She’s Just a Child, Part One

  • Posted on July 14, 2015 at 9:23 am

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in June 2005 }

By Amanda

Disclaimer: This story describes pedosexual encounters. The girl in the story is quite young and the women much older. The encounters are consensual, as all sex should be. If this type of thing disturbs you then read no further. Furthermore because this story deals with sexuality, the government of the United States says that you cannot read this story of love if you are not 18 or older — however that same government would allow you to read it if it depicted murder or rape.

I watched my girlfriend walk down the driveway to her car. She wiped tears out of her eyes, pausing to look back at me before throwing the car door open and sliding in to the driver’s seat.

‘She’s just a child!’ I heard her voice screaming in my head as she pulled out of the drive. It was all Jenny had been able to say.

“Mandy?” Sarah’s little voice shocked me back into the world. “Is Jenny going to ever come back?”

“I don’t think so.” I answered. Tears welled in Sarah’s blue eyes and spilled on to her cheeks. I knelt in front of her, tugging at her night shirt, pulling her closer to me. I kissed her bottom lip and brushed the tears from her cheeks. I wanted to cry too; I love Jenny, not like Sarah, but as much as I ever could love a woman. I didn’t want to be strong. I let my tears go and pulled Sarah against my body hugging her tightly.

Oh Sarah… She is the one part of my life that makes sense and our story is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. Sarah had just turned nine the week before. I had known her for around three years ever since her parents had moved in to the house next door. Mark and Josi, they were good people. I liked them a lot and had them over to my house often.

So I guess I should start at the beginning. Three years before that night, the night I broke Jenny’s heart, Sarah’s family moved in next door. A couple of days after the moving vans left, a knock at my door disturbed an afternoon movie with Jenny, lying on the couch and rubbing one another’s feet. I opened the door to Sarah’s lovely little face staring up at me. She asked if I had any children. She said children, not kids. That caught my attention. I don’t and told her so. She was disappointed, but managed to smile and shrug before skipping away.

I would not see her again for a long time. Well, no more than catching a glance of her playing with other ‘children’ from the neighborhood.

I was sitting on my front porch one day. I really don’t remember much about the day other than it was warm. I was reading ‘Friday.’ My attention was suddenly diverted to the little girl standing patiently in front of me. Her hands behind her back, as she turned slightly back and forth. ‘Hello,’ I said with a smile. I like kids, as you will understand later.

“My mom wants you to come over for dinner tonight.” She said, almost giggling. She looked toward the driveway, seeing Jenny’s car, “And your friend can come too.” She didn’t wait for an answer before skipping away.

That was how it started, a simple dinner. Sarah took a liking to me, and I was quite fond of her. Josi and Mark had already told her about lesbians so when I explained that Jenny was my girlfriend she understood. She said it made us more interesting than the other neighbors. Jenny also began to grow fond of Sarah. The girl just grows on you, and she had plenty of time for it since she spent hours at my house every day. Jenny isn’t as fond of children as I am, but she has entertained the thought of the two of use raising a daughter.

Somewhere after her eighth birthday party I started to see the changes in my feelings for her. It was nothing new really. I had fallen for girls her age before. Eight, nine, ten—that was the age they sucked me in, even some girls as old as thirteen.

How things work out never ceases to amaze me. Sarah began to sense that my feelings for her weren’t the same as most grown-ups. Being a child and with the honesty of a child she told me in her way.

“You kiss me like you kiss Jenny.” She said looking into my eyes. She was about to go home and I had given a soft little kiss on her lips.

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

“You kissed my mom on the cheek, real quick too. But you kissed me longer, like you kiss Jenny.” She looked quizzically at me for a moment, as if I had asked her a hard question. “I don’t think I’m a lesbian though.” Her little shoulders rose in a shrug.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked her. With a big smile she shook her head back and forth.

“You can kiss me like that, I like it.” She snaked her lithe arms around my neck and hugged me before running home.

From that night on things started changing between Sarah and I. She sat closer to me, hugged me longer when it was time to go home, and once, just once, I though I felt her lips part slightly when she kissed me.

Sarah’s parents noticed things were different between us too. This was not normally something a person could think of as good. Josi called me and asked me to come over one evening. It wasn’t too unusual. I went over to their house and sat down in the living room while Josi brought me a glass of iced tea.

