Serendipity, Chapter 3

  • Posted on June 28, 2015 at 1:17 pm

By Naughty Mommy

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Bridget Stewart was feeling highly aroused, a warm tingling sensation between her legs, her nipples stiffly erect beneath her one-piece suit. She often would get that way at the beach as she watched all the hot teenage girls — and younger girls too — running around in their scanty bikinis. But her juices were really flowing now because of an unusual encounter she’d just had.

She’d been distracted as she returned from a visit to the restroom, thinking about the important conversation she would need to have with her sister. How did you bring up a subject like that? ‘Oh, by the way, Sheila, I know you’ve been having sex with your daughter. Nice weather we’re having, isn’t it?’  Bridget wasn’t sure where to begin, but she knew it was something they would have to discuss sooner or later. Probably sooner.

So, as she’d turned a corner of the building, heading back to their spot on the sand, she wasn’t paying attention and had almost run headlong into a little girl and a statuesque blonde walking just behind the child. Bridget mumbled an apology and started to go past them but then stopped. There was something about those two. The girl, also blonde and maybe 10 years old, was in the tiniest bikini you could imagine, her slender young body on display. The woman, presumably the mother, was in a skintight one-piece suit that showed off her superb figure.

What made the incident so striking, though, was not how they looked, it was the looks Bridget got from them, from both of them. The little girl and her mother each had studied her, their gazes running up and down her form, practically undressing her. And when she made eye contact, there was no question at all. These two, the child and the woman, were lesbians in search of new sexual conquests. Bridget wasn’t sure how she knew, but she knew.

She didn’t say anything else then, just went back toward the area where she and her group had some blankets and towels laid out on the sand. But she felt the woman’s eyes following her.

Sheila Donovan, who was sitting in a lounge chair in a skimpy two-piece suit, holding a tall glass of rum punch and wearing sunglasses, smiled up at her sister. Bridget returned the smile and then glanced at Erin, Sheila’s older daughter, who was sitting in the shade. The fair-skinned redhead, 15, would be the subject of the eventual conversation Bridget needed to have with Sheila.

Bridget looked down at the other two girls lying on their backs in the sun, working on their tans. One of them was Sheila’s younger daughter, Fiona, 12, a pretty brunette, small for her age. The other was Bridget’s own daughter Debby, also a brunette, only 9 years old. Both were in bikinis. She had very much enjoyed rubbing lotion all over their sexy young bodies earlier in the day.

Then she turned and looked back the way she came. The other woman was still standing there, gazing at them. Bridget saw how her eyes caressed the nearly naked bodies of the young girls, and now she was certain: the woman was a pedophile, a lesbian pedophile. Bridget could tell, because she was one too. She knew that look and understood it well. She sent the woman a smile of recognition.


Angela Parker could hardly believe her luck. She and her daughter Bambi had already made excellent progress with the lovely Eve and her two daughters during the previous 24 hours; a few minutes ago they’d met another woman, Tina, and her little girl Amanda, who also seemed like very good possibilities; and now, completely by accident, she’d had this encounter that seemed to promise even more opportunities. Was it serendipity?

She winked at the woman who was watching her, then turned away, heading up to join her daughter and their guests for lunch.

When she arrived at their reserved area in front of the hotel, Angela found the girls and their mothers admiring the buffet she had ordered. Not only were there makings for sandwiches, but also chips and dips, chicken wings, a selection of salads, shrimp cocktail, and more. Two bottles of white wine were on ice, along with an assortment of soft drinks for the kids. There was even a tray of freshly baked cookies and brownies.

Eve grabbed Angela’s arm as she walked up, squeezing it warmly. “Wow, this is amazing! Just look at it all!”

“You know, I really had no idea,” said Tina, shaking her head. “I mean, you have to let me pay for our share of this, please.”

“Oh, don’t be silly, my dear. I invited you, and that’s all there is to it. Your job is just to enjoy it.”

