The Joy of Looking, Chapter 26

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By Naughty Mommy

My beautiful mother and I, naked in her bed… the lights are out… it’s dark… we lie side by side, facing each other, gently kissing and caressing…

This is just so perfect, I think to myself, I could die right now and my life would be everything I ever wanted it to be.

But I was a lucky girl, for there was much more goodness still ahead of me.

“Darling?” she asked between kisses.

“Yes, Mommy?”

“I want you to know I do love you very much. So very much, and it’s almost like, well, I don’t know, maybe it really is that I’m in love with you too, or we’re in love with each other, or something. I don’t know for sure.”

One of her hands was on my little titties, playing with my nipples.

“But anyway…” she kept kissing me between sentences “…you know how much I love you, Julie, how much I want you…” her lips so tender, so soft “…and someday, maybe someday, I’ll be able to show you…” her tongue teasing mine “…what I mean is, I’ll be ready then to do everything I want…” her breath, warm on my face “…but I never want you to think I don’t love you, or need you, or want you…”

Her other hand was moving between her legs. I could tell she was getting close to an orgasm.

“Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“I think so.”

Somehow, my mom was able to pull back right then from the brink, to draw her attention away from her mounting excitement and focus intently on what she wanted me to understand.

“Baby, it’s just this.” She raised her fingers from her pussy so she could take my face in both her hands, looking deeply into my eyes.

In some perverted part of my brain I thought how cool it was that the fingers my mother was touching my face with were wet with her cunt juice. So very nice. But come on, Julie, listen to what she’s saying!

“I can’t tell you when, or even if, I will ever be ready to… to do the things I want to do with you, all the things I do with the other girls and women you’ve seen me with. Maybe I will someday, and maybe I won’t.”

She kissed me again, but this kiss was not quite as full of sexual desire. It felt more like, well, like a kiss between a mother and a daughter who loved each other a great deal. Far more, perhaps, than most mothers and daughters.

I felt totally safe with her. Completely protected and cared for. I trusted her, and I would do whatever she thought was right for us, at whatever pace she decided was best.

“You know, baby, being a mother means so much to me. It is the most important job I have, or ever will have. The number one thing in my life is doing what is right for you and for Kate and Molly. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“So, it may take some time for me to decide if, or when, I think it’s the right time for us to… to not just play our little game, to not only pretend, but to do it for real.”

She smiled at me. “I hope that time comes soon. I really do.”

“Me too,” I giggled, and she kissed my lips again.

“But, Mommy?”

“Yes, darling?”

“Um, I don’t know exactly how to say it, but, um… I mean, I just love you so much, and I, I can wait as long as you want, however long it is, so that when we do it, you can really be ready and be happy and know for sure it’s the right thing, you know?”

She suddenly took a sharp breath when I said that. Her eyes were gleaming. I never saw someone swoon, but I think that’s what it was.

“Oh, Julie, you’re so wise, so mature, so wonderful.”

I could barely believe it was me she was talking about. I didn’t feel like any of those things.

My mom kissed me again, this time using her tongue. “You just be patient, just wait for me, and…”

Without warning, she groaned out loud. She pulled me close, holding me tightly, almost desperately. My mother’s skin was hot, her eyes ablaze. “Baby girl, there are some things we can do. Even if we can’t, if, if I’m not ready yet to say it’s okay for us to do everything we want, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to… to enjoy each other’s sexuality, okay?”


She put her lips on mine and whispered into my mouth, “Will you make yourself come for me now, and let me watch you?”

“Of course I will,” I whispered back.

“This time, lover, let’s do it a different way. You lay on top of me, all right? But turn around, you know, facing… facing the other way.”

I knew what she was saying. She wanted us to masturbate in a ‘69’ position, with me on top, although she didn’t use that term. But whatever she called it or didn’t call it, I was very happy to do it.

As I assumed the position on top of her, she put her hands on my thighs, spreading them apart and gently tugging me upward until my crotch was just inches from her face. Which meant, of course, that my face was now staring down into her crotch too.

“Wait,” she said, “I want to be able to see.”

She stretched an arm out to the small lamp at her bedside and switched it on. “There, that’s better.”

With the light on, I could see better too. The sight in front of my eyes was dazzling.

I had seen my mother’s pussy many times by now, and often in close range. But what we were doing at that moment was somehow new and different. It felt like we were crossing another boundary, taking one more step toward truly becoming lovers.

I wanted to always remember this night, to burn it into my memory.

Before doing anything else, I just looked at her, looking at the place where her thighs came together… her bulging mound, her neatly trimmed pubic hair, her swollen lips and the inviting cleft that they formed. I could definitely smell her arousal, and it seemed to me that I could feel heat on my face radiating from inside her.

