Sharing With Mom

  • Posted on May 1, 2015 at 12:57 pm

By JetBoy

My name is Jenny — Jen to my friends — and this is the story of how my world turned upside down, then righted itself in a beautiful way.

When I was a girl of twelve, my father unexpectedly died of a massive cardiac arrest. My mother Helen did her best to keep us going, but we got hit by serious financial setbacks when I was sixteen, and in the end we had to sell our house and move into a trailer.

I’ll say this much — Mom got a really nice mobile home with the money we took in from the sale. Still, I was pretty bummed about swapping the house I’d grown up in for a trailer park in another town, having to say goodbye to the only life I’d ever known. I expected to be miserable.

I wasn’t, though. In fact, the park Mom and I moved into was one of the friendliest neighborhoods I’d even been in, much more welcoming than the conservative white-bread suburb we came from. The people were a lot less obsessed with status and keeping up with the Joneses, and the area had a more vibrant mix of races, ethnicities and personal styles than I’d ever experienced before. Within two weeks, I felt right at home.

I’ll admit that being squeezed into a much smaller living space was often a pain in the ass, but Mom was a surprisingly good roomie, and we got along fine. The trials we’d both been through had only strengthened our bond as mother and daughter.

Mom quickly made a friend named Victoria, who everyone called Vicky. She was a lot of fun and had a great sense of humor, someone you couldn’t help but like. I appreciated the fact that she always treated me like a grownup. As for Mom, she really seemed to blossom with Vicky around.

One night I stayed over at the trailer of my new friend Cindy, this sassy black girl who worked at a piercing and tattoo joint in town. In fact, she’d done a tattoo for me that I was still hiding from Mom, trying to work up the nerve to show it to her.

The next morning, Cindy had planned to take me spelunking in a local cave, but just after we ate an early breakfast, I realized that I’d forgotten my old sneakers. I didn’t want to go down in that muddy hole in the shoes I had on, so I went back to our trailer.

When I went inside, I got an unexpected surprise: Mom and Vicky were in bed together, sound asleep and, near as I could tell, completely nude. All their clothes and underthings were strewn about the place, there was a pink vibrator lying between them and the whole end of the trailer smelled like pussy.

I was stunned. Not offended, mind you — I’d had sex with girls before. Still, I’d never thought of my mother as someone who was into women. The way I figured it, Vicky had to have been the one to make the first move.

I didn’t want to wake them up and embarrass anyone, myself included, so I grabbed my sneakers and crept out of there as quickly as I could.

When I got back home later that day, Mom and Victoria were gone. I stripped, tossing my muddy clothes onto the front porch, then showered and put on makeup. The big monthly trailer park party was scheduled for that night, and I wanted to look my best.

My mind drifted away again to think about Vicky, something I’d been doing regularly since seeing her and Mom in bed that morning. She was really something special in a way I couldn’t describe, and clearly my mother saw that too. Vicky commanded attention from just about everyone, as much for her boisterous, enthusiastic personality as her looks.

Now she and my mother were having sex. I’d had the whole day to think about that, and it still astonished me.

Then I realized something else: Mom had found a bed partner before I did! We’d been living at the park for six weeks, and I hadn’t hooked up with anyone yet. Right then and there, I vowed to step up my game and really show myself off at the party.

I started with a pair of sheer blue panties that displayed my shaved pussy very nicely and a matching push-up bra. On top, I chose a small, white camisole that showed lots of cleavage and then a very short blue skirt, adding my two-inch high heels and some carefully selected accessories.

Appraising myself in the mirror, I liked what I saw. Watch out, Mom, you’ve got competition… your little girl’s on the prowl tonight!

The party was already in full swing when I got there. I walked in and looked around at the tables full of park residents, quickly finding Cindy, the girl who gave me the tattoo. She was with her gal pal Erica, a feisty, freckly Irish girl who was my other new best friend. They were both looking especially hot, and I decided that wouldn’t have minded getting it on with either of them, if I chose to make it with a girl that night. There were a couple of guys I’d had my eye on, but I was feeling far more inclined toward indulging my lesbian side at the moment. I wondered if it was because of Mom and Vicky.

The girls each gave me a quick hug when I joined them, then we watched the band for a little while, dancing together to a couple of the more uptempo numbers. They were a hot local garage-rock group, mostly guys from the park, called the Ninepins.

“Hey, look!” Cindy called above the band’s version of “Good Guys Don’t Wear White.” She pointed to where Vicky was standing with Mom, waving us over to some seats she’d apparently saved for us.

I wasn’t certain that I wanted to sit with my mother at the party, but I sure didn’t mind seeing Vicky again. In any case, I couldn’t very well refuse — especially since Cindy and Erica seized my arms and led me in that direction.

I sat to the right of Vicky, Mom on her left while Cindy and Erica sat across from us. Cindy introduced Erica to my mother and they began to chat, while I glanced to my side at Vicky every now and then.

She wore a spaghetti-strap top that revealed just enough of her breasts to make it clear that she’d gone without a bra. I peeked down to get a look at the rest of her outfit — a tight black skirt that really showed off her hips and legs, knee-high stockings and glittery high heels. I found myself hoping to catch a glimpse of her ass. Man alive, was she hot.

“Like what you see?”

I was startled, blushing hotly at Vicky catching me checking her out, but she reassured me with a warm smile.

“Yeah,” I shyly replied. “You look great.”

“So do you. Glad you made it, Jen.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t have missed this for anything,” I said.

Gazing into her hazel eyes, I felt my pulse throb crazily at something I saw in them, and out of nowhere, remembered what they say about a snake hypnotizing you before it bites. Jesus, was my mother’s lover flirting with me?

“So… you’re ready to have a good time tonight?”

“Yeah,” I replied, not knowing what else to say. Then, out of nowhere, I blurted, “Who are you?” Then I felt my face go hot again. God damn it, why the fuck did I say that?

She placed her hand at the back of my neck and gave it a gentle squeeze, sending shivers down my spine. “Oh, you’ll find out soon enough, honeybunch.”

“O-okay,” I answered.

I was utterly in awe of her. It sounds stupid, but there it was. Vicky had this certain quality that really hit me where I lived. I couldn’t help but find her attractive… but she’d already gone to bed with my mom! Talk about complicated.

