Rhonda’s Delightful Daughter

  • Posted on May 1, 2015 at 7:41 am

By Cheryl Taggert

Rhonda Tucker knew her daughter, Cheryl, was beautiful. Nobody had to tell her that; she had eyes. In fact, she had been watching her little girl grow up with increased interest. Cheryl was filling out nicely. She had recently turned twelve, and Rhonda was acutely aware of her daughter’s effects on others, especially her own mother.

Rhonda was at their pool thinking about her daughter, daydreaming about the many things that had happened while Cheryl had been growing up–and out. Because her husband Stan worked long hours and frequently had to travel, much of Rhonda’s life had become centered around her little girl.

She remembered Cheryl when she had only been about four or five, riding her little rocking horse on springs, Shadow. The horse had belonged to Rhonda when she was a child, and later Rhonda handed it down to her own daughter. Cheryl had fallen in love with it immediately, riding it for great stretches of time. Of course, Rhonda knew what was happening. She herself had enjoyed the immature sexual feelings the rocking had produced, and she knew her own daughter was discovering her own feelings. This had become obvious when little Cheryl, not threatened by her feelings or her mother’s possible reaction to them, had come to Rhonda and asked about the feelings.

“Mommy, why does Shadow make my po-po feel tingly?” Po-po had been their pet name for pussy, Rhonda remembered. Of course, she wouldn’t have taught her child that more sexual term, and vagina had just seemed so formal. She enjoyed the cute name, as did Cheryl.

“Because you are discovering how certain touches and pressures make your po-po feel. It’s okay, honey. It won’t hurt you. In fact, you will one day find you really like that feeling a lot.”

Cheryl had smiled. “I like it already,” she’d said and dashed off to ride Shadow for another half hour or so.

Years later when Cheryl had been around nine, Rhonda had walked in on her in the tub. She found her little girl with her little pussy under the stream of the tub faucet. She had straightened up quickly, but Rhonda had assured her that what she was doing was okay.

“It’s okay, sweetie. Mommy’s sorry. I should have knocked first. You go ahead and I will leave. What you were doing is just fine. Mommy does it too, and it would be hypocritical for me to tell you not to.”

Her baby had just looked at her, wide-eyed, and smiled. A look of happiness had crossed her face. Rhonda would not describe it any other way. And later her nubile little nymphet had reinforced her feelings about that certainty.

That night, after her bath, she had come to Rhonda and sat beside her on the sofa. Rhonda, who had more or less forgotten the incident in the bathroom earlier, had looked at her quizzically, since Cheryl had had a most unusual look on her little face.

“What is it, baby?”



Then her little girl had leaned into her quickly and hugged her tightly. “Thank you.”

“For what, honey?” Even now she remembered the intoxicating scent of her wet hair, clean and fresh.

“For being a good mom.”

Rhonda eased her daughter back with gentle hands on her shoulders. “Okay. What did I do right now?” She laughed, as did Cheryl. It was telling of their relationship how often they asked that question instead of the usually more common one, “What did I do wrong now?” They had indeed been close since the child’s birth.

“Well — about the tub. What I was doing. Tina’s mom would have had a fit or something if she’d caught Tina doing that. You seemed like it was the most natural thing in the world.”

“It is, baby. It’s natural for me, and it’s natural for you. It’s probably natural for Tina, but her mommy thinks otherwise. That’s all.”

“I just feel really lucky to have a mommy like you. And that’s all.”

“Can Mommy ask you a personal question?”

Cheryl had started to get up from her spot next to her mother, but now hesitated. Her daughter looked into her eyes and Rhonda could see that her baby girl knew that it would be a really personal question, considering what the topic of discussion had been. Rhonda could almost see the decision to be honest and forthright with her mother enter Cheryl’s mind. It was almost certainly a by-product of their honesty with each other on everything in their lives to that point.

Cheryl nodded wordlessly.

“Do you know what an orgasm is?” Rhonda saw from her reaction that she had considered the question would be the one asked. She seemed to expect it.

Cheryl looked into Rhonda’s eyes and spoke. “Yes.”

“Have you ever had one?”

Again, that forthright stare. “Yes, Mommy.”

“How long have you been having them?”

“I don’t know. A long time — since Shadow.”

