Fireflies, Part One

  • Posted on May 23, 2015 at 11:20 am

By JetBoy

I sipped at my iced tea, watching my mother as she stood at the kitchen counter, deftly chopping vegetables. God, it felt good to be home. I’d just finished a brutal year of college, and looked forward to a relaxing summer with Mom.

You might have heard of my mother, actually, except that I can’t tell you her name. She’s a fairly successful author of historical novels. She ditched my loser of a dad when I was ten, and has been content to live on her own ever since, raising me along the way. She’s still beautiful, and could easily have found another husband, but chose not to. I thought she simply wasn’t interested in finding a new love — but as you will soon see, there were a few things I didn’t know about my mother.

Anyhow, I’d just finished my tea and put the glass in the sink when she said, “Would you get my glasses, honey? They’re on top of the short bookshelf in the study.”

I walked along the wide hallway over the deep pile carpet that we’d had since before I was born, absently looking for shapes and faces in the curlicues that adorned the wallpaper — something I’d enjoyed doing as a little girl. It always made me feel at home.

Mom’s study was also the house’s library, a room crammed to the ceiling with books filled with wondrous things. I’d read many of them growing up, and those thousands of pages I’d thumbed through had left me with a real thirst for the written word. I was very much my mother’s daughter in that respect.

Picking up her glasses, I wandered happily through the room, breathing deeply of that scent I loved so well — of paper, bound up in volumes of many hues and shades. Each one waited patiently, eager to be picked from its shelf and browsed; pages turned, ideas absorbed.

I seated myself behind Mom’s desk, allowing myself a leisurely carousel spin in her chair. As my last turn came to a slow stop, I spied a thin manuscript lying upside down on the desk with a bookmark I’d given my mother on my last visit — a laminated strip of Belgian postage stamps — inserted about halfway into it. Curious, I turned it over.

The title showing through the clear plastic cover startled me — My Daughter, My Lover, my mother’s name typed neatly underneath. I stared at the words, puzzled.

I began to flip though the pages, reading occasional passages, my eyes widening as I took in the story. My God, Mom had written a story about incest — lesbian incest, no less!

My body began to throb as I found myself quickly engrossed in this tale of a mother who takes her own daughter to bed and makes passionate love to her. My arousal only grew stronger as I pored through the part where the daughter returns the favor, licking her way down her mother’s body and eating her wet pussy.

Since the beginning of my freshman year of college I’d experienced lesbian sex many times and loved it, so to discover that Mom was writing stories like this was equally as exciting as it was shocking. And I could have been mistaken, I suppose, but… the character of the daughter seemed a lot like me.

I quickly turned back to the story’s beginning, skimming through the first few pages until I found a description of the girl. My heart thumped so loudly that it echoed in my ears as I took in my mother’s words.

Finally, I closed the thin binder and leaned back in the chair, staring at the story’s title. Could it be…? I wondered, head reeling in a mixture of excitement, confusion and fear. Does Mom want to make love to me?

“Marcie?” My mother’s voice called from the kitchen. I quickly dropped the manuscript onto the desk as if it were on fire, and hurried toward the hallway — remembering at the last second that I’d forgotten Mom’s glasses, dashing back to snatch them up before racing from the room.

“Here.” I handed the glasses to her, trying not to betray the storm of emotions that raged through me right then. “I’m going to sit on the back porch for a bit… looks like there’s a nice breeze.” I placed a gentle kiss on my mother’s cheek before leaving the room.

I stared out into the June evening, hands resting on the oaken rail that enclosed the porch. The soft glimmering of fireflies could now be seen, and the buzzing of crickets filled the air as I stood there quietly, scuffing the floor with the toe of my sandal. All my thoughts were of that strange manuscript, done up on my mother’s manual typewriter and annotated here and there in red ink, her scrawly handwriting as familiar to me as my own.

Julie, the young woman in the story, was my age, with short coppery hair like mine, a college student who was visiting home. Too close for coincidence. The longer I thought about it, the more convinced I was that the character had to be a barely disguised version of me. The page Mom had bookmarked was especially exciting — that first scene of intimacy between mother and daughter.

“Glorious weather,” she said softly, suddenly standing next to me.

“Mmmm, yes… it is,” I replied inanely, my mind filled with images of sapphic love, brought to life by my mother’s words.

