Picture This, Chapter 6

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By Jeneee

“And just where did you get to?” Kimmie’s mom greeted them with a frown as the two girls entered Sylvia’s room once more, sheepish expressions on their faces. “We looked out in the hallway for you after you’d been gone a while and there was no sign of you,” she added. “You had us all worried.”

Not all of us, Kayla thought to herself with a smile – just you, Lynne. Just you.

“I didn’t have the right change for the soda machine so we decided to go down to the cafeteria for a drink instead,” Kimmie explained to her mom, feeling a bit guilty about using the story Amanda had suggested she tell her mother.

“Yeah,” chimed in Amanda, as she plunked herself down on the foot of the bed again, careful to keep her legs together this time. “We didn’t think you’d mind. We thought it would give you all a chance to talk without us kids around,” she giggled, exchanging knowing glances with her mom and Sylvia, both of whom she knew were dying to know how well the two new friends were getting along and what took them so long to return.

“You could have at least come back and told us, so we wouldn’t have to wonder what happened to you,” Lynne persisted.

“Oh, Sis, let them be. We’re in a hospital. What could possibly happen to them?” Sylvia said to Lynne, trying to placate her older sister.

“Anyway, they’re back now, safe and sound,” Kayla interjected, joining Sylvia in coming to the girls’ rescue. “Besides, it gave them a chance to get to know each other, too. And now I think we should all let Sylvia get some rest so she can heal her poor ribs and get out of here by tomorrow,” she added, looking at the others. “Oh, and since I’m sure she will be much better by the end of the week why don’t you all come over to dinner at my place next Saturday. It will help make up for the dinner you missed tonight, hon,” she told Sylvia with a smile, squeezing her hand. “And,” she quickly added, turning to Lynne, “you and Kimmie are invited too, of course. No excuses.”

“Yeah, Mommy,” Kimmie answered before her mother could protest or make any lame excuse, “that would be awesome. Daddy’s away for two weeks on that business trip anyway, so it all works out great,” she exclaimed with a smile, looking from her aunt to her mother, and then catching Amanda’s eye as her new friend winked at her. Her father was a sales executive for a local pharmaceutical company and was often away at some conference or other.

Feeling outnumbered, Lynne reluctantly nodded her head, although obviously not too enthusiastically, her sister noticed. Lynne squeezed Sylvia’s hand, picked up her purse from the floor and started toward the door as Kimmie quickly leaned over her aunt and gave her a wet kiss and turned to follow her mother. Kayla also hugged her girlfriend, followed by Amanda who bent over Sylvia, planting another wet kiss on her lips. Sylvia hugged her back, pulling her down close so she could whisper in her ear. “I taste pussy on your lips you little devil – just what did you and Kimmie get up to?”

“Tell you later,” Amanda whispered back, pulling away and winking at Sylvia before turning to follow the others into the hallway and quietly closing the door behind them as Sylvia shook her head and waved goodbye with a knowing smile on her face.

As she rolled over on her side to try to get some much needed sleep before her pain killers wore off Sylvia smiled contentedly to herself, happy that her niece had finally been able to meet Amanda, even though the circumstances had not been the greatest. But the remnants of pussy juice on her lips told her it had all been worthwhile. She licked her lips once more, suddenly realizing that this was the first time she had ever tasted her niece’s cunt. Even the indirect taste excited her.

“Thanks Amanda, I owe you one,” she giggled out loud and then quickly fell asleep, one hand squeezed tightly between her thighs.

Nobody spoke on the way down in the elevator, although Amanda and Kimmie exchanged knowing glances but managed to stifle the giggles that were threatening to burst forth from within them. Upon reaching the ground floor Kayla asked Lynne where they had parked. “The lot was full when we got here so we had to park out on the road,” Lynne replied. “You’d think they would have more parking spaces available,” she grumped.

Good-byes were said and the two couples parted company as Kayla and Amanda headed out to the ER parking area toward their minivan.

“Not very friendly, is she?” Amanda said. “Kinda grouchy, if you ask me in fact. Poor Kimmie, having to put up with that, and I bet her dad’s just as bad.”

“Poor Kimmie?” Kayla replied, raising her eyebrows at her daughter. “She didn’t exactly look ‘poor’ to me when you two got back to the room,” she added, looking expectantly at Amanda. “Just what did you two get up to anyway?” she asked as she beeped open the doors of their minivan and they both climbed into the front.