“Sarah really has taken a shine to you,” she said. “She has Sarah plus Mandy written on every notebook for school and little hearts with your name on them all over her room.” The woman didn’t sound angry but her tone was not joking or light either. I was feeling uncomfortable. Mark scoffed and looked up from the paper toward the television. He pulled the remote from between the couch cushions and turned it off.

“Should she spend less time at my house?” I asked, sounding nervous. I was what I was. I had dealt with that long ago. I dealt with my crushes and with falling in love knowing nothing could come of it. I had not prepared myself for the parents though.

“We talked to her about you yesterday before she went to her grandmother’s house. It seems the two of you have been cuddling a lot and—kissing?” Josi sat down, she looked worried and rightfully so. Her daughter might be mixed up with a monster. With a trembling hand I set my iced tea down. From the corner of my eye I thought I saw Mark smile. He was enjoying this. They were about to take Sarah from me and he was enjoying it!

“She’s a little girl.” Mark said in a firm voice. “Are you…?”

“Am I what?” I asked.

“I’ve seen the way you act toward her, the way you look at her. It’s the way I look at Josi. So I’m asking you to be honest with us, are you—a pedophile?”

The question sent a shock through me. It was so intense that my vision blurred for a second. And then I heard it, I heard myself say yes. “But I don’t rape children,” I stuttered.

Mark seemed as surprised by my answer as I was. Josi sat behind him nodding her head slowly. “She’s just a child.” He finally said. “Josi and I talked about this all night last night. We know you love her. We know you are good to her. I don’t know if she’s gay or not, she probably doesn’t even know, but she does love you with all her heart.” Mark turned fully toward me. He clasped his hands in front of himself. “Please Amanda. Please don’t hurt our daughter. Just please be careful with her.”

“What are you saying?” I gasped. I had heard the words but they didn’t make sense. “Are you saying that we… that Sarah and I…”

“I am saying that she has the right to decide what kind of relationship the two of you have. I don’t want to know too much about the two of you; I just can’t deal with it. But I am leaving it to Sarah as to what the two of you are.”

I sat there staring at my feet. I didn’t know what to say, what to ask. The questions leapt to my tongue but immediately retreated. I finally looked up at Mark. “Where do you draw the line?” I finally asked. Mark nodded his head for several seconds. He turned to look at Josi for a moment before returning his attention to me. “My daughter is a virgin and I expect her to be so for a long time to come. I’m not going to give you a laundry list of things you can’t do. It’s her body. But you have to respect that. If I even think she’s uncomfortable with anything you two have done I’ll pull the plug so fast your head will spin. That little girl is my heart. But she’s smart, and I think she can decide for herself some of the things she does and doesn’t want to do. But for her everything is still experimenting and playing, she’s not ready for the kinds of things you and Jenny do.”

“Amanda…” Josi’s voice was soft, almost afraid, “When I was her age my aunt and I… It never went beyond her hands on my panties and light petting, but I know not all people like you are evil. Mark is the only other person I’ve ever known that was as loving and kind as Betty. You seem kind. Please don’t break my daughter’s heart.”

I just sat nodding my head. Finally, trying to compose myself I picked up my iced tea and sipped it. “What about Jenny?” Mark finally asked.

Jenny… Jenny. What about her? She certainly wouldn’t be so open minded as Josi and Mark. Not only that, she was the girlfriend and this was asking her to willingly let me cheat on her.

I didn’t tell her. Neither did Mark, Josi or Sarah. Sarah’s parents had explained to Sarah that although they accepted our relationship, no one else would and so she could not tell anyone. They had also told her that she didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to. They told her she could tell them about anything that made her uncomfortable or upset her.

Jenny was bound to find out about Sarah and I. Whether she noticed how close we were or something slipped in conversation. I was ready for that. I wasn’t ready for what actually happened though.

Jenny had a key to my house. She had since only a few months in to our relationship. She was suppose to be working late, not coming over to the house at all that night. But things didn’t work out that way. Sarah was spending the weekend with me, like she so often did. We were in my room kissing, touching each other. It was nothing serious, just caressing, with my hand occasionally rubbing across her bottom or over her hip.

