Go Fish

  • Posted on May 8, 2015 at 10:13 am

By JetBoy


It was hot and humid, even for July. The air outdoors seemed thick as chicken soup, without so much as a wisp of breeze to be had. Leaving the house on a day like this was clearly out of the question, so Fay and her daughter Gina were seated at the kitchen table, idly playing cards.

Fay was dressed in her summer sleepwear — her ex-husband’s Mets T-shirt, skimpy panties underneath. Nevertheless, she was still just warm enough to be slightly uncomfortable.

“I think I need to have someone over to take a look at the air conditioner,” she muttered, peering at her cards. “Seems like it ought to be a lot cooler in here than it is.” She stretched and yawned, then glanced up at her daughter. “Got any fives, hon?”

Her daughter tapped her fingers on the tabletop, gazing into space.

“Gina? Fives?”

Gina looked up distractedly, her red hair slightly frizzy from the heat.

As always, the sight of her adorable daughter made Fay feel all warm inside. At fourteen, Gina could sometimes pass for twelve, even eleven. Hardly any breasts to speak of beneath that tank top, her hips slim as a boy’s. Fay’s gaze traveled down her daughter’s body, lingering on Gina’s coltish legs. So smooth, so elegant. Such a sexy sight in those lime-green tennis shorts…

All right — enough of that, Fay told herself, taking a deep breath to still her suddenly throbbing heart. “Gina?”

“Hmm?” Such lovely green eyes she had, too. Eyes to lose yourself in…

“Honey? Fives?”

Gina started, then stared blankly at her own cards. “Um… go fish.”

Fay drew from the deck… three of diamonds. She glanced up at Gina, then paused as she noticed her daughter gazing at her, a thoughtful expression on her face.

Suddenly, Gina spoke. “Mommy?”

“What, hon?”

Then Fay saw Gina’s cheeks redden, her daughter nibbling nervously at her lower lip. She seemed about to say something… then she shook her head, looking down at her cards. “Um, nothing.” She concentrated fiercely. “Is it my turn?”

Fay sat back. “Yes, it is.” She frowned. “What is the matter, honey? You seem a million miles away. What’s on your mind?”

“Ummm… well, uh, can I ask you something, Mommy — something kinda, um, personal?”

Fay smiled lovingly at her daughter. “You can ask me anything, honey. I might not want to answer, but you can always ask.”

“Well… I was thinking about Laura.”

“Hmmm, okay,” Fay murmured. “What about her?” Laura had been Fay’s lover for the past couple of years, until they had parted amicably three months ago.

“Well… I know you and Laura were, like, you know, friends before — um… you were together.”

“Uh-huh. Yes, we were.” Fay nodded.

“For how long?”

“Ohhh, maybe… a year. Or two? No, wait. About… a year and a half, I guess.”


“Before… we became lovers, yes.” It felt odd to say this to her daughter, even though they had discussed it in the past. Fay was acutely conscious of the girl’s questioning gaze.

“Hm.” Gina replied.

Fay’s brow arched. “Why?”

Her daughter shook her head slowly. “Um, I just…” She looked down at her cards. A pause. “Got any queens?”

Fay smiled. “Go fish.”

Gina took a card, then grinned. There’s my girl, thought Fay. “I got a queen, I got a queen…” the girl chanted, waving the card to and fro.

“Well, la-di-da, Miss Thing, you got a queen. Woo-hoo,” Fay gently mocked.

Suddenly Gina laid her cards face down on the table. “Mommy?” Her face was serious again.


“Can I ask you a really personal question?”

“Of course you can, sweetie.”

Gina flushed again, breathed deeply, and dove in. “What happened… that made you, well, more than friends?” The look on her face was priceless. She seemed partly nervous, partly curious, partly proud of herself for having the courage to ask.

Despite the sudden surge of excitement she felt at Gina’s question, Fay hesitated. “Ohhh, honey…” She put her own cards down. “That’s… that’s real grownup stuff.”

“I know, but… I really want to know. Really.”

Fay stared at her blossoming little girl, enthralled — but still unsure. She sighed. “The thing is, hon…” How to say it? “It’s just that… that kind of… hmmm.” She took another sip of soda, steeling herself. “Okay, here’s the thing. I get… really aroused when I talk about anything like that.”

“Aroused? You mean—”

Fay smiled, rolled her eyes. “Turned on. Sex-u-ally ex-ci-ted.”

Gina’s eyes widened.

“And I’m not sure if it’s a good idea for me to be… telling you things like that.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re my daughter, honey.”

“But you told me all about my period.”

“I know, but…” Fay was at a loss for words. And despite her best intentions, getting turned on already…

Bad enough she had caught herself having sexual fantasies about her own daughter lately — it wasn’t that hard for her to keep those to herself. But now Gina wanted her to talk about sex, and lesbian sex at that! Not to mention that her little girl looked absolutely luscious in those skimpy summer shorts and her tank top.

Fay took a deep, calming breath. It wouldn’t do for her fourteen-year-old to even suspect that her mother found her desirable. “Honey, I don’t think—”

“And this is really important to me!”


Gina blushed hugely this time. Her eyes seemed to glow. “It just is,” she murmured.

A pause. To tell or not…

“All right.”


“But wait, wait now. I don’t want you gabbing about this with anyone, okay? If I find out you’ve told this to any of your friends, you are in deep trouble, missy. Okay?” Gina nodded. “I mean it.”

“I won’t tell anyone, Mommy,” Gina solemnly intoned, drawing a large X across her chest with two fingers. “Cross my heart and hope to die.”

“All right, then.” Fay took a deep breath and shifted in her chair. “So. What happened that made Laura and me more than friends… ” She fumbled for the right words, then decided to simply be as straightforward with her daughter as she could. “You want to hear about the first time we… we made love, don’t you?”

Gina nodded, rapt.

“Right. Well, Laura and I met when she worked in my office building, you know… and she was a lot of fun. This was about half a year after your dad left, and I didn’t really feel like dating, so I spent time with her instead. We hung out, went to parties, and concerts and stuff. Well, this one night we went out driving, to celebrate Laura’s getting a new car. Just two hot chicks, jazzing down the strip, the CD player turned up loud…” She chuckled at the thought.

