When the Past Meets the Present, Chapter 1

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By Cheryl Taggert

The idea of this occurred to me recently. It’s not a new idea by any means, but I thought it would be fun to write one like this. I hope you enjoy my take on the “Mommy catches daughter masturbating and ends up doing more” story. I may or may not go beyond a couple more chapters.

I guess I’d been thinking of them sexually all their lives. The “them” I mean are my daughters. Emily, my older daughter is eleven now. It was when she was nine that our relationship changed. I hope it was a change for the better. It didn’t take long to include her sister, Nikki, who is only thirteen months younger.

When they were babies, I knew they turned me on. I ignored it, but I was aware of the passion that was already there. I can remember the first time I noticed Emily’s little clit was swollen when I changed her diaper. I took my time cleaning her up, wiping the pee from her labia and seeing that her tiny clit was already protruding outside her inner labia just a tiny bit. It was pink and beautiful–and the cleaning had made it stand out a bit. Oh, it wasn’t large by any means. I don’t want anyone thinking she had this huge clit when she was a baby. That would be ridiculous. However, like a baby boy, she did get clitoral erections. I began to notice that the more I “cleaned” her, the quieter and happier she became.

I decided one day to see how far it would go if I didn’t stop playing with her pussy during a changing. I got some lube on my finger and, smearing it between my index finger and thumb, started rubbing Emily’s swollen clitoris. Not hard or even fast, just rubbing it lightly with my lubricated finger and thumb. Babies don’t produce much in the way of pussy juice, barely enough to keep things moist down there really, so I had to keep lubing her clit to prevent chafing from what was basically the act of gently masturbating my daughter.

After about five minutes, she began to rock her hips slightly and then more urgently. She started getting red in the face with her efforts, and I have to admit I was reacting to what was happening as well, realizing I would need to masturbate myself once this was finished. Within another minute or so, she started wriggling around and her midsection was spasming. I watched with almost clinical awe as my baby girl had her first orgasm. Well, at least it was her first since being born. I’ve read and seen ultrasound images purporting to show both male and female babies in the uterus masturbating until they apparently orgasmed. Perhaps Emily had done that; I didn’t know. I did know, however, that she was having one now, and I was responsible for giving her that first one.

I kept this up until she was starting to talk, when I decided it would be best to stop. Of course, Nikki had been born by then, so I had another daughter to masturbate. The odd thing was that they both seemed to love for me to change them. Well, I suppose maybe that wasn’t so odd, really, but I firmly believe my early times with them made them sexually aware of their bodies at a very early age, even though they had absolutely no concept that the feelings were sexual.

As they grew older and started school, they learned that certain touches felt good, and I never stopped them from doing whatever felt good in that way, but I did tell them that they needed to do those types of exploring touches when they were alone because it was rude to do that in front of company. Thus, I knew they were exploring their bodies, but they knew to do that in private.

I guess I should say now that I ended up raising my daughters alone. My husband, not the most responsible man in the world to put it lightly, ran off with our neighbor when Nikki was only four months old. This was fine with me since I had realized, almost from the day we were married, that I could not be what my mother wanted me to be–a straight woman. I had known I am a lesbian since my earliest sexual explorations, but she had refused to accept that and pushed me into marrying Ted. It didn’t help that I had already gotten pregnant with Emily, making it more difficult to avoid the altar as far as my mother was concerned. Ted and I married when I was four months pregnant, and less than two years later, he was history. He does not want anything to do with his daughters, and I am fine with that. I support them without child support from him, and that’s how I like it. My mother, of course, pushed me to make him “own up to his responsibility” and be a daddy to our girls, but I finally laid down the law with her about that, telling her I had no intention of ever letting him near them, so he could go ahead and leave forever. And that’s what he did. That way we both ended up with what we wanted. My mom was the only one pissed off about it.

While the girls were growing up, I had occasional flings with other women. They have grown up knowing their mommy is someone who loves other women. I do not hide who I am from them, even to the point of not being upset if they come into my bedroom the morning after I’ve had a friend stay the night to find their mommy naked in bed with a woman who was also naked. Occasionally, my date would be embarrassed, but I would assure her I hid nothing from them and she need not worry about it since they’d discovered their mother in bed in that same situation before and think nothing of it. The only thing this really prevented was morning sex, which I enjoy very much.

After a while, though, the dates began to dwindle, probably because of my two girls. Like many men, I suppose, some women don’t want to be saddled with children either. I have been a lifelong masturbator, so I turned to that to take care of my strong libido. I also had online stories I would read and enjoy while bringing myself to several orgasms while my daughters were in bed asleep. I also enjoy lesbian DVD’s and have a few of them hidden away.

