The Joy of Looking, Chapter 68

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By Naughty Mommy

I slept late the next day. My mom got up before me, taking a shower, washing and drying her hair, packing up her things and most of mine. At about 10:00, she came and sat on the bed beside me, waking me.

“Sweetheart, time to get up. We’ve got a plane to catch.” She gave me a little kiss on the cheek.

I’d wondered if I would have any kind of hangover or whatever from the marijuana when I woke up, but I didn’t. I felt fresh and alert. My body was still a bit tired from all the exertion of the night before, but my mind was clear.

After giving my mother a nice hug, being careful not to muss her hair or her makeup, I took a quick shower myself. I really needed one after the amount of body oil they’d used, not to mention all the pussy juice and saliva and everything else that had been all over me.

While I was washing, I rubbed my soapy fingers on my clit, making my pussy warm and tingly again. I didn’t bring myself to climax, but I felt a pleasant throbbing in my crotch as I slipped into my undies and my red dress. My mom and I went downstairs for breakfast, finding Logan and Diana still there, but not Shannon and her girls. They’d already left.

We got big hugs from Cassia and Delia (Olympia wasn’t there), along with pretty Diana and her mother, and soon we were on our way again.

As we drove, I dug my sexual diary out of my backpack and started making notes about all the things I could recall from the party. It took me quite a while, filling many pages, and I’m sure I still left a lot out. I mean, nobody could possibly remember all the wild stuff that happened that night. I did my best, though.

By the time I was finished, we were more than halfway back to Boston. I put the diary away with a satisfied sigh and gazed out the window at the scenery.

While I’d been writing my notes, my mom had not said much. She could see that I was busy with something and didn’t interrupt. She also didn’t ask me what I was working on. I suppose she figured we’re all entitled to keep some things private. I wouldn’t have minded letting her know about my diary, or even showing it to her, but she didn’t inquire and I didn’t say anything about it.

Now that I’d finished with that, though, I started thinking again about what it all meant, about what we would say to Kate and Molly when we got back, about how things might change between all of us.

I thought about the little lesbian families we had met at the Sapphic Retreat, like Nicole and her girls, Katherine and her two daughters, and all the others. What was it like for them at home, I wondered. Did they sleep in the same bed at night? Did they have friends they played around with sometimes? Kids from school they would bring home for sexual adventures?

I felt myself getting turned on again as I imagined what they might do, especially when I began to think about what it would be like for us to seduce some of my friends or Kate’s friends or Molly’s little friends. Ooh, yes, like Emily and Riley. That would be so great, and maybe even their moms too!

“What are you thinking about, honey?”

I realized then that I was gently rubbing myself, the heel of my hand pressing into my pussy on the outside of my dress and panties. I gave my mother a sheepish grin. “I can’t stop touching myself. I’m insatiable.”

“Yes,” she chuckled, patting my knee. “That’s one of the things I love about you.”

“But um, I was thinking about, like, the moms and daughters we met this weekend, and what it’s like for them at home. You know, if they have friends they play around with, I mean, other moms and daughters, maybe from their school or something, that they have sex with. Do you think they might?”

“Sure, I suppose it’s possible. Like us, though, I would imagine they try to be very careful, think wisely about the people they choose to bring into their circle.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

We drove a few miles more in silence. Then I asked, “Mommy, um, do you think, I mean, are there actually a lot of mothers and daughters who, you know, who are lesbian lovers? Who have sex with each other?”

She thought about it, before shrugging, “Well, that depends on what you mean by a lot. As you discovered this weekend, you and I are not the only mom and daughter who are interested in such things. I think it’s actually fairly common for mothers to have sexual fantasies about their daughters. I’ve been in touch with a good number of women online who share those kinds of longings with me.”

“You have?”

“Yes, I have.” She turned and smiled, giving me a wink.


“On the other hand, the number of women who actually do something about those feelings, who act on their desires for their daughters, is probably fairly small. I don’t know the percentage, but I’d guess it’s no more than one in ten, maybe less.”


I thought about that for a while. Then I said, “So, the friends you have, I guess, online, who are moms and have fantasies about their daughters, do any of them do anything?”

