Nanny for a Night, Chapter 1

  • Posted on May 9, 2015 at 4:53 am

By Cheryl Taggert

This is an expanded re-working of a story I wrote for a friend. I hope you enjoy it!

I live in a well-known vacation area in Florida, where beaches stretch for miles and vacationers come to enjoy the white sand ocean-front every summer. I had grown up here, and I had seen an opportunity for a thriving business that had never been done before in my community. I thought, why not start a babysitting service so vacationing parents could have some fun time away from the kids without worrying about where they were or what they were up to? So I did. I called it “Nanny for a Night,” and because my father was well-known in the area, I was able to get a few of the local hotels to endorse my services as safe and reliable.

My name is Cheryl, and I was able to pay for my college with the money I made doing this. I did not accept babies, though toddlers were okay, but my real business was with elementary-aged children, mostly from six to eleven. My favorite times were the ones when I had all girls, of course.

Oh, I forgot to mention something. I am also a lesbian pedophile. Yes, I get off on young girls, some as young as four, but most in the eight to eleven range. I suppose that is important, but since I never told any of the parents, at least not at first, it’s easy for that little nugget to slip my mind when talking about my service.

And yes, I often was able to enjoy my time with some of my little girls. Most of the time, in fact. This is the story of some of those times—some rather memorable ones in fact, for a variety of reasons. This is also the story of how this job changed my life forever.

But I’ll begin by telling you about an early encounter that was particularly wonderful.

One afternoon I was summoned by one of the hotels that a couple was looking for someone to watch their girls overnight while they “enjoyed the sights.” Of course, I knew it had nothing to do with enjoying the sights of the town where I lived. These couples were wanting uninterrupted chances at sex, drinking, what-have-you, and couldn’t do that with their kids around. Well, at least that’s how they looked at it. Me? I’m more of an inclusive person myself.

Anyway, I arrived at the hotel and was told the parents and two girls were on the beach, using number 15. The number corresponded to the umbrellas and chairs that were set up for the use of the hotel’s guests, and the numbers were painted on top of the spread umbrellas and backs of the chairs. They could charge their drinks, etc., to their rooms this way.

I walked out onto the beach behind the hotel and found number 15. A pretty lady around thirty was in a chair that had been moved into the sun, and she was soaking up the rays, her eyes hidden behind the dark glasses she wore. Nearby, two of the cutest little girls I’d seen in a while were playing in the sand. Both were blond, with eyes so blue they resembled the ocean that was pushing waves onto the shore nearby.

I stood there and looked over the mom and her daughters. Okay, I didn’t just look them over. I nearly drooled over them. The mom was hot enough to make my pussy wet, but the daughters had my heart pounding. They were squatting on their heels in the sand, and I could make out the small camel toes where their pussies pressed against the wet material of their bathing suits. The girls looked to be about nine, probably twins, though different enough not to be identical. One was supervising the building of their sand castle, but the other one wasn’t cooperating.

“No! You gotta use the wetter sand so it will hold together!” said the supervisor.

“Nuh-uh! You can use either kind,” said the other girl.

I stepped forward and introduced myself to the mom, hoping this would distract the girls long enough to avoid a fight.

“Hello…um…I’m Cheryl. You told the hotel you needed a sitter overnight?”

The mom lifted her sunglasses for a second, squinted up at me, smiled a most charming smile, and sat up, lifting the back of her chair into a sitting position. “Oh, hi! Yes, we did. I’m so glad you’re available. My husband and I could use some time alone to relax away from the kids.”

I noticed the girl who had been supervising the sand-castle-construction job glance at her mom and grin. She, at least, knew the score. “Relax. Yeah, right,” she said softly but loud enough for her us to hear.

“Christy,” her mother warned. Ahh, the supervisor had a name now, but Christy just grinned, knowing she wasn’t really in any trouble. After all, the mom had to know I knew what was actually going to happen tonight when their daughters weren’t in the room.

The mom got up from her chair and stuck out her hand, “I’m Terri,” she said, “the little smart-ass is Christy, and the other one is Trish. Twins, though obviously not identical.” We chatted for a bit longer, getting to know each other a bit, and while we were talking, a man came up to us from the ocean, toweling himself dry. The dad. I noticed he was checking me out. I was wearing white cotton short shorts and a t-shirt that had “Crabby Carl’s” written on it, a local seafood shack. He was positively leering. I could have told him not to waste his time because I am 100% lesbian regardless of my feminine looks, but I didn’t, letting him leer at me and build up sexual energy for his wife. I glanced down to his crotch. Yep. Definitely checking me out. I glanced at the girls and was surprised to see Christy had noticed her father’s new growth as well. She was still smiling mischievously, and I knew I had at least one sexually precocious girl on my hands. This was good news.