My story actually begins early on the morning I made the mistake of entering the girls’ bedroom when I thought they were still asleep. I was gathering laundry and entered their room to get their laundry hamper. Nikki was asleep in her bed, but Emily, who was nine then, was definitely awake. She was lying in bed on her tummy, her face turned away from the door. The covers were down, covering only her calves to her knees, and she was naked. Her cute butt was rising and falling in a humping rhythm I was all too familiar with. I could see her teddy bear was positioned directly beneath her pelvis, where her pussy would smash into its nose with each downward stroke. As her hips rose, I could see her hands down beneath her, holding the teddy bear in place.

As I stood there, I was aware she had not heard me enter the room. Her face, as I said, was turned in the other direction, and I remained there, watching my little girl masturbate. I knew they had touched themselves in self-exploration, and I had entertained the thought that they might actually be rubbing themselves, whether or not to orgasm I didn’t know. This, however, made it obvious that at least Emily had become quite practiced at it, much as I had when I was her age. I realized she might reach an orgasm, and I was reminded of those early ones I would provide when she was a baby.

Then I realized something else. I was turned on. Not just mildly turned on, either. My pussy was almost squishy with my fluids. I also realized I wanted to watch Emily reach her self-induced orgasm. I stood there, my eyes glued to that gorgeous little butt, and listened as her breathing became ragged with lust and the need to come. I knew the feeling. My own pussy seemed to be screaming at me, “Hey?! What about me?!”

As she bounced her butt up and down, my own breathing became labored as the need rose in me. Then it happened. A moan escaped her lips as she started to grind her pussy into that bear’s nose. She was coming. And I was standing there, watching it happen. My heart seemed determined to leap out of my chest as I watched her. The orgasm lasted for maybe ten seconds before it began to dissipate. She let out a long sigh and seemed to go limp on her bed just before turning her face back toward the side of the room where the door–and her horny mother–were.

She gasped and sat up, quickly gathering the blankets around her nakedness. Her eyes began to well up and I realized I needed to calm her down quickly.

“It’s okay, honey!” I said in a near whisper. I didn’t want her sister to wake up and add to her embarrassment.

“Huh?” Emily said, slightly bewildered by my response to catching her masturbating.

“It’s okay. Mommy isn’t mad at all.”

“You’re not?”

“No, Sweetie. Don’t you remember me telling you that private touches are okay, but you just need to do them in private?”

She shook her head. Of course she didn’t remember that. It had been when she was maybe three.

“Well, I did. I’m just fine with you masturbating, Honey. Can you get your pj’s on and come out to the kitchen so we can talk without waking Nikki?”

She nodded and waited for me to leave the room before getting out of bed, which was interesting since A) I am her mother, and B) I had seen her naked just the night before after her bath, not to mention just having watched her masturbate. I realized it was different now, since her nudity had taken on another quality, that of sexuality. She had just had an orgasm her mother had witnessed–a good one by the looks of it–and her body was in a sexual state.

I closed the door and went to the kitchen to wait for her.

She entered looking a bit guilty regardless of what I’d said. I fixed her a bowl of cereal and gave her a banana with it, along with some orange juice. She sat and began to eat without saying a word, so I decided I would start the conversation that could not be avoided.

“Honey, it’s fine that you do that.”

“Sara says her mom would kill her if she got caught.”

Sara was Emily’s best friend, and it occurred to me that this comment meant that they had at least discussed what they did when alone, probably more.

“Well, that’s Sara’s mom, not your mom. I’m different, though I doubt Sara’s mom would kill her or even be that upset about it. All girls do it, and Sara’s mom knows that.”

I wasn’t exactly best friends with Sara’s mother, Hannah, but she was a fairly liberal-minded person. She knows I am a lesbian and has no problem with her daughter being friends with Emily. I know some mothers who do not allow their daughters to play with Emily at my house because of that. Sara had spent many nights with Emily and Emily with Sara. Hannah might be surprised by it, but not angry, at least that’s how she seemed to me.

“All girls do it?”

“Well, maybe not all, but the ones who don’t are usually prudes or overly religious, and even many of those types of girls masturbate. It’s natural.”

“Do you?”

I had expected that and was ready with the truth. “Yes. Quite often, in fact.”

“Do you get the good feeling?”

“You mean orgasms. Yes, I do.”

“That’s what they’re called?”

“Yes. I’ve been having orgasms since I was younger than you are now.”

THIS was news. Her eyes widened with surprise. “You have?”

“Yes. And I love them. Don’t you?”

She blushed and smiled for the first time since she’d seen me looking at her. To avoid answering directly, she put a spoonful of cereal in her mouth, but she nodded.

“So I suppose you know that I don’t mind if you masturbate at all. You are free to do that whenever you are alone or there’s nobody else in the house but me.”

“What about Nikki?”

“Well, you probably shouldn’t do it in front of Nikki.”

“Why not? I’ve done it in front of her before.”

“You mean she’s seen you masturbate?”

“Of course. Sometimes she joins in.”

For some odd reason, that surprised me, though it shouldn’t have. If I’d had a sister, I would have done more than masturbate in her presence. I always wanted one for incestuous reasons. The thought that Emily and Nikki might be fooling around was new. I wanted to know the extent of the “joining in,” so I acted nonchalant when I asked Emily, “Do you two ever help each other achieve an orgasm?” I said it as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and it may well be. I wouldn’t really know, not having had the opportunity to seduce my wished-for sister the way I wanted.

