In the Changing Room

  • Posted on May 5, 2015 at 2:25 am

By JetBoy

My name is Tess, and I run a women’s clothing store with my twin sister Angie. We’re a pair of cute, perky redheads in our mid-twenties with a knack for finding fun and trouble — often at the same time.

At our boutique, we are often given the opportunity to see beautiful women in their underthings, sometimes completely naked — and since Angie and I are both lesbians, we seize any opportunity to do just that. Now and then, though, my sister and I score something much hotter than a quick peek.

It was around seven-fifteen on a Tuesday evening, and the store was almost empty. There were only two customers — a mother and daughter who were indulging in some casual shopping. The two ladies really stood out to me because they looked a great deal alike and were both very attractive. The mother could not have been much older than thirty-five, and the daughter seemed to be about fifteen.

Something about the mom and the way she looked at me as she passed by made me think that she might be into women. I couldn’t explain it; you just develop a sixth sense for that kind of thing if you play the field as much as Angie and I do. Anyhow, I found myself watching for a chance to get her alone.

The daughter was looking around while the mother headed for the changing rooms to try on some things she had picked out. Seeing my opening, I gave the high sign to Angie, letting her know I was about to make a play for one of our customers. She nodded slightly, flashing me a quick thumbs-up, and I was off.

Pulse racing, I walked to the room occupied by the mother and tapped on the door. No doubt thinking it was her daughter, she immediately replied, “Come in.”

When I opened the door she was down to bra and panties and was surprised, at first, to see it was me. Slipping inside and closing the door, I told her that I simply wanted to know if she needed assistance. My eyes slowly took in every inch of her as I spoke.

She was taken aback for a few seconds, then relaxed, a knowing smile forming on her lips as she realized why I was there. I smiled back, thrilled that my instincts about her sexual tastes had been correct. I was tingling with excitement — the huntress, out for wild game.

In her hands she had a see-through nightgown that she’d picked out. In my most sultry voice I said, “Put it on. I’ll bet you look stunning in it.”

Her eyes never leaving mine, she unhooked and removed her bra, dropping it carelessly to the floor. Then she slipped the nightgown over her head and posed for me, a saucy grin on her lips.

Continuing my game of seduction, I murmured, “It’s perfect, very sexy… but that gown isn’t meant to be worn with panties.” I moved closer, slowly licking my lips. “Let me help you.”

“I’d like that,” she said, her face alight with anticipation.

Kneeling before her, I reached for the hem of the nightgown, hoisting it up before I slid the lace panties she wore down to her ankles, revealing a gorgeous pussy. I gazed in awe, licking my lips at the mouthwatering sight. She had a neatly trimmed pubic triangle, and her sex was glistening. Obviously, she was ready for me.

Without a word, I buried my face between her thighs and began to lick lustily at the pink flesh. Her cunt was juicy and delicious, and my lips were soon dripping with her honey.

She was still on her feet, leaning back against the changing room wall. I could feel her legs tremble as her pleasure mounted. I fumbled a hand beneath the skirt I wore and slipped it into my panties, craving a little self-stimulation while I went down on this beautiful stranger.

Suddenly a voice just outside the door said, “Momma? Are you in there?”

We both froze. The woman fought to regain her voice, then gasped, “I’ll b-be right out in a minute, honey.”

“Oh, take your time. I just wanted to tell you that they’ve got some really nice Capri pants here, that’s all. I’m gonna go look at the shoes.”

We could hear the girl moving away, so I went back to eating her mother’s pussy — fucking her with my tongue, then moving up to nibble at her clitoris.

She was shaking violently by then, and I knew she was about to come. So I placed two fingers at the entrance to her cunt and, with a single stroke, drove them deep inside her.

“Oh, God…” the mother whimpered, then quickly covered her mouth to stifle the moans as her climax hit. It was an intense one, too, lasting nearly a minute or so. She had a hard time keeping still, but I somehow managed to stay with her, my mouth glued to the woman’s cunt as her pleasure crested and waned.

I brought myself to a quick climax with busy fingers while my lips were still buried in the sticky pubes, licking the woman until she finally slumped against the wall, sighing blissfully as I gently nuzzled her mons. My orgasm wasn’t as intense as hers, but it was enough to calm my raging lust — for the moment, at least.

I raised my face from her bush, and she staggered over to the bench and clumsily sat with a thud, dazed and flushed, gasping for breath. Crawling between the woman’s spread thighs, I knelt to give her a hot, pussy-wet kiss, which she eagerly returned.

