The Joy of Looking, Chapter 72

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By Naughty Mommy

When I woke up the next morning, Sunday morning, I was already wet.

I’d been having a super sexy dream about being together with a lot of little girls, all of them naked, all of them kissing me and touching me. In my dream the girls kept changing from some of the ones I’d met in Vermont to some of the kids who’d been at Molly’s sleepover. Chelsea was in the dream part of the time too, kissing me with her tongue the way she had that night when I was babysitting for her.

After quickly getting up and going to the bathroom, I got back in bed and started rubbing myself, remembering the dream and the deliciously dirty things it contained. I thought about all the cute girls at the slumber party and the way my mom and I had fantasized about having sex with them. I thought about how amazing it had been to lick the little girls, the youngest ones, during the orgy and how nice it felt to have them lick me. I thought some more about Chelsea and her pretty mother, Dana, and I wondered if anything else would ever happen with them.

I actually ended up thinking more than masturbating that morning. I rubbed my pussy for a while, and it felt great, of course, but I didn’t quite reach a climax. That was okay, I’d had plenty the night before with my mom and Kate!

A few minutes later, while I was taking a shower, I started thinking about something else. I remembered a conversation I’d had with myself while we were on our trip, how I’d pondered what it meant to be in a romantic relationship with my mother and yet at the same time to have desires for other girls and women, including my sisters, and sometimes to act on those desires.

If I had sex with others, and my mom did too, what did that mean in terms of our commitment to each other? I’d intended to talk with my mother about it, but hadn’t yet had the chance. Today seemed like a good day to do that.

It was April now, and getting warmer outside. I put on a pair of shorts and tennis shoes and a little sleeveless blouse without a bra. Then I went downstairs for breakfast.

I found Mommy and Molly in the kitchen. Mom was drinking coffee and looking at the newspaper, and Molly was eating a bowl of cereal. I got some cereal myself and sat down with them.

“Hey, sugar,” my mother leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Would you like me to make you anything else?”

“No, this is fine.”

“Are you sure? Do you want some toast? Maybe an English muffin?”

“Um, okay, toast would be good, I guess.”

She fixed me a piece of toast while Molly and I talked about horses. I wasn’t very interested in horses, but since my mom had started taking Molly riding a few times, that had become my little sister’s newest fascination.

About the time I finished eating, Kate came into the kitchen. She looked a bit tired but very happy. Mommy gave her a big squeeze and a long kiss on the lips. I liked seeing them that way, so close, hugging and kissing each other. It made my pussy feel warm inside.

A half hour later, after I’d helped my mom clean up the breakfast dishes, I asked her if she and I could go on a walk together that day.

“Sure,” she said. “I was planning to go to the gym with Katie this afternoon, after lunch. But we can take a walk now if you want to.”

My mother liked going for long walks around our neighborhood for exercise on the weekends, and sometimes she would jog too. Often when she walked, she would take one of us girls with her. It was a good opportunity for uninterrupted conversations. Occasionally all three of us would walk with her, but usually just one at a time. That way Mommy could spend private time with each of us, finding out what was going on inside our heads and in our lives.

We strolled along together, holding hands. “Was there something you wanted to talk about, little girl?” she asked.

“Yeah, there was.”

I waited a minute before continuing, trying to figure out exactly what it was I wanted to say. My mom didn’t interrupt, giving me time to think.

“Mommy, would you say that you and me are, like, in a relationship now?”

“What do you mean by a relationship?”

“Well, I mean, do we have sort of a connection, um, a commitment? I mean, not only mother and daughter, and not just like lovers, you know, someone to have sex with, but really in a committed relationship. Like girlfriends, or maybe even more than that, I guess.”

“Why do you ask?”

“Because I was thinking about what it means if I’m in a relationship with you, like a committed partnership or something, but at the same time I also want to have sex with other girls. And I do have sex with them, like with Kate last night. Or with all the girls and their moms in Vermont. But if I’m supposed to be committed to you, romantically, and if you are to me, what does it mean when we have sex with other girls? Is that okay?”

She squeezed my hand as we walked.

“Those are very good questions, Julie. That’s one of the things I love about you, that you think carefully about things, you work them over in your mind, and then you’re able to formulate questions that will really make me think. I appreciate that.”

“You’re welcome, I guess,” I grinned.

“But before I give you my answer, I’d like you to give me yours first. What do you think it means if you and I are committed to each other romantically, and yet we also have other partners sometimes, sexual partners?”


I thought again. Then I said, “Maybe it means we both know that each other comes first. That you and me are sort of, like, at a higher level or something with each other, but we also know it’s fine for us to be with other girls if we want to, just for fun. Or maybe even more than fun sometimes, because with Kate, or if I was with Molly, it’s about love, too, and not only sex.”