She looked more closely at the woman, a blue-eye brunette, very pretty, with long slender legs. Tina was perhaps two inches shorter than Angela, who was 5’8”. Under a gauzy cover-up, she wore a dark blue two-piece suit that showed off her flat stomach and trim waist. Her breasts were small but set high on her chest. And when she smiled, her cheeks showed the cutest dimples — they made her look like a teenager. Angela definitely wanted her.

But even more than her, Angela wanted Tina’s child, Amanda. The 10-year-old, who was in a one-piece pink and blue Barbie swimsuit, was standing next to Bambi perusing the cookies and brownies. The two girls, both with blue eyes and straight, shiny blonde hair, not only were the same age but almost the exact same size and shape. They might have been twins, little blonde twins. Angela imagined having both in her bed, one girl sucking on each nipple. What a delicious idea.

Gwen, Eve’s oldest daughter, picked up a plate. The tall athletic brunette, 16, smiled at Angela, “Is it all right if we start?”

“Yes, of course, please go ahead. Help yourselves.”

All four girls eagerly dug in. Gwen let the younger ones, Amanda, Bambi, and also Paige, Gwen’s 11-year-old sister, go ahead of her. When the kids’ plates were filled, Eve and Tina took their turns, while Angela opened a bottle of wine, pouring three glasses.


Less than a hundred yards away, Carol O’Neill turned the key in the front door of the furnished beachfront condo she had reserved for their dual family vacation. As soon as the door was open, 7-year-old Jordan, Carol’s granddaughter, bolted inside to explore their home for the next week. Hot on Jordan’s heels were the blonde twins, Hailey and Holly, age 8. After a quick tour of the small kitchen and combination living/dining area, the three raced upstairs, shrieking and giggling.

“Look at them go,” Carol smiled to her daughter, Stacie, Jordan’s mom.

Carol’s sister Veronica came in behind them, along with Veronica’s daughter Kelly, who was 14. They were followed by Stephanie, the mother of the twins.

“I’m just glad to see them getting along so well,” said Veronica.

“Me too,” agreed Stacie.

“I wasn’t really worried,” Stephanie said. “Girls that age seem to bond pretty quickly. And how could they not love Jordan? She’s a doll, Stacie.”

“Oh, thanks. Jordan is so happy I can hardly contain her. She adores the twins, and then there’s Kelly.” Stacie patted the slender teen on the shoulder. “Jordan absolutely worships you, honey.”

Kelly grinned. It was actually hard for her to hang back and not go zooming around the place with the younger girls. That was her impulse, but she thought maybe she should try to act a little more mature.

“You were such a huge help on the way here,” Stacie added. “It was like having a substitute mom take over my job so I could just sit back and relax.”

Carol walked into the kitchen, then back out to the living area. “It seems a lot smaller than in the photos,” she commented.

“But the location is perfect, right here on the beach, with the hotel close by, restaurants, shopping, everything,” said Stephanie. “I think it’s great!”

“So do I,” agreed Veronica, giving her sister a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you for doing this.”

“Mommy, which room is mine?” Jordan called. She was standing at the top of the stairs, flanked by the twins, all three red in the face and panting from their exertions. “Can we go in the ocean now? When do we get lunch?”


“Mommy, can we have lunch now?” asked Debby as she sat up on the beach towel.

Bridget smiled. “Sure, if you’re ready.”

“Aunt Sheila, what did you bring?”

“Besides this, you mean?” Sheila giggled, holding up her near-empty glass of rum punch. Two large thermoses of the potent concoction were in the cooler. “Well, I made ham and cheese sandwiches, plus a couple of cheese-only sandwiches if you’d like that better. There’s some carrot sticks and potato chips too. And sodas. That’s all. We can get other stuff at the snack bar later.”


Debby crawled across the blanket to the cooler and opened it up. Her mom helped her find a cheese sandwich, and they got out the carrot sticks and the chips. Erin and Fiona made their selections too. Bridget took a ham and cheese sandwich for herself, but Sheila was content for the time being with just a refill of punch.


Jordan’s breathless stream of questions brought chuckles from the four women down below. Carol took charge of answering, “Okay, let’s see, first, there are only three bedrooms, so we’ll have to figure out who bunks with who. Nobody gets their own room though. Second, yes, you can go in the ocean now if you want, but only with adult supervision, okay? Not by yourselves. Also I’d suggest you put on swimsuits before you do. And, uh, third, we can have lunch whenever you like. We don’t have any food here yet, so I guess we’ll find a restaurant or something. But now the question is, what do you girls want to do first?”

