Aunt Lisa’s Summer with Jenny, Chapter 1

  • Posted on May 1, 2015 at 11:35 am

The Arrival

By Cheryl Taggert

For a brief description of who’s who in this series, go here.

Lisa waited patiently for the plane with her niece aboard to land. She had been anticipating this for a long time. Jenny was only twelve, her sister’s only child, and Lisa was looking forward to having another girl around the house for the summer. Her husband and children were touring the country for their vacation. Lisa couldn’t go because of sudden work that she had to complete in her blossoming business as an interior designer. She was jealous, yes. But she at least had little Jenny coming to keep her company. She worked out of her home, and the child’s friendly company would be nice. At twenty-nine, she had two daughters, nine and seven, and she knew she would miss them terribly. Jenny would help fill the void.

Finally, the plane landed and she waited at the end of the ramp for Jenny to disembark. She had gotten permission to wait here when she’d told security that she was meeting a young child. They would do anything to keep from having to be responsible for a minor in the crowded airport.

She saw little Jenny immediately. Her long hair fell in waves down her back and over her shoulders. Her smile absolutely beamed. Lisa could see the young girl’s milk chocolate brown eyes as the smile touched them and made them twinkle with glee at seeing her aunt waiting for her. She rushed into Lisa’s outstretched arms and hugged her close.

“Aunt Lisa!” she squealed.

“My goodness,” Lisa answered, feeling the young girl’s strong hug against her rib cage. “Let’s get a look at you!”

Jenny stepped back to be admired. Lisa was suddenly aware of her youthful figure. Her small titties were beginning to press against her top and her hips were beginning to flare out from her waist. Her clothes accented her figure well. Lisa was overcome with a sudden rush of excitement that she didn’t anticipate at all.

Where had that come from? She felt her cheeks flush with a mixture of slight horniness, embarrassment, and shock. Then she remembered she had been reading a story last night about a young girl’s sexual escapades. The story had brought her to the point of masturbating, although she hadn’t reached an orgasm due to an unexpected phone call from Greg and the kids. After the call, she’d been too sleepy to finish what she’d started and didn’t see the need anyway since she had calmed down considerably talking to her two munchkins. Maybe that had been the trigger for her sudden lustful feelings for her niece. She realized that the precocious sexpot in the erotic novel that she’d been reading had been described as looking very much the same as Jenny looked. Youthful, nearly boyish in figure, dark hair and eyes. Yes, that must be it. True, she found the book highly stimulating sexually, but the sudden rise in her libido at seeing her little niece was a surprise, to say the least. She dismissed the erotic nature of her thoughts as leftover tension from the night before and made a mental note to finish the job tonight after Jenny was in bed.

Jenny flew once again into Lisa’s arms, hugging her tightly again. Then they headed for the baggage claim area.

“I have so much to tell you about,” she said excitedly. “I’ve been taking riding lessons at the stables and Mom is thinking of actually buying me a horse for my birthday next March!”

“Oh, really? That does sound like fun.”

“You don’t know the half of it!” Jenny exclaimed in answer. “I just love to ride horses. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.”

Uh-oh. That feeling was returning, unbidden. The little heroine in the book loved to ride horses too, but for a different reason. She loved the feel of bouncing in the saddle and allowing her little pussy to slap itself against the leather saddle until an orgasm approached and nearly made her fall off the noble animal. In fact, Lisa remembered being this age and riding horses at the stables near their home in Remington, the small town where she and her sister Ann, Jenny’s mother, had grown up. She remembered that there was something wonderful about riding that she had never mentioned to her mother, although she had once told Ann about it.

This made her think of Ann, who was two years older, and the memories of waking in the night to find her alone and busy in bed some nights. It was through this silent, secretive watching of her older sister that Lisa had learned about masturbation and orgasms. And the sudden thought of why the horse riding must have felt so good had become clear with the first tentative rubbings of her own mound.

Jenny was still talking animatedly about riding. This girl was horse crazy. “I can’t imagine anything that feels as good as riding a horse,” she continued rambling. “It makes me feel all grown up or something.”