“We had some time to kill, and Laura asked if I wanted to go up the mountain and check out Lover’s Lane. Take in the view, share a couple of beers, and then go to this hot club where things wouldn’t get going until later. So we drove up and parked, and no one else was around. We ended up hanging out there for a long time. It was so nice and peaceful, and we enjoyed it so much, that we decided not to even bother with the club. We talked for awhile, looking out over the town. And then we were quiet. Just sitting there, really…”

A pause. Fay absently stroked her belly through the T-shirt. Gina watched her mother’s face, listening intently.

“I think I said, ‘This is really nice,’ or something, and then we just… looked at each other.” Fay murmured. “She was staring at me, and I was staring at her for the longest time. It felt like I was falling into her eyes… ” Fay shifted in her chair. “I saw her starting to kind of come back, or go away, or whatever. And she said, ‘No making out tonight, I guess.’ Still looking right at me. And then I said — and I don’t know where this came from, or how I had the nerve… I said, ‘Want to make out?’ No joke, girl. I was serious. And part of my brain was saying, Oh, great — you just lost your best friend. But then Laura looked at me, and nodded her head!”

Gina giggled, smiling… thrilled to be hearing this.

Fay laughed, shaking her head in wonder. “I could have died right then. I won! And I didn’t even know I was playing!” She took a sip of Coke, now aware that her nipples were visibly erect. Feeling a bit self-conscious, she put down the glass and folded her arms across her chest. Gina watched her mother, her eyes wide, eager to hear more.

Instead, Fay shrugged. “And there you have it.”

Gina’s fist hit the table, a big scowl on her face. “Mommy!”


“You know! What — what happened then?”

Fay sighed, sliding down in her chair. Her T-shirt rode to her upper thighs. “Ohhhh! I knew I shouldn’t have started this!” She crossed her arms over her head.

Gina pulled her chair closer. “Mommy, please. Finish.”

Fay brought her arms down. Looked at her flushed daughter. And caught a tantalizing hint of something, something sexual — Gina’s excitement.

What’s happening here? Fay thought as she stared into her beautiful daughter’s eyes, the bright red hair framing the soft, serious face. Am I really going to do this? Describe my first lesbian experience to my little girl? Well… all right. Go for it, whatever it is.

“Um, well, she slid across the seat to me, and we kinda sat there looking at each other for a minute or two, both of us feeling really shy… and then we kissed.” Fay sighed, her face alight as she remembered the moment. “And it was everything I’d ever dreamed of, but ten times better. I’d never known how wonderful it could be… just kissing. Oh my God, we made out for hours. And… I’m going to tell you everything, now, honey. I just loved to… touch her. And kiss her, all over — I could spend hours kissing every part of her. Her face, her hands, her… breasts, her, her vagina, yes. Her bottom. All over. Even…”


“Even her… secret place, we used to call it. Inside her bottom. Her… hole. Oh, she loved for me to lick her there.”

“Wow. You really touched her there? And, uh, licked her?”

“Yes, I did, honey. That… part of the body, the secret place, is a very, um, erotic place for Laura. And for me too, actually.”

“And… did she… do those things to you?”

“Oh, yes… she was a very good toucher, and… kisser, and — well, she was good at lots of things.” A pause. “It’s okay that we’re just friends now, me and Laura,” Fay said thoughtfully, “but I do miss, well, the times she and I spent together, making love…” She sat quietly for a moment, tracing a pattern on the table with her fingernail. Finally, she looked up at her daughter. “Is that enough, honey? Did I answer your question?”

Gina nodded shyly. “Thank you, Mommy.”

“Oh honey, you’re welcome. I’m sorry I was so… weird about it.” They smiled at each other lovingly. “So,” Fay said, “why did you want to hear that story, anyhow? Will you tell me now?”

“Well…” Gina said, suddenly looking down at her feet, “there’s this girl in my gym class, named Eve. She’s really cute. And I — I think she, um, likes me.” She paused. “I mean, likes me more than — than just friends.”

Fay felt her heartbeat accelerate as she digested this bit of information. “W-what do you mean, honey? Has she tried to—”

“No… nothing like that, Mommy. She, well, kinda flirts with me, sort of like she wants to go out on a date with me or something. And… it’s the way she looks at me, too. She’s always doing that. Especially when we’re, um, in the showers. And she doesn’t even try to hide it! And the other day, she…” Gina struggled for the words.

“What, baby? You can tell me.”

“I caught her looking at me again in math class the other day… and when I caught her doing it, she… she… she licked her lips really slow. Like this!” And Gina put on her sexiest look, parted her lips and slowly circled her mouth with her tongue.

Fay was nearly trembling with arousal, trying to keep Gina from seeing it. “So…” she said softly. “These things Eve does… do they bother you, honey?”

Gina slowly shook her head. “No,” she said quietly, “I think she’s sweet. Sometimes, I think about her k-kissing me. And… uh, other things.”

“Other things…?” Fay whispered. Her panties were quickly becoming damp.

“Hugging me. Being, um, together without our clothes on… and touching. Kissing each other… but, well, sexy kissing, like the way girls kiss boys. And some of the kind of… things you and L-Laura did, Mommy.” Gina raised a concerned face to look at her mother. “Is that… is that okay?”

Fay’s heart swelled with love for her daughter, even as her arousal surged to new heights. “Of course, honey,” she murmured, getting up and squatting before Gina, gazing lovingly into her eyes. “Sweetheart, you are old enough now to feel that way about other people. And it doesn’t matter one bit if that person is a boy or a girl. If you are… attracted to Eve, you should do something about it. Sounds to me like she wants you to.”

Gina’s eyes were shining. “Oh, Mommy, I knew I could tell you about how I felt… and, and you’d understand!” She threw her arms around Fay and held her tightly.

I understand a lot better than you know, little one, Fay thought. The realization that her daughter had been thinking about girl/girl lovemaking had her aching with arousal. And now holding Gina close, smelling her sweet skin — well, that wasn’t helping things.

