Sheila, Bridget, and the Girls, Chapter 4

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By Naughty Mommy

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“We don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, sweetheart.”

“No, I do want to,” protested Fiona. “I mean, I want to, I really do, but… I don’t know, I’m just confused or something.”

“It’s okay.” Bridget kissed the top of the girl’s head as she held her close, stroking her back and her legs. She gently rocked her, murmuring soft words, kissing and comforting.

Completely spent, Sheila rolled off her daughter to lie on her back, panting, sweating, licking her lips, still tasting Erin’s pussy. The teenager, also exhausted, crawled alongside her mother and collapsed there, taking her hand. They lay beside each other for several minutes, slowly recovering.

Fiona took a deep breath, then let it out as she nestled in closer. She was definitely feeling better now. Being held in Bridget’s arms, so cozy and safe, made everything seem okay. They cuddled for several minutes.

After a time, Erin turned onto her side, facing her mom. She rested a hand on her full breast as their breathing gradually calmed. She kissed her mother’s shoulder and snuggled in closer.

The girl purred as she felt her aunt kissing the top of her head, her hands gently stroking her hair, her shoulders, her back… it felt good to be touched that way, so comforting and so nice… the woman’s warm hands caressing her, rubbing her back, now rubbing her legs, so relaxing… she had a nice soft touch on her legs, on her thighs, on her bottom… and Bridget smelled so good too, so delicious… it was some kind of sexy perfume that made Fiona want to… to do something… she slowly opened her eyes… and there in front of her face, maybe an inch away, was a long brown nipple… it was her aunt’s perfect breast, waiting for her, reaching out to her… Fiona licked her lips, she smelled the perfume, she felt the touch of the woman’s hands on her bottom, squeezing her bottom, teasing inside the crack… Fiona parted her lips, moved her head slightly forward, and took the nipple into her mouth.

“Oh!” Bridget was momentarily startled. Then she smiled. I guess she must be feeling fine now, she thought, as she resumed petting the girl.

Fiona sucked the hard nipple. It felt so right, so good in her mouth. She loved the taste, the feel, everything. She was very happy.


“Yes, honey?” said Sheila.

“Do you ever think about… um, about Fiona?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, like, do you think she’s sexy?”

Sheila opened her eyes, turning her head on the pillow to look at Erin. She smiled at her. “Do you think she is?”

Erin grinned sheepishly. “Yeah, I mean, I like all girls. But Fiona’s really cute, and, and, well you know, sometimes I think about her that way.”

“What way?” Sheila asked. She knew very well what Erin meant, but she wanted to hear her say it.

“You know,” Erin giggled. “I think about her sometimes when I play with myself. You know.”

“Yeah, I do.” Sheila smiled, giving her older daughter a squeeze.

Gradually, instinctively, Fiona shifted around as she sucked her aunt’s nipple, until she was cradled in the woman’s arms, like a baby. Bridget gazed adoringly at the child, kissed her forehead, stroked her hair, caressed her round little bottom and her smooth thighs. She cooed to her, loving the sensation of having her nipples sucked, loving the feel of a young female body in her arms. She kissed Fiona’s cheek, her forehead, and then, almost without thinking, she slipped her hand between the girl’s legs, cupping her vulva.

“But do you, like, do you think about Fiona that way too?”

“What way?”

Mom — you know what I mean.”

“Okay,” Sheila laughed. “Yes, I do think about her that way. I often think about her when I masturbate. I especially think about her while she’s watching me masturbate.”

“What??” Erin lifted her head to stare at her mother, frowning slightly. “What do you mean?”

“Well, she watches me sometimes. And I’m telling you, it gets me really hot when she does.”

When she felt a hand reaching between her legs, Fiona opened her eyes. She let the nipple slip from her mouth.

Bridget was gazing at her. “Is this what you want, baby?” she whispered as her fingers tenderly stroked the girl’s labia. There was some hair there, but not much yet, just a bit of downy auburn fuzz.

Fiona didn’t say anything. She smiled softly and nodded (looking more like a little girl than ever, Bridget thought to herself), then turned her attention back to the erect wet nipple, taking it into her mouth with a contented sigh, closing her eyes and sucking again.

“She watches you?” asked Erin.

“Yes, she does. See, honey, sometimes when you’re out and it’s just Fiona and me at home, and if I’m feeling, well, especially horny — then I’ll go in my room and take off all my clothes and start masturbating — but I leave the door wide open so she can see me.”

“Wow, Mom…”

“I don’t think she knows that I know she’s watching. But I really like it. It gets me so hot.”

Bridget could feel warm moisture at the bottom of Fiona’s slit. It was dripping out of her. She used the slippery juices to lubricate the girl’s labia, making it easy for her fingers to slide within. She heard the child moan, but her eyes did not open. Bridget gently fondled her, found her little clit, felt the young body tremble as experienced fingers caressed her sex.

