Our Children, Our Lovers, Part Two

  • Posted on May 2, 2015 at 11:17 am

By JetBoy

I was down with a mild case of the flu, doing my best to sleep it away. The illness seemed to have run its course by Sunday, but I was still enjoying the bed rest when Fay stuck her head in to let me know she was off to the grocery store, and did I need anything?

I put in a request for Honey Nut Cheerios and chicken soup mix, and Fay blew me a kiss. I heard her telling the kids that she had to run to the store for a bit and to let Aunt Nicky rest. Goodbyes were exchanged, the front door opened and closed, and Fay was gone.

The last thing I remember hearing was Emily playing with her toys in the living room, then I drifted off for a few minutes.

Out of nowhere, I was jerked awake. Puzzled, I sat up, rubbed my eyes. There had been no sound, and no one else was in the room, but I sensed that someone had looked in on me. Struggling to my feet, I made my clumsy way to the bedroom door. If the girls were up to something they shouldn’t be, I intended to nip it in the bud before Fay got back.

I caught a glimpse of Christina holding Emily’s hand, leading baby sister into her bedroom. She quickly glanced up and down the hallway, and I managed to draw back just before she spied me.

My curiosity was instantly roused. What were they up to?

I was naked, so I hastily slipped on a pair of panties, then shrugged into my robe. Making my way into the hallway, I crept toward Christina’s room, pausing in mid-motion when I saw that her door was partially open, which eased my suspicions somewhat.

Still, I felt that something furtive was going on, so I opted to peek in through the other side, where the hinges were. It was a narrower opening, but allowed me to see plenty.

I took one glance — and nearly keeled over on the spot.

Emily was lying on the bed, bare from the waist down — shorts on the floor, panties ringing her ankle. She was staring at Christina, who was kneeling between her legs. It was all I could do not to gasp out loud as Christina’s lips parted and she began to lick her nine-year-old sister’s bare slit. She paused to adorn it with a warm kiss, then licked again.

Little Emily’s eyes drifted shut as she relaxed, giving herself over to pleasure. From where I stood, I had a great view of Christina’s mouth and tongue, lovingly kissing and licking at Emily’s sex — clearly, it was not the first time this adolescent girl had gone down on her baby sister.

I was rooted to the spot, my mind a jumble. On one hand, this was one of the hottest sights imaginable; on the other, they were just kids — and siblings!

Should I stop this? Weren’t they too young to be having sex? Maybe I ought to give them their space, let them explore each other if they wanted. On the other hand, was it okay for Christina to be giving oral to her own sister? Then again, what harm were they doing?

Emily’s lips were parted, and a tiny whimper escaped her throat as Christina went down on her. She was caressing her flat chest, occasionally pinching and tugging at her nipples.

Meanwhile, there I was, torn between two possibilities — break up this little sex party or leave them be. I was unable to decide, my mind locked in neutral.

To this day, I’m uncertain what I would have done if the moment hadn’t been interrupted by Fay.

Christina’s head popped up at the sound of jingling at the front door. Fay had too many keys on her ring, and always needed a few seconds to locate the right one. I saw Christina spring to her feet, while Emily frantically squirmed back into her panties. Me, I scampered back to the bedroom on tiptoe, pausing just long enough to shed my bathrobe before diving beneath the sheets.

Fay stuck her head in the bedroom moments later, her brow furrowed with concern. “Wow, you look all flushed, babe… you’re not having a relapse, are you?”

I made some lame excuse about being uncomfortably hot — thankfully, Fay bought it.

We ate lunch a few minutes later. All the while, I was amazed that neither child gave anything away about the sex games they were playing. I don’t mean that the girls were incapable of keeping secrets… but they were so nonchalant that you wouldn’t think there was a secret to keep. Not even sly glances to each other.

Me, I could never get away with bad behavior as a child, because Mom could always read me like a book, no matter how I tried to seem relaxed and casual. Now we were all seated at the dinner table with Christina talking about how her teacher broke a heel on her shoe in the middle of class, casual as anything. You’d never guess that she’d been nuzzling her little sister’s sex with that mouth just moments ago.