Rhonda wasn’t surprised by that at all. Finally, she asked, “Did you have one earlier in the tub?”

This time, Cheryl just nodded before asking, “That’s okay, isn’t it?”

It was Rhonda’s turn to hug her daughter. “Yes, baby. That’s more than okay. It’s fantastic. Enjoy them. Enjoy them all.”

That night Rhonda had sat and remembered her own upbringing. Her mother had been much more like Tina’s mother. As a result Rhonda had felt enormously guilty about her sexual feelings growing up. If her daughter was the result of honesty and parental permission for a child to explore and enjoy her budding sexuality, then she was doing this mother thing the right way. Cheryl was the most well-adjusted child she knew, filled with a strong sense of self and pride that did not alienate people at all. Quite the contrary, her self-esteem drew people to her the way a flower draws bees.

Now her daughter was twelve. A beautiful child-woman. At twelve, that usually awkward age between early puberty and adulthood, she was self-assured and filled with love for just about everyone she knew. She rarely had fights with other girls the way so many girls that age did. Nearly everybody liked her.

And now, sitting by the pool, Rhonda had to finally admit that she liked her too. Of course, she loved her. Cheryl was her daughter, after all. But Rhonda liked her daughter. And today, after last night’s events that were only now beginning to creep into her consciousness after being pushed away so many times since it had happened, she was admitting to herself finally that she desired her daughter Cheryl too. She desired to kiss her mouth wetly, fondle her body’s every inch, suckle the pert breasts, and lick and suck her maturing little pussy. Furthermore, she wanted her daughter to do these things to her as well. She wanted desperately to feel her own daughter’s lips, tongue, and mouth on her body’s most sensitive areas.

Of course she knew the taboos that were in play here. Incest. The UGLIEST of words in the modern culture. But why was that? She certainly had not set the rules. Could she help it if she found she desired her own daughter? And now, God help them, she was aware of her daughter’s desire for her as well.

It was that word, incest, that had kept last night’s episode from being replayed in her mind. The taboo nature of it made her mind shrink from remembering what had happened last night during the storm.

Rhonda looked up at the sunny day. It was hard to believe that last night it had been anything but wonderful weather. She forced her mind to go back to the events she didn’t want to face, for to see them meant she would act again on her and Cheryl’s desires for one another. And just as surely as the sun rose in the east and set in the west, she knew that would happen too, of course.

It had been stormy all day yesterday, and last night’s forecast called for more of the same. They had watched TV until the cable had gone out; then they’d played Monopoly until the power failed. There was nothing left to do but go to bed, so they had.

The thunder had grown increasingly worse, booming closer to their home with each passing minute. Cheryl had never been nervous in a storm before, but for some reason she was last night. Rhonda decided it was probably just being twelve.

They had retired to their rooms, and Rhonda had changed for bed when a timid knock had sounded at her bedroom door.

“Come in,” Rhonda said, wondering what Cheryl wanted.

When Cheryl opened the bedroom door, she looked sheepish in the candlelight that cast its romantic glow throughout the room.

“Mom? Can I sleep with you just for tonight?”

The suddenness of her nervous response to the storm surprised Rhonda.

“What’s the matter, honey?” she asked with concern.

“It’s the storm, that’s all. For some reason I’m sort of scared. Just a little,” she’d added quickly, lest her mother think she was a baby for being afraid of a storm.

Rhonda could sense her anxiety over being afraid and appeased it as best she could by admitting to fear herself. “I’m a little nervous too, honey. I’m glad you came in here. I might have ended up slipping into your bed tonight myself.”

Cheryl giggled at that, and the momentary tension was over as far as admitting to fear of the storm went.

“So I can stay with you tonight?”

“Sure, hon. We’ll make it a camp-out of sorts.”

Cheryl placed the candle on the bedside table and leaped on the bed, landing amid the covers. Rhonda noticed she was wearing a baby blue pajama shirt and almost sheer bikini panties of the same color. The sight had a disquieting effect on Rhonda. She suddenly realized it turned her on to see her daughter in such a simple yet sexy outfit for the night. She decided to ignore her sudden lustful feelings. It wasn’t as if she could masturbate tonight if she got horny.

“Well, what do you say we call it a night?” Rhonda asked, climbing into bed beside her daughter.

“Okay, it’s a night!” Cheryl said, squealing with adolescent humor.

