Every Sunday Night, Part Two

  • Posted on June 1, 2015 at 1:51 pm

By Naughty Mommy

Mommy sits on my bed, naked. Her legs are spread wide. We can see her wet pussy. She holds it open for us, rubs herself a little bit, and then slides two fingers inside, pushing them in deep and wiggling them around. She does this for a minute, kind of groaning. Then she pulls the fingers out, showing me and my sister how they’re dripping with her juices. She puts the fingers in her mouth, tasting herself.

After she licks her fingers, Mommy smiles and says, “Okay girls, time to get cleaned up. Who wants to go first?”

“I do,” I tell her. I almost always go first.

Mommy nods to me, saying okay. Trisha, my big sister, 11 years old, lies back down on the floor.

I start with her face, licking her, using my tongue to clean up Mommy’s pussy juice. It’s all over her. I lick her cheeks and her nose and her eyelids and her forehead. Of course, I swallow all the pussy juice I can. It tastes really good. Then I lick her chin and all around her mouth and finally her lips. They’re mostly clean already, but I love licking Trisha that way. We kiss for a minute, but not too much because she doesn’t want to clean my face yet.

I go down to her neck. There’s not as much there, but I lick her anyway. And then her chest. Her little boobs aren’t very big, but when I lick them, my tongue kind of going around in circles, it makes her nipples get hard. I lick Trisha’s nipples, tasting my mom’s pussy juice on them. I suck her nipples too, for a long time. We both love that part. I can hear Mommy getting excited, fucking herself while she watches us.

Then I do Trisha’s tummy, finding whatever juice I can, and then her hips, and her legs. Not her slit yet, though. That comes last.

When my sister is clean all over everywhere, all except her pussy, I get down between her legs, pushing them apart.

I lean in close and look at her. I can see Mommy’s juice on her, big shiny globs of it and long strands too. First I lick around the edges, not inside, making sure I clean up everything, all around the outside of her pussy. Then I push her legs even more apart and lick her from the bottom up.

A lot of the stuff is on the rug, of course, and I leave that there, but I lick Trisha’s butt, even around her pooper. In our bath before bed we washed each other really well so it’s not dirty or anything. Trisha gets excited when I lick her pooper, and Mommy does too. I like making them happy.

Now she’s mostly all clean, all except the inside of her pussy. Mommy got an awful lot of juice in there this time. When I lick that, I know I’ll be licking some of Trisha’s own pussy juice too. You can’t really tell it apart, but I don’t mind that at all. They both taste so good.

Using my fingers, I open my sister’s pussy lips. She’s all wet and gooey and shiny inside. I put my nose in close and smell her. So yummy! I can feel my mouth watering. Again, I start at the bottom of her slit, licking upward. I don’t want to miss any of it. My tongue gets big full loads and I swallow it down, thinking what a lucky girl I am.

Trisha’s moaning now. I can see her playing with her nipples. I’m pretty sure Mommy is almost ready for another orgasm too. That’s how it sounds. We’ll see who gets there sooner.

I lick all down below first, on the inside of her pussy, even putting my tongue in her pink hole. Trish likes that. “Yes! Yes!” she says. I fuck her that way with my tongue for a minute, and then I slowly move up, licking inside her slit, making sure I don’t miss anything, until I get to the top. It’s time to suck her clit.

Just when I start kissing and licking Trisha there, I hear my mom coming. She usually tries to wait for my sister, so they can come together, but I guess she got too excited this time.

I lick Trisha’s clit and then I start sucking on it. There’s no pussy juice left, except what’s coming out of Trisha’s hole now. But that’s okay. That part is over. I did my job of cleaning up. Now I get the special treat of making my sister come.

It doesn’t take very long. I know just how she likes it, the nibbling and licking around the edges, the soft kisses, more licking, then more sucking, and when I hear her make those noises I know so well, it means I should stay right where I am and keep doing what I’m doing, and a minute later I hear her cry and I feel her body shake and I smell fresh juice coming from inside her.

I’m finished, and now it’s Trisha’s turn.

I lie on my back. I have to wait a little bit for my sister to calm down. Meanwhile I look at my mom, at her pussy. She likes it when her 9-year-old daughter looks at her, watching her play with herself.

Then Trisha’s ready. She does the same thing as me, starting with my face, licking everywhere, tasting Mommy’s pussy juice. She licks my mouth and we kiss. We can kiss longer this time. I love kissing her.

She licks my neck and my shoulder and my chest. I have a lot of pussy juice on me and it takes a while. I don’t mind. I love having her do this. She licks my nipples too. I don’t have any boobies yet, but I like the way it feels, kind of tickly, when she licks my nipples. It makes me tingle inside, in my pussy.

Trisha licks my belly, and my legs, just like I did with her, everything except my slit. At last I am clean everywhere, and now I get to feel my sister’s tongue on my pussy. She pushes my legs wide apart. I close my eyes so I can just feel everything. I feel her fingers opening me, I feel her breath, warm on me, and then her tongue, her lips, maybe even her whole mouth on me now, making sure she licks and sucks and drinks up all of Mommy’s pussy juice, and some of mine too of course.

She puts her tongue inside me, inside my hole, the same way I did, and I’m almost ready to come just from that. It won’t take me long when she gets to my clit. But she takes her time. She’s licking me all over, all around everywhere inside my slit, way more than she needs to do to make me clean.

I hear Mommy coming again. That gets me even more excited too — come on, Trish, lick my clit, suck my clit, make me come.

And she does. Almost like she heard me, my sister puts her mouth over my clit and her tongue gets busy and in maybe only a few seconds I have a huge orgasm. God I love that part.