“Go in the ocean!” “Eat lunch!” “Look around!”

Their overlapping replies got even more laughs. After a short discussion, a consensus was reached: they would take a few minutes first to decide who would sleep where and do some basic unpacking. Then they would all change into bathing suits and cover-ups and take a walk to find a place for lunch. After that, they’d hit the beach, play in the water, get some sun and have some fun. Everyone seemed happy with the plan.


Eve Anderson was all aflutter. So much had happened so quickly! It was hard to believe that she and her daughters, Gwen and Paige, had arrived at the beach in San Diego only the afternoon before, not 24 hours earlier, after driving over from Phoenix. Gwen had made friends with Bambi somehow, then Angela came over and introduced herself, and before she knew it, Eve was being kissed by the sexy blonde — and enjoying it! They went to dinner together, the moms and the girls, and then Gwen had the idea for a sleepover slumber party. Angela spent the night in Eve’s bed, Eve made love to a woman for the first time in her life… and it was just amazing, completely awesome, better than she ever thought it could be.

Now as she sat with Angela and Tina enjoying her lunch, a nice salad and a shrimp cocktail along with an excellent glass of white wine, Eve was dizzy with anticipation and excitement. Was something going to happen with Tina and maybe even with her young daughter too? Would this innocent vacation she’d planned end up as a lusty lesbian incest bacchanalia? Is that what she wanted? Yes, it was!

She was still feeling very turned on from the conversation she’d had with Angela about an hour earlier, shortly before they met Tina, a conversation in which Angela confirmed what Eve had begun to suspect — that she and her daughter Bambi, only 10 years old, were sexually active with each other! Eve found that to be not only shocking but also highly arousing. When she pictured the two of them in bed together, she immediately felt her pussy getting wet.

Eve had been so intensely aroused by this — and by the realization that what Angela ultimately wanted was for her, Eve, to also become sexually involved with her own daughters — that she had impulsively offered to do it all right away, to immediately get the girls and go up to their hotel room and do whatever Angela wanted. Anything! Everything! Eve had never been more turned on in her whole life. It was like her insides were a sponge drenched in syrup, all hot and sweet and juicy and overflowing. When she squeezed her legs together, as she was doing now, her clit tingled and she could feel the wetness in the crotch of her bathing suit. She wanted to come. She smiled at Angela and licked her lips suggestively.

Angela knew what Eve was thinking about. She could tell by the look on her face. It gave her an idea, a way to move things along with Tina, to find out if her instincts about the other woman were correct.

She took Eve’s hand in hers and squeezed it affectionately, making sure Tina saw the gesture. Then, while Tina was still watching, Angela leaned over and kissed Eve on the mouth, holding the kiss long enough to make it clear that the two of them were lovers, or at least sex partners.

As she ended the kiss, she smiled at Tina, “Sorry, sometimes I just can’t help myself. I see something, and I want it, and then I just do it. That’s how I am.”

Angela slid her other hand over to gently caress Tina’s hand, her fingers delicately stroking, her intentions obvious.

Tina’s eyes went wide, then she pulled her hand away, blushing. “I, I’m sorry, I, I don’t…”

But behind the protestations, Angela saw something else. She detected a glimmer of interest, a spark of lesbian desire. She was definitely encouraged.


Stephanie, Veronica, Stacie, and Carol trooped upstairs to have a look at the condo’s three rather small bedrooms. The first room had a pair of double beds squeezed in, and the second a queen-size bed. These two rooms shared a bath. The third room, the larger one, had a king-size bed and its own bathroom. They began discussing possible options for sleeping arrangements, but then —

“Hey!” Carol almost shouted. “I have an idea, a crazy fun idea. Let’s make this into a week-long vacation slumber party. We have four women and four girls, that’s four beds for eight of us, right? Two to a bed? So, we won’t assign rooms or beds permanently. Instead, every night’ll be different!”

