs, check (still tiny but still there). Legs, check. Starting to develop in all the right areas. Oh, and a beautiful face. Smile that melts me, perfect teeth, nose, ears… I’m biased, ok? Oh yes, and she’s ten. Anyway, I digress.

The phone rings. It’s Ruth’s father. He hardly ever calls these days. That’s not a problem for either of us. For the sake of Ruth we always maintained a cordial relationship, and we have this odd situation in which we don’t hear from him for ages. And then he’ll call to take Ruth out for the day. He enjoys his freedom obviously and maybe every now and again he gets GUILT so he makes contact. So the day then gets kinda disrupted as he wants to take her out. That’s fine, I can get on with things round the house, bit of cleaning, bit of gardening, bit of daytime TV, bit of Internet activity, bit of auto-eroticism. I was kidding about the cleaning!

He comes round about an hour later, whisks my baby off to wherever. But as she’s leaving it starts to spot with rain. So that’s the gardening out as well! Within half an hour the rain’s really coming down. That’s when I hear the doorbell. When I open the door, who’s standing there but Ruth’s friend from down the road, Beth. And she’s not dressed for the weather.

Let me tell you about Beth. She deserves her own paragraph. I’ll say this out loud, and I’ll say it with no shame. She’s gorgeous. She’s also, more importantly, a really lovely girl. And she’s… she’s just so sexy. And she’s only a year older than Ruth. I have real trouble around her because I genuinely can’t keep my eyes off her. She’s my (not so) guilty secret.

I always felt her mother dressed her, or allowed her to dress a little inappropriately. She usually wore a skirt that seemed just a little TOO short, a top that showed off a little TOO much tummy, and was loose enough to show a little TOO much of her non-existent cleavage. And her skin was of the swarthy type so she looked constantly tanned. Dirty blonde hair half way down her back. And the clothes I just mentioned? That’s what she was wearing as she stood in my doorway, soaking wet.

“Is Ruth in?”

I composed myself. I’m her friend’s mother, I thought. DON’T stare at her with anything other than maternal concern. “Sweetheart, you’re absolutely soaked,” I said, “she’s out with her dad and I think you should get yourself home and get dry.”

She looked a little downcast, and mumbled something about being locked out.

“Where’s your mother?”

She told me she’d got home and no-one was in so she thought she’d come round to see Ruth.

I invited her in and as she stood in the hallway I went to get a towel. I came back with the towel and some of Ruth’s clothes.

“Here sweetheart, dry your hair and change into these.”

She was actually shivering and I could see she was struggling to get her top off. What should a woman with a daughter the same age (nearly) and a secret yen for this particular young girl do?

I offered to help. And she accepted. So I moved towards her, and took hold of the hem of her top.

“Hold your arms up, baby,” I said.

And she did, so I removed her top and she stood before me half naked and I couldn’t help but look at her chest, her flat chest with her little nipples that stood out because of the cold and wet. And she was lookin at me looking at her. And I think she knew.

“Shall I help you with the rest?” I asked with a voice as tremulous as a nightingale’s song.

She said, “yes…please,” and I almost came.

It all seemed to happen so fast. Doorbell rings and the next thing I know, I’m dry-mouthed and shaky. The only comfortable way of doing this in the hallway was to kneel in front of her, unbutton the skirt and slide it down her beautiful beautiful thighs, revealling her little pink panties. I swear to God I almost said to her, are you wet everywhere? but I didn’t. But what I did say was almost as obvious.

“Shall I take these off as well?”

It was her whispered answer “yes” that emboldened me. I wanted to pull them off slowly, sensually but instead I did it quickly, matter-of-factly. And I was then at eye level with her sparsely haired little cunt. It felt crazy.

You know what she did then? She parted her legs. Only slightly, but enough.

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