The Joy of Looking, Chapter 63

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By Naughty Mommy

We finally did get dressed and leave the room and eat some breakfast that day. But not until first doing as I’d suggested, taking a nice shower, washing each other, happily rubbing our hot soapy hands all over everywhere. After barely drying off, we dashed back to the bed and made hot love for another hour or so, before getting up to take a second shower.

By this time, though, we were both getting really hungry. And no wonder, it was almost 1:00 PM!

We ate french toast with maple syrup and fresh fruit on the side. I drank juice and my mom had coffee. Cassia and Delia were all smiles, warmly greeting us. They were well aware, of course, what my mom and I had been up to all those hours in our room. I grinned to myself as I remembered that I’d made sure they could hear what we were doing.

It was a gorgeous day outside, bright and sunny and pleasantly warm for March, the air smelling fresh and clean. Some of that, perhaps, is a reflection of how I was feeling inside, but anyway, I was on top of the world as my mother and I went for a long walk after our delicious brunch.

We strolled up and down the lanes, looking at the beautiful forested hills, finding some open meadows, hearing a few birds singing early spring songs. As we walked, I began thinking. I pondered how our lives would be different now, my mom’s and mine. What did this mean for us, this change in our relationship?

“Mommy, um, when we get back — back home, I mean — will everything, like, be different now? I mean, since you and me are, you know, really truly lovers and stuff?”

She squeezed my hand. “What do you mean, sweetie, when you say ‘be different’? Can you be more specific?”

That was one of the things I loved about her, one of the many things. She would almost always check to be sure she knew just what we were asking before she started to give an answer. I knew that was part of her legal training, but I also knew it was just how she was, someone who really cared about the people she loved, who wanted to know and understand what they were thinking.

“Well, I mean, um, will you and me sleep in the same bed now, when we get home? And will we, like, tell Kate and Molly about it, about the stuff we did up here, I mean? Also, I guess, can I, you know, do all the things with Kate that I did with you last night? Or even, I don’t know, maybe even with Molly?”

My mother squeezed my hand again. “Those are good questions, honey, very good questions.”

She didn’t say anything else right away. We kept walking. I could tell she was thinking about what I’d asked, and so I didn’t interrupt.

After about five minutes, she said, “Let’s take those issues one at a time. Starting with, will we sleep in the same bed… I don’t think we should, and I’ll tell you why. I don’t mean we can’t ever, I love doing it, but it should happen just once in a while, as a treat. There are two reasons for that. First, because I am not only your lover now, your romantic lover and your sexual partner, I am also still your mother. I think we would do best to try to maintain that relationship, along with our new one. You are still a growing girl, you have your tough teenage years ahead of you, and I want to be able to stay in that role, as your mother, your protector, your guide, so I can assist you, counsel you, and even discipline you if I ever need to. It may not be easy for us to keep those roles separate, but I think we can do it if we try, and I think we should try. Does that make sense to you?”

“Yes,” I nodded. “It does, it really does.”

I felt myself starting to get choked up again as I marveled at her, at her intellect, at her love for me, at the way it all came together to make her the person she was, the woman I loved.

“It does make sense,” I managed to add, in a somewhat hoarse voice. “I agree.”

“And the second reason is discretion,” she went on. “You know as well as I do that a lot of narrow-minded people would be horrified if they ever found out about our relationship. Horrified and most likely furious. I could really get in trouble, legal trouble, I mean. But I’m willing to take that chance because I love you and I want to be with you this way. However, we have to stay acutely aware of the situation we’re in, of the risks involved. We’ll have to be extra careful not to let anyone know what we’re doing, not even give the slightest hint. Some people will know about it, of course, people we trust, but to most of the world, we can only present ourselves as a normal mom and daughter, a normal family. That means we should still have separate bedrooms, sleep in our own beds at night, and so on. Do you agree with that too?”

“Yeah, but, Mom, it’s scary to think about you getting in trouble. That would be awful. I mean, I would die if anything really bad ever happened to you. Maybe we just shouldn’t—”

She stopped walking and turned to face me, her hands gripping my shoulders. “No! We are not going to let others determine how we live. We are strong, independent women. We can and we will make our own choices. Oh, we’ll play their little game, acting out our conventional roles in their conventional world. But that’s all an act. We are fooling them. You and I will know we are choosing to live the way we want to live, not the way someone else is telling us how to live. Do you get that?”

