Picture This, Chapter 4

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By Jeneee

Kayla put the phone back onto its cradle and looked over at her daughter who was laying sprawled out on the bed, legs widely spread with her right heel resting against the cheek of her ass, left hand casually caressing her still slightly swollen pussy, eyes peering curiously at her mother wanting to know who it was that had called.

“That…” Kayla announced with a flourish, “…was Sylvia. And she’s invited herself to dinner so I guess I’d better start to get something ready. Maybe I’ll warm up some of those chicken breasts we had left over from last night and make some pasta and a salad to go with it. Sound good to you?” Amanda stretched and yawned, nodding her head.

“And I’ve got dessert here for her,” she smiled, spreading her pussy open to reveal its still gleaming, wet and pink interior. “Or maybe she’ll want me for the main course instead,” she added with a giggle. “I think I taste even better than chicken, don’t you Mommy?” she teased.

“Don’t you ever get enough,” Kayla asked, scowling playfully at her daughter and slapping her upper thigh.

“Nope, I’m always ready for more,” Amanda replied, winking at her mom. “Know what I mean?” she added, lifting her cute butt off the bed and with both of her heels firmly planted on the mattress she brazenly raised her hips and pointed her puffy, swollen mound in Kayla’s direction. “Want to sample dessert before you go make dinner?” she giggled. “C’mon Mommy, you know how much you love to lick my yummy little cunt,” she urged, sliding a finger deep inside herself and stirring it around, making all sorts of delicious sounding squelchy noises.

Firmly resisting the obvious temptation, Kayla quickly stood up and backed away from her daughter, shaking her head as she finally turned and left the bedroom grinning to herself, swaying her sexy ass at Amanda as she disappeared through the door. “What kind of a slutty sex maniac have I raised?” she called playfully over her shoulder as she headed down the hallway toward the kitchen.

“Only one just like you, Mommy,” Amanda yelled after her. “You taught me well, and now I just want to keep doing everything I’ve learned from you.” And she then lay back down on the bed again, playing a little more vigorously with herself as she thought about their new friend – ‘Glorious Gloria’ she had decided to nicknamed her – who was going to fix the thong they had purchased that day so that it would fit her properly. “Mmm,” she thought to herself. “I’m so gonna love the feeling of that string between my cheeks. I sure hope she can get it tight enough.” And she lifted her butt off the bed again and ran a finger slowly back and forth along the crack of her ass, pausing several times to slip the first joint into her tight, hot little hole and wiggle it around some more, enjoying the sensations she created that resulted in even more of her creamy juices leaking from her still aroused pussy. Dreaming once again of Glorious Gloria’s ass in the tight, black pants of her waitress outfit Amanda once again imagined to herself what it would be like to spread those curvy, plump cheeks and finger and even lick her asshole. She moaned a little and with her eyes tightly closed the image soon became so real that she could almost taste it, and it wasn’t long before another powerful orgasm rocketed its way through her young body. Finally exhausted, she curled up on the bed, hugging her knees tightly to her chest and slowly tried to recover her breath.

Then once again the telephone rang, jarring Amanda out of her post-orgasmic bliss. Hearing a screech from the kitchen she jumped up and quickly ran from the bedroom, thinking her mother must have hurt herself. Reaching the kitchen she saw her mom, still naked, sitting on a stool by the counter, phone pressed to her ear, a worried look on her face. “Is she hurt bad?” her mother asked into the phone, waving for Amanda to come over to her. “Oh my god…yeah…we’ll come, right away, yeah, of course.” Amanda climbed onto her lap and Kayla hugged her daughter tightly to her, still listening to whoever was calling. “We’ll be there as soon as we can; thanks for letting us know. Bye.” And she shakily hung up the phone, now squeezing Amanda close to her breast with both arms tightly around her.

Knowing immediately that something was wrong Amanda looked up at her mother waiting for her to speak. “It’s Sylvia, sweetie. That was a nurse calling from the hospital. She’s been hurt in an accident as she was driving over here. The nurse didn’t know how badly she was hurt; only that Sylvia had asked her to call us and tell us where she was because she knew how worried we would have been when she didn’t arrive for dinner. The doctors are still examining her. We’d better leave right away, honey. Quick, go put some clothes on.” She lifted Amanda from her lap and scurried around turning off the stove and shovelling the half-cooked food into plastic containers, putting everything back into the fridge as Amanda stared at her numbly, trying to absorb what her mother had just told her.

Suddenly snapping out of it she ran to her room and grabbed the first things she could find, pulling a white tee shirt over her head and buttoning up the waist of a blue skirt hanging in her closet, then slipping a pair of socks and running shoes onto her feet. Running back into the hallway she almost bumped into her mother who was coming out from her bedroom also in the process of buttoning up a short, black skirt after throwing on a yellow blouse that she had tied loosely around her midriff. She’d slid her feet into a pair of white sandals leaving, them otherwise bare.

“Mommy, is she gonna be okay?” Amanda almost whispered, not sure if she wanted to hear the answer.

