…and I’ll show you mine, Part One

  • Posted on May 4, 2015 at 11:01 am

By JetBoy

“Damn! Oh… damn it!”

Fifteen-year-old Sally Stratton let out a frustrated sigh. She knew she should have waited to take out her contact lenses until she was in the bathroom, but her stupid little sister had been in there for so long that she’d grown impatient — and now she’d dropped one of them!

Grimacing, Sally got down on her hands and knees to hunt for it, carefully peering around where she’d been standing, her fingers gently sifting through the tufts of the shag carpet.

“Wow, what a great view!” a little voice sang behind her.

Sally twisted about to see her ten-year-old sister Ellie standing in the doorway, taking in the sight of her panty-clad bottom. And quite a view it must have been, the older girl realized. The way she’d been kneeling, her ass was jutting out and pointed directly at the doorway… and all she had on were socks and her skimpy red panties, the ones that Mom had allowed her to buy instead of a thong.

Ellie flung herself onto Sally’s bed, bouncing excitedly a few times. “What’cha doing, Sal?”

Sally glared at her baby sister, somewhat irked by the girl’s irrepressible perkiness… then her expression softened into a wry smile. It was impossible to stay mad at Ellie for very long. She had to admit to herself that, no matter what an irritant she could be at times, her younger sibling was truly lovable. She was a real cutie, too… especially the way she looked now, in her Lizzie McGuire t-shirt and panties, ready for bed in the room they shared.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Sally replied. She wiggled her butt a little bit, giving Ellie a sultry look like she’d seen Veronica Lake do in an old movie the other night. “I’m putting on a show for you!” And she shook her ass again.

Enthralled, Ellie stared at her sister’s bare breasts, which she usually didn’t get to see. She felt a strange stirring deep inside; this was a weird game, but she liked it! “Really? Cool!” She began to clap. “Woooo-hoo! Let’s see some more!”

Sally actually blushed. She had felt her nipples begin to harden from the thrill of assuming this lewd position in front of another girl, even if it was only her little sister. Oh, stop, she thought.

“I’m only kidding, silly,” she said as she went back to her search, “I’m just looking for my contact lens. It fell out.”

Ellie stood, a bit downcast. “Oh. So… you want any help?”

“No. Thanks, though.” And she resumed her search, still feeling oddly aroused.

Sally had recently enjoyed her first lesbian experience with her best friend Kristy a few months earlier, something they had repeated as often as they could since then. So the idea of Ellie checking out her ass was making her kind of warm and tingly, even if it didn’t really mean anything…

Suddenly in the mood to tease her sister a tiny bit, she playfully flexed her bottom, moving it around in a very sensual manner without making it seem too obvious.

And Ellie was watching, too, fascinated by Sally’s bottom. It was so perfect, so round, and… kissable, that was the word that popped into her head. She was surprised at the rush of warmth she felt in her tummy, just from thinking about someone kissing her sister’s butt.

Sally was very much aware of the silence behind her. She sensed her sister’s eyes on her bottom, and felt a thrill at bending just a little bit lower than was necessary, of her panties tightening, stretching against her buttocks.Wow, she thought, this is freaky. I’m really getting turned on!

Her sister didn’t seem to be taking the bait, though… at least, Sally heard no response from the girl. She was surprised to feel an unexpected twinge of disappointment. Oh, well, she told herself. Show’s over. She resumed her search for the missing contact lens.

“Sally?” piped her sister.

“Hmmm?” Sally replied as she peeked beneath her bed.

“Check this out!”

Sally glanced over her shoulder… then her mouth fell open. She was astonished — and suddenly excited — to see little Ellie turned around on her bed, her panties pulled down to just below her bottom. The imp was performing a little dance, swinging her bare butt back and forth.

Sally gasped. “Ellie!?”

Her sister turned her head, a sly grin on her face. “I wanted to give you a show!” And she did another little cute grind. Ellie’s bottom had a light tan line, and was just beginning to take on a more womanly shape. The way the ten-year-old’s cheeks jiggled as she moved made Sally’s insides flip.

“Well… gosh, El… you’re getting really cute!” she cooed. “Sexy, even!”

