Nanny for a Night, Chapter 8

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The Hired Help

By Cheryl Taggert

Several weeks passed and I hadn’t gotten much more than the usual nanny jobs, a few hours here or there, sometimes with boys only, so there wasn’t much fun for me. Still, I was getting plenty of calls and sometimes had to turn down a call because of overlap, and my license only allowed for no more than three children at a time as long as none were below the age of three. If there was one below that age, I could have no more than two. I didn’t like it and felt it unfair to limit my business so much, but it was what it was.

Still, it kept me very busy, but I didn’t like turning down jobs, so I decided to hire a part-time assistant. With an assistant, I would have someone to handle the overlap or to watch the toddlers while I took care of the older ones, meaning the fun could continue if the girls I had were okay with that. That’s how I met Lisa.

I placed an ad in the paper for a teenager to help with a unique nanny service. Several applied, what with it being summer vacation and high school students far out-numbering the jobs available. I had interviewed two others and just wasn’t happy about them. They lacked enthusiasm for work, which usually means a desire to call in sick when they have other plans. Not only that, but, well, they weren’t very attractive. Yes, I know — that’s discrimination. Still, I wanted to work with someone I at least enjoyed looking at.

Lisa seemed to be just what I was looking for. She was pretty, with brunette hair that nearly reached a delicious looking butt, gorgeous brown eyes, a perpetual smile that spoke of friendliness and understanding, and a strong desire to work with children, which was the enthusiasm I spoke of. Her smile touched her eyes, to me a sign of personal beauty beyond the physical, and I nearly fell in love with her at first sight. Her pert B-cup boobs looked at least from the outside to be shaped a lot like my own, and I found myself wanting to find out how similar we looked topless, but I knew that probably wouldn’t happen. She was a sweet teenager, eager for a job and very attractive.

I did take the time to call her references, one of whom had to be one of her teachers from her school, and after speaking to them, I called her and offered her the job.

I explained it wouldn’t pay much. She would get 60% of the fee earned for any nanny jobs I arranged for her. I kept the remaining percentage as the owner of the business and the one who set up the jobs. I told her some jobs were overnight ones and if I already had one of those planned, she and the children she was caring for would have to stay at my place overnight if we both had an overnighter to deal with. I realized this might be the one thing in my plan that could curtail my fun, but it had to be done. She was fine with these arrangements and couldn’t wait to get a call. I also explained she might go days without a job, which she was also fine with, claiming it would give her time to work on some projects she had going on the side. A go-getter.  I liked that, too.

As it turned out, she had to wait only a couple of days before I needed her.  I was already scheduled from five o’clock until nine to take care of a brother and sister whose parents made arrangements with the hotel before ever arriving for their vacation, and I got a call from another hotel that a couple wanted someone to watch their ten-year-old daughter from 6 P.M. until midnight.

I called Lisa and arranged to pick her up and take her to meet the parents of the girl beforehand, and we arrived at the hotel around three to meet them and the girl.

After seeing the young girl Lisa would be watching, I wished I could find a plausible reason to exchange jobs. She was heavenly. Her name was Kay, short for Karen. Her blond hair hung to the middle of her back in natural waves, and her slender ten-year-old’s figure was just my type. She was tall for her age, and she was wearing a cute one-piece bathing suit that clung so tightly to her slender body that I could clearly make out the camel-toe of her bald little pussy beneath the wet material.  She looked positively delicious.

After our meeting with Kay and her parents, I took Lisa back to her place.  Her parents and younger sister were out of town that week for a soccer tournament her sister was in, so she had the place to herself. Their driveway ran to the back of the house where a two-car carport held only Lisa’s car. Directly in front of us as we turned to the left behind the house to park under the carport’s roof was an area of the back yard that was fenced with a tall privacy fence, and I could hear the pump station of a swimming pool on the other side of it filtering the water there. The privacy fence was attached to the house, indicating there was probably access from inside the house because I saw none from outside.

I had to pee, and Lisa was more than happy to let me use their bathroom, so I followed her inside the modest but tastefully decorated home.

The cold blast of the air conditioning met us as we entered the back door that opened into the kitchen. There was a breakfast bar just a few feet inside the room. Cabinets covered the upper and lower areas of the walls beyond that. They were colored a pastel sea-green and silhouettes of tropical fish were painted on them, along with sea plants painted on the lower cabinets along the floor. Had there been too many fish and plants painted on the cabinets, it would have seemed overdone, but this was perfect–decorative and colorful without being cluttered.