“You’re welcome, baby.” Fay unsteadily rose to her feet. “Just remember that you can talk to me about anything, okay? I’m always here for you.” Taking her seat, she picked up her cards. “So… you want to finish this game, honey?” Gina nodded. “Hmm, whose turn is it? Oh yeah, you had woo-hoo queens. So… any sevens?”

“Go fish.”

“Oh, well.” Fay picked a card from the deck, then reached for her soda can — only to find it empty. “Hmm… I need something to drink. You want another Coke?”

“Nah.” Fay got up. Gina gazed longingly at her mother, then softly said, “Mommy?”

Fay turned. “Hmmm?”

“Can I have another hug instead?”

“Oh, baby… you don’t ever have to ask,” Fay laughed, reaching out to her daughter. “You can have a million hugs, if you want!”

Gina stood, sighing happily as she wrapped her arms around Fay’s waist. She murmured into her mother’s chest, “Thanks again for everything, Mommy. I really love you.”

“Oh, honey…” Fay was melting inside as she felt her daughter’s face graze her nipple. “I love you too.” She patted Gina’s back. “Did you say that you didn’t want a Coke?”

Gina shook her head as she sat. “I haven’t finished this one.” She held up the can, swishing its contents around.

“Okay.” Moving to the refrigerator, Fay opened it and peered in, murmured “Now where did I…?” She turned to open the pantry, then leaned in to search. The six-packs of Coke were stacked in the back of the lower shelf, so she hoisted up her shirt and knelt down to retrieve one. It took some moving and shifting to get to the back of the pantry. And she was only a few feet away from where Gina sat.

Cards in hand, the girl stared, enthralled by the unexpected sight of her mother’s very womanly bottom — the t-shirt hiked up to her waist, her behind clearly visible through the gauzy panties Fay was wearing. In fact, her breath was nearly stolen away by the teasing view she was given of the rosy pinkness of her mother’s sex, framed by a shadow of dark curls. Best of all, she could see the dark, secret cleft between the shapely cheeks of her bottom — and somehow that excited Gina most of all.

Her heart was beating fast, her entire body tingling. Gosh, Mommy is so sexy…

Suddenly Fay rose, and turned. Gina hurriedly looked down at her cards.

“Hey — were you cheating?” Fay mock-scowled, lifting an eyebrow.

Gina blushed furiously, stammering, “N-no!” She felt hot, knew her face was red, and looked down again.

Fay stared, curious. “Honey? What’s wrong?”

Gina continued to blush violently. She looked up, saw her mother’s concerned face. She squirmed in her chair, utterly embarrassed.

“Is it about what I said? Oh, Gina —”

“It’s kind of… no, not really, it’s just… oh, Mommy,” Gina sighed, suddenly feeling so young, so like a little girl. “You’re just so… so, pretty, so grown up! You should be spending time with real people, like, not like me, I’m just… you know, I’m just a stupid little kid.” She looked down at her cards, her lower lip trembling.

Fay stared at her, frowning in concern. “Hey.” Gina looked up. “I am with real people.” She sat down, scooting her chair closer to her daughter. Touching Gina’s hot cheek, she murmured, “I like you, honey. I’m not just being your mom, you know.” She took the girl’s hand, squeezing it tightly. “The time we spend together is precious to me, hon. I wouldn’t give it up for, for anything. Okay?”

Gina peered sideways at her mother. She attempted a smile, then giggled. “Okay.”

“Good,” said Fay. She was still holding Gina’s hand as she tilted her head, her eyes narrowing. “Hmmm… I was telling you about me and Laura, and you were telling me about your friend at school, then you were blushing and acting strange… and now you say that you’re too young for me to be hanging out with you. What’s that all about, honey? Are you trying to tell me something?”

“Oh, GOD!” Gina squeaked, mortified. She jumped up from her chair and raced over to the couch, burying her face in the cushions.

A laughing Fay followed, landing next to Gina with a bounce. She reached around to Gina’s bare underarms and began to tickle her daughter. The girl squealed, thrashing wildly, trying to escape.

“What? You have to tell me! I have ways of making you talk!” gasped Fay.

“No! NO! Stop, really! Oooohgh, stop, please!” Gina twisted away, laughing helplessly, and curled herself into a ball.

“Oh, no you don’t!” cried Fay, and flipped Gina onto her back, grinning as she straddled her daughter’s waist. She leaned over the girl, her long brown hair tickling Gina’s face. They breathed heavily, staring at each other.

“Now.” Fay’s face was wild in the shadow of her hair. “You have to tell me.” Gina squirmed, and her mother grabbed a wrist in each hand. “Nope, you’re not getting away from me, little girl.” Her voice was low, soothing. “Come on, honey. What were you thinking about…?”

“Your… bottom,” Gina whispered after a long pause.

Fay froze, her eyes widening. “My bottom?”

“Your bottom.” Gina felt her face redden. She shouted, “Your bottom, your bottom!”

Fay stared down at her little girl… at her elfin face; then at her nipples, clearly visible through her tank top; then further down, to the smooth white skin of her tummy.

She lightly flexed her ass into Gina’s lap. “You were thinking about… this?”

Gina nodded, her eyes wide.

Fay continued to look down at her daughter, her body throbbing from head to toe, forbidden thoughts now whirling crazily in her head.

Reaching a decision, she slowly, slowly began to gyrate against Gina.

“What about my bottom?” Fay said softly, gazing deep into her daughter’s eyes.

The little girl felt the soft pressure of her mother grinding against her lap, and she instinctively began to respond, her hips flexing and lifting to meet Mommy’s movements. She had been upset, just seconds ago… but now Gina felt strange, sort of lightheaded and very excited. Looking into Fay’s hazel eyes, feeling the warmth of her mommy’s beautiful body… well, Gina was starting to feel pretty warm down there herself.

Her mother leaned in closer, so that Gina was enveloped in a musky tent of her soft, fragrant hair, their faces now inches apart. She whispered again, “What about my bottom, little one?”

“Um…” Gina whispered, “I was uh, looking at your… bottom when you were, were getting a Coke, and… and…”

“What, baby…?” Fay murmured, her eyes never leaving Gina’s.