Not good, Jen, I told myself. Not good at all.

At that moment, Cindy showed up with beers for all of us. I hadn’t even notice her leaving! Grabbing one, I took a deep swig, glad for an excuse to break away from Vicky’s gaze.

I glanced over at Mom, who, I only now noticed, was wearing one of my tops, a Cramps t-shirt that fitted pretty snugly on her. Just like Vicky, she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Wow. This was my mother? I couldn’t remember ever seeing her look sexy, much less this sexy. Clearly, there were depths to Mom that I hadn’t been aware of. I studied her breasts, clearly outlined through my shirt. Her nipples were visibly erect.

“Beautiful, isn’t she?” came a voice from next to me. Vicky again.

I was startled again. Shit. “Yeah, b-but…”

“But?” She arched an eyebrow questioningly.

I tried to laugh it off, nervously. “I really have to stop staring at people. That’s twice you’ve caught me at it.”

Vicky just smiled. “Oh, I took it as a compliment when you stared at me. I’ll bet your mom would feel the same if she saw you look at her like you did. It’s nice to be admired, don’t you think? Especially by your daughter.” She paused to watch Mom. “Did you know that your mother thinks she’s boring?”

Suddenly I felt embarrassed. Was that how I thought of her? “Um… no, I didn’t know that.”

Her eyes had me transfixed. “Would you say she’s boring?”

I glanced at Mom, still chatting happily to my friends. “No. I mean, maybe I used to. Not now.”

“See? She’d be happy to know that. Any mother would be.”

I couldn’t help but grin. “You’re sure not boring.”

“Neither are you,” she said, her gaze drifting down to my chest and hips, then back to my eyes in a heartbeat, making me blush and finally look away, feeling totally awkward.

A couple hours later, we were all feeling pretty good. The whole room was jumping — a DJ was spinning old soul records, drinks were flowing, there were a few joints making their way from hand to hand and a handful of the women had taken their tops off.

I was taking a slug of beer when Vicky whispered something in Mom’s ear.

Mom’s eyes went wide and she turned to gape at her new lover. “What?”

“Come on, Helen. It’ll be exciting, I promise. Do it for me,” Vicky said, caressing Mom’s face.

Mom took a deep breath, then nodded. “Give me a second, okay?” She reached for a half-cashed pint bottle of whiskey that Erica had left on the table and took a long pull, then set it down with a clunk, wiping her mouth with a swipe of the hand as she slowly stood.

I stared at Mom, who didn’t seem to notice me — then I glanced at Vicky. She caught my eye and winked. What was going on?

Then, to my utter, slack-jawed amazement, my mother grabbed the bottom of my tight t-shirt and slowly worked it up to her neck, exposing her bare breasts.

I hadn’t seen Mom nude in a few years, but had to admit that her tits looked pretty awesome for a woman in her late thirties. And from the response they got from everyone in the immediate vicinity, I wasn’t the only one who thought so.

Mom clearly only intended to flash her breasts for a few seconds, but Vicky reached out to deftly grab the t-shirt and tug it over her head, holding it high so my mother couldn’t reach it.

Mom shrieked as she lunged for the t-shirt, but she was also laughing wildly. Vicky wasn’t about to give it back, so Mom gave up with a devil-may-care shrug, not even bothering to cover herself. She sat back down, giving me a sheepish grin. I tried not to look shocked, but knew I was anyhow.

“Helen, why don’t you go get yourself a beer?” Vicky suggested. “Show off that sweet rack of yours.”

“Should I?” Mom asked.

“Sure, it’s not like you’ve got anything to be ashamed of. Enjoy yourself. Just remember who you’re bunking with tonight, okay?” She gave my mother a very significant wink.

“Well… okay,” Mom agreed, suddenly blushing as she glanced at me. She made her way through the room, heading for the bar, her breasts swaying and bouncing in a very enticing way.

“Isn’t she something?” Vicky asked.

“Oh m-my God!” I blurted, trying to control my nervous laugh. “I can not believe you got her to do that!”

“She’s having a great time.”

“I’ll say.” I was still stunned at my mother’s boldness. She’d never been one for casual nudity — it had been ages since I’d seen her in anything more revealing than a bathrobe. Now she was going topless in public! Vicky sure was bringing out a new side of my mom — a side that I liked, though it would take some getting used to.

“What about you, sugar — are you enjoying yourself?”

I nodded, feeling myself fall into Vicky’s eyes again. “Yeah, I am.”

I tore my gaze away from her to look at the crowd, seeing my mother standing topless while talking to two women I didn’t know. She already had a beer in her hand and a nervous, but very friendly grin. She laughed at something one of them said, her eyes shining as Vicky touched my wrist.

I turned to face her and, for the first time, I saw some hesitation, maybe even vulnerability in her expression.

“Jen, I asked Helen to leave so I could talk to you. I just wanted to tell you that, in the future… well, things may be different from now on for your mother. And for me. We enjoy each other’s company a lot.”

“Umm… okay.”

She arched an eyebrow. “Do you know what I’m talking about?”

“I think so. I’m not sure,” I murmured, uncertain if I should give away what I already knew.

“Well, let me put it this way: your mother and I have become close. Closer than just friends.”

“Okay… yeah, I understand.”

“I hope so.”

“Mom does seem different here, especially since she got to know you.” I said. “It’s funny… she and I felt like we were taking a huge step down when we moved here. I mean, we used to have a nice big house in a ritzy neighborhood, and suddenly — wham! — we’re living in a trailer park. But… I like it here. The people are great. We aren’t exactly living large, the way we used to — but I think Mom’s happier than she ever was in Vesta Heights.”

“Hmmm. See, from my perspective, I’m a lot happier since your mom got here,” she said with a smile. “So you’re okay with the two of us being lovers?”

I turned and studied her again, pausing before I replied. “Well, sure. It’s her choice — and yours, too. It’s no big deal, y’know. I’ve done stuff with girls before.”

A flicker of interest flashed in her eyes. “Really?”


“Did you like it?”

“Sure,” I admitted with a smile. “It’s different, but… you know. Exciting.”

Her gaze narrowed, and she gave me a knowing smile. “It turns you on, doesn’t it? Me and your mom.”

