Bambi at the Beach, Chapter 3

  • Posted on May 31, 2015 at 2:37 pm

By Naughty Mommy

The shower felt very nice after a long day at the beach, and that quick session of oral sex from my 10-year-old daughter felt even better. Fully refreshed, I started getting ready for our dinner date with Eve and her two girls.

I put on a summery green silk dress that left one shoulder bare. On the other side a slit ran from my knees halfway up my thigh. I had a jade necklace that went perfectly with the dress, along with matching green high-heeled sandals. I left my legs bare and did not wear either panties or a bra. My breasts swung freely under the smooth fabric, my nipples clearly evident.

Bambi went with one of her little girl outfits: a short-sleeved white cotton blouse, buttoned up, together with a very short pleated skirt, blue and green plaid. Under the skirt she was wearing ruffly white undies. She had white anklets on her feet, along with a pair of black buckled shoes. She looked adorable, and extremely seductive.

We admired each other, then took the elevator downstairs to meet our friends.

I was pleased to see that Eve was dressed in a denim miniskirt, instead of opting for pants — that meant, I hoped, that she wanted me to see her legs. She was wearing a striped gray tank top over it, with a bra, along with a light denim jacket that matched the skirt. Her legs, like mine, were bare, and she was wearing flat brown leather sandals.

“Wow, you look fantastic,” said Gwen to me as we walked up. “Like you’re in a magazine or something.”

“Thank you,” I smiled.

Gwen, 16, was in a short skirt as well, but it was of a stretchy knit fabric in neon pink. It set off her long tanned legs quite nicely. On top she was wearing a white v-neck shirt with a pink beaded necklace. She was wearing a bra, but it was thin enough that her nipples clearly protruded. On her feet were white sneakers.

“You look lovely yourself,” I told her. “Those legs of yours are just amazing.”

“Thanks,” she grinned.

I looked at Paige, the smoldering 11-year-old beauty. She was wearing black leggings with flat black shoes and a long-sleeved flowing top, like a smock, that came to mid-thigh. The smock was in a paisley pattern, gold and green.

I leaned over, fingering her silk top in my hands, and said to her, “This fabric is so beautiful. Did you choose the shirt yourself? Or did your mother get it for you?”

She smiled proudly. “No, I picked it out myself.”

“She just loves colors and patterns, of all kinds,” said Eve.

The five of us walked to the parking lot and found their car, and I gave Eve directions to the restaurant.

We enjoyed a pleasant meal together. I didn’t push the seduction during dinner, thinking it best just to relax and become more friendly. Bambi sat between me and Gwen. Eve sat on the other side of me, and Paige was between her mother and her sister.

As we ate, I felt my daughter’s hand sliding inside the slit in my dress several times. She reached her fingers up my thigh as far as she could, though I would not allow her to touch my bare pussy. And it was not only my leg that my little girl was caressing that night. I could see her hand moving under the table on her other side too, evidently stroking Gwen’s smooth thigh. So, although I was not pushing the seduction at dinner, the same could not be said for Bambi.

After we finished eating and I paid the bill, over Eve’s objections, I suggested that we drive to a point that reached out into the ocean about 15 minutes south of the hotel. There was a state park protecting the site.

“That sounds nice,” said Eve. “We can watch the sun go down.”

When we arrived and got out of the car, the girls ran ahead of us, down the trail that led toward the beach and the tide pools. Eve and I followed behind, more slowly. I didn’t try to take her hand this time, or her arm. It would be up to her to make the next move between us.

It didn’t take long. Whatever I was doing with her was succeeding.

Eve put her arm through mine as we walked. After a minute, she began gently rubbing my forearm with her other hand. When we came to a lookout point with a spectacular vista of the Pacific Ocean, the setting sun hovering just above the water, we stopped for a moment to admire the view. The girls were somewhere ahead of us, quite a bit further down the trail by now.

After a moment of peaceful solitude, Eve turned to me, her face close to mine. “Angela,” she said in a soft voice, “will you kiss me again?”

I gazed at her, caressing her cheek with my fingers. I looked into her lovely hazel eyes, and at her pretty mouth. Her lips, adorned with a touch of gloss, glimmered seductively in the angled sunlight.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” I whispered to her.

“I… I think so… but, um, I’ve never done it before.”

“It’s okay,” I told her. “I have.”

