Serendipity, Chapter 1

  • Posted on June 24, 2015 at 11:05 am

By Naughty Mommy

NOTE: This new series opens as a continuation of the story begun in Nanna Comes to Help, and then also mixes in characters from Sheila, Bridget, and the Girls, from Bambi at the Beach, and from Showing Amanda.

To keep everyone straight while you’re reading, use this link for Characters & Relationships. Serious readers may also want to consult this Readers Guide to follow all the threads through the interweaving storylines.

“Okay, Mother, that sounds great. We’ll have so much fun! All right, I will. You too… love you, bye!” Stacie O’Neill hung up the phone and went to find her daughter to tell her the news.

Jordan was in her bedroom playing. Stacie stood by the door and watched for a moment.

“Now you get on top, like this. Ride Pony on her tongue, okay? It feels good, right? Do you like it?”

The little girl was holding one of her Barbies on top of another, crotch to face. Both dolls were naked. Several other figures lay nearby in similar states of undress. Apparently Jordan was conducting a Barbie lesbian orgy.

Stacie smiled. She decided not to interrupt the game, instead continuing down the hall to her own bedroom to start thinking about what they might want to pack for the trip. The news could wait.


After finishing the call to her daughter, Carol O’Neill sat down at the computer and prepared an email to her sister, giving their itinerary. Stacie would drive from Spokane to Seattle with Jordan on the following Friday morning, and then the three of them would take an afternoon flight to SFO, arriving at 4:30 on Delta. Originally they had planned to fly straight to San Diego, but then someone hatched the idea of renting a conversion van and driving down the coast from San Francisco. The scenery should be nice, and it would give them a vehicle to use during their week in southern California.

It seems like a good alternative, thought Carol. Probably Stephanie came up with it. My sister’s lover is a smart one, all right, and attractive too. Plus she has those adorable twins from when she was married before. They’ll be 8 by now and prettier than ever, I’ll bet. She was glad Veronica had made such a good match with Stephanie. The pair had been living in a two-mom lesbian partnership for almost five years, along with the twins, Hailey and Holly, and Veronica’s daughter, Kelly, who was 14. Carol hadn’t seen the little girls or the rest of her sister’s family in more than a year and was looking forward to it.

But that’s going to be quite a crew packed into the van, she mused, the five of them and the three of us, four women and four girls. They seem to think we’ll have plenty of room, though. I guess we’ll find out.


Stephanie Franklin saw the email arrive from Carol, Veronica’s sister. Probably news about our trip, she assumed. Checking the subject line, she nodded to herself but put off reading the message until later. Right now she had something else on her mind. She clicked back to the other tab, returning to those enticing pictures of the sexy young girl, maybe 10 years old, wearing a skintight leotard that hugged her pussy lips, leaving very little to the imagination. Putting her hand between her legs, Stephanie resumed masturbating.

She looked at the pretty brunette on the computer screen, at her cute face, her smile, those huge brown eyes that seemed so inviting, so willing, so ready for anything. As she enlarged her favorite photo from the set, a shot where the girl had her legs spread wide apart, Stephanie moved up close to the monitor and slipped her hand inside her panties. She was very wet.

Masturbating was one of her favorite activities. She loved having sex with Veronica, it was wonderful, definitely the best she’d ever had in her life. But she also loved playing with herself, teasing her clit, getting so close, staying right on the edge of orgasm for as long as she could while looking at pictures and videos of hot young girls or reading erotic stories about them.

As a stay-at-home mom, Stephanie had the luxury of managing her own time. Most days during the school year she would try to set aside an hour or so, and sometimes more, to spend this way. She was responsible for the housework, for taking care of the girls, for doing the shopping and the cooking and so on. Veronica was the one who went to work every day, earning money to pay the bills. That was their arrangement, and it made them both happy.

As the climax rippled through her body, the 29-year-old blonde clamped her thighs together, jiggling her hand slightly, prolonging the orgasm, stretching it out. When it was finally finished, she slid her hand out of her panties, licked and sucked her juicy fingers, and then checked the clock. Her daughters would be home soon. She turned off the computer and got up to start making dinner.


