The Joy of Looking, Chapter 64

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By Naughty Mommy

After the party had been going on for more than an hour and everyone had finished eating their dinner, Cassia and Delia and a couple of the moms who were there cleared off the dining room table, taking all the dishes back to the kitchen. Then they brought out trays filled with yummy-looking homemade cookies and brownies, along with fresh pots of coffee and some soft drinks for the kids.

While we were enjoying the treats, a few of the women started rearranging the living room, moving chairs around and turning one of the sofas to make a big open space in the middle surrounded by seating. A long empty coffee table was placed in the center of the newly created circle.

When everything was set, people began taking their seats. I noticed that the daughters were now sitting together with their mothers, so I went to stand by my mom, who was near the entrance to the room, talking with Olympia. Mommy put her arm around my shoulder, hugging me as we listened to what the older woman was saying.

It seemed to be something about how she and someone else, a woman with a name I didn’t catch, had founded the Sapphic Retreat quite a few years before. She spoke about how it had started out as a private club and how it had gradually expanded and that lots of people were now a part of it. I couldn’t understand everything, but I heard the word ‘co-op’ and I gathered that it meant the business was sort of a cooperative effort, with many different women involved in various ways.

Anyhow, once everyone was seated, Olympia turned to the group, getting their attention. She stood erect, smiling proudly. As they quieted, she began to speak.

“Ladies, girls, friends, lovers…” there were a few giggles in the room “…I’m so pleased to have you all here tonight, and to be able to join with you in welcoming our newest companions, Suzanne and Julie.”

Olympia began applauding and everyone joined her. I was startled, not sure what to do or think. My mother and I were standing back a bit, behind Olympia, but she turned to us and gestured us forward.

Holding my hand, my mother walked slowly to the center of the room as everyone clapped. She gave a slight bow, so I did too. My mom was smiling broadly and I tried to do that as well, although I think I still looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

When the applause ended, Olympia said, “Here we are all mothers who love their daughters, and daughters who love their mothers, and sisters who love their sisters. We are family and we are lovers and we are not ashamed to be both. We rejoice in the close bonds that we share, in that deep intimacy that can only occur between a woman and another woman, or a woman and a girl, or between two young girls together. We know that this bond of connection becomes even deeper and more intimate when that woman and that girl are mother and daughter or when those girls are sisters.”

She smiled at Cassia and Delia when she said that part. They were seated in armchairs next to each other and as they returned their mother’s smile, they took each other’s hands.

“And so, tonight we gather to celebrate the joyous sexual union of another wonderful mother-daughter pair, a beautiful woman and her equally charming and beautiful daughter. We are so pleased that they have chosen to share their happiness with us and to share themselves with us.”

She stopped for a moment and the room was quiet. Mommy and I were just standing there in the middle, holding hands. I didn’t know what to do. My stomach felt all jumpy. I was mostly looking down, but when I glanced up, I did see a lot of warm smiles.

Finally Olympia continued speaking. “Suzanne and Julie, we welcome you. We honor you. We congratulate you.” She paused again, then added, “And now, will you please show yourselves to us?”

My mom turned to me, whispering, “Take off your dress, honey.”


“Uh-huh,” she nodded, giving me a wink.

My heart was pounding. I don’t know why I was getting so anxious and worked up about all this. It was basically what I wanted and what I expected. But being in the center of a big group like that, on display, had me trembling.

Luckily, I was still able to use my brain. As I slowly began to unbutton my dress, my nervous fingers fumbling, I thought back to other times when I’d felt shy and scared that way, like in the limousine with Linda on my birthday six months earlier, and how I’d overcome my shyness by telling myself that I was someone special, someone strong and powerful, with a body that really got people excited. Recalling that experience and the attitude of strength I’d adopted then made me feel more confident and secure in what I was doing now.

I could have simply opened the top few buttons of my red dress and pulled it off over my head, but as I looked up and discovered a sea of feminine faces following my every move, I decided to make a show of it. Yes, that’s what I would do. If they wanted a show, I could put on a show. I’d done it before, stripping for my mom, twice in fact, and she seemed to love my style.