Lisa looked at Jenny and silently wondered about the full meaning of what she’d been saying. Is it possible that she had discovered how wonderful it felt to bounce up and down in the leather saddle? She tried to read the mischievous glint in her eyes as she spoke about riding, but she wasn’t sure. For some reason the idea of little Jenny bouncing her way to an orgasm caused Lisa to blush again with returning excitement. She had even cut her eyes at her when she had said “or something.”

After they collected all of Jenny`s luggage, they had a skycap take the luggage to a waiting cab outside the terminal. Lisa tipped the skycap and they headed for Greg and Lisa’s home outside the city. On the way they talked about a variety of things, mostly what they would be doing in their spare time.

“Maybe we can go riding, even,” Lisa said. Jenny smiled broadly at that. That mysterious glint returning to her eyes.

Then she hugged Lisa again in the cab. Suddenly Lisa was noticing that when Jenny hugged her, she would squeeze her smaller titties to her larger ones hard enough that Lisa noticed the pressure of the contact. She became aware that Jenny may be copping a feel of her breasts in a sneaky sort of way. Jenny certainly hugged more than Lisa remembered the girl doing a year ago when they’d last seen each other.

Finally they were home and after paying the cab, Lisa helped Jenny bring her bags into the spacious home. “You’ll be staying in Tina and Erin’s room,” she said, leading the way into her daughters’ bedroom. She felt that Jenny would be more at home in there, where young girl things were everywhere. Stuffed animals on the double bed, posters of puppies and kittens, and other little girl things adorned the room. “Do you want help unpacking?”

“Sure,” she said, still beaming.

Lisa put the largest suitcase on the bed and opened it. She began working with her toiletries. She had made sure there were several drawers emptied for her to use in the girls’ dresser. She began to unpack Jenny’s clothes, starting with her panties.

They were adorable cotton panties of varying pastels. She found herself imagining Jenny putting them on after a shower and wondered again at her imagination’s paths. This was totally unlike her. Lisa continued putting away the panties until she had a sudden vision of her niece reaching inside them to rub her small pussy in this very bed. Lisa actually shook her head to clear the image. When she got to the little A-cup bras, she noticed her hands beginning to tremble. I definitely need to take care of some things, she thought to herself. And soon.

Lisa didn’t notice Jenny come back into the room, and she held the little bra up for inspection, even holding it up to her much too big titties to compare. Jenny smiled to herself.

“I think it is too small for you,” she joked, startling her aunt and laughing at her own joke.

“Oh, honey. I know that. I was just admiring it. It’s so pretty.”

“Hey, maybe I could model for you later? I want to be either a model or a horse trainer when I grow up, so that would be kinda fun, actually.”

Even though she recognized the danger of such a thing as having the young girl model for her, she found herself agreeing. Her voice sounded far away.

When they’d finished unpacking, they decided to go for a swim in the pool.

“Great! I can begin by modeling my bathing suit.”

“Of course,” Lisa agreed, finding her breathing a bit difficult.

Jenny opened her drawers to find her bathing suits, of which she’d brought three. Pulling out her favorite one, she immediately began to strip with Lisa looking on.

“Hon, don’t you think you should…” her voice trailed off as her young niece pushed her pants and panties to the floor with one swoosh of garments. The top and little bra were next. Lisa found herself looking at an absolutely gorgeous, nude cherub.

She noticed the tiny patch of light brown fuzz that had begun to develop around the child’s labia. It was almost invisible it was so sparse. Her tiny titties were more nipple than anything. Raspberry colored nipples that puckered into small hard bullets that looked positively mouth-watering. Jenny seemed unaware of the effect she was having on her aunt.

“Will you model for me too?” she asked innocently.

Again Lisa heard her voice from somewhere far off. “Sure, hon. If you want me to.”

“I do. Definitely.” She smiled up at her aunt. She then dropped her bathing suit on the floor behind her. “Oops. Clumsy me.” She turned and bent over, revealing the fullness of her small but delectable ass to Aunt Lisa.