With a look of triumph, Ellie threw her fists in the air. “Whoo-hoo!” She continued to shimmy provocatively around the room, occasionally stealing a glance at her big sister.

Sally’s heart raced at the view of Ellie’s partial nudity. She found herself wanting to join in her sister’s naughty game.

Why not? she thought. Let’s play.

She swallowed, then spoke. “Okay, my turn.”

Ellie stopped in mid-motion, her eyes wide with surprise. “Really!?”

Trying not to let her nervousness show, Sally nodded as she climbed onto the bed. “Turn around,” she murmured. “You can’t look until I say.”

Pausing to hoist her panties back up, Ellie turned away, covering her eyes with both hands.

Sally rolled over onto her back, shifting into the pose she wanted. I wonder what El will make of this? she thought. She suddenly had a moment of doubt: should she be doing this with her own sister? Ellie was only ten, for God’s sake. But Sally was really aroused — and this game felt so exciting!

“Okay, turn around…”

When Ellie eagerly spun to face her big sister, she hadn’t known what to expect. Maybe Sally would pull down her panties, too…?

What she saw was a bit disappointing at first — but then she noticed how long and lovely her big sister’s bare legs were, and what an amazing journey it was from her knees to the center of her, that mysterious place between her legs. Ellie’s eyes widened when she noticed how Sally had pulled her panties up as far as she was able to, revealing the contours of her vulva.

“Like the show?” With her right foot, Sally pushed her bottom up from the bed just a bit.

Ellie gaped at the lewd sight, her mouth slightly open. “Oh, Sal…” the girl breathed, “you’re so bee-you-ti-ful!”

The reverence with which she breathed this made Sally blush. She ground her hips, making little gyrations with her bottom. “Why, thank you.” God, her pussy was getting wet. She sat up, casually placing a hand on her mound, idly stroking herself there. “Okay, El… it’s your turn now!”

Ellie stared at her sister, feeling a little breathless. “Okay,” she piped, moving to her own bed. “Close your eyes!”

Sally obeyed, her body alive with excitement. This is getting kinda weird, she thought. But it really, really felt good. She’d never had any kind of thoughts like these about her little sister!

Yes, Ellie was cute, adorable even, with her shoulder-length blonde hair and Little Miss America looks. But Sally’s affection had always been sisterly, protective. Never sexual, or at least never that she had been aware of — but now she was thinking about the hot fun she and Ellie could have together, if she played her cards right. Her heart was pounding, her pussy growing wetter by the minute.

She heard a soft rustle from Ellie’s bed as she noted how erect her nipples were. She palmed her bare breasts with both hands, sighing pleasurably.

A little voice called out. “Now, before you look… umm, okay… first, you have to kneel up in front of my bed with your eyes closed!”

Sally clumsily felt her way to the foot of Ellie’s bed and knelt upward, her eyes still closed. “Ready?” she said.

“Mmm-hmm.” answered Ellie.

Sally opened her eyes to the unbelievably erotic vision of her little sister Ellie, spread out on the bed and completely naked. One leg was angled, brazenly revealing the girl’s glistening slit. One thin arm lay straight out, while the other bent back around her head in a pose suggesting a reclining movie star.

Sally’s tongue came out and licked her lips. “Well,” she murmured.

Ellie’s eyes were warm, dreamy. “Do I look sexy?”

Sally could only nod. Now she could smell the little girl’s excitement, a sweet musk flavoring the air. On a wicked impulse, her gaze never leaving Ellie’s, she slowly dipped her head and planted a gentle kiss on her sister’s pussy.

Ellie squealed, “Ooooh!”

Before her sister could react further, Sally quickly stood, hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. “Close your eyes!” she said.

Ellie did so, her hand immediately slipping between her thighs. She touched herself where the feeling of Sally’s lips still lingered, stroking the area as she would a kitten. A weird but wonderful feeling began welling up inside her. “Oh,” she moaned softly.

“Okay!” called Sally. Ellie’s hand paused. Opening her eyes, she quickly sat up and looked over at the bed opposite hers, gaping at the sight of Sally kneeling there with her bottom sticking out like before. Only this time, it was bare!

The girl scooted to the edge of her bed for a better look. “Gosh…” she breathed.

