The Joy of Looking, Chapter 61

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By Naughty Mommy

At the top of the stairs, outside the door to our suite, which was open, I saw something scattered on the floor. What was it? Oh my goodness, it was rose petals!

A trail of fragrant petals led from the door into our candlelit parlor and then into the candlelit bedroom, where the sheets had been turned down on the bed, and still further on into the bathroom, glowing with an even greater abundance of wonderfully scented candles. The big bathtub was filled with hot water and brimming with bubbly suds.

It was the most romantic scene anyone could ever hope for.

As I turned to thank my mother for making all these awesome ‘arrangements’, Cassia and Delia came into the bathroom. They had changed out of their blouses and skirts. Now they were wearing long white gowns and nothing else. The gowns were sheer, I mean totally transparent, you could see right through them. The sisters both had large breasts with big dark nipples. Their crotches showed full bushes of curly black hair. They smiled at us.

“May we help you disrobe?” Cassia asked.

“Yes, thank you,” my mom replied.

They began with my mother, kneeling at her feet, gently removing her high heels and setting them to the side. Delia stood up behind my mom and unzipped her skirt, which they slid down her legs, carefully helping her step out of it. As I watched, Cassia slowly opened the remaining buttons on the satin blouse and they removed it. Now my mom was wearing only a pair of white bikini panties. Very slowly, they tugged the panties down and off, and she was naked. Each of them gave her a kiss on the lips, and then they turned to me.

Cassia stepped close, putting a finger under my chin, raising my face to hers. The women both were several inches taller than I was, even in my shoes. Cassia said, “You are a sweet and lovely young girl, Julie. We are very happy to have you with us.”

“Oh, um, thank you.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

As she kissed me softly on the lips, Cassia put her hands over my breasts, gently squeezing them. I didn’t know if I should touch her or not, so I didn’t. I just stood there. Delia went behind me, slowly unzipping my dress. Together, the sisters lowered it to the floor and I stepped out of it. I heard my mother sigh when she saw my delicate underthings. Still kneeling, Delia helped me out of my shoes. Then Cassia reached behind my back and unfastened the bra. When that was off, only my little white panties were left.

Turning toward my mom, Cassia asked, “Would you like to…?”

“Yes, I would,” Mommy nodded.

“Very well. We will leave you to enjoy the bath.” Cassia kissed me again, and then helped Delia to her feet. Delia kissed me too.

Just as I thought they were going to leave, Delia put her hand on her sister’s arm and said, “Aren’t they beautiful together?”

Cassia nodded. “Yes, they are. It’s making me very excited.” She lifted her hand to her own breast, squeezing the nipple through the filmy gown.

“Me too,” Delia sighed. Then she wrapped her arms around Cassia, kissing her passionately. They kept it up for half a minute or so, moaning and using their tongues.

I could feel my nipples growing full and stiff as I watched the sisters kissing with such obvious lust and desire. I knew my pussy had to be soaking right through my thin white undies.

As they ended the kiss, they turned to us, still holding each other, their lips wet and shining. They smiled broadly, then left the room hand in hand.

Wow, I thought to myself, that sign outside should read not just Sapphic Retreat, but Sapphic Incest Retreat!

My mother grinned. “I think those two are going to have a very good time tonight.”

“Do you think they’re…?” I started to ask.

“Yes, they definitely are,” she nodded, meaning they were lesbian lovers. “I’m sure of it.”

“Wow,” I said out loud, shaking my head. Then I added, “How did you ever find this place?”

“It took some looking. I had to ask around a lot. They can’t advertise the sort of special services they offer too openly, of course, not even in Vermont.”

“Yeah, I guess not.”

“But I wanted to plan something very, very special for you, sweetheart, something we both would always remember.”

“Oh, Mommy, you’re just so good to me, I —” My voice caught again. It seemed I was veering constantly from a state of feverish erotic arousal to being emotionally overwhelmed and then back again. It was an awful lot for a sensitive 12-year-old to handle!