“Yeah,” I confessed, staring at the table in embarrassment, my heart suddenly throbbing. It did, too. How could Vicky have figured that out, much less tricked me into admitting as much to her? Shit, I hadn’t even realized it myself — but once the thought had been voiced, it seemed totally obvious. There was something about my mom and Vicky having lesbian sex that definitely made me hot… starting when I’d seen them in bed together.

A hand touched my shoulder and I looked up at Vicky. “Let’s step outside for a minute,” she said, her voice a low murmur. “It’s stuffy in here.”

We made our way to the side door and exited. The door clicked shut behind, leaving us alone with the night. The party rolled on without us, its muffled sounds now competing with the shrill sawing of crickets.

I turned to say something to Vicky — I can’t remember what, because before I could speak she slipped her hands under my arms and lifted me up, setting my butt on the edge of an old wooden picnic table that stood close to the door. All I could do was gape at her.

Moving between my legs, Vicky spoke in a low, sultry tone. “I’d love to kiss you, Jen.”

“Uhhhhh…” I couldn’t reply, couldn’t think.

She slowly pressed me backwards with her body, taking me down to the tabletop, planting soft, tender kisses all over my face.

“Oh, Jen,” she breathed. “You’re so fucking sexy… just like your mom.”

I lay there, stunned and motionless, letting my mother’s lover have her way with me. Then her soft, luscious mouth found mine, and suddenly I was kissing Vicky back, squirming beneath her while our tongues danced back and forth.

Her kisses trailed down my neck, and I stared blindly at the moon as she licked the hollow of my throat. “Oh… oh, Vicky,” I gasped, clutching at her shoulders.

She started nuzzling and nibbling my ear, then attacked my mouth again — grinding against me, her thigh pressing into my throbbing sex. Slipping a hand between our bodies, she roughly groped at my breasts, pausing to scissor an erect nipple between two fingers. I whimpered, lost in the moment.

It was incredible. The girls I’d been with before were kids compared to a lover like Vicky. She played my body like a virtuoso, nudging me higher and higher with each thrust of her leg between mine.

She broke away abruptly, pulling me up off the table and to my feet, touching her forehead to mine and giving me that sexy look again while I panted for breath, utterly dazed. “Trust me?” she asked.

Hell, no, I wanted to say. You just became my mom’s girlfriend, and now you’re coming on to me? What the fuck!?

Instead I nodded, thighs trembling and in total awe, wondering if I was falling in love.

Ready for anything, I was surprised when Vicky moved away from me, opening the door, Vicky led me back inside, where we picked our way across the floor towards Mom. Her arm was around my shoulder, mine around her waist, though I was simply trying to keep from fainting. What in God’s name had I stumbled into?

Mom was casually chatting with some of our neighbors, her breasts still bare. Victoria placed a hand on her arm, and Mom turned to her. “What’s up?” she said with a relaxed smile.

“It’s getting a little late, Helen… and I think Jen might’ve had a beer too many. Why don’t we head back to your trailer and unwind?” she murmured, glancing at Mom’s half-naked body a couple times in the process.

Mom grinned and nestled into Vicky’s other side. They briefly kissed, exchanging tongues.

I was surprised, but tried not to let it show. Evidently, my mother had no problem with everyone knowing that Vicky was now her lover.

Mom gave me a sleepy-eyed smile. “Time to go home, hon. You enjoy yourself?”

“Um, yeah, s-sure!” I stammered, hoping that I’d wiped any sign of Vicky’s lipstick from my face.

We shambled back to the trailer, Mom leading us in some old dirty drinking song, the three of us arm in arm the whole way. I was beginning to relax again, thinking that perhaps Vicky’s kiss hadn’t really meant what it seemed to. Harmless flirting, maybe.

That didn’t mean I wasn’t still lusting after her, though.

I went to the bathroom first thing after we got inside the trailer. When I got back, Mom and Victoria were making out, entwined and sharing a passionate kiss.

“Mmmm… oh, ‘scuse us, honey,” Mom laughed from Vicky’s arms. “I hope you weren’t too shocked by how I acted at the party tonight. Just a little fun, right?”

Seeing her like that, still confused by the memory of what Vicky and I were doing on the picnic table just minutes ago — I wasn’t quite sure what to say. Hell, my panties were still damp.

“It’s… yeah, it’s okay, Mom. I was kinda surprised at first, but it’s not about me.”

“She likes the new you, I’d say,” Vicky told her.

“Do you?” Mom asked, wide-eyed.

I shrugged with a bashful grin and studied the carpet.

“Come on, hon — tell me what you think,” she pleaded. “It really is important to me.”

“Uhhmm… well, it’s great to see you so happy, Mom,” I tried to explain. “You — you were really sexy at the party.” And now, I wanted to say, but couldn’t summon up the nerve.

“Aw, thanks, hon.” She was quite pleased with the compliment, I could tell.

“So, Jen… you got Cindy to give you a tattoo, huh?” Vicky asked me, right out of the blue.

I stared at her, in utter shock. Shit. What is she thinking!?

“A tattoo?” Mom gasped, looking at me critically.

“Oh, boy,” I mumbled.

“You didn’t tell her?” Vicky said with a wry smile.

It was pretty obvious that she knew I hadn’t said a word to Mom about getting tattooed. Yet again, I found myself wondering what Vicky’s game was.

Anyhow, there was no use lying, so I said, “Uh, yeah. I was gonna tell you, Mom. Eventually. Like, maybe when I turned forty.”

This struck Vicky as hilarious, and she burst into laughter. Thankfully, Mom started snickering too, and I hoped that was the end of it. Nope. After Mom recovered, she wanted to know what tattoo I’d gotten — and where.

“But how did you know?” I asked Vicky, in an effort to evade Mom’s question.

“Oh, Cindy and I are pretty tight. In fact, I know what tattoo you got. And where you got it.”

“You do?”

“That’s right, kiddo. And I want to see it. We both do,” she said, giving Mom a squeeze around her waist.

“Oh, my God,” I moaned, giving Mom a pleading look. “Do I have to? It’s, um, kind of raunchy.”

“Yes, little girl. C’mon, let’s get this over with.” Mom retorted with a wry grin.