Although her job as Assistant City Manager kept her very busy, Veronica almost always left a window open on her desktop computer for her personal email, just in case. And now she noticed a new message from Carol.

I wonder, she thought, if I’ll see anything else there as odd as what she wrote the last time, about her and Stacie getting “closer than ever before”… hmm, and what was that other line? Oh yeah, “discovering a new level of intimacy”… that one really was a head-scratcher. It can’t mean what I think it means, though, can it?

Well, anyway, no time for that right now. I need to get this report finished before the end of the day. I’ll read her email later, after I get home.


Carol popped a Healthy Choice meal in the microwave for her supper. As it warmed, she idly fondled her breast, feeling her nipple grow hard, poking through the thin fabric of her blouse and her barely-there bra. She’d gone out shopping that day, buying some racy new lingerie, bras and panties that made her feel young and sexy. She was wearing one of those bras now, black and nearly transparent. After she ate, Carol decided, she would take off her clothes, look at herself in the mirror, and masturbate again.

That made her chuckle. Here I am, 44 years old, playing with myself constantly like a randy teenager. What will that be, three times today? No, four. Wow, I’m oversexed or something. Not that she minded. Ever since returning from her visit with her daughter and granddaughter, she couldn’t stop masturbating, rubbing herself as she remembered all the things she’d done with them.



“Yes, honey?”

“What do you like better, Pony-Pony or just Pony?”

Stacie and Jordan were in the bathroom, getting ready for bed. They’d just finished bathing together, as they did every night, and were about to brush their teeth. Pony and Pony-Pony were sex games that Jordan’s grandmother, Carol, the woman she called Nanna, had taught her.

“Hm, well, I don’t know. I like both,” said Stacie. “Which one do you like best?”

The little girl paused, thinking, her toothbrush held just in front of her mouth. Finally she pronounced, “I like it best when you ride Pony on me, ‘cuz it tastes so good.”

“Okay,” Stacie giggled. “Is that what you want to do tonight?”


They brushed their teeth, then got in bed together naked. Jordan lay on her back and her mother mounted her. Using her fingers, Stacie parted her labia. Her pink clit was already erect in anticipation of what was to come. As Jordan stuck out her tongue, Stacie lowered herself on top of it, sitting on her daughter’s face. She felt her heart beating faster. The woman began to move, but only a little bit at first, slowly sliding her clit up and down over the 7-year-old child’s extended tongue.


“Wow, you’re really revved up tonight,” Stephanie giggled as her partner pushed her legs open and hungrily started licking her, “even more than usual.”

“I know, I can’t help it.”

“Any special reason?”

“No, you’re just so damn sexy. I mean, god, look at that fucking hot pussy.” Veronica grinned at Stephanie, then buried her face in the blonde’s wet folds.


Kelly Peters could hear her moms having sex. Her room was right next to theirs and the walls were thin. They didn’t have sex every night, but most nights they would, and when they did Kelly listened closely. From their voices and other sounds, Kelly tried to visualize who was doing what to whom. When she heard Veronica, her birth mom, moaning and talking, she figured that meant Stephanie, her adopted mom, was licking her, and vice versa. Of course it was pretty easy to tell when one of them had an orgasm. They weren’t very quiet about it and evidently didn’t even try to be.

It excited Kelly to hear the two women enjoying their bodies so expressively. Lying in her bed in the dark, she rubbed herself and tried to make it so that she could come at the same time they did. That way it almost seemed as if they were all three having sex together, which was the teenager’s ultimate fantasy.

*      *      *

One week later, Stephanie and Kelly and the twins drove to the airport in their rented conversion van to pick up Carol and Stacie and Jordan. Veronica was still at work. When they loaded the bags and climbed inside, Stacie was pleasantly surprised to find how big and roomy the van felt. Maybe the road trip wouldn’t be so bad after all. Privately she’d been a little concerned about being packed in so close. But this certainly didn’t feel cramped to her. It felt luxurious, like an honest to goodness vacation, something she and her daughter had never really had together.

She looked at Jordan, sitting next to her. The little one was unusually quiet. She’d been ecstatic on the plane during her first airline ride. But now she was subdued. Either she was just tired or more likely a bit shy around Kelly and Hailey and Holly. Because the two families lived so far apart, the kids had seen each other only a few times while growing up. They’ll get over that soon enough, Stacie was sure.