My eyes were wide, my mouth agape. Never before had I seen her being so ferocious in defense of our ‘alternative lifestyle’. I knew she had a reputation for being strong and tough in the courtroom. That was part of what made her so successful as an attorney, asserting and demanding the just rights of her clients. I’d never had the opportunity to watch her in court, but now I was learning how powerful she could be when she had an idea she deeply believed in and that she fully intended to convey, no matter what it took.

“Yeah, um, I’m sorry, Mom. I agree, we should live how we want to live.”

“That’s right.” She looked sharply at me. “Don’t ever take any of that for granted, honey. Women and men have fought for years, for centuries, to get us where we are today, and we still have a long way to go. It would be very easy for us to backslide again if we aren’t careful.”

“Okay,” I nodded meekly.

She smiled for the first time in a while. “Oh, look at me, Clarence Darrow and Gloria Steinem and Susan B. Anthony, all rolled into one. But this stuff is important to me. It’s important to you and your sisters too, or it should be.”

“I know.”

My mother gazed at me for a few seconds before leaning in to give me a quick kiss on the lips. “Okay, I’m done. The plaintiff rests.”

“Whew!” I chuckled, “I’m really glad I’m on your side.”

“That’s funny,” she grinned. “That’s what my boss says sometimes.”

“I can imagine.”

We began walking again, hand in hand, calming down after my mom’s outburst.

A minute went by, and then she said, “So, uh, there were a couple of other questions you raised. First, how much should we tell your sisters about what you and I did up here. And second, can you start having sex now with Kate, going all the way, I guess, the way we have. Is that what you asked? Did I leave anything out?”

“Um, well, I asked about Molly too. About doing stuff with her, I mean.”

“Oh, yes, of course. How could I have forgotten that!” She squeezed my hand again and I giggled.

“All right. Well, it would be pretty awkward if we didn’t tell them what we did here,” she said. “I mean, we don’t have to go into all the details necessarily, but I don’t want us to have to keep secrets from them either. Do you agree?”

“Yeah, I really do. Especially with Kate. I mean, Molly’s younger, so I don’t know how much we should say to her. You can decide that. But Kate and me, like, we always tell each other everything. Just about anyway.”

“I know you do. I’m glad you two are so close.”

“We really are.”

“That’s sort of related to the second question, isn’t it…” she mused. “You are very close to Kate and so you don’t want to keep anything from her. And since you are so close, naturally you want to share your feelings with her, not only your emotions but your physical feelings, your affection, your desire for her.”

I was starting to get turned on as we talked about this. “Yeah, I do. I love her, and… and, like, I want her too, a lot.”

“Mmm,” my mother lifted my hand and kissed it as we continued to stroll. “I like hearing you say that. I love watching the two of you together.”

It was quiet for another minute. Then I asked, “So I can go ahead and do all that stuff with Kate now? Everything?”

“God, Julie, you’re really turning me on.”

She inhaled deeply and I looked up at her face. It was flushed. My mom was wearing a jacket, but it was open, and through her thin pullover sweater I could easily see the sharp points of her erect nipples. Whether that was from the slight chill in the spring air or from the erotic nature of our discussion, I’m not sure. Probably it was both.

“And I want to do it with Molly too,” I told her. “I think about that all the time. I mean, I know she’s younger, and I won’t do anything if you say I shouldn’t, but I really want to. If she does, I mean.”

“With Molly…”

She actually put her hand over her tit and squeezed it then, pinching the nipple. Right out in the open, walking on the country road! There wasn’t anyone around to see it, not that I knew of anyway, but still, touching herself that way, right out in the open!

“Let’s head back,” she said, a tone of urgency in her voice. “Back to the inn before I rape you right here.”

“Mom!” I laughed.

She smiled at me and we walked quickly back.