I was lost in her. It wasn’t hard to do, just fall into that beautiful little girl. I didn’t hear the door open, and if Sarah did she didn’t say anything. Jenny walked into the bedroom, and turned on the light to find us both lying on the bed kissing, my finger tips just under the waistband of Sarah’s Sponge Bob panties.

I sat up with a gasp. Sarah sat up too. She looked up at Jenny, ashamed. “Jenny…” She turned and walked away, “Jenny! Wait!” I followed after her catching up where the hall opened into the dining room.

“She’s just a child!” Jenny shouted. I reached for her but she pushed me away and headed for the door.

After Jenny had left, as Sarah and I stood in the living room hugging I heard Sarah’s little voice, “It’s my fault.” She said.

“No, no, God no baby.” I tried to comfort her. “No it’s my fault. I should have told her about us.”

I lead Sarah to the couch and we sat down. I just wanted to hold her. “They’re going to come and take me away now.” I told Sarah. “They’ll say a lot of things about me to you. But no matter what they say I want you to know how much I love you.”

“Where are they going to take you?” Sarah sounded desperate.

“Just away sweetie.”

“Will you come back?”

“Not for a long time.” I lifted her chin and kissed her softly.

I don’t know how long we sat holding each other and sobbing, but the sound of the car in the driveway brought me back to the real world. “They’re here,” I said. “You should run along home now. And Sarah, never forget that I love you with all of my heart.”

I got up off the couch as I heard foot falls on the porch. Ready to deal with my fate I opened the door, but it wasn’t the Denver police standing at the door. It was Jenny. Her eyeliner was streaked in gray lines down her cheeks, and her nose was red from crying. “I don’t know what I’m doing here.” She said quietly. I didn’t either but I was glad to see her. I opened the screen door and stood to the side.

Jenny didn’t get in the door before Sarah ran across the room and wrapped her arms around her. The little girl loved Jenny probably as much as she did me. “I didn’t think I’d ever see you again.” She said squeezing Jenny tightly. Jenny didn’t say anything she just stroked the girl’s hair.

I coaxed them both into the house and closed the door against the cold Denver night. “What did I see in there Amanda?” Jenny asked. She looked down at Sarah for a moment. “Should she be here for this?”

I looked down at my watch, it was seven o’clock. “Sarah could you go home and ask your parents to come over in about an hour?” Sarah nodded her head and reluctantly left the house.

“You saw what you saw.” I finally told her, sitting down. “Sarah and I have a—special relationship.”

“Your a fucking pedo?!” she almost screamed.

I looked away. The word sounded so cold and cruel when spoken with her accusing tone. “It’s not something I wanted Jen. But it’s who I am.” Jenny shook her head. She held her hands up and started to walk out again. Something stopped her and to this day I’m not quite sure what it was.

“You know, if it were a guy… if you needed a guy to fulfill some need then I could learn to live with it. I love you that much, but this…” Slowly Jenny made her way around the coffee table to sit on the couch. “She’s a little girl.”

“I don’t rape children Jen. We were only kissing. I’ve never even seen her naked.” That wasn’t true. I had seen her many times when she took her bath. “Well I’ve never been in bed with her naked anyway.”

“Why is she bringing her parents over?” she asked absently. I wasn’t sure if she was actually asking me or simply thinking out loud.

“I love you Jenny. I really do…”

“But that’s not enough is it?” she interrupted.

“What I feel for Sarah is different. It’s not a matter of not being enough. Sarah satisfies something deep inside me that I can’t explain.”

“You want me to accept this don’t you? You want me to knowingly let you molest a little girl and just pretend like it’s ok.”

I was about to say something when a knock at the door stopped me. I glanced down at my watch to see it had only been fifteen minutes. My stomach tightened, as I wondered if Jenny had called the police and was only here to make sure I didn’t go anywhere.

I opened the door to see Mark standing on my porch looking very angry. “My daughter is home crying her eyes out.” He said as he pushed his way into the house.

“C’mon in Mark.” I grumbled. “What did she tell you?”

“Everything.” Mark looked down at Jenny. “I told Amanda she needed to talk to you about Sarah but she didn’t and now my daughter’s heart is broken. She thinks you’re both going to leave her now.” He glared at me, “you told her you were going away for a long time?”