“It’s not anywhere where it could ever be seen. I mean not normally.” I assured her, relieved that she wasn’t pissed at me.

“Hop up on the table, honeybunch — let’s have a good look,” Victoria said, grinning wickedly.

“Up, up, up!” Mom seconded.

So, I clambered up onto the end of the table, and Mom angled the table lamp to shine on me. I looked at them sheepishly, pausing with my hand near my short skirt and giggling nervously.

“Come on, let’s see it!” cried Vicky, clapping her hands.

Suddenly, the whole situation seemed hilarious, and I found myself grinning. Fine. They want a show? I’ll give ’em one.

Reaching down, I unfastened my skirt, then cast it aside, revealing my sexy blue panties — the ones so sheer that you could see my pussy through them. I took a deep breath, then tugged them down far enough to show off my new ink.

The tattoo was between my belly button and vulva: a picture of Amy, the cute Asian girl from the Futurama cartoon, with the bottom half of her pink pantsuit down around her ankles. She was cupping her vulva, her eyes glazed over in ecstasy and a wicked smile on her lips. Cindy had done an amazing job duplicating the character, with the colors especially bright and vibrant.

“It’s amazing,” Vicky said, shaking her head as she drew closer to get a better look. “Cindy’s outdone herself.”

“Oh my God!” Mom laughed. “I don’t believe it, but it is good! She really did do a fantastic job and… I have to say, I like it. It’s in an interesting place, too,” she added, a tinge of warmth appearing in her cheeks.

“So… you’re cool with it?” I asked, climbing down to perch on the table’s edge.

“Oh, honey, you’re old enough to decide these things for yourself,” she said, peering at it again.

“Thanks, Mom. Sorry I kept it a secret from you.” I was trying to sound casual and relaxed as Vicky started tracing around my tattoo with her finger.

“You’re in great shape, girl.” Vicky told me while stretching out one of my legs, then raising it toes-up in the air so she could examine it up and down. “Aren’t her legs nice, Helen?”

“Yes,” was all that Mom said. She was watching as Vicky bent to kiss my calf, her hand wandering down the inside of my thigh.

Let me tell you, Vicky’s touch felt wonderful. Nobody had ever paid that kind of attention to my legs. A tiny whimper escaped me as my pussy began to tingle and throb.

Reaching for my other leg, she offered it to Mom, looking her directly in the eye with a mysterious smile. My mother hesitantly took my leg and began to stroke it the way Vicky was. I felt my thighs part as they both caressed me, then Vicky’s lips gently grazed the back of my knee.

“Oh, that’s nice.” I breathed.

“Feels good, baby?” Vicky said teasingly.

“Mmmmm, yeah.” My heart was racing, then it pounded even faster when Mom lightly touched her lips to my other leg.

I watched as Mom’s eyes drifted shut, shocked not only by what she was doing, but how much she seemed to be enjoying it. Jesus H. Christ, I asked myself, what’s gotten into her?

“And what do we have here?” Vicky said, derailing my thoughts as she traced a fingertip down the front of my panties, making me shiver.

“Oooh!” I squealed. “That’s — that’s m-my pussy.”

“Mmmm, yes, your sweet little pussy. Oh, my, I see you shave down there. It’s beautiful, Jen — I’ll bet it’s just as yummy as your mom’s. Look, Helen.”

Mom was already looking, while still caressing and kissing my leg — only she was much closer to my inner thigh now, entranced by her lover’s actions.

Vicky’s lips were brushing my ear, her fingers teasing the cleft of my cunt. “And wearing see-through panties, you little hussy. Bet you’re a real firecracker of a girl, to wear such sexy undies. Hmm? Aren’t you?”

“Y-yeah!” I managed to blurt as she masturbated me.

“Uh-huh… but oh, my — your panties are all wet. Why is that, sugar? Bet I know why — you got turned on watching your mom and me kissing and touching each other, didn’t you? Admit it.”

“Oh… yes!”

“Tell me. Tell me what you were thinking.”

“Mmm! Ooooh! I was… was…”


“I wanted to watch you guys fuck!” I cried. “Want — to see you lick Mom’s pussy!”

Oh my fucking God! Did I actually say that? Did I really mean it?

By then Mom was gazing at me with the strangest expression, rubbing herself up against the edge of the table, clutching my leg, occasionally touching it with her lips. Then she started stroking my belly, and I closed my eyes again, almost certain that when I opened them I’d be awake in my bed, greeting the new day. This had to be some crazy dream — had to!

I heard Vicky speak to Mom. “Why don’t you slip your hand inside her panties? Touch her, Helen — make your little girl feel nice.”

Startled, I opened my eyes to see Mom turned pale. “I d-don’t know about that, Vicky,” she stammered. “I… I really shouldn’t.”

Vicky gazed at my mother, a mysterious smile on her lips. “Go on, Helen. We both know you want to. And Jen will love it, I promise.” She reached out to cup Mom’s bare breast, teasing the nipple with her fingers. “C’mon, lover… touch your daughter.”

I was so certain that Mom would refuse, walk away from this craziness — maybe even tell her new girlfriend to go fuck herself. Instead, her hand inched beneath the waistband of my blue panties, slowly curving around to cup my vulva.

“Mom!” I gasped, utterly shocked. “That’s, that’s — ohhhhmyGOD, that feels so good!”

“Honey,” she whispered, gently teasing my slit, her fingers gently exploring the moist flesh.

Suddenly Vicky’s mouth was on mine and I was sucking her tongue. I felt her hands tugging my camisole down, then moving to cover my breasts through the silk bra I wore.

As we kissed, I felt hands slowly drawing my panties down. My mother’s hands. I moaned into Vicky’s mouth, then she began to trail kisses down my neck. Mom lightly brushed my clitoris, circling it with her finger.

“Oh! Oh my God, what’re you doing to me, Mom…” I raved, enveloped in a hot, strobing haze of sex.

I couldn’t believe Mom had gotten carried away like this — but I ached for her to pleasure me. She was my mother, I adored her, and at that moment I would let her have me anyway she wanted. Right and wrong was for another day.

“Look at those gorgeous tits,” Vicky said. “C’mon, Helen, let’s take her panties off.”

Mom helped Vicky do just that — the two of them raising my hips, then slipping my skimpy undies down and off. I spread myself wide open, showing my mom and her lover everything I had.

