The Joy of Looking, Chapter 17

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By Naughty Mommy

Over the next few days, after we got home from Sea World, I kept thinking about my mom’s sexy dream. It was so naughty and so tantalizing. I imagined being in bed with her and my two sisters, all of us naked, touching each other everywhere, the way she’d described as she masturbated.

Could that really be what my mother wanted? To have lesbian sex with her own young daughters? Or was it, as she’d explained, simply a dream, something a person can’t control?

I also kept wondering about my sister Kate. She was maturing, starting to get curves. Did her hormones make her constantly think about sex, the way I did? Did she ever look at pretty girls and fantasize about them, as I did all the time? Or was she only interested in boys?

Was it possible that she might be interested in playing the ‘game’ with our mother? Would it excite her, the way it excited me, to see our mom having sex with other women and girls? Would it make her want to touch herself?

What if it was not only me standing at the second floor railing, watching as my mom kissed and touched a hot young female, but Kate too, right there beside me? I pictured my mother and another woman looking up at us, seeing two naked girls, sisters 12 and 10 years old, rubbing their pussies and playing with their nipples. That idea got me very hot, and I made myself come over and over again.

Night after night, I lay in bed caressing my young body, and I couldn’t stop wondering about Kate. Had she started masturbating yet? She was the same age I was when I began, so maybe she had. Could she be doing it at that very moment in her room just down the hall from mine?

The more I thought about all those questions, the more I was determined to find the answers.

* * *

When Saturday night came, my mom got dressed up again to go out. This time she wore a sleeveless sparkly gold and black dress with a scooped neckline. The dress was very short, and with a pair of black high heels, my mom’s long legs looked sensational. Well, all of her looked sensational.

My mother is an extremely attractive woman. If she didn’t have such a successful career as an attorney, I think she could have been a model or something. I’m not bragging, it’s true.

Anyway, I was put in charge of Kate and Molly that night. Molly had lights out at 9:00, and Kate was supposed to go to bed at 10:00, and me at 10:30.

After Molly was tucked in, I went to Kate’s room. She was sitting on her bed listening to music with her headphones on while looking at a style magazine. But when she saw me come in, she happily took off the headphones and put down the magazine, grinning at me.

That was one of the things I loved about Kate. She was always so nice and so cheerful. She never seemed to get upset or irritated about anything. No wonder everyone liked her so much.

I sat on the bed near her. “Hey,” I said.

“Hey,” she smiled.

“Whatcha listening to?”

“Oh, it’s um, it’s a girl group. Just two girls, actually.” She picked up the CD case and showed it to me. “They’re called Tatu.”

“Right, I know who they are. You like them?”

“Yeah, sometimes.”

“That’s one of the ones you got for your birthday, isn’t it?”

“Uh-huh,” she nodded. “And also I got Spindrift, and, um, the new CD from Tanya Miles.”

“Those are really good too.”

“Yeah, they are.”

Kate was wearing very short shorts and a tight tank top. She was braless and barefoot. I looked at her for a moment, admiring her slim figure. She was already as tall as I was, and her legs were longer than mine. She would be really beautiful when she grew up. Her short brown hair had golden highlights from all the time she spent out in the sun. A wide mouth, a small nose, a few freckles on her cheeks… she was truly a doll.

“So, um,” I continued, “that night when we were at the mall and you got your CDs and stuff — well, we all got some — but then after that, remember when we went to Victoria’s Secret and Mom let you pick out some really cute bras and panties?”

“Uh-huh. That was awesome.”

“Do you mind if I look at the pink and white set you got, the striped ones? Remember you said I could try them on if I wanted to?”

“Oh, sure!” Kate bounced off the bed and went to her drawer. She found the set I was asking about and handed them to me.

“These are so nice,” she chuckled, “that I haven’t actually worn them anywhere yet. It has to be for something really special. I just try them on in my room sometimes and look at myself in the mirror.”

I held the bra up to my chest. It was a AA cup, which would be about the right size for me. “Looks like it would fit okay. Do you mind if I try it on?”