I rose to my feet, smiled down at her and whispered, “Rest for a little while, honey. I have to step out for a bit.” I gave her one more quick kiss on the cheek. “Wait here.”

I cautiously peered out of the dressing room, relieved to see that the daughter had moved to another part of the shop.

As I moved away from the changing room, I caught Angie’s eye, wordlessly signaling to her that she should pay a little visit to the room I’d just vacated. My sister and I loved to share women between us, and I figured that this particular lady would totally be up for taking on Angie, too. Of course, since my sister and I look and dress alike, the mother might not even figure out our little game…

Angie eagerly nodded, moving to put up the CLOSED sign and lock the front door. Taking a moment to compose myself, wiping my mouth and taking a quick hit of breath spray, I approached the girl, who was carrying a few items she’d selected from the racks.

“Hi,” I said, drawing near. “Welcome to our shop. I’m Tess.”

The girl gave me a lovely, slightly bashful smile. “I’m Mandy.”

She really was an exquisite creature — a blonde teen ripening into a gorgeous woman. And a wild impulse suddenly hit me: how amazing would it be to fuck a mother and her daughter on the same day?

In my warmest, most sensual voice, I said, “I’ve been in the stockroom, helping your mom find a few things… but now you have my undivided attention.” Then I hit her with a playful wink.

Mandy grinned. “Um, okay.” She showed me the hangers she was carrying. “I’ve found some really cool stuff already.”

“Good!” I laughed. “Let’s have you take some of these for a test drive.”

Even after my hot romp with this cutie’s mother, I was craving more — and Little Miss Mandy was turning me on something fierce. This was absolutely crazy, but I felt a powerful urge to make a move on her. What can I say? I’ve always been up for a kinky dare.

No one was in the store but Angie, myself, and our two hot customers. It was time to play. I just hoped that this perky teen would prove to be as easily persuaded as her mom.

“Let’s go in here,” I told Mandy, steering her to the changing room at the far left corner of our store. Now, I have to tell you about this particular room, because it’s important to the story.

Angie and I had it designed to exact specifications when we had the space remodeled. We call it the Fuck Me Room. It’s mainly used by customers to try on clothes, like any other changing room, but it’s also our own personal space for when we want to spend some quality time with a girl or woman who’s up for sexy fun.

For starters, it’s twice as large as the other changing rooms, with a floor spacious enough to stretch out on. We had extra-soft shag carpet put in, the light switch has a dimmer when you want things softly lit and romantic, and we got the walls soundproofed. There’s even a little closet nearby where we store pillows and blankets, for when we want to get especially cozy.

So if one of our girlfriends drops by, and things aren’t too hectic customer-wise, Angie or I just might take a little break and join her in the Fuck Me Room for anything from casual making out to a hot, wet sixty-nine. Sometimes, after work, Angie and I hole up in there with the pillows and blankets and enjoy a long, leisurely fuck of our own.

That’s right — my sister and I are lovers. She’s been my life partner, ever since we first became sexually intimate as teenagers. And even though Angie and I share an apartment, sometimes we simply can’t wait until we get home to get each other off. That’s where our special room comes in.

Anyhow, I guided Mandy inside, pausing to glance back at my sister. Our eyes met, and she shook her head incredulously, but with a wicked grin. She knew exactly what I was up to. Then she quickly turned away, moving toward the room where I’d left the mother.

Entering after the girl, I quietly closed the door behind us. She was clearly surprised that I had followed her into the changing room, but said nothing.

With a smile, I asked her to get undressed so she could try on some of the items she had brought along. Mandy hesitated for a moment, then quickly stripped down to her underwear. Her breasts were small but lovely, her nipples clearly visible through the bra. She wore plain white cotton panties, and looked delicious in them.

I casually studied her. “Hmmm… have you ever thought of wearing a thong instead?”

She shrugged. “I’ve always wanted to try one, but I don’t think my mom would go for it.”

“Well, they are incredibly comfortable.” I murmured, sidling close to the girl. “Would you like to see the one I’m wearing…?”

She slowly nodded. I could tell that the idea interested her.

Her eyes were locked on my lower half, clearly waiting for me to raise my skirt. Instead, I surprised her by unfastening the catch and dropping it to the floor, exposing my jet-black thong to her wide-eyed stare.

“Wow,” Mandy whispered, “that looks so hot!”

I could tell that she was aroused, and my heart throbbed at the possibility that this lovely creature just might be up for a little girl/girl fun. Like mother, like daughter?

