Nanny for a Night, Chapter 4

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Lynn and Lori’s Movie Night

By Cheryl Taggert

As the movie began, the two girls at my side smiled. My hands were already busy in each of the hairless pussies, and my own pussy was starting to get well beyond the simmer stage.

“Is this one of your favorite movies?” asked Lynn.

“Yes, as a matter of fact it is probably my favorite. The girls are amateurs, but they are also very pretty. One girl looks as if she just turned eighteen, which is the legal age for making movies like this. I’d think she was only fourteen based on her looks, but they are always very careful about making sure the girls are old enough.”

The opening was some of the credits for the movie with snatches of scenes from it, and then the first sex scene began. I usually don’t care much for compilation movies where the girls just engaged in sex without a story since the story is also important to me, but I had to admit this movie really got me going at times. They catered to the idea that people wanted to see girls who looked younger than eighteen, and they usually succeeded.

The first scene involved the girl I’d mentioned to Lynn. She had small titties and was totally bare of any pussy hair. She really did look fourteen, and she made my mouth water when I saw her. Then it hit me that I had an even better situation right here. A lovely pair of girls, eleven and eight, were naked and willing to let me enjoy their bodies. I hoped they were just as willing to touch me.

I glanced at Lynn and Lori. Their eyes were glued to the TV screen, mouths agape as they became engrossed in the sex that was being performed for our pleasure. Lynn looked at me and smiled shyly. Then I noticed her eyes drop to my pussy, which was larger than theirs, of course, but just as hairless. I’d waxed just two days ago, and you could not see any hair coming in yet. She looked back at the TV for a moment before looking back at me, this time at my boobs, which are just a B-cup, but of course that was huge compared to hers and Lori’s. Lori, of course, had just a pair of small nipples, and Lynn’s were just now starting to get puffy, but that was only barely noticeable. Lynn looked back at the TV and my eyes followed hers. It was a part of the scene in which the young looking girl was sucking the nipples of the older girl, though she looked no more than nineteen or twenty.

“Do you want to suck them?” I asked, allowing the hope she’d say yes to be obvious in my voice.

“Can I?” She seemed as hopeful as I was.

“Of course. In fact I was hoping you’d ask.”

Lynn leaned into my boobs and began sucking the nipple on her side. Lori, immediately noticing what was going on, simply joined in, taking the other nipple into her luscious mouth and sucking like a small baby would. I began to wish I would produce milk for them.

Their shift in position caused me to lose touch with their puffy little pussies, so my hands roamed down their backs to feel their little butts. I squeezed the small asses and allowed my fingers to roam into the anal cleft, where I shamelessly caressed their tiny flowers.

“Hey, that’s where I poop,” said Lori, smiling mischievously. It was obvious she was enjoying the feel of my fingers and how naughty my actions were, but she was not sure about exactly where that touch was placed.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. If you don’t want me to touch you there, I won’t, but you have to admit it feels good.

“Okay, you can touch it, I guess,” she said. “But it kinda tickles.”

I kissed her and she kissed me back, but her mouth was in a tight pucker, the way a young child kisses. I thought about teaching her about adult kissing, but figured it would be easier if I taught Lynn first. I turned toward her and nudged her head from my breast and leaned in to kiss her. She, too, puckered up tightly.

“Do you want to learn how to kiss like an adult?” I asked and she nodded enthusiastically. “Here,” I said, “open your mouth a bit and soften your lips up. Don’t pucker.” I kissed her again, this time making sure she felt how my lips were soft and inviting. She learned quickly, and her lips turned to butter. I delved into her mouth with my tongue. She’d apparently seen this done before, and she accepted my tongue with ease. Soon, I was devouring her mouth, our tongues dancing together in a hot, wet dance.

“What’s that like?” asked Lori, obviously watching us as she had earlier. It seemed that she was quite the little voyeur.

“Really cool!” said Lynn, her lips smeared with our mixed saliva.

“You want to try it?” I asked. “It’s how adults kiss.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen it in movies but I’ve never tried it.”

“Do you two girls kiss?” I asked Lynn.

“Not like that. I was always kinda scared to try it.”

“Aren’t scared anymore, are you?”

“No,” she answered, grinning.

“So what’s stopping you now?” I asked, grinning back.

“C’mere,” said Lynn and Lori, knowing what was coming, leaned across me to offer her lips to Lynn, but she was still puckering. “No, loosen up your lips. Let ’em relax.” She did and Lynn kissed her, open-mouthed. I could see their tongues touching lightly at first, then beginning a lively dance together as Lori got the hang of it.

Me? My pussy was on fire from watching these two sisters kissing. I wondered how much hotter I was going to get when their kisses were elsewhere.

When their first kiss broke, they both giggled then returned to kiss again. That went on for a bit until I said, “Hey, look at the TV.”

They returned their attention to what was happening in the video we were watching. The younger girl was licking the older girl’s pussy, and if the moans of the older girl were any clue, she was doing a fine job.

“Have you ever done that?” asked Lynn.

“Oh, yes. Many times. You?”

“Uh-huh. Lori and I like how it feels.”