They both began to toy with my cunt, touching me all over and, before long, fucking me — each with a finger moving around inside my vagina while I writhed on the tabletop making loud, incoherent sounds. Then Vicky wriggled another finger into my anus, and I nearly bit through my lower lip. I was pounding like a bass drum, deep vibrations swelling and building inside.

Mom’s face came down to meet mine, and I moaned into her mouth as she kissed me full on the lips, her hand moving to cover my breast. I allowed my lips to part, accepting Mom’s tongue, and then we were kissing like lovers, just as passionately as Vicky and I had done at the party.

Two beautiful, sexy women were both masturbating me, and I could feel myself inching toward an orgasm. Not the kind I give to myself, either.

Vicky’s finger was working its way into my rectum while she and Mom continued to pleasure my cunt and clitoris. Suddenly I felt the urge to participate, to return this pleasure I was being given.

My hand fumbled into Mom’s already unbuttoned jeans, slipping past the waistband of her panties. She jerked and moaned into my mouth, spreading her legs for me, her cunt opening to take my exploring fingers.

This was hotter, crazier, kinkier than anything I’d ever done, or even fantasized about — lesbian sex with my own mother and her new girlfriend!

Mom and Vicky fingered me right there on the kitchen table until I came. They told me later that my mouth was wide open, though I made no sound at all, and they had to hold me down so I wouldn’t thrash myself right off the table. Definitely not the kind of orgasm I give to myself.

When I caught my breath, my mother and Vicky were kissing again, both of them leaning over me to do it.

My hand wandered back into Mom’s underwear, pausing to toy with her soft pubes before going deeper, seeking heat. Turning to Vicky, I placed my free hand on the front of the skirt she wore. Breaking their kiss, she looked down at my hand, then smiled as she saw what I was doing to Mom. Reaching for the hem of her skirt, she flipped it up, revealing a tiny pair of black lace undies as she perched next to me on the table.

“Don’t be shy, little girl – come on in,” she said, taking my hand and thrusting it into her panties.

I made myself right at home, exploring Vicky’s trimmed pubes before finding the clitoris, making her gasp. “Damn, Jen — you’ve got some verrrry wicked fingers…” Her face briefly vanished as Mom wrestled Vicky’s top off, baring her beautiful breasts.

Tossing the skimpy top away, Mom bent down to kiss and lick at a swollen nipple. Vicky sighed with pleasure, but her eyes were glued to the action going on in my mother’s panties, where I had two fingers buried in Mom’s cunt. Since I didn’t have enough leverage to thrust in and out, I settled for wiggling them around inside. I guess that worked because she began to moan, her honey oozing freely over my hand.

Mom’s breast was dangling just above my face as she nuzzled Vicky’s tits. Unable to resist a sudden impulse, I raised my head to capture a nipple with my lips, nursing from my mother for the first time since I was an infant.

I listened to the music of our disjointed moans, sighs and gasps, accompanied by the liquid sounds of mouths and fingers against naked flesh.

Suddenly Mom’s voice rang out: “Ohhh! Ooh, J-Jen, honey! Finger my pussy! M-m-make your mommy come!”

“Yeah! Let your little girl fuck you, Helen!” Vicky panted, staring at Mom as I worked both their cunts. She was clutching tightly at one knee, spreading herself wide open to give me better access. “Jesus, you two are sssso beautiful… oh God. Oh, God! Ohhhhh shit I’m coming I’m… I’m… oh, FFFFUUUUUCKK!!” She threw her head back, wailing in ecstasy at the trailer ceiling.

Mom wasn’t far behind, especially once I began to rub her clit with my thumb. She jerked violently, then began to shiver, a loud keening sound escaping from clenched teeth.

I felt so awesome right then, like the Queen of Everything. Maybe I was just a girl of sixteen, but I had what it took to bring two grown women to orgasm at the same time.

“Helen, baby?” Vicky finally said in between deep breaths.

“Um… yeah? Wha’s up?” Mom mumbled. My hand was still buried in her panties.

Vicky slowly raised herself and climbed down from the table to the floor, brushing the bangs back from her damp forehead with a sweep of the hand. “Let’s take your daughter to bed.”

Mom’s eyes drifted open, and she smiled sweetly. “Yeah,” she sighed. “That sounds like a plan.”

Gazing down at me, Vicky caressed my face. “Your mom and I are going to play with you some more, sugar.”

“Oh?” I asked senselessly, trying my damnedest to drive away the fog that lurked in my head right then.

“Awww, baby girl,” she chuckled, her voice warm and soothing as she cradled me to her breasts. “Don’t you want to have more sexy fun with me and Mommy?”

I nodded slowly, nuzzling Vicky’s gorgeous tits. Mom began to kiss my neck, her tongue emerging to lick in the hollow of my throat. I still had a hand stuffed in my mother’s panties, cupping her vulva.

“Tell us,” Vicky urged. “Tell us what you want. Say the words.”

My fingers stirred in Mom’s wetness, exploring. She moaned, working herself into my hand, her warm lips brushing my thighs.

“I want you and Mom to fuck me,” I said, staring into Vicky’s hazel eyes. “You can do anything you want. Anything.”

Victoria glanced at Mom, then back at me, shaking her head in wonder. “Like mother, like daughter. In every way.” Moistening her full lips, she rose to her feet. “Well, come on, ladies. Time’s a-wasting.”

They steered me through the length of the trailer to my mother’s boudoir, Mom in front with her finger buried in my cunt, Vicky groping my bare ass from behind.

Once we were in the bedroom, Mom quickly stripped me of my bra. Now I was naked, but for the turquoise socks I wore. “We’ll leave those on, ’cause they’re so cute,” my mother said with a smile.

Vicky placed a hand on my shoulder. “Jen, why don’t you take the rest of your mom’s clothes off? She’d love for you to eat her pussy, I bet.”

It was the most perverted thing I could imagine myself doing… but all I could think about was how much I wanted to strip Mom naked and go down on her. Where the fuck was this crazy urge coming from?

For years I’d only thought of my mother as the woman who raised me — sewed the buttons on my clothes when they came off, taught me to ride a bicycle, fixed me pancakes in the morning, gave me boring advice, put ointment on my scrapes and cuts, nagged me to clean up my room. I’d never thought of Mom as a sexual creature, or imagined her experiencing lust.