Ten minutes later we were in our room, struggling together on the bed, still mostly dressed, kissing and groping, trying to pull off our clothes, giggling and panting, rubbing and touching, finally starting to get somewhere, reaching inside, finding hard nipples and wet pussies. We made love almost frantically, desperately, with such longing, such fierce desire, as if this was our last time and if we didn’t do it fast we would lose our chance forever.

We both came, using our fingers on each other, and then my mom pulled my jeans and my undies down around my ankles and knelt on the floor between my legs, pushing them apart, licking me avidly until I came in her mouth. I came twice that way, and then we rested for a while.

* * *

As we’d hurried back from our walk, there was something I was thinking about. Obviously I was thinking how exciting it was to be rushing along with my mother, holding hands, both of us eager to get to our room again and have sex. But I was pondering something else too.

It was interesting to me that I was in love with my mom and she was in love with me, and we’d confirmed that we were now in a special relationship, a committed romantic relationship in addition to being mother and daughter — and yet, at the same time, she wasn’t the only person I wanted sexually.

I was totally hot for her, constantly, but I wanted my sisters too, Kate and Molly. Not to mention lots of other women and girls I knew, like Melissa and Danni and Carla and, well, just about any nice-looking female I saw, whether they were 30 years old or 10 years old or anywhere in between, maybe even older or younger too. I loved thinking about sex with girls and women. I fantasized about it every night in my bed, and I wanted to really do it all the time now, as much as I possibly could, make love with all sorts of different girls. I was obsessed with lesbian sex.

Yet, like I said, I was in love with my mother, deeply in love, completely devoted to her in every way possible. So, was it weird for me to feel that way about her, to think we had a special commitment, and still have the hots for all these other women and girls, including my sisters? Was I being unfaithful to her in some way? I knew, of course, that she liked having sex with other women too, and that she was just as attracted to Kate and to Molly as I was, so she was in the same position. But what did that mean in terms of our relationship?

I couldn’t come up with a good answer then as we raced back to the inn together, but I decided it was something I would have to talk about later with my mom after we’d taken care of what was clearly our number one priority at the moment.

* * *

As it turned out, I didn’t get a chance to have that discussion with my mother that afternoon.

After our quick bout of nasty sex, we cuddled side by side on the bed for a few minutes, quietly kissing and touching, and then my mom glanced at her watch (which she was still wearing, along with about half her clothes) and said, “We need to start getting ready for the party.”

“The party?”

“Uh-huh. Come on, get up.” She sat up, tousling her hair, trying to rouse herself. “Let’s go take a shower.”

“What party?”

My mother smiled at me. “I didn’t tell you, did I?”

I shook my head.

Leaning down to give me a kiss, she said, “Some of the people in, uh, the lesbian community around here, the community that Delia and Cassia belong to, wanted to have a party for us, for you and me, to celebrate.”

“Celebrate what?”

“You know, the commitment we’ve made to each other. Our relationship.”


“Uh-huh.” She looked at her watch again. “They’re supposed to start arriving in about a half hour.”

I sat up. “Okay, but… I mean, who’s coming? Is it people we know?”

“Well, you know Cassia and Delia, of course, and we met Brandi and Cindy yesterday. I think they’ll be here, along with their moms, and then —”

“Brandi and Cindy? Really?”

“That’s right, and a lot of other girls too. It’ll be fun. Come on, let’s get ready.”


I jumped off the bed, excited about seeing those two sexy girls again, along with a lot of other girls too! Wow, my mom sure knows how to have a good time!

We took a quick shower with no fooling around this time. Well, maybe a little kissing and touching, but that’s all. I washed my hair and then blew it dry and combed it. I kept my hair fairly short and simple, so that didn’t take very long. Then I had to decide what to wear.

I’d only brought the one fancy dress, which I’d worn the night before. I had my red dress too that buttoned up the front, but other than that just jeans and shirts and stuff. My mom suggested I wear the red dress because it would be easy to get off. She also said I shouldn’t worry about wearing panties or a bra.

Oh, so it was going to be that kind of a party! And not just with grownups, but with girls too, girls my own age! Maybe even younger than me! You can just imagine how wet and tingly I was getting as I thought about that.

