Nanny for a Night, Chapter 5

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The Lesson from Eavesdropping

By Cheryl Taggert

NOTE FROM JUICY SECRETS: The following picks up where chapter 4 left off. If you haven’t read that chapter yet, it is advised that you do before reading his chapter. The reader should be aware of several things in order to better follow what is happening here, especially in the beginning of the chapter.

I quickly motioned for the girls to be completely quiet. They were naked, of course, and I watched the two beautiful girls tip-toe towards the sofa where I sat listening to their parents fucking. Of course, they had no idea that’s what I was listening to, and I started to wonder if I should tell them or keep it a secret. After all, this was their mommy and daddy, and they were talking about fantasies of having sex in one way or another with their older daughter, Lynn.

The eleven-year-old who was the subject of their erotic conversation gave me a quizzical look that asked who it was on the phone and why she and Lori had to be so quiet. I put my finger to my lips and pulled my phone away from my mouth to speak to them. I still wasn’t sure I should tell them.

“It’s someone I know and they are fucking,” I almost whispered. “They don’t know they didn’t hang up their phone.” That was true, every word of it.

“Can we listen?” Lori asked quietly. I was glad she had taken the hint and not been too loud. I’d hate for Gina and their father to hear them on the other end of the open line.

“Maybe in a minute,” I said, deciding I would listen for a bit and make my decision later, or I would just pretend the line went dead and hang up.

I continued listening to the happy couple on the other end of the line.

“You’d love to lick her little pussy, wouldn’t you?”


“You’ve been watching her and fantasizing about it, haven’t you?”


“She makes you hot just to think about licking her, doesn’t she?”

“Oh, God, YES!” Grunts and flesh slapping against flesh punctuated their conversation. The sound was like the prehistoric drumbeat of some ancient culture.

“Do you remember that time we watched her masturbate?”

This was news.

“Of course. To this day she has no idea we were watching her.”

“That still gets me hard whenever I think of that.”

“I’ve come dozens of times remembering it.”

I could hear that the pace of fucking was slowing for a moment.

“Your pussy looks good too, you know. Reach back and rub it some.”

I listened as Gina began to rub her own clit while her husband fucked her, but what really had me going was the idea that they’d watched Lynn bringing herself off. I wondered where and when that had been. I knew that being a man, Lynn’s father would be ogling his growing daughter as she blossomed into a woman, but it was more than just a little exciting that Gina had been watching her and even used the memory of Lynn masturbating to aid her fantasy life.

I could hear Gina coming in the background. God, it made me hot!

I decided it was time to hang up and see what I could find out from the girls. Perhaps I would share what I’d learned from their parents; perhaps I wouldn’t. I would let it play itself out.

I hung up the phone.

“Aww! We didn’t get a chance to listen,” said Lynn. She was obviously not pleased.

“We’ve heard Mommy and Daddy fucking before!” added Lori. “You shoulda let us listen to those people fucking!”

“Well,” I began, “actually, that WAS your mommy and daddy.”

Lynn’s jaw dropped. “Mommy and Daddy were fucking, and you listened but wouldn’t let us?”

“Yes, but I have a good reason,” I said. “I didn’t think it was something you would enjoy hearing.”

“They’re our mommy and daddy,” said Lori. “You shoulda let us listen too cuz they’re our mommy and daddy, not yours.”

Seeing it from an eight-year-old’s point-of-view, I could see where she would think that. “Well, honey, it was what they were talking about while they were fucking that made me think you maybe shouldn’t listen.”

“What were they talking about!?” asked Lori. This was one angry eight-year-old. She felt she’d been cheated out of some kind of family birthright, or something.

“Yeah, what?” asked Lynn.

I decided to come clean about one thing, anyway. “Umm.” I looked at Lynn. “You.”

She knitted her brow in irritated wonder. “Me?”

I nodded.

“What were they saying about me?”

“Well, honey…” I wasn’t sure I wanted to go there now that I’d started the jump into that particular pool.

Lynn began to bounce on the sofa with curiosity and irritation. “What were they saying about me?!”

I reached out and put my hands on Lynn’s thighs to stop her from bouncing. “Calm down, Sweetie.” I took a deep breath. “I’ll tell you.”

Both girls looked at me as if I had all of mankind’s most secret knowledge inside me and was about to share it with them. I suppose in some ways, I did. “Honey, have you ever been, well, playing with your pussy and felt you were being watched by someone?”

“No. I ne–” Then it dawned on her. Her eyes grew into saucers. “You mean they saw me do it?”

I have a red tablecloth I rarely use because its color dominates everything in the room it is such a bright red. Lynn’s cheeks reminded me of that tablecloth. Embarrassment and shame flooded her as she realized her parents must have seen her doing what is to a teenager, or a tween like her, the most private thing in the world. I knew that shame and embarrassment from personal experience, but in my case, my mother was not the kind to stay and watch–or masturbate later to the memory dozens of times.

Gina, on the other hand, was.

“Sweetheart, you have to realize that parents have all kinds of secrets they won’t share with their children, just as the children have secrets they won’t share with their parents. A lot of the time, these secrets have something to do with sex. Mommies and Daddies are human too, and they will have fantasies about things they would never actually do.”