We stopped walking. My mother turned and faced me, taking both of my hands in hers. We were standing beside a tall hedge on a quiet street in our residential neighborhood. There were houses nearby, but no one was outside.

Mommy raised my hands to her mouth, kissing my fingers. Then she leaned in and kissed me very gently on the lips. She didn’t say anything, but gazed steadily into my eyes.

“What was that kiss for?” I asked in a soft voice.

“Because I love you.” My mother took a deep breath. She was trembling slightly, her voice quavering. “Because I am the luckiest woman in the world, and the happiest.”

I could see tears glistening in her eyes. I smiled at her.

She leaned in and kissed me again, but this time the kiss lasted a little longer, her lips lingering moistly and warmly on my mouth. Then she seemed to realize where we were. She pulled back, straightened up, and winked at me. We resumed our walk.

After clearing her throat. Mommy said, “When you mentioned that with Kate and with Molly it’s about love and not just sex, that really touched me, honey. It’s how I feel too. I love sex, I love girls and women. I can never get enough of fucking hot women like Carla or cute girls like Danni. But when I’m with someone I deeply love, like you and Kate, and maybe soon with Molly” — she squeezed my hand — “then the connection is even deeper, even better.”

I looked up at her and nodded, loving her.

We were quiet for a while after that, just walking together, enjoying the spring day. The air was warm, birds were singing, I smelled new-mown grass. I was very happy.

“So, what do you think?” she finally asked. “Have we answered your question? About the meaning of our commitment?”

“Yeah, I think so. Except, is it, like, for a long time? Are we, you and me, is this permanent?”

Her smile broadened. We were walking along fairly fast. My mother had her shoulders back, her chest held out. She was wearing a bra beneath her tight-fitting shirt, but it did nothing to conceal her erect nipples.

“I really hope it is permanent, honey. I hope you and I will always be as we are now, lovers in love, committed to each other romantically while also enjoying the pleasures around us. How does that sound to you?”

“It sounds great.”

When we got home, Mommy told Kate that she had forgotten she needed a few things from the store for lunch. She asked my sister if she would mind running down to the shopping center that was about ten minutes away, and suggested she take Molly with her since it was such a nice day outside. She gave her a list and a little money.

I think Kate knew what was up. She leered at me, sticking her tongue out suggestively. But she happily took Molly with her and they went off together on the errand.

That gave us a half hour or so.

We went quickly up to my bedroom. My mother pulled down my shorts and panties, removing them, tossing them aside. She left my blouse on and my shoes and socks too. Sitting me on the bed, she knelt in front of me, pushed my thighs apart, and began licking me. I settled back, closing my eyes, enjoying the delicious pleasure of having my lover, my mom, lick and suck my pussy.

* * *

Dana Frederiksen called on Tuesday night, making sure I was still available to sit for Chelsea on Friday. I told her I was and that I was looking forward to it, which was definitely true. Would I get to kiss little Chelsea that way again? Would her mom give me a nice hug and kiss like she had before? I couldn’t wait to find out!

Mommy drove me over there at 7:00. She walked me up to the door but said she wasn’t planning to go inside. Dana insisted, however, practically dragging her in, and then bringing a glass of wine for her and some juice for me. Chelsea came running out from her bedroom this time to greet me.

“Hi, Miss Julie!” She leaped into my arms, giving me a tight hug. Then she sat on my lap and we listened while the adults chatted.

Dana and my mom talked for about fifteen minutes, drinking their wine. Mostly they were discussing Dana’s job, how it was sort of dead end and what else she might like to do and what sort of training and stuff she would need to improve her situation.

Chelsea was full of energy, bouncing on my lap, rubbing her warm little body against mine. She was in a short ruffle skirt that pulled up as she wiggled on me, letting all three of us see her pink panties. It was making me wet.

My mother left and Dana got ready to go. In the flat shoes she had on that night, she was a couple inches shorter than me. I noticed she was wearing less makeup too, making her appear even younger than she already looked. She was in a girly A-line dress that came to about mid-thigh. It was loose-fitting and low-cut, showing quite a lot of her nearly flat chest. The whole outfit made her seem like she was about 11 years old. An extremely seductive 11 years old.

We walked Dana to the door. She picked up her daughter and they shared a long kiss. Just lips on lips, no tongue, but a much longer kiss than you would ever expect between mother and daughter. Now I was really getting wet!

Dana gave me a nice kiss too before she left. A kiss right on the lips, same as the last time. I’d never received anything like that from Elaine Gallagher. Not that I especially wanted Elaine to kiss me since she didn’t turn me on the way Dana did, but it was interesting.

“Bye, honey,” said the cute blonde as she patted my cheek, “I’ll be home around midnight or so, I think.”

‘Home’, she said to me, almost as if I lived with her. The woman sure seemed to like me a lot, and I liked her too. Where would it all lead?