“No, of course, go ahead.”

Probably Kate expected me to take the bra to my own room and change into it there, but I had other plans in mind that night. Still sitting on her bed, I began unbuttoning my shirt. Kate sat down and watched me.

Being siblings, we had seen each other naked all our lives, literally. But over the past few years, as we’d started growing up and no longer took baths together or anything like that, there were fewer opportunities for us to see each other nude. I was interested to see how my sister would react when she saw me with nothing on.

When I got the shirt open, I pulled it off. I wasn’t wearing a bra. Kate looked at my little tits.

I looked down at my chest too, shaking my head. “Still so tiny. I don’t think I’ll ever get real boobs.”

Kate giggled. “Yours are cute enough. For now anyway.”

Pulling the bra on, I twisted on the bed and asked my sister to fasten the hook for me. Then I turned back around, straightening the cups over my small breasts. I got up to look at myself in the mirror on her closet door. I turned side to side, admiring the lovely bra. It made me look sophisticated, I thought.

“You want to try the panties on too?” asked Kate.

“Yeah, I guess so.” I turned around, opening my denim shorts and pulling them down, along with my undies.

Kate handed me the pair with the pink and white stripes.

“You’re really sure you don’t mind?” I asked, hesitating.

“Of course not. We’re sisters.”

She was so sweet. Impulsively, as I took the panties from her, I leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Kate smiled. “What was that for?”

“Just because I love you.”


I stepped into the sexy panties and pulled them up, then turned again to look in the mirror. They rode low on the hips and didn’t cover much in the back. They looked amazing on me.

“God these are so hot,” I breathed.

“I know. That’s why I haven’t worn them yet. Like I said, it’s got to be for something really special.”

I noticed that as she said that, Kate glanced over at the Tatu CD on the bed. The cover photo showed two young girls, teenagers, embracing in a heated kiss.

“I know what you mean,” I told her. Then I said, “Okay, now I want to see how they look on you.”

“You do?”


“Okay, sure.” She got up from the bed and pulled down her tight shorts. They had an elastic waist. Then she took off her panties.

This was what I was waiting for, a chance to see my little sister’s pussy. I tried not to be too obvious about it, but as I pulled down the pink and white panties so I could give them back to her, I made sure to bend over close to get a good look.

I could see only the tiniest bit of pubic hair, more like peach fuzz really. Just a little dusting of short, soft hairs. When she pulled her top off, I saw that her titties definitely were at least as big as mine. But her nipples were a bit different, smaller and slightly darker. Mine were puffy and light brown, almost pink.

I reached behind my back to unhook the bra, and then we were both naked in her room, a 12-year-old girl and her 10-year-old sister. I wanted to stay naked with her. I wanted to talk with her about sex, about lesbian sex, about touching and kissing other girls, like the picture on the CD.

Kate smiled and held out her hand for the underwear. I hesitated for just a moment, wanting to prolong our mutual nudity, then gave the bra and panties to her.

She put the bra on first, hooking it herself and adjusting it in the mirror. Then she pulled on the panties and turned this way and that, admiring her reflection.

“Wow, you look so incredible,” I said, and I meant it. “They look even better on you than on me.”

“No, I don’t think so,” she countered. “You’re older and you look more like a woman.”


She kept looking at herself in the mirror. I sat down on the bed and waited. Finally she sighed and reached behind her back, meaning to unhook the bra. But then she frowned, like it was difficult and came over to me. “Can you get this?”

She sat on the edge of the bed, her long smooth back to me. I undid the hook, happy to have the chance to be so close to her when we were both undressed.

As she stood to take off the panties and put her things away, I picked up her shorts and her undies and her tank top and set them on a chair, along with my own shirt and shorts and undies.

Kate saw what I was doing and looked puzzled. “Oh, bedtime?” she asked. “Jammies now?”

“No, not yet,” I told her, “I thought maybe we could have some girl talk, you know, sister to sister private kind of stuff. Okay?”