Lynn was near tears. “They saw me?”

“Yes, Honey, but it’s not as bad as you’re thinking it is.”

“How do you know they saw me?” This was clearly an effort to be able to deny she’d been seen.

“They spoke about it while I was listening on the phone.”

“While they were fucking?”



“Don’t you realize why?” I asked, hoping she would see it for herself. It’s not that easy to tell an eleven-year-old girl that her parents fantasize about committing various sex acts with her. I glanced at Lori, who was following what was happening but not understanding why either.

“Wait a minute,” Lynn said, holding both hands in front of her waist in a sort of “stop” gesture. “They were fucking and talking about catching me playing with my pussy?” I nodded. “And they were all, like, turned on?” I nodded again. She was getting there on her own. “Oh, my God!” Bingo. Her voice lowered to a whisper, as if her parents might be in the next room. Her face scrunched up to show the beginnings of a look that said, “Eww!” in the strongest sense. “You mean it turned them on to think about it?”

“As I said, Honey. Some parents have secrets from their children they would never tell them. The fact is that they not only saw you, they continued to watch until you came. Seeing you like that turned them both on very much. Your mom has masturbated numerous times to the memory of watching you.”

That struck home. She was now the picture of incredulity. “Mom masturbates?”

I had to chuckle at that. “Of course, Honey. We all do.”

“And she masturbates thinking of me?”

Again, I nodded.

“You mean my mom has the hots for me?”

“She wouldn’t be the first mom, not by a long shot, and she won’t be the last. I have the hots for you, and I’m an adult.”

“But you’re not my mom.”

“Well, I have to confess, even if I were, I think I’d still have the hots for you.”

This made her smile, but I could see she was still shaken up a bit over this news.

“Does my dad masturbate thinking of it?”

“Well, he didn’t say, but I’m sure he does. Dads are more likely than moms to feel that way about a daughter. Or at least, that’s what the statistics say.”

“What are those?” asked Lori, who had been paying rapt attention to everything that had been said.

“Just something with numbers about the percentage of people who do certain things,” I said, simplifying a very difficult subject, and looked at her. She was unashamedly doing what Lynn had been caught by their parents doing. Her inner labia and clit were a bright pink.

Lori grinned at me.

“Does this kind of talk turn you on, young lady?” I asked, grinning back. She giggled and nodded. “What about it turned you on?”

“Picturing Lynn and Mommy doing it together!”

I leaned down and gave her pussy a kiss through her fingers. She moved her hand to allow me access to her most private area. Just as I was getting to this pot of gold, Lynn’s hand on my back stopped me momentarily. I could tell from its pressure that she wasn’t quite through with this topic.

“Do you really think Mommy would want me to do stuff with her?”

“I don’t know, but I do know how to find out.”

“I can’t just ask her. That would be too embarrassing.”

“No, but you could set it up for her to catch you again. Then you could catch her watching you. No telling where that conversation might lead. But you should only let it lead where you want it to.”

“And what about Daddy. Do you think he’d want to?”

“I’m certain of it, but be very careful with that. Sometimes Daddies want to take stuff like that further than you want it to go. I mean that. Be very careful about getting your daddy involved in that. If you’re interested in seeing about what Mommy might be willing to do, you can start there, and see if she would include your daddy under her direction or something but ONLY if that’s what you want. Also, make sure you don’t leave this little one out of it either,” I said, moving toward the treasure that awaited me from the center of Lori’s little-girl pelvis. “She definitely likes having her pussy licked, don’t you?”

“Yeah!” said Lori, and we were off to the races to another orgasm.

Burying my face in the sweetness of her bald, little pussy, I moved my tongue immediately to her clit, knowing how she’d been playing with it extensively during the conversation. She was likely getting to a point that she needed to come because soon her pussy would be sore from all the manipulations that had been taking place.

I felt Lynn moving toward my pussy, easing my legs apart so she could get to my slit and drink as much of my juices as she could. I happily obliged and soon she had her face buried in my wetness, lapping it up like a thirsty dog at a water dish. Each swipe of her tongue across my clit sent shivers of anticipation through my spine. I could feel her devouring me as I did the same to Lori.

I felt some movement at the lower end of the bed and saw that Lynn was frantically rubbing her own pussy, seeking the orgasm that was probably just below the surface. That’s how it is sometimes, and she seemed to be working hard for that come.

Her mouth was basically turning my insides to jelly. I was becoming a quivering mass of naked flesh that trembled to reach my climax. My own mouth glued itself to Lori’s small pussy as I licked and sucked everywhere. Lynn’s hand was a blur.

I wasn’t exactly sure who started over the crest first, but in moments we were all coming as waves of bliss slammed through us as if we were being touched rhythmically by a live wire that sent jolts of pleasure rather than electricity through our bodies.

Soon, or maybe an hour later, we lay sprawled in various positions on the couch and floor. Time seemed to have no meaning.

“I love my job!” I said to the room, and soft giggles of agreement mixed with sighs of pure contentment were returned.

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