“Sometimes I do her and she does me, or we will rub ourselves on each other’s leg,” Emily answered, in the same “it means nothing” tone I had used in my question.

I decided to take my queries a little further. “You mentioned Sara and how she thought her mom would kill her if she caught Sara masturbating. Have you done these things with her too?”

Perhaps my voice was a bit less nonchalant because she looked at me warily before saying, “You said it was alright and that every girl does it.”

“It is and they do. I was just wondering if you and Sara did the same things you and Nikki do together, that’s all.”

“Yeah. And sometimes we all take turns touching each other. Is that okay?”

The fact was this conversation was churning my juices like crazy. I was so turned on, I considered excusing myself to go take care of things before continuing. I suddenly pictured my two daughters and Sara naked in the girls’ room and happily masturbating themselves and each other to orgasms. I began to wish I was their age so I could join in. But I knew if I did, I wouldn’t stop at touching or leg-humping. I suddenly pictured myself licking their pussies. It became so real to me. I saw them in my bed, all of us naked, as I took turns licking each of the girls until they came and then having them return the favor.

The fantasy was so strong, and my pussy was so worked up from what I’d seen and what Emily and I had discussed that I came without touching myself at all. I’d had spontaneous orgasms like that before when I was extremely turned on and hadn’t touched my pussy, but I’d never had one in front of either of my daughters, and Emily was sitting right there looking at me as I climaxed.

My body spasmed uncontrollably and I felt my face flush with reaction to my body’s sexual release. Then my face grew even redder as embarrassment hit me.

“Are you okay?” Emily asked, concern in her eyes as I tried to catch my breath.

“Yes, baby, I’m fine,” I managed while small after-shocks racked my body. The fantasy of me and the girls was still in my mind.

Emily was looking worried, but then the look began to change into dawning suspicion. “Mommy? Did you just–?”

I figured the truth would be best. “Yes, honey. It’s called a spontaneous orgasm. It occurs when a person is very turned on and their body just goes over the brink and they have an orgasm.”

“You’re turned on? Like…horny?”

For a split second I wondered where she’d heard that word before, but realized it was probably at school. Then my mind realized the corner I had put myself into by coming spontaneously like that. If I was horny, what had made me horny? would be the question in Emily’s mind right now. She was at least old enough and experienced with horniness enough to know you didn’t just sit down and get horny from sipping coffee. There were reasons for it.

I blushed again, perhaps more than before. I wondered how she’d take this news as I figured “in for a penny, in for a pound” when it came to telling the truth.

“Yes, hon. I have to admit something to you.” I paused, trying to make sure I had the words right in my head before saying them. This could be crucial for our relationship as mother and daughter. “Seeing you masturbating and having an orgasm turned me on, and then the continued conversation about it and what you do with your sister and Sara sort of added fuel to the fire.”

“You mean seeing me doing that made you horny?”


“And thinking about me and Nikki and Sara made you hornier?”

“Uh-huh. Do you hate me?”

Emily’s eyes went wide. “Hate you? Of course not. You’re my mommy.”

“It doesn’t bother you that I enjoy thinking about you sexually?”

She looked as if that were the oddest question in the world. “No.”

“I have a really big secret to share with you, but you can never tell anyone, not even Nikki, okay?”

“Okay,” she said, her eyes growing excited at the idea I would share a secret with her.

“When you were just a baby–and when Nikki was a baby–I would masturbate you until you had an orgasm.”

There. I’d said it. I wondered where this would lead.

“Really?! That’s so COOL!”

I hadn’t expected it to lead there, but I was pleased it did.

“You think so?”

“Yeah! I mean, you did that for me when I was a baby! You made me feel that good!”

“Well, I also did it for selfish reasons, baby. I also got very turned on doing it and would masturbate after.”

She had finished her cereal and looked at me. “Mommy?”

“Yes, Honey?” My breathing was starting to slow down to normal.

“Umm…” She obviously had something to say that she wasn’t sure she should.

“What is it, Emily? You know you can tell or ask me anything.”

“Well, um, can I watch you masturbate sometime?”

My eyes must have widened at that request. I wasn’t expecting it, and the surprise showed, I’m sure.

She continued quickly in order to more or less explain herself. “You watched me.”

“Why do you want to watch me masturbate?” I knew the answer, or was at least fairly sure, but I wanted to hear it for myself.

“Cuz, it turns me on to think about you doing it.”

This was big. Bigger than anything I had ever imagined happening between us. I knew it would be frowned upon by society, but society also once frowned upon women showing their knees in public. With that thought, I made up my mind. I nodded and stood up, reaching out to take her hand. Then, my heart beating like a jackhammer, I headed for my bedroom with my nine-year-old, sexually precocious daughter in tow.

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