Keri, My Love, Part One

  • Posted on May 13, 2015 at 11:13 am

By JetBoy

I’m going to write this down, then hide it away. Better yet, burn it. But I need to see the whole story in print first, if only to prove that this is actually happening to me, that I’m not living out some crazy, delirious dream.

The reason why this story seethes inside me, demanding to be told, is — well, let me lay it on the table for you. I have a lover.

Ah, you think, so that’s what all this is all about. Well, yes and no. What’s so unnerving, yet astonishing, is that this lover I’m speaking of is… my daughter Keri. My beautiful, adorable little ten-year-old.

I can only imagine the expression on your face as you digest that tidbit of information. Disgust, outrage, righteous anger. What kind of mother would have sex with her own little girl? you ask yourself. A monster, that’s who.

So some might think, anyhow, and I can’t say I blame them. I’m sure I would have felt the same way, before… all this. Before I found such passion, such love, such raw, naked desire, all in the arms of my enchanting little third grader.

Whatever. Before I get bogged down in questions of wrong and right, I have to set down how it all came to pass. To recall, but also to relive every delicious moment.

It’s been almost six months now since little Pamela was born. My second daughter. That’s really how this whole thing got started. I wanted another child, but this time I did it without the assistance of a man. After my divorce five years earlier, I had been single and happy, choosing the lovers I wanted — some male, mostly female — but this baby was to be mine and mine only.

So I had myself artificially inseminated at the Pembroke Center, a local feminist clinic. Nine months later, my beautiful Pamela was born.

That’s the prologue. Now comes the story itself. How, with a bit of help from baby Pam, I found the love of my life — and in the last place I’d have expected it to be.

First, let me set the scene. I was in my big comfy chair in the living room corner, by the crib, nursing Pamela. It was a warm evening in June, and Keri was sprawled out on the floor in front of me, reading Harry Potter.

Nursing was wonderful. Feeding Pam was almost sexual, that’s how hungry I was for it. I’d idly tease my swollen nipples, loving the sweet surge I’d feel through my core, traveling from womb to heart and back again. I loved it all: Pammie’s tiny sucking mouth, her little hands groping for my breasts, the tiny wet sounds she made as she sated her appetite. Just thinking about feeding her would send a sweet fluttery feeling through my belly, as if I was really going to be making love instead. Once, while Keri had been at school, I actually masturbated to a lovely orgasm while my infant girl fed from me.

Everything seemed to affect me in such a sensual way, whether it was the summer breeze, or the low throb of a motorcycle passing by, or a moment like the one on this particular day when, while nursing the baby, I glanced over at Keri.

She was dressed as she always was on a summer morning: skimpy t-shirt and panties. But as she lay there on her stomach before me, her little ten-year-old fidgety girl bottom suddenly seemed mysteriously enticing to me. It had been months since I’d made love to a woman, and more years than I’d care to admit since I had explored childish sex games with my best friend Kimmy at the age of twelve.

Which meant that this heightened sensuality I was experiencing seemed to make my daughter’s half-dressed body seem, well, desirable.

I chuckled inwardly at my outlandish arousal, and looked back down at baby Pam, cuddled in my arms. I watched her nurse for awhile, then I happened to look up again. There was Keri, leaning against the doorway, watching me. I winked at her, and she sent a small, fleeting grin back.

Now I must say that Keri had been quite wonderful since her new sister’s birth, what with the huge change in our household, and having to make do with less attention than she was used to. Thankfully, she seemed to understand that my life had to center around Pam for the time being, and displayed an admirable amount of patience with me.

Pam had fallen asleep. I carefully rose, my breasts still bare, and tucked her into the crib. Then I reached for my shirt and began to put it on.

“You’re… leaking.” Keri softly said, her face expressionless.