Terri introduced her husband, Jim, and we shook hands. His leer stayed glued to his face the entire time.

Soon the girls were standing beside me and checking me out as well. They had been forewarned of what would be happening, and they were naturally curious about the woman they would be spending the night with.

After we adults chatted for a few minutes more, trading cell numbers and finalizing plans, Terri offered her hand in a final good-bye. “Do you mind if you keep them until this time tomorrow? We don’t mind paying extra.”

“That will be fine,” I said, letting her know my price for a full twenty-four hours. She agreed without comment. Soon I had the very large beach bag that was loaded with the girls’ clothes and toiletries and the three of us were off.

“Are you any fun?” asked Trisha.

“Well, I’m known for liking to treat little girls to pizza for dinner and ice cream cones for dessert,” I say, smiling at them. Trisha and Christy smiled at each other at this news.

“We’re all for that!” said Christy.

“We have to stop and get you two cleaned up before we go anywhere else. You’re covered in sand,” I said. “It’s a good thing my apartment is close by; otherwise, you’d have to take cold showers in the beach dressing rooms. I don’t have a key to your hotel room, so my place it will have to be.”

“I don’t like cold showers,” Christy said.

“Me either,” said Trish.

“Well, when we get to my place, we can all take a hot shower, okay?”

“You mean you’re going to take one too?” asked Christy.

“Of course. I figure we could just take one together since we’re all girls. It’ll be faster that way, don’t you think?”

“I’ve never taken a shower with a grown woman before except my mom,” said Christy.

“Same here,” said Trish.

“Well, the way I see it, the sooner we are all in the shower, the sooner we can start having fun,” I said, thinking they certainly didn’t know the fun I was talking about since it would start in the shower but still sure they would end up liking my form of fun and games.

“Okay,” said Christy. “I s’pose we can do that,” she said, continuing her leadership role with Trish.

“I bet you’re older,” I said to Christy, smiling at her.

“By four minutes. How’d you know?”

“Because you’re the bossy one,” said Trish, giggling.

We arrived at my apartment, and I took them directly to my bedroom. I was eager to see them naked.

“Take off your swimsuits and put them in the corner. I can wash and dry them later,” I told them. In seconds they were naked and giggling. The fact they were nude in front of a woman they’d just met was obviously raising the excitement level. I also noted how easily they disrobed in front of me, as if it was nothing. They watched as I removed my own clothes.

“You’re not wearing panties!” Trish said, pointing at my shaved and waxed pussy as it came into view when I began pulling down my shorts.

“You weren’t either,” I countered.

“But we were in swimsuits,” said Christy. “You’re not supposed to wear panties with swimsuits.”

“Well, I like to go around without panties on whenever I can,” I answer. “In fact, I usually walk around naked when I’m in my apartment.”

“Really?” asked Trish and I nodded. “Like all the time?” I nodded again.

“I’m actually a bit of a nudist.” The girls exchanged glances that said they were definitely with someone different tonight. I could tell by the twinkle in their eyes they already liked me, and the revelation that I like to be naked was just icing on the cake.

“You’re pretty,” said Christy.

“Hey, you don’t have any hair down there either!” said Trish, noticing my recently waxed pussy.

“Yeah, I saw that too. Why don’t you have any hair on your po-po?” Christy asked, using a childish word for my pussy.

“You mean on my pussy?” I asked and noticed the shocked grins that were sprouting on their faces with my use of the ‘bad’ word.

“My teacher heard a boy say that and she said that’s a bad word!” Trish said.

“Well, normally it is, but while we’re together, we can use bad words like that. I don’t mind and I won’t tell either.”

“What kinda bad words?” Trish asked.

“Any of them,” I said. “You can even say ‘fuck’ around me if you want. I won’t say anything to anyone about it. But it has to be only when we’re alone, okay? Other grownups wouldn’t like it. And you especially can’t tell your mom or dad. They would totally freak out.”

“I saw my parents fuck one time,” said Christy, boldly trying out the new rule. “I walked into their bedroom and it took me a minute to figure out what they were doing. It was just like that picture Bobby Carpenter showed me one time.”

“He’s this boy who lives in our neighborhood,” said Trish, saying ‘boy’ as if it were the dirtiest word around.

