My Vacation with Cherry

  • Posted on April 30, 2015 at 10:47 pm

By JetBoy


I’d been working for weeks on a crucial assignment for the corporation. Once the project was done, I jumped at the chance to escape the business world for a well-earned holiday.

I booked an apartment in Spain for myself and my daughter Cherry. She was in need of a break as much as I was and eager to spend some quality time with me. Cherry was almost sixteen and gorgeous.

Our holiday apartment was in Cadiz, part of a small complex with its own private beach. It was a beautiful place, and we had high expectations of having an amazing two weeks there. As it turned out, that holiday would change our lives forever.

We arrived late, so the only thing we were fit for was a good night’s rest. The following morning, we took quick showers, then went into the village to buy some groceries. After returning to the flat and pitching in to make an excellent breakfast, we decided to get started on our suntans. I had my bikini on and had been sunbathing for some time when Cherry came out. I was surprised to see that she was still wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

“Why aren’t you wearing your bathing suit?” I asked.

She shrugged, “Oh, I forgot to pack it… gotta buy a new one, I guess.”

Later that evening, we went shopping for swimwear and managed to find a shop that sold some. They were much too modern for me — the tops were very brief and the bottoms were like G-strings — and nearly non-existent ones at that. I’d seen some girls wearing them and they looked almost naked. Cherry managed to persuade me, so I bought her one. I suspected that she’d had left her old, far more modest bathing suit at home on purpose, but I let it slide.

When we got back, Cherry immediately went to her room to try her new suit on. A few minutes later she reappeared, looking very sheepish. “I can’t wear this, Mom.” she said.

I studied her in that tiny bikini. My daughter had grown up quite a lot recently — she was no longer a girl but a young woman, and her body had matured accordingly. The bikini top barely covered her breasts and enhanced their size and shape. The bottoms were cut away to almost nothing, just a thin piece of material coming from between her buttocks to join the one around her waist. Her ass was very shapely and attractive.

It was obvious, though, why she couldn’t wear the bikini. Her briefs were so tiny that pubic hair was showing all around the triangle of cloth covering her mound.

“Oh, honey,” I hastened to reassure her, “you can wear that! You just need to trim yourself.”

Almost in tears, she said, “B-but Mom, I don’t know how to. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

Poor girl… it was my fault, really, I should have realized what might happen with such a small suit. Then again, how could have I known that Cherry had never shaved or trimmed her pubes before?

I calmed her down, telling her soothingly that she really should wear the bikini. It did look great on her, I had to admit — Cherry had ripened into a stunning young woman, and the new bathing suit showed her body off beautifully.

I was on the point of offering to lend her my own razor when, without even intending to, I said something else instead: “I’ll do it for you if you like.”

I could hardly believe my own ears, and my daughter couldn’t either — she just gaped at me. I could feel my heart beating faster as I staggered on, trying to sound much more offhand than I felt. “It’s easy, really, and once you know what to do you’ll be able to do it yourself. I’ve shaved and trimmed myself for years, after all. You’ve got to learn sometime, so it might as well be now, right?”

Cherry hesitantly nodded, so I took her hand and led her to my bedroom.

Once there, I instructed her, “Take the bottoms off… I’ll be right back.”

She was too surprised to protest, and I left to get my shaving things and a bowl of hot water. When I returned, I put a towel on the bed and said, “Sit down here.” Despite trying not to let myself think of this in a sexual way, the thought of what I was about to do had me strangely excited.

Cherry looked uncertain as she sat down. She hadn’t taken her suit off yet, so I folded my arms and asked, “Are you sure you want me to do this? You can say no if you want to.”

She nervously moistened her lips. “It’s okay, Mom… you can shave me, I d-don’t mind.”

She made no move to remove the bottom half of her suit, though. I wondered if she needed for me to undress her — and soon as that thought crossed my mind, I wanted to do just that. Grasping the waistband, I slowly pulled her bikini bottom off, then slowly parted her thighs until they were wide open.

Cherry’s pubic hair was lush, though not enough to completely conceal her slit. I made sure she was comfortable and told her to hold her legs so I could get to work.

I sat in front of my daughter, gazing at her open pussy. It had been a long time since I had seen her naked, and now I was about to begin a most intimate task.