I decided to go for broke, and with a smile, said, “Would you like to try my thong on for yourself? You can if you want.” I licked my lips, then added, “If you look good in it, maybe I’ll give it to you.”

Mandy’s eyes danced with nervous excitement. She stood there for a long moment, probably trying to decide if I was playing some kind of twisted joke. Finally, she slowly parted her lips to whisper, “All right.”

My gaze never left her as I slowly slipped the thong off… and I grinned as the girl stared at my bare vulva.

“Haven’t you ever seen a shaved pussy before?” I cooed.

Mandy blushed, embarrassed that I’d caught her staring. “O-only in pictures. It’s, um, really sexy.”

Moving closer to the girl, I softly said, “You can try on my thong — but you have to lose the panties.”

Her eyes widened in surprise. But then, with a shy smile, she pulled her panties down and off. I still wasn’t quite sure if she would let me fuck her or not, but seeing this sexy teen’s partial nudity was reward enough.

I gazed down at her pussy — a beautiful pink slit, framed by a sprinkling of blonde down. My mouth watered at the thought of tasting her.

Without a word, I handed Mandy the thong. She stepped into it, tugging the skimpy garment up and over her hips. I took her arm and turned her toward the mirror. We were both studying her sexy body in the mirror, though I noticed that she was also stealing little glances at me, especially my naked lower half.

That’s when I knew for certain that I could have this teen cutie, just as easily as I’d taken her mother.

I moved in for the kill. Placing my hands on the Mandy’s shoulders, I leaned in to whisper, “Oh, you are a lovely young woman. Sexy enough to be a model, I think.”

She blushed and said, “Aw, no way…”

“It’s true,” I breathed as I undid her bra from behind, dropped it to the floor, then wrapped my arms around her waist. I brought my lips close to her ear to whisper, “Girl, you’re irresistible.”

As my lips brushed her ear, she closed her eyes and leaned back into me. I began to kiss her neck, then trailed kisses down the soft skin of her back, along her spine. She moaned softly as my mouth inched lower and lower.

That was when I glanced in one of the large mirrors and saw that the door of the changing room was now slightly ajar. I froze at the sight of Mandy’s mother peeping through, still wearing the see-through nightie I’d left her in, with Angie close behind her. Very close.

A surge of panic raced through me as I braced myself for the inevitable explosion of motherly rage. Then I realized that the woman wasn’t making a move to stop me from having her daughter.

Whoa… what’s happening here? I thought. Is she getting off on this?

My nerves were still jangling, but my sexual hunger was growing more intense by the second. Knowing that this lovely teen’s mom was spying on us, but not interfering in my seduction of her girl — well, as you can imagine, it had me hotter than a pistol. Damned if I knew what was going on in this woman’s mind, but there was no way in hell I was stopping now. With a secret smile, I resumed my lovemaking.

As I nuzzled my wicked way down Mandy’s back, she bent over, placing both hands on the bench in front of her. I knelt behind and slowly tugged the thong down with my teeth. She stepped out of them, revealing a flawless ass. I spread her buttocks apart with my hands, stealing another quick glance at the reflection of the slightly open door — only to see Angie and the girl’s mother embracing. My sister had her back to the door, and she was kissing the mother, who was watching me and her daughter over Angie’s shoulder.

Wanting to give our audience a good show, I licked my lips, then lowered my face to Mandy’s ass and slowly, slowly trailed my tongue up her butt crack. The teen shivered, whimpering softly. Pressing my mouth between her cheeks, I gave her anus a open-mouthed kiss, then circled the rosebud with the tip of my tongue. Finally, I risked another peek into the mirror.

Mandy’s mother had opened the door completely and was standing just outside the entrance with Angie, both of them fondling one another as they watched me rim this succulent teenager, who had not yet realized that we were being observed.

Careful not to let Mandy see her mother, I stood her up, back to the door, then took her into my arms and kissed her, parting the girl’s lips with my tongue. She responded right away, and our kiss grew hot and hungry. Her hands slid down my back to cup my bare ass.

Gently breaking away, I shrugged off my blouse, leaving me as naked as she was. Guiding her to the padded bench, I positioned the girl on her back. then slowly straddled her face, my sex inches from her lips. Lowering my body onto hers, I dipped my head between her legs to lick at her cunt, hoping Mandy would return the favor.

Sure enough, I felt her hot, wet tongue slide over my throbbing pussy. We quickly found a mutual rhythm, and soon she and I were both eating each other’s cunts like we had been lovers for years. Clearly, this was not her first lesbian experience.