“Do you think he showed you that picture because he wants to fuck you?” I asked. I was thrilled the conversation had turned to sex so quickly.

“He’s 13 so I don’t know but he did show me his thingy one time and said since I’d seen his I had to show him my po-po — I mean my pussy.” Christy giggled at her use of the word.

“I’ve seen it too,” said Trish. “It was all hard on the inside but soft on the outside.”

“You touched it?!” asked Christy, her mouth open in surprise.

“Well, he touched my po — pussy, so I had to touch his thi — cock.”

They were obviously getting used to the idea of using the ‘bad’ words. I leaned down and, putting one hand under each butt, I lifted them and carried them to my bathroom. I even managed to “accidentally” slip my pinkie finger between their legs to feel their smooth slits. Christy made a tiny gasp when I did this, followed by one from Trish. I set them down and started adjusting the water. I noticed them lean into each other and whisper, and they giggled together as they shared a secret. I knew what they were discussing though I couldn’t hear them over the rushing water–they were obviously talking about my wayward pinkie fingers. After regulating the water, I lifted the button to start the shower and stepped into the tub, holding out my hands to them as I did. They quickly joined me, smiles decorating their faces.

“You know there’s a game I sometimes play with the more grownup girls I sit with when we take a shower,” I said, knowing they would be eager to be considered one of the ‘grownup’ girls.

“What?” they asked in unison.

“We play wash-each-other,” I said. “It works like this. I wash you two and you wash me.”

“All over?” Christy asked, obviously getting the extent of the game immediately. I saw on her face a bit of shock as well as a hope that I would say yes. Her sexual precociousness was on full throttle.

“Of course all over,” I said. “Otherwise, you won’t be clean enough to eat.” I smiled at them, knowing they would not really get the full meaning of my words.

“Are you really gonna eat us?” asked Trish.

“Not like EAT you, eat you. Anyway, I only eat little girls who WANT me to eat them. And you know what?”

“What?” they asked, in unison.

“Almost every little girl I sit with ends up BEGGING me to eat her!” I say, laughing a bit.

“Nuh-uh,” said Trish.

“Uh-huh…you’ll see,” I said, flashing a knowing smile their way. “Then they beg me to eat them again!”

I looked down at them and saw their puzzled looks. They could see I was being honest with them, but they couldn’t figure out what I meant by “eat them.”

Christy, of course, was the first to ask about it. “Do you mean like use your mouth to tickle?”

“Well, it doesn’t really tickle. It feels good. In fact it feels better than anything you’ve ever felt before.”

Now I had them truly interested, their curiosity driving them along a highway that would take them to new heights.

“Huh?” said Trish.

“You’ll see. Now who’s first to be washed?”

“Me! Me!” they said together.

“Well, usually the older girl gets washed first, but I think it’s time the younger girl got to go first. Then I’ll wash you, Christy, okay?”

“Okay,” said Christy, as she watched me bathe her sister.

I didn’t want to move too quickly with things; I didn’t want to scare them. So I took it slowly. First, using my bare hands and baby shampoo and body wash, I started with her hair and face. After that, I moved to the shoulders and arms. Next I washed her chest and back, not yet moving to the more interesting areas. Then I washed her feet and legs. While washing her legs, I made sure to brush up against her little pussy with my hands. Then I washed her butt, making sure to spend a good deal of time on the crack and anus. Then I moved to her bald little pussy. I could see by both of their stares they had been waiting for this moment. I could also tell Christy was getting antsy waiting for her turn. I was beginning to feel the budding sexual excitement from the girls.

My hands soaped Trish’s little mound and slit. It was a gentle body wash, so I knew I could apply it anywhere, so I did. I spent well over a minute rubbing my soapy fingers into her slit, making sure to rub her tiny clit while I was there. Trish was beginning to squirm noticeably. Her breathing was becoming deeper, nearly a panting. I looked into her eyes and smiled. She looked to be in a trance. When I winked at her, she smiled, but her gaze was mostly on her pussy and the soapy hand that was making it feel so good. She was intently watching what I was doing, as if she didn’t want to miss a stroke. I stopped and rinsed my hands in the shower, but I heard her moan of disappointment when I was no longer touching her little pussy.

“Why’d you stop?” she asked, clearly wanting me to resume masturbating her.

“Because you’re clean now and I have to wash Christy,” I said. “Were you enjoying how I was washing your pussy?”

“Yeah,” she said. “It felt super good.”

“Well, maybe after the shower I can show you some more things that feel good down there. Would you like that?”

“Uh-huh,” she said, clearly still in a bit of a daze from the stimulation.