I looked down, and indeed, milk still oozed from my just-sucked nipple. “It does that, honey.” I touched the fluid with a fingertip, making my breast tingle deliciously. I’d usually get a little giddy from nursing; those days, it seemed like I was always aroused. “Mmmmm… it’s nice and warm, too.” I cooed, smiling up at Keri.

She giggled nervously, took a small step forward, then froze. It seemed as if she had something she wanted to say.

“What, honey? Did you want to ask me something?”

She actually blushed. Then she crossed her legs together and twisted her upper half from side to side, rolling her eyes. “It’s sooo silly!”

“Sweetheart, I’m sure it’s not that silly… now what?”

“No. You’d think I was weird.” She looked down at her feet, still crossed.

I said nothing, just waited.

She peered up at me from beneath her dark brows. I saw her glance at my still bared breasts.

I looked down again, then up. “Keri?”

“Hmm?” Her skinny arms were now folded behind her back.

“Is it about my breasts?”

Keri blushed, hugely this time, then nodded quickly. “Honey, come here.” She pigeon-toed over, arms still held behind her. She stood about neck-high to my breasts, resolutely looking me in the eye. I leaned down and kissed her forehead. I felt my breast brush her shoulder, and another rush of pleasure surged through my nipple.

“Keri, you can ask me anythingyou know that. Anything at all.” She was staring at my breasts now, her mouth slightly open. “What it it, honey? Hmm?” I touched my nipple again. Mmm, that felt good. “Tell me.”

She opened her mouth, closed it, then shyly spoke. “Why doesn’t it, um… stop leaking when Pam is, is finished?”

I smiled, loving how it felt when I ran my thumb over the slick nipple, also loving the slightly illicit feel of fondling myself in front of my daughter. Ooh, wicked, I thought. “Well, they don’t know she’s finished, you see. My breasts still have more if she wants it.”

Keri looked at my breast, at my fingers brushing my nipples. She looked up at me again, and I could see, yes, she looked… hungry.

At that moment I realized something I hadn’t before: how often Keri seemed to be nearby when I was feeding her sister, as if she were fascinated by the sight: me, half-naked and cradling the baby to my breast, Pammie’s sucking mouth fastened to an engorged nipple, drinking her fill of my sweet milk.

A tendril of excitement spun through me — and a wild idea popped into my head. Really wild.

“Keri?” I looked sideways at her, barely able to believe I was going to do this. “Do you want a taste?”

Oh, what a precious reaction. I watched her eyes open, dilate, flutter; her mouth opened, she took a deep breath as if elated, but not wanting to let it show. She smiled slightly, started to nod, then nodded faster, grinning excitedly.

“Come, honey.” I sat down on the couch, put my arms around Keri and drew her in to me, placing her between my legs.

I lifted my round, ripe breast to her mouth. “Here,” I murmured, “Go ahead…”

Keri leaned in slightly and touched her lips to my nipple. She looked up at me, then took the tip of my breast into her warm mouth.

And she began to suckle. Oh, my, she did. And the difference between being nursed by Keri and Pam was so urgently sexual. Keri’s mouth sucked hard. Tenderly, but hard. And I felt my milk flow so deliciously into my little girl’s mouth.

Ohhhhh God yes, it was so good… like being made love to.

I watched Keri’s eyes close contentedly as she drank, purring with pleasure. And as she did, her hips shifted and wriggled, her body tightly pressed against my barely clad pussy.

Mmmmmm, yes. I was already incredibly aroused, and I realized, with a mixture of concern and joyous abandon, that my little girl was going to make me come.

I tried not to let it show, but did, perhaps unconsciously, trail my hand down to her bottom to pull her hips and body more firmly against mine.

And I think Keri was feeling something more herself, because her suckling became a bit fiercer, and she seemed to be grinding herself into my throbbing sex.

I did rave a bit, let’s call it that. Just as one might to a lover in the midst of ecstasy. Little endearments, loving words. “Mmm, yes, that’s a good girl, that’s right, mmm… ohhh, I’m so glad I can do this for you, honey. Oh, honey… that’s lovely, Keri… oh. Oh!”