“This is beautiful,” I said as we entered, taken by the way the colors and scene created an atmosphere of welcome.

“Thanks.  I did it.”

“Really?  Maybe I could hire you to come work on my place!” I was only half-joking. “Which way’s the bathroom?” I asked, the need to empty my bladder becoming urgent.

“Just through here,” she said and walked through a doorway on the opposite side of the kitchen into a small room that served as a den of sorts, with TV and stereo equipment on one wall, then through another door to our left that led to a short hallway. An open doorway to the left opened on a formal living room, and as we turned right to walk down the hall, the bathroom was the first room on our left.

I scrambled in and dropped my panties just in time to sit on the toilet and pee. This room, too, had a seaside motif.  Detailed paintings of fish, not just silhouettes, decorated the opposite wall where a double sink and cabinets stood across from the tub and toilet, and a mermaid dominated the painting there. As I looked at it I found myself thinking she looked familiar. She was topless and her boobs were capped by pink nipples that looked very real.  Upon finishing my business, I stood up and studied the beautiful mermaid more closely. I realized suddenly that it seemed familiar because it was Lisa, but with blond hair. I wondered if the boobs were an authentic replication as well. In all honesty, they could have been my own, and again I wondered if we looked alike or nearly so in that regard.

After washing my hands, I exited the artistically decorated bathroom and returned the way we had come in, but Lisa was not in the kitchen.

“Lisa?” I called. No reply.

I went back the way I’d come and looked into the quaint, formal living room. No Lisa. I then went down the short hallway with a door at one end and another on the right next to where the hallway ended. Opening the door at the end, I found what was obviously her parents’ bedroom. I closed that door and opened the door to the only other room she could be in, figuring this must be her and her sister’s bedroom.

I opened it and was greeted with the sight of Lisa in a towel, which may have concealed her naked body but was stimulating to see nonetheless. She looked at me and smiled brightly.

“Hi, Cheryl. Sorry, but I wanted to get in some sunbathing before work.”

“Oh, that’s fine. I’ll just see myself out. Thanks for the use of the bathroom. Those paintings are wonderful, by the way. Is the mermaid modeled on you?”

“Yes. I hope you weren’t offended by the view of my tits,” she said, chuckling.

“Not at all.” I decided to keep the conversation going in this direction and reveal a little about my own body in the meantime. “In fact, we could be twins in that department, if the painting is accurate.”

She looked at me, grinning. “Really?”

“Really,” I said.

“Would you like to sunbathe with me? Since we look the same up there, it’s not like we’d see anything we’ve never seen before.” She was still smiling, but behind it I could see a hint of mischief.

I paused, considering her invitation. She must have taken it for reluctance.

“Sorry. That must have sounded awful, like I was coming on to you or something.”

“No, not at all. I was just running my calendar through my head to make sure I had time for it. That’s all.”

“Oh. Well, then. Do you? Have time I mean? I’d really like to get to know you more, and what better way than to sunbathe in the nude with you?” This time she laughed out loud. Her laughter was a symphony of beauty.

“Sure. Okay,” I said, and started to remove my shirt.

“Let me get you a towel to lie on,” she said and grabbed one from a shelf in her closet. Handing it to me, she sat on one of the twin beds and began talking about school. I noticed she was pretending to check out her nails, but her look would fall on me frequently as I disrobed in front of her. I couldn’t tell if this was curiosity, desire, or both.

When my bra came off, she noticed, of course. “Wow! They are alike!” With that, she pulled her towel off and exposed her own boobs, along with everything else. Our titties were nearly identical. She shaved her pubes as well, and I commented on that.

“You shave too, eh?”

She laughed softly. “Yeah. I’m not into body hair, and mine down there can get pretty thick. I figure I have to do a bikini wax anyway if I want to go to the beach, so I might as well do it how I like it.”

“Same here.”

She sat on the bed again and looked down at her hairless mound. “You ever look at it and think it looks just like it did when you were ten, what with the hair all gone and all?”