It was all Lisa could do to keep from leaning down and kissing that beautiful little ass. It was muscular, firm, and rounded, and she imagined her hands running over the globes and squeezing them and spanking them playfully. Then she saw herself kissing and nibbling on the little girl’s ass, her tongue bathing it before plunging into the cleft in between.

Lisa was suddenly aware that she was about to come in her pants. She’d never been this horny before and had never, ever thought about her little niece in a sexual way. She wanted desperately to get to the bathroom, anything, and bring the orgasm that was threatening to bring itself to life.

Jenny stood up and turned, sitting on the bed to put the bottoms on over her feet. It was too much for Lisa. She stared as the little lips of the twelve-year-old’s pussy spread as she lifted a leg. She was actually drooling.

And then she came.

It wasn’t a huge orgasm, thank goodness, but it was an orgasm. She didn’t moan or groan; she just trembled ever so slightly. It was small by comparison to most orgasms she had experienced, probably due to the lack of actual touching, but it was enough that Jenny asked if something was wrong.

“No, honey. Nothing. Just a chill. Nothing wrong at all.” She realized she was denying it too much, babbling really, and closed her mouth.

After putting on the skimpy top, Jenny announced, “Now, it’s your turn to model.”

Lisa wasn’t sure what to do. She could feel her panties sticking to her pussy and the moisture that had become a flood with her orgasm. But she couldn’t go back on what she’d said to her niece. She just hoped the little girl wouldn’t notice.

They stepped down the hall into Greg and Lisa’s room. Reaching into a drawer, she withdrew a bikini, her sexiest, skimpiest bikini for the afternoon swim with Jenny, who had plopped down on Lisa’s bed.

She began to undress. She noticed that Jenny looked curiously at her as she stripped. Jenny noticed especially the D-cup breasts that sprang out of the bra when Lisa released the globes. Then Lisa pulled her panties down. She blushed profusely. Her juices had covered the crotch of her panties, and the odor of her horniness suddenly filled the room. She could still feel her pussy demanding attention since the small orgasm had not quenched her fires, but had only fanned the flames of her desire.

Looking at Jenny, she noticed that she indeed did see the stained patch on her panties, the glistening wetness that was evidence of her excitement and lust for the little girl. Standing naked before her young niece, she couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’ll be right back, honey. Make yourself comfortable.” And with that she went into her bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Curious, Jenny got up and picked up the soaked panties Lisa had left behind in her haste. Lifting them to her nose, she sniffed them. Yes. Aunt Lisa had come. She thought she had, but wasn’t sure. Until now. Of course, it could have been just a lot of wetness, but the shuddering and trembling were what she’d thought they were. But what was Aunt Lisa doing now in the bathroom? If she had come, shouldn’t she be over it now?

She went to the bathroom door. She could hear the slippery sounds of pussy rubbing on the other side. And the unmistakable sounds of her aunt moaning.

Holy shit! she thought. She’s doing it again!

The moans increased in volume a bit and Jenny heard her aunt have her second orgasm in the past five minutes. Jenny continued listening until the toilet flushed and then ran back to the bed and waited. Lisa came out of the bathroom looking satisfied and still breathing a bit hard. Jenny’s pussy, however, was on fire, and she wondered when she would be able to have her own orgasm. She found herself enormously attracted to her aunt. She had known for some time that she was attracted to her ever since she had been caught in their room when Aunt Lisa and her family had visited them and she and her husband, Greg, had had sex when she was hidden in the room.

She had been in the room they were staying in when they came in and shut the door. When she’d heard them coming down the hall, she had gotten under the bed because she’d been snooping and didn’t want to get caught. It was the middle of the afternoon, which, with what they did, was enough to shock the little then eleven-year-old, and now she was stuck there until they left again. Her Uncle Greg had talked dirty to her Aunt Lisa, and the thing that had gotten Jenny’s attention, even then, was Uncle Greg talking about Aunt Lisa and another woman in bed together. The talk had seemed to get Aunt Lisa really going, because she’d said stuff like, “Oh, yes. I could lick her pussy while you watched.” It was obviously just grownup’s bedroom talk like she`d read in the books her dad had stashed in his bedside drawer, but the idea that her Aunt Lisa was turned on by sex with another female had not been forgotten. She’d listened to them grunt their orgasms out, and masturbated her hairless little cunny hoping to accomplish her first orgasm (she hadn’t had one yet at that time), while imagining what was taking place on the bed above her.