“Okay,” she shrugged. “But, jammies?”

“Uh-uh,” I went back to the bed and pulled open the covers, climbing in. “Let’s get inside here and be kind of cozy for a while, just like we are.”

She shrugged again, but got in next to me. Smiling, she asked, “Cozy?”

“You know, cuddly and nice and warm,” I grinned, “like sisters.”

So, she moved in closer to me. I could feel her soft skin next to mine. We sat propped up against her pillows, with the sheet pulled up just enough to cover our tiny breasts.

“Um, when we were at the mall on your birthday,” I began, “in the Victoria’s Secret store, do you remember the girl who helped you there? Melissa?”

“Yeah, I remember her. She was really nice. She was funny too, and, I don’t know, I guess sort of sexy.” Kate turned toward me. “Did you know that when we were in the trying-on room, she pulled her dress all the way up and showed us her undies? Her thong she was wearing?”

“Uh-huh, I heard. Mommy told me about that.”

My sister giggled. “Did Mommy tell you that she touched Melissa’s bottom?”


“She did! After Melissa showed us her, you know, her thong, and she put her dress down again, then Mommy asked her to pull it up and turn around and she put her hand right on Melissa’s bottom?”

“Wow, she did that in front of you?”

“Yeah, and in front of Molly too!”


“It was so wild. Mommy put her hand on Melissa’s bottom, and she sort of rubbed her fingers around and, like, squeezed her and stuff.”

“That’s amazing. What did Melissa do?”

“Nothing!” answered Kate, excitedly. “I think she liked it.”

“Wow, you really think she did?”

“Uh-huh, I mean, I don’t know that much about lesbians and stuff, except for, you know,” she blushed a little, nodding at the Tatu CD on the foot of the bed, “but I think the way they were acting, it was like they wanted to, maybe, um, start kissing and stuff. But they couldn’t because me and Molly were there.”

“So are you saying you think Mom is a lesbian?”

“Well, she never ever goes out with men, you know.”

“I know.”

We were both quiet for a few moments. Then I asked, “Would it bother you if she was?”

“If Mommy was a lesbian?”


She answered right away, “Uh-uh, I wouldn’t mind. That would be fine.”

“Would it bother you if I was?”

Kate turned to me, her eyes wide. “Really? You are?”

“Uh-huh. Don’t tell anyone. Or, actually, I don’t care who you tell. Yes, I am a lesbian.”

“But, how do you know?”

I smiled. “Well… I don’t like boys, I only like girls. I get really excited when I look at pretty girls, and when I, um, when I think about sex and stuff, if I have, like, fantasies, it’s always girls or women that I think about.”

Kate scrunched down into the covers, giggling and snuggling close to me. “Omigod, Julie, that is so amazing.” She couldn’t seem to stop giggling.

“Why are you laughing so much?” I started giggling too. It was infectious.

I nestled down next to my sister under the covers. Our faces were very close.

She whispered to me. “I think I might be too.”

“Might be……”

“Uh-huh,” she nodded, her eyes shining.

“How do you know?” I asked with a grin.

“Silly.” She playfully tapped my shoulder. “Because I don’t like boys, I only like girls, and when I look at pretty girls, I get excited. You know.”

“So,” I purred, as I moved my face even closer to hers, “do you have dirty fantasies about kissing girls and touching them and everything?”

She nodded at me, her face aglow. This was obviously very exciting for her to discuss. And I was thrilled, of course, that I was hearing exactly what I had dreamed I would hear from her — and what my mother had dreamed about, too, I thought to myself.

“You haven’t ever kissed a girl yet, have you?” I asked.

“Uh-uh. But I want to. Have you?”

“Um, I…” I decided I should try to change the subject. It might be too soon to get into that long story. So I said, truthfully, “A lot of times I see girls and I think about what it would be like to kiss them.”

“Me too.”

Then I added, “Do you remember the babysitter who was here about a month ago, a really good-looking teenager named Danni?”