“Very funny, young lady. Now, under the covers.”

“Do I have to? It’s hot and I like to sleep on top of the covers. In fact, I usually don’t wear anything on a warm night like this.”

Rhonda had known that. She had entered her daughter’s room on various errands after lights out numerous times to find her little cherub naked and asleep on top of the covers. The memory of it had a rather stimulating effect on her. As the storm raged outside, she could feel one brewing inside her as well.

Then she said something she couldn’t believe she had said. “Well, I wouldn’t want to stand in the way of tradition. If you sleep in the nude, then by all means, do so now. I want you to be comfortable, sweetie.”

In any other circumstance, she would have thought nothing of this remark. But suddenly she felt embarrassed by it. For some reason, the sexual nature of it struck her with an intense inner vibration. She noticed, uncomfortably, where that vibration was centered–in her pussy. Her body was responding to her daughter in very unexpected ways. She felt her pussy grow moist.

Her daughter’s reaction was more expected, but no less intoxicating to Rhonda. She began to unbutton her pajama top, smiling at her mother before looking down to watch her own progress. She was stripping, getting naked to sleep in the same bed as her mother. She behaved as if it were the world’s most normal thing.

Perhaps it was, thought Rhonda. But her own feelings of lust were making her feel guilty. She had never felt guilt as far as her daughter was concerned, and the sensation was odd now, to say the least.

Rhonda found herself staring at her daughter’s breasts as they were revealed. She’d seen them plenty of times before, as recently as last week, but their effect on her now was somewhat different. She realized she was viewing her daughter as a sexual partner. Her own partner.

Cheryl noticed her mother’s stares. “What?” Cheryl asked, blushing slightly as she noticed her mother’s stares were much different than her usual casual glances.

Rhonda snapped out of her reverie. She realized with sudden horror that she was imagining her mouth sucking Cheryl’s nipples, first one, then the other, until they were standing at attention to meet her mouth’s fondling of them.

“Huh? Oh. Um… I was just… nothing.” Her mind reeled with the image. What was more, her pussy was positively on fire. Her breathing was ragged. Sweat popped out on her forehead.

“Are you okay, Mom? You look kinda hot.”

My god, thought Rhonda. Is it that obvious? Then she realized Cheryl was talking about the perspiration that had shown on her skin.

To cover the reason for her sudden perspiring, she just said, “Oh, well, yes, I am.”

“Why don’t you sleep on top of the covers in the nude too, then?” suggested Cheryl. “An all nude slumber party, just you and me. That would be neat!”

Rhonda realized that she was stuck now. She would have to comply or give away how much desire she was feeling for her daughter right now. She stood beside the bed and began to remove the gown she’d put on. She wore nothing underneath.

When next she looked at Cheryl, Rhonda saw something flicker in her eyes that she hadn’t seen before. It was a momentary flash of thought or mood. Then she realized she had seen that look before. She had seen it while Cheryl, at the tender age of four, had ridden Shadow, stimulating her little clit that had not even developed much beyond a small BB. And she had seen it when she had entered the bathroom that time to see her daughter with legs splayed up the wall of the tub enclosure and the water from the tub’s spigot splashing onto her puffy, hairless mound. What she had seen flicker in her daughter Cheryl’s eyes was exactly what she had already been feeling. It was lust. A desire for sex. Rhonda realized with sudden clarity that her twelve-year-old daughter was horny. And she could also see that it surprised her too.

For a moment, neither spoke nor moved. They were transfixed with the knowledge about each other. Cheryl suddenly realized that it hadn’t been the heat that had caused her mother to perspire. She recognized the reason which until that moment had escaped her. Perhaps she’d recognized it because she had suddenly felt it herself, but she knew it for what it was. And suddenly their hearts were pounding in their chests, which in turn created more heat in their pussies. They each knew. And what was more, they understood that the other knew as well. And this caused their paralysis.

Finally, Rhonda spoke, but it was a feeble attempt to break the ice. “Well… um… uh… well.” She heaved a sigh.

“Mom? What’s going on?”

Cheryl was the one to bring it up, of course. She was the more innocent of the two and needed answers. Rhonda realized they at least needed to talk about it.

“Honey, do you want to talk?”