“Yes, a few. At least they say they do. You can never be sure, of course, that what someone is telling you in chat or email is real or if it’s only what they’re wishing was true.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“But I think I can usually tell, and I know quite a few moms who say they are sexually active with their daughters, and I believe them.”

“Are they all, like, just, online friends? Or do you know anyone where we live?”

She looked at me again, a twinkle in her eye. “What makes you ask that?”

“Well,” I grinned, “I was thinking if we could do something like they have in Vermont, how cool that would be. You know, like a club for moms and daughters or something. But not people from far away, people right where we live.”

“Yes, that would be nice.”

After that it was quiet again for a long time.

* * *

We had about a half hour wait before boarding our flight at the airport. Most of the travelers were either older people or business types. There were only a few families. Among them, though, was a very pretty blonde woman, maybe about 30, with two cute daughters, around 9 and 7 years old. As far as I could tell, there was no dad with them. They attracted my attention right away, of course, and my mother’s too. She took my hand and squeezed it as we looked at the appealing little family.

The younger daughter, active and energetic, was in a darling dress, pastel pink and very short, with two rows of white buttons down the front and a white belt around the waist. She was a blonde with curly hair, a lot like Molly’s. Her big sister, whose hair was darker and straighter, wore a denim miniskirt along with tennis shoes and a long-sleeved t-shirt. She seemed more quiet and pensive. Their attractive mother was dressed in tan slacks and a blue v-neck sweater, both very tight-fitting, showing off her splendid figure.

I got on my knees in the seat, leaning close to my mom, and asked, “Which one would you want first? The younger girl, the older one, or their mommy?”

Shifting her view away from them, toward me, she whispered, “Why not all three at the same time? Along with you and Kate and Molly, of course.”

“God, yeah… that would be so awesome.” It was exciting to picture us in bed with them, two naked women and five naked girls, exploring each other’s bodies. I could feel my pussy getting wet.

I’d hoped that when we got on the plane we might be sitting close to the pretty mom and her daughters, but they ended up in the back while we were near the front. There were three seats in the row on our side, with the third seat left unoccupied. I sat by the window and my mom sat on the aisle. We held hands as the jet accelerated down the runway and then lifted into the air.

That sexy image of me and my sisters and my mother fooling around with the young family we’d been ogling was really turning me on. I squeezed my thighs together, stimulating my clit. As soon the fasten seatbelt sign was turned off, I changed seats, moving into the middle one next to my mom. I held her arm and brought my lips to her ear.

“I love seeing you with little girls, Mommy. Like with Laura, or maybe with that girl we just saw, the younger one. How old do you think she was?”

“Probably, I don’t know, 7 or so?”

“Yeah. She was cute. Wouldn’t you like to get her naked, and then lick her all over?”

“Mmm, yes, of course I would.” My mother crossed her legs, placing one knee over the other. She was in a short pleated skirt, navy blue. I saw her clench her thighs together, as I had done. She lifted my hand to my mouth and gently kissed my fingers.

“Do you like licking little girls?” I asked. “Tasting their pussies?”

“Julie, honey,” she warned, with a smile, “you really shouldn’t be saying things like that, not here, in public.”

“I know, but I can’t help it. You’re so sexy and I love seeing you with little girls.”

“Yes, but…” she gave me a half-serious frown. “Let’s talk about it sometime later, not now.”

I could tell my mom was just as turned on as I was. I really enjoyed teasing her this way.

Looking across the aisle, I saw that the only other person in our row, a heavyset older woman traveling alone, had her seat pushed back and her eyes closed. She appeared to be asleep. The flight attendants were busy at the back of the plane, getting the refreshment carts ready or something. No one would see what I was going to do next.

My mother was wearing a white blouse with long sleeves. It was partially sheer. A lacy feminine camisole was visible beneath the blouse. She didn’t have a bra on that day, so her stiff nipples stood out plainly. I put my hand over her breast, squeezing it and pinching the nipple.

“Stop that! You’re being very bad,” she glared, quickly taking my hand away.

I giggled. “Okay, I’ll stop. For now, anyway.”

After a few seconds I said, “I need to use the restroom.” I got up and slid past her into the aisle, walking to the tiny lavatory at the front of the plane. When I returned, I was no longer wearing any panties. They were tucked into a pocket of my dress.