God! Was she determined to turn me on? “Sometimes,” I admitted, “but it is bigger now, fuller.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” She sounded disappointed. I couldn’t blame her, but then I’m in love with ten-year-old pussies. Was she? I’d met a few other women recently who were, Terri and Gina to be precise, so it wasn’t as uncommon as society would have us believe.

When I pulled down my panties, she was looking at me of course. I saw something in the eyes again. Was it desire? If she were a man, I could tell easily, but being women, we are better equipped to hide those feelings. Her nipples were hard, as were mine, but that could have been the result of the AC, though I knew better in my own case.

Standing, she said, “Well, grab your towel and come on.”

I followed her through sliding-glass doors onto a patio that encompassed the pool, which was small and kidney-shaped, but would do fine for a dip in the water. Four padded lounge chairs were next to the pool, two on each side, with a small table between each pair. A small shed, where the pump station and other pool necessities were kept, was at the far end.

Lisa laid her towel across one of the lounge chairs and lay down. I did the same for the lounger beside it. She had brought baby oil with her, and she began to rub it on her legs. “Want some?” she asked.

“Sure,” I answered and took the large bottle from her and put some on my palm before placing it between us. I started with my legs and began to move up my torso, to my belly, boobs, shoulders, and arms. Lisa was ahead of me in smearing the oil over her body, and I noticed she took her time covering her boobs with the shiny oil before moving to her vulva.

She giggled. “Don’t think I’m doing anything here,” she said, smearing the baby oil on her pussy.

“I won’t if you won’t,” I said, laughing and beginning to apply the oil to my own mound.

She once again seemed to be taking a little extra time with this area. “It does feel good, though, you know?” she said, and this time I could distinctly hear the desire in her voice.

Again, I wanted the conversation to continue in this direction. “As a matter of fact, I know that very well.”

We both looked at each other and laughed, giggling at the naughtiness of what we were doing, or at least implying.

We lay back with our hands now at our sides. She said nothing for a moment, so I tried again to steer the conversation. “But I’ll bet you have before.”

She looked at me then looked away. “Have what before?”

I could tell she wanted the conversation to go this direction but wanted me to be the one to drive, so to speak. She knew what I meant, more or less, but was making me say it.

“You know.”

“Know what?” She laughed again; her laugh was a bit nervous but adventurous.

“Do–that–out here with the baby oil.”

A little smirk crossed her features. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said, giggling.

“I know I would if I had this set-up.”

This time she looked at me and held the gaze for a few seconds.

“It’s okay. We all do it, you know,” I said. “Only the method changes.” She was silent. “So, I was right, wasn’t I? You do it out here with the baby oil, right?”

She blushed and nodded. “Okay, guilty as charged.”

I looked at the clear sky, its blue like nothing any artist could ever paint.

“Yesss.  I knew it!” I looked at her again, grinning. She was blushing even more.

“You’d better not ever tell anyone about it.” The humor was still in her voice, but I knew she was also serious.

I continued to gaze at the beautiful sky. “I’d never tell. Who am I to make waves about that? If masturbation were an Olympic sport, I’d have a number of gold medals by now, and I’m only nineteen.”

She giggled some more at that and said, “I’m not so sure. I’d definitely give you a run for your money on that one.”

Time to go for the gold here. “You ever do it with someone else?”

“You mean with a guy? No way!”

“Or a girl.”

She didn’t answer. Instead she asked, “Have you?” The fact she answered with a question already told me what I wanted to know. If she hadn’t, she would have just said no.

“You won’t tell?”

“Are you kidding? What happens on the patio STAYS on the patio!” More laughter.

“Lots of times.”

“OMG! Really?!” I nodded. “With a guy or a girl.”


“Who was she?”

“They. Who were they?”

“Oh, shit. Really? Then who were they?”

I wasn’t about to admit who some of them were, but there were enough others. “Friends.”


“You never answered my question, though. You answered with a question, which is about the same thing, but you can at least admit it to me.”

“Well, sorta.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I’ve done it with another girl there, but, well, she was asleep.”

“Yeah, I’ve done that too.”

“Wow, Cheryl, you’re just a real sexpot, aren’t you?” More laughter. God, it was so beautiful, as if the world’s best orchestra were playing songs just for me.

“Hey, if the shoe fits!” We both laughed at that. It was nervous laughter, of course, but in that situation that’s the best kind.

“Can I ask you a question?” she asked, pausing. “It’s personal, so if you don’t want me to ask it, just say so.”