Eagerly observing her little sister, Sally grinned. “Like the show?” Ellie just stared, her mouth slightly open, fingers lightly brushing her pussy again.

“I guess you do,” Sally purred, and slipped a hand between her own thighs to fondle herself, shivering at how lovely it felt. She looked back again at her little sister, suddenly struck by a wicked impulse. “Want to see it close up, El? C’mere, get behind me… take a good look.”

Ellie jumped over to her big sister’s bed, kneeling between Sally’s feet.

“See here?” Sally indicated, spreading her thighs even further apart.

Ellie leaned in, her little face just inches from her sister’s fragrant pussy, her cheeks pinking with excitement. “Wow,” she breathed. “It’s so wet!”

“Mm-hmm,” Sally purred, “it gets wet when I’m feeling excited…” and she caught her baby sister’s eyes in the mirror and gave her the sexiest gaze she could, “…like right now.” As Ellie stared at Sally’s reflection, the nude teen slowly moistened her lips with the tip of the tongue.

“Wow…” Ellie breathed.

Sally arched her hips up even further and shifted both thighs wider apart, opening up her pussy to her baby sister’s gaze. “Touch me, El,” she whispered, “see what it feels like to your fingers.”

Her heart pounding, Ellie nervously stretched out her hand. She couldn’t believe her beautiful sister Sally was asking her to touch her down there… but the awed adolescent knew that she wanted to. Very much.

Sally gasped when her sister’s fingers brushed her pussy for a tantalizing second. “Oh, El… that feels really nice.”

The young girl explored Sally’s wetness for a few more seconds before she grew nervous and stopped. “Wow, Sal… that feels… p-pretty amazing,” she exclaimed in a shaky voice. “Mine feels really good when I touch it, too. See?” And Ellie leaned back against the wall, parting her legs slightly as Sally turned around and sat beside her. The young girl ran a finger down her glistening slit, mewing with sudden pleasure.

Sally’s hand drifted between her own legs. “Feels good to me, too.” She ran her finger slowly along her pussy crack from anus to clit, sliding the tip inside herself for a delicious second. “Oooh…” she moaned. Ellie’s eyes grew even wider.

“Now you try that,” murmured Sally, as she worked her finger deeper inside her dripping cunt. “Just… just dip your finger into your pussy… then move it around a little bit. Be careful not to go too deep, though.”

Ellie began to explore herself, and Sally watched, her own sexual heat steadily rising as her little sister began to fondle her bare slit in earnest. “Mmm, yeah, sis,” she crooned, encouraging the girl, “just like you’re fingerpainting in a nice little circle.” The girl gave a shaky little sigh, smiling weakly, her slender form beginning to shiver. “You feel that, El, don’t you? Isn’t it amazing?”

Ellie nodded, her lips parted, breath growing ragged. Her tiny hand drew faster and faster circles as she inched deeper into her virgin sex.

Sally picked up her pace as well, sinking and swirling her fingers in and out and around her own vulva. Oh God, she was getting so close! And her little sister was whimpering in astonished pleasure, hips rocking in time with her busy hand, biting her lip as she masturbated.

The sight was too much for Sally. Rising to her knees, she reached for Ellie, placing sticky hands on the little girl’s thighs. She looked into her sister’s glazed eyes. “Do you want me to kiss it again?” she breathed. Her mouth agape, breathing heavily, Ellie could only nod.

Sally rolled Ellie onto her back and spread her thighs apart, brushing her sister’s busy hand away. Taking a deep breath, she lowered her face between her sister’s legs and began to kiss Ellie’s moist pussy, then took a long, slow lick. Immediately her baby sister began to moan, a little-girl moan, high-pitched, wavering, and frantic. This drove Sally wild, and she licked furiously, bathing Ellie’s moistened labia, then slipping the tip of her tongue into the pink folds that enclosed the little girl’s tiny clitoris.

“Oh, jeez… omiGod Sally,wh-what’re you — what — oooooohhhh…”

Sally sucked at Ellie’s smooth, luscious flower, then reamed the little girl’s pussy with an eager tongue. Wanting more, she raised her sister’s legs and moved down to kiss and lick her asshole, then she wormed her tongue in there, too. The firm little bottom smelled of the peach body wash that Ellie liked.