I felt my mouth beginning to water, and I hoped I could restrain myself only to watch and not do even more while she masturbated in front of me as I masturbated at the same time.

In order to begin, I had to support myself on my knees and on one elbow, so I’d have room to extend an arm beneath my body and rub my clit. This also gave my mother room to reach her hands down to her pussy, which she did.

I watched, entranced, as she opened her lips for me to get a good view. Her fingers separated her labia and I could see abundant moisture glistening inside. Using both hands, she held her lips wide apart and I was able to look right down into her center, into her open vagina. There was darkness there, pink and hot and so tempting. Her sexual aroma was strong, nearly overpowering.

While I watched, my mother began rubbing the skin around her clit in small circles with one hand as the other hand slid slowly down, between her lips, until two fingers were buried deep inside her. I heard her groan.

That sound made me remember that I was supposed to be masturbating as well. I was already feeling very excited, and I didn’t think it would take much stimulation for me to get close to an orgasm. I started teasing my clit and also reaching further down to play at the opening of my vagina.

It seemed like a dream. I was watching her, watching my mother as she masturbated, as she fucked herself with her fingers. I was watching her from only inches away, so close I could almost taste her arousal. And she was watching me too, just as close.

Neither of us said anything for a while. We were too busy looking at each other and touching ourselves.

But when I heard her breathing pick up into that panting and moaning rhythm I knew so well, when it was obvious that she was getting near a climax, I said, “Mommy, tell me you want me to come for you.”

I was close, but I didn’t think I was quite as close as she was. I was sure, though, that a few words of encouragement from her, some nice dirty talk from my mom, would put me over the edge.

She knew exactly what I wanted.

“Baby,” she panted, “baby girl, come for Mommy now. Rub your little clit and make yourself come in Mommy’s face. I want to watch you come, baby. I want to look at your pretty cunt and have you come right in my face.”

That was it. That did it.

I climaxed hard, so hard that I lost the ability to keep my body supported above hers. I fell onto her, my skin against hers, my cheek resting on her thigh, my lips next to her cunt. My eyes were closed, shut tight, but I knew just where I was, that I was lying on top of my mother’s naked body and I was having an orgasm and my mouth was almost on her sex.

My climax was delicious and it lasted a long time, but not as long as hers.

When I opened my eyes again and raised my face from her leg, I saw her fingers still plunging deeply in and out of her cunt. She was coming. I could see her body shake with every powerful spasm, but she kept on fucking herself, harder and harder.

Finally she went rigid for a moment. Her thighs came together, clamped around her hands. She held that position, trembling slightly, for several long seconds before letting out a heavy, satisfied sigh and going limp.

We stayed that way for a while, me on top of my mom, with our hands still between our legs.

After a minute or so, she began to move her thighs apart, then slowly drew her fingers out of her cunt. As my mother spread her legs, she used her fingers to pull her pussy lips open for me again so I could look at her. She was very wet inside, literally dripping, and I thought I could see her vagina still pulsating slightly, although maybe that was my imagination.

A moment later she turned one hand toward my face and held up the fingers that had been inside her. She wanted me to take them into my mouth, which I gladly did.

I sucked on her fingers, licking them, loving the syrupy sweetness of her pussy juice. I heard myself moan as I savored her flavor. I could have kept it up almost all night long, but then she said, “Baby, can I taste you too?”

“Oh, sure, Mommy.”

I wriggled around a little, dipping my fingers inside the opening of my sex, getting them nice and wet, then turned my hand around and let her take my fingers into her mouth.

She sucked them and licked them, as I had done with hers. Then she drew her hands away from her own pussy, sliding them back up under my body, and I felt her gripping my waist, raising me slightly above her.

“You’re just so beautiful, so amazingly beautiful. I love looking at you.”

I smiled when I heard her say that.


“Yes, Mommy?”

“I’m going to kiss you now. One time, just one time, okay? I want to kiss your little pussy, just once.”


I thought about telling her she could kiss me more than one time, as many times as she wanted, but I didn’t. I just waited, all my senses and nerve-endings focused on what was coming next.

I heard her sigh and then I felt my mother kissing me. Right there. Right on my cunt.

It was just a kiss, nothing more than that. I mean, it was the best kiss I could ever possibly imagine, but she didn’t use her tongue or do anything more. She just kissed me. And it was spectacular.

When I felt her lips on my pussy, it was as if an electric shock hit me. My whole body started shaking, shivering. I broke out in a fresh sweat. It wasn’t really an orgasm, but it was extremely powerful. My head was swimming.

And now I wanted more. I needed more. When I was able to find my voice, I asked, “M-Mommy, could I, can I do that too?”

