Her Little Sister Hannah, Part One

  • Posted on May 4, 2015 at 11:35 am

By JetBoy

As she gazed out through the window of her father’s car, Alice gave a wistful sigh. She was moving back home after a year of life on her own, having just recently broken up with her girlfriend Tanya. Once Tanya had moved out, Alice couldn’t afford the rent on the apartment they’d shared, and in the end, she had no choice but to call home and ask Dad if she could have her old room back. He wired her the money for a flight home the next morning.

She knew how difficult it had been at first for Dad to adjust to the idea of his oldest daughter entering into a romantic relationship with another girl, but he’d been supportive in the end… and he was being supportive now, trying his best to lighten Alice’s mood with jokes and tidbits of neighborhood gossip as he drove. Still, Alice suspected that he wasn’t exactly unhappy to have her back home and single again. Oh, well, she was glad to see him, too — and it would be great to spend time with her baby sister Hannah, who had just turned twelve. Much as she’d enjoyed life in the big city with her lover, Alice had missed Hannah terribly.

Soon they arrived home, and sure enough, Hannah was delighted to have her older sibling back again. Alice was already feeling better about things, the very sight of Hannah lifting her spirits. Her kid sister was always smiling and giggling, full of gleeful energy, taking nothing too seriously — just what Alice needed right then.

“Was it fun living away from home?” Hannah asked her big sister, later in the day. They were in Alice’s bedroom, which had been left more or less untouched while she was living with Tanya. It was a bright, cheerful room with two large windows set into the wall.

“It was fun, yeah,” Alice smiled. She was standing by her wardrobe, open suitcases at her feet, putting her clothes away. She had to admit that it did feel nice, being back in the room she’d slept in since she was a kid.

“Are you glad to be back?”

The young woman shrugged. “Oh, sure…. I’ll miss Tanya, but it’s good to see you and Dad again.” She put the last of her things into the wardrobe and shifted the suitcases to the corner of the room. She’d been home for a couple of hours, and their father had gone to pick up dinner at her favorite Chinese restaurant.

Hannah paced the room with a spring in her step, excitement in her big blue eyes at the prospect of having her beloved older sister home once more. Twelve years old, Hannah was barely five feet tall, and while her sister and father had dark hair, Hannah’s hair was like her long-deceased mother’s — a lustrous coppery red, reaching down almost to her waist. Her face was elfin and pretty, with a smile that seemed to illuminate her face with childish joy. She was slim, and her breasts were only recently beginning to bud. She wore an old cast-off Sonic Youth t-shirt of Alice’s that was at least two sizes too big for her and a pair of bright yellow gym shorts that showed off her bare legs to nice effect.

“What should we do?” asked Hannah, “Dad’s out, and I’ve got my big sis back home! Whoo-hoo!” She was incredibly animated, all but bouncing around the room. Suddenly she jumped onto Alice’s bed, next to her big sister. “I know what — let’s share secrets! We haven’t done that for ages.”

“Okay,” Alice agreed, amused by Hannah’s enthusiasm. “What d’you wanna know?”

“Tell me what it was like, living with Tanya,” Hannah suggested.

“You mean, what was it like being away from home?”

“Well, I was thinking more about… what it was like living with a girlfriend. Y’know — spending all that time with someone you’re in love with, going to bed with her…”

“Hannah!” giggled Alice, “That’s private!”

“C’mon,” pleaded Hannah. “We’re sisters, we’re s’posed to share everything!”

“But you’re only twelve, kiddo… I think you’re kinda young to hear details about my love life.”

“Am not!” retorted Hannah. “And your face is red! Jeez, you’re just like Dad — he always gets all embarrassed when he even mentions sex.”

“Welllll… what do you want to know about Tanya and me, anyhow?”

“Why’d you split up?”

“Because Tanya wanted to see other women.”

“When you say, ‘see’, you’re talking about having sex, right?” asked Hannah.

“Yeah. She wanted me to join in, too.”

“Wow. So, did you ever…?” asked Hannah, her big eyes wide with excitement.

“Yeah… last week,” admitted Alice, “It was a friend of Tanya’s. We all went to bed together.”

“An orgy?!”

“Yeah. A threesome, really. It was fun but… well, I wanted Tanya all to myself, I guess. But she couldn’t give up other girls, so we agreed to split up. We’ll still be friends, though — maybe even fool around every once in awhile.”