“I thought the police were on their way,” I answered.

“I’ve been okay with the two of you for a year now…”

“A year?” Jenny gasped.

“A year.” Mark reiterated. “But this was what I was afraid of. She’s too young to have to deal with this type of thing.” He turned his attention to Jenny. “I know what’s going on between Sarah and Amanda. I have all along. Same with Josi. We trust her not to take things too far with our daughter. Please, if you’re going to leave then whatever but please, don’t involve any one else in this. Our daughter doesn’t need those kinds of stresses.”

“But a grown adult fucking her is okay?” Jenny snapped.

“They haven’t—fucked,” Mark growled at her. “It’s all been relatively innocent play so far. Sarah loves her, and trusts her. Sarah knows that she can make anything stop just by telling Amanda to stop. I know it’s hard to understand, and I really don’t blame you for being pissed about the lies, but no one is being taken advantage of here. We’ve had long talks with Sarah about this and she understands what’s going on.”

Mark looked back and forth between us for several seconds before he moved for the door. “I’m keeping her home tonight, come and let her know you’re not leaving her tomorrow.” He left.

“This is too big.” Jenny said. “It doesn’t fit in my head.” She got up and started to walk out. I tried to stop her but she pushed me away. “I need some time. Just stay away I need some time to think about this.” That would be the last time I’d see her for more than a week.

I was sure Jenny was no longer a part of my life. It hurt, a lot. More even than I would have thought. But with this new freedom, I felt I could be more free with Sarah. Our physical relationship became more, well serious.

We were lying in bed the Saturday night after Jenny left, kissing and holding each other. Feeling a bit bold, bolder than ever before, I slipped my leg between hers and pressed my thigh up into her crotch. She shuddered and pressed her head into my chest.

“That feels nice,” she whispered. Her hot breath against my skin sent a shiver through me.

“You don’t mind?” I asked. She shook her head quickly. I moved my leg back and forth slowly, rubbing against her little mound. After several moment I could feel her hip rocking in anticipation of my thigh. Her grip on my arm was getting tighter, almost so much that it hurt.

Her wetness was coming through her flower-print underpants now, and I could feel it on my leg. This was a first for me. I had never actually had such intimate contact with a child. I had dreamt it, night after night, even dated petite little girls and convinced them to shave their pubic hair, but this was different. She was really a little girl and feeling her against me, smelling the unique scent of a child mixed with the scent of sexual excitement, it was setting my soul on fire.

A gasp escaped Sarah’s lips and she ground her crotch against my leg hard. She trembled for several seconds in a silent orgasm before relaxing against the bed with a smile.

“Is that what you and Jenny do?” she asked.

“Sometimes.” I leaned down and kissed her forehead.

“That was nice. I never felt anything like that.” She looked up at me. “Is that sex?” She asked.

“It’s a kind of sex.” I answered. I kissed the tip of her little nose and she giggled.

“There are other kinds?” She asked, excited. She sat up in the bed and looked down at me. “Show me,” she said, excited.

“I don’t know sweetie.” I propped myself up on my elbow and looked into those pretty blue eyes. “I think this is one of those things your Dad wants us to be real careful about.”

“Daddy said that sometimes when people love each other they touch each other in special ways. Is this what he meant?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Do he and Momma do this stuff?” Her eyes were wide. She was approaching the magic of sexual love with all the innocence and wonder of a child. She was so lovely at that moment, sitting on my bed with wide eyes and a shy smile.

“When men and women make love it’s different than when two girls do.”

“That’s ‘cause men have penises, right?”


“Daddy said men put them inside women and it feels good. Do I have to let a boy do that?”

“No sweetie. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

Sarah sat quietly for several moments. She looked like she was contemplating the meaning of life with her furrowed brow. “Is Jenny coming back?” she asked. Whatever she was thinking about she had resolved and now, in the true fashion of a child we were on to bigger and better things.

“I don’t think so sweetie.”

“That’s why you did that to me huh?” She really was a bright little girl. I nodded my head.

Sarah lay back down and snuggled close to me, falling asleep almost right away. I lay awake though for several hours, thinking about Jenny, about what Sarah and I had done, and wondering when she and her father had had this conversation about sex.