Amanda buckled her safety belt and sat back in her seat, spreading her legs wide and pulling up her skirt, baring her pussy to her mother. “She couldn’t take her eyes off my cunt, Mommy,” she grinned, sliding one of her fingers inside and wiggling it around. I kinda forgot to put on panties when we left home in a hurry and she kept looking up my skirt in the cafeteria. So I eventually got her alone in the washroom after we finished our drinks – in a stall together – and showed her how I piss standing up. And then I dared her to try it, too. Well, I didn’t give her much choice really,” she laughed. “I pulled down her shorts and panties before she could stop me and I stood behind her spreading her pussy lips so she could pee without making too much of a mess. And guess what? Her cunt was already juicy so I knew she was turned on by the whole thing even though she tried to hide it. So after she was finished I quickly tore off some toilet paper and got down on my knees and started to wipe her dry. She’d got some piss on her feet and some ran down her thighs so I dried her off and worked my way up ’til I was actually wiping her pussy. Then, before she could do anything I spread her cunt open and started to lick it. She loved it Mommy; she really loved it, and wowzie did she ever cum hard. She tasted kinda tangy and creamy, all mixed up with her leftover pee, and I wanted to keep licking her and then maybe get her to lick me but someone else came into the washroom so I had to stop and then we had to be real quiet,” Amanda giggled, remembering how the young nurse must have suspected what they had been doing.

Kayla started the van and looked over in amazement at her daughter who was still playing with herself, her pussy obviously very wet judging from the squishy noises her probing finger was making. “You sure don’t waste any time, do you honey?” she laughed as they pulled out from the parking spot and made their way toward the exit gate where she deposited the correct change so the barricade would lift and allow them to leave. “So who was it that interrupted you in the washroom?” she asked, as they pulled out onto the road and passed by the bus stop that serviced the hospital.

“Stop, Mommy. Stop!” Amanda suddenly exclaimed, craning her head back over her shoulder. “Back up, quick. That’s her,” she continued, almost frantically, withdrawing her finger from her pussy and pulling down the hem of her skirt.

“Who? What’s wrong?” Kayla asked as she checked her rear-view mirror and put on the brakes.

“That’s the nurse. The one who came into the washroom. She’s really nice Mommy. Back up and see if we can give her a ride somewhere.” And Amanda cranked down her window and stuck out her head as far as she could as her mother slowly reversed to the bus stop, thankful there was no traffic behind her.

The nurse was alone at the bus stop and looked up in surprise as she heard Amanda calling out to her and waving her hand as the minivan stopped beside her. “Oh, it’s you,” she smiled in recognition, peering into the front seat to see who was driving.

“This is my mom,” Amanda told her. “We’re just on our way home and thought we could, like, maybe give you a lift. Where are you going?”

“I’m on my way home, too. Just waiting for the bus,” the nurse replied. It turned out that she lived only a couple of blocks away from Kayla and Amanda so she quickly jumped into the back seat as a car pulled up behind them, the driver impatiently honking its horn. As her mom pulled away into traffic again Amanda turned around and smiled at the young nurse. “My name is Amanda and this is my mommy, Kayla. So, what’s your name?”

“I’m Sue, hon, and I’m pleased to meet you – once again,” she winked. “We seem to keep bumping into each other,” she said.

“Yeah, first the elevator and the restaurant, then the washroom, and now here,” Amanda laughed. “Must be a reason,” she added. “And now you get to meet my mom, too.”

“So where’s your little friend?” Sue wanted to know.

“Kimmie? Oh, she just went home with her mom. We were all here visiting my mommy’s girlfriend, Sylvia, ’cause she got in a car accident today. Kimmie is Sylvia’s niece.”

“You two seem pretty close, Amanda,” Sue told her with a slight smile. “How long have you known each other, sweetie?”

“Me and Kimmie? Oh, we just met today.”

“Today? You only just met her?” Sue exclaimed with astonishment. “You looked like you were very close friends,” she added, her lips curving into a knowing smile.

“We are now,” Amanda replied with a giggle. “It doesn’t take me long to get close to someone I take a liking too. Right Mommy?”

Kayla laughed. “She sometimes put me to shame,” she told Sue, winking at her in the rear-view mirror. “So here we are at your place already, Sue. Delivered with a smile,” she added, pulling up to the curb alongside a modern looking four-story building. “It sure didn’t take long to get here. You’ll have to come and visit us sometime soon since we live so close.”