“We decided to do this to get to know each other better, didn’t we?”

“Okay.  Do you, I mean, have you ever, well, done more with a girl?”

This time it was my turn to answer a question with another one. “Have you?”

“You first.”

I took a deep breath, wondering if this would lead where I hoped it would. “Yes. A lot.”

She sat up and looked down at me. “Are you a lesbian?” She sounded incredulous, as if she couldn’t believe it.


“OMG, you’re kidding!”

“Why? Is it that hard to believe?”

“I mean, you’re so pretty!”

“That doesn’t mean anything. Not all of us are butch, you know. So have you?”

“I’m not sure you’d count it as actually doing it with a girl.”

“What do you mean by that?”

She shrugged, blushing some more and picking at her nails. “Nothing. Just some messing around.” There was more to that, but would I ever know what it was?

“But you’ve wanted to do more, right?”

“I didn’t say that!” She grinned at me, laughing.

“You don’t have to. You wanted to with the girl who was asleep that time, didn’t you?”

“Was it that obvious?”

“Yes. To me it was.”

“God, I don’t believe I’m having this conversation with you. And you’re my boss!”

“Are you going to sue me for sexual harassment?”

“Of course not. I’m the one who got you out here naked and rubbing baby oil on your pussy.” More giggles, her lovely tongue pinched lightly between her teeth.

I couldn’t help it; I took the plunge. “Do you want to have sex with me?”

She shrugged again, still looking at her nails and blushing. “I don’t know.”

But she did know but wasn’t wanting to admit it just yet. We lay there for a moment, allowing that to hover in the air that had become heavy with the near-promise of sex.

She broke the silence. “Can I ask you something else, even more private?”

“Of course.”

“You know how you’ve masturbated with girls before?”


“You wanna do that with me?”

I looked at her, but she was still looking at her hands. “Since before the topic even came up.”

She smiled that radiant smile. “Same here,” she said, still gazing at her fingernails.

When she finally looked over at me, I already had one hand lightly rubbing my pussy and the other massaging my boobs and pinching my nipples. She smiled and joined me.

“We can’t be too loud because of the neighbors. They probably aren’t home, but I never take that chance.”

I got up and moved my lounger so that I could face her, tilting the back so I could sit up more. Then sitting down I spread my legs and began to rub again while looking at her hand and what she was doing to herself.

Soon, our hands were blurs. We were rubbing ourselves with an aching need to come building in our pussies. She watched me, obviously enjoying the scenery. Her left hand was squeezing her right boob and milking it to the tip, where she would pinch the nipple before letting go and starting over. Her fingers rubbed her glistening clit. I knew some of the wetness was from the baby oil, but I also knew that most of it was from her, from deep within her vagina. I suddenly felt hungry.

Both of us were breathing irregularly, getting closer to our climaxes. I knew it wouldn’t be long for me now, and from the looks and sounds of it, it wouldn’t be for Lisa either.

I began to spasm and quiver, jerking around on the lounger in the throes of the orgasm that was spreading through me, radiating from my pussy to the rest of my body. Seconds later, Lisa was there, too, grunting softly as her orgasm spread through her.

We lay back and just looked at each other for a moment. “I’ve wanted to do that all day,” she said.

“Me, too, especially after seeing you naked like that.”

“You really want to do it with me, don’t you?”

I laughed and mocked her previous words to me. “Is it that obvious?”

She looked at the watch that lay beside her lounge chair. “Oh, shit! We have to get ready. I’ve got to shower and be at the hotel in forty-five minutes!”

“Oh, yes. I guess the job does have to come first. I’d nearly forgotten.”

“And I was going to make love with you! I’m still horny!”

“Me too. But we’ll have time later.”


“Will your family be home tonight?”

“Not until Wednesday.”

“Well, I could meet you here after you finish sitting Kay.”

“Oh, God. That would be terrific!”

“Then it’s a date!” We got up and went into her room and I got dressed. She offered to let me shower with her first, but I knew if we did that, she’d never make it to her nanny job, and I was the boss, after all. Before leaving, though, I approached her and took her in my arms and kissed her, my tongue working in her mouth and enjoying the feel of hers as it explored my mouth and tongue.

Walking to my car, I congratulated myself for hiring Lisa. This was going to be a wonderful working and non-working relationship.

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