“Well, so do I,” I said, and smiled at her. The face of the girl who had hated me about an hour ago was now looking at me as if she were falling in love. That was fine, though, because I had a crush on her as well.

We returned our attention to the movie. Soon, both Lynn and Lori were busy rubbing themselves as they watched, obviously copying me since I’d started masturbating a few minutes before they did. I wasn’t ready to come yet, though, and began to gauge how far along they were since I didn’t want them to come yet either.

Based on the mini-spasms that were already rushing through Lynn’s body, she was getting fairly close. Her hand was starting to become a blur between her legs as she rubbed her hairless pussy frantically.

“Hey,” I said. “How about we take this to my bedroom and really enjoy ourselves? We can watch more of the movie later.” They both looked at me. Lori stopped rubbing, but Lynn was too close. Her hand slowed but didn’t stop. I could see she was right on the verge of coming.

I reached down and stopped her hand. “Shh.. I don’t want you to come yet, okay?”

Her breath was hitching in her chest. “I’m so close,” she said, nearly a whimper of sexual need.

“I know, baby, but believe me, it will feel a lot better if you wait a while and let either my mouth of Lori’s finish it for you.”

She lay back against the couch, her sexual frenzy beginning to calm as she got control of herself.

I turned off the movie and stood, holding my hands out to my naked little girls. They rose, took a hand, and we went into my bedroom. I motioned to my bed, “Up there. I want to taste you both.” They crawled onto my bed and sat looking at me as I joined them. “Here, lie next to each other.” They did, close enough to be able to lean into each other and kiss, which they did without my suggesting it.

I lay across the bed, my head near the two little-girl pussies. I started on Lori first, knowing Lynn would be coming in about thirty seconds if I started on her before her pussy had enough time to calm down some more. Anyway, I certainly didn’t mind eating little Lori’s eight-year-old pussy first. I’d been thinking of little else for the past ten minutes.

I spread her legs and used fingers to spread her pussy lips so I could peer into her most private and precious place. It was a bright pink, nearly the color of pink coral, and the tiny nub of her clit was visible at the top of the small butterfly wings of her inner labia. My heart was pounding a fast rhythm in my chest. The joy of knowing I was going to be licking that little pussy in a few seconds increased my own desire exponentially.

I leaned forward and placed my tongue on her tiny clit, teasing it with a few flicks. I heard a short giggle burst from her at the contact. “Lick it with your whole tongue!” she said, and I marveled for a moment at the fact she knew exactly what she wanted me to do.

Who was I to deny such a lovely request? I closed the two-inch gap between my lips and her pussy and placed my entire mouth along the small gash that hid the center of her young desires.

I began to lick and suck her small pussy. My mouth easily covered the entire area and my tongue was in heaven, literally. Lori soon began to squirm about, her bottom seemed to be trying to dig a hole in my mattress. I reached below her writhing body to place a finger at her rosebud, which I began to touch and tickle slightly.

Apparently, Lori was unaware of how good that could feel. She went off like a rocket. Her hips were bucking wildly and she was practically screaming. Soon, she calmed a bit, but her pussy was still bucking into my mouth gently, savoring the sensations that swarmed her body.

Lynn, meanwhile, was in a near panic to have her own orgasm. I looked at her and the pleading was in her face and her voice. “Please lick me. Please!” Her legs were scissoring open and closed. She was desperate and was obeying my request not to touch herself.

Moving to her pussy, I stared at it for a few moments, knowing as soon as I began to lick her pussy she would have her own blast-off. I leaned in, hoping she was good for more than one orgasm, and placed my mouth on her little pussy.

It was different from Lori’s in that it was slightly larger and was beginning to mature. Her slit was longer by at least an inch, and her clit slightly more pronounced as it rose from the folds of her inner labia. Still, she was only eleven, just now entering puberty’s first stages, and it was definitely the pussy of a young girl.

As soon as my mouth landed on her, Lynn’s hips began to buck. She was pressing her pussy against my mouth as if the object was to glue herself to me there. If not for the need to eat and eventually take her home, I would have gladly allowed that to happen.

I licked at her clit and drank in the juices that had begun to flow from her. Lori’s pussy was only slightly moist, her sexual fluids not having developed much at age eight. Lynn, on the other hand, was quite able to lubricate naturally and I could taste the pussy juices that were streaming from her. I moved my finger to her butt as I had done before with Lori, and the response was the same.

She came.

And I mean this girl CAME.

It occurred to me I was probably giving her–and Lori earlier–the best orgasm she’d ever had. She was howling into the room, verbalizing the immensity of her climax.

“Oh, God..oh, God!” she was saying. “Fuck!”

Her belly was still spasming moments later as she began to come down from the crest of her orgasm. I looked at her, and this time her look was definitely one of pure love. She immediately shifted her position so she could kiss me, and I marveled at the ability of the young to recover so quickly. We kissed for a moment, but I was in need myself.

“Would you two mind licking me now?” I asked. I could hear the lust and desperation in my own voice.

Lynn smiled and looked over at Lori, who already had her fingers in her pie, so to speak. “C’mon, Lori, let’s lick Cheryl now and make her come!”