Mommy put on a basic little black dress, sleeveless and very short with a bateau neckline. Like me, she went without a bra or panties. She wore black heels while I had my flat black shoes with straps. When we were ready, we held hands and looked at ourselves in the full-length mirror. I liked the contrast we made: my mom looked sexy and vampish, while I appeared innocent and girly.

She apparently liked seeing us that way too. While still looking into the mirror, she took my face in her hands and kissed me, using a lot of tongue.

“God, that’s hot,” she said, as much to herself as to me. Then we went downstairs.

It was a dinner party, a buffet, actually, with all kinds of delicious hot dishes set out on the dining room table. There was a big bowl of fruit punch, along with several open bottles of wine, and hot tea and coffee too. The dining room and the living room next to it were filled with people now, all females. Later I added them up — there were nine girls, teenagers or younger, not including me, along with eight grown women, counting Cassia and Delia but not my mom.

We were introduced all around. I tried to remember the names but it took me a while before I could get everything straight. I wanted to remember all the details that night, who everyone was and how they were related and what they looked like and stuff so I could write it all down the next day in my sexual diary. But I was sort of overwhelmed too, looking at these pretty girls and the sexy women and thinking about what it meant.

I stuck close to my mother for a while, feeling a little shy amid so many strangers. But soon Brandi came over and started talking to me and then Cindy joined us, along with her adorable little sister, Shelby, and before long I was getting more comfortable. Most of the kids finished eating before the adults did, and we all ended up sitting together, piled together, really, in a big group on a sofa and in two armchairs that faced it — ten girls ranging in age from 6 to 17, giggling and chattering like the youngsters we were.

Okay, so I think I should tell you now who the people were at the party that evening. As you know, I enjoy keeping track of all this information. I’ve been really lucky and had so many great adventures over the last few years, thanks to my mom, and if I wasn’t good about keeping notes, I’m afraid it might just all run together.

Anyway, here is who they were:

The only two girls I’d met before, of course, were Brandi and Cindy. Brandi, I quickly confirmed, was 12 years old, the same age as me, and she was in the seventh grade like I was. I liked her a lot. We were sitting next to each other on the sofa, sitting very close, and she was holding my hand. Brandi was in a cute mini-dress with cap sleeves. It was sort of dark brown, in a pattern with red and gold streaks. I kept looking at her legs, which were bare. They were long and slim and perfect, smooth white skin with a pinkish glow and some faint freckles. I really wanted to touch her legs, slide my hand up under her dress, find out if her little cunny was getting as wet as mine —

Whoa! You can see how turned on I was that night, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one feeling that way. Even though we were having a great time, a bunch of young girls jabbering and laughing together, I was definitely aware of a sexual overtone in the room. We all understood why we were there. We knew this was not an ordinary party. To an outsider, it might appear like any other festive social gathering, but we knew that it soon would turn into something else.

All right, sorry for the digression. Back to what I was saying. [I have to confess, though, that just as my mind was racing then with excited thoughts about who would be doing what with who once our clothes were off, as I’m writing this now, five years later, it still gets me totally turned on. I wish you could feel how wet my pussy is right now.]

Brandi’s mom, who was in her mid 30’s, was named Emma. She was very pretty with the most vivid blue-green eyes, a redhead like her daughter although her hair was slightly darker and not as curly. She was tall, around the same height as my mom, maybe 5’8”, with a nice figure. Really stunning. Emma was wearing a flared black skirt and a white top with a sweetheart neckline. Her long lovely legs were bare, and she wore short-heeled shoes.

Cindy sat next to me on the other side. Squeezed in beside her on the sofa was her little sister, Shelby. Cindy was 10 and Shelby was 8. They were both blondes with blue eyes, slender and incredibly cute. Cindy was in a very girly yellow cotton dress with a floral pattern. It was soft and feminine and so seductive. Shelby was wearing short denim overalls, carnation pink, over a white leotard. I couldn’t wait to see her naked.

Their mother, Shannon, was medium height, about 5’4”, with sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes. She was quiet, not as outgoing as most of the other moms, but very nice and sweet. We’ve stayed friends with her and her kids and I always like seeing them. She wore a pleated skirt that night, dark gray, with flat shoes and a lavender blouse.