Ellie’s hips churned helplessly as she moaned, her arms flailing around her head and batting at the headboard. Then Sally slid up and glued her mouth to her sister’s clit once more.

Within seconds Ellie burst into a convulsive climax, her body seizing up with violent shockwaves of purest pleasure. “Ohhhh! Sal, I’m… I’m, ohGodohGodohGod… OH! OH! Sally, oh God Sally, I’m — I’m — oooohhhhhhYES!”

Finally, Ellie froze for a long moment, her face frozen in a silent scream. Then she slowly relaxed, head hitting the pillow, Sally’s tongue still buried in her sweetness.

The older girl tenderly nuzzled her baby sister’s thighs, then crawled up to enfold Ellie in her arms. The girl was wide-eyed, breathing heavily.

Sally gave her sister a loving smile. “Did you like that?”

Ellie shook her head in astonishment, then somehow managed to find her voice. “Oh, Sal,” she breathed, “that was… incredible. What did you do to me just then?”

Sally gently placed a hand over her sister’s right nipple, brushing it with her palm. “I made love to you, El,” she purred, her eyes never leaving Ellie’s.

“Wow,” the little girl said… clearly thrilled, if a bit confused. “So… you mean that, like, you, um, made out with me… like you were my boyfriend?”

Sally giggled. “Girls can make love with each other too, silly.”

“I know that…” Ellie replied, blushing. “So, have you done that with… another girl before?”

“Yes, I have,” murmured Sally, “and I loved it.”

“But… why did you do it to me, Sal?”

Sally rested her head on her sister’s chest, brushing the soft skin of Ellie’s neck with her lips. “Because I love you, babe… you’re such an adorable girl.” She raised her face to gaze lustfully at her. “And adorable girls get me hot.”

Ellie’s eyes grew wide, her mouth a perfect O. “Wow.”

“When I saw you naked just now,” Sally murmured, “you really turned me on, El… I knew I wanted you right then.” Her hands began to explore her sister’s body, caressing the little girl’s bare skin. “So… do you like the idea of the two of us making love? Maybe we could, you know… do it again sometime?”

Ellie’s eyes were absolutely aglow. “Yes,” she said softly. Then a delighted smile appeared on her face. “Yes!” She wrapped her arms around Sally, burying her face in the older girl’s breasts. Then her head snapped up again. “Wow… I can’t believe that my big sister w-wants to be my girlfriend!”

“Oh, you,” Sally chuckled delightedly, patting her sister on her bottom. Then she leaned in close, transfixing Ellie with her best bedroom eyes as she cupped the little girl’s ass. “So, sis,” she purred, “wanna learn what else two girls in love can do together…?”

Unable to speak, Ellie nodded her head. Sally could feel her sister’s heart beating with renewed excitement.

“Then kiss me,” the older girl breathed, her lips almost touching Ellie’s.

Shyly, awkwardly, Ellie gave her big sister a soft peck on the lips, then giggled, too embarassed to meet the intensity of Sally’s gaze.

Sally responded by kissing her back, her mouth lingering against her sister’s. She nibbled lightly at Ellie’s lower lip, then made the kiss warmer, more affectionate. Ellie’s lips parted slightly, and Sally slid her tongue into the little girl’s mouth. Her heart throbbed with excitement as she kissed her baby sister like a lover… then her desire soared even higher as Ellie, hesitantly at first, began to respond.

Soon they were both kissing passionately, Ellie moaning into her sister’s mouth as their tongues danced together. When Sally gently pulled away, the little girl was wide-eyed and trembling.

“Oh… Sal,” she breathed, “I — I love you.”

Sally’s heart melted at her sister’s words. “I love you too, babe,” she whispered, lowering her face to Ellie’s once more. “Let me show you how much.” And she claimed her sister’s mouth in another hot, hungry kiss.

Ellie was really getting into it, wrapping her arms around her big sister’s nude body. Their mouths slid together wetly, tongues sparring playfully, then Sally began to trail her kisses downward, her lips brushing Ellie’s chin before moving lower.

She nuzzled the soft skin of the little girl’s neck, thrilling to her little sister’s sighs of contentment. Eager for more, she brought her tongue into play, licking a moist path down to Ellie’s nipple.