I came home from work on the next Friday night, excited that Sarah would be spending the night with me, and found Jenny sitting on the couch. She had a key to my house and had for nearly four years now. On the coffee table were two glasses of iced tea. I set my purse down on the my bent wood rocker and sat across form her on the couch.

“I didn’t call the police,” she finally said.

“I wasn’t sure if you would.”

“Is she your girlfriend too?” Jenny looked me in the eye, and I wanted to shy away from her gaze.

“Does that mean you’re still my girlfriend?” I asked. Guilt for what I had done with Sarah raced through me. I had lied to myself enough in the past not to feel like I was cheating on her when the child and I were just caressing and kissing each other, but what we had done the week before was sex, and now I was without a doubt a cheater.

“I just don’t know how I could cut the two of you out of my life. We’ve been together for almost five years Amanda, I just can’t throw that away.” Jenny took a deep breath, it was obvious she had prepared for this talk for some time now and she had things that she wanted to say. I braced myself for whatever was to come. “I’m jealous,” she finally admitted. “And that’s not a big problem for me, but I’m jealous of a nine-year-old girl who I also happen to adore. I can’t help but think of what my uncle did to me. But Sarah she… I got quiet and reclusive but she’s… I don’t… I mean she doesn’t seem any worse for it. I can’t make any promises Mandy, but I am going to try and learn to live with the two of you.”

A sigh of relief escaped my lips. With each new day I had started to feel Jenny’s absence more and more. “She’s suppose to spend the night tonight. Is that Okay?”

Jenny swallowed hard. After several minutes she nodded her head. “I still don’t know how to handle this.”

Sarah came over shortly afterward. She had seen Jenny’s car in the driveway and ran inside without knocking. She wrapped herself around Jen and held her until she practically had to be peeled off.

That night around midnight the three of us headed for bed. Jenny went into my room and I ushered Sarah into the guest bedroom. Her eyes seemed filled with hurt as I kissed her and tucked the blankets around her. “I want to sleep with you Mandy,” she said to me.

“I know sweetie, but Jenny, she still doesn’t know what to think of us. I don’t think… And besides she and I might, you know.”

“Make love?” she giggled. “I wish I could see what you do together.”

I kissed her again and turned out the light, careful to leave the closet light on for her. In my room I crawled into bed and pulled the covers up around my head. “It’s cold,” I said moving close to Jen.

“Would it make a difference if I, I don’t know, did things differently?” Jenny asked. It was obvious she’d been having a conversation with herself and I was coming in on the latter part of it. “If I shaved or called you Mommy?”

“That’s sweet,” I said, draping my arm over her. “But it doesn’t exactly work that way. A guy could wear a dress but he’d still be a guy.” Jenny rolled up on her side to face me, the street light outside casting shadows across her face. We began kissing—slowly at first, tentatively. Our kisses became hungry, desperate. I pulled her against me, squeezing her to me. I loved the feeling of her small breasts against my own. Jenny always slept in nothing but a pair of panties. Her soft skin sent electricity through me.

I slid my thigh between her legs, remembering what I’d done with Sarah only a week ago. We ground our bodies together, the heat of her sex warming my leg, for it only to cool in the air from her wetness. I loved the scent of Jenny’s excited sex; it reached me even though she was under the covers.

Jenny bit her lip and tried to muffle her cries as an orgasm ripped through her. She pulled me close and drew a deep breath, then let it out trembling. For her this was just a small one, a precursor to bigger things to come. Jenny could cum more than I could, and each one seemed to be more intense than the last.

“There’s nothing else I can do?” She asked again, breathlessly. “Anything special you want?”

I just lay there looking at her. I couldn’t bring myself to voice my desire. That was a first. Normally I had no problem telling a lover exactly what I wanted. “I…” I trailed off even before I began. Jenny got very still, after a moment she nodded her head.

“I wanted to take it slow,” she finally said. “But I guess it just doesn’t really matter.” She got out of bed, and I thought for sure it was to leave. She didn’t dress though. I could see her head toward the living room when she left the room and moments later I heard the thermostat click and the heat came on.