“And… you are so b-beautiful,” Gina stammered. “I don’t know — seeing your, your bottom, it made me feel good… all tingly. I — I liked it, Mommy… liked looking at you. Is… is that b-bad for me to feel?” Her face was filled with concern.

Fay gently shushed her daughter. “No, honey, it’s not bad at all. I love for you to look at me. It makes me feel good.” As she spoke, Fay slowly pulsed herself against Gina, working her pelvis, languidly pressing her moistening sex into the girl’s yielding lap, feeling Gina’s shorts inching downward, sensing her daughter’s heat through her panties.

She whispered, “When you looked at me that way, honey… what did you see?”

“Um… I saw… ooooh.” A little soft prickle of something wonderful pulsed through Gina’s tummy. It made her dizzy.

Fay studied her dear little girl’s glowing face as their bodies slowly churned together. “Does this feel good, honey?”

Gina nodded, her mouth falling open, “Uh-huh…”

“I’m glad…” Fay continued to undulate against her daughter, her lust now a living thing, coiling and uncoiling in her belly. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No, no, please. Don’t stop.” Oh, gosh, it did feel good. Gina looked deeply into her mother’s eyes as they slowly moved together. “Mommy?” in a small voice.

“What, little love?”

“I really like this.” Gina whispered.

Fay smiled. “Me too,” still pressing her buttocks against Gina’s lap. “Now tell me, honey. Tell me what you saw.” She stared into Gina’s glazed young eyes, inches from hers, and whispered, “Did you see my secret place?”

The young girl felt as if she was floating, the wonderful scary hot feelings between her legs becoming constant now, and building. She gazed into her mother’s loving eyes, felt the steady motion of Mommy’s body on top of hers, and slowly nodded her head.

“Oh, honey, I’m so glad,” breathed Fay. “I’m glad you saw my secret place. It’s my own, you know, a very wonderful part of me, and I want you to see it. Only you. You’re so special to me, my dear Gina.” She kissed the girl’s forehead. “Do you understand?”

Gina nodded. She raised herself up enough to place a clumsy kiss upon her mother’s chin, then lay back, blushing.

Fay smiled. “Thank you, my love.” She lightly touched Gina’s lips with her fingers. “That’s what you are, you know. You are my love.” She moved even closer to her wide-eyed daughter. “Do you know that? Do you know how much you mean to me?”

She breathed the last question into Gina’s open mouth, then softly kissed the little bee-stung lips one at a time, lingering at the lower lip, gently sucking. She then raised herself, just enough to peer into her little girl’s glassy, yearning eyes.

Gina pressed her hips upward as her mother kissed her again — this time, a long, deep and hungry kiss. The younger girl felt herself parting her lips, allowing Mommy’s tongue to glide into her mouth.

The fourteen-year-old had never experienced anything as lovely as this, not ever. Her mother’s mouth was soft and sweet, tasting of peppermint lip gloss with a lingering hint of Coke. Gina found herself wondering if this was the way her mother had kissed Linda, her heart racing with excitement at the very idea.

Should I kiss Mommy back? she asked herself… but before she could take such a daring step, her mother’s lips were gone.

Fay gently broke away, sitting up beside her daughter, breathless at the picture now before her: Gina, her soft red hair askew, mouth open and wet from kissing, those green shorts now halfway down her thighs. The girl’s panties had slipped down, too, revealing the beginning swell and cleft of her rosy pudendum.

A trembling Gina gaped at her mother. In a very little-girl voice, she asked, “Mommy? Why did you stop?”

Fay smiled. At this moment, Gina looked more like eight than fourteen. “You are so very beautiful, baby… mmmm, I have such a lovely daughter.” she breathed, gently placing her hand atop Gina’s panty-clad sex. The girl stared down at her mother’s hand, then gazed up at Fay, mouth slightly open, a dreamy look in her eyes.

Fay gently stroked the small rise of her daughter’s mound, and Gina shivered deliciously.

“Ginny? Can I ask you to do something for me?”

The young girl’s eyes shone with love. “Oh, Mommy, yes, anything. What?”

Fay continued to caress her daughter through her panties. “Can you… show me your secret place, too?”

It struck Gina as so adorable, the sight of her mother looking at her almost bashfully as she asked that. Her own shyness forgotten, Gina quickly sat up, throwing her arms around Fay. “Yes, yes, yes,” she whispered fiercely into her mother’s ear. “I want you to.” She looked up into Fay’s eyes. “I do. I want you — ” and she was suddenly feeling shy once more, “to… to see me.”

Fay sighed happily. “Oh, Gina. I have to kiss you again.”

And she leaned in to do just that, her tongue slipping into her daughter’s mouth once more. Gina surprised herself by matching her mother’s passion, wrapping her arms around the older woman’s neck as her own tongue flashed to life.

As they kissed, Fay’s hand caressed her child’s soft white tummy, then slipped beneath the waistband of Gina’s panties to touch her lightly downed vulva. A shudder of pleasure ran through Gina as their mouths slid wetly together.

Fay’s long fingers traced their way down the groove of Gina’s sex, caressing her daughter’s suddenly moist flesh, stroking the sticky petals before slowly sliding a fingertip inside.

Now Gina was writhing to Fay’s ministrations, mewling ecstatically into her mother’s mouth as they kissed. Fay then drew back, but continued to finger her daughter, desperately wanting to see her come. She watched as Gina’s lips parted in wonder. In a shaky whisper, the girl gasped, “Is this… touching?”

“Yes, my love,” whispered Fay.

And suddenly Gina began to cry out. “Oh, oh, oh, Mommy… wh-what’s happening to me? Ohh! Mommmm… OhhhhhHHH!” She threw her head back, shivering violently as Fay guided her through a powerful climax — her first? She bucked and rocked on her mother’s loving fingers as her pleasure mounted higher, higher — finally collapsing, exhausted, onto her side.

The girl panted for breath, then lifted her head to gasp, “Oh, Mommy… what was that?”

Fay placed a hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “Relax, honey. You’ve just had an orgasm. Did you enjoy it?”