Seeing her in bed with Vicky that morning had turned my mental picture of Mom upside down. All day long I’d visualized the two of them fucking beneath the sheets: mouths crushed together, hands groping naked bodies, mouths and tongues exploring, cunt grinding against cunt.

Those images had turned me on something fierce, but I assumed it was only because I was hot for Vicky. Now I knew better. I wanted my sexy mother, too.

Kneeling before Mom, I wriggled her jeans down, followed by soaked panties. When she stepped from them, I couldn’t help but bring those warm undies to my face, breathing deeply of my mother’s womanly aroma and loving it.

“My goodness,” a wide-eyed Mom said, watching me smell her panties.

Vicky studied me admiringly. “She’s one hell of a young woman, Helen. You should be proud.”

“Oh, I am,” my mother quietly replied, with a firm nod. “I most definitely am.”

Rising to take Mom’s hand, I paused to give her a brief but intense French kiss, my tongue flirting with hers. We gently broke apart, then I led her to the bed. “You smell great, Mom. Now I want to taste you.”

She reached out to touch my cheek. “Oh, honey, I — I never even imagined doing something like this before, not in my wildest fantasies. It’s wrong, I guess, but that doesn’t matter. I want you so much.” Her eyes were moist. “I love you, Jen — more than anything.”

I grinned. “Jeez, Mom… I love you too, but save the sappy stuff for later. Right now, let’s fuck!”

She glared at me — then laughed, shaking her head. “All right, all right… far be it for me to screw up good sex by getting romantic with my smart-ass daughter.” Stretching herself out on the bed, my mother spread her legs wide apart. “See anything you like, little girl?”

I most certainly did. There it was — Mom’s pussy, glistening with wetness, awaiting the touch of a lover’s mouth. My mouth.

She watched me; lust, love and anticipation written on her face as I knelt between those beautiful legs and took a deep breath, drinking in the dizzying scent of her. Drawing nearer, I pressed a feather-light kiss upon my mother’s rosy flesh, those dark pubes tickling my nose.

“Mmmmm, yeah,” she moaned.

That was all the encouragement I needed. My lips parted to kiss her again — only this time I was frenching Mom’s cunt like a lover’s mouth, probing inside with my tongue. She was dripping, her essence bathing the lower half of my face. .

“Oh, Jen!” Mom panted, cradling my head between her thighs. “Jen, m-my angel — I love you…”

I let my mouth answer for me, sucking at her open slit, drinking from her as if I was perishing of thirst.

I felt hands roughly clutching my ass, spreading both cheeks apart. Then soft lips nuzzled my pussy, and I moaned into my mother as Vicky began to lick me, her tongue gliding up and down, up and down.

My soul was lit up like the Fourth of July, fireworks of ecstasy fizzing and popping every which way. Mom’s pussy was wet and warm and luscious, and going down on her turned me on like no sex ever had.

Then there was Vicky, who could not only charm a mom and her daughter into bed with her, but also get them to pleasure one another. Her mouth was doing marvelous things to my vagina.

Then her finger was tenderly circling my anus. It traced a spiral to the center, then pressed inward, slipping through the tight ring.

I’d never had my ass fingered before. I felt it in the pit of my belly, and moaned into Mom’s cunt as Vicky slowly penetrated me in one smooth, steady stroke — then I gasped as she immediately shifted into reverse, withdrawing that probing digit until only the tip remained.

The sensation was dizzying, but I managed to keep reasonably focused, going down on my mother like it was my last chance to eat pussy. She was staring sightlessly at the ceiling, mauling her breasts with both hands, raving, “Oh, honey… God, you lick m-my pussy so good — ooooohhh! I adore you, Jen…”

Now Vicky’s finger was pumping steadily in and out of my slippery rectum. My ass was arched up to meet her thrusts, which gave her room to do what she did next: slip her head beneath me, resting her free hand on my tailbone, then pressing my pelvis down until I was feeding her my cunt.

My heart hammered mercilessly against my ribcage. There I was, knee-deep in the kinkiest shit imaginable, so wild that even my dirty mind couldn’t have envisioned it: face buried between the legs of my own mother, eating her pussy while I rode the mouth of her lesbian lover.

A choked wail exploded from Mom’s lips, her thighs squeezing my head as she burst into orgasm. Her thick, warm juices flowed like wine, and I eagerly slurped them down. Determined to take my mother’s pleasure even higher, I blindly sought out her clit with my fingers, giving the fleshy nubbin a tweak.

Mom’s response was immediate, a violent shudder smashing through her body that nearly threw me on my ass. I held on, though, mouth still glued to her cunt.

Meanwhile, Vicky was busy working me from below, her tongue trailing up and down my slit. I had my legs spread as wide as they could go, opening myself up to her oral assault. She was still probing my ass, too, her finger buried to the hilt and rolling around inside me.

Mom was panting furiously, riding what felt like her third or fourth climax. I eased off a bit, not wanting to drive her completely nuts — instead, I covered her vulva with tender kisses. The tension in her frame eased somewhat, both arms falling limp by her side.

With one last loving kiss, I raised my face from Mom’s pussy, flashing her a very moist grin. She gave me a sleepy smile in return — just as Vicky sucked my clitoris between her lips.

“Oh… oh, shit,” I gulped, feeling the point of heat sparking off in the core of me, then building, relentless and roaring like a gasoline fire. It spread outward so fast that I barely had time to brace myself for its full impact.

An instant later I’d gone steel-rigid — clutching at my mother; face buried in her soft, welcoming thighs as a blinding orgasm seared its heat into me, body and soul.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK! a shrill, frantic voice babbled in my head as Vicky took me through one climax after another. Damned if I knew what she was doing to me down there, but I swear that I could hear sirens, firecrackers, big iron bells and screeching saxophones, all going off at once.

Mom cradled me in her lap, her soft hands caressing my head as I wailed and moaned in ecstasy. “That’s right, baby,” she soothed, “let Vicky love you. Isn’t she amazing?”