That made us both chuckle, and then I brought my mouth to hers and we kissed.

This was not the single tender kiss we’d shared earlier under the beach umbrella. It began slowly, but then it quickly became passionate and urgent. The woman put her arms around me, pulling me close. Our lips parted and our tongues eagerly explored each other’s mouths.

When we broke the long kiss a minute later, Eve was panting. Her face was flushed. It looked almost as if she’d already had an orgasm.

“Wow,” she gasped, catching her breath, “that was, that was — I think I want some more like that!”

We laughed again and hugged. When I began to kiss and lick her warm neck, she swooned, literally, in my arms. I had to hold her up.

“Oh my god,” she said, pulling away for a moment as she recovered, fanning herself with her hand. She was smiling brightly, her eyes gleaming. “Pretty soon I’ll be throwing you down in the sand and, and raping you.”

“I wouldn’t object to that,” I told her, “even in front of the girls.”

That stopped her for a second. It looked like she was going to say something, but then she may have remembered her earlier promise about going along for the ride and not judging. She shrugged her shoulders and giggled, “Angela, you’re turning me into a sex fiend.”

I drew her close, giving her a quick kiss on the lips, then looked into her eyes. “No, darling, I’m not. I’m merely opening the door for you so the sex fiend that’s already inside can come out and play.”

Eve stared at me, her face a picture of wonderment and openness. After a moment, she placed her fingers gently on my lips, caressing them as she whispered, “I think this will be a very interesting next few days.”

I opened my mouth and extended my tongue, licking her fingers. That made her gasp, and I felt a tremor of excitement pass through her body as I held her in my arms.

Then she shook her head as if to clear it and glanced around, seeming to come to a realization of where we were. “Oh, uh, we, we’d better go on. The girls might be worrying.”

“I don’t think they’ll give us a second thought,” I smiled. “But yes, I think we should go down and check on them.”

“Will you kiss me again, one more time?”


This time our kiss was less urgent but perhaps more meaningful, more soulful. It held the sure promise of a deeper bond between us. When we finished, Eve was trembling.

“Um, I… I think I want to make love with you,” she whispered. She let one hand slide down from my shoulder to find my breast. She squeezed it gently, rubbing her palm over my hard nipple.

“That feels nice, very nice,” I told her. “And yes, making love with you is something I would enjoy very much, if we can find the right time and the right place.”

“What’s wrong with here and now?” she joked.

“Oh, my, you are a sex fiend.”

We giggled together, kissed briefly once more, then started down the path to find our daughters. Eve held my hand in hers, swinging it like we were long-time lovers.

Five minutes later, we reached the bottom of the trail. We could see the girls crouched over some rocks near the water’s edge. They were looking at tide pools.

Bambi saw us. “Mommy! Come and look! Gwen found crabs, and starfish, and everything!”

My high-heeled sandals were not really designed for rock climbing, so I slipped them off and carried them. We looked at the tide pools with the kids for a few minutes, but then the sun dipped below the horizon and it began to get dark. There was a slight summer night’s chill in the air that made my nipples stand up even longer and harder than usual. I noticed it had the same effect on Gwen’s chest.

We started back up the trail together, stopping briefly at the lookout point to admire the last fading colors of the sunset. The girls stayed with us this time. Eve and I held hands the whole way back to the car.

As we pulled into the hotel parking lot, I said, “You know, it’s really not that late. Why don’t you come up to our room for a nightcap? I’ve got the most wonderful cognac, Eve, I know you’d enjoy it. The girls can have soft drinks, or, I know, we can order a room service dessert for them to share.”

“Yeah!” shouted Bambi from the back seat.

“That’s tempting,” Eve mused, as she looked at the dashboard clock. It was 9:21. “But I really should get Paige to bed. At home, it’s lights out at 9:00 for her.”

“Mom, it’s vacation,” complained Paige, “and anyway, I’m 11 years old now. I should be able to stay up later.”

“Well, all right. But only for a little while. I want you in bed by 10:00 — no, I guess that’s too soon, by 10:30, okay?”

“Yay!” Paige and Bambi cheered together.

“Oh, and I just remembered something,” I added. “Gwen, I’ve got a nice skirt I brought along that doesn’t fit me very well any more. My waist is getting too big in my old age. But I’m sure it would look smashing on you with your long legs. I’ll show you the skirt and you can try it on if you want.”