“Mmm-hmm,” Gina replied emphatically, her face glowing with contentment as she closed her eyes, sinking into her mother’s lap. Fay cradled the girl, lightly stroking her.

Suddenly Gina sat up, wrapping her arms around her mother’s neck. “Mommy?” she cooed.

Fay buried her face in her little girl’s hair, hugging her close. “What is it, honey?”

Gina whispered, “I haven’t shown you my secret place yet… you still want to see it, don’t you?”

Instead of answering, Fay rocked her daughter to and fro for a few seconds, then quietly said, “Let’s go to my room.”

They stood up together, then Fay bent down to slip one arm under Gina’s neck, the other beneath her thighs. She lifted her daughter, then carried her down the hall to the master bedroom. She lovingly deposited the girl in the center of her queen-sized bed, then stood quietly, looking down at her child with adoring eyes.

“I love you, Mommy,” whispered Gina.

“I love you too, little one.” Fay sighed. “Would you like to see me now? All of me?”

All Gina could do was nod weakly, her heart suddenly racing with excitement.

Fay reached down and grasped the bottom of her long T-shirt, tugging it up and over her head in a single fluid motion. Her brown hair spilled onto her shoulders, over her bare breasts. Then she tugged her panties down her thighs to her feet, carelessly kicking them off. “Here, honey,” she turned around and smiled at the little girl over her shoulder, “now you can take a real look at my bottom.”

Though she was fourteen, Gina had never touched herself before with intent. She may have noticed that it felt good in the shower, or while riding her bike, but she’d never consciously done it to pleasure herself. Even now, it was a mere unconscious urge that caused her hand to slip between her thighs, down to the place that still tingled deliciously from her mother’s touches. She wasn’t aware of her fingers moving slowly over the front of her underpants. She was only conscious of the roller-coaster swoop of her tummy as her mother displayed her beautiful bottom, that same bottom that had made her blush so hotly when she’d glimpsed it earlier. Only now her mommy was letting her see it, wanted her to look.

And look she did. Gina just felt like she wanted to kiss that beautiful bottom, to lose herself in its curves and crevices. “Oh,” she whimpered.

Now naked, Fay sat at the foot of the bed. “Do you like to look at me, honey?” she murmured.

Gina could only nod and sigh, “Oh, yes.”

“Sit up for a second, little one.”

Gina sat up and looked quizzically at her mother, completely undressed and cross-legged on the bed before her. “What?”

“Here,” said Fay solemnly. “I want to show you everything.” And she leaned back, grasped the backs of both her ankles, and spread her legs wide open. “It’s all for you, little one. For you.”

The sight was breathtaking. Gina almost felt like she might cry, her mother was so lovely. There was Mommy’s full-lipped vagina, that she’d only peeked at before… now open and glistening like a dew-moistened flower. Even more thrilling, here was her mom’s secret place, her dark, pink bottom hole, nestled between her silken cheeks. Gina felt her face go hot with pleasure and awe.

“Do you want to touch me?”

Gina gasped. A sharp shock of longing filled her, and she looked deep into her mother’s warm brown eyes. “Oooohh… can I?”

Fay smiled. “Of course, little love. I want you to…”

Almost absently, Gina stood and tugged off her shorts, dropping them to the floor. Her panties, Fay noted with a tingle of excitement, had a streak of wetness on their front. The sight made her mouth water, and she parted her thighs even further, inviting her daughter to explore.

Gina slowly got on all fours to kneel before her mother’s outspread offering. “Wow,” she marveled.

“Go ahead, little one,” Fay breathed. “Touch me. Pet me, just like a little kitten.”

Gina giggled. “What a cute kitten.” She extended her hand and touched the tip of a finger to the rosy outer lip of Fay’s sex. Her eyes widened. “It’s so warm!”

“Mmm-hmm. Touch right there, honey… I need to feel your hands on me.”

Gina took a deep breath. “All right.” She placed the tip of her index finger at the moist crevice between her mother’s labia and pressed inward. Her finger slipped into Fay’s vagina, about an inch deep — and she stopped, suddenly unsure of herself.

“That’s it, love. Go ahead, push all the way in.”

Gina did so, and her exploring digit slipped in even deeper, right up to the third knuckle.

“I — I have my whole finger inside you!” the fourteen-year-old squeaked, her eyes wide.

“Mmmm… I know, my angel. Do you like doing this?”

Gina looked up adoringly at her beautiful mother’s face. “Oh, Mommy, yes… yes!”

“You make so happy, honey.” Fay wiggled her bottom slightly. “Know what you can do to make me even happier?”

“What? Tell me!”

“Put another finger in, and then move them both around together… sort of like you’re spreading butter all over my insides. Okay?”

Gina’s eyes were wide. “Okay.” She slowly slid her middle finger in to join its mate, then tentatively began to move them about.

“It’s all right, Gina honey… you’re not going to hurt me, I promise. The more you move your fingers around in me, the better it feels.”



So Gina concentrated on moving her fingers more forcefully, marveling at the warmth and wetness that dwelled inside her mother’s body.

Fay moaned softly. “Oh, honey, that feels lovely. You can move them in and out of my pussy, too. And it’s also nice if you touch me here—” and she brought one hand down to uncover the bright bud of her swollen clitoris, “—where it’s really sensitive.” Her hand shifted back to grasp her ankle once more.

Biting her lower lip in concentration, Gina began to pump her fingers in and out of her mother’s vagina. She glanced at Fay and shyly murmured, “I like that.”

Fay’s eyes fluttered. “What, honey?”

“You call it your… pussy.” And her cheeks reddened.

Fay smiled. “Oh, honey, you’re blushing again.” Gina grinned, and ran a finger over her mother’s tender bud. “Ooh. Oh, Ginny, that’s wonderful!” She let her head fall back. “Mmmm, yes.”

“Does it f-feel good?” Gina asked.

Smiling at her daughter, Fay shakily murmured, “Oh yes, little girl, it does.” She grinned. “I love what you’re doing to my pussy.” She said this slowly, in a whisper that made Gina’s insides turn to jelly. Then Fay brought her legs down, leaving her knees up and wide. She leaned into Gina, who glanced up, pausing in her work.