And she was right. By the time they arrived at Stephanie and Veronica’s townhouse in San Francisco’s Sunset District, less than thirty minutes away, the three younger girls were babbling up a storm. You would think they’d been best friends all their lives.

They had take-out Chinese for dinner, and then talked about how early they should try to leave the next morning for their drive down the coast. Aiming for a start time of 8:00 AM, they began getting ready for bed — which led to a discussion of who should sleep where. It seemed that Jordan wanted to sleep with everyone, or at least she definitely wanted to be in the same room with Hailey and Holly, and she also wanted to sleep with her Mommy and her Nanna. But how could that be arranged? With three fairly small bedrooms, it couldn’t.

At length it was decided that Kelly would sleep on the sofa in the living room, Carol/Nanna would sleep in Kelly’s room, and Stacie and Jordan would share one of the single beds in the twins’ room while Holly and Hailey shared the other.


Lying in Kelly’s bed, Carol thought about her life. Until a few weeks earlier, she had never slept with anyone except her late husband, unless you went all the way back to high school and that one other boy that one time. Even when she was married, the sex was not frequent. Her husband often traveled on business, was away more than he was home, and when he was home tended to ignore her. It wasn’t what you would call the most fulfilling marriage.

Carol had never been unfaithful to him, however, resorting only to fantasy and masturbation as a release. Two years ago, he’d had a sudden heart attack and died, leaving Carol alone. She took over running his business, the company he owned, and that gave her some satisfaction for a while. But it wasn’t until she made a visit to Spokane to stay with little Jordan for a few days while Stacie was away that her life completely changed. She discovered what and whom she was, what and whom she wanted. She was happier now than she had ever been before. Carol turned onto her stomach, put her hand between her legs and humped her fingers, imagining herself having sex with a little girl, a 7-year-old child, and soon brought herself to a thunderous climax.


Veronica and Stephanie were in a ’69’ with the slim brunette on top of the blonde. It was a position they often used and enjoyed. Of course, they also enjoyed tribbing, oral sex, masturbating each other, kissing, role-playing, and a lot of other things too. The women were well suited, both highly sexed and both possessing creative erotic imaginations. They liked sharing their naughtiest fantasies in bed with each other, fantasies that tended to run in the direction of lesbian sex with little girls. For both women, that was an extremely intense turn-on. Neither expected it would ever be more than just a dream for them, though. People just didn’t do those kinds of things in real life.


“Mommy,” whispered Jordan, “can we play Pony?”

“Shh, no, we can’t, baby, not tonight.” Stacie hugged the girl closer, kissing the top of her head. “Just go to sleep.”

She was glad that although her daughter’s whisper was easily loud enough to be heard by the two little blondes in the bed across from theirs, the twins would have no idea what it meant, would never suspect that Pony referred to oral sex. Or that if she’d used the other term, the one that mean tribbing, they —

“Can we do Pony-Pony?”

“No, we can’t!” Stacie whispered fiercely. “Now hush!”

In contrast to her angry tone, which she knew Jordan would recognize as feigned, the woman felt herself becoming strongly aroused. This beautiful child, my own daughter, is asking to have sex with me! That forbidden wish flooded Stacie with carnal desire, an almost overpowering, aching need. She wanted to very badly, but of course she couldn’t, not in the same room with a pair of 8-year-olds.

And when she thought about that, about the possibility of the other little ones watching them, getting the idea, getting turned on, possibly joining them, or maybe even experimenting with each other — god, it was so hot! Her clit tingled and Stacie squeezed her thighs together. By instinct, her hand went between her legs. For a moment, she considered trying to restrain herself, but then she reasoned, well, just for a short while, only a few strokes, that can’t do any harm.

Jordan sensed her mother’s hand moving between her legs. It was a very familiar action to her, always comforting, reassuring, warm, and pleasant. Sliding a hand inside her Mommy’s short nightgown, she found a breast and squeezed it.

“No,” Stacie breathed, softer than a whisper. But when the child pulled the gown up, brought her mouth to her mother’s erect nipple and began to suck, Stacie made no attempt to stop her.