“That’s awesome,” said Gwen. “Thanks!”

When we got on the elevator, I inserted my card key into a slot and pushed the button marked ‘PH’.

Paige asked “What does PH stand for?”

“It means penthouse,” announced Bambi. “That’s where we’re staying.”

“Penthouse? What’s that?” Paige inquired.

Gwen told her, “It’s the highest room in the hotel, the top floor. Kind of fancy, probably.”

And when the door opened on the top floor, not into a standard hotel hallway, but directly into the entrance foyer of our suite, Gwen and Paige were in awe. “Wow, this is like you have… the whole floor to yourselves.”

“Yeah, we do,” said Bambi. “Come and see my room!”

So, the three kids raced off to see Bambi’s room, which was quite nice, of course, commanding a beautiful view of the coast to the north. My room, the master bedroom, had an even more expansive view to the west and the south. There was a third large bedroom that we weren’t currently using, but which might be needed at some point, I hoped, if we ever hosted a big enough lesbian orgy.

Before going to the master bedroom, I took Eve from the foyer into the main living area, where I opened the well-stocked liquor cabinet and poured us each a generous portion of excellent cognac. We toasted each other and shared a quick kiss, then I called room service and asked them to send up four of their best desserts.

When I hung up, I smiled, “We’ll let the girls each choose the dessert they want, and you and I can split whatever is left.”

“Sounds great,” she said, giving me another kiss.

Holding her hand, I led her into the master bedroom. Her eyes went wide when she saw the ultra-modern design, capped by a spectacular view.

“Wow, this is simply unbelievable,” she raved. “I’m not even going to ask how much a room like this must cost. I know I couldn’t afford it.”

“I don’t mind paying for it,” I told her, “because then I have a very special place to take my very special guests.”

As I said that, I came up behind Eve, standing at the bay window. I slipped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck.

“Mmm, that’s so nice,” she purred.

She turned to face me, put her glass down, and kissed me, using her tongue, pressing her body tightly against mine. When she ended the kiss, she backed away slightly, grinning but looking guilty.

“I, I really have to be more careful,” she said. “I don’t want the girls to see.”

“Why not? Why shouldn’t they?”

“Well, it’s just… I…”

“Is there anything wrong with showing affection to someone you care about? Is that something to hide?” I asked her.

“No, it’s…” she found a chair and sat. “It’s just, I don’t know, I guess I’m kind of confused.”

I sat down on the edge of the huge round bed, facing her. After crossing my legs on the side with the slit in my dress, making sure plenty of thigh would show, I asked her, “Eve, are you willing to trust me?”

She looked at my legs. “Yes, I, I want to.”

“If you are willing to trust me, to follow my lead, to go along for the ride, as you said before, I promise you will not regret it. It might not be easy for you, though, because you have a lot of closed doors, speaking figuratively, that we will have to open, and that may be difficult. You’ve been sheltered, as you told me earlier, for a very long time. Are you willing to try?”

She didn’t answer right away, just sat in her chair, looking at me. I could see that she was thinking about what I’d said.

Finally she took a deep breath, got to her feet, and came to stand in front of me. She touched my face, caressing my cheek.

“I didn’t know it until now,” she began, “but I can see that for quite a while I’ve been, um, waiting for something to happen. Something that would, that would take me to a place I haven’t been before. Do you know what I mean?”

Still sitting on the bed, I smiled up at her. Then I uncrossed my legs and let her sit on my lap, putting my arms around her waist. She had her arm over my shoulder.

“I do know what you mean,” I told her. “And, yes, if you follow my lead, I can promise that we will go to places you haven’t been before. It will be wonderful, amazing, literally breathtaking. But it also might be scary for you at first. That’s why I asked you about trust. You will have to trust me, do as I say, take a chance, go through those doors that have been closed for so long.”

“You make it sound like an adventure,” she smiled. “Is making love with a woman really that big of a deal?”

I didn’t return her smile. I wanted her to think seriously about this.

“It’s not only making love,” I said. “It’s how you feel about it. I’m talking about overcoming all the inhibitions and the shame and the desire to hide from yourself and from others who and what you really are.”

“You mean like not wanting my daughters to find me kissing you?”

“Exactly. And more than that too, much more. It’s a big change, but I think you’re ready for it. I know you can do it. We can do it together, if you’re willing.”

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