I would have replied in the affirmative, except that simple speech was beyond me at that point. A jerky nod was the level best I could manage. In fact, I felt felt perilously close to bursting into tears. Not that I was at all unhappy, just emotionally overwhelmed.

Vicky finally took pity on me, removing her mouth from my cunt with a loud, appreciative smack. Her finger, however, continued to twist and probe inside my rectum for another few seconds. Then it, too, was gone, and I felt a hand giving my ass an affectionate pat.

Now I had the chance to catch my breath, as well as plant a few kisses on Mom’s thighs before slowly rolling onto my back. Through unfocused eyes I peered up into the face of my mother, who gave me the sweetest of smiles before her mouth dipped down to meet mine.

We enjoyed a lazy, languid kiss, tongues entwining, then Mom broke away. “I think that Vicky needs some attention now,” she murmured. “How ’bout you and I both get her off, hmmm?”

As you can imagine, that sounded like a pretty good scenario to me, so we got Vicky up on all fours and tag-teamed her from behind, taking turns licking her pussy. Then at one point, while I was doing her, Mom pried Vicky’s buttocks apart and began to tongue her asshole.

Despite all we’d already done, I was still a little shocked to see my mother doing something as lewd as licking a woman’s anus — even this wilder, more daring version of Mom that I was still getting to know and love. Hell, I’d never rimmed a partner before, or had it done to me. Realizing that made me want to try it for myself.

Kissing my way up to Vicky’s butt crack, I met Mom there. What I expected was that she and I would switch places, but somehow my mother and I started kissing.

So there we were, Mom and I — sharing sloppy French kisses and eating her new girlfriend’s asshole at the same time.

“Oh, yes — fuck, that’s good!” Vicky exclaimed. “N-now touch my clit, Helen, do my clit…”

Mom felt her way between Vicky’s legs, seeking her lover’s erotic center. I could tell when she found it, too, when Vicky gave a strangled yelp. “Yeah, b-babe, just like that…!”

Seconds later a savage jolt ran through Vicky’s frame, a howl ripping loose from her throat when she came. She began to rock forward and back, forward and back; head bobbing crazily as Mom and I continued to pleasure her with our fingers and mouths..

Mom drew back, leaving that gorgeous ass to me while her attention was centered on fingering her partner’s clitoris, so I eagerly took over on rimming duty, bathing Vicky’s anal cleft up and down with long swipes of the tongue.

Vicky’s body continued to shake and shudder as my mother and I drove her through at least two orgasms, maybe more. Finally she began to wind down, all but overwhelmed by our efforts.

Removing her hand from between Vicky’s thighs, Mom moved around the bed to face her lover, claiming the brunette’s panting mouth in an ardent kiss. I sat back on my haunches, relishing the sight of my mom and her new girlfriend making out.

Vicky rolled onto her back, taking my mother down with her without breaking their kiss, trailing both hands down Mom’s back to cup her shapely ass. Grasping both cheeks, Vicky pulled them slightly apart, giving me a breathtaking view of my mother’s pussy.

Unable to resist, I reached out to trace the juicy opening, then deftly slipped two fingers inside.

Mom moaned into Vicky’s mouth as I penetrated her, their tongue action growing even more heated while I probed around in that slippery cunt like I was drilling for oil.

Then my mother turned to peer up at me. “C’mere, honeybunch,” she purred, a sexy tone in her voice that made me tremble inside, “snuggle with us.” Rolling away from Vicky, she patted the bed between them.

I joined the two lovers, lying down with one on either side. My fingers were still buried to the hilt in Mom’s vagina. Her mouth found mine, and we shared a lust-filled kiss. Vicky was nuzzling my neck, her hand trailing down to grope my ass.

I was masturbating my mother, thrusting in and out of her dripping hole as Vicky’s finger slipped into my butt crack, pressing the taut rosebud, then continuing downward until she was stroking my slit.

Mom licked a path down to my breasts, burying her face in them with a blissful moan. I could feel her hand feeling its way between our sweat-glazed bodies.

Before I knew what was what, I was getting serviced by my mother and her lover simultaneously — Mom tweaking my clit while she licked and lightly bit my nipples, Vicky exploring me with two fingers.

I gave myself up to ecstasy, moaning joyfully as I came yet again. Things got sort of jumbled in my head, and I can’t exactly remember what happened after that.

My next impression was of drifting into wakefulness, brought into a brand new day by sounds of cooking. The scent of bacon perfumed the air. I stretched, yawned, then noticed with a start that I wasn’t in my own bed.

Turning around, I was confronted by the face of my mother, just as her own eyes fluttered open… and in a sudden rush of cold clarity, the events of last night flooded my mind.

Mom and I gaped in mixed surprise, disbelief and horror at one another, images flashing in my memory — one after the next depicting all the wild, freaky sex acts we’d indulged in, together and with Vicky.

I was suddenly tense, nerves jangling. Oh, God — what the fuck have we done?

Then Mom giggled, and that was when the absurdity of the whole situation hit me. I began to snicker along with her — and within seconds we were both laughing.

Finally Mom calmed herself, still gazing fondly at me. “Are we okay?” she asked, still smiling.

I reached for her hand, gave it a squeeze. “Yeah, Mom… we’re okay.”

We rose and got dressed in a mellow silence. I slipped on my panties, then padded down to my room to get a dressing gown. We met in the tiny kitchen, where Vicky was fixing breakfast.

“G’mornin’, ladies,” she drawled. “I used all the bacon and most of the eggs… hope you don’t mind.”

“Just serve it up,” said Mom, pausing to give her lover a passionate kiss. “I could eat a horse.”

Breakfast was, thankfully, a relaxed affair, devoid of awkwardness, jealousy or regret. What had happened had happened, and no one seemed to have been hurt in the process.

Still, I thought it best to step out for awhile after we ate, sensing that Mom and Vicky needed some time to themselves. I took a quick shower, threw on shorts and an old flannel shirt of my dad’s, then gave the two lovebirds brief hugs before making myself scarce.

I’d told Mom I was going over to Cindy’s trailer to play video games; really, I just wanted to be by myself for awhile, to think about what had happened. Slipping into the nearby woods, I wandered down to the creek, where there was a big rock I liked to sit on that I’d nicknamed The Frog. You could plunk yourself down in one particular spot and let your feet soak in the creek’s cool, flowing water.