Taking a deep breath, I held my head up high and smiled at the group. I began to turn gradually around as I continued unbuttoning the dress, letting everyone catch glimpses of my young body when the fabric parted over my breasts, then my belly, then my crotch.

My mother was also putting on a show for them, I realized. Her little black dress had a zipper on the side, under one arm. After she’d pulled that down, she began to slowly draw the hem of the dress up over her bare legs, temptingly, tantalizingly, until she reached the top of her thighs. Like me, she turned in a little circle, displaying herself to everyone.

By then, my own dress was unbuttoned all the way down. I glanced at my mom, catching her eye. In the same instant she suddenly lifted the black dress over her head and I whipped my dress open, letting it slide from my arms and fall to the floor. My mom flung her dress away, both of us laughing as the room burst into wild applause, our audience clapping and cheering, some even whistling for us.

We held our arms up over our heads, turning again to show ourselves, in all our nakedness, to our friends. When we were done, we fell into each other’s arms, hugging and kissing to even more cheers and applause.

Olympia came to us, still clapping, smiling and thanking us, giving us each a kiss on the cheek.

After the room settled down, the older woman faced me and announced, “Now, Julie, as our guest, we invite you to choose how we will begin. You may select anyone in the room and ask them to do anything you would like to see them do with anyone else in the room.”

I stared at her, less aware of my nudity at that point than of my astonishment at what she was saying. “I can — um — anyone…?” I stammered.

“Yes, dearest, anyone and anything. It’s your choice. Please be our guest.”

“Anyone…?” I repeated stupidly.

My mother put her hand on my shoulder, giving me a squeeze, murmuring, “It’s okay, baby, let’s just relax and have some fun.”

Then she swept her arm around the room, saying more loudly, “Look at all these pretty girls and women. Would you like to see a few of them kiss each other? Or do something else?”

Everyone was waiting expectantly for me. A grin crept over my face, an evil grin. I was in a roomful of hot young girls with their sisters and their moms, and I could decide what they would do with each other. Anything! With anyone!!

My mind reeled at the possibilities.

Wearing nothing but my shoes, I turned a slow circle, assessing all my options. I saw Shannon seated on a sofa between Cindy and Shelby, her daughters nestled close to her. I saw Katherine in a loveseat with Chrissy and Laura, the little girls perched on her knees. Emma was in an armchair with Brandi in her lap, Emma gently stroking her daughter’s beautiful bare legs. On the other sofa, Nicole was in the center, her arms enclosing her younger daughters, Tina and Mindy, with Leslie sitting on the floor between her mother’s legs, looking up at me. Leslie had a hand inside her blouse, apparently fondling her braless breast. Logan was seated in another stuffed chair, with Diana on the arm, her tiny skirt hiked up enough that I could see her white panties. Then there were Cassia and Delia. The women were sitting down and both had their legs wide apart, showing me that they wore no underwear, dark bushes clearly visible. I licked my lips as I stared at them.

Then I turned to Olympia. “Um, okay, I think I’m ready.”

“Very well,” she replied.

“Except, like, could I make it more than one thing? I mean, is that okay?”

“Certainly it is, sweetheart. You can ask anyone to do anything you want, as many times as you want. Please feel free. Make all of us your playthings.”

“Thank you. This is just so… so amazing.” My hand went involuntarily to my breast and I played with my nipple as I looked once more around the room. I saw quite a few smiles of approval from girls and women who enjoyed the way I was touching myself.

“I want to start with, um, with Cindy, and… and your family, okay?”

Cindy nodded eagerly. She seemed pleased to have been chosen.

“So, Cindy, could you take off Shelby’s clothes, please?”

Like I said, I really wanted to see that little girl naked. I heard several murmurs of appreciation. Apparently I wasn’t the only one with that desire.

Cindy smiled and went quickly to work. First she removed the child’s white tennis shoes and bobby socks and set them aside. Then she unfastened the straps on her denim overalls and had the girl stand up. As she lowered the overalls and Shelby’s little crotch came into view, covered only by the thin white leotard, there were more murmurs and sighs of appreciation. The stretchy material concealed nothing. The girl’s shape was clearly revealed to us, every contour of her slim little 8-year-old’s body, including the points of her tiny nipples and the puffiness of her labia, that tempting slit so beautifully outlined.