“Do you, um, just not like doing it with guys, then?”

“Well, no, not quite… men are okay, sure. But when it comes to sex, I just think girls are better.”

“Like what? What things do they do better?”

“Hmmm, let’s see now,” Alice pondered. “Well, there’s kissing. Girls have such soft mouths… and when it comes to touching and oral sex, girls are absolutely better than guys.”

“Why’s that?” asked Hannah, enthralled.

“Think about it,” Alice explained, “A girl has the same body parts you do, so they have a better idea of how to make you feel good, right?”

“I understand that, yeah. What do you like doing with girls the most?”

“Mainly fingering and eating pussy, I’d say. The best thing, I think, is a sixty-nine.”

“I know what that is! Someone at school told me. It’s when a guy and girl — or two girls, I guess — lick each other’s, um, pussies. Have you done that with Tanya?”

“Lots of times,” Alice boasted, suddenly noticing that she was getting aroused, her nipples erect beneath the thin cotton blouse she wore. It was oddly arousing, in a perverse kind of way, to be admitting such lewd antics to her kid sister.

“Was it fun?” asked Hannah.

“It was. There was this one time the other week, when I had the threesome with Tanya and Gina. Gina was this hot chick she was seeing on the side. Tanya and me were in a sixty-nine with me on top, both of us licking each other’s pussies. And…” Alice hesitated, her voice trailing off.

“And what?” demanded Hannah.

Alice pursed her lips. “Um, I shouldn’t really tell you any more. You’re too young.”

“Aw, come on, sis,” urged Hannah, “Come on! You’ve gone too far to back out. I wanna know everything!”

“Well, okay then. Tanya and me were in a sixty-nine, me on top…”

“Yeah yeah… you on top, I’ve got the picture… go on, sis.”

“…and Gina was, um, fucking me in the ass with this latex strap-on cock.”

“No WAY! Holy shit, that’s cool!” giggled Hannah, bouncing on the bed excitedly, the nipples on her budding breasts clearly erect through her t-shirt, which Alice couldn’t help but notice. “Did it hurt?”

“Not really. Tanya had done it to me that way before. I like anal sex, actually.”

“That sounds wild. I bet sex is a lot more fun if you can do it with both guys and girls.” She paused. “I think I might be bisexual.”

“Really…?” breathed a surprised Alice.

“Well, I’m pretty sure I am. I mean… there’s a couple of boys in my class who I think are cute, but there’s a girl I like too. She’s older than me, she’s fourteen, but I’ve seen her in the showers once or twice and I sort of… look at her, y’know — at her body. And I’ve kinda got a crush on one of my teachers. She’s really sexy! She has short dark brown hair, like yours.”

“Well, don’t go making a move on her!” Alice cautioned. “You’ll cause big problems for yourself, trying to get sexually involved with a teacher.”

“Yeah,” smiled Hannah, “She’s married anyway. She is very pretty, though. Like you. I think you’re really beautiful, y’know.”

“Thanks, honey,” Alice said, smiling warmly. She reached out and stroked Hannah’s cheek with her fingers. “You’re really pretty too, Hannah. Whether you go after a boy or a girl, I don’t think you’ll have any problems getting a lover when you’re older.”

“Aw, I want a lover now!” pouted Hannah.

“Don’t be so impatient,” laughed Alice. “Some things you just have to wait for, kiddo.”

Hannah gazed thoughtfully at her big sister. “Alice… can I ask you to — to do something for me?”

“What, sis?”

“Could I… would you let me kiss you?” Hannah asked.

Alice was naturally taken aback. “How do you mean?” she asked.

“Well,” shrugged Hannah, “I’ve never kissed a girl before. I’ve only kissed a couple of boys, and they weren’t so hot. I’d like a real kiss. I mean… I need some practice for when I’m older. Come on Alice, we’re sisters and best friends too. Just one kiss. Pleeease?”

“Okay,” shrugged Alice. It sounded a bit weird, but she was feeling all tingly from talking about sex — and her comment about how pretty Hannah was had been genuine. Her little sister was maturing deliciously. In fact, Alice couldn’t keep herself from stealing furtive glances at the outline of Hannah’s hard little nipples, clearly visible through her t-shirt. “Sure… you can kiss me.”