Sitting down again, I reached into my backpack and took out a paperback novel I’d brought along. I opened it, and as I pretended to read, casually crossed my own legs. Unlike my mom, however, I did not put one knee over the other. I laid my ankle on my knee, letting my red dress slide halfway up my bare thigh.

I noticed my mother looking at me, at my legs. Turning a page in the book, I ‘accidentally’ pulled my dress up even further, almost to the top of my thighs. You couldn’t quite see my crotch yet, not quite. I waited for a minute, pretending to read, then turned another page.

Mommy put her hand on my thigh, leaving it there. To someone who didn’t know about us, it might have appeared completely innocent: a mother affectionately resting her hand on her young daughter’s leg, nothing unusual about that. But I felt a slight pressure in her touch, a meaningful squeeze. She wanted me.

“It’s kind of cold in here,” I said softly. Uncrossing my legs, I took one of the small blankets provided by the airline and arranged it over my lap. I opened another blanket and placed it over my mom’s lap. Now our hands could go where they wanted, unseen.

I picked up my paperback and held it open again with one hand as though I was reading. I put my other hand under the blankets, laying it over my mother’s hand which was still resting on my thigh. Very, very slowly, I eased her fingers upward and inward, sliding them over my bare skin, gradually bringing them closer to my crotch.

She was starting to breathe faster. I felt her fingers trembling beneath mine. I looked up at her face. Her head was leaning back against the headrest. Her eyes were closed. It looked almost as if she was napping. But I saw her licking her lips, and I could tell, the way her chest rose and fell, that she was very aroused.

I moved slightly forward in the seat, spreading my legs farther apart. I eased my mom’s hand in just a little more, and then she was touching me. For a moment, I thought she might pull away, might decide this game had gone far enough. But she didn’t. She let her fingers caress my pussy lips beneath the blanket. I was wet and slippery. It was easy for her to slide a finger between my lips, to find my swollen clit.

In spite of myself, I groaned, arching my back. My mother opened her eyes and looked down at me, giving a slight shake of her head, cautioning me to be quiet. But she left her fingers where they were.

It was hard for me to keep still as I mimed reading my novel. Mommy’s finger pressed in on my clit, gliding up and down over it, really just the tiniest of motions but enough to get me tremendously excited.

I looked at my mother’s chest. I wanted to open her blouse, pull up her camisole, start sucking her hard nipples. Right here in the plane, in front of everyone, I wanted to have lesbian sex with my mom.

Coming up the aisle from behind us, a flight attendant with a cart was getting closer. She was about three rows away now. My mother kept rubbing me, masturbating me. Her eyes met mine, a smoky look, showing her lust. She licked her lips. God, she was so hot!

The attendant came to the row just behind ours. Mommy rubbed my clit harder and faster. I was quivering, panting, almost there. Could I actually climax, really have an orgasm with all these passengers around us, a flight attendant only a few feet away?

At the last second, just before I came and just before the woman in the airline uniform pulled her cart up to our row, looking down at us and smiling, my mom removed her hand from my pussy and out from under the blanket, lifting it to her mouth. She quickly sucked on her middle finger, the one that had been rubbing my clit, and then, just as the flight attendant turned to us, my mother took her hand from her mouth and laid it in her lap, underneath her other hand. She smiled at the attendant.

My mom had coffee and I had a Coke. Later we ate some little snacks that they brought, just cashews and pretzels and things like that. Before long, the plane was heading down, and then we were at the airport, back to our own car, and on our way home. Mommy used her cell phone to call Grandpa Ray, letting him know when we’d arrive, asking how my sisters were and how everything had gone. Apparently it was all fine.

At around 5:30, we pulled into our driveway. Molly came running out the front door to greet us, Kate not far behind. We hot big hugs from them and from my grandparents as well. After we took our bags inside and up to our rooms, Grandpa Ray said he wanted to treat us all to dinner. He did, except once again we went to that horrid buffet place where he always took us.

But I guess that was okay. It didn’t take very long, at least, and when we were done, they said goodbye to us in the parking lot and started their three-hour drive home. I was glad they weren’t staying any longer.

* * *

As I was unpacking that night, Kate came into my room. She sat down on my bed, grinning at me. “Did you guys have fun? Did you get laid?”