All the while I was on fire, aroused beyond belief by the thought of our little girls making love. I could see Emily’s babyish sex being caressed by Christina’s tongue, every time I closed my eyes.

I couldn’t decide for the life of me whether to tell Fay what I’d seen or not. As her lover and partner, it was my responsibility to let her know what our kids had been doing. On the other hand, I wasn’t sure that I even understood what they were doing. Was it love, lust, playing doctor, or simply a case of young girls imitating their lesbian mommies?

There was a furious debate raging back and forth in my head — but in the end, I chose to say nothing for the moment.

Sex with Fay was incredible that night, by the way. The arousal I felt proved to be contagious, and we really went to town on one another. I got my whole hand into Fay’s cunt for the first time, and she almost chewed her way through a pillow when she came. I think we fell asleep in the sixty-nine position.

As we lay cuddling the next morning, I heard the kids bumping about. That’s when I decided to approach little Christina in private when I got the chance and ask about the lesbian games she’d been playing with her baby sister.

My opportunity arrived sooner than I expected. We’d made plans to take Emily to the mall for new clothes, and I bowed out, citing the need to finish some office work that I’d gotten behind on while out with the flu. Then I surprised Christina by asking her to stay and keep me company. Fay just smiled knowingly and left with Emily, probably thinking that I was making some kind of plans for her upcoming birthday.

I brought a tray with milk, cookies and a cup of tea into the living room, then asked Christina to join me there. She entered cautiously, clearly sensing that something was up. Chris was wearing a cute dress with spaghetti straps that showed off her exquisite shoulders in a way that made me quiver inside. None of that, I sternly told myself. This is serious.

Christina was nervous, restlessly rubbing her bare feet together. I suppose it was obvious to us both that I needed to discuss something important, so I got straight to the point.

“Christina, you know what I want to talk about, don’t you?”

She looked away and nodded. “I… I think so. Does Aunt Fay know?”

“No, not yet. Right now, this is between you and me — and Emily, of course.”

Christina’s head jerked up abruptly, a shocked expression on her face at the mention of her sister’s name. “Emily?”

She grew pale with fear as I recounted what I’d seen her doing to her sister, then began to plead with me to keep their secret. Her voice was taut with panic as she begged me not to tell anyone else about what I’d witnessed that afternoon, not even Aunt Fay.

“Please, Aunt Nicky! No one can know! We promised! If they find out… they’ll, they’ll take Emily away and not let us be sisters anymore! We promised n-never to tell!”

I gazed deep into her eyes, my curiosity raging. “Who did you make this promise to, honey?”

Horrified at what she’d just said, the girl fell silent… but I now knew who it was, and my head spun at the realization. “Christina…” I began, “did your mother make you promise? Is that it? Do you want to tell me about it?”

Christina just stared at her knees. Me, I hesitated, unsure of how to proceed. Then it occurred to me: she was surprised when I mentioned her sister. What else did she think I wanted to discuss with her?

“Chris,” I said soothingly, and she raised her stricken face to mine. “You thought I wanted to talk about something different, didn’t you?”

“Oh,” she said, as if it no longer mattered. “I thought you found out about me looking at your book. The one with all the naked girls in it. I forgot to put one of the pictures back after I borrowed it.”

This time, my mouth fell open. “But… but we keep that in the bedroom safe!”

“I know. I, um, saw you do the combination when you put some papers away.” Frightened as she was, Chris managed a small, sly smile. “You guys are a lot like Mommy. She wasn’t too good at hiding stuff, either.”

Information moved more freely after that. Since we both had the goods on each other, we were equals in sin and therefore confidants. I told Christina that I’d answer any questions she had about our collection of Lolita art if she would tell me about her and Emily… and their mother.

Before she began, though, I made it clear that no one was going to separate her and Emily; that Fay and I wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen. Her fears eased, Chris became more forthcoming.