My mother laid her hands on my shoulders, gently massaging them. “Are you all right, lover?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I nodded. “It’s just, I mean, I’m really, really happy and… and everything.”

“So am I.” She smiled and gave me a very soft kiss.

After the kiss, she looked deeply into my eyes and then down at my mouth. “I’m happy, my love, and I want you.” She licked her own lips and then she extended her tongue and licked my lips, very lightly.

“I want you so much,” she whispered, as she held my face in her hands and kissed me again.

I could feel my heart pounding. This was really it! This was the night when everything finally would happen!

As usual, Mommy knew just what I was thinking. She placed her forehead on mine, the way Kate sometimes did. “So, baby girl, here we are, after all that waiting.”

“I know,” I replied, my voice still a little unsteady. I tried to smile. “I’m glad it’s finally here.”

“Me too. Very glad.” She kissed the end of my nose. “Is it all right if I take your panties off now?”

As I started to nod, she chuckled, “May I help you disrobe?”

That made us both laugh, and I began to feel slightly less overwhelmed by everything.

I took a very deep breath, and then another one. I really wanted to savor this special night, make love with my mom for the first time and remember it all, have fun, enjoy myself — and not get so carried away by my emotions that I fell apart or something. But it wasn’t easy.

My mother waited for me. I’m sure she could sense what I was going through. When I seemed ready, after I’d nodded and given her a big smile, she kissed me again on the end of the nose, and then knelt in front of me.

“These panties are really pretty,” she said. “But I’ll bet what’s underneath them is even prettier.”

I giggled.

She kissed the panties, right over my clit, kissed me there several times. Her lips stayed closed, there was no tongue, but those warm little kisses had me shivering with arousal.

A few more kisses, and then my mom hooked her fingers into the sides of the undies and began slowly tugging them down, bringing my pubis into view. When she discovered that I had shaved, that I was totally smooth now, she reacted with a gasp and then a sigh, “Ohh… how nice!!”

She drew the panties down my legs and helped me step out of them, then returned her attention to my vulva. Grabbing my bottom and squeezing my cheeks, she planted a wet smacking kiss on my mound, right where my pussy hair used to be. I was trembling with excitement.

“So beautiful,” she breathed, gazing at me and licking her lips. Then she used her fingers to carefully open my labia.

Now my heart was really pounding. My mother had never done that before, never touched me quite that way. Licking her lips again, she kissed me once more, but this time inside the top of my slit — and then she extended her tongue, licking me.

My whole body shook. Mommy’s tongue on my clit was like a jolt of electricity. I thought for a second I might faint, but I managed to remain standing.

Pulling her head back, she looked up, her hands on my hips, steadying me. “Are you okay, baby?”

“Yeah, I…” I was having a hard time catching my breath. “I… I think so.”

She got to her feet and put her arms around me, hugging me. She kissed my ear, kissed my neck, kissed my cheek, and then held my face in her hands, kissing my lips. “Let’s get in the bath, okay? And then we’ll get in bed.”


We climbed into the warm water, assisting each other, and settled comfortably in, side by side, holding hands, the deliciously aromatic bubbles surrounding us. It was heavenly. I sighed and closed my eyes, resting my head on my mother’s shoulder. She kissed the top of my head.

“I love you, Julie,” she whispered.

“I love you too, Mommy.”

We remained that way for several minutes, just relaxing in the luxuriant bath, feeling close, being totally in love.

My eyes were still closed when I heard the sound of footsteps, bare feet lightly approaching. I looked up and found — Brandi and Cindy standing by the tub — and they were both naked!

I stared at them, my mouth hanging open again. Their soft skin glowed in the candlelight, pert nipples gleaming. Between Cindy’s slender young legs there was not a trace of pussy hair, while Brandi had a small tuft of dark red curls.

“We’re here to wash you,” Brandi announced with a sexy smile, “if you would like us to do that.”