I had both hands on my breasts now, squeezing and pinching my turgid nipples.

Without even being asked or instructed by me, Cindy took Shelby’s pretty face in her hands and gave her sister a kiss. I moaned and put a hand between my legs, touching my pussy lips. I was already very wet. I started rubbing myself, masturbating as I watched the two young girls kiss each other. I didn’t care at all now about being naked in front of the group, about feeling nervous or scared. I wasn’t either of those things, not any more. I was excited and aroused, eager to see more.

Cindy pulled the white leotard down Shelby’s arms and then all the way off. The little blonde girl was naked. And she was perfect.

The sisters looked at me, happy to do whatever I asked next of them.

“Shannon?” I croaked.

My voice was hoarse, thick with lust. I could feel beads of sweat on my forehead and my upper lip. I didn’t care. As I continued masturbating, I cleared my throat and said, “Would you please take off Cindy’s dress?”

The woman grinned. “Yes, I’d like to.”

The little yellow dress was sleeveless, with a square neckline. It came to just above the girl’s pretty knees. Cindy kicked off her flat shoes, pushing them to the side, and then Shannon, still seated, began opening the buttons on the back of the dress. When she was done, she lowered the dress to the floor, helping her daughter step out of it.

Underneath, Cindy was wearing a white cotton bralette and white panties, both trimmed with lace. She looked adorably cute and feminine and so sexy.

“Take off her bra,” I whispered.

I said that barely loud enough for Shannon to hear. But she did hear me, and she complied. She pulled the little bralette over Cindy’s head and set it on the sofa.

“Kiss her nipples,” I requested, still in a hoarse whisper.

Shannon smiled broadly at me, then put her hands on Cindy’s waist and drew the girl closer so she could kiss her puffy pink nipples. The 10-year-old didn’t really have any breasts yet, just those lovely swollen nipples. As her mother kissed them, I heard oohs and ahhs around the room. I didn’t look to see, but I’m pretty sure that by then I was not the only one who was masturbating.

After kissing both nipples, Shannon extended her tongue, lapping at them, licking them, making them visibly grow fuller. Then she sucked them briefly, each of the nipples, going back and forth between them a few times.

I was really rubbing myself now, my fingers moving fast over my clit. I wasn’t quite ready to come, but I felt so good, so hot, so excited. This was awesome!

“Now, um, now her panties.”

Nodding, Shannon hooked her fingers into the waistband of the white cotton panties and began pulling them down. When Cindy was naked, the young girl turned around to face the room, smiling and displaying herself to us, her smooth hairless pussy, her nearly flat chest, her nipples still swollen and wet from her mother’s tongue.

“Oh goddamn!”

It was my mom. I glanced down at her. She was perched on the coffee table, just behind me and to my left. She was fucking herself with her fingers, her face flushed and shiny with sweat. Mommy licked her lips as she stared at the girl’s nude body.

I looked a little further and saw Brandi, still on her mother’s lap, but sitting with her legs apart now, her dress pulled up. Emma was caressing her daughter’s pussy through her black panties. Beyond them, I could see Leslie seated on the floor in front of her mom, her knees drawn up, her fingers pressing in on the crotch of her tight jeans.

Turning the other way, I found Cassia, Delia, and Olympia standing not far from me. Delia was in the middle. Her mother, Olympia, had a hand between Delia’s legs, under her short skirt. Cassia was grabbing and squeezing her sister’s breasts through her blouse and bra while nibbling at her ear.

It was time for more. “Cindy, push up your mom’s skirt. Open her legs for us.”

“All right.”

The girl knelt on the floor and lifted Shannon’s gray pleated skirt up to her waist. Underneath we saw pretty lavender panties, almost the color of the satin blouse she was wearing.

“Push her legs wide apart,” I instructed.

She did. Shannon helped by sliding down on the sofa, making it easier to spread her thighs all the way open.

“Now put your fingers on her panties. Rub your fingers over her pussy.”


We all watched as the girl laid her hand over her mother’s vulva, rubbing up and down, stroking her pussy lips through the panties.

“Press in harder.”


And then we saw what I wanted to see.