She hadn’t come. But she had started having ideas about other girls after that, especially her Aunt Lisa, whom she had always adored. She even had experimented sexually with Diane, a friend her age back home. She had often wondered what it would be like to have sex with a grown woman, and to be honest the thought of her Aunt Lisa had been a frequent fantasy of hers since she’d been invited to stay the summer with her. She just wasn’t sure how to get things started.

Jenny could see the moisture from Lisa’s steaming pussy on the outer lips and the fringes of hair that covered her mound. She couldn’t help but stare at the gorgeous cunt that presented itself to her gaze. Lisa noticed the direction of her eyes and wondered what the youngster was thinking. What the hell, she thought. Might as well ask her.

“So what are you looking at?” she asked, smiling slightly.

Jenny looked up into her face. A blush moved up her chest into her cheeks as she realized that she’d been caught looking at Lisa’s pussy.

“Oh. Um. I was just, uh, looking at how much hair you had down there.”

“Well, it isn’t as much as it should be. I trim my bush to keep it nice and neat. Of course you aren’t in need of doing that yet.”

“You trim it?” Jenny had never heard of anyone doing that, but then why should she. The only girls she knew were her age and had no need of trimming their pubic hair.

“Yes, honey. I trim it about once every two weeks. In fact it is time to trim it now.” A sudden thought occurred to Lisa. “Would you like to watch me so you can do it yourself one day?”

Jenny’s eyes widened at the thought of watching Lisa’s hands so near to her own pussy, pulling the lips wide to get to the hair down there. “Okay,” she said, almost in a whisper her throat had become so dry.

Lisa had noticed the girl’s interest in her pussy when she’d come out of the bathroom. Indeed she may have only been noticing the hair, but the glint in the child’s eyes was unmistakably that of lust. Could this little minx actually be getting turned on looking at me? Her mind was dazzled with the sudden possibilities. In a mere hour, Lisa had become aroused by her little twelve-year-old niece.

Now the idea that their summer may end up becoming something more made her heart skip a beat. She wondered if what she was doing was truly a good idea. If Jenny was not as turned on as she thought, Lisa could be in some serious trouble. In the space of a few seconds, Lisa thought about these things and figured there was no harm in seeing whether or not the girl was interested in watching her shave and trim herself. Somebody had to teach her about this aspect of hygiene and appearance. She decided that if things went no further than Jenny watching her trim herself there could be no trouble. There was an adequate explanation.

She looked down at her niece and held out her hand. Jenny took it and followed Lisa into the bathroom. She could still smell her fluids that hung in the air and hoped Jenny didn’t recognize it. She began to bring out her gear to trim and shave her pubic area. Jenny could smell what Lisa hoped she couldn’t as soon as they entered the bathroom. The smell of Lisa’s pussy filled the small area and was enhanced by the smell that still emanated from her.

She looked at Lisa’s body and made her appraisal. She looked very pretty, even younger than her twenty-nine years. Her long light brown hair hung about six inches below her shoulders, seeming to frame her size D boobs. She figured her waist to be about 25 inches and her ass was in perfect proportion to the rest of her body, perhaps around 38 inches around the hips. As she hung behind Lisa as they entered the bathroom, her eyes watched that mesmerizing ass. Little Jenny could feel her desire beginning to well up in her pussy in the form of even more wetness.

Lisa indicated the toilet and lowered the lid to give her a place to sit and watch and said, “Sit here, hon, so I can teach you about this.”

As she sat, Lisa noticed the darkening area on her bathing suit that indicated a patch of wetness beneath her pussy. Yes, she thought to herself, she’s as randy as I was before I masturbated.