I’d decided that it would be easier to shave her if her pubes were moistened, so I soaked a small towel in warm water first. I looked at her and thought, here goes, then started to wash between her milky white thighs — first with the towel, then with my fingers.

At first I felt nervous when I touched her there, but soon got over it. In fact, the feel of her vulva was strangely pleasing to me. I hadn’t realized it myself yet, but I was becoming sexually aroused.

I rinsed her and dried her with a soft towel, then sprayed on some foam and started to shave her. I started below her vagina, working upwards until her pink labia gradually came into view. Too late, I realized that I had shaved away more than I intended.

Oh well, I thought, might as well finish it properly.

I stopped when I reached the top of her labia and then did the sides to leave a strip of hair about four centimeters wide. I did the top then, so that it wouldn’t show above her suit. Finally, I trimmed the hair quite short and the job was done. I cleaned her up and looked at my handiwork. Not bad, I decided.

For the first time, I looked at my daughter as I would another woman… a woman who was sexually attractive. I had been bisexual for years, and had been far too long without making love to a female. My heart was pounding as I stared at my baby’s gorgeous pussy. Her labia were parted and her vagina was opened slightly.

I looked up at her face, and was surprised to see that she was lying back, looking dreamily at the ceiling, both hands covering her bare breasts. I hadn’t noticed her removing her top, and the realization that my daughter was now completely naked had me tingling all over, especially between my own legs. Was she feeling as aroused as I was? “All done,” I said.

Cherry gave a little start and sat up slowly. Smiling at her, I went to the dressing table to get a hand mirror. Offering it to her I said, “Have a look at yourself — I hope you like it.”

She put the mirror between her legs and her hand shot to her mouth. She looked at me and then back at her reflection, then reached down with her fingers and touched herself, tracing the outline of her labia, obviously pleased with her new look. Her mouth was slightly open, and the expression on her face clearly told me that Cherry was turned on.

As she gently toyed with her moist pussy, I felt a lump in my chest, my sudden need growing strong. I knew that I shouldn’t be feeling like this — after all, she is my daughter.

I watched as her fingers moved between her legs, Cherry’s eyes slowly drifting shut.

I was helpless with desire, and couldn’t stop myself for anything. Heart pounding frantically, I reached out to gently touch her pussy. She gasped softly and drew her hand away as my fingers came into contact with her most intimate place.

This is so fucking wrong, I told myself — feeling only elation as I ran my fingertips up and down the warm, moist vaginal cleft. I knew I was treading on dangerous ground, but my arousal could not be denied. Her chest was heaving as I grew more confident in touching her. She was wide open and so obviously willing — before I could stop myself, I’d worked my finger up to the hilt in Cherry’s vagina.

I pumped it in and out, then added a second finger, making my daughter cry out loud. Her clitoris now commanded my attention — I rubbed at it with my other hand, and Cherry began to writhe beneath me. In seconds she exploded in a frenzied climax, groaning in rapture as waves of pleasure swept through her body.

She flopped back as if exhausted and I reluctantly withdrew my hands from her body. Cherry slowly recovered as I lay down next to her, not knowing what to do or say. I was stunned speechless over what I’d just done.

She started to speak, then rolled onto her side to face me, briefly kissed my cheek and got to her feet, leaving the room without a word.

My arousal still far stronger than any guilt, I pulled off my shorts and panties, then threw them across the room. Legs spread wide, I masturbated in a frenzy until I erupted in orgasm, tasting Cherry’s pussy from the fingers of my other hand all the while.

When we met later we hardly spoke — though Cherry didn’t seem upset or angry, much to my relief. It was only later that night when we were washing up that my daughter and I managed to break the silence.

The dishes done, Cherry and I went into the lounge and sat together on the sofa. As we spoke, our conversation slowly became more intimate, until we finally talked about what had happened between us earlier in the day.

I admitted that I didn’t know what had come over me, but that I had enjoyed what I’d done, and that after she left the room I’d had to touch myself. I spoke of how much she had grown up, how beautiful she was — and how tempting. Finally, I told her about my sexual experiences with other women.

I took her hand and said, “I’m sorry if I went too far over the line with you today, honey. I love you more than anyone in the world, and I don’t want to damage our relationship.” My eyes were beginning to tear up. “If you want, baby… w-we can pretend that this afternoon didn’t happen.”