When Cindy pressed her fingers into the center of her mommy’s panties, pushing the thin fabric between her lips, the lavender undies began to darken, growing moist. A spot right in the middle quickly became darker, the material clearly getting very wet. Shannon groaned as she felt her daughter’s fingers touching her sex.

“Kiss her pussy,” I whispered. “Kiss it through her panties.”

Cindy nodded, happily lowering her mouth to kiss her mother’s pussy lips through the wet fabric of her panties. She kissed her once, twice, another time, and then another. Shannon groaned again, more loudly this time, taking Cindy’s head in her hands and pulling her face into her crotch.

“Yes! Oh fuck yes!” My mom’s voice. It sounded as if she was getting close.

“Now you can take off her panties,” I instructed.

“All right.”

“No wait —” I’d changed my mind. “First, um, first, Shelby, you and Cindy, take off your mom’s top, okay? Her blouse.”


Shannon sat up a bit and the girls quickly unbuttoned the satin blouse, then pulled it off her and laid it aside. Underneath, Shannon wore a lavender bra that matched the panties. The woman was small breasted, probably just an A-cup, thin and slight, the same as her daughters. Her skin was pale, with a few freckles on her chest.

“Shannon, take off the bra, please.”

She reached behind her back, unhooked it, and handed it to Cindy, who laid the bra over the blouse. As we watched, Shannon placed her hands on her own breasts, kneading them and squeezing the nipples. I hadn’t asked her to do that. It was just automatic. And very hot. I waited a few seconds, enjoying her display of lusty sensuality.

Then I continued. “Now I want to see both girls, um, Cindy and Shelby, suck your mommy’s nipples. Okay?”

“Okay!” The young blondes nodded, grinning eagerly. They hopped up on the sofa, one on either side of their mother, put their mouths over her breasts, and began to suck.

I watched them for a moment, then turned to Katherine, who was seated on my left in an armchair by the sofa. Her daughters, Chrissy and Laura, were in her lap. I smiled at Katherine and she readily returned my smile. It was obvious that she was completely willing to do anything I asked of her — anything. What a great party!

Although I was still masturbating, I had slowed my movements some. I was just gently rubbing my pussy now, keeping my little clit nice and happy and hard. My mother, however, was vigorously fucking herself as she watched Shelby and Cindy sucking on their mom’s tits. I leaned down and kissed the top of her head. She looked up at me.

“Mommy, don’t stop. Keep doing that, but stand up, okay?”

“Oh, uh, all right.”

I helped her get up. She stood a bit awkwardly, her knees apart, her fingers sliding in and out of her dripping wet cunt. I led her over to stand in front of beautiful Katherine and her little girls.

Laura’s big brown eyes were rounder than ever as she stared at the sight before her.

“Do you like that, honey?” I said to the girl. “This is my mommy. Do you like watching her fuck herself that way?”

“Uh-huh, I do,” Laura nodded. The child was only 6 years old, but I was certain she had seen this kind of thing before, probably many times, and I was equally certain that she enjoyed it.

Chrissy was staring intently too as my mother masturbated in front of them. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it seemed to me that the 7-year-old was squeezing her thighs together, becoming very aroused. I didn’t know if a girl that young could have an orgasm — I hadn’t at that age — but tonight I hoped to find out for sure.

Katherine was sitting up in the chair, her arms around her daughters’ waists. The brunette was licking her lips, breathing deeply, her chest thrust forward, stiff nipples clearly protruding through the figure-hugging knit dress she wore.

“Laura,” I said softly, “have you ever tasted a woman’s pussy juice? Do you sometimes watch your mommy fuck herself this way?”

She nodded.

“Does she let you taste her then?”


“Would you like to taste my mom now? See what her pussy juice tastes like?”

The little girl licked her lips and nodded eagerly, her huge brown eyes fastened on the wet vagina just in front of her.

“Ohh fuck!!” My mother groaned. She was really going at it now, plunging her fingers rapidly in and out, her whole vulva shiny with her juices. Droplets sprayed into the air as her hand slapped against her womanly cunt. The smell of her sex was strong and seductive.

I put my hand on her arm. “Mommy, Laura wants to taste you.”