Standing just outside the twins’ bedroom door, Kelly listened intently. She had a hand inside her panties, playing with her wet pussy.

A few minutes earlier, she’d heard her two moms both reach orgasm, one after the other. They were quite loud, as usual, which excited the girl. Shortly after that, she’d heard interesting sounds coming from inside her own bedroom. Could it be that her Aunt Carol was masturbating in Kelly’s bed? It certainly seemed like it. And sure enough, before long came the unmistakable moans and sighs of a delicious female climax. Kelly had stood close to the door until the older woman was finished, becoming even more aroused. She was just about to return to the sofa when she heard something else that surprised her.


Stacie clenched her teeth, trying not to pant or moan out loud, willing herself to stay as quiet as possible as she felt her climax approaching. It was difficult, though, because she was very turned on. Jordan was lying half on top of her, sucking one nipple, fingers playing with the other. Stacie had an arm around her daughter, hugging her tightly, her other hand working fast between her legs. She was getting close, so close. It was way too late to stop even if she’d wanted to, which she didn’t. She wanted to come, to have an orgasm in bed with her daughter while the two little girls slept in the bed next to theirs. Or were they sleeping? Could the twins be awake right now, listening? Could they be playing with themselves, or with each other?

The twins were awake and listening. They weren’t playing with each other, however, nor with themselves. They had yet to become actively sexual. But the little blonde girls were very curious about what they were hearing. They huddled together in the dark, wondering what it meant, the soft moans, the heavy breathing, and some sort of slurping sounds. What could it be?


This is totally unbelievable, thought Kelly, her ear close to the door. Either my cousin Stacie is masturbating while her daughter sleeps next to her, or… or… no, that couldn’t be, could it? A mommy and her little girl, doing… doing what?

Imagining the possibilities almost made her come right then and there. And a moment later when she heard Stacie reach climax, that did make her come. Standing in the hall, the young teenager shoved a finger deep inside her dripping pussy as wave after wave of orgasm crashed over her.

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  1. Aliciamom says:

    Oh this is going to be another good one!

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    great continuation , I am just loving it thanks.

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    I love it. “Nanna Comes to Help” is one of your stories I especially wanted a sequel to (“A Special Request” is another, hint hint!), and you’ve got it off to a cracking start. My cap is doffed to you, dear lady.

  4. Thanks Alicia and Kimberly and JetBoy!

    I am planning to work on another chapter or two for “A Special Request.” It might be a little while until I can get to that, though. There are only so many hours in a day for writing porn, hee-hee.

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    still waiting for your nightynite story kimberly *smooch*

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    Wow so very hot!!!

  8. Thank you, harlequin, and thank you, John. Glad you enjoyed it!

    Unfortunately, harlequin, I don’t think your idea about inserting portraits with each paragraph is very practical… but I do think that as you continue reading the story and become more familiar with the characters, the switching will become easier to follow and will seem less intrusive. At least I hope so. Please let me know what you think after reading a few more chapters, all right?

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    Oh my goodness 🙂 I have been away for FAR too long (life, and all that), and what a delicious beginning of a story to cum back to! I was thinking of myself as Stacie, with Jordan at my breast, and I didn’t last very long after that 😀

    I certainly hope that Stacie finds out about Kelly watching, and soon! That alone would make me cum again, to know that another young lovely was listening (and hopefully watching) my daughter and I share such intimate pleasures. And it’s time to end my comments, because I need to go read more of the story!

  11. Glad to have you back, DaughterLover. We missed you! And thanks so much for telling me just what it was in the story that put you over the top. I love hearing that from readers. 😀

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    • Poppabear or PoppaClyde2 says:

      Brenda, my love, are you in for a wonderful surprise with this story!
      As it’s been over a day since you posted this comment, and the others about NM’s stories, you could be well into the joys of this family saga by the time you’re back here.
      So glad you found this site and I hope our little community here is a good support. I know lots of the girls help one another.
      Be good and be safe.

  14. I’m so happy you’re enjoying it, Brenda. It’s really exciting for me when a new reader discovers my stories. 😀

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    I love your attention to detail. The picture here of little Jordan teaching oral sex to her Barbie dolls is great and I can’t get it out of my mind. Keep up the great work.

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