Her bottom felt so good in my hand. It seemed to contract and pulse every time she swallowed.

I did come. And I think that Keri knew, somehow. When I did, she just hugged me tightly, then her lips broke away from my nipple with a wet sound. I nearly moaned when she placed several tender kisses on my breasts, then we snuggled together for a long time.

I must have been in a sort of stupor, or perhaps a daydream. Because when I came back to the real world, I found I was slumped back on the couch, languidly stroking and fondling Keri’s little bottom while we hugged. It was like stepping from a dream to reality in a cold flash — and I immediately slid my hands up to her back, amazed that I’d been touching my daughter in that way.

A small mew of discontent came from between my breasts. I watched Keri’s little panty-clad butt squirm a bit. Her big brown eyes looked up at me, her mouth still wet with my milk. “Why’d you stop?”

I couldn’t believe what I heard. “Stop… what, honey?”

She wiggled her butt again. “Rubbing my bottom.” Her cheeks squeezed together. “I like you rubbing my bottom.”

Now, this was too weird. She’s your daughter. Who you’ve fought with, and spoonfed, and spoiled, and punished…

And, God help me, I looked at her pert little butt and felt lust. What was happening to me? Stall for time.

“You… you liked that?”

“Mmm-hmm,” she murmured emphatically.

My hand wavered, brushing her back. I watched wide-eyed as she reached up, grasped my hand and, very pointedly, placed it on her pert little rump. Again, she hit me with those big eyes. “Mommy… rub my bottom.”

All right, then. My hand moved, tentatively at first, lightly circling her cheeks.

“Do it harder, Mommy.”

Like a backrub, right? But… lower. I tentatively allowed the other hand to join in this new game, then I was knowingly doing what I’d been unconscious of before: touching my little girl’s ass as if she were a lover. Only now, I was using both hands.

Soft, deep circles and squeezes, easing into a steady rhythm. I noticed that, whenever my hands would meet to spread her little cheeks, Keri would sigh and arch her back.

Her small voice again, from against my breasts: “Mmmm… that feels nice.”

“Good, honey. I’m glad.” My breathing was getting a bit heavier as my hands warmed to their task. Stroke, circle, stroke, squeeze, spread, circle…

I smelled myself; smelled us. My heat, her breath, and… her sex. I could, I swear I could detect a new scent in the room — the spicy musk of Keri’s pussy. And her bottom seemed so much softer now, and more open to me, somehow. I could feel a growing wet spot in my panties. Okay, maybe we shouldn’t be doing this…

“Mommy?” This was almost a whisper, and so urgent-sounding that I stopped in mid-stroke. I looked down at those brown eyes, so soft and dreamy, her cheeks pinked with pleasure. “Please, could you touch… inside my bottom? In the middle?”

My heart nearly stopped. “In the… middle?”

Her little hand reached around again, this time to put my open hand directly on the crack of her ass. “Right there.” My stars…

I began to slowly stroke up and down, fingers pressing slightly into Keri’s panty-covered cleft. I watched her eyes close.

“Like this?” I breathed.

She nodded, snuggling her face into my breasts. “Just… mmmmm, oh yes…” she murmured.

I caressed my daughter’s crack more firmly now, my heart pounding. Oh my God. This child, my own little girl, had been transformed into a sexual creature in my hungry hands. My fingers brushed the rosebud of her anus, traced the tiny cleft between her cheeks. She was so warm there, the material of her cotton panties growing damp.

Keri made tiny noises at my chest, little coos and mewings, as my eager fingers stroked and smoothed a path down, down into the hidden crevice of her babyish slit. As soon as I touched her there, her little butt arched into my hand and her legs slid out, stockinged feet gliding along the hardwood floor.