“Oh, don’t stop, little one,” breathed Fay. “I just had to kiss you.” And she gently brought her mouth to Gina’s, lightly flicking her tongue between her daughter’s lips as the young teen continued to probe her mom’s now very wet cunt.

Their lips gently parted, and Fay whispered, “I’m so happy that we’re making love, just the two of us. Are you happy to love me like this, honey?” She was trembling now.

“Ohh, Mommy… I am,” Gina cooed, just before Fay, a bit more roughly than before, mashed her lips to Gina’s and thrust her tongue inside her fourteen-year-old’s mouth, moaning deliriously.

“Ohhhhhh,” Fay moaned as she broke away from Gina. “Honey, baby, listen… ooh! Oh, my sweet little girl, t-take one of your wonderful fingers, ah, GOD… and put it,” she leaned back to spread her cheeks, “put it in my b-bottom, honey, right inside me!”

Gina, her eyes wide, touched the index finger of her free hand to Fay’s anal cleft.

“Yes, baby, right there, just work it in, just like you did with Mommy’s pussy.”

Her finger slick with Fay’s fragrant wetness, Gina pushed at her mother’s bottom hole. She gasped in awe as she felt it open, taking her finger inside.

“Yes, honey, push it in, oh my God, push all the way it in!”

An enthralled Gina eagerly obeyed, and watched in wonder as her finger slowly, fully penetrated her mother’s bottom.

“N-now move it in and out, honey, just like you are with my pussy. And you can go faster, too. And harder — hard as you can. I love that.”

Pursing her lips in concentration, the girl began to do as Fay wanted, pushing deep into her mommy’s body, then drawing back again. In and out, gradually picking up speed and force, shifting into a brisk tempo as her confidence grew, thrusting into and out of her mother’s slippery holes.

Fay threw her head back into the pillow, almost violently. “YES! Fuck me, Gina honey, oh GOD, ohhh, I love you so much! FUCK ME!”

Gina worked furiously, gliding and burrowing, pumping and probing. She was aware of an amazing musky scent, animal and overpowering. It was the smell of her mother’s heat, the aroma of sex. And she was making it happen!

“Oh my GOD, oh, Gina! OH!” Fay’s hips bucked as her hands flew to stroke, caress her darling child between fits of helpless pleasure.

“OH! OH! God! Oh, yes!” And as the young girl fucked her, Fay cried out loud, lost in an earthly Nirvana, enveloped in an orgasm that seemed as if it would never end. She rode the wave of pleasure up to the top of the sky, then beyond.

Once her climax had crested and waned, fading into a ember-like glow, Fay fell back, spent and panting. Her knees, still upright, fell apart as her body went slack. She smiled weakly up at her kneeling daughter.

“Oh my God, honey.”

Gina looked down at her, wide-eyed. “I… did I do okay?”

Fay looked at her little 14-year-old daughter, kneeling above, her red hair sticking out wildly. A surge of joy radiated through her soul, so intense that she found herself beginning to cry. Wiping the tears away, she managed to gasp, “You did way better than okay, little one. Come here.” And she held out her arms.

Gina eagerly crept into the warm, naked embrace of her mother, snuggling into her neck.

“Oh, honey, honey, honey…” And Fay fervently kissed the girl’s hair, forehead, her freckled nose. She pulled away to gaze into her daughter’s emerald eyes. “Thank you.” Then she kissed the young girl`s precious mouth, long and deep, finally breaking away to ask, “So… can I see you now, sweetheart?”

Tilting her head to look at her mother, Gina squeezed her tightly, planting kisses her all over her face. “Oh yes, yes, Mommy. I want you to. You can see my… pussy.” Still blushing. “And m-my bottom hole, too.”

“Well, aren’t I the lucky lady,” Fay sighed blissfully. “Now… why don’t you turn your adorable self over for me.”

Gina quickly rolled onto her tummy, delighted to be doing this special thing for her mother.

Fay slipped her hands beneath Gina’s T-shirt to stroke her bare back, gazing in awe at her daughter’s bottom, the way it jutted slightly as it curved its way down… the pale-skinned, gazelle-like legs, the cute dimples behind her knees. “Are these for me?” Fay cooed, teasingly caressing Gina’s underpants.

Gina giggled. “I guess they’re for you. You bought ’em!” She looked back over her shoulder, just in time to see her mother bend down to kiss her panty-clad bottom. She shivered at the sight of that. “Oh… wow.”

“Take off your top, hon,” Fay said, hands caressing her daughter’s smooth thighs.

Gina sat up, swiftly tugged off her T-shirt and threw it away. Fay drew her daughter close, kissing her neck as she reached around to cup the girl’s budding breasts. Gina gasped, “Oh, Mommy!”nearly overwhelmed by the exquisite sensation of Fay’s palms gliding over her nipples. She twisted her head around to kiss her mother, plunging her tongue as deep into Fay’s mouth as she was able. Fay nearly swooned at the intensity of her daughter’s passion.

Finally their lips parted… and Fay whispered, “Okay, honey. Get down on your hands and knees. Mommy wants to see your secret place now…”

Heart throbbing with anticipation, Gina positioned herself on all fours, thrusting her bottom toward her mother.

Fay ran her hand over her daughter’s smooth body, from her neck, over her bottom, down to her cute little pink socks. As her hand slid back again, she trailed her fingers up the little girl’s inner thigh to lightly graze the warm cleft of Gina’s still-concealed vulva. Gina murmured wordlessly and spread her legs wider, opening herself to her mother.

Fay leaned over Gina and began to kiss her neck and shoulders, while her right hand glided up her back, then down, slowing over her bottom, slipping between Gina’s cheeks until she was cupping the girl’s vagina through her damp panties. Her daughter’s hips rose to accommodate her… and Fay, now frantic with desire, whispered shakily into Gina’s ear, “Oh my God, my little girl, I’ve got to see you. I’ve got to taste you.”