Cheryl nodded. It brought back the memory of their conversation after the tub incident and Rhonda relaxed. Whatever happened, they would be okay.

Rhonda climbed onto the bed beside Cheryl, and they lay back together, propping themselves up with pillows. They looked into each other’s eyes.

Rhonda spoke first this time. “Honey, I don’t know what is going on, exactly. How do you feel right now?”

“Right now? Right now I feel like masturbating. And I’m not sure why. But suddenly seeing you naked did that to me. I don’t know. What about you?”

Rhonda continued to gaze into her daughter’s lovely green eyes. She could feel herself falling into them. “Right now I am so hot I could touch myself and come within seconds.”

Cheryl was still confused, but not in a panic. She seemed more curious than anything. “Mom, why are we feeling this way together? I mean, I’m scared to say what I was thinking. What I’m still thinking.”

Rhonda tried to get some perspective, attempted to understand where these feelings came from. She thought she knew, but wasn’t sure Cheryl would understand. She felt she had no other choice but to tell her what she thought and see.

“Sweetie, I think it is an extension of our immense love for one another. We have been so close all your life, and I have always been open and honest with you about your sexuality. Perhaps this is just that love and understanding coming out in a new way.”

Cheryl seemed to be taking that thought in and processing it. She looked at her mother and this time boldly allowed her eyes to wander down her body to her breasts and pussy. Her eyes lingered there on her mother’s shaved pussy as her breathing grew more unsteady. Unconsciously, Cheryl’s hand began to wander to her own breasts and squeeze her right nipple, pinching it.

“Baby, are you scared?” asked Rhonda, concerned that her daughter not be afraid of her or her own feelings, as wrong as society thought those feelings might be.

Cheryl glanced up into her mother’s soft eyes then back down to Rhonda’s pussy.  Its aroma now mingled with her own pussy’s to fill the air around the bed with the fragrance of their natural perfumes. “No,” she looked back at her mother and smiled shyly before continuing. “I’m turned on!”

It was a sound of desperation. A music of longing. In the time it takes for the heart to beat, they each knew that they would make love.

“Me, too,” Rhonda’s voice nearly squeaked, her throat had become so dry.

Then Rhonda leaned into her daughter’s frame, that lovely, tight twelve-year-old body, and they molded into each other.

Their lips sought the other’s, seeking and exploring. They kissed deeply. Their tongues intertwined, probing warmly into the other’s mouth, longing to become one. Each uttered a moan of abandonment to their feelings. Desire enveloped their bodies.

Rhonda tilted her head to her daughter’s small cleavage and her lips moved to the swelling flesh of her breast. She sought the nipple that capped the small mound, and in an instant it was in her mouth at long last. She realized the irony that she had suckled Cheryl as a baby, and now, years later, it had been her, the mother, who had next sought the nipple of the other.

Her tongue flicked the puckered flower of Cheryl’s nipple, dancing along the protruding button of raspberry-colored flesh. Next, her teeth nibbled along the sides of the tit, finally arriving back at the nipple, where more tender bites were bestowed on the ripe flesh.

All the while, Cheryl squirmed from the attentions of her mother. She felt the moisture from her pussy begin to flow from her in waves of pleasure. She longed for more as her body responded in spite of who her partner was. She didn’t care that it was her own mother. She realized that she had wanted this for so long, possibly since she had been a small child first discovering her sexuality. She was certain she’d wanted it since she’d been nine when her mother had caught her masturbating in the tub. She had found herself trying to peek at her mother since then. She wanted to see her mother’s nude body. In fact, she often masturbated to images of her mother. But it wasn’t until now that she realized where these fantasies had been leading.

She looked down at her mother’s head as it bobbed from one tit to the other, nibbling enticingly. Tears welled up in her eyes at the sheer pleasure of finally having sex with her mother. She loved her mother more than anyone in the world. Why shouldn’t her mother be her first sexual partner? She reached down and cupped one of her mother’s breasts, pinching the nipple. Her mother responded with a soft moan.

Rhonda continued her journey down Cheryl’s belly. She could already smell the girl’s horniness. As in Rhonda’s own cunt, Cheryl’s creamy juices were bubbling from her super-heated pussy. Rhonda felt an enormous need to get her mouth on her baby’s mound. She stopped for a moment at the twelve-year-old’s navel, dipping her tongue into the tiny indentation in her daughter’s perfect skin that represented what had once been a physical connection between them.  That connection had now been replaced with another, more mature, physical connection.  She hesitated for a moment, in need of final permission to make love to her daughter.