There was a moment’s hesitation. Then my mother softly answered, “Yes, baby, you can kiss me there, but… but just once, okay?”

“Okay,” I whispered. I looked again at her wet pussy. I wanted to do so much more than just kiss her one time. I wanted to lick her, taste her, plunge my tongue inside her and make her come in my mouth.

But I loved my mother more than anything or anyone else, and I trusted her completely. I knew I should do as she asked. So I gathered all of my composure and whatever self-discipline a 12-year-old child can have, and slowly lowered my face to her sex.

I kept my lips closed but my eyes wide open as my mouth touched her skin.

I kissed her right on her clitoris. This put my nose inside her slit. I kept my lips there for a second, two seconds, three seconds, deeply inhaling, taking in her delicious scent, staring at her open vagina.

Then I felt a gentle pat on my bottom. It was time to finish. I drew my mouth away from her, satisfied for now. Well, maybe not totally satisfied, but very happy that she and I had come this far.

“Come on up here and give me a kiss, lover.”

I turned around on the bed and my mother took me into her arms. I lay on top of her and we kissed deeply, our tongues making love even if our bodies were not yet allowed that full pleasure.

After a minute or two of kissing, we rolled onto our sides, facing each other. Our hands were roaming, sliding over warm skin. It was so delicious being in bed with her, loving her, having her.

We kissed again and again. At some point we decided, without speaking, to masturbate one more time. We each put a hand between our own legs as the other hand played with breasts and nipples. We kissed and licked and nibbled each other’s lips. It didn’t take long until we both were almost ready to climax again.

I felt a rush of hot breath in my mouth and I rubbed my fingers very fast over my clit so I could come with her. Our eyes were closed, our wet mouths joined.

My orgasm, when it came, was so intense that I began to scream out loud. My mother wrapped an arm around me, pulling me to her, locking her lips over mine to keep me from waking my sisters.

My climax was longer than hers this time. It seemed to roll on forever and ever, one wave of joy and pleasure after another. I kept rubbing my clit, wanting to sustain this perfect moment for as long as I could.

When the last shuddering spasms of my orgasm began to recede, I pulled my lips away from my mother’s and opened my eyes to look at her. I was panting heavily, almost gasping for breath.

She was smiling at me, her beautiful blue eyes hooded. Her lips were pink and wet. I loved her so much.

“That’s my darling girl,” she whispered, kissing the end of my nose as she waited for me to slowly calm down.

“Turn around now, baby, and let’s try to get some sleep. It’s very late.”

“Okay,” I whispered. I kissed her one more time on the lips before turning over in the bed so she could spoon with me.

She reached out to the lamp and switched it off, then wrapped her arms around my young body.

We nestled together, snug and warm and… and, yes, in love. I was sure of it.

But I still wasn’t ready for sleep. I was so full of passion that night, so thrilled and energized. When she’d confessed to me earlier that she had feelings nearly the same as mine, that she might really be in love with me too, it was the fulfillment of everything I wanted, everything I’d hoped for. I was full of joy, and also full of lust.

I realized at that moment that for me sex was not only about the physical sensations, but also about my emotions. When I cared for someone, when I loved them, that was when I became the most excited. And if I loved someone as deeply as I loved my mother, my excitement knew no bounds.

There was no way around it. I had to come again.

My mom wasn’t quite asleep yet. She was holding me close, breathing softly, and occasionally kissing my neck.

I didn’t want to keep her awake, but there was nothing else I could do. I simply couldn’t keep my fingers away from my pussy.

I tried to be as restrained as I could, slowly sliding my hand down to my crotch, moving my thighs gradually apart, letting my fingers dip briefly inside my slit, gathering my warm slippery moisture… and then just so quietly, so tenderly, so delicately rubbing my wet fingertip over the end of my clit… just like that… don’t move, don’t move a muscle, don’t even breathe… nothing but just that one finger, right there, just like that… little by little… a little bit more… that’s it… right there… now it’s… it’s coming… it’s coming… here it comes… and… NOW!!

My breath came out in a deep groan as I climaxed. My body quivered. I did my best to stay quiet and still, but of course my mother knew exactly what was happening.

She waited until I finished, then raised a hand to cup one of my small breasts, squeezing the nipple gently as her lips nibbled at my earlobe and she whispered, “I love you, Julie.”

“I’m sorry, Mommy, if I woke you,” I told her, “it’s just, I guess I’m insatiable.”

That made her chuckle. “You know what I think? I think you’re wonderful.”

She hugged me to her, and after that last climax I was finally able to fall asleep, nestled snugly in my mother’s arms, in her bed, feeling warm and safe and loved.

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