Cherry squeezed my hand and smiled. “Don’t cry, Mom,” she murmured. “I really liked what you did to me. I don’t want to forget that it happened.” She leaned in close to hug me. “I mean… you were just showing how much you love me, really. I thought it was sweet.” Her eyes were shining.

My arms wound their way around my daughter. “Oh, honey,” I sighed.

Gradually we sat back on the sofa and just gazed thoughtfully at each other. In spite of myself, I felt myself becoming aroused by Cherry once again. I reached out to touch her cheek. Her eyes locked with mine, and she slowly moistened her lips.

The urge I felt then was far too powerful to deny — I moved closer and kissed her mouth.

Cherry didn’t react right away… but then her lips parted for me, and suddenly we were kissing like lovers. My tongue darted into her mouth, and she matched my passion — her own tongue flashing to life, dancing with mine.

She threw her arms around me and pulled me closer to her. Intoxicated with desire, I slipped my hand beneath Cherry’s t-shirt and fondled her breasts, feeling her nipples stiffen as I brushed them with my fingertips.

A minute or so later, she pulled away. I was afraid that my daughter was having second thoughts, but then she quickly unfastened my shirt and pushed it from my shoulders. I leaned forward so that she could wrestle it off, leaving me naked to the waist.

I closed my eyes, surrendering to the moment. Cherry’s hands were warm on my skin as they wandered over my heaving breasts, then I felt her breath as her mouth closed over my right nipple. I gasped out loud, cradling Cherry to me.

First one, then the other, then back again, my daughter pleasured my breasts with her mouth. By now I didn’t give a damn about the consequences of our actions, and neither did she — Cherry and I wanted each other and we both knew it. She sat up, took my face in her hands, and kissed me passionately.

With a bad-girl grin, she unfastened my shorts and tugged them down and off, along with my panties. This was an aggressive side to my daughter that I had never seen before, and it turned me on so much that I was nearly shaking.

She pushed me down on the sofa — and with no hesitation, Cherry knelt between my thighs, planting her mouth right on my juicy cunt.

I whimpered “Oh… my baby girl,” as she licked and sucked frantically at my pussy. My clitoris was on fire as she nibbled at it, then she plunged her tongue deep into me, then licked her way back to my clit again.

Every atom of me was on fire, my body aching for release — and suddenly, with barely time to take a quick breath, it came.

I exploded in a frenzied climax, my body shuddering with one convulsion of pleasure after the next. With a strangled cry I jerked and thrashed until I finally lay exhausted, Cherry gently nuzzling my throbbing sex.

As I recovered, I felt my daughter crawl into my arms, nuzzling my face and neck. I could have lay there forever enjoying my sweet child’s attention, but I wanted to pleasure her now.

Raising myself, I knelt in front of Cherry and pulled her shorts off. She raised her hips to help me as she stripped off her shirt. When she was naked, my daughter lay back on the sofa, opened her legs and displayed her pussy for me the second time that day.

I didn’t need any invitation. Leaning forward, I trailed my tongue up and down her juicy crack, than began to eat her in earnest. My baby’s cunt was scrumptious — I couldn’t get enough of her.

Before long she was wriggling in delight… and then she grabbed the back of my head and held my face between her legs, crying out “Oh Mom, oh Mom, oh Mom…” as she climaxed.

By now we were both exhausted… so I took my daughter’s hand and led her to my bed. We slipped beneath the sheets, still naked, and held each close as we kissed goodnight.

She fell asleep quickly, but I lay awake for a long time with my child’s nude body in my arms. I’d made love to women before, but it was nothing like tonight.

Finally I drifted into slumber, where my dreams were of nothing but Cherry.

I was making breakfast the following morning when my daughter walked into the kitchen, wearing her t-shirt and shorts. She looked at me a bit nervously, unsure what to say.

I opened my arms and she broke into a smile, then raced across the kitchen and into my embrace.

“I love you,” I whispered.

“I love you too,” she replied very quietly.

My lips sought out hers — and when they met, her tongue slipped into my mouth. Kissing hungrily, we began to touch one another. My hand slid down the back of my daughter’s shorts to cup her buttocks. Mmmm… Cherry hadn’t bothered with panties.

My fingers probed her butt crack, stroking her anus. Her eyes widened as I pushed my finger into her rectum and fingered her hole. God, I could already smell her pussy.

I nibbled at her ear, then whispered, “Honey… take your shorts off, then lean over the dining room table.”