“Baby,” she said, “do you want this to continue?” She wanted to be sure Cheryl was more than willing to make love with her mother. This was more than just sex, more than just lesbian sex, more than an older woman with a younger one. This was mother-daughter incest, and she needed to be completely certain her daughter would not regret this.

“Oh, yes, Mom, please!

“Are you wanting to do… everything?”

“Very much, Mom. I think I have wanted this for years.”

Rhonda looked up at her daughter’s face. It was radiant. “Really, honey?”

Cheryl spoke with complete sincerity. “Yes. I think I first wanted this when I was nine and you caught me in the tub. I just didn’t know it then. I didn’t understand my feelings.”

Rhonda scooted up and took her daughter’s face in her cupped hands. They kissed tenderly. A lover’s kiss.

Now it was Cheryl’s turn to kiss and fondle her mother’s titties. She licked her mother’s breasts, the same breasts she had suckled milk from as a baby. She kneaded the fleshy globes and hungrily sucked the nipples, as if she were still a baby and wanted the nourishment these magnificent breasts could offer. Finally, she paused and looked up at her mother.

“I want to taste you too, Mommy.”

“Of course, sweetheart. You will. And I want to taste you. Do you know what a 69 is?” Cheryl nodded. “Do you want to do that with me?”

“Yes. Yes, I do!” Cheryl’s eyes danced with eagerness.

Rhonda moved her body around, switching her head down to the crevice of her daughter’s pussy, and offered her own pussy to her daughter. They each looked at the other’s mound of pleasure. They breathed in the heady fragrance of the other’s pussy. The aroma was intoxicating, and they were drunk with the pleasure of their actions.

Rhonda was the first to place her mouth on the slit offered for their mutual enjoyment. She began to lick her daughter’s pussy, gently at first, getting Cheryl used to the incredible sensations. She heard Cheryl moan loudly at the contact. Rhonda felt the hips buck into her mouth with a spasm as a wave of delight washed over her daughter.

“Lick me, too, Cheryl,” Rhonda told her. She couldn’t wait to feel her young daughter’s lovely mouth on her clit.

Immediately, she felt the young girl’s mouth on her slit, covering it like a warm, wet blanket. Her tongue snaked out and flicked the tip of the clit sending Rhonda into heaven. Sensations flooded her pussy. She felt as if a dam had burst. Her pussy was drenched. Her daughter’s saliva mixed with her pussy’s own secretions to make a sea of blissful wetness. She felt her little girl’s mouth being smeared with her juices, sliding easily about the opening that had presented itself to the lovely young girl.

Cheryl had a difficult time believing what had happened so suddenly. She loved the taste of her mother’s pussy. This didn’t surprise her. She loved the taste of her own come. She had sucked her fingers after masturbating for years, relishing the flavor. She discovered now that the flavor was even better when taken fresh from the vagina. It was like the difference between the taste of hot coffee and the taste of coffee after it had been allowed to cool. The flavor was there when cooled, but it tasted so much better when hot. And her mother was indeed hot right now. Very hot! But then she was rather hot herself. She could feel her mother’s mouth on her own flooded gash, her tongue rolling across the clit, making her buck involuntarily to the rhythms of the tongue bath her pussy was receiving.

Rhonda knew she would be coming soon. She recognized the intensity of the feelings her daughter’s mouth was creating. She was a molten mass of come that fairly dripped from her pussy like honey from a packed comb. She could hear the slurping noises that Cheryl was making and knew her baby was definitely enjoying the feast that her pussy was providing.

She reached into her little girl’s pussy with her tongue and fucked the pussy in and out, using her tongue like a slender cock. Cheryl responded with another bucking of the hips, fucking her face back the way her tongue was fucking her pussy. Rhonda wrapped her lips around the little clit and sucked it gently now, alternating that with tongue-fucking her vagina. Her daughter seemed on the very edge of an unbelievable orgasm.