She leaned back, roughly tugged Gina’s panties down, down her legs and off, her mouth open as she gazed hungrily at her daughter’s naked, barely-downed sex, glistening enticingly below the delightful pink-brown star of her asshole.

“Oh Gina, my love—” and she leaned in to kiss the offered bottom, to slide her tongue down the smooth path between her daughter’s buttocks. As the girl’s hips rose to meet her kisses, Fay’s nose bored into Gina’s quivering bottom hole as she thrust her swirling tongue into her daughter’s vagina.

Fay heard the girl whimper, felt her push her invaded bottom up and back into Mommy’s ravenous mouth, spreading herself open even further. Fay parted the smooth uplifted cheeks of Gina’s bottom with both hands and kissed the pink pucker of her anus, just as she had kissed Gina’s mouth before. Then her tongue emerged and she began to lick at her daughter’s crack.

As she rimmed the whimpering fourteen-year-old, her hand stole between Gina’s thighs to explore the moist flesh of her cunt, finally brushing the young girl’s clit with her fingertips. And Gina cried out loud.

What an amazing experience it was, feeling her daughter completely lose control from pure pleasure; moaning and weeping with joy and thrashing so hard that Fay had to hold Gina tightly, driving her to spasm after crying spasm of ecstasy with her hot, sucking mouth and busy fingers.

Gina seemed to come non-stop for several minutes, finally collapsing onto her side in exhaustion.

Fay lay down next to her naked daughter, drawing Gina into a loving embrace.

Gina’s eyes slowly fluttered open. “Oh, Mommy…” she whispered, “that was the most wonderful thing ever. I love you so much…”

“I love you too, honey… and I loved making you feel good.” She licked her lips. “Your pussy is delicious.” Fay touched her nose to Gina’s and whispered, “Want to taste for yourself…?”

The young girl, fascinated, slowly nodded her head.

“Then kiss me,” Fay breathed.

Gina closed her eyes and parted her lips. Their mouths met… and they kissed, gently at first. But their newfound passion was too strong to be sated just yet… and their kissing quickly grew hot and hungry. Gina purred with delight, savoring the flavor of her own sweetness on her mother’s lips and tongue.

Suddenly she broke away, her face flushed with desire. “Mommy…” she panted, “I want to k-kiss you there, too. I want to… lick your pussy.”

“Oh, my,” Fay crooned, thrilled beyond words. “Nothing would make me happier, angel.” She rolled onto her back, parting her legs for Gina.

Wide-eyed and grinning excitedly, Gina reached out to brush Fay’s cunt with her fingertips. “Mmm, Mommy…” she sighed, “your pussy is so pretty.” Leaning closer, she placed a soft kiss on her mother’s glistening labia, making Fay gasp. “I just hope I can make you feel as good as you made me  feel.”

“Oh, Gina… here, I’ll show you how,” Fay murmured, parting her pussy lips with her fingers. “I like long, slow licks, honey… start out gentle at first, then you can do it harder. You can slip your tongue inside me and wiggle it around, I like that too. And when I really, really start to get excited,” Fay said, sitting up a bit, “if you lick and suck me right here…” indicating her clit, “that sensitive place I had you touch earlier… oh my, I’ll just explode.”

Gina nodded. “Okay, Mommy,” she chirped, placing her warm hands on Fay’s thighs, “lie back. I want to do it to you right now.”

Fay sighed, “Oh, my sweet baby, yes… make love to me.”

Gina smiled, lowered her face. A moment’s silence, and Fay cried out loud at the unbelievable sensation of her daughter’s tongue licking slowly at her cunt. Her hands helplessly clutched at the bedsheets.

“Mmmm, yes, Gina, that feels wonderful…” Fay moaned. She threw her head back, her lips parted, panting for breath. Just knowing that her deepest, darkest, most forbidden fantasy of making love to her daughter had now come true sent tingly curlicues of purest ecstasy spiraling through her frame.

“You smell really good, Mommy,” purred Gina, her moving lips brushing Fay’s tingling labia, “and you taste great!” She trailed her tongue up and down, exploring the moist pink folds as her heart swelled with love. This was so… so incredible — that she, a fourteen-year-old girl, was getting to make love to the most wonderful woman in the world, the person she adored more than anyone… her own beautiful, sexy mother. She slid her tongue into Mommy’s vagina and rolled it around, and Fay moaned in disbelief.

“Oh, oh, mmmmmm, yes. Oh, honey!” Fay gasped, clutching her breasts. “Oh, my sweet angel, that f-feels so… OH!” Her body began to quiver helplessly.

Gina, sensing her mother’s rising excitement, trailed her mouth up to that sensitive spot that Fay had shown her earlier. She flicked the pink nubbin with the tip of her tongue.

Fay cried out. “Yes, baby. Mmmm, YES!”

Dizzy with excitement at the thought of making her mother go off as intensely as she herself had earlier, Gina took her mother’s clitoris between her lips and nibbled at it.

The result was electric. Fay thrashed wildly on the bed, her body seizing up again and again as she came. Her breath hissed through clenched teeth as her daughter took her through an orgasm that seemed to turn her very soul inside out.

Finally Fay lay dazed, her child’s face resting contentedly on her moist thigh. Gina licked her lips, still savoring the thick taste of her mother’s sex.

“Oh… oh, Gina,” Fay moaned, “c-come here, baby.” The girl crawled into her mother’s warm embrace.

Fay held her daughter for a long time, feeling her heart slowly fall back into its regular rhythm. Finally, she tilted the girl’s face up to hers, then kissed her gently. Brushing Gina’s hair from her forehead, she spoke. “Honey, what we’ve done just now… most people would say it was wrong. You know that, don’t you? Mommies and their daughters aren’t supposed to, to make love like we did.”

Gina opened her mouth to protest, but Fay quieted her with a finger to her lips. “But… it was the most wonderful experience of my life, honey. And I want you to know that — I’m glad it happened.”

Gina hugged her mother tightly, burrowing her face into Fay’s sweet-smelling hair. Suddenly she raised herself up to gaze into the older woman’s eyes. “Does that mean that — that I’m your girlfriend, now, Mommy? Like Laura was?”