Her foot falls in the hallway stopped and I heard Sarah’s door open. Not long after Jenny came into the room holding Sarah on her hip. She dropped the girl playfully on the bed and crawled across the blankets to kiss me. “Pour vous,” she cooed.

“I don’t understand,” I looked from the little girl who sat rubbing her eyes, to my girlfriend. “You didn’t wake her up did you?”

“I wasn’t really asleep,” Sarah chimed.

“Do you mind me being here sweetheart?” Jenny asked. Sarah shook her head. “And you?” She said looking at me. I shook my head as well. I felt my excitement building. Having my beautiful child lover and my girlfriend here with me now was sending waves of heat through me.

“Are you going to make love?” Sarah asked, sounding excited. She turned around and lay on her tummy, propping her head on her hands.

“Are we?” I asked, caressing Jenny’s cheek with the backs of my fingers.

“Can I see?” Sarah asked. “I want to see what it’s like.” I looked into Jenny’s eyes. Reluctantly she nodded her head. She was still unsure about all of this but she was trying.

The light from outside was more than adequate to light the room enough that Sarah had a good view of Jenny and I as we lay on the bed, kissing and caressing each other. I dragged my nails along Jenny’s belly, up to her breasts. I love the feel of her A cup chest. She was like most of my other girlfriends—pretty, a bit androgynous with the body of a twelve year old. I covered her nipple with my mouth and sucked it, swirling my tongue on it. Her nipple hardened in my mouth, and she moaned in time with my ministrations.

Sarah moved timidly across the bed toward the head. She lay down on Jenny’s other side, reaching out and gently rubbing her belly. Jenny’s eyes opened wide when she felt the child’s touch but after a moment she managed to calm herself. Sarah must have been feeling bold. She leaned in and kissed Jenny softly on the lips. Immediately my lovely Jen opened her eyes and turned toward the girl. “I love you Sarah, but if we’re going to get through this you can’t do that ok?” Sarah nodded her head. I was afraid that it was all going to be too much for her, but bless her, Jenny was trying. Sarah didn’t pull her hand away from Jen’s belly but she didn’t try and kiss her again.

I lavished kisses on Jenny’s mouth and her neck. I moved down her belly and tongued her belly button softly. Finally I reached her mound. She had trimmed it closer than normal, and it was slightly prickly, tickling my nose and chin. I could smell her excitement and it drove me. I pressed my tongue against her clit and slid my fingers into her, curling them and pressing against her pubic bone from inside. Jenny drew a log sharp breath, and began rocking her hips in time with me. I looked up at her, over her belly I watched her chest heave. Next to her Sarah lay, rubbing her fingers back and forth on Jenny’s belly. I watched as she traced her hand up to Jenny’s breast and cupped it like she had seen me do. Jenny’s movement’s faltered for a moment. She opened her eyes and looked up at Sarah. Her hand went absently to the child’s hand but she didn’t push the girl away. I felt a wave of love for my Jenny race through me. I pressed my fingers harder and flattened my tongue on her clit, working her toward orgasm. I sucked her clit into my mouth, flicking my tongue across it. Jenny was panting now, rocking wildly. I could hear it coming. I new her so well, I knew she was about to cum. I reached deep inside her and that was what she needed to send her over the edge. Jenny tore at the blankets and planted her feet against the bed. She moaned loudly as she arched her back and then fell back to the bed.

I crawled up to lie next to her, kissing her, letting her taste herself on my lips. Sarah, like the consummate child, pushed her way into the kiss, focusing her attentions on me. She sat back and licked her lips, giggling. “It tastes funny,” she finally said.

“I like the taste,” I told her.

Jenny recovered quickly and pushed me to the bed. She kissed up and down my body, knowing all of my most sensitive spots. She worked her way over my chest and neck to kiss my mouth, pushing her tongue inside. She was kissing me as much as she was lapping up her own juices. We all have our own quirks I suppose and one of hers was to clean her honey from my face. I could tell that tasting herself excited her and I was always happy to oblige her.