Mom gave me a sweet smile that had my knees trembling. I could see the shape of her body through the summery dress she wore. She still looked luscious at thirty-eight, I had to admit. It occurred to me then there were no lines visible through her clothes — was she naked underneath?

The thought made me quiver inside… and it was at that very moment that I knew I wanted her. My own mother.

“Beautiful,” she smiled, gazing at me; then gesturing toward the garden, still visible in the fading light. “The flowers.”

I knew what she really meant — and it wasn’t the flowers. God, she was flirting with me!

I leaned forward slightly, my upper arms squeezing my chest, leaving the cleavage more pronounced. “Am I one of your flowers, Mom?”

Her eyes dipped for a moment to take in my partially revealed breasts. “You are, angel… a lovely flower, ready to be plucked by an adoring hand.” She blew me a small kiss and returned indoors, giving me one last sidelong glance before vanishing.

I stared after her, my mind already wandering into some very forbidden places. “Damn,” I whispered.

I was tempted to slip a hand into my panties and touch myself — right there, right then. I struggled. I resisted. Finally, I went back inside, looking for her. She was in the kitchen.

“Need any help?” I asked, then leaned against the back of a chair by the kitchen table. I watched Mom’s bare legs extending from beneath her skirt, a flowery number that ended a few inches above the knees. My eyes roamed upwards, taking in her shapely hips. I realized for the first time that the women I most desired as lovers had bodies very much like that of my mother, full and curvy. How could I not have seen that before? I wondered.

I imagined the soft, warm delights hidden under Mom’s skirt, and knew that I craved them. Desperately.


I glanced up, startled from my reverie. “Y-yes?” I asked.

“I said yes, I would like some help, thanks very much. You can set the table.”

“Ah. Okay.” I shook my head, in a futile attempt to clear it.

I pulled the silverware drawer open. She was standing nearby, close enough to touch. Instead, I inhaled deeply, registering the scent she wore. She glanced at me. “Mmm, you smell so nice,” I cooed. “I’d even go so far as to say… intoxicating.”

She looked at me again and smiled. “That’s very sweet.” Her eyes held mine for a moment longer, then she turned back to the sink.

I picked out knives and forks. “Spoons?” She nodded and I took out two, closed the drawer and leaned in to gently kiss her neck, every atom of me alive with excitement.

“I was just thinking about how good it is to have you home,” she said softly.

She turned and faced me, a hand resting casually on her hip. Her eyes were inviting, her lipsticked mouth even more so. I’d stood in the same place thousands of times growing up, and never had I felt the way I did right then. Mom’s fresh breath caressed my cheek. Her lips were inches from mine and ripe for tasting. I closed the distance and let mine brush hers, taking her in my arms. Jesus, she felt good.

“I’ve been thinking the same thing, Mom. It’s always nice to be home with you, but this time there’s something extra special.” I knew what it was, too, but I wasn’t telling. I felt warmed from her, tingling from head to toe with desire. I kissed her again, this time letting it linger.

“That was nice,” she cooed as I gently broke away. “You’re a very good kisser, honey.” She reached out to touch my cheek. “Your lips are so warm… and sensual. But then, I think that women’s mouths are far sexier than men’s could ever be.”

I was surprised at my mother’s candor, even as and a rush of naked lust flowed though me. She’d given me an opening big enough to drive a truck through, and there was no way I’d pass it up.

I took a deep breath, released it. Steady, girl. “Mom… have you ever made love to a woman?”

She nodded slightly. “Yes… yes, I have,” she murmured, then gazed thoughtfully at me. “What about you, honey? Have you ever…?”

I reached for her hand. “Yes. Many times.”

She smiled. “What was your first time like?”

“It was wonderful. I was a little drunk, but that wasn’t why it happened.” I stopped and watched her eyes brighten slightly. “Anyhow, I loved the experience. Her kisses were different, better, and the way she went down on me was… well, you know, right?”

She slowly nodded. “I do.”

“Tell me about when you first did it,” I purred.

She ran her fingers through her dark auburn hair. “There was an older student in my Advanced Writing class named Sophie. She stopped by my office one day after my last class and handed me a binder. ‘My stories,’ she said. I promised to read them. Then she said, ‘Don’t show these to anyone else… I wrote them for you.’ She walked away without saying anything else. So I read one. It was about a girl in love with an older woman.” She shook her head. “Strange. I’d never given that kind of thing much thought, really, but as the story progressed, I found myself so — soincredibly turned on. I… I fingered myself right there at my desk, until I came. I’d never done anything like that before.”