The girls’ father had died when she was nine and Emily was seven. Her mother, Angela, had taken the loss very badly. Sometimes Christina heard her crying at night and knew that she was missing their daddy very much. Not wanting her mom to feel alone, Chris began to tiptoe into Angela’s room and crawl into bed with her, to keep Mommy company.

At first they cuddled and drifted to sleep together, but soon Angela began to touch and caress the little girl’s body. She would run her hands over Christina’s flat chest, fondle her bottom, then slip a hand between the child’s thighs to gently caress her slit. Chris was a bit startled at first, but quickly came to love her mother’s touches.

Then Angela began teaching her daughter how to kiss like a grownup, where your mouths move together and lips open to let the tongues meet and play. Christina loved this new way of kissing, especially when she and her mommy took all their nightwear off and held each other close. They would lie together for a long while, naked and kissing like lovers do in the movies.

It was not long afterward that Angela began to kiss other parts of Christina’s body, starting with the girl’s soft neck, then moving down to lick at her nipples. Christina’s eyes were distant as she told me about how good that had felt, her mom’s warm mouth nuzzling her chest. Then Angela lavished kisses on her tummy as she continued on a journey down her daughter’s body.

When Mommy kissed her pussy for the first time, Christina had been utterly shocked, never having heard of such a thing before. But the feeling of Angela’s soft mouth and hot tongue exploring the most intimate parts of her body soon had the ten-year-old girl moaning with pleasure. Her mother licked, sucked and nibbled at the child’s sex, guiding Chris through her very first orgasm.

“I never imagined that anything could feel that good!” she declared excitedly. “It was like I was a — a rocket, shooting up to the moon!”

For the next few nights, Christina slipped into her mother’s room, shucking her nightshirt to join Angela in bed, and every night they would lie together and kiss passionately for a long while. then her mother would crawl between the child’s legs and lick her until she came.

Then one night, Angela asked her little girl if she would like to make Mommy happy, too. Chris was eager to oblige, so Angela lay back, opening herself to the child.

Christina was shy at first, but the excitement of giving her mother those wonderful feelings soon had her boldly exploring the delights of womanly love. She quickly found that she loved the taste of her mother’s sex… and with Angela showing her how, eagerly licked the older woman to a wrenching climax.

After that blissful night, mother and daughter slept together on a regular basis, playing sweet games that kept Angela smiling and humming during the day and made little Christina a very happy little girl. Mommy taught her everything there was to know about how to make love, all the while stressing the importance of keeping their special games a secret, reminding her child that a single careless remark might be enough to get her in serious trouble and cause the authorities to break up their family.

Soon after little Emily turned eight, Angela and Christina made the decision to include her in their nighttime pleasures. They brought her to Angela’s bed one night, undressed her and showered the little girl with playful affection.

At first they shared soft kisses and gentle touches that would occasionally stray to Emily’s bottom or slip between her legs. But soon they were introducing the child to more explicit delights, teaching her everything about lesbian lovemaking… and after two weeks, the precocious eight-year-old was an eager participant in Angela and Christina’s incestuous games. Mother and daughters would kiss and fondle one another, then take turns pleasuring each other with their fingers and mouths. Angela especially enjoyed sitting back and masturbating as she watched her daughters make love.

My mouth was dry, heart thumping as Christina quietly described the lesbian life that she and Emily shared with their mother. I watched the girl’s face light up as she told me how happy they’d been together. Christina sincerely believed that their newfound intimacy only made the three of them even closer as a family than ever before.

“We always loved each other,” she said softly, “and now, we were in love, too.”

Aside from their bedtime games, they led a fairly typical, contented family life until Angela’s fateful car crash. Chris began to cry when she got to that part of the story, and I took her in my arms and held her for awhile.

Then Christina went on to explain what I’d seen her doing to Emily the day before. She and her sister had made the painful decision to put their sex play on hold for the time being — but the sweet memories of those nights of passion were too strong to resist, especially while sharing a house with two grown lesbians. One night not long after Fay and I had come out to the girls, Emily had crept into her big sister’s bed, feeling blue and hungering to be loved. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before the two sisters were naked and pleasuring one another. After that, Christina and Emily had taken every opportunity possible to make love.

