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By JetBoy

My daughter Taffy is nine, soon to be ten, and I adore her more than words can say.

I’d planned to name her Susan, but when I first held her in my arms as a newborn infant, I changed my mind on a whim and picked the name Taffy, because to me she was the sweetest baby imaginable, my little candy girl. Silly? Some of my friends certainly thought so, but that was how I felt then about my darling child — and still do.

I’m gay, and from the first, I wanted my daughter to know everything about the wonders of lesbian love. I’ve always been attracted to young girls as much as women, and Taffy has always been a truly beautiful child. So I made the decision to explore sexual intimacy with my little girl when she first grew curious about such things.

From the time she was a toddler, Taffy and I loved to kiss one another. She never seemed to get enough; I can still remember how she would nestle in my lap and sweetly ask for one kiss after another. Needless to say, I had an endless supply of them to give her.

Around the time when she was seven, I taught her the art of French kissing, which she took to instantly. It was an amazing experience, observing my child’s delight in this exciting new game, her tongue exploring Mommy’s lips and mouth.

After that, Taffy and I often kissed passionately around my lesbian acquaintances. I’m actually very lucky to have truly understanding girlfriends who would never think to stop my daughter and I from loving each other as we do. To this day I don’t understand why so few gay mothers ever explore kissing games with their little girls.

When she turned eight, we took our relationship a step further. I invited her to share my bed on a regular basis, where we would cuddle together. We always slept naked. It wasn’t completely sexual, not quite yet, but it was very sweet and sensual and we enjoyed every moment of it. I think at that age she began to really understand what making love was about, and how magical it could be.

It’s funny, but there were nights when Taffy and I couldn’t wait to go to bed. It made me very aroused just to wait for that moment when I held her close to me while touching her babyish body all over and kissing her soft little mouth.

A few weeks later I began to touch my daughter in a more sensual way — stroking her tiny nipples, fondling her bottom, gently exploring her vulva with my fingertips. Taffy loved these new touching games, every bit as much as she loved kissing. Soon, I was encouraging her to touch me in the same way.

By then, she had seen me make love more than a few times. In fact, she sometimes came to my bedroom to watch me and my lovers as we pleasured one another, if my partner was willing. It always turned me on to know that Taffy was there, too. Not all, but some of the women I slept with were quite open-minded, and willing to let my little girl learn about lesbian sex by observing us.

One day I was ready to go beyond simply letting my daughter witness the act of love — I wanted Taffy to experience it for herself.

When we prepared for bed that evening, I undressed my little girl, then had her sit between my thighs, her naked body resting snugly against mine. I’d taken the wall mirror down and propped it against the dresser, so that my beautiful child and I could both watch as I made love to her.

Slipping a hand between Taffy’s legs, I touched her bare sex, as I so often did when we slept together — but this time, my touches were bolder, more intimate. Soon I was actually masturbating my little girl, and she was mewling with delight, tilting her face up to mine to share long, luscious kisses.

Before long my daughter’s cries of rapture echoed in the bedroom, her thin body squirming against mine as I brought her off. It was the first time I made her come, and she climaxed so sweetly that the sight had me shedding joyful tears. To this day, I can close my eyes and recall the wondrous vision of my Taffy reflected in the mirror — her face alight in joy as I caressed her vagina.

Once Taffy had recovered, she insisted that I let her touch me in the same way. So I lay down, offering myself to my little girl. She sprawled next to me, eyes wide and excited as she explored my sex with curious fingers. I showed her how and where to touch me — and soon she had two fingers of one hand buried deep in my cunt, the index finger of the other hand stimulating my clit.

She was a little awkward at first, but soon Taffy was pleasuring her mommy as if she’d been born to it, bringing me to two amazing orgasms.

That was the night that my daughter and I truly became lovers.

The next evening, Taffy and I had just put our dinner plates in the sink when my little girl turned to me, taking both my hands in hers. Without a word, she tilted her head back and went up on tiptoe, her eyes drifting shut.

I bent to kiss my child, her lips soft as down where my mouth brushed them. She returned my kiss with a passion that startled me, her tongue boldly meeting and engaging my own.

My heart raced. Taffy had always been a shy partner, content to let Mommy set the pace in our loving games. This was a newer, bolder side of my daughter that I’d not seen before — and it thrilled me!

She finally broke away, tugging at my hand with an expectant gleam in her eyes.