Jenny made her way back down my body and began working my clit with her tongue. I felt Sarah moving on the bed, and Jenny paused. “She likes it when you kiss her nipples,” she offered to the child, “and if you pinch them gently.” I looked down at her, surprised. She flashed me a quick smile and went back to work. A moment later I felt the warmth of Sarah’s little mouth covering my nipples. She sucked them like a baby, knowing nothing of how to use her tongue or teeth. She leaned back and dutifully she pinched at them, softly pulling up. She couldn’t have known what she was doing to me. Feeling her little fingers and slight body was causing my head to swim when coupled with the expert attention Jenny gave me.

I felt it, building in my belly first, the heat, moving to my clit where it burst like fireworks into wave after wave of heat and tingles. My body ached for more as the orgasm subsided, but I would have been too spent to take any more.

Jenny crawled up and sat at the head of the bed next to Sarah. The child looked at her for several seconds, seeming shy. Finally she built the nerve and leaned up, kissing Jenny quickly on the mouth. She drew back licking her lips. “It tastes different.” She finally said.

“It’s one of the things I love about women,” Jenny told her. “They all taste a little different. They all have their very own special scent.”

“I wonder what I’d taste like.” Sarah leaned against Jenny’s naked chest, listening to her heart beat.

“That brings me to my next question,” Jenny said. “What about her, what do we do for her?”

I shrugged. I had never dreamt any of these things in the millions of fantasies I had masturbated to. I had never dreamt I’d have a little lover much less a girlfriend willing to entertain the desires. “Do you want us to touch you like that Sarah?” I finally asked. She hissed a giggle and covered her face with her hands. “It’s okay sweetie, I mean if you don’t that’s okay. And if you do that’s okay too. It’s fun and it feels good, there is nothing wrong with enjoying it.”

Several minutes passed before Jenny slid back and laid Sarah on her back in front of me. She sat on the bed with the child’s head in her lap stroking the girl’s sides with her finger tips. Sarah looked up at me expectantly. I felt so unsure, but Jenny was doing everything she could for me. And Sarah, she lay there looking so innocent, her wide eyes and half smile beaming up at me just waiting for the next experience.

I rubbed my hands up and down her body and soon followed them with my lips. I lapped at her tiny nipples, and caressed the soft fleshy places on her chest that would one day be breasts. I slid my hand down between her legs and rubbed her mound softly. As I did I moved forward and kissed Jenny’s lips. I could still taste myself on her kisses and perhaps I’d learned it from her but it did excite me a little.

Sarah tensed under my finger tips each time I passed over her young sex. “Do you not like that sweetie?” I asked her. I pulled my hand up toward her chest but she reached down and wrapped her little fingers around my wrist. She was not yet bold enough nor experienced enough to guide my hand back to her nether regions but she had the courage to stop me from moving away and that was something.

I pushed my finger along her slit and over her tiny bump of flesh, the magic button, her clitoris. I felt the girl’s hips rise to greet my finger. A sigh passed her lips and she closed her eyes. Jenny drew a deep breath and closed her eyes as well. I tried to comfort her with a kiss, but she was dealing with the experience in her own way and I had to just let her.

Slowly at first I rubbed my finger along Sarah’s slit, pressing against her opening just enough to stimulate her. As she began rocking in time with me, I sped up. She panted and moaned and her head rolled from side to side. Sarah tightened her grip on my wrist as the orgasm began to build up within her. I worked faster, using the child’s wetness to lubricate her. Suddenly she pulled my hand down toward her sex, she scrunched her face up almost like she had sipped lemonade that was still too sour. I nearly had to laugh but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

“Oh!” she cried out. “That… Oh!” Sarah unscrunched her face and relaxed into the bed. After a moment she released a trembling breath and looked up first at Jenny and then me. I was the first to act. I leaned down and kissed her on the lips, nibbling at her bottom lip. I then sat up and pulled Jenny close, kissing her deeply. “That was fun,” Sarah finally said.

The three of us went to sleep in a pile that night, my arms wrapped around Sarah, and hers around Jenny.

That was the single most powerful sexual experience I had ever had. It would not be the last though. Since that night a year ago, I have been blessed with many such experiences. Jenny has found it in herself to allow me my child lover. I couldn’t possibly be happier than I am with her and Sarah.

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  1. Linn marie says:

    Such a wonderfull story – made me so wet reading this – im so happy i found this site – thank you so much for writing such wonderfull stories.
    Kiss Linn

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