“Oh, yes, I think we’d enjoy that very much,” my mom replied as she moved to the other side of the tub. Then she asked, “Would you like that, Julie?”

“Sure,” I nodded. “Definitely!”

I looked into Cindy’s pretty blue eyes, hoping she would be the one to wash me. And she was.

After getting a couple of cushions out of a cabinet and placing them on the floor by the tub, Brandi knelt on one side, closest to my mother, and Cindy knelt next to me.

I studied their faces for a moment. They didn’t look very much alike, so I didn’t think they were sisters, and neither of them looked at all like Delia or Cassia, so I assumed they weren’t related to them either. How did they fit in, then? I had no idea.

The blonde and the redhead each took a fresh bar of soap and a soft sponge, working up a good lather in the hot water. Then they began carefully and thoroughly scrubbing us. They started with our hands, then our arms, our shoulders and our necks, our backs, and then our chests. As they reached our nipples, the girls put down their sponges and used their soapy fingers to caress and stroke and fondle and squeeze and twist and pull our nipples until both my mother and I were panting with arousal.

Next the girls washed our feet, gently lifting them from the water, using the sponges and their hands to clean and massage our feet and toes, soon moving up our legs, over our calves, on to our thighs.

The last part, of course, was the best, when they washed our pussies. Both girls began with the sponge, but after a minute or so they used their fingers to scrub us, rubbing up and down in the soapy water. I closed my eyes and laid my head back, sighing deeply. I wondered if they really intended to go all the way, to bring us to orgasm, and sure enough they did.

It was so incredible. I was in a big bathtub with my mom and we were being masturbated by a pair of naked girls, strangers we’d never met before, girls only around 10 and 12 years old! The thought of that alone was almost enough to make me come.

But Cindy’s fingers were like magic. She must have had a lot of practice, even at her young age, because she knew just how and where and when to touch me so she could bring me to a peak of excitement, right up to the edge, almost over the top… and then slowly ease away, teasing me, tantalizing me, leaving me ravenous, begging for release.

Brandi and Cindy somehow managed to time it so they could bring my mother and me at the exact same moment.

We were sitting at the corners of the tub, looking into each other’s eyes, our legs spread, the hands of the girls working expertly on us, both of us licking our lips, breathing hard, wincing as we felt that surge of climactic pressure coming so close, almost there but not quite, not quite, almost, oh please, please give it to me now — and then we came.

We were loud, my mom and I both practically screaming as the orgasms tore through us, all the more powerful for being delayed and prolonged. I couldn’t keep my eyes open to watch her, but I could certainly hear my mommy’s response to her tremendous climax, and mine was almost as noisy as hers, if not quite as profane.

And I could hear something else too, just at the edge of my awareness, the sound of the young girls, Cindy and Brandi, sighing and exclaiming as they watched us come.

As my mother and I slowly recovered, panting and moaning in the tub with echoes of our orgasms resonating within us, the girls got up to leave. I opened my eyes long enough to see them dry their hands, replace the cushions in the cabinet, and then walk arm in arm from the room sporting big grins. I closed my eyes again and waited, still trembling a bit but breathing more easily, the pulsations in my pussy gradually ebbing.

After several minutes, my mom took my hand. “You ready to get out now, baby?”

“Sure,” I smiled.

We climbed out and gently dried each other off, using big fluffy towels that had been set out for us. When we were done, I said, “Mommy, I have, um, something else I want to put on for you now. Something to wear, I mean. Is that okay?”

“Of course it is, sweetheart. Would you like me to leave you alone for a minute?”

“Yes, please,” I nodded.

She grabbed my face and kissed my mouth. “You are so adorable! How did I ever get so lucky?”

I shrugged and giggled. She kissed me once more, then left the room, pulling the door closed behind her.

My suitcase was still in the bathroom, on a chair where I’d left it. Cassia and Delia, after removing my clothes, had laid the things carefully over the suitcase. I opened it, putting my bra and panties and my nice dress inside, and then I got out the nightie Melissa and I had chosen.