At that point, Angie drew the girl’s mother into the room and shut the door, both of them now completely nude. I felt Mandy jerk in surprise at the sound. She tried to pull away, but I wouldn’t release her from between my legs to see who had come in. I began to finger the girl’s cunt, raising my head to gaze at the mother as she knelt before us, her eyes glazed with lust.

My sister began to caress Mandy and me, trailing her long, elegant fingers over our bare bodies. The mother simply knelt on the floor before us, unable to tear her eyes from our lesbian mini-orgy. Mandy, reassured that the unknown person in the room was joining in our loveplay, was eagerly eating my pussy again.

The mother was staring at me, her lips slightly parted and trembling with excitement at the sight of me and her daughter making love. Then I noticed that she was openly fondling her cunt. I winked at her, then once more lowered my face back between the girl’s thighs.

Mandy and I licked frantically at one another as our pleasure ascended steadily higher. I was drunk on this moment — the scent of her, the wetness, the liquid sounds of mouths, tongues and cunts, the touch of my sister’s hands; all accompanied by our muffled moans and gasps as we both edged closer, steadily closer to climax.

Then Mandy was coming, her thighs squeezing my head as she bucked and rocked beneath me. The girl’s ecstasy immediately claimed me as well, and I gasped into her dripping pussy as white-hot flashes of pure delight went off like firecrackers inside me, one after the next.

We both shivered deliciously as our mutual orgasm peaked, then waned. I continued to lightly nuzzle Mandy’s sex as we drifted back down to earth; she copied my actions, her lips gently brushing my slit. Finally we both relaxed, my body now still atop hers, the two of us moist with sweat.

I gingerly climbed off the girl, exhaling noisily as I sat down on the floor next to the bench. The mother was kneeling next to me, and she bent down to plant a open-mouthed kiss on my neck. I sighed happily, my hands moving to fondle her breasts as she began to explore mine.

I turned to glance up at Mandy, who was now sitting upright, a look of utter shock on her face at the sight of her naked mother touching me. “Momma…?” she gasped, her voice the merest whisper.

“Hush, Mandy,” the mother said. “Don’t… go to pieces or anything. I’m just having fun, like you are.” She lowered her face to my breasts, her tongue emerging to lick at a nipple. I sighed contentedly, hugging the woman’s face to my chest.

“Hey, girlie,” said Angie, now sitting next to Mandy on the bench. The girl twisted her head around to look — her eyes going even wider, if that was possible, at the sight of my equally nude mirror image beside her. “Wanna kiss me?”

Mandy was, to put it mildly, thoroughly confused by now. “I… uh, I…”

My sister laid a hand on the girl’s shoulder. “You sure are cute… and I bet your lips taste really good right now.” She leaned in closer, her mouth lightly touching Mandy’s, barely brushing the girl’s lip with her tongue… then she drew back a bit. “Mmmm, yum…” she cooed, “I just love my sister’s pussy.” And her mouth covered Mandy’s again.

For a second I thought the baffled teenager was going to jump up and flee the room. Instead, she simply closed her eyes and relaxed against the wall as Angie’s kissing grew hungry, urgent. Then Mandy slowly wrapped her arms around her new mystery lover and began to return my sister’s increasingly heated tongue action.

The girl’s mother had raised her face from my breasts and was gazing, enthralled, at my sister and her daughter, now engaged in some pretty passionate loveplay. My arousal began to simmer anew as I saw how intensely the woman stared at her naked child.

“Hey,” I asked her, “what’s your name, lover?”

“Cherie,” she replied, giving me the merest glance before shifting her gaze back to the lesbian lovemaking.

“Mine’s Tess, and that’s my sister Angie. So… your little girl’s a real hottie, isn’t she?”

“Yes,” Cherie said, so quietly I could barely hear her, “God, she is perfect…”

My lips were brushing her ear. “Go on and touch her… kiss her. You want to, I can tell — bet she’d love it.”

Cherie gasped, the naked desire in her eyes unmistakable — but she was clearly afraid to make such a daring move.

I touched her arm, and she turned to gaze helplessly at me. “It’s all right,” I said. “Watch this.”

Tingling from head to toe in delicious anticipation, I crawled up to Mandy, who was still kissing my sister, and gently parted the girl’s thighs. She broke away from Angie, turning to stare at me. Her face was flushed, her mouth wet from kissing, her hair disheveled. Yet somehow, she was more beautiful than ever. I could see why Mandy’s mother wanted her.