Next to Brandi on the sofa was Leslie. She was 16, a gorgeous brunette with long straight hair, dark eyes, full lips, and well-developed breasts. I could tell just by looking at her that she’d already had lots of experience with girls and that she loved it. Leslie was wearing skintight jeans and a shimmery silver blouse, open far enough to reveal plenty of cleavage. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. My mouth watered.

On the other side of Leslie was Diana, maybe the prettiest girl in the room. She was 17 years old, a blonde with her hair in bangs, setting off her enticing blue eyes. Her skin was flawless, her legs long and shapely. She was in a hot pink micro-mini-skirt with a tight blue tank top. Her smile could kill a herd of elephants, and it certainly had me prepared to die for her.

Diana’s mom was named Logan, also a blonde but with brown eyes. She was medium height and really pretty with a nice tan, an outgoing personality, and a winning smile. You could easily see where Diana got her looks. Logan was wearing jeans and boots along with a sleeveless white blouse.

Sexy Leslie had two younger sisters, Mindy and Tina, who were seated together in an armchair next to the sofa, squeezed in side by side. The girls looked almost like twins although they were a year apart. Both were brunettes, dressed similarly in black jeans and tight fitting sweaters. What really got my attention, though, was how quickly their bodies were maturing. Mindy was only 12, like me, but she already had nice plump breasts, probably a B-cup, and her little sister, Tina, who was just 11, had bigger boobs than I did too, at least an A-cup. They looked very happy to be there, their dark eyes shining with excitement.

Nicole was the mother of Tina, Mindy, and Leslie. She was bright and funny, always telling jokes. Although she was maybe around 40, her figure was amazing. She evidently worked out a lot and enjoyed showing off the results. She was wearing spike heels and a super-tight low-cut dress that night, her big breasts spilling out the top, her toned legs tanned and oiled. Like her daughters, she was a brunette with smoldering brown eyes.

In another armchair beside the sofa were the two youngest girls at the party, Chrissy, 7, and Laura, only 6. Chrissy was slim with brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a pink tank top and purple short-shorts over black tights. Her legs were really cute for a 7-year-old. But it was her little sister Laura who was the heartbreaker, a darling little brunette with the hugest, most inviting deep brown eyes you ever saw. She was in a tiny yellow and white dress, frilly and girly, that barely covered her little bottom. I fell in love with her the minute I saw her. The sisters stayed mostly quiet, just watching and listening to the rest of us girls. I kept glancing over at Laura, trying to catch her eye, and when I did, I gave her a big smile.

While I was doing that, my mom was making eyes at someone too, a beautiful young woman named Katherine who turned out to be the mother of Laura and Chrissy. Katherine was stunning, 28 years old, a dance instructor with sensational legs, a trim waist, and nicely proportioned breasts, all displayed in a knee-length knit dress that clung to her figure. I wasn’t surprised that my mother chose to focus a lot of attention on her, a woman with the sort of classic beauty that my mom simply could not resist. Katherine had a wide mouth with full lips, very kissable, and of course luscious brown eyes, the kind she’d passed on to Laura.

Okay, so now I’ve described everyone who was there except for Cassia and Delia, and their mother, Olympia. Well, you know what Delia and Cassia looked like, I’ve told you that before. They were tall and dark, olive-complexioned, full-breasted, with gorgeous long legs. For the party, they were both wearing tight black mini-skirts, high heels, and tan blouses with long sleeves. The outfits were not quite identical, but very similar, again almost like uniforms. And extremely sexy.

Olympia, I soon learned, was the one who had started the business, the Sapphic Retreat, more than two decades earlier. She was about 50 and still in pretty good shape, although her waist and thighs were thicker than her daughters’. Her hair was black and wavy, her eyes very dark, her lips full and red. The woman had the most penetrating gaze, as if she could see right through the clothes of everyone in the room and was eager to run her hands all over their bodies. She wore a tight-fitting dark green dress that came to just above her knees. It was scooped low in the front, revealing acres of cleavage.

Something about Olympia was kind of intimidating to me, and yet also very arousing. I had never really fantasized about being with a woman her age, but as I saw her staring at me so intently that night, with such obvious lust, I could feel my pussy getting wet.

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