Cheryl mimicked her mother’s movements, unsure as she was about what might feel good to Rhonda. Then she got an idea of her own. She reached with the index fingers of both hands and, separating the folds of the steaming pussy, plunged them into the gushing vagina. She finger-fucked her with abandon, plunging her fingers in and out while her mouth devoured her mother’s clit. Rhonda’s moaning told that she was getting close, especially after the fingers began pistoning into her pussy.

Cheryl could feel her own orgasm welling up from deep inside her. It was boiling from her womb into her body like lava. Her mother’s mouth was wildly licking her little clit and the slick inner folds of her pussy. She began to bounce her hips against her mom’s mouth so hard that she became afraid she might bruise her. But that thought was quickly buried deep in her psyche. Her more conscious mind was concentrating on her approaching orgasm. She could tell it would be an enormous one, perhaps better than any she had experienced to that point.

With a sudden jolt, the climax hit her, rushing over her body as if a dry heat had blasted from some desert area and enveloped her body. Her hips went wild; she screamed loudly. Tears welled up, the moment was so powerful. She could not believe the force of the orgasm. It seemed to take control of her muscles, making them quiver uncontrollably. Spasms rocked her young body as they never had before. Her pussy seemed to be on fire from the strength of the orgasm. She lay beside her mother, momentarily forgetting her obligation to bring her mother off as well.

“Keep sucking me, baby. Mommy’s about to come too.”

The words reminded her that her mother was still in need of her climax. She realized that if it was anything like the one that was still racking her body, her mother was in for a treat indeed.

With the tremors of her own orgasm still spreading in receding waves throughout her own body, Cheryl attacked her mother’s pussy again with fingers, tongue, and lips, devouring the sweet, slippery flesh of Rhonda’s larger pussy while her fingers redoubled their efforts to bring her mother to a wonderful come. Cheryl wanted Rhonda’s orgasm to be as extreme as her own. Her lips curled around the clitoris, sucking the button into her scrumptious mouth, shaking her head back and forth. Her index fingers once again speared her mother’s pussy, stroking into Rhonda’s opening like miniature pricks. Instinctively, she curled the fingers underneath the pubic bone and found her mother’s G-spot.

The reaction from Rhonda was immediate. She began screaming loudly, moaning out the approaching orgasm, pushing it into being much like the act of pushing her baby out of her vagina. It was incredible.

“Oh, GOD!” she screamed. “Suck me! Fuck me! Oh, baby-doll!” Her words were tumbling out of her mouth with no thought to meaning. She was just rambling with the orgasm’s rushing power.

Her body was slammed with wave after wave of unbelievable spasms. Rhonda grunted and moaned as the jolts caused her body to shudder rhythmically. She felt the orgasm build to a climax and her body arched into her daughter’s mouth, pushing her pussy into her sucking mouth, forcing her clit into her daughter’s teeth and her juices down her throat.

Finally, she felt the orgasm subside in gradual waves. She felt totally spent. Her muscles felt like cooked spaghetti. She felt she had to pee, but she didn’t have the strength yet to walk to her bathroom. She lay there, catching her breath and willing her muscles to find their ability to help her walk.

After a moment, she felt she could stand, and she went to the bathroom to pee. Afterward, she returned to Cheryl. They lay together for a moment before Rhonda spoke.

“Honey, are you okay with what happened?”

“Yes, Mom, I love you.”

“I love you, too, Muffin.” It was a name she often used for Cheryl, a pet name that they both loved.

Cheryl cuddled into her mother’s arms, laying her head against her mother’s breast, kissing it lightly, and closing her eyes before she said, “Now you’re a muffin, too, because you’re good enough to eat.” She giggled then, amused at her little joke.

Chuckling, Rhonda kissed her head and closed her own eyes. She was not sure what to make of what had just happened. She would think about it tomorrow. Right now, she needed sleep.

Rhonda sat by their pool remembering all this. She still wasn’t sure what to think. At that moment, Cheryl came out of the house, finally awake from the previous night. Rhonda noticed she was still nude. Her lovely firm ass was shapely and delightful. She sat in the lounge chair beside her mother.

“Honey, are you still okay with what happened last night?” asked Rhonda, not sure of the response she might get. Cheryl may have decided that what they did was totally wrong.

“Mom, I have never been happier. Are you okay with it?”