“Have either of you ever touched your pussies like that?” I asked, getting the soap and lathering up to bathe Christy.

“Sometimes,” said Christy. “It feels real nice.”

“Have you ever touched each other’s pussies before?”

The girls exchanged a glance, and I knew the answer, just as I knew they were about to deny it anyway.

“It’s okay to tell me. It’s like the dirty words. I’ll never tell a soul.”

“Yeah, sometimes,” said Christy. “We just enjoy how it feels, that’s all.”

“Well, you can touch each other all you want around me,” I said. “Just as long as I can touch you too.”

The girls grinned at each other. “Sure!” said Trish, who had started coming out of her daze a bit.

Christy was ready for me and soon I had moved to the middle area of her body, having moved along a bit faster with her now that the ground rules had been established for touching. She moaned slightly when I touched her clit. I continued rubbing it, knowing she was enjoying how it felt. I realized that, like most of the girls I watch, they had started to figure out the real reason for this “game” in the shower. Soon I had Christy moaning quite a bit. Once again, I stopped before we got too far and announced that now it’s my turn to get washed. I sat down in the shower on the small seat built into the corner of the tub and allowed them to put shampoo in my hair. Christy, though, decided to waste little time with the non-sexual areas and quickly moved to my boobs. She was obviously loving the feel and heft of them, though they aren’t very big, as she bathed them. Being only nine, however, she wasn’t experienced enough to know what really felt good to a grown woman.

“Play with the nipples. Tweak and pinch them,” I told her. After beginning that, she realized this was causing me immense pleasure. All pretenses were nearly gone now. This was no longer about getting clean. This was about sexual contact. Soon, Trish was “washing” one boob while Christy did the other.

“Okay, now it’s time for my butt and pussy,” I said, standing up on wobbly legs. They began to soap their hands and take turns, with Christy starting on my pussy and Trish on my butt. They were giggling and obviously LOVING this shower. Soon, they switched places. “Let me show you girls something,” I said, and spreading my labia, I began to point out areas of my pussy. “That’s my clit,” I said, pointing to my pleasure button. “That’s where it feels the best when it’s rubbed, or licked or kissed.”

“You mean someone licks and kisses you down there?” asked Christy.

“Sure. Why do you think we’re getting so clean down there?” I asked, as it dawned on them.

“Is THAT what you meant by eating us?” asked Christy, grinning in the excitement of having figured out the riddle.

“Sure is. And I can tell you that NOTHING feels better on this earth. And I’ve got a long line of little girls to back me up on that.”

“But isn’t that where you pee from?” asked Trish, scrunching her nose in distaste.

“Yes, hon, but first, I’ll be as clean as your arm, and second, pee is sterile. It has no germs in it.”

“Really?” they asked together.

“Really. Anyway, pee doesn’t taste bad at all.”

“You’ve tasted it?” asked Christy.

“Well, not a lot at one time, like in a glass or something, but I’ve tasted pee when I ate another girl before, and I’ve tasted my own pee when I’ve been rubbing my pussy to feel good and lick my hands and fingers after. It’s really not bad at all. Otherwise, people wouldn’t lick girls at all, and I can tell you that all men who aren’t gay and a lot of women lick girls all the time. I’d even bet your daddy licks your mommy.”

They looked at each other in amazement.

“Tell you what. Let’s get out of the shower–it’s getting low on hot water anyway–and we’ll go into my bedroom and I’ll show you how good it feels to have someone lick your pussy.”

Christy started moving so quickly I thought she was in a hurry to get there before I changed my mind. We dried off and I took them into my bedroom. We got on my bed, a king, and I had them lie down next to each other.

“When I’m done, you’ll have a great new thing to do with each other when you’re alone together. You’re gonna LOVE this! But again, you can NEVER tell anyone about this, especially your mommy and daddy.”

“They’d go ape-shit!” said Trish, giggling at her use of the adult word she’d obviously heard someone else say.

I bent over and began kissing and fondling Christy first, figuring she had to wait to be washed, so she’d get the first orgasm. Soon I was licking her as expertly as I could. Her mound tasted like heaven. It was as delicious as new-ripened watermelon, and nearly as juicy. I nearly came just from eating her hairless little pussy. I rubbed it all over with my tongue, kissed it, and plunged my tongue into every crevice. Meanwhile, I gently began to massage the tiny flower of her butthole with my finger, teasing it and secretly supplying her with a pleasure she’d never known before, along with the approaching bliss of her first orgasm.