Hannah hesitated a moment, then knelt opposite the older girl. She placed both hands on her big sister’s shoulders as she leaned in close, bringing her lips to Alice’s.

They began to kiss, hesitantly at first.

At twelve, Hannah was a sexual novice, but the young girl made up for her inexperience in pure enthusiasm, sliding her tongue into her sister’s mouth. Almost instinctively, Alice began to respond.

Soon they were kissing hotly, their hearts throbbing with excitement. Without a thought, Alice reached up to fondle her sister’s small, barely formed breasts.

Suddenly catching herself, she pulled back, breaking their kiss.

“What’s up?” Hannah asked. “Why’d you stop?”

“Omigod, I’m sorry, Hannah. I shouldn’t have t-touched you there!” Alice stammered. “Wow, I kinda forgot you were my sister for a second!”

“Oh, don’t be sorry,” Hannah giggled, “I liked it! Do it again. Touch my boobs while we kiss some more, and I’ll play with yours, too.”

Before Alice could reply, her frisky little sister was kissing her again, her hot tongue plunging into Alice’s mouth. Hannah began to touch her older sibling’s breasts, stroking them through her blouse. Alice, her desire growing increasingly sharp, returned the favor — this time caressing Hannah’s chest with both hands.

The two sisters kissed for a while, tongues meeting and mingling as they fondled each other. A few minutes passed before they drew apart, faces flushed.

“God, that was cool,” Hannah breathed, wide-eyed, “Am I a good kisser, you think?”

“You sure are,” Alice smiled, “Your breasts are really coming along, too!”

“Yeah, I’ll need a bigger bra soon,” Hannah said, “Here, take a look!” reaching for the hem of her t-shirt.

Before Alice could say a word, Hannah had removed her top and flung it aside, standing there in shorts and white socks, bare from the waist up.

“Nice, huh?” enquired Hannah, cupping her small titties in her hands, “My nipples are all pointy. They do that all the time now. Especially when I play with myself in bed at night.”

“Mmmmm,” nodded Alice, totally enraptured by the sight of her pretty sibling.

“Let me see yours,” Hannah said softly.

Alice didn’t hesitate. She quickly undid her blouse and removed it, then her bra. Her breasts were small, but round and firm, capped with bright pink nipples that were as stiff as her sister’s.

“Wow, nice,” Hannah sighed, reaching out to fondle Alice’s breasts. Her fluttering fingers caused a gentle sigh of pleasure to escape from her big sister’s lips.

“Oh, Hannah, that feels so good,” Alice whimpered.

“Can I — can I kiss them? Would you like that?”

“Er… okay.”

Hannah leaned close and took Alice’s right nipple into her warm mouth, flicking the tip with her tongue.

“Oh, sweetie,” breathed Alice, running her hand through Hannah’s hair. She was more turned on than she had ever been in her life. There was something so kinky and wild about having her twelve-year-old sister pleasuring her breasts.

Hannah sucked and licked at her sister’s nipples for a long while before she stood up and gave Alice a loving, lingering kiss on the mouth.

“Let’s take all our clothes off,” Hannah suggested. “Okay?”

Alice was about to suggest that perhaps this was taking things too far — but then she stopped herself, the words dying on her lips as she watched Hannah slip out of her yellow shorts. Fuck it, I don’t care how wrong this is — I’m not going to pass up the chance to be my baby sister’s first lover.

She slowly rose from the bed and undid her jeans, sliding them down with a pair of sodden panties. In moments, the two sisters were nude.

“Wow, you look so beautiful,” Alice said, admiring Hannah’s body.

“So do you, kiddo,” Hannah smiled.

At nineteen, Alice stood five inches taller than her twelve-year-old sister. Their bodies were both slim and youthful, but quite different in other respects. Alice had a neatly trimmed triangle of chestnut-brown pubes framing her slit, while Hannah’s vulva was covered by a light dusting of auburn down.

“What do you want to do now?” asked Alice, moving close, stroking her sister’s hair.

“C-can we, um, make love?” Hannah stammered nervously.

“Okay,” Alice whispered, leaning in closer, her lips just an inch away from Hannah’s. The tips of her fingers were mere inches away from Hannah’s slit as Alice gently kissed her sister, lightly nibbling on the little girl’s lips…

Suddenly, the sound of the front door opening could be heard.