Lifting herself up, Lisa sat on the counter and faced the mirror, propping her feet on either side of the sink so she could gain easy access to her pussy and see it clearly. She took the trimming scissors and began to trim the hair. Occasionally she would look over at Jenny to see if she was watching. Her attention was totally focused on what Lisa was doing. And not only that, her hand would sometimes steal down and touch her pussy through her bikini bottoms, rubbing herself briefly. Because her attention was on the mirror image of Lisa’s pussy, she didn’t notice that Lisa would look at her occasionally. Apparently, she thought that in order to trim her pussy hair, Lisa would have to keep constant attention on her pussy. Of course, this wasn’t true, and Lisa was noticing that Jenny was getting quite turned on watching this.

Jenny watched as Lisa’s hands used the scissors to trim the hair around her pussy. She was getting totally turned on. She could see the sticky juices of Lisa’s pussy clinging to the inner lips as Lisa spread the labia. She could smell the fragrance of her pussy as it filled the air around her. And when she looked into the mirror to see where Lisa was looking, she noticed that she was totally involved with her task. She began to reach down and stroke her pussy every once in a while. Lisa didn’t seem to notice, so Jenny’s strokes became more frequent, more intense. She realized that she was soaking wet in her pussy.

After trimming the hair close to her mound, Lisa began to lather shaving cream onto the hair, paying special attention to the hair beyond her bikini line. She looked into the mirror to see that Jenny had slipped her hand into her bikini bottoms and was gently stroking her pussy beneath the thin material. Lisa then picked up the razor and began to scrape the hair from her exposed bikini area. Then an idea occurred to her.

“Hon?” she said, rinsing the razor in the sink. Out of the corner of her eye, Lisa noticed the quick motion of Jenny removing her hand quickly from her cum-drenched pussy.

“Yes?” came the almost whispered reply.

“Would you like to help me with something?”


“I was thinking of shaving all my hair off. You know. Then we could be twins. Whatdya think?”

“That would be cool,” Jenny smiled brilliantly, flattered that her aunt would want to be like her. “How can I help you with that, though?”

“Well, you could come help me stretch the pubic skin tightly so I don’t cut myself.”

For a moment, Jenny was frozen to the spot where she sat. That would mean touching Lisa’s pussy. Actually touching it!

“Okay,” she said, standing up. She felt as if she were dreaming. If not for the pungent aroma of horny pussy, she might have been able to convince herself that she was.

“Put one hand here,” said Lisa, indicating an area on the left side of her pussy, “and another here below that spot. Then pull it tightly to make the surface smoother for me to shave it. Okay?”

Jenny followed Lisa’s directions, reaching trembling hands to her pussy. Lisa’s hand went to cover the most prized area, the inner lips and clit. She began to shave the hair off.

“Watch your hands, hon. Don’t let me cut you.”

As Lisa shaved closer to Jenny’s hand on the upper part of the labia, Jenny moved her hand to one side. As she did, she accidentally brushed Lisa’s clitoris. Lisa’s sucked in her breath at the unintended contact. Jenny heard and felt embarrassed.


“Don’t think anything of it, hon,” Lisa answered nervously. “It isn’t as if you haven’t touched one before.”


Lisa threw caution to the wind. She wanted this little girl badly. So, okay, she lusted after her own niece, her sister’s twelve-year-old baby girl. As far as she was concerned the whole world could just go fuck themselves. She just had to have this little girl. And NOW!

“I saw you, baby. I saw what you were doing to yourself when I was trimming myself. But don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal.”

Jenny looked into Lisa’s face in the mirror and blushed a bright red.

“You don’t mind?”

“No, honey. Of course I don’t mind. Why would I mind you doing to yourself what I have done to myself since before I was your age?”

Jenny’s eyes grew big. This was certainly news. Aunt Lisa had masturbated when she was younger than twelve? The idea made her even hornier than she had been. And what was more, she was openly admitting it.

“In fact, honey, you can do that any time you want around here. Of course, you shouldn’t do it in front of company, but if you feel like doing it when you are alone, or even when we are alone, feel free to indulge yourself.”