My little girl led me from the kitchen and down the hall toward her bedroom, glancing back at me every few seconds, grinning hugely.

Taffy’s room was dimly lit, the anglepoise lamp on her desk providing the only illumination. The atmosphere was warm, cozy… and very romantic.

She guided me over to her bed, indicating without words that I was to sit. Once I did, my darling child just stood there, gazing adoringly at me for a moment. Then she began to unbutton her top.

I stared, my heart thudding crazily as Taffy slowly undressed for me, her eyes never leaving mine. She slipped out of her shirt, baring her upper half, then let the garment carelessly drop to the floor. The sight of her nipples, now visibly erect, made my mouth water. I wanted to take those dark pink buds into my mouth, give them teasing little love bites.

With a flick of the fingers she undid the button on her plaid shorts, then slowly drew the zipper down, one tooth at a time. As the shorts came open, I glimpsed just enough bare flesh to realize that my baby girl had gone without panties.

Just as I expected to see the gentle curve of my daughter’s vulva, Taffy turned around. Hugging herself, she began to do a clumsy grind, moving her pelvis in a circular motion.

I was utterly floored… and aroused to the point of hysteria, my pussy a humid swamp. When had my innocent little girl learned to tease?

Taffy slipped her thumbs beneath the waistband of her shorts and began to wriggle them down her hips. I held my breath as that flawless bare bottom came into view, inch by glorious inch. When she bent to push those shorts to her ankles, I got a quick glimpse of the cleft of my daughter’s sex, and was overwhelmed with a dizzying rush of lust.

Now naked, my child turned to face me. Instead of a shy smile, there was an expression of innocent desire on Taffy’s face, a sight that made me lightheaded.

She padded over to where I sat and stood before me for a few heartbeats. I longed to reach for her, envelop my little lover in a hug, but something told me to let Taffy take charge for now.

Her little hands reached for the hem of the faded old t-shirt I wore, and I raised my arms, allowing Taffy to pull it up and over my head. Discarding that, she made short work of my bra, undoing the front clasp without too much difficulty. I shrugged it off, baring my breasts.

Taffy undid the button on my blue jeans, then drew down the zipper, exposing my black panties. I obediently lifted my ass enough for her to tug my jeans off, silently grateful that they weren’t very tight. My undies went with them, leaving me nude.

I lay back, my pulse beating out a relentless tattoo as I waited to see what my daughter would do.

She gazed lovingly at me, her eyes warm as a summer morning. Reaching out, she placed her little hand on my breast.

I took her hand, brought it to my lips and pressed a kiss into her palm, then beckoned her to join me with a tilt of the head and a smile.

Taffy eagerly clambered onto the bed and into my open arms, her mouth seeking mine. We kissed, tenderly at first — then her tongue slipped between my lips and, like an unexpected bolt from the blue, I came. It was a small but lovely orgasm; an appetizer for the pleasures to follow.

That night, all was possible between my daughter and I. We would sample the fruits of the goddess in each other’s naked bodies. Love was ours.

We lay together, kissing again and again, just as my little girl and I had done for years. But there was a new hunger to our kisses, a raw, knife-sharp heat that we’d not experienced before. The heat of lust. Taffy and I both felt it, glowing beneath our bellies.

I rolled my child onto her back, our mouths locked together in an uninterrupted kiss. She twined her arms around my back, clutching me tightly as I slipped a hand between our bodies, seeking the rise of her vulva. A tremor of excitement darted through me when I felt how wet Taffy was.

It was too much for me — I had to taste her.

My daughter trembled with anticipation as I slid down to lie between her thin thighs, lowering my face to kiss the smooth pinkness of her sex. When my tongue emerged to lick, she cried out, her little hands pawing the sheets. She was delicious, and I went down on my little girl with more passion than I’d ever shown a lover.

She came in my mouth, and I drank every drop my child had to give, savoring it like good wine.

Like before, she wanted to return the pleasure I had given her — and though I was a little apprehensive about going too far, too fast, the idea of being licked by my precious daughter was too tempting to resist.

Soon I was spread out on the bed, thighs drawn apart, watching Taffy nuzzle my shaved sex. She placed a single kiss on the slit — then another. Finally, she took a hesitant lick.

Taffy lifted her face from me, tasting her lips, then grinned. She burrowed between my legs for more, her warm tongue slipping inside my vagina.