“Shit, it’s Dad!” gasped Alice, leaping back. Lost in their mutual exploration, both girls had completely forgotten about their father and his imminent return.

“Get dressed, get dressed, get dressed!” hissed Hannah frantically, turning and grabbing her clothes.

“Are you girls up there?” came their father’s voice as he began to mount the stairs. Hannah was hurriedly scrambling into her shorts.

Snatching her own clothes from the floor, Alice hurled them into the wardrobe, then grabbed a blue terrycloth dressing gown that hung from a hook on the bedroom door. She barely managed to wrap the tie around her waist, concealing her nakedness just as her father reached the top of the stairs.

He tapped gently on the door and peeked in. “Hello, ladies.”

“Oh, hey, Dad,” Alice smiled, heart pounding like a kettledrum.

“Hi, Daddy,” Hannah said, raising her eyes from a book she had grabbed and opened.

Dad grinned. “A savory feast from Chef Lu’s awaits. Wash your hands and get downstairs before I eat it all myself!” He winked and turned to leave, shutting the door behind him.

Hannah breathed a sigh of relief. “Holy smokes… that was close.”

“Good thing he came back when he did,” Alice said quietly. “He could have caught us — really doing stuff with each other.”

They were both silent for a moment, neither of them quite able to believe how close they’d been to plunging into lesbian incest.

This is absolutely nuts, Alice thought. Was I really about to have sex with my little sister?

We lost control of ourselves, she told herself. I ought to tell Hannah that we got carried away, that this was a bad idea…

She felt a soft hand touch hers. Turning to her sister, Alice opened her mouth to speak, but forgot what she was about to say at the sight of Hannah’s face… and the look of mixed adoration and desire in her eyes.

“Wanna try again later?” Hannah whispered.

Alice was rooted to the spot, overwhelmed by a surge of helpless lust that made her head reel. I’m going straight to hell for this, she thought.

“Um, yeah,” she slowly replied. “Long as you really want to…”

Hannah grinned ferociously. “You bet I do!” she exclaimed, reaching up to wrap both arms around her big sister’s neck. “I want to do everything with you! God, I can’t wait.” She gazed, dreamy-eyed, at Alice. “You look way sexy with your clothes off.”

“So do you,” Alice replied, every inch of her body throbbing with renewed sexual heat. Unable to restrain herself, she bent down to give Hannah a loving kiss. The younger girl immediately responded, and the kiss quickly grew hot and eager, their tongues intertwining.

Alice’s hands trailed down her sister’s back, moving to fondle the younger girl’s bottom while they kissed. Finally they parted, dazed.

“Let’s get together later tonight — after Dad goes to bed,” Hannah breathed.

Alice nodded. “Okay. Come in about half an hour after he turns out his light… and, for God’s sake, be as quiet as you can.”

“Sure. Hey, Alice… I’m really looking forward to this.”

They kissed again, briefly, and Hannah turned to leave. “See ya downstairs!” the younger girl chirped, arching an eyebrow, then she was gone.

Alice sat down heavily on the bed, her mind a jumble. What on earth had she roped herself into?

She had to laugh at the sheer absurdity of it all. While preparing for her trip home, during the lengthy flight, and on the road with her father, Alice had wondered how long she would have to go without a lover. Tanya had been her first girlfriend after years of dating boys, and she would be hard to replace — especially in the sleepy Iowa suburb where Alice had been raised, where there was no gay scene to speak of.

Alice had all but resigned herself to a long dry spell, settling for lesbian internet erotica and her fingers. Or even making do with guys, though that prospect only depressed her after the sexual delights she’d shared with Tanya.

Now, on her first day back home, she was on the verge of sparking off a wild, passionate fling with a cute girl — her own twelve-year-old sister!

Definitely not a good idea, Alice told herself again. Fuck it, though — I don’t care if it’s wrong. Hannah wants this, I want this… if there are complications, we’ll just have to deal with them when they come up.

“Honey?” her father’s voice called up the stairs. “Didn’t you tell me that you were, and I quote, ‘starving to death,’ about an hour ago?”

Startled, Alice shook her head to clear it. “Coming, Dad!” Casting the dressing gown aside, she quickly donned a t-shirt and panties, then stepped into her favorite pair of sweatpants. Pausing to glance at herself in the mirror, she nodded once before exiting the room.

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