“Well, since you’re here, why don’t you come up to my apartment now, and you can meet my pussy,” Sue suggested as Amanda turned to look at her with a gasp. “She’s my only roommate, six months old,” she quickly explained, knowing right away what the young girl had probably thought. “We can have a drink and get to know each other better if you like,” she offered.

Amanda looked over at her mother saying, “Can we, please Mommy? I’d love to meet her pussy,” she giggled as she unbuckled her safety belt.

“But we haven’t had dinner yet, sweetie. Remember? We had to leave home in a hurry, and I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry.” And she turned back to Sue. “Thanks for your offer, but can we do it another time?”

Sue shrugged. “It’s up to you, of course, but I don’t mind making you both a sandwich or something, Kayla. I ate with my friend at the end of my shift, as Amanda knows,” she smiled, winking again at the young girl, “but it’s no problem for me to put something together for you both, and I’ll join you in a coffee or perhaps a glass of wine if you prefer.”

As if needing no further prompting, Amanda opened her door and slid out from her seat, opening the back door for Sue and waving her out with a flourish. Now it was Kayla’s turn to shrug. “Is it OK to leave the van here, or do you have visitor parking I should use?” she called out through the window to Sue as she joined Amanda on the sidewalk.

The nurse directed her to the side of the building where the visitor parking was and told Kayla to meet them in the lobby. Amanda grabbed Sue’s hand and they both started up the pathway to the front door of the building. “You knew what me and Kimmie were doing, didn’t you?” she asked Sue, looking somewhat shyly up at the nurse’s face.

“Well, I have a confession,” Sue replied, as they reached the front door and entered the spacious lobby. “You see, when I came into the washroom I heard this loud moaning coming from one of the cubicles and listened for a few seconds before quietly leaving. I didn’t want to interrupt what I knew must have been going on,” she added with a smile, ruffling the little girl’s hair. “I didn’t know for sure who it was but I had a pretty good idea.” Amanda gasped, and came as close to blushing as she had in a long time, realizing they had been overheard.

“But we didn’t hear anyone come in,” she told Sue who was now looking down at her with a big grin on her pretty face.

“Of course you didn’t sweetie. You were, let’s say, too engrossed with what you were up to. So I stayed out in the hallway for a couple of minutes and then made sure I made a lot of noise as I opened the door and came in again. And I have to admit I was a little bit, shall we say, turned on by what I heard, and I wanted to know for sure if it was you and your friend.”

Amanda smiled, feeling a little better now knowing that she wasn’t in trouble. On the contrary she was feeling excited about her and Kimmie having turned on the young nurse and wondering just how wet they had made her. “So, we made you horny, did we?” she smiled slyly at Sue. “It sounds like you really like girls too then,” she added, turning her head as she heard her mother coming in through the front door. “Even young girls like us maybe?” she added hopefully.

Before Sue could respond, the elevator door opened and the three of them entered, Sue pressing the button to her floor as the doors slid closed again. Amanda leaned back against one of the mirrored walls of the elevator and looked at the young nurse with a wicked gleam in her eyes. “So, here we are in an elevator again, Sue. And this time we’re going up to meet your pussy,” she giggled. “Would you like to, like, meet mine, too?” Amanda asked, quickly lifting the hem of her skirt before anyone could say anything.

“Amanda!” her mom scolded, as Sue gasped, her eyes riveted on the little girl’s puffy lips, still gleaming from her arousal after playing with herself again in their minivan before they picked up Sue. “You really are the limit, girl.”

Pressing her fingers together on either side of her young cunt, Amanda squeezed her lips together to make a pronounced pout. “Wanna stroke my pussy?” she teased, slowly pulling her lips apart revealing the shiny, dark pink interior. “See how wet she is? If you hadn’t come into the washroom when you did I was hoping to get Kimmie to lick me, too. But we had to stop. So now I think you owe me, Sue, don’t you?” she asked, sliding the tip of her index finger into her slippery young cunt. But at that moment the elevator came to a stop at Sue’s floor.

“It’s OK, Mommy,” Amanda told Kayla, who was still staring speechlessly at her precocious young daughter. “She knows what we were doing in the washroom. She heard us and it got her all horny,” she added, smiling at both of them as she let her skirt fall down again in case anyone else was waiting for the elevator. But nobody was.

Kayla and Amanda followed closely behind Sue who quickly opened the door to her apartment, inviting them in, the image of the young girl’s gleaming pussy freshly ingrained in her mind as she felt her own panties clinging wetly to her lips.

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    Wow! and then what she did on the elevator…wow!pow!( mind blown )

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