The little gown was nylon mesh, mostly sheer, sort of pale pink or maybe apricot. It was nearly the color of my skin and almost exactly the color of my nipples. I slipped it over my head. Just that, no undies. It was short, about mid-thigh, with spaghetti straps. I loved how it looked and felt on me, like I was young and fresh and virginal — which I was, of course, all three!

I smiled as I gazed at my reflection in the mirror. After the bath and being scrubbed and then that wonderful orgasm, I’d settled down. I was ready now for the next step, for the biggest step of all. I was ready to have sex with my mom.

First I blew out all the candles in the bathroom. And then I opened the door.

My mother was lying on the bed, naked, propped up on some pillows with one knee raised. In the glow of the candlelight, her skin looked pearly, almost radiant. She smiled at me.

I paused for a moment, just looking at her. I wanted to always remember this scene, forever and forever.

“Ooh, darling girl, you look so lovely, ” she said.

“Thank you, Mommy,” I replied as I walked slowly toward the bed. Then I grinned. “I like what you’re wearing too.”

She laughed, holding out her arms. “Come here, lover!”

I jumped up on the bed and we hugged, rolling together, giggling and kissing. She got on top of me, covering my face with kisses. She kissed my lips, my nose, my cheeks, my eyes. She kissed me again and again and again.

“Oh, Julie, Julie, I love you so much!”

I hugged her, feeling her warm skin, smelling her delicious perfume, pulling her close to me. I was so in love, so very much in love with this woman, in love with my own mother! What a strange, exotic, incredibly exciting thing to imagine — and it was true!

She kissed me, her lips on mine, and I fell once more into that time out of time, that boundless infinity of pure pleasure that only her kisses could bring. I was far away, far far away from everything and everyone else, it was just the two of us alone, my beautiful sexy mom and me, floating in our own dreamy world of lust and love and attraction.

You might think the next thing after that would be tons of hot sex. Except it wasn’t. Well, there was tons of hot sex in store for us that night, but just not right away. Because after we ended our long kiss, my mom slid off me and sighed, petting my face as she gazed into my eyes.

I turned onto my side toward her, resting my head on my hands. She was propped up on an elbow. We were quiet for a few minutes, just breathing easily, letting the time be, bathing in the sensual serenity of our closeness.

A look of concern came over her. She seemed to be thinking very seriously about something.

Her finger traced little circles on my chin. Another long sigh, and then a soft voice, “Julie, this might seem like a silly thing to ask, but I have to say it anyway. And that is, have you really thought about this? About what we’re doing? About what it means?”

“Have I thought about it?” I grinned. “What do you think?”

She chuckled and kissed me. “I know. That’s why I said it might seem silly. But humor me, okay? I have to hear you say it. Tell me.”

I knew what she was asking, and I understood. I appreciated her for it. My mother wanted to be very sure I recognized what a momentous step this was that we were taking and that I was fully prepared to take it. Her caring for me, her respect for my autonomy, was enormously touching. I took a deep breath, trying to retain my emotional composure and think about what she was saying.

“Well,” I finally began, “of course you know I’ve really thought about it a lot, about being with you, I mean. And not only the sexual part, which gets me totally excited, but yeah, also about what it means.”

I gazed steadily up at her, hoping to present a calm, mature appearance, trying to show non-verbally what I was feeling inside. And I told her, “Mom, I love you. I’m in love with you. I want to be with you. I want to give myself to you. I have thought about it, and I know exactly what I’m doing. This is what I want. It really is.”

She smiled happily, her eyes brimming with tears. “Thank you for saying that, honey.”

I leaned toward her, giving her a kiss.

After clearing her throat, my mother added, “For what it’s worth, I’ve thought about it an awful lot too. Well, you know that. I’ve waited a while and I’ve made you wait, because I wanted both of us to realize where we were going and have some time to think it through without just rushing ahead. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, I understand,” I grinned again, “and I’m sure it was the right thing to do. But it’s been driving me crazy, all this waiting.”