I chuckled and felt my face reddening. But I nodded, “Yeah, we did. And yeah, I did.”


My sister bounced up onto her knees on the bed. She was barefoot, wearing shorts and a tight tank top with no bra. At dinner, she’d had another shirt over the tank top, but now you could clearly see her little button nipples poking through the thin fabric.

“Tell me all about it!”

“Well, um, okay.”

Inside my suitcase, I discovered two pairs of undies that didn’t belong to me. They were from Brandi and Emma. I smiled as I lifted them out, holding them up to look at them.

“Know what these are?” I asked Kate.

“Duh. Panties.”

“Yeah, but they’re not mine. You’ll never guess where I got them.”

“Really? Whose are they?”

“Well, these,” I began, brandishing the pair that had belonged to Emma, “are from a woman I met in Vermont, a woman I had sex with. I licked her pussy and she licked mine. Her name was Emma.”

“No fooling?”

“No fooling. She was so hot, Kate, a redhead with nice legs and such a pretty pussy. God, I loved licking her.”

“No way. No way. Are you telling me the truth, Julie?”

“Yes, I really am,” I giggled. I held up the other pair of undies. “And these are from Emma’s daughter, Brandi. She was 12 years old, like me. I licked her too.”

“Oh man, no way!” Kate exclaimed.

Sitting beside her on the bed, taking her hands in mine, I gushed, “Katie, it was so so totally great. They had this big party for us, all these, I mean —” and then I hesitated “— well, maybe we should tell you together, both me and Mommy. I want to make sure it’s okay.”

She grabbed my shoulders, shaking me. Her eyes were wild. “No, tell me now! I want to hear it!”

Just then our mother came to the room.

“You want to hear what?” she smiled, leaning against the door jamb, crossing her arms and her ankles.

We looked at her. She was so sexy in her heels, her short pleated skirt, her white blouse.

Kate frowned. “Julie’s being mean. She won’t tell me what you guys did. About a party or something.”

“Oh, okay,” Mommy nodded. “We did agree that we would tell you about it. But I’m sure Julie’s not trying to be mean. She just wants to be careful not to say anything I wouldn’t want her to say.”

“That’s right,” I confirmed.

My sister was still frowning. “I know, but…”

Looking at her watch, Mommy said, “Let me get Molly into bed first, okay? You finish unpacking, Julie, and then, about 9:00, why don’t you two come to my room and we can have a nice conversation about our trip. We can’t stay up too late, there’s school tomorrow, but we’ll let you know what we did. All right, Katie?”

“Sure, okay,” Kate nodded. “I’m sorry for getting upset.”

Our mother stepped over to the bed. Putting her hand under Kate’s chin, she raised her face and kissed her on the lips. “It’s all right, pumpkin, I understand,” she smiled.

As she turned and headed for the door, she said over her shoulder. “You guys get ready for bed now too. And I’ll see you at 9:00.”

* * *

A half hour later, Kate and I entered our mother’s room, hand in hand, shutting the door behind us. We were both wearing big t-shirts and we’d decided together not to have any undies on, just in case things got fun.

Mommy wasn’t in her bedroom, but the light was on in her bathroom, and through the open door we could hear water running in the sink. She was probably washing her face or brushing her teeth or something like that. We sat on the bed and waited for her.

When she came striding in from the bathroom, she was completely naked. Such a beautiful woman, with an amazing body — long legs, trim waist, nice round boobs, and a gorgeous face. We were so lucky!

“Hey, kiddos!” she smiled. “Right on time, huh?”

We nodded.

“Okay, hop in bed. Take off your shirts, though, because I want to be able to look at you when we talk about all this stuff.”

Kate grinned at me. Giggling, we quickly stripped off our t-shirts and dropped them on the floor, then climbed into her bed.

Mommy went to her vanity and picked up a bottle of perfume. She sprayed a little on her neck, on her breasts, in her pubic hair. It was my favorite perfume, the one that always made me think sexy thoughts about her. Then she got in bed with us, taking a spot in the middle.

We were sitting up, leaning on pillows against the headboard, the covers at about the top of our thighs, leaving our pussies exposed. Our mother looked back and forth at us, a huge smile on her face. “Girls, I am so happy. I feel just great. How about you? Everything okay?”