By this time, I was aching with arousal, my cunt dripping. Sitting next to me in that pretty blue dress, Chris spoke of lesbian incest as if it were the most natural thing in the world. At that moment, I felt oddly aware of my own ‘adultness’ next to this little girl. I was supposed to be the grownup here, but damn it, I wanted to take a pair of scissors to those thin spaghetti straps, lay Christina down and lick her nipples, now plainly visible through the thin cloth of the dress.

Taking a shaky sip of tea, I reminded myself for the umpteenth time about the promise Fay and I had made.

Christina gazed anxiously at me, nibbling her lower lip. “Are you going to tell Aunt Fay?”

Tell her what? That her late sister loved little girls just as much as we did?

“Did you think Fay might be upset about what happened between you and your mother?”

Christina shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe. Mom told us never to tell anyone. Emily and I figured you’d be pretty mad if you caught us.” She was still absently rubbing her bare feet together. “But then I found… you know.”

“Our scrapbook, you mean? I should spank you for going in our private things like that.” I tried to come off as stern, but it just sounded foolish, so I dropped the act. “Listen to me, honey. Your Aunt Fay and I love you and Emily very much. We would never separate you two for any reason and only want the best for the both of you. We want very much to be as good a mom as, well,your mom was, and make you girls happy, okay?”

She pondered my words, then nodded. “Okay, Aunt Nicky. So… how come you have all those pictures of little girls with no clothes on?”

Then I tried to explain about the drawings we kept in the scrapbook, but it was difficult for me to describe our taboo desires to a eleven-year-old without revealing the lustful feelings we had for her and Emily. I was stumbling for the right words when she cut me off.

“Aunt Nicky? Would you like to see me naked?”

My God, how can she ask me that? Am I so easy to read?

I couldn’t lie to her. I just couldn’t.

“Um, y-yes, actually I would,” I stammered. “But I don’t know… I mean, I’m not sure…”

Christina slid the thin straps off her shoulders and pulled the front of her dress down to bare her nipples. Watching me carefully, she tweaked them with her fingers. “Mommy said I’d prob’ly have boobs like hers someday. I think Aunt Fay’s are bigger, though.” She glanced up at me. “Can I see yours…?”

By then, any promises I had made were about to go out the window. I didn’t consider myself a noble person in the first place, so I removed my top and, unsnapping my bra from the front, revealed my breasts to her.

“Mine aren’t as big as Fay’s, but they’re very sensitive.” I whispered, my heart racing. “Would you… would you like to kiss them, Chrissie?”

I bit my lip as Christina leaned over and began to suck my right nipple. The feel of her soft cheek against my breast was heavenly, and her tongue was doing everything right. My hand slipped under the skirt I wore and into my panties, trembling fingers quickly finding the magic spot as Christina wrapped her arms around me and tongued one nipple, then the other.

Gazing down, I watched in awe at the sight of my deepest, most secret fantasy coming true — a young girl making love to me. Better still, I was being pleasured by the girl I’d obsessed about endlessly for months. It was everything I’d ever dreamed it would be.

My hand slid down to her leg and began to caress her silky thigh, sliding her dress up as I moved steadily higher. My fingers had just touched the front of Christina’s panties, exploring the outline of her slit when we suddenly heard the sound of Fay’s keys jangling, as she tried to find the one that fit our door.

Christina and I jumped to our feet in a panic, straightening our clothes and bumping into each other trying to strike a casual pose. We heard Fay drop her keys and curse.

“Quick,” I whispered, “run to your bedroom — put on some music or read a book or something!”

Christina quickly kissed me, her tongue darting between my parted lips, then raced down the hall to her room. I opened the front door and Emily darted past me, headed for the toilet.

“She had to go really bad.” Fay chuckled, putting her bag down, kissing me and then eyeing me curiously. “What’s up, lover? Your cheeks are kinda pink.”

Shit. “Oh, I was on the computer, looking at some stuff you might like for your birthday,” I lied. “Fun stuff.”