“I know,” she laughed. “Me too.”

We hugged tightly.

“Oh, Julie…”

“Oh, Mommy!”

We kissed again, several times. Then she looked down at my little pink nightie. “I really love this, but I haven’t seen it before. Where did you get it?”

“Um, at Victoria’s Secret. That’s where I got the dress and the other stuff too. I asked Melissa to help me pick out some nice things.”

“Oh, how sweet.” She fingered my nipples through the gauzy fabric. “Would you be terribly offended, though, if I said I wanted you to take it off now?”

“No,” I giggled. “Except why don’t you take it off for me?”

“Okay,” she smiled.

We both sat up. Tugging the hem of the gown out from under my bottom, she raised it slowly up and over my head.

I was naked now, and so was she. She laid me gently on the bed again and gazed at me. Then she touched my nipples, her fingertips brushing them so softly that I almost couldn’t feel it yet so enticingly that they grew full and turgid within seconds. They throbbed. I wanted to her kiss them, lick them, suck them.

And she did. My mommy lowered her mouth to my breasts and began sucking my nipples. “Oh god,” I sighed, stroking her hair. “Oh my god…”

My nipples were sucked as they’d never been sucked before. Sucked and loved and kissed and licked and bitten and sucked some more. Both of my nipples thoroughly sucked and caressed by her tongue and teeth and lips until I was groaning with arousal, writhing on the bed beneath her.

Then her mouth and tongue moved gradually down, gliding over my belly, soon reaching my smooth shaved mound, kissing me, licking me, teasing me — but not my pussy, not yet.

Her mouth went all over my mons, then to the upper part of my thighs and then to the inner part, the sensitive skin nearest my crotch, where my mother licked and kissed and nibbled until I begged her to give me more.

She kissed my labia, but only kisses, just kisses, so very many kisses, warm tender loving kisses with her lips together, such adoring lovely kisses — but goddammit! I didn’t want kisses now, I wanted her to lick me!!

I was in agony, the sweetest agony, longing for more, for everything, needing it, craving it, demanding it. My hands clutched at the bedsheets. I was sweating, panting with desire, a girl in heat. She kissed me again and again, so many times, until somehow her kisses or my writhing movements or my extreme animalistic arousal caused my lips to part… and then she was kissing within them.

She was kissing my pussy. My mommy was kissing me there, kissing me where I wanted her to kiss me more than anything else in the world.

My mother kissed my clit and kissed my vagina and I heard her sigh — and then I felt her tongue, her hot wet tongue caressing my sex. My mommy was licking me.

She licked my clit and I sizzled with electric arousal. She licked my vagina and I was swimming in a pool of hot female juices, bathing in lesbian lust. I was everywhere and nowhere at once, only my cunt and my mommy’s tongue and my orgasm now so close so hot yes so fucking hot mommy’s tongue inside me in my cunt mommy fuck me with your tongue mommy mommy I’m —

* * *

If there ever was a perfect orgasm, this one had to be it. That swimming metaphor says it all. I was deep inside a heated pool of sex, submerged within my lust for her, consumed by my arousal and my release. I came as hard as I had ever come before. I came again and again. My mother kept licking me, sucking me, fucking me with her tongue and then with her finger. I climaxed repeatedly until finally I could take no more.

I screamed, sobbed, cried, actually begging her to stop, the same way I’d begged for her to hurry and begin.

She pulled away, moving up to lie beside me on the bed, holding me in her arms, kissing my face, her lips wet with my juices. I trembled, shuddering, my eyes shut tight, my pussy still throbbing inside.

My mother held me close, tenderly kissing, gently caressing. It took me a long time to come down from that series of orgasms, from that tremendous peak, the ultimate summit.

I was there, I had done it, I had climaxed with my mommy’s tongue deep inside me, her mouth drinking my liquids. I was sated, satisfied, fulfilled, completed.

But nowhere near finished.

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