“Yeah, awesome,” I nodded.

“Sure, I feel fine,” Kate agreed. “But you guys must have had a really good time on your trip. You’re both just like, I don’t know, flying high or something.”

“Well, we did get pretty high on Saturday night,” Mommy laughed, “didn’t we, Julie?”

“Yeah, we did,” I giggled.

“What do you mean?” Kate frowned. “Tell me.”

“Okay, I’m sorry,” our mother patted her thigh, then leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “No more secrets. We’ll tell you about everything we did, all right? Everything you want to know. It might take a while, though, because, well, we did a lot. If we run out of time tonight, we can continue tomorrow night. But I promise you, darling, we won’t leave anything out. We’ll tell you whatever it is you want to know.”

My sister seemed satisfied with that.

“Katie girl, you know I love you, and Julie does too. In fact, we talked about you while we were away. She told me how much she cares about you, how close she feels to you. Didn’t you, honey?” she asked, turning to me.

“Um, yeah, I did. I, well, I told Mommy that I never wanted to keep secrets from you because we always tell each other everything. Because, like, we’re really close and stuff, and um, and because I really love you.”

“Aww…” Kate looked down at her hands, grinning bashfully.

“That’s nice,” our mother smiled, “it’s wonderful that you two are so close. It makes me very happy.”

She took a deep breath, and I did too. I loved the smell of her perfume. I loved being in bed with her. I loved seeing her bare breasts right in front of me. I loved her!

“All right, let’s start at the beginning,” Mommy said. “First, Kate, we didn’t go up to Vermont to visit a prep school. That was a lie I told to Grandpa Ray because I didn’t want him to know what our trip was really all about. I don’t like having to lie that way, but I couldn’t very well tell him and Grandma June that we, that Julie and I, were going away for a romantic weekend together. That certainly wouldn’t fly.”

Kate giggled, and I did too. It seemed obvious to me that she’d realized all along the school story was just a pretense.

“And I felt bad about not telling you in advance where we were going, Katie, or what we were doing, but I just didn’t want to take any chances. I’m sorry it had to be that way, that I had to deceive you. Are you angry with me?”

My sister shook her head. “No, it’s okay. I get it. I sorta knew that, anyway.”

“Yes, you’re way too smart. I might be able to fool the old folks, but I can’t fool you.”

Kate grinned, looking down at her hands again.

“You are so adorable,” Mommy smiled.

She surprised me then by suddenly leaning over and grabbing my sister, actually lifting her up and pulling her over until she was lying between us, on her back. Kate looked as startled as I was.

Our mother got on top of her, taking her face in her hands and kissing her mouth. “Oh, Katie, Katie girl, I love you so much,” she murmured between kisses. After a few seconds, Kate responded, closing her eyes and parting her lips, letting Mommy kiss her deeply and passionately.

It was turning me on to watch them kissing that way. I didn’t feel jealous at all. I loved my sister, and I wanted her sexually, and I knew my mom had the same kinds of feelings I did. I knew they both wanted me too, and loved me. There was plenty of love and lust to go around, more than enough for the three of us to share. I put my hand between my legs, rubbing myself as I watched them.

Finally Mommy finished kissing her. She slid off to the other side, leaving Kate in the middle. She put her hand over my sister’s breast, playing with her nipple.

“Do you know how much I love you, Katie? How much I missed you?” she asked in a low, throaty voice.

“Well, um…” my sister didn’t seem to know quite what to say.

“How much we both missed you?”

My mom reached across and took my hand, placing it over Kate’s other breast, the one she wasn’t fondling. I squeezed Katie’s little tit, feeling the hard nipple between my fingers.

After kissing her again, Mommy said, “I love you so much. You make me very, very excited.” She glanced up at me. “Both of you make me excited. And Molly does too.”

Kate’s eyes widened.

I watched my mother kiss Kate softly on the lips, before lightly licking them, just around the edges, making my sister shiver with arousal.

“Yes, I want your baby sister,” she whispered, “I want her the same way I want the two of you. And I’m going to have her. We all three will. I’ve decided that’s definitely what we should do.”

“Really?” Kate sighed.

“Uh-huh,” Mommy nodded. “I don’t know how soon we’ll do that, with Molly, but soon. There’s really no reason to wait.”