Fay raised an eyebrow. “A package from Good Vibrations, maybe? I like the sound of that.” Reaching out, she gave my left nipple a gentle tweak. I felt it right down to my clit. “Where’s Chris?”

“She’s in her room… doing homework, I think.”

She peered at me suspiciously. “Are you two planning some birthday thing for me? Remember, I don’t want any big surprises. Just something simple, okay?”

“Oh don’t worry. There won’t be any surprises. And it’ll be simple.”

Okay, so that time I was really lying.


It was Fay’s birthday — a Saturday. I’d awakened her with what I hoped was a lovely rim job, making love to her asshole until she was begging me to finger her pussy.

After making love we roused the kids to spend the day celebrating. She opted to let the girls pick what we would do first, and they wanted to hit the local Chuck E. Cheese. I thought that was a good idea, since this place offered special features the other venue didn’t. On the second floor circling the play area were private, soundproof rooms that allowed adults to watch their kids below and keep their sanity.

The two of us sat in a cubicle and drank a few beers as we watched little Emily diving in and out of a cage filled with colorful plastic balls. Chris was close by keeping an eye on her, as she’d always done. I figured this would be a good time to enlighten my life partner on what had been going on in our home… and what might be in store for both of us that night, if things went as I hoped they might.

Fay laughed at the sight of Emily scrambling into some kind of treehouse tunnel. “You know, my sister and I didn’t exactly get along a lot of the time. But I have to admit that Angela did an amazing job with Chris and Emily.” She sighed. “I just hope that, wherever she is, she knows they’re healthy and happy.”

I hadn’t been sure where to start, but this was a perfect opening. “Why didn’t you get along with your sister? You’ve never spoken much about her.”

“Oh,” Fay shrugged, “I never made it a secret my being gay and, well, she had a really hard time with it. I was never sure why. Anyway, we never talked much after I left home.” She took a sip from her beer.

“You know,” I tried to sound casual, “I’ll bet your sister thought a lot differently of you later on in her life.”

“Oh yeah?” she chuckled bitterly. “I bet she wouldn’t have wanted me to get custody of her kids, that’s for sure. Raised by a pair of dykes — no, I don’t think she’d have gone for that.”

I could tell that these thoughts about her late sister was making her a bit depressed, so I leaned over and kissed her. She kissed me back, then remembered where we were and pulled back. “Stop. Other people can see us in here.”

“Then let them. You’re my lover and I want to kiss you.”

She gave me a quick peck, then glanced at the kids. “Christina keeps… looking up at us. Think we’re embarrassing her or something?”

I took a deep breath. “Actually… I think she’s waiting to see your mouth pop open.”

Fay gave me a look of utter bewilderment. “Come again?”

Well, it’s now or never, I thought. “Fay, being lesbians has never been a problem for either of us, right? I mean, you and I have been happy together with no reservations.”

“Nicky, what are—”

I raised my hand, halting her in mid-sentence. “But we happen to be lesbians who are attracted to little girls. In fact, we’re both turned on by our own kids, aren’t we? You and I, we’ve both had fantasies about making love to them.”

Fay nodded, her mouth slightly open, though with a nervous glance around to make sure no one was within earshot.

But we don’t really feel shame or remorse because of that. I mean, we’ve never acted on those fantasies, have we? I mean, despite the fact that you and I do feel sexual desire for Christina and Emily, we made a promise that we’d never try to make love to them. And we haven’t. Now why is that?”

Fay started to speak, thought better of it and let me continue.

“Because we wanted the kids to have a normal and unaffected life with us. And they do. Hell, they’re better than normal. They’re the best behaved kids I’ve ever seen, and the most responsible.”

Fay was staring at me, clearly growing impatient. “Nicky… c’mon now, what are you getting at?”

“Well, I just want you to keep that in mind when I tell you some things.”

Her eyes widened with rising impatience. “What ‘things’?”

“Okay.” I took a long slug of beer to steel myself. “Remember when I was sick at the start of last week and you went to the store, and left me home with the kids? Well, while you were gone… I saw Christina going down on her sister.”