“What about the other stories?”

“I hurried home and read them all… every one had a lesbian theme.” She shook her head, an awed light in her eyes. “I couldn’t stop touching myself while I was reading. It shocked me. I’d never known that I… could be that way.” She laughed, blushing slightly. “I lost track of how many times I came that night — five, maybe more. It was so satisfying that I began to wonder if I should, well, try it for myself.”

“Being with a woman?” I asked. Mom shyly nodded.

Watching my mother reveal this new side of her sexuality excited me as much as the story she was telling. My legs parted slightly, my skirt riding up far enough to reveal bare thighs.

Mom moved closer, casually placing a warm hand on my hip. It felt wonderful.

“So what happened next? With your student?” I reminded her, eager to hear the rest of the story.

“A few days later, Sophie returned to my office. ‘Did you like the stories?’ she asked. I told her that I did, very much… and she closed the door behind her.” She paused. “I was afraid, but curious to know more. Sophie sat on the corner of my desk with her skirt hiked far too high. She wore nothing underneath… things were exposed. ‘You’re a beautiful woman,’ she said to me, ‘and I want to go to bed with you.'”

“God!” I exclaimed. “That’s — that’s like something out of a porno flick!”

“I’ll take your word for that,” she replied dryly, then resumed. “I knew I could lose my job, but I couldn’t resist… I had to give her what she wanted. We went to Sophie’s place and made love — for hours, actually.” She sighed happily, lost for a moment in the memory, then blushed. “I… I’ve only been with women since then. I suppose that, well, I’m a lesbian now.”

I gazed deep into her eyes. “Those stories of hers. All women with other women, you said. Were any of them about… incest?”

Mom was quiet for a moment, her fingers brushing my side. “Yes,” she hesitantly said, “one of them was.” She was trembling, ever so slightly.

“Did that story turn you on, too?”

Her eyes were dark pools as she stared at me, finally nodding almost imperceptibly. “Yes, it did… very much,” she whispered. “Why d-do you ask?”

I said nothing in reply, only leaned in to kiss her again. Her lips were soft and sweet… and I teased them with the tip of my tongue. She jerked back, gaping at me. “Oh, God.” Her voice quivered with uncertainty, but she was excited, I knew that much. I closed the distance she’d created and kissed her again, this time with more passion. Her hand curled around my neck as if to hold us together. Her mouth accepted my tongue. I kissed my mother like a lover, feeling more alive than I could ever remember.

She again withdrew, staring at me. “H-honey,” she breathed.

“I want to tell you something now,” I murmured, stroking her face. “Linda, this one girlfriend of mine… she told me about the times she shared with her mother — intimate times. They’ve been lovers for years.”

Mom’s eyes burned with immediate curiosity. “Tell me about them,” she pleaded.

I allowed my hand to drift slowly down my mother’s back, finally resting on her ass. She said nothing, but a tiny smile told me that she enjoyed my touch. “Linda told me that she was only fourteen when she and her mom first made love.” I began to gently fondle her bottom, pausing to squeeze a firm cheek.

She gasped in response, as much to the lewd story I was telling as my roaming hand. “Only f-fourteen… oh, my.”

I continued. “They were cuddled up on the sofa one night, watching a movie. They started sort of play kissing… you know, teasing each other. Linda said that it was totally innocent, mother and daughter getting giggly and having a good time together.” My fingers pressed into the cleft between Mom’s buttocks, and a tiny whimper escaped her throat. “Only suddenly, and Linda says shestill doesn’t know how it happened… she and her mother were kissing for real. Tongues and everything.” I leaned in to lick a path up the soft pillar of her neck.

“Oh, God,” she whispered. “Oh, baby…”

“She said that they kissed for a long time… half an hour, maybe more. Then I guess her mom worked up the nerve to touch her — and it excited Linda so much that she started touching her mother back.” I reached for Mom’s hand, placing it upon my breast. Her eyes widened with wonder as she began to explore its heft, its softness. “Then Linda’s mother asked her if she wanted to know about how two women can love one another… and Linda said yes.” Mom teased my nipple with a fingertip, and I moaned as it stiffened to her touch. “Then they got up from the sofa and climbed the stairs, hand in hand.”