I had one hand on Kate’s tit, but the other was between my legs, stroking my pussy. I was very wet and very hot. I couldn’t wait to have sex with Molly — and now my mom was saying we didn’t have to wait!

“And, honey, about this weekend,” our mother continued, between kisses, “there’s one more thing I have to tell you. It’s about Julie, and me. About why we went up there together, just the two of us.”

She propped herself up on an elbow, drawing away from the intimate kissing for a short time while she explained this next part.

“It’s because your sister and I, Julie and me, have discovered that there’s something… something between us, something special, something sort of… romantic, I guess. Do you know what I mean?”

“Yeah,” Kate nodded. “I mean, I can tell. You guys are, like, gaga for each other.”

Mommy laughed. “Yes, gaga, that’s a good word for it.”

She gave her another quick kiss, and then added, “I’m glad you understand, and I’m glad you can see that there is something between us, something special going on. I didn’t plan it this way, but I’m very glad it’s happened. It makes me so happy.”

“I’m glad too,” Kate said.

“Are you?” Mommy asked.

“Well, yeah, because, um, because, like, I want you both to be happy. I mean, because I love you and stuff.”

“Oh, Katie,” our mother breathed. There were tears in her eyes. “I’m so glad you understand.”

She hugged her tightly then, and I could tell, by the way her shoulders were shaking, that she was sobbing. Whether it was from joy or from relief, or both, I’m not sure. But it seemed like she must have been worried that Kate might not respond the way she had.

As my mom ended the hug, wiping her eyes, she said, “Katie, darling, Katie darling girl, please know that this doesn’t mean I love you less than I love Julie. I couldn’t love you any more than I do, sweetheart. I love Julie the same as I love you, and I love Julie a little differently too. It’s, well, there is a romantic dimension between the two of us now. Something that wasn’t there before. It’s been coming on for a while, for a long time, actually, but now it’s bigger than it ever was. I’m in love with her, and I can’t deny that. But I don’t ever want you to think I don’t love you as much as I possibly can, Katie, as much as anyone could ever love anyone. Okay?”

“Of course, Mommy.” Now Kate was choked up too. She never got that way!

They hugged again, fiercely, both sobbing tears of joy. I’d stopped masturbating a few minutes earlier — what we were sharing seemed even better than sex, if that’s possible, or more important anyway — and now I fell on top of them, hugging them both, squeezing them, joining my sobs and my happy sighs and my kisses with theirs.

Two or three minutes of hugging and kissing and pledges of love and more kissing and hugging, and then we slowly began to settle down. But as our emotional overflow ended, our libidinous desires took over. The kisses that had been warm and affectionate soon became hot and passionate.

Tongues were going inside mouths, hands finding breasts and pinching nipples, legs opening and intertwining. Before long, if this kept up, we would be having sex all the way, nothing held back.

Just before it reached that point, however, our mother drew away, panting, “Kate, we were supposed to be having a conversation here…”

I couldn’t help myself. I started laughing, and my sister did too.

Mommy laughed with us. “Now it is a school night, so we can’t stay up too late. Either we can go ahead and tell you more about what we did on our trip, or we can put that off until tomorrow and spend the remaining time we have —”

She never completed her sentence. Kate grabbed her and pulled her down, kissing her mouth, insisting, “We can talk later. Right now I wanna do this.”

Wow! I had never seen my sister express her sexual desires so aggressively.

We made love that night, the three of us together, although we didn’t really go all the way. We did a whole lot of kissing and touching, our first orgasms coming from fingers rubbing clits, Mommy on Kate, then Mommy on me, then me and Kate together on Mommy. We kissed a lot more and Mommy got on top of Kate again and fucked her the way she’d fucked me on the night of the slumber party, tribbing with her until Kate climaxed. I masturbated as I watched them, bringing myself to another orgasm. It was getting pretty late by then, past the usual time for us to go to bed, but Mommy let us stay up a little while longer, enough time for me and Kate to suck each other’s nipples and finger each other’s pussies, both climaxing while Mommy watched us and masturbated.

After it was all over, our mother sent us back to our rooms, but not before giving us warm, wet kisses and promising Kate that the next night she and I would tell my sister everything she wanted to know about our trip to Vermont.

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