She didn’t slow her movements. My mom continued fucking herself fast and hard. I didn’t blame her, of course. I had just told her that the youngest girl in the room, a 6-year-old child, was waiting for a taste of her pussy juice. No wonder she wanted to masturbate and climax!

“Mommy.” I gripped her wrist. “Let Laura taste you. And then Chrissy too.”

“Oh uh —” she gasped, sucking in air “— okay, I, I’m sorry.”

Taking a big deep breath and then slowly letting it out, she finally stopped her pumping action. After another long deep breath, she pushed her fingers in once more as far as they would go, and then slowly drew them out, holding them up to Laura’s mouth.

The little girl smiled, those huge liquid brown eyes full of desire and anticipation. She parted her lips and let my mother put her dripping fingers inside her mouth. Laura held my mom’s hand in her hand, looking up into her eyes while she licked and sucked the wet fingers. Mommy shivered with excitement as she watched the girl enjoying the taste of her cunt.

“That’s good,” I said. “Now it’s Chrissy’s turn.”

“All right,” my mom breathed, shoving the two fingers back up inside her vagina, all the way in as far as they could go, wriggling them around, coating them with her juices, and then drawing them out and giving them to Chrissy.

I looked over at Shelby and Cindy. The two young girls, both naked, were curled up with their mother, one on either side of her, happily sucking her nipples. Their thin, soft, white bodies looked so appealing, so innocent and pure. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them, to touch them and kiss them and lick them. Shannon was stroking their hair, cooing to them. It was a beautiful tableau — but now I had something else in mind for the little family.

Turning back to my mom, I said, “Mommy, I want you to help Laura and Chrissy take off their mother’s clothes, all her clothes, all right? And when she’s naked, then I want all three of you to hug her and kiss her, okay?”

“All right,” my mother nodded.

“But, um, but don’t take off Chrissy’s or Laura’s clothes, not yet. Not until I tell you to.”

My mom grinned at me. Normally she would be the one in charge, but tonight I was taking control. I’d been given the opportunity and I was taking full advantage of it. She took my chin in her hand and gave me a quick kiss. “I love you, Julie.”

“I love you too, Mom.” I gave her a second kiss. “Now get to work.”

“Okay, we will,” she chuckled.

Chrissy and Laura slid off their mother’s knees and helped Katherine get to her feet so they could begin undressing her.

I stepped back to the sofa. Shannon’s eyes were closed as she petted her daughter’s heads and held them to her breasts. I waited a moment, not wanting to interrupt their pleasure, although I was sure they would enjoy the next thing just as much.

“Um, Cindy? Shelby?”

Releasing their mother’s nipples from their mouths, the little blondes looked up at me, happiness in their eyes.

“You guys having fun?”

“Uh-huh,” they both giggled.

“Okay, I’m glad. So, um, Cindy, I want to see you lick your mom’s pussy now. You wanna do that?”

“Yeah, I’d love to!” she nodded.

“All right, um, take off her panties first.” As Shannon lifted her bottom from the sofa, Cindy slid the lavender undies down her legs and off, leaving them on the floor.

“That’s good. Now, Shannon, why don’t you lie down, okay? With your head over that way, that’s right.”

I positioned the woman with her head near Shelby. I asked Cindy to move to the other end, to kneel on the sofa between her mother’s legs and begin licking her. And then I said, “Shelby, honey, you get up on top of your mommy and sit on her face, okay?”


Showing not a moment’s hesitation, the child climbed onto the sofa and placed her hairless pussy in front of her mother’s mouth. Shannon smiled broadly, using her fingers to carefully part her daughter’s labia.

I heard her moan as she looked closely at the girl, and I leaned in to see what she was seeing. Oh my god — the 8-year-old was wet inside, definitely very wet! Her pink slit and her little vagina glistened with moisture.

My hand immediately went to my clit and I began to masturbate again as I stared at the awesome sight. I really wanted to make myself come as I watched Shannon starting to lick her young daughter’s pussy.

But I had other responsibilities. A whole roomful of women and girls were waiting for me to give them direction, to tell them exactly what they should be doing with each other, any and all sexual perversions I wanted to see them perform.

I turned and faced the group, still rubbing myself.

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