All Carol got was puzzled looks, but that didn’t slow her down. She went on, “We can rotate by age, maybe, or… no, wait a sec… I’ve got it!”

The woman’s face was glowing with excitement, and it was contagious. The others might not get the idea yet, but none could resist her zeal. They watched as she dug into her travel bag and pulled out a pack of Uno playing cards, sorting through until she found a pair of ones, a pair of twos, a pair of threes, and a pair of fours. She set the eight cards on a small table in the hall.

“Right now we’ll do the first night. See, each of these cards is for a different bed, either one, two, three, or four,” pointing toward the designated beds as she spoke. “We shuffle them up, then everyone takes a card. That tells us who sleeps where and with who, get it?”

“So, it’s like, musical beds or something?” Kelly smiled.

Carol laughed, delighted. “Yes, that’s perfect — Musical Beds, that’s what we’ll call it.”

“Well, you’re right about one thing, it is crazy,” chuckled Veronica. “But what the heck, why not?”

Stephanie and Stacie also shrugged and grinned, willing to go along.

“Mommy, what does it mean?” Jordan asked with a frown. “Where do I sleep?”

Stacie knelt beside her. “That’s what we’re going to find out, honey. It’s kind of a game. Every night maybe we’ll each be in a different bed, like a party.”

“Okay.” The little girl still didn’t understand, but she trusted her mom and the others.

Stephanie spoke up too. “Hailey and Holly, what do you girls think? Does this sound like a fun plan to you? You can say so if you don’t want to do it. No one will get mad at you, I promise.”

“That’s right,” Carol concurred. “In fact, unless everyone, including the kids, definitely is excited about it and wants to try it, then we shouldn’t go ahead. We’ll just figure something else out. Something more… conventional.”

After only a little more discussion, they all agreed to give the idea a try, at least for one night. Everyone drew cards, in order of youngest to oldest. The end result was: Jordan 3, Holly 1, Hailey 2, Kelly 4, Stacie 1, Stephanie 2, Veronica 4, Carol 3. This meant that Stacie and Holly would sleep in the king-size bed in the master bedroom and Stephanie and Hailey would share the queen bed in the middle room while Carol and Jordan took one of the double beds and Veronica and Kelly took the other double bed in the first room at the top of the stairs.

With that decided, it was time for lunch. The women and girls each took their bags into their rooms for the night and began to undress and change into bathing suits.


Tina Burke didn’t really know what to think. Was it a mistake to have accepted this lunch invitation? Should they leave? It certainly startled her when Angela began coming on to her so quickly and so aggressively. Not that she hadn’t been approached that way before. Almost always by men, though, rarely by women — that had happened only a few times. And Tina had never accepted any of those propositions, from the women or the men. It wasn’t that she was a prude or anything. She simply was not interested in romance or such things at this point in her life.

She was a single mom, never married, and had in fact been totally chaste after the ugly date rape that resulted in her pregnancy. Chaste, that is, except for her frequent masturbation, and… and also the special things she’d been doing recently with her daughter Amanda.

She looked over at Amanda, sitting in a wicker chair swinging her pretty legs, a plate of chicken wings and potato chips and slices of cheese balanced on her lap. Bambi was right next to her, the two of them chattering away. They seemed to be fast friends already. So maybe, for Amanda’s sake, she wouldn’t rush off too quickly.

And besides, it did feel sort of, well, sort of thrilling in a way to be approached by a glamorous, sexy woman like Angela. Even though Tina had never been with a woman and didn’t yet regard herself as an ‘out’ lesbian — despite what she and Amanda had done together — if she was being honest with herself, she had to admit that if and when she became ready to have an adult sex partner in her life, she was pretty sure she would want it to be a woman, not a man.

Was she ready for that? Was it time? Tina let her gaze swing slowly around to meet Angela’s. The blonde gave her a sly smile. She was holding Eve’s hand in hers, rubbing it sensuously. Tina glanced down for a second, but then raised her eyes again. She picked up her wine glass, tipped it in the woman’s direction, and with her eyes fastened on Angela’s, drank deeply.

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