Rhonda looked at her nubile daughter. Noticing Cheryl’s small A-cup boobs with their raspberry nipples, Rhonda could feel her daughter’s firm body suddenly turning her on. She had her answer. Leaning over, she took her twelve-year-old daughter in her arms and kissed her passionately. This would be the start of a wonderful life together.


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  1. JetBoy says:

    I’ve loved this story for years. It’s one of the very first pieces of lesbian incest erotica I found on my initial visit to the internet, and more than a decade later, it still makes me feel warm all over. Thanks, Cheryl.

  2. eloquent delinquent says:

    This is such a marvelous story! It’s not just the eroticism, but also the intention of the mother, the comfortableness of the daughter, and the overwhelming sense of love that exists between the two of them. That sense of deeply shared affection informs every act of the well-written sex, and only makes it hotter.

    I should probably confess that the works of the authors here are what enticed me into trying to write in this niche as well, but especially your work. I hope it shows. Thank you!

  3. Cheryl Taggert says:

    JetBoy, WOW! More than a decade? Hard to believe I wrote this when in my early 20’s since I’ll be 33 in September. Thank you for being a longtime fan of my writing.

    Eloquent delinquent, I am flattered, to say the least. The comfort and love was exactly what I wanted to convey in this story. I am overwhelmed to be an influence on someone whose writing I admire.

  4. brelin says:

    Only loving mom know that it is really a nice travel to pleasure ! mean Incest is really a bad word for love and sex education.

    Rape is bad in all ways, but we can be teachers for our girls, and help them to enjoy their bodies, as early as possible.



  5. Rita says:

    I must agree with eloquent delinquent’ s comment
    The thing that gets me most from this story, and all the others on this site, is the tenderness and loving & caring feelings it projects. I would not want to read any stories that would involve forcing these young girls into anything.
    The sweetness and the love the mom’s show are so much more erotic.
    Thank you for your beautiful stories

  6. Anne Jones says:

    omgggg….another incredible story…..wow. I can relate to all of this as I have a daughter too. I want to back and read it again……made me tremble and shake, and letting my own desires creep into my thoughts.

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    Tell us more about those desires Anne Jones. Nice story Cheryl.

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    This is so … ohmylovely. Such a sweet and tender initiation for Cheryl. A young girl couldn’t ask for better.

  9. Cheryl says:

    Thank you, CindyLu!! This is one of my older stories.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Very hot!

  11. Sally says:

    What a great story got me so hot thanks Cheryl

    • Cheryl says:

      You are VERY welcome! I am happy that it was given a moment on the main page because it was one I just “moved” over here when we started Juicy Secrets, so it was never “advertised” on the home page. I always loved this story myself.

  12. Jennifer says:

    I simply love your stories, Cheryl!

  13. Sandra v. Lange says:

    Hi, so sweet storie – i love them. The deepest love in the world is the hole love between mother and daughter without any taboo. Together love is a piece of heaven.

  14. Cheryl says:

    Thank you, Sandra! I agree!!

  15. Lisa Olsson says:

    Hi, we love your wonderful story my two daughters and I and we are playing with each other without any taboo and why shouldn’t I teach them about sex when they want it?

    Lisa, Suzanne and Marie

  16. Myka says:

    Saw it for the 1st time just now and we think it was so beautiful … and one heck of a turn on for our Sunday morning lie in!
    My partner Sophie read it out loud and beautiful as it was, we just had to take a break.

    Lovely start to the day 🙂 Thanks 🙂

    • Cheryl says:

      Wow! Talk about coincidences! Just this week, I emailed a friend about this very story and how much fun it would be to read it (and other stories) aloud to a lover! I’m so glad I provided you and your lover a nice morning!! 🙂


  17. Litka says:

    Absolutely beautiful story!! The love between mother and daughter is so pure and so intimate!!

  18. Michelle m says:

    A few days ago I accidentally stumbled onto this and some of the sister sites. I have been writing lesbian porn for many years, but have always stayed away from anything to do with the love between a woman and a young girl. Now I am so happy to have discovered so many stories are out there and that I can add some of my thoughts as well.

    This is one of the best stories I have read, making you feel the closeness that is happening between two people completely in love.

    Thank you, can’t wait to read so many more

    • JetBoy says:

      Hope that means you’re thinking of writing something for us, Michelle! We’re always VERY interested in finding new authors to contribute to Juicy Secrets.

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