Soon I was lying back on my bed with two little girls’ faces at my hairless mound. They moved in to take care of my overwhelming need. Their lips kissed each other as they kissed my pussy, and soon they were both licking me as if they’d been eating pussy all their lives, which I guess in a way they had. I just hadn’t expected them to be so good at it. Their parents’ movies must have been very educational.

They were both licking and kissing my clit and I was rushing to the verge of a powerful orgasm. I could feel it boiling up from deep in my belly before slamming into me like a runaway train. In the middle of my orgasm, I recall wondering who was making all that racket, but it was me, of course. Spasms shook me to my core as the orgasm subsided, reluctant to let me go as much as I was reluctant to see it leave.

When I was able to move, I looked down at my two little ones. They were now kissing again, their tongues, previously coated in my juices, were intertwining and sharing those juices between them. I could see my fluids coating their mouths, loving the sight.

Then I noticed their hands were also busy. Each girl was rubbing the pussy of her sister. They were masturbating each other. And they were loving it every bit as much as I would have if I’d had the sister I had always longed for.

“Why don’t you two sixty-nine?” I asked. They looked at me, not understanding the term. “I’m sure you’ve seen it in movies, where you are both head to pussy and licking each other?”

“Oh, yeah, we’ve done that!” said Lynn. They shifted and were soon licking each other with abandon. I scooted to where I could get close-up views of what they were doing, and soon I was masturbating as they licked each other to their approaching orgasms.

They were beginning to buck into each other’s mouth, their pussies seeming to have minds of their own, which they may have. I was getting close too. I was looking at how expertly Lori was licking her sister’s pussy when the same train rushed up to me again, and I was in pure bliss. As I entered my second orgasm of the day, I heard my little ones enter their own.

I looked at my bedside clock. It was 5:34. We still had the night ahead. This was going to be one night to remember.

I had just caught my breath when my phone rang. Getting up, I went to where I’d left it in the living room and answered, seeing it was the number from the hotel where Lynn and Lori’s parents were. I was thankful Gina hadn’t “dropped by” as Terri had a few mornings before. That one had worked out well, but the likelihood of it working out the same way was almost impossible.

Accepting the call, I said, “Hello.”

“Hi, just calling to check in on my girls and make sure Lynn hadn’t returned to being ‘Little Miss Bitch’ and making your life miserable.”

“Oh, no, they’re fine.  Great, in fact.”  I smiled at my little joke, which of course Gina didn’t understand.

“Good.  I’m so glad you are getting along.”

“Couldn’t be better.” My smile brightened.

“Okay. You have our number if you need us. In fact, you can just call the hotel room. We don’t plan on going out. But if I don’t answer right away, give me time, and if it goes to messaging, just hang up and call right back. I could be occupied and have trouble getting to the phone.”

“Yes, I understand,” I said, wishing I could tell her the same thing.

“Oh, yes. I’m glad you do. We appreciate the babysitting service you provide so much. In fact, you’ve no idea how much.” She laughed a little as if we were sharing a sexy secret, which we were of course.

“You two enjoy yourselves,” I said.

“Oh, honey, we already are.” I heard her laugh as she hung up.

But then she hadn’t hung up. She had meant to, certainly, but I could still hear conversation in the background. I was about to say something into my phone to let her know the hotel’s phone was still off the hook, but then what I heard stopped me.

“Where were we?” I heard Gina say.

“I think you were sucking my dick,” came the reply.

I had admitted long ago I’m not too good to engage in some eavesdropping, especially on a sexual encounter, and this was going to be a good one to eavesdrop on. If they noticed the phone hadn’t hung up, they would just assume I had hung up and their conversations and love-making would be assumed to have been private.

I sat on my couch and listened to the slurping noises coming from the hotel room. I wasn’t interested in her husband, even though he was good looking. I was interested in hearing Gina come at some point. She was twice as attractive as he was.

After a few minutes of what she was doing to him and his moans in the background, she stopped. “I want you to fuck me doggy-style,” she said.

“With pleasure.” I heard rustling on the bed and suddenly his voice seemed clearer than it had been. He must have moved to where he was closer to the phone.

Moments later, I could hear the sounds of flesh against flesh. He was fucking her. I tried to picture it in my mind, but instead of his cock, I pictured me pushing a dildo into her wet pussy.

“You’re thinking about it again, aren’t you?” he said. I heard a muffled response. “You know what. That little pussy.”

I could hear her better now, though it was distant. “Do you blame me?”

“No, she’s growing into a hot little thing, isn’t she?”

“Oh, God, yes.”

“Was that in answer to what I said or my fucking?”


“She’s going to make some man very happy one day.”

“Or woman. She was so pouty today when Cheryl got here. I’m glad they’re getting along.”

“Maybe Cheryl’s licking her little pussy. Wouldn’t that be wild?”

I think I may have stopped breathing. They were talking about sex with Lynn. They were talking about Gina fantasizing about sex with Lynn – and about me doing it as well.

“I wouldn’t mind licking Cheryl as well,” said Gina. Then she was grunting and moaning.

Should I listen to more? I wasn’t sure. Right then, the two girls came into the room, and my pussy was on fire again.

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