Christy had begun to thrash around on the bed and moan and grunt as the delightful sensations swept over her. After about seven or eight minutes, it became obvious she was about to come for the first time.

“I think I have to pee,” she gasped.

I stopped for a moment. “No, honey, you don’t. It’s that best feeling in the world I told you about trying to come out. Just let it happen,” I said before diving right back into her little mound. I noticed Trish beside me now, watching intently to learn what I was doing.

Christy was bucking around and squirming as the orgasm took over her body and mind. I could feel her body throbbing in satisfaction as the orgasm engulfed her. When she had finished and was catching her breath, she just said, “Wow!”

“My turn! My turn!” said Trish, and I moved to her and began exploring her bald pussy. She had gotten quite horny for a nine-year-old from watching what I was doing to Christy. It took her about five minutes before the orgasm began to wash over her. She was just as delicious as Christy had been. She didn’t stop me when she felt the approaching orgasm as Christy had. However, like Christy, she was bucking and screaming as the waves of pleasure crashed into her, spreading from her pussy to every fiber of her body.

“Fuck!” she said and began to giggle. Christy joined her and they hugged in the heat of the moment.

“Kiss each other,” I said. This they did without hesitation, and it occurred to me they had probably tried this before. After they had kissed for a bit, I explained about French kissing. They were unsure but willing to try it. Soon we were all three making out like teenagers.

“Now, it’s my turn to come,” I said.

“Come?” asked Trish.

“It’s that wonderful feeling you had when I was eating you,” I said. They both nodded in understanding.

“Oh. You want us to eat you now?”

“Yes,” I said. “But first I have to explain about the juices I have in my pussy.”

I did the best job I could explaining that, saying that they had some juices, but not nearly as much as they would be getting when they grew older. I told them I lick it off my fingers after playing with my pussy and that it tastes great.

They were reluctant, but willing. When they moved down there, they began to lick me lightly at first. Soon, however, they began to get the hang of it and were really going at it.

“This DOES taste good!” said Christy while waiting for Trish to move so she could eat me some more.

When Trish came up for air so Christy could re-commence her “meal,” she said, “Yeah, it’s great! Thanks for showing us this, Cheryl!”

Soon, I was close and announced I was going to come. And then I did. That’s putting it too mildly. I exploded. It was one of the best orgasms I’d ever had.

Afterwards, we lay together in my bed, naked and enjoying the freedom to do what we wanted. The two girls had been resting, but now I noticed they were looking at each other in silent communication. Without a word, Christy moved over my body to get to Trish. They began to kiss and soon their kisses became passionate. I marveled at the fervor of these lovely nine-year-old girls who, just an hour ago, had never really done anything sexual beyond some touching and playing with each other and themselves, but not to climax. Christy moved down and started tonguing Trish’s bald pussy. Soon Trish was starting to thrash around in obvious pleasure.

“Here, let me help you,” I said and pulled Christy’s body into the 69 position so they could eat each other’s pussy. This was a revelation to them. Soon, they are bucking and moaning and coming into each other’s mouths. And as I watched, I was in heaven. Nothing is more beautiful to me than two sisters learning how to pleasure each other.

I lay back, smiled, and looked at the clock. I still had over twenty-two hours before I had to get them back to Terri and Jim.

I love my job!


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  1. Wow, Cheryl, this new story is h-o-t HOT!! If I get down on my knees and beg, could we maybe have another chapter? Please??

  2. PoppaBear says:

    Hi, Cheryl, I’ve told you before, some time ago, ow much i love your work. This short story is very good and I love your new home. It looks good and it feels good, don’t know you if it will taste good. 😉

  3. kim says:

    I agree with Naughty Mommy, another chapter would be great, with these two sisters or another girl. My only complaint is I always cum before I get to the end of the story, OK , it’s not a complaint, it’s a compliment. Anyway great to see new work from you, Cheryl .

  4. This line: “Nothing is more beautiful to me than two sisters learning how to pleasure each other.”

    I never had a sister. But Cheryl, let’s imagine you and I were sisters. I’m about five years older than you in real life — so, when I was 14 and you were 9, would you have let me pleasure you and done the same for me in return?

  5. DaughterLover says:

    Please add my vote for another chapter!! When I was in high school I used to babysit two little neighbor girls who were sisters (although not twins – 7 and 9 iirc). Oh, for another chance at doing that!