Finally we’re done. It’s time for bed, and lights out for real this time. Mommy helps us put our nighties back on, and then she tucks us both in, kissing us and telling us how much she loves us. Now we wait until next Sunday.


34 Comments on Every Sunday Night, Part Two

  1. Evan says:

    Love this cleanup session – I wasn’t expecting it after reading ch. 1!! soo yummy!

  2. DaughterLover says:

    I used to always dream of having one daughter, to cherish and raise, and hopefully become lovers. But now this story is going to make me start dreaming of two 🙂 Why didn’t I dream of that before? Now that my mind is turned on, I can think of so many wonderful possibilities 😀 Thank you (yet again)!!

    ps By the way, the line “I can hear Mommy getting excited, fucking herself while she watches us.” did it for me 🙂

  3. drew says:

    Oh My! that is all I can say!!!

  4. Jack says:

    DELICIOUS!! Love where you went with this!

  5. Thanks, Evan and Drew and Jack!!

    And thanks, big thanks, to DaughterLover. I love it when a female reader will let me know exactly which point in my story does it for her. Ooh, so juicy! (Men too, I guess, but especially the women… sorry, guys, hee-hee)

  6. Jim says:

    Simple awesome!

  7. Dertydaddy says:

    The problem is that all of it will make men hard. I know I certainly was and my cock is dripping as well. I look forward to more if it is coming – I’d love to know how naughty mommy becomes! This is a new site for me, certainly different to the usual stuff on asstr – absolutely love it though! Thank you NaughtyMommy

  8. That’s not a problem, Dertydaddy. As I’ve said elsewhere, we are equal opportunity arousers here at Juicy Secrets — men, women, and anyone else, come one, come all!

  9. MrStrut says:

    Thank you NM for this story there is something about young with old lesbian love, but I have to say mother daughter love is the hottest. I look forward to future chapters.

  10. larry says:

    Loved reading what you wrote. I started stroking at the very beginning of chapter 1. Had a hard time not cummming at the end of the first chapter. Had to stop for a min and continue reading and paced myself to have a huge orgasm as the second chapter ended. Beautiful/more

  11. Thank you, Larry! There won’t be any more of this particular story, but you can certainly find plenty more of my stories at this site, as well as stories from other talented authors — and I hope they all will have the same effect on you! 😉

  12. Asian Toy says:

    OMG!!! That was so hot. I couldn’t stop playing with myself through out the whole story.

  13. mike says:

    Hot hot hot

  14. Gary says:

    Love your story. Especially when you and your sister and mom are all getting a orgasm together. I’d love to eat all 3 of your pussies at the same time.

  15. Dani says:

    Wonderful story!! Shared with my g/f and we both came multiple times!! Love pt.1 as well. Kudos to you! Wish i had a naughty mommy like her, or daughters to love and play with.

  16. Thanks, Dani! I’m glad you both enjoyed my dirty little story so much.

    And welcome to Juicy Secrets! It’s always so exciting to me when we receive first-time comments from readers. 🙂

  17. Sarah says:

    I usually read a story or two before I go to work. This was fun story. I was a little later putting on my panties thanks to you. Thank you.

  18. Misty Meadow says:

    Oh, how delicious! I wonder how Mommy first persuaded her little girls that pussy juice is the most thrilling beverage there is. That would’ve been nice to watch/read about. But I’m not complaining. It was a perfect story (I was led to it by another JS reader), not to little, not too much. There go another pair of my knickers into the laundry hamper.

  19. Gary says:

    I new to reading this kind of story but it is a real turn on. I’m a white male and I am crazy about eating pussy especially if the woman is into having her pussy eaten and her clit sucked on until she can’t cum anymore. I love all the pussy eating you mention. I have had many orgasms. Lol

  20. Lostsoul99 says:

    My favorite Naughty Mommy story. I come back to read it again and again and again and again and . . .

  21. sometimeago says:

    Astoundingly Hot! You write good girl.

  22. Jerry says:

    Ok my gf found this site using my phone and then slowly over several nights let it out and showed me the site . We fucked like crazed animals for a week . But this story drove me and her over the edge . Such dirty secrets wispered during sex . I think my body is still buzzing . Thank you for your stories i love love love them !

  23. Thanks, Jerry. I’m glad you and your girlfriend enjoyed this so much. 🙂

    And thanks also to sometimeago — sorry I didn’t reply to your comment sooner!

  24. CINDY says:


  25. Amanda Lynn says:

    You were right, NM. Sometimes just a short little story with mostly steamy sex between mom and her girls is all one needs. I first read this story a couple of years ago and I think I came harder this time. I might need a new rug too! 😛

  26. Kayci says:

    I can’t tell you how hot and erotic that story is to me. So makes me wish for the same kind of relationship. I would have so much trouble staying focused towards the end of the week, knowing what was…coming!! Delicious. Thank you.

  27. Litka says:

    Read this sort a while back and it still continues to excites me so much! So sensuous ,so sexy ! Makes me wish I had daughters. Each time I read this story it seems to get better and better and the pic in chapter one alone can make me cum. Great writing, Naughty Mommy, love this story !!

  28. Naughty Mommy says:

    Thank you very much, Litka, Kayci, and Amanda Lynn! It’s great to know that people are still reading and enjoying some of my older stories. 😀

  29. Princesspauline says:

    What better way to wake up on a sunday morning than a beautiful fantasy like this.It certainly made me wet,loved it.

  30. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Wow! loved this short story, Naughty Mommy. So mouth watering hot!…my tongue is tired just thinking of all that delicious licking!!!


  31. Charles says:

    Through I’m a male I love your story. I wish I was a female to be able to love my daughter like that.


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