Jenny laughed at her little “don’t do it in front of company” joke. Then she blushed at the full import of what Aunt Lisa was saying.

“You mean if I wanted to do it right now, I could?”

“Well, let’s get this pussy cleaned up of hair before you abandon me, okay?”

Jenny laughed again.

“Does it shock you that I am okay with you masturbating whenever you want to around here?”

“Maybe a little, yeah. But I like the idea. It makes me feel like an adult.”

“Hey, I have an idea. From now on, our motto will be, if it feels good and doesn’t hurt anyone, then by all means do it. Okay?”

“Okay!” Jenny’s smile was spread across her cherubic face.

They finished shaving Lisa’s pussy, all the while teasing and talking about masturbation.

“I know you were masturbating in the bathroom before, you know,” Jenny said.

“You did?”

“Yeah. I even listened. Does that make you mad?”

“Of course not, baby. I’m glad I could entertain you.”

With that, Jenny decided on something. She stripped her bathing suit off and announced, “I’m going into the pool naked so I can masturbate outside. Is that okay?”

“Sure it is. And I’m going in nude, too,” said Lisa, and the two females, the twenty-nine-year-old aunt and the twelve-year-old niece, went out to the pool for a swim.

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  1. Kelly Ann says:

    Ms. Taggert, I can’t express how flattered I am to have my story posted here. You’re one of my favorite authors and this story is a classic, as are most of yours! Thank you so much for so many pleasurable moments and I look forward to many more!

  2. Cheryl Taggert says:

    Thank you so much! And please, call me Cheryl. My students call me Ms. Taggert. (Or they call me Ms. _____. Taggert is not my real name, but Cheryl is.)

    I am so happy you like my story! I have decided to spend some time writing something new for this site in the coming week so not everything will be the same stories read previously on the LL site.

  3. Yay! That’s wonderful news, Cheryl, that you have decided to bless the world with something new from your lovely, dirty imagination. Can’t wait to see it!

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    What a delicious start to this story! I have to admit never having read any of your writings previously, but I will definitely correct that oversight on this site.

    For various reasons I usually prefer mother-daughter fantasies, but this story makes me think of my own lovely nieces, and prods me to widen my horizons 🙂

    Thank you!

  6. Cheryl Taggert says:


    Thank you for “coming” to our site and enjoying our stories. If you enjoy the mother-daughter incest, please be sure to check out my “Daughter of a Porn Star” series! Also, keep reading this one. Your favorite relationship pairing occurs later. 🙂


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    Lisa Olsson (not MY Lisa, for those wondering…),

    I’m glad we reconnected so I could get you to “come” here! Be sure you read the TOS, and enjoy the stories we offer!

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    A good start to what promises to be a really sexy story. Young-old lesbian incest stories are my favourite, – especially mom-daughter ones, so I’m looking forward to a feast of cock stiffening erotica. Go girl go!

  10. Cheryl says:

    Frank, We are happy to have you here! There are plenty of stories to delight you at Juicy Secrets. I’m glad you are enjoying this story, one of my earliest attempts at erotica.

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    HOTT………..Brenda from Texas here. Love these stories Have to show my husband

    • Cheryl says:

      Please do! And check out the other stories by me, my partners JetBoy and Naughty Mommy, as well as our guest authors. I like to think of our site as a place where fantasies are fulfilled mentally, rather than physically. I can tell you the last thing I would ever want to do would be to harm a child physically, spiritually, or emotionally.

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    What a wonderful compliment, Kevin! Thank you for enjoying our work here!

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    I am an old man and I just found your site. This is the 1st article I ever read here and I loved; FIRST the picture that gave me a visual into the story and then your writing. I look forward to reading the rest of your stories. It reminded me something in my past with a 12 year old and her mother. Thanks for the memories; again.

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      Thank you! Naughty Mommy is the “picture” person here, so she deserves thanks for that. I am so glad you like my story and my writing. There are many more here from me, of course, and it will take you a while to get through them all. Besides this novella and a few other shorter works like this one, I have stand-alone short stories and three novels, two of them rather lengthy.

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      This brief paragraph is so good:
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