My eyes never leaving hers, I lowered my mouth to Mandy’s mound and placed a lover’s kiss upon her slit, deliberately coating my lips and chin with her essence. A soft mewling sound escaped from the girl’s throat as I frenched her pussy, probing her with my tongue.

Finally I raised my face from Mandy’s cunt, then turned to her mother. I seized Cherie’s arm, forcefully drawing her to me.

Making sure her daughter could see, I claimed Cherie’s mouth in a heated kiss. She was startled at first, but quickly recovered to return my kiss measure for measure. She moaned, savoring the taste of her daughter’s cunt as she licked the wetness from around my mouth.

When we finally broke apart, Mandy was leaning forward, staring at us. “God, Momma, that’s so…” she breathed, her eyes bright with excitement.

Cherie slowly rose to her feet, her eyes fastened to her daughter. “Oh, honey,” she shyly said, “you taste wonderful.” She sat down next to Mandy, reaching out to stroke the girl’s cheek with her fingertips. “You are so beautiful, my sweet child… you’ve grown into a lovely woman.”

Mandy reached for her mother’s hand, bringing it to her lips. “I — I love you, Momma,” she sighed.

“And I adore you, sweetheart,” Cherie said, gently placing a hand on her daughter’s breast, caressing the taut nipple. “Does this feel nice?”

“Oh, Momma,” gasped the wide-eyed teen, “oh, yes.” The girl was visibly trembling.

“Mandy,” the girl’s mother began, suddenly shy, “may I… may I kiss you?”

“Yes,” Mandy answered, closing her eyes, lips already parting.

Cherie leaned forward and their mouths met, brushing lightly. Then Mandy suddenly pushed her mother against the wall, her tongue plunging between Cherie’s lips, making their kiss hot and passionate.

Cherie moaned in surprise, but she got over that soon enough, eagerly returning her girl’s embrace. Angie and I glanced at one another, grinning excitedly. Clearly, Mom’s incestuous desire for her daughter was a two-way street.

Mandy and Cherie slowly slipped to the carpet, their mouths still locked together, tongues engaged in a dance of pure lust.

Angie drew me close and we enjoyed a brief, yet torrid kiss of our own, then turned to watch, eager to witness the incredible sight of mother and daughter sharing their bodies as lovers for the first time.

I seated Angie between my thighs, my breasts pressed against her back, then reached around to cup her sticky pussy. I’d already come twice, but it was clear that my sister was in serious need of release.

Cherie and Mandy were frantically making out, pressing their bodies together, kissing hungrily, groping one another. Finally, Mandy tore her mouth from her mother’s to moan, “Oh, Momma — I w-want to lick you.”

Cherie gave her daughter a look hot enough to melt iron ore. “I want to taste you too, baby. Let’s sixty-nine.”

“Mmmm, yeah,” said Mandy, and she rose up to swivel her body around, positioning herself atop her mother.

“Ooohh, Mandy,” Cherie breathed, reaching up to lightly touch her daughter’s sex with her fingers, “you have such a beautiful pussy.”

“So is yours, Momma…” Mandy paused to inhale deeply, “…and you smell so good!” Licking her lips, the sexy teenager burrowed between Cherie’s thighs, covering the woman’s sex with her mouth.

I fingered my sister with an increasing fervor as we watched Cherie moan from the touch of her girl’s lips, her eyes still fastened to Mandy’s juicy cunt. She raised her head from the carpet, her tongue sliding through her daughter’s folds to take that first loving lick.

Mother and child were locked together in a glorious duet of oral love, filling the room with muffled moans and moist sounds as they feasted upon one another. Angie and I watched them fuck, the two of us occasionally sharing hot, passionate kisses while we indulged in forbidden delights of our own.

Angie gasped as my fingers brushed her erect clit — and suddenly she was crying out, her body seizing up again and again as waves of pleasure surged through every inch of her slender frame. I kept toying with her pussy, wanting to keep her orgasm going as long as possible.

Finally she relaxed, leaning back onto my shoulder, placing gentle pecks along my jawline. I drew her up to me and claimed her mouth in a fiery soul kiss. Then we sat back together, savoring the lovely sight of Cherie and Mandy, still eagerly pleasuring one another with their mouths and tongues.

Then mother and daughter were coming, gasping into one another’s cunts as their bodies rocked together in mutual pleasure. The air was thick with the scent of pussy.

Breathing hard, Mandy rolled off her mother’s body to slump onto the floor next to her, wincing as her hand struck the wall. Their bodies glistened moistly, and I felt a sudden craving to taste the salty wetness of their skin. For the moment, though, I just hugged my sister close, letting Cherie and Mandy have their moment together as new lovers.