Oh, my beautiful little girl, my darling Keri, I’m going to make you come. Mommy’s going to make you feel like you’ve never felt before. And I felt her open to me, my fingers twisting along her smooth vulva, thumb pressed firmly against her rosebud. Her mouth was open, breath hot against my skin as Keri blindly nuzzled my breasts.

And she raised her head, her eyes wide as she called out to me, panting, “Mmmommy, oh Mommy, oh it feels so, so good, I’m… mmmMMMMmmm, ohhhh, Mommeeeeee…”

All of a sudden, Keri thrust herself away from me and leapt to her feet. Her lower lip trembled, and she put a hand down between her legs, covering her mound as her eyes filled with tears.

“Keri? What is it, honey?” I reached for her.

She sobbed once, then turned and stumbled up the stairs.

Oh God oh God oh God. What had I done to my little girl? Stricken to the heart, I numbly stood, pausing to check on the baby, then hastened upstairs after my baby girl, clumsily buttoning my shirt as I went.

At the door I could see Keri face down on her bed, sobbing loudly. I was devastated.

I sat on the bed by my daughter, lightly touching her hair. “Honey,” I began, “I am so sorry –”

Immediately she flung herself at me to burrow into my arms, her tears falling on my bare breasts. “No, no, no, no,” she cried.

I held her to me. “Shhh, shhh, angel, hush.”

Her sobbing abated somewhat, and she whimpered, “I’m just… I’m so stupid, I’m so…” and she began to cry again.

“Keri, honey, shhhhh. It’s all right, baby. Shhhh.” I stroked her hair as I held her to me, comforting my unhappy child as best I could.

When she’d quieted somewhat I cupped her face in my hands, peering into those moist brown eyes. “Honey, you are not at all stupid. Why’d you say that?”

Her lip trembled, but held. “‘Cause… cause I got so scared…”

“What, honey? What scared you? The way that… how you were starting to feel when I touched you?”

My little girl nodded. “It got so, so big that I just… I thought I was gonna explode… and it m-made me afraid.” Tears welled once more, threatening to spill over.

I kissed her sweaty temple, then looked into her eyes. “Keri, love… you are such a sweet, wonderful girl.” I stroked her cheek. “And you know that I would never, ever do anything to hurt you.” I brushed a loose strand of hair from her forehead and tucked it behind her ear. “That feeling, honey… well, it just gets better, and better, until it feels better than anything you’ve ever felt before,” I crooned as I rocked her in my arms. “But it just seems like an explosion, sweetheart, it’s not real. I just wanted you to feel it for yourself. But it’s all right if you aren’t ready for that, honey. You don’t –”

“But I want to!” Sitting upright in my lap, she grabbed my hand with both of hers and held it to her chest. “I do, Mommy, I really, really want to!” And she gave me a brave little smile!

Oh, my. I opened my arms to her and hugged her tightly, tightly. We rocked together.

“Ohhh, Keri, Keri. I love you, sweetheart, so much.”

She murmured into my chest. “Love you, too.” Her mood already seemed better, and I breathed a soft sigh of relief.

“Mommy,” said Keri as she unfurled from me, “can you, um, touch me like that some more? I want to feel it all this time.” My eyebrows must have risen at that, because she giggled. “I do, I do!”

I looked around the room casually, trying to conceal the sudden pounding of my heart. Finally, I spoke. “How do you want me to… touch you, honey?”

“Oh!” She stared at me. “Ummm… well, I like when you touched my bottom… and, um, my missy,” she said with a little blush.

“Okay.” I couldn’t believe this day, this moment, or what I wanted to do with my child. What I would do with her. I sat there, panties damp, watching my daughter thinking, deciding how she wanted me to make her come.

A dream? Possibly. But I’m not waking up, if I can help it.

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    I think I remember reading this all of those years ago when LL was so much more accessible and it had its comments forum, but I can’t really remember, so, it was lovely reading this again about a mother and daughter discovering their mutual joy. Loved it!

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