“I don’t know sweetie. The nurse couldn’t tell me much. We’ll find out more when we get there. Now let’s go” And she grabbed her purse and the car keys from the hall table and the two of them rushed into the garage, climbing quickly back into the minivan once more. Neither said much as they drove to the hospital, each of them lost in their own private thoughts, hoping against hope that Sylvia wasn’t hurt all that badly. Even though the hospital was only a ten minute drive from their home it seemed to take an eternity to get there, and then even longer to find a place to park and make their way to the reception desk in the emergency section where the nurse had called from. They were then informed that Sylvia had been transferred to a ward and it took another five minutes or so for them to find the room she had been moved to.

The door to room 214 was open and when they cautiously and quietly peeked inside they saw Sylvia sitting up in bed, awake, and smiling at them as she recognized her visitors. Breathing huge sighs of relief they both rushed to the side of her bed, reaching out for her hands and grasping them tightly. “Oh my god we were so scared when we heard,” Kayla said to her girlfriend. “What happened? You don’t look hurt too bad. Why are you in here, in bed like this?”

“Yeah,” Amanda added, trying to climb up onto the bed beside Sylvia. “Where does it hurt, and am I allowed to hug you?”

“Sorry, miss. You can’t get on the bed,” came the sound of another voice from behind them, and turning around they saw what first appeared to be another nurse entering the room, heading toward Sylvia’s bed, a stethoscope dangling around her neck. Except they soon found out she was a doctor, not a nurse. Sylvia’s doctor.

“This is Dr. Johnson,” Sylvia explained. “They are keeping me here overnight to see if I have any internal injuries. What did the x-rays say, doc?” she asked.

“No broken ribs, but they are badly bruised, so we’ll have to keep you well medicated, Sylvia. And so far there are no signs of any other serious injuries but we’ll have a better idea tomorrow morning when we get the results of all the other tests. If nothing else shows up you can probably go home then, but you will be quite sore for a few days. It seems you were very lucky. And it’s a wonder you didn’t receive a whiplash. I’ll make sure the nurses keep an eye on you throughout the night and I’ll look in on you again in the morning.”

After smiling at Kayla and Amanda and waggling her finger at the little girl, reminding her to stay off the bed, the doctor left the room, leaving them all alone with Sylvia, the other three beds in the ward being surprisingly empty. “So tell us what happened,” Kayla said, grabbing a chair and pulling it up beside the bed, reaching for Sylvia’s hand again.

“Yeah,” echoed Amanda. “We were so scared something bad had happened to you,” she added, hoisting her butt up onto the foot of the bed despite what the doctor had told her.

“Amanda,” her mother scolded.

“It’s more comfortable here, Mom. Besides, it’s not hurting anyone,” her daughter replied, pulling a knee up to her chest and wrapping her arms around it as she looked back at Sylvia, awaiting her story. Sylvia in turn stared back at Amanda, a smile forming on her face.

“I see someone left home in a hurry,” she giggled, her eyes now fixed on Amanda’s lower body.

“Wha…?” the little girl frowned, and then smiled broadly as she peered down to look under her skirt. “Well, I dressed quickly,” she laughed, “’cause we wanted to leave in a hurry. Guess I forgot my panties.” And she spread a little wider so that Sylvia could get a clearer view. “Some tasty medicine for you, Sylvia – my cunt will make you feel better a lot faster. Oh, and guess what?” she added. “Mommy bought me a thong today at the mall and we met this yummy lady, Gloria, who’s going to come ’round next weekend to help make it fit me ’cause it’s a little baggy on me right now. You gotta come meet her, doesn’t she Mommy? You’ll be better by then, I’m sure. And try to bring Kimmie with you too ’cause we want to meet her,” she added with a sly wink.

“Amanda, please! You do go on, my dear,” Kayla exclaimed. “Let Sylvia get a word in edgewise here, would you? I want to hear what happened with her accident, as I’m sure you do. We can tell her all about Gloria later.”

At that moment, however, the door opened once more and another woman cautiously peered in at them, a broad smile lighting up her face when she saw Sylvia sitting up in bed, awake. “Oh, sis, we were so scared when we got the call from the hospital,” and she ran into the room squeezing past Kayla and throwing her arms around Sylvia’s neck, kissing her on the cheek. Following her a little more slowly was a very pretty young girl who Amanda immediately recognised from the photographs she’d seen as Sylvia’s niece, Kimmie.

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  1. David says:

    Another nice chapter, loving how this is building up and love how insatiable Amanda is. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  2. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Yes, a nice chapter, loved the transition from sexy banter to the frenzied worry about Sylvia’s condition, and the very realistic way Amanda, as she was positioned on Sylvia’s hospital bed, just rambled on much as a young girl might, and then her acknowledging that she hadn’t any panties on and spreading open her legs wider, exclaiming:

    “Some tasty medicine for you,Sylvia — my cunt will make you feel better a lot faster.”

    Wow! just as David has commented, that Amanda is insatiable and quite the impish angel!

    Moving on to chapter five, awaiting more yummy things…


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