The door closed behind her and I stood there for a minute, holding Chelsea’s hand. I could still smell Dana’s perfume, could feel the tingle of her lips kissing mine, the warmth of her caress on my cheek. And now I could spend a couple of hours fooling around with her 7-year-old daughter. Ooh, what a lucky girl I was!

Between the effects of having Chelsea bounce on my lap, letting us see her panties, and the alluring way Dana was dressed that night and how she’d kissed her little girl and kissed me too, I was feeling extremely aroused. I wanted to masturbate and give myself an orgasm, but I couldn’t very well do that until after Chelsea was in bed asleep. So instead I decided to take things to another level.

When I’d sat for Chelsea the time before, I hadn’t really done anything naughty with her. This time would be different.

“You want to play dress up?” I asked her. “Want to try on some big girl clothes?”


We went to her mother’s bedroom. I looked through the chest of drawers, picking out several pairs of sexy panties and some little bras too. Dana’s bras were about the same size as mine, probably an AA-cup. We found a couple of mini-skirts in another drawer, and some tiny crop tops as well. From her closet we got a few pairs of high heels. Then we took the things to Chelsea’s room.

“Which ones do you want to try first?” I asked her.

The 7-year-old picked up a pair of lacy red hipster undies, very brief and mostly sheer. “I like these.”

“Okay. Those would look nice on you,” I told her. “Show me the skirts you have. Do you have any little mini-skirts? Maybe red or black?”

“Sure!” She opened up a drawer, pulling out half a dozen tiny skirts.

The red skirt she showed me was too long for the effect I was going for, and she didn’t own a black skirt. But I found another that seemed just right, fairly tight-fitting and very short. It was light gray.

“And now for a top to go with it, how about this?” I held up one of Dana’s crop tops. It was red and white, and extremely brief. I couldn’t imagine her ever wearing it out of the house, but who knows, maybe she did.

Chelsea liked what we’d selected. She sat on the carpet and excitedly began undressing, pulling off her tennis shoes and her little socks. As I’d hoped, she didn’t seem a bit concerned about modesty. I helped her tug her tight-fitting shirt up over her head and off, leaving her chest bare. Then she stood and pulled down the ruffle skirt she was wearing, which had a simple elastic waistband, and lastly her pink panties. Now she was naked.

Her clothes were in a pile on the floor. Next to them stood an exceptionally beautiful young girl, all smooth white skin with not a trace of hair anywhere except for the sandy blonde curls that framed her adorable face. Those big blue eyes, long eyelashes, her pouty pink lips — actually two pairs of pouty lips. Oh my god, so desirable.

She stepped into the red panties, pulling them up. The child was short like her mom and had no hips at all, of course, so the undies didn’t fit her as snugly as they would fit Dana, but they looked great on her. She turned and showed me the back, her little cheeks peeking out.

Chelsea gazed at her reflection in the mirror on her closet door. “I like these,” she said again, fingering the lace trim. I squeezed my thighs together, stimulating my clit as I studied the girl.

Next she put on the crop top, and then the gray mini-skirt I’d chosen. The final touch was a pair of her mother’s black pumps with three-inch heels. Dana’s shoes were such a small size I didn’t think I could wear them, but Chelsea could. She actually seemed quite comfortable in them, as if she must have played this game before, parading around in her mom’s high heels.

“How about you, Miss Julie?” she asked. “What are you gonna wear?”

“Oh, uh, you want me to try something on too?”

“Yeah, I do!”

“Okay, well…” I sorted through the things we’d brought in, picking out a baby blue panty and bra set, very thin and delicate.

“Let me put these on first,” I said to Chelsea, “and then we’ll see if we can find one of your mom’s dresses that would look good on me. Okay?”

She nodded happily, waiting for me to undress. I was wearing jeans and a loose pink V-neck sweater over my bra and panties, which were both white. I’d already taken off my sneakers, leaving them in the living room. While sitting on the floor, I pulled off my socks and my sweater, tossing them on Chelsea’s bed. Then I stood and opened my jeans, pulling them down and off.

Next would be my bra and then my panties. I wondered what Chelsea would do, what she would think, how she might react to seeing her babysitter, a 12-year-old girl, getting naked in front of her.

She had almost no reaction at first, outwardly, at least. I took off my bra and put it on the bed, then pulled down my undies and stepped out of them. The crotch was very wet. Because my panties were white, the moisture wasn’t all that obvious, but if you knew what you were looking for it was plain enough to see. When I laid the undies on the bed, I made sure to leave the crotch and the wet spot exposed, hoping Chelsea might say something to me about it. But she didn’t.

She did say something else, though.

“You don’t have any hair yet,” she commented, pointing at my crotch.