So there I was, serenaded by the ambience of forest life — along with distant road sounds, to remind me of the nearness of humanity — while I pondered this huge new development in my life. I’d had sex with my own mom and her girlfriend, and it had been my greatest erotic experience by a country mile.

Did that mean I was a lesbian?

It wasn’t important, I decided. At that moment in time, my preference was absolutely for females, but I couldn’t swear that I’d never again be swept off my feet by some cute boy. I was only sixteen, after all; too young to hang a label on myself.

Then there was a much more unsettling question: was I now my mother’s lover?

I turned that idea over, then shook my head. No. No way. Fucking Mom had been beyond awesome, but I simply couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea of being her romantic partner. Didn’t compute.

Well then — what about Vicky? I’d certainly felt love-like stirrings for her at the party. She’d made my heart race, made my pussy drip.

No, that wouldn’t be right, either. She was my mother’s squeeze, at least for the time being, and I adored Mom too much to put myself in between them. The sex we’d shared had been wonderful, but I shouldn’t go looking for a repeat session.

Anyhow, I told myself with a smile, it’s not like I can’t find a girlfriend for myself…

Reassured, I rose to stand and stretch myself, bent to retrieve my shoes and socks, then strode barefoot back into the park to visit Cindy in her trailer, already making plans to crash on her couch for the night, if she was cool with it. Mom and her new lover deserved a night on their own.


It’s been three years since that evening of lovemaking with Vicky and my mother. She and Mom are still together, and incredibly happy. They had their trailers placed side by side and now have a two-part home, though they still sleep in the same bed.

Me, I moved out of the park a year ago, into an apartment just down the road that I share with my girlfriend Cherie. I met her in my first year of college; a case of love at first sight. That cute boy never did show up to sweep me off my feet, and I don’t think he ever will.

Cherie’s an amazing girl, and I adore her completely — sweet and shy, with long honey-brown hair and big blue eyes that make my heart turn flips when I gaze into them. She loves comic books, old black and white movies and Chinese food, just like I do; and though our musical tastes differ, we agree more often than not. She’s amazing in bed, making love with a passion that leaves me breathless. Oh, and Cherie and I fit into each other’s clothes, which is just peachy.

There’s something else that makes Cherie special to me — she couldn’t be more understanding about the unusual relationship I have with my mother and her partner. You see, I continue to share their bed every now and then.

About three weeks after our one night together, Mom and Vicky invited me to drink wine with them; they’d splurged on two bottles of what Vicky claimed were superior vintages. Now I don’t know squat about wine, but it was Friday night and I was in a mood to relax with glass in hand, so I eagerly accepted.

I’d honestly believed that sex with Mom and her lover had been a marvelous one-time experience, never to be repeated. Instead, not long after we three had polished off the first bottle, my mother and Vicky sat down on either side of me, each placing a warm hand on my thigh.

A surge of mixed arousal and anticipation swelled beneath my tummy. Wide-eyed, I turned to my mother, and she kissed me. I eagerly sucked her tongue when it entered my mouth, relaxing into Vicky’s embrace as her hands slipped around me to claim my breasts.

Soon we were all naked and in bed, making love in a sweet frenzy. If anything, this time was even better than our debut as a threesome. Mom and Vicky ganged up on me, eating my pussy and asshole until I got off, then kept going until I begged them to stop.

Vicky wanted to watch me and my mother, so she stretched out next to us, fingering her pussy while Mom and I made out, kissing and touching one another for a long while, allowing our lust to build up into a blind animal heat. Then Mom reversed herself and thrust a leg between mine, scooting forward so that our sexes were pressed tightly together.

“Vicky taught me this,” she said, grasping my hips. “Bet you’ll like it, honeybunch.”

Did I ever! I’d yet to be introduced to the fine art of tribbing, and my mother made up for lost time, riding me hard in a sweaty, slippery lesbian fuck. I got the idea soon enough, and soon our bodies were pumping like pistons, cunt grinding into cunt, Mom and me hugging tightly as we bucked and rocked against one another.

We came simultaneously, a breathless explosion of wet flesh and entwined limbs that seemed to last for a small eternity. I was dazed, head whirling like a merry-go-round gone wild.

I’d more or less recaptured my breath when Vicky got to her knees, threw a leg over my face and straddled me, lowering her sex to my mouth. In no mood to tease, I glued my mouth to that juicy cunt and went to fucking town — giving my mother’s lover the best, nastiest head I could.

While eating pussy down below, I was treated to an amazing view of Mom kissing Vicky and fingering her clit. I lifted my head to place a small kiss on my mother’s hand, and she glanced down to give me a wink before returning to feast on her lover’s hot mouth.

Soon Vicky was coming in my face, honey flowing from her vagina. I drank deeply from her; gorged myself on the essence of my mother’s lover. Vicky rode me until she could take no more, then dismounted and took me in her arms, tasting herself on my lips and tongue.

So went the evening. The three of us explored lesbian love to the full, celebrating our sexuality to the point of exhaustion. We replenished ourselves on the last of the wine, accompanied by bread, cheese and fruit, then came together for one final bout of lovemaking — this time languid and gentle — before falling off to sleep in a sweaty tangle of bodies.

Ever since that night, I’ve been an occasional partner in the love life of Mom and Vicky. One of them will phone me on my cell with an invitation to a “sleepover”… and if I don’t have anything planned with Cherie, I’ll be there. Needless to say, sleeping is only a small part of what we get up to.

As I mentioned earlier, Cherie is completely cool with letting me join Mom and Vicky every now and then for a night of fucking. Admittedly, the whole idea of lesbian sex with one’s parent is still a little bizarre to her — then again, her mom isn’t nearly as desirable as mine.

We have an open invitation for Cherie to join us for one of our little sex parties, any time she’s of a mind to. Thus far, she has always politely refused. She admits that Vicky and my mom are hot, but insists “I’m a one-woman girl.” Still, we’re hoping that someday she will change her mind, at least for a night.

So that’s where my story stands, at least for now. As far as I’m concerned, life couldn’t be better… and it wouldn’t have shaken out the way it did if Mom and I hadn’t been forced to sell the family home and start all over. I guess that sometimes you have to lose what you have to get the things you really want.

The End


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