When I came, it was a revelation. Like being thrust raw into a cleansing summer rain — gazing rapturously into the heavens, my body bathed from head to toe and washed clean. My baby’s love changed me, made me new again.

Afterwards, we cuddled for a long while, but holding my naked little girl soon had me burning inside with renewed desire, aching to have her once more.

I didn’t want to penetrate Taffy with my fingers yet, feeling that she was still too young. Instead I lay my little girl on her tummy, spread the globes of her bottom and licked her rosebud for a long while. Then I lubricated a finger and carefully entered her anus. It was such a marvel to watch her respond, cooing with delight as my probing gradually went deeper, right up to the knuckle. Her pleasure grew so intense that I was able to slip a hand between my baby’s legs and stroke her sex until she climaxed again.

By then, I figured that she’d had enough, but no — after Taffy caught her breath, she got me on all fours and lovingly rimmed my asshole. Then, as now, it struck me what a genuinely unselfish lover my daughter was; as much into giving pleasure as receiving it.

Finally we lay entwined, exchanging whispered words of love and gentle kisses until Taffy fell asleep in my arms. I lay awake for a long while, gazing in awe at this slumbering child — the child who had become my lover. It was the happiest moment of my life.

The next morning at the breakfast table, Taffy and I were dreamy-eyed children, dazzled by love as we fed one another bits of toast and cantaloupe. We couldn’t make eye contact without giggling foolishly, reaching out again and again to touch each other’s bodies. We both wore unfastened dressing gowns and nothing else, so there was plenty for us to fondle and caress.

At one point, when I was stacking the breakfast dishes in the sink, Taffy crept behind me and hoisted my gown — baring my ass, which she began to adorn with kisses. Parting both buttocks with her hands, she placed a slurping, open-mouthed kiss upon my anus.

Spinning around, I fell to my knees, taking the child in my arms. She embraced me, and we hugged for a long, lovely moment. When we drifted apart, I saw a need in her eyes that mirrored mine.

Without a word, I rose and offered Taffy my hand. She accepted it with a smile, and we made our way back to the bedroom.

My daughter and I shrugged our dressing gowns to the floor and climbed onto the bed, kneeling nude before one another, holding hands. Bending down, I kissed Taffy deeply, my tongue dancing with hers.

I offered to show her another way that lesbians could make love, and she couldn’t have been more eager to learn more about grownup sex. I asked my daughter if she knew what fucking was, then informed her that I was going to teach her how we could do that very thing, just the two of us.

She was puzzled at first, but I told her to do what I did, that she would understand right away.

Lying back and spreading my legs wide apart. I arranged Taffy’s body so that she mounted me, her warm sex touching mine, then showed her how to move in a way that had our vulvas sliding together.

My daughter quickly got the idea and, wrapping both arms around my thigh, began to thrust herself into me, biting her lower lip in concentration. I pressed back, working my pussy against hers.

It was a thrill unlike any I’d ever experienced, fucking my little girl. Taffy’s head was thrown back, mouth open in a silent cry as our cunts met and mingled in a wet, slippery kiss of flesh. Our bodies pumped in unison, a shiver of pleasure flashed through me whenever her sex brushed my clit — and I could feel my child’s body quivering in the same way.

Suddenly a squeal exploded from her lips, and then my daughter was coming, her astonished eyes staring into mine for an instant before a new surge of ecstasy squeezed them shut.

Her climax was enough to set me off — and we rocked tightly together, Taffy and I, a mother and daughter joined in mutual rapture, bonded in love. Everything rose to an unimaginable peak, then faded to black.

I found myself lying quietly, my legs still tangled with hers. Too dazed to move, I felt Taffy withdraw, then lie down next to me. I reached for her, enfolded her in my arms. Our mouths met in a gentle but passionate kiss, tongues meeting in a slow dance.

We shared whispered declarations of love, then lay for a long while in perfect contentment, her small body fitting perfectly into mine.

From that day forward, Taffy and I have enjoyed the loveliest relationship imaginable.

I later introduced Taffy to other kinds of intimacy, including light bondage, a threesome with a woman friend of mine who also loves little girls, and certain devices from my collection of toys, but her favorite is still oral sex. My daughter is very eager to be fully penetrated for the first time, and I’ve promised to take her virginity with my fingers when she turns twelve.

My baby and I are deliriously happy together, and I will be her lover for as long as she wants me.


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