“Um, well, yeah, I do, sort of, a little anyway.” I could feel that I was blushing, but I smiled at the little girl, trying to be nonchalant. “Except I shaved it off.”

“You did?”


“How come?”

“Um, uh, well… I guess I just like how it looks this way.”

“Mommy shaves hers too. She does it when we take a bath. After I get out she shaves, like, under her arms and then her legs and then, and then that part too.” She pointed to my crotch again.

“This is called your pussy,” I told her. “Does your mommy ever call hers that?”

“No. She calls it her cootchie. But I like pussy,” she smiled, “that’s a nice word.”

We stood for a moment. Chelsea looked at me, at my shaved pussy, and then up at my breasts with their puffy pink nipples. She licked her lips.

I was so wet by now I was almost sure she could see it, or maybe even smell it. Again, I tried to act like it was no big deal, though. I picked up the baby blue undies I’d left on the floor and stepped into them. As I pulled them up, I realized that they definitely were going to get stained by my juices. Eventually they would dry, of course, but a mark might still be visible. Would Dana notice?

After the panties were on, I slipped into the little bra, asking Chelsea to hook it for me in the back. I could have done it myself, but I wanted her involvement. I wanted her to be close to me. Then we went back into her mother’s room to find a dress for me to wear.

We chose a short sleeveless royal blue dress, glittering with sequins. It looked like something a stripper might wear. In fact, a lot of the dresses and things Dana had looked that way. I started wondering what that could mean.

Standing in front of the mirror in Dana’s bedroom, I tried on the dress. Chelsea zipped it up for me. The dress was stretchy, super tight, and exceedingly short, barely covering my bottom. I’d found a pair of backless heels in the closet, like slippers, that I could fit into, and I put those on too. The final effect was electric. I’d never seen myself looking quite so aggressively sexy, not even in the garter and stockings I’d modeled at Victoria’s Secret one night.

I loved how I looked, and how it made me feel. I kept turning back and forth, staring at my reflection. Chelsea came and stood next to me. We held hands, and then we began to strike a series of provocative poses.

Gradually our poses became more and more explicit, bending over and pulling up hems to show our behinds, lifting a knee to reveal our crotches, arching our backs and licking our lips… soon we were grabbing each other, pressing our bodies together, both of us looking into the mirror to admire the erotic images we created.

What did Chelsea think of all this? Was it just a game for her? A bit of naughty fun that really didn’t mean much? Or was it possible she was becoming as aroused by what she saw in the mirror as I was?

As I thought about that, I realized that Chelsea’s suggestive poses seemed to come easily to her, as if she had been trained to do them and had quite a bit of practice at it. It reminded me of the way she walked so comfortably in the high heels, certainly as well as I could, if not better.

I just kept getting wetter and wetter. A few times as we were posing I’d been able to see a dark spot in the center of the blue undies I was wearing. A big dark spot. I wondered if Chelsea had noticed that too. If she did, she didn’t say anything.

“What do you want to do now?” I asked, as we ran out of poses to try. “Maybe put on some different outfits?”

She shook her head. “Uh-uh. I want you to tell me a story.”

“Oh, okay. You mean read you a story?”

“No, I mean just tell me one. Not read it.”

“All right, I guess I can do that. But, um…”

I looked at the clock radio on Dana’s bedside table. It was nearly 8:30. “Let’s get you ready for bed first, okay? Then I’ll get in bed with you and I’ll tell you a nice long story before you go to sleep. How’s that sound?”


So, we took off our sexy clothes and put everything back where we’d gotten it. The wet spot in the undies I’d been wearing was very noticeable. Again, Chelsea didn’t comment on it, if she even saw it. But I wondered what Dana might think if she took the panties from her drawer later and detected the stain I’d left in them. Would she have any notion where it could have come from?

I suggested to Chelsea that it would be fun to leave our clothes off and get into bed together naked. I would tell her the story that way, and when she was ready for sleep, she could put on some jammies. She liked that idea.

She brushed her teeth and we got in bed. We were sitting side by side, propped up on her pillows, a naked 12-year-old and a naked 7-year-old with the covers at our waists. I knew I was taking a chance, definitely pushing the envelope, but at the same time I was completely confident that Dana would not be upset by this were she to learn about it. I don’t know how I knew that, but I did.

I looked at Chelsea for a minute before beginning my story. She was so pretty, such a lovely little blonde girl, all sweetness and purity and yet with an unmistakable air of worldliness and experience about her. Quite the combination.

Then I compared our chests. My breasts were still small, of course (as they are today; I got stuck with the smallest tits in the family, only an A cup), and Chelsea had nothing at all but flat pink nipples. Not even any puffiness there yet. She saw me looking at her and she looked at my little boobies too. She didn’t say anything, just smiled up at me.

“Okay,” I began, “let me tell you a story.”

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