She teased it with the flick of her tongue, making Ellie gasp before taking the girl’s nipple into her mouth, gently sucking at the pink bud.

Ellie cradled her sister’s face to her chest with shaking hands. “Oh, Sal,” she moaned, “that feels so nice.”

Sally moved to Ellie’s other nipple and gave it a long, slow lick, then captured it with her lips, pleasuring it as she had the other. She flicked at it with her tongue, then lightly bit the tip of her sister’s budding breast. Ellie squealed in delight.

As she showered loving attentions on the young girl’s upper half, Sally’s hand stole between her little sister’s legs, cupping the moist slit. She allowed a finger to slyly glide along the moist opening.

“Oh, God!” the child cried, eyes as big as soup plates as her big sister’s fingertip slowly eased into her, as far as her hymen. “Oh!”

Sally began to rotate her finger around inside Ellie’s vagina, taking care not to break the membrane that guarded her baby sister’s virginity, sucking each of the girl’s pert nipples in turn.

Ellie clearly loved what Sally was doing, moaning happily as her big sister gently fucked her with a probing finger. Wow, the little girl suddenly realized, that’s what’s happening. Sally is… she’s fucking me! Her head spun in astonishment as that intensely sexual image burned in her mind.

And when Sally’s thumb moved to tease Ellie’s clitoris, the ten-year-old child was quickly consumed by a second climax — one that stole her breath away, leaving her panting helplessly as white-hot surges of pleasure rocked her thin form. Sally kept up her fingering as she carried her sister through her orgasm, her touch growing gentler when the intensity of Ellie’s pleasure began to ebb.

Finally, Sally removed her hand from the juncture of her baby sister’s thighs and lay down next to the flushed girl.

“Here, sis,” she cooed, bringing her sticky fingers to Ellie’s lips. “Have a taste of your pussy.”

Ellie hesitantly took a wet finger into her mouth and sucked at it.

“Isn’t that yummy?” Sally purred, a bad-girl smile on her lips.

“It tastes kinda funny…” Ellie murmured, her brow furrowed in concentration before breaking into a shy smile, “but nice.” She gazed up at her big sister thoughtfully. “Does… does your pussy taste that good?”

The teenager’s excitement grew as, without a word, she reached down to cup her mound… then revealed fingers that glistened with the evidence of her arousal. “Try it for yourself, sis.”

Ellie closed her eyes, taking her sister’s wet fingertips into her mouth… humming pleasurably as she sucked them clean. Her eyes flashed open, excited once more. “I wanna kiss you down there now,” she cooed. “Can I, Sally? Please?”

The sight of her adorable baby sister asking permission to go down on her made the teenage girl misty-eyed. “Yes, Ellie.” she whispered. “Love me, my sweet little sister. Love me all over.”

Ellie grinned excitedly, then claimed Sally’s mouth in a hungry French kiss, her tongue sliding eagerly between her big sister’s lips to explore. Sally moaned into the kiss, her own tongue flashing to life.

And then Ellie was nuzzling her way down the teenage girl’s neck, leaving playful nibbles on her sister’s skin that made Sally shiver with pleasure. “Oh,” she sighed, “oh yes, Ellie.”

Reaching her big sister’s breasts, the enthralled ten-year-old cupped them in her hands, weighing them, brushing the quickly stiffening nipples with her fingers. Sally moaned, pressing her head back into her pillow. Licking her lips, Ellie lowered her face to her sister’s chest, taking a pert nipple into her mouth.

Sally whimpered, then inhaled sharply as the young girl flicked the tip of her breast with a playful tongue. “Mmmmm… oh, Ellie!”

Ellie straddled her sister’s leg, pressing her moist slit into Sally’s thigh as she sucked at a woman’s nipple for the first time in many years — only this time, she was doing it as a lover. The idea of it thrilled the little girl to her core. And the fact that this newfound lover was her own wonderful, sexy big sister… well, it made the thrill all the more delicious. She moved to Sally’s other breast and enveloped the tip of it with her mouth.

Sally had never been so excited in her entire life. She couldn’t believe that she was being pleasured by a ten-year-old girl — her baby sister at that! — but it felt so good, so right, so utterly perfect. Her heart swelled with joy, mixed with the faintest hint of concern, at the realization that she might actually be falling in love with Ellie. Her sister’s lips trailed soft kisses down to her belly button, and Sally gasped as Ellie teased her there with the tip of the tongue.