Mom dipped her head to nuzzle my throat, whispering, “Go on… tell me the rest.”

My head spun. “Well… there’s not much more to tell. They went into the bedroom, I can’t remember whose… they undressed each other, then slipped into bed naked — and then they made love.”

“Did they do — everything?” gasped Mom as I slipped a hand between our bodies, cupping her vulva through that thin skirt.

“Everything,” I breathed, my finger trailing up and down the crease of Mom’s cunt. “Her mother knew all about lesbian sex, and she taught Linda very well.” I smiled. “I can vouch for that… she’s a real tigress in bed.” My mother was fondling both my breasts now, and my cunt was so wet I could feel it drip. “They went down on each other — her mom showed her what to do — and then she got Linda up on all fours and licked her asshole.”

“Oh,” Mom moaned. “Oh, yes.”

“After that night,” I continued, “they were regular lovers. Linda practically moved into her mother’s bedroom, and they fucked almost every night.” I paused to kiss Mom’s mouth, and her tongue darted between my lips for a lovely instant. “In fact,” I purred, “Linda’s mom took her virginity not long after that, with a strap-on cock. Her seventeenth birthday present.”

“Oh, Marcie… how did that story make you feel, when Linda told it? Did it — did it make you hot?”

I wrapped my arms around my mother, crushing our bodies together. “It did, Mom. I couldn’t get Linda naked fast enough.” My pelvis pressed into hers, grinding our mounds together. “Later, she showed me stories she’d collected from the internet… all about mothers and daughters being sexual together. It turned me on, Mom. All of it.”

“It… it turns me on, too.”

I ceased the motion of my hips, gazing deep into my mother’s eyes. “Mom…” I whispered, “I love you.”

“Oh, my sweet angel…”

I cut her off by placing a finger over her lips. “I saw the story on your desk… and I read it. Enough of it, anyhow.”

Her eyes widened. “Oh my God… I can’t believe I left that out.” It was so sweet — she was actually blushing.

“I’m glad you did, Mom,” was my reply.

Biting her lower lip, she gave me a shy glance. “So… what did you think?”

I allowed my fingers to caress her face, and she turned her head to kiss them. “I won’t tell you how excited it made me… but I’ll bet you can guess.” I trailed my hand down my mother’s body until it covered her breast. Her heart was racing like sixty, and I could feel a nipple stiffening beneath my palm.

I nuzzled Mom’s ear, then trailed my tongue around its edge. “I want to ask you something, Mom… am I in your story?” I bit lightly at her earlobe. “Hmmmm? Is Julie meant to be me?”

“Oh, oh-h… oh b-baby, yes,” she stammered. “You inspired me… I — I’ve wanted you…”

“Mom… would you come to bed with me?” I fondled her breasts, scissoring the erect nipples.

Suddenly my mother turned to me and pressed her mouth to mine, kissing me hungrily. I moaned into the kiss, my tongue engaging hers. Then, as quickly as it had begun, it was over… and Mom was staring at me with beseeching eyes.

“Yes, honey,” she gasped. “Yes, my precious daughter… make love to me, please. Take me, have me — make me yours.”

Closing my eyes, I moved in to claim Mom’s mouth, Frenching her as ardently as I’ve ever kissed a woman. She instantly matched my ardor, her lips sliding moistly against mine. I felt her hand move beneath my skirt, finding the front of my panties before slipping inside them. I tore my mouth from Mom’s, crying out as her fingers found my wetness.

“Mmmm… you’re dripping, little lady,” she cooed. “I can’t wait to taste you.”

My own hand darted beneath Mom’s skirt, covering her panty-clad cunt. I could feel her own wet heat through the filmy material. Clearly, she was ready for more.

“Come on, honey,” she murmured, placing a hand atop mine. “Let’s go upstairs.”

Hand in hand, we climbed the stairs, grinning like giddy children.

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  1. Terri says:


    Terri here….OMG, what an exciting and sexy tale of mother-daughter love!!! (and I’m only done with chapter one)….I am “over the moon” about your site…”the best of the best” would best describe this wonderful new venture for you three!!!…all my best and I will certainly be cumming ’round often!!

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    How nice to see pictures of REAL-looking people instead of unattainable glams.

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