  6. Cheryl Taggert says:

    Naughty Mommy, I was a very sexually precocious child, having learned about certain pleasures at a very young age while riding a rocking horse. My self-exploration began then. I always wanted a sister for a variety of reasons, including mutual sexual gratification. My first “real” sex with another girl was when I was almost 13–and she was 19 (the girl from “My Cumming of Age,” who I made 22 in the story).

    So, although I always fantasized about a younger sister, I DEFINITELY would have been into anything you would have wanted to do when I was nine…or even younger.

  7. Cheryl Taggert says:

    I already have a second chapter to this story that just needs some polishing. I will be posting it this week sometime.

  8. Cheryl Taggert says:

    DaughterLover, I understand how you feel. I did have a few incidents with babysitting (what I call my personal “Adventures in Babysitting”). Nothing like what goes on in this story, but they were fun nevertheless. Thank you for commenting! As I mentioned, chapter two will appear this week sometime. Keep checking in!

  9. Cheryl Taggert says:

    PapaBear and Kim, I didn’t mean to ignore your posts. I just want to say how thrilled I am that you have enjoyed my work! This site is amazing, and I feel so lucky to be a part of it.

    Please continue to “come” here and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

  10. JetBoy says:

    Yum! I loved the stuffing out of this story, Cheryl… and knowing that another chapter is imminent is the cherry on the cake. Thank you, dear heart!

  11. Cheryl says:

    Thanks, JetBoy!

    I feel I must address something to our readers that JetBoy, Naughty Mommy, and I have discussed in emails. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not refer to any sex with a child that is not fantasy! If it is fantasy but you want it to sound real by making it be something you have done, even when you haven’t, we consider that real–as in confessing to a crime. We realize there is a titillation factor in “this is what I once did,” which is why we make every effort to make our stories seem real. But they are fantasy. All of it. I do confess to something in a post that I did when I was a young teen and was babysitting, but because I was only a few years older than my charges and am 32 now, I can only be accused of adolescent exploration. If I did something now, I could go to prison.

    So, please, do not tell us what you are doing with a child. Despite the subject of our fantasy life, we really are not in favor of actually having any kind of sex with children.

  12. DaughterLover says:

    Regarding your comment Cheryl, I should make it clear that nothing happened when I babysat the two girls, and nothing would happen now if I again have the chance to babysit for friends. What I meant to say was that I was attracted to them at the time, but couldn’t understand that. If it happened now, I would completely understand my feelings, and fantasize (ONLY) about it A LOT 🙂

  13. Cheryl says:

    DaughterLover, you are not the one I was speaking of. Sorry for the confusion. It is a comment that wasn’t posted because of its content. I’m sure the person meant no harm at all, and she was very complimentary of the story, but it is something we need to be careful about and I wanted this person to know why it wasn’t posted. Believe me (and that goes for everyone), if your post is deemed inappropriate, it won’t be posted, or at least it will be removed when we notice it. (Not sure of the technology behind all that.)

    I certainly understand the attraction, and whatever was done as a minor is viewed differently anyway.

  14. John says:

    Cheryl such a hot fantasy. Really been enjoying this new site you 3, such great story’s.

  15. Cheryl Taggert says:

    Thank you, John! We are happy to have you visit us!! Be sure to “come” back often!

  16. grandpa says:

    Cheryl…..fabulous story..can’t wait to get to chapter two. Found this site today by chance and so happy I did. I fantasize about young girls often and I love the way this site treats them so gently and loveingly. Thanks

  17. terry thornton says:

    I love it stories please write more

  18. Cheryl says:

    Grandpa and Terry,

    Thank you for commenting on my story! Please be sure to read more. This is only the first chapter of eleven.

    Grandpa, yes we do take great care in making sure the girls in our stories are never coerced or forced. We try to depict loving relationships that just happen to include a lot of lesbian sex. 🙂


  19. kim says:

    great series and i love all the pics for all the stories here for the 1st chapters, a very nice touch

  20. Tim says:

    As if the story itself wasn’t hot enough, we then have Naughty Mommy and Cheryl adding a fantasy of them being sisters and learning to pleasure each other.

    Think I might actually have died and gone to heaven……………..

    Great start, and now I have the good fortune to be able to move straight on to the next chapter – thanks as ever Cheryl!!!

    P.S. if you hadn’t realised, that “Timd” commenting on “Matinee” was me, with for some unknown reason, a “d” on the end.

  21. sue says:

    Another great classic story from Cheryl. I miss her so much,but so glad to reread her stories.

    • Tim says:

      This is the beauty of this wonderful site. You can always find a story that is so well written it can be read and enjoyed again and again. And also reminds me how good a writer Cheryl was/is!

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