“Well, yeah, who could forget Danni?” she responded.

“Why do you say that?”

“She was… um, not only did she, like, look so hot and everything in those little shorts she was wearing, but she was always touching me and Molly, especially Molly.”


“Yeah. She would, like, tell us she was going to read us a story or something, and then when we were sitting next to her on the sofa, she would be rubbing her hands on our legs, or putting her arms around us and rubbing our arms and even our chests. She was always telling us how pretty we were, and how nice and soft our skin was and everything. And when she put me to bed she told me she wanted to check my undies and make sure they were clean—”

“No, she didn’t.”

“Yes, she did!”

“Did you let her?” I asked.

“Well, yeah,” said Kate, “she was the babysitter, and I had to do what she said.”

“And what did she do?”

“She pulled down the covers, and told me to spread my legs apart and she got down close and looked at my panties, and then she touched them.”

“She touched you?”

“My panties, yeah. She, um, she rubbed her fingers on me, right between my legs. I actually sort of liked it too, how it felt, even though it was so embarrassing.”

“I’m sure it was.”

“But the weird thing is, when she stopped and said that I looked okay, I didn’t want her to stop! I wanted her to keep doing it. I really wish she had stayed longer. I guess I wish I had encouraged her more or something, instead of just laying there.”

“Wow,” I told her, “I think you really are a lesbian.”

Kate blushed and giggled and scrunched in against me. I loved being there with my sister, naked in her bed, just the two of us talking about all kinds of sexual stuff.

Then she said, “And you know what?”


“Before, when Danni put Molly to bed, you know, like an hour earlier, she was in there a long time with her. Maybe they were reading stories or playing or something, but later, after what she did with me in my room, I started wondering what she might have been doing with Molly in her room.”

“Did you ever ask Molly?”

“Uh-uh. Do you think I should?”

“I don’t know. She didn’t seem, like, upset about it or anything the next day, did she?”

“No, she seemed fine, as far as I can remember.”

“Well, I guess it’s okay then.”

Kate put an arm over me, laying it across my tummy. She rested her knee against my thigh, too, and I thought for a second she might put her leg over mine, which I would have loved, but she didn’t.

Then she asked in a soft voice, “Julie, when you, um, think about stuff, you know, like, at night or whatever, is there a special kind of girl, or woman, I guess, that you like to think about?”

“Um, all kinds… pretty ones, of course, but mostly young ones,” I answered, “especially ones who are really slim and cute and feminine, you know, girly-looking. How about you?”

She scooted even closer to me, put her face against my neck, and whispered, “What I like best is tall blondes with blue eyes, with really long legs and nice figures.”

“That sounds like you’re describing Mommy.”

“I know!” Kate squealed, giggling and burying her face in my shoulder.

So, my little sister had a lesbian crush on our mother. And so did I. This could get very interesting, I thought.

I turned to look at the clock beside the bed. It was a few minutes after 10:00.

“Okay, well, I guess it’s jammy-time now,” I told her.

“All right,” she agreed. But she hugged me tight, giving no indication of wanting to let me leave her bed.

“Come on,” I patted her shoulder.

Finally she let me get up. She sat naked on the bed, watching as I picked up my clothes from the chair.

“Don’t forget to brush your teeth,” I told her. “And lights out right away, okay? I don’t want to get in trouble if Mom gets home and finds you up.”

“Okay, sure.”

I looked at my little sister, then decided to stay with her for just a minute longer. Sitting down beside her on the bed, I put my arm around her bare shoulder. “Thanks for having a girl talk with me, Kate. I really needed that. I like feeling so close to you.”

“I like it too,” she sighed, laying her head on my shoulder and wrapping her arms around my waist. “Let’s always stay close, okay? And tell each other everything.”

I smiled to myself as I kissed the top of her head. Oh, the things I could tell her!

When I got back to my own room, still undressed, I put my clothes away, brushed my teeth, and then got into bed early. I didn’t bother to put anything on, just laid there naked under the soft light of the lamp, thinking about things.

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