Fay shook her head. “No, baby.” A flicker of hurt appeared in Gina’s eyes. “Now listen; let me explain something. If you and I were to become a couple, then I wouldn’t exactly be your mother anymore… and you wouldn’t quite be my little girl, either. Think about it, honey. Being in a relationship like that, a romantic one… things would change between us. You wouldn’t want that to happen — would you?”

Gina furrowed her brow, then smiled, shrugged. “I guess you’re right, Mommy. I like us the way we already are.”

“Good girl. We love each other… but we shouldn’t be in love. Besides,” she chuckled, squeezing her daughter about the waist, her hands moving up to playfully tickle the girl, “what about your little friend at school? The girl who stares at you in the showers?”

“Who, Eve?” Gina giggled, trying to brush her mother’s fingers away from her ribs. “Oh, yeah.” Her eyes lit up like tiny stars. “Yeah! If she wants to um, fool around with me, I know what to do now! You taught me so much cool stuff, Mommy.” She lay back, staring dreamily at the ceiling. “I could sneak into the girl’s bathroom with her during study hall, take off her underpants and lick her p-pussy. Wow, I bet she’d love that.”

“Sounds sexy… but you’d better not do that kind of thing at school, young lady,” Fay sternly replied as she cuddled her child. “Just invite her over, honey — have her spend the night.”

“Mommy,” Gina twisted around to face her mother, a fearful tone in her voice. “I see how we can’t be, you know, girlfriends… but does that mean we… we can’t do this ever again? Make love? We still can, can’t we?”

Fay caressed her daughter’s face. “Sweet Gina… being with you was such a, a perfect thing… and it made me so incredibly happy. How could I give this up?” She placed a feather-light kiss upon her daughter’s lips. “The answer is yes, sweetheart. We can still make love. Any time you want.”

Gina sighed, a mixture of happiness and relief. “That sounds great, Mommy.” She rested her face on her mother’s breast, pausing to give it a tiny kiss… then lifted her head again. “Can I, um, stay with you tonight?”

“Sure you can,” Fay murmured, stroking Gina’s bare back. “And maybe, just maybe, we’ll make love again, before we go to sleep.”

“Mmmmm, yes… I’d like that!”

“I love you, baby,” Fay whispered.

Gina’s lips brushed her mother’s ear. “I love you too.”

They lay together quietly, peacefully.

Then Gina spoke up again. “Mommy?”


“I’m kind of hungry.”

Fay opened an eye. “Me too, now I think of it.” Disentangling herself from Gina, she sat up and stretched luxuriously. “Mmmmmm… tell you what, hon — let’s go hop in the shower—”

“Together?” Gina asked hopefully.

“Oh, yeah,” cooed Fay, placing a warm hand on her daughter’s belly. “And we can get each other all clean. Then we’ll march into the kitchen and throw together a couple of sandwiches. Sound good?”

“Yum!” cheered Gina. “And then, we have to finish our card game. We never did, remember? I was winning, too!”

“Hmmph. We’ll see about that, little lady!” Fay rose from the bed, her nude body illuminated by the fading light of day. Gina sprang to her feet an instant later, proudly displaying her own nakedness to her mother.

“Oh, honey,” purred Fay, smitten anew by her child’s bare beauty. “C’mere. Mommy wants a kiss…”

Parent and child melted into a passionate embrace, their mouths crushed together, tongues mingling. Fay’s hands slipped down Gina’s back to cup her pert little bottom, and the girl moaned into their kiss, lewdly grinding her slender body against the womanly form of her mother.

Finally their lips gently parted. Fay rested her forehead against Gina’s, her heart racing. “Thanks, honey,” she murmured. Releasing her daughter, she swept her hair back. “Ready for that shower now?”

“Yeah!” grinned Gina, padding to the door. Suddenly she whirled around, her eyes flashing. “Last one to the bathroom is a dirty dog!” she cried, then she was dashing down the hallway.

“Why, you little—” growled Fay, and she was off, too, racing headlong after her daughter.

Shrieks of laughter rang through the house, accompanied by the jumbled rhythm of running feet.


This story was written for my own enjoyment, and was never intended to be made public. It is an adaptation/reworking of “Jill’s Heart,” a classic piece of erotica from Leslita author Louisa May. The original story is a lovely tale, but I’d always felt that it ended a bit abruptly, stopping when the sex was beginning to get really intense. (Of course, that’s a testament to the erotic heat of Louisa May’s craft… the way she leaves you craving more.) I fleshed out the last part of the story, then rewrote and expanded the rest; trying to keep the flavor of her original while telling it in my own style.

I never considered making it public, honestly. But I later sent a copy to fellow author Androgyne as a thank-you for her nice remarks about one of my stories, and she more or less demanded that I post it at Leslita. After I replied with my reservations about doing so, she graciously suggested that I present my version of “Jill’s Heart” as a loving tribute to Louisa May.

I ended up doing several more variations on her stories; thankfully, one day Louisa May appeared again at Leslita with a new offering, and gave me her blessing when I wrote to call her attention to my humble efforts.

So here it is, a heartfelt offering for a true queen of lesbian erotica. Thank you, Louisa May, for your beautiful stories as well as your kindness. Wherever you are, I wish you every happiness.


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  1. jesse burnett says:

    Wow, that one was really intense. I liked how in that one the mother seemed to REALLY enjoy herself lol. You could just really tell. Her ranting was so hot 8p. Keep it up man. …like, seriously, NEVER stop writing lol

  2. robt66 says:

    “As always, the sight of her adorable daughter made Fay feel all warm inside. At fourteen, Gwen could sometimes pass for twelve, even eleven.”

    Editorial oversight? Should be “Gina” not Gwen.

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      Oops! Good catch… and thanks. (Amazing that no one else — your humble author, especially — noticed that before, considering how very long this story has been available online.)

      Typo aside, I do hope you enjoyed it.

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    Nice story, very erotic read.

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    Fay and Gina had a great time together wish I was there to watch. 14 year old girl and mom sex how sweet it is. I love lesbian stories the younger the better. Mom and daughter, niece and aunt, sister and sister

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