Her eyes shining with excitement, she slowly stripped naked — taking her time just to tease me, even though I knew she wanted to make love as much as I did. Finally she placed both hands on the tabletop, lowering her face to the table until her cheek rested against the olive-green surface.

Kneeling behind Cherry, I took a moment to admire her shapely ass, then leaned in close to softly kiss it. She inhaled sharply as I nipped lightly at one buttock — then I slowly parted her cheeks, licking my lips at the sight of her rosebud. The ass is one of my favorite parts of a woman, and I was determined to enjoy the delights of Cherry’s adorable bottom right then and there.

I placed a soft kiss on her anus, then my tongue emerged to lightly lick at her crack. “Oh… Mom!” she gasped, suddenly trembling with excitement. I burrowed my face between her cheeks, licking her asshole harder now. She was moaning happily, loving the way my wicked tongue probed her most private place.

As I rimmed Cherry, my hand slid up her leg and along the inner thigh to nestle in my daughter’s now dripping pussy. I caressed her labia for a minute of so, thrilled by the sound of her growing pleasure.

“Oh, M-Mom… fuck! Please, don’t tease me,” she panted, “make me come!”

So I slid two fingers into her cunt with one slow, steady stroke. As she cried out loud, I firmly brushed her clit with my thumb.

That did it. Cherry nearly screamed, her body shaking and shuddering in a convulsive climax. I continued to pleasure my daughter, licking and fingering her until she gasped, “Okay, Mom, y-you can stop… I’m — I’m good.”

Rising to my feet, I led a panting Cherry over to the sofa to cuddle with me. Her face was flushed, her hair askew, her body glowing from lovemaking… God, she was more beautiful than I’d ever seen her.

I thought Cherry would need to rest awhile, but once we sat down together, she was ready for action. Her mouth sought out mine in a passionate French kiss, and her hands were beneath my robe, exploring my nude body. She wrenched the terrycloth garment from my shoulders and tossed it aside. “Mom,” she breathed, her fingers brushing my wet pussy, “you are so beautiful… so desirable.” She kissed me again, her tongue flashing quickly in my mouth for an instant, then lay back on the sofa, eyes shining with love.

“I want to lick your pussy, Mom,” she purred, palming her breasts, licking her lips sexily to underscore her request, “come sit on my face.”

I was only too happy to oblige my sexy daughter. Straddling her face, I could clearly see how excited Cherry was, and how much she wanted to taste me. Her mouth opened in expectation as I lowered myself to her face, offering my cunt to my new lover.

Her lips lightly brushed my labia… and I whimpered. She trailed soft kisses all over my mound, teasing me mercilessly. I bit my lip, body trembling with need. I wanted to scream as she continued to nuzzle my now dripping cunt.

Finally, Cherry took pity on me. Covering my slit with her mouth, she began to eat me out in a frenzy. She had me so worked up that I was coming in my daughter’s face within seconds. I let her take me through at least three orgasms before making her stop.

I lay next to Cherry, squeezing myself alongside her on the couch, and kissed her wet mouth, loving the taste of my cunt on her lips. We lay cuddled together a long time, whispering words of love and sharing sweet caresses, kissing again and again.


It turned out that Cherry had made love with girls before, and considered herself bisexual like I was. She’d never fantasized about becoming sexually intimate with me before, but I guess the circumstances of that day were enough to bring us together in a new loving relationship — one that went far beyond than that of mother and daughter.

We spoke of the future, and decided that we had to hold on to this beautiful thing she and I had stumbled into. I think we both knew, on that beautiful morning in Cadiz, that we were in love.

That was two years ago, and Cherry and I now share a bed. We are still sexually intimate, and plan to stay that way.


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  1. David says:

    Very erotic JetBoy, was aroused from the beginning.

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    Loved it!

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    It makes my day to see an older story of mine getting some love… Thanks very, VERY much to all you groovy people.

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    amazing story aside, omg that pic!! i’ve dreamt of my mom doing just that to me on the counter before

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    Very erotic Jetboy, one of your hottest ones you have written, at least that I have read. Looking forward to reading more of your work and the other great authors in this site!

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    Just the pic of these 2 Vixens had me going!! Then the story was so sensual with these obviously 2 beautiful women. The red hair of Cherry and soft white body are enough to visualize through the whole story! Well done!

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