And then the little girl was sprawled between the teenager’s parted thighs, staring in fascination at Sally’s glistening pussy. She inhaled deeply, savoring the scent of womanly arousal.

Sally moaned as Ellie’s breath caressed her most private places. She spread her legs a bit wider, biting her lip in anticipation, then gasped as her baby sister pressed a kiss into her wet vulva.

Ellie licked her lips, again savoring the taste of her sister. Wanting more, the little girl extended her tongue, taking a long, slow lick along Sally’s labia. The teenage girl moaned, clutching at the blue blanket. “Please, El,” she whimpered, on the verge of hysteria. “Please…”

And she nearly screamed when her baby sister suddenly plunged her face between her thighs, licking and sucking wildly at Sally’s pussy as if to show the older girl just how thrilled she was to be her new lover. Sally bit her knuckle to muffle her moans as she watched her little sister going down. “Oh, Ellie… I l-l-love you,” she gasped.

The little girl raised her face from her big sister’s sex, wetness glistening on her mouth and chin. “Mmmmm… you’re delicious, Sally,” she cooed, then Ellie took the teenage girl’s flower into her mouth again, her tongue gliding up her the sticky labia in a long slow lick from Sally’s vagina to her clitoris.

When the tip of her little sister’s tongue brushed her clit, Sally cried out loud, her body suddenly pummelled by a raging climax that seemed as if it would never end. Her breath hissed through clenched teeth as jolts of pleasure rumbled and roared through her slender frame.

Ellie continued to lick as her big sister bucked and squirmed beneath her, loving the thick, tart flavor of pussy. Finally, she felt Sally’s hand on her arm, and glanced up at the teen’s flushed face. “N-no more, babe,” Sally mumbled. “I’m… I’m wiped out.” And with that, she sank back, her head thudding into the pillow.

Ellie crawled into Sally’s arms, and the two sisters shared a warm embrace. The older girl tilted her baby sister’s face to meet hers and took Ellie’s mouth in a sweet kiss, her tongue sampling the flavor of her own cunt… the sticky essence that now coated the mouth and chin of the ten-year-old girl. “Mmmmm,” she purred contentedly. “God, Ellie… that was incredible.”

“Yeah,” Ellie replied, nuzzling her sister’s neck. “So,” she asked, raising her head to Sally, “does this really mean that I’m your girlfriend?”

“Mmm-hmm,” Sally cooed, teasing the little girl’s nipple with a playful finger. “I’ll want to, you know, be with other girls sometimes, sugarpop… but yeah, I want you to be my main squeeze.” She paused to place a gentle peck on her sister’s mouth. “Jeez, Ellie… you’re so beautiful.”

“You… you make me feel pretty, Sal,” Ellie replied, her face glowing with happiness. “Kiss me some more? Please?”

“Oh, yeah,” the teenage girl breathed. Sally rolled onto her back, pulling her new lover on top, her pulse accelerating as their mouths met again.

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    Your story has me throbbing…I just love young girls enjoying each other soft smooth naked bodies…and the fact that they are sisters is an added bonus. Thanks for posting!

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    I never read this one of yours before… how did I miss it?! Your ease with dialogue and your clear, sensual descriptions of playful sisters daring themselves into hot sex is wonderful!

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  4. JetBoy says:

    Wow, what lovely comments! Thanks so much to all of you for the kind words. You good people are the bass line of my funk groove…

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    A beautiful story of innocent exploration between two sisters leading to a special bond between them.

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    Thank you such a thrilling story JetBoy, I love the innocence and playfulness xxx

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    I just love this chapter. Gets me every time.

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    I’ve commented on this story before, but I don’t remember the picture. It’s awesome! I like to think of them as sisters, the older teaching the younger what it feels like to have her treasure touched for the first time. I like the exhibitionism bit at the start of the story (a particular fetish of mine) and once again, congratulations on getting my knickers wet. Keep ’em coming, pun intended.

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    We very much enjoyed the exhibitionism at the beginning also, as well as the rest of the story. Still a good read.
    Kim & Sue

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