Sure enough, Christina saw Fay’s jaw drop. I gave my best case for why I didn’t tell Fay about it sooner, but I don’t think it mattered — she was in a state of shock. She gulped down the dregs of her beer, then looked down again, clearly seeking Christina, but unable to see her. I could, though… she was hiding in a crowd of kids, still watching us.

“Well,” she finally composed herself, “I suppose we need to have a talk with Christina. Now, I don’t want us to sound judgmental or anything, but if this is just the kids experimenting–”

I stopped her there. “It’s not experimenting, babe. Emily and Christina are lovers, and have been for a long while.”

Fay couldn’t speak at first. Finally she got out, “What do you mean? How… how do you know that?”

Slowly, carefully, I told her about my own little talk with Christina, slowly building to the part about her sister Angela and her incestuous games with the kids.

I wasn’t sure if Fay was mortified, angry, or just plain blown away by the news, as she was getting a little tipsy, having just finished downing the last two-thirds of my beer to top off the three she’d already had. She just sat there, barely moving and not speaking at all, absorbing the whole shocking story.

Finally, when I reached the end and fell silent, waiting for her reply, she took my hand, gave it a squeeze, and rose to her feet.

“Time to go,” was all she said. “We’ll talk about this later.”

When we left, my lover was sitting in the passenger seat with an unreadable expression on her face. She had not said anything to Christina or me, just looked straight ahead. Chris was quiet too, unsure what to make of the situation, while Emily had tuckered herself out and fell asleep next to her sister.

By the time we were back home from lunch I was beginning to worry, as Fay had scarcely spoken a word since we got in the car. I followed her upstairs to our bedroom, waiting for her to say something, anything.

She slipped off her jeans and shirt and crawled into bed. “I need to sleep on this, Nicky,” she said softly. “It’s a lot to think about and I’m a little drunk. Just give me some time alone to work things out, okay?”

I smiled wryly. “Of course, babe.” I leaned down to give her a gentle kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” she murmured, closing her eyes.

Drawing the blankets up to her chin, I tiptoed from our room.

“Is she okay?” Christina asked me as I stepped into the hallway.

“She’s fine. She took it pretty well.”

“Really?!” Christina squealed happily.

“So, what about your sister? Did you two…”

Christina nodded. “I told her everything.”

“And how does she feel… about what you and I discussed?”

Her eyes shining, my eleven-year-old angel reached for my hand. “Emily wants what I want, Nicky.”

She had never called me ‘Nicky’ before… and something about the way she said it made me tingle all over. My pulse was racing with anticipation, and Christina was clearly excited as well.

“We’ll see how Aunt Fay feels when she wakes up,” I said, squeezing her hand, “and after I tell her what you and I talked about. I think she’ll like the idea, Christina. I know I do.”

Christina moved closer, tilting her face up to mine. “I love you, Nicky.” Her lips touched mine, and then she and I were sharing a hot, passionate kiss — a kiss that held the possibility of sweeter pleasures to come.

I wanted so badly to wrap my arms around her slender body and crush it to mine, but somehow managed to gently break away. “Okay, babe. You should take a nap now and get rested up for dinner tonight. We’ll give Aunt Fay a birthday she’ll never forget.”

The little pre-teen devil winked at me. “That’s for sure,” she cooed, then practically skipped down the hall to her room.


I was waiting beside the bed when Fay woke up. She was cool and collected, if a bit awed. “Wow. My own sister, of all people,” she mused, “doing things with the girls that I only dream about.”

“So,” I asked, “are you cool with it now?”

Fay looked confused and rubbed her head. “I guess. I mean… it’s a shock. My sister! Jesus.” She gave me a shy smile. “You know, the more I think of it, the more jealous I get.”

“Mmmm… glad to hear you say that, lover.”

Fay’s gave me a sideways glance. “Really? Why?”

“Well, you know… the girls consider you their mother now. They’d like to make you happy.” I took her hand in mine, my eyes burning into hers. “They want to make both of us happy.”

Fay’s mouth fell open. That was getting to be a habit with her.

“Get dressed,” I said, “You’re still getting a birthday dinner.”

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