Mandy stretched, cat-like, then crawled into her mother’s waiting arms. Cherie cuddled her daughter to her heaving breasts. “Baby,” she whispered, “that was… beyond words.”

Mandy sighed happily. “I’ve… I’ve wanted that to happen, Momma. And it was even better than I’d dreamed it would be.” She raised herself, gazing at her mother with adoring eyes. “God, I love you,” she breathed. Their mouths briefly met in a gentle kiss.

“I love you too, angel,” Cherie gently replied, reaching up to caress her daughter’s face. She turned to look, misty-eyed, at me and Angie. “I want to thank both of you — for bringing Mandy and me together.”

“Oh, the pleasure was ours,” Angie giggled. “So… how do you guys feel about taking this party somewhere a little more spacious than a changing room?”

We all laughed at that, then Mandy whispered something to her mother.

Cherie nodded, then turned to us again with a smile. “Why don’t you both come back to our house? We’ve got a pool, a hot tub, a nice wine cellar, plenty of food… and there’ll be no one there but the four of us.”

“And Mom has a huge bed!” Mandy chirped. “All of us can sleep on it.”

“You could stay the night, if you wanted to,” Cherie added.

Angie and I glanced at each other with excited eyes, then back at our new friends. “Sure, why not?” I grinned. “Just let us get the register closed out, and we’ll be ready.”

With much amusement, we gathered up our wildly scattered clothes, and Angie dashed back to the other changing room to get Cherie’s things. It took us at least fifteen minutes, what with pausing to fondle one another and share kisses, but we finally got ourselves dressed.

As Angie fastened her dress, she said, “Maybe we should make a quick pit stop at our place on the way.”

“Need to pick up some things?” Cherie asked.

“Well…” Angie replied, a bad-girl smile I knew all too well on her lips, “Tess and I have quite the collection of sex toys.” Her eyes danced as she looked from mother to daughter. “How wild do you two feel like getting tonight?”

Cherie glanced at her daughter, then back at Angie. “Try us.”

“Mandy,” my sister turned to the cute teen, “how would you like to strap on a nice latex cock and fuck your mother with it?”

Mandy’s eyes were instantly alight. “Wow,” she gasped, “that sounds awesome!” She turned to her mother. “Would you let me do that, Momma? Can I… fuck you?”

Cherie laughed, drawing her daughter into her arms. “Oh, honey, I’d love you to.” She lowered her voice to a sexy purr. “In fact, I especially love taking it in the ass… bet you’d love to do that to me, wouldn’t you?”

Mandy grinned delightedly, then grabbed her shoes. “C’mon, guys — let’s go!”

The four of us took turns freshening up in the office bathroom while I put the receipts and cash in the safe. Angie set the alarm, and I locked the store behind us. Our working day now over, my sister and I climbed into our compact and set off for our place, Cherie and Mandy close behind in their Lexus.

And the whole way there Angie and I were giggling foolishly, the two of us wired with anticipation for the night to come.


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  1. Derek says:

    Loved this story as I’ve loved all the stories on this site. All the authors produce great work.

  2. DH says:

    I just read this story and I love it! Always enjoy mothers and daughters (or aunts and grandmas) “connecting” for the first time — especially in unplanned settings.

    • Tim says:

      Brilliant story Jetboy. Can’t believe that I haven’t found it before. Very very erotic thanks, and beautifully written.

  3. Drod says:

    Is there a part 2?

  4. JetBoy says:

    I never intended to write a second part to this story, since it really wouldn’t be anything more than a long sex scene. The entirety of the plot really is contained in what you see above, and to add more would be a case of “gilding the lily.” That’s how I see it, anyhow. Still, I’m glad that you enjoyed it enough to want more. Thanks!

  5. Swan says:

    Great story, loved the serendipity aspect of the couplings. I understand why you wouldn’t want to do a second part. Maybe some more adventures of a pair of sisters like these would be interesting sometime.

  6. Elab says:

    “Well done JetBoy”! I am really turned on with this site for great sexy stories!

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    Wow mom and daughter and other girls such lovely stories and she’s 15 wish she was younger less inhibitions I think but 15 is good too, maybe there will be a young boy walking past the store and they invite him to come to and cum with them together. I love young sex I’ve just never sex with an adult as I had hoped before now at 55 still not been inside anyone make or female; no kids, no marriage, no girlfriend just some touchings. Your story was wonderful. Thank you

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