“It reminds me of, you know, when you caught me,” Erin said.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, like, I don’t know if I really wanted you to find me that way, but maybe I actually did. I don’t know.”

“Yes, maybe you did.” Sheila chuckled as she recalled that day. “It wasn’t as if I tried to sneak up on you or anything. I was making enough noise, I think, coming up the stairs, carrying all those packages.”

“I know, but I swear I didn’t hear you. I didn’t hear anything. Remember, I was almost ready to come.”

“Mmh, mmph…” Fiona was making urgent noises as her aunt expertly rubbed her pussy. The girl’s mouth was full of nipple, but Bridget knew what the sounds meant. She was getting close. With her thumb stroking Fiona’s clit, Bridget extended her middle finger until she found the opening to her vagina. She probed within. Fiona gasped and squealed, the nipple popping from her mouth.

“You want to come, little baby? You want to come for me?” Bridget rubbed her faster, pushing her finger inside.

And then Fiona was climaxing.

“It was so nice watching you, sweetheart, watching you come like that,” Sheila whispered. She turned onto her side, facing her daughter, their noses touching. She caressed her cheek. “You were so beautiful, so sexy, lying on my bed, surrounded by my panties and things.”

“It was kind of embarrassing,” the teenager giggled, “getting caught that way. But you were so nice about it.”

Sheila kissed Erin’s lips.

“And then when you said it made you want to, you know, to masturbate too — and to masturbate with me. God, that was awesome.”

“You certainly didn’t seem to mind,” the woman smiled.

“No, I was happy! I always thought you were hot, Mom, I really did. But I never ever thought you might want to do anything like that with me.”

“Mmm, I’m so glad we did.” Sheila rolled on top of her daughter, kissing her mouth.

Fiona was limp in Bridget’s arms. The powerful orgasm had taken everything out of her. She was breathing heavily, her young body flushed. Bridget held her for a moment, just looking at her. Then she raised her own hand to her face, smelling her fingers, enjoying the lovely fragrance of the child’s sex. She licked her middle finger, which was still wet, tasting her juices. Smiling, Bridget bent down and gently kissed her niece on the lips. Fiona stirred, but seemed to be in a trance, if not asleep.

Bridget briefly considered letting Fiona stay with her, spend the whole night in her bed. But if Debby came to her room in the morning, as she often did, and found them naked together, that would not do. So, she carefully picked the girl up and carried her to the spare bedroom.

Fiona roused briefly as Bridget settled her in bed. “Mmh,” she murmured, “did I fall asleep?”

“Yes, and you go right back to sleep now, baby girl, okay?” Bridget whispered as she tenderly kissed the child’s forehead, tucking her in.


And before Bridget left the room, Fiona was fast asleep.

Kissing, thrusting, groaning, licking, grabbing, panting — almost insane with incestuous lust, Sheila made urgent wild love with her teenage daughter for one last time that night. Pushing Erin’s legs wide apart, she placed her hot wet cunt directly on top of the girl’s and began fucking her, pussy to pussy.

Bridget stepped inside her daughter’s room for a moment. After letting her eyes adjust to the dark, she tiptoed over to Debby’s bed. The 9-year-old was on her side, her hair arrayed across the pillow. One slim young leg was partly outside the covers. Bridget knelt at the bedside and gently pushed the covers further back so she could see more of the girl’s body. She loved to look at her this way.

Most mothers like to gaze at their sleeping children, of course, but for Bridget it was more, or at least it had become more in the past year or so. Now when she looked at her daughter’s smooth skin, at those slender arms and legs, she felt a sexual thrill. Never had she never told anyone about this and she wasn’t sure she ever would, but to Bridget, a girl of only 8 or 9 years old, like Debby, was the perfect age. So utterly delicious, so desirable. She knew what that meant. There was a word for it. It meant that Bridget was a pedophile, a lesbian pedophile.

As she thought about that word, she began to get aroused. She was still naked, so she simply slid her hand down between her legs and started rubbing her clit. She leaned closer, her face next to the sleeping girl’s body. She let her lips graze the soft skin of the child’s thigh, inhaling her aroma. How wonderful it would be if she could pull down the little one’s panties and look at her, and kiss her, and lick her —

Bridget was quickly getting close, too close. She didn’t want to go all the way, didn’t want to climax in Debby’s bedroom. Reluctantly she got to her feet again, pulled the covers back over her daughter, and then kissed her cheek and went back to her own room, where she climbed naked into bed and masturbated.

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  1. Tray21 says:

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  9. No, I’m sorry, R, water sports just isn’t my thing. You might get something like that from one of the other authors here, but not from me, I’m afraid. I hope you’ll still keep enjoying my stories though!

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  15. Lynn, my Lost Girl Game story opens with a mom and daughter shopping for bras, although that’s not really a major theme, just a starting point.

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