The Joy of Looking, Chapter 5

  • Posted on April 29, 2015 at 4:16 pm

By Naughty Mommy

It was late when we got home from the mall that night, past Molly’s bedtime and Kate’s too. We were all tired, so we went to our rooms without complaint.

After changing into some pajamas and brushing my teeth, I stopped and looked at myself in the full-length mirror on my closet door. Then I decided to take off what I was wearing so I could imagine what it would be like to have Melissa see me naked. I wondered if she would think my body was as sexy as I thought hers was.

I was very slender, that was good I supposed, and my legs were fairly long and had a nice shape. I didn’t have to worry about shaving them yet, they were still just smooth and almost hairless. Above my slit, I had a small amount of pubic hair, sort of light brown. I wondered if maybe I should try shaving it off, the way Rayne and Karen had, and then I wondered if Melissa shaved her pussy.

That thought made me start to tingle again between my legs. I put my hands down there and stroked myself a little bit. It felt nice, and it was exciting to touch myself like that while I was watching in the mirror.

I looked at my titties. Practically nothing there. Still just little bumps, with puffy nipples. But it always felt so good when I ran my hands over my nipples and played with them. I wondered what Melissa’s breasts looked like, and what it would be like to touch them. I closed my eyes and imagined that the body I was feeling was not my own, but hers….. and then I heard my mom coming down the hall toward my room.

I scampered over to my bed and jumped inside, laying on my back. Too late I realized that the overhead light was still on, and then my mother opened the door.

“Hey, baby — Oh, I was going to ask if you’re still awake, but I guess you are, with the light still on. Why are you in bed with the light on this way? Were you going to read or something?”

“Um, yeah.”

My mom sat on the side of my bed. She was wearing a sheer black nightie, very sexy, and she smelled great. It was my favorite perfume again. “How are you feeling now? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” I nodded, with the sheet pulled up to my chin to cover my nakedness.

“That’s good. You know, you missed out on some fun in the changing room tonight. Would you like me to tell you about it?”


“Can I get in bed with you?”

“Um, okay.”

“Wait, let me turn out the light first. Maybe I’ll just leave the little lamp on.”

She switched on a small bedside table lamp, on the lowest setting, and then got up to turn off the overhead light. “There, now we’ve got the mood right,” she smiled as she came back to the bed.

When she lifted the sheet, she exclaimed, “Ooh, look what I see! Someone doesn’t have anything on at all!”

I blushed deeply, and even in the dim lighting, I’m sure she could see that.

“What a sexy little girl you are,” said my mother, “and what a beautiful body you have.” She was holding the sheet up high, admiring me.

“Mom, that’s embarrassing,” I said, covering my breasts with my hands and crossing my legs.

“Oh, sweetie, you shouldn’t be embarrassed about having a beautiful body.” She slid onto the bed next to me, leaving the sheet down below my knees.

“You should be proud of it, and show it off. Not to everyone, of course. But to, you know, to the women and the girls who come over to play our little game with us, and to me.”

I swallowed hard. I liked hearing her say that I had a nice body, but I was still sort of uncomfortable.

She gently took my hands and moved them down to my sides so my little titties were uncovered. Then she ran her fingertips over my bare shoulder and down my arm. The feeling made me shiver all over and my nipples instantly got hard. My mother stared at them, licking her lips.

“I like looking at you, sweetheart. You’re very, very pretty.”

She took my hand and raised it to her mouth. She kissed the back of my fingers, one by one, then put a warm kiss in the middle of my palm. As she looked into my eyes, she extended her tongue, licking the skin right between my fingers.

Something about the way she did that made me go all liquid inside. I was trembling.

Holding my hand in hers, she pressed my arm to her breasts. Then she asked, “Do you like having me look at you when you’re naked?”

I could hardly speak, but I managed to whisper, “Yeah, I… I do.”

Still clutching my hand against her breasts, my mother ran the fingertips of her other hand over my belly, very lightly. It made me feel all fluttery and I moaned. For a second I thought she might put her hand down there, between my legs, and I wasn’t sure what I would do if that happened. But she didn’t.

Instead she sat up and pulled her nightie off over her head. Now she was naked too. “There, that’s better,” she grinned.

My mom pulled the sheet up to our waists as she nestled in next to me. She was laying on her back. She took a deep breath, then let it out, and turned her face toward mine, smiling. “Did you think Melissa was pretty?”

“Um, yeah…”

“I did too. And did you notice how she was looking at Kate, and at you, and at me?”

“No. I, I guess not.”

“Of course, most of the fun was after you went to the bathroom and while we were in the fitting room.” My mother started playing with her breasts, fondling and squeezing her nipples while she talked.

“She came in with us, to help Kate try stuff on. We were all in there, me and Melissa and Kate and Molly.”


“The first thing we decided to try was the pink panties and bra. You know the ones I mean?”

“The pink and white ones? Yeah, I like those.”

“Well, while I was helping Kate take off her shorts and her shirt and her panties, then she—”

“She took off her panties??” I interrupted.

“Yeah, Kate got naked. Melissa didn’t seem to mind at all. I guess she must see girls like that all the time in the changing rooms. Great job, huh?”

I nodded.

“Anyway, Melissa told us she was going to bring in something else, and she went out for a minute and came back with a really hot-looking red thong. The fabric was so sheer it was almost transparent. She said she thought Kate might like it.”

“A thong? Really?”

“Yeah, and I was tempted by it. I’m sure Kate would look amazing in something like that, and you would too, sweetie, but the kid is still only 10 years old, so I started to say no. But then guess what happened?”


My mom snuggled closer to me in bed as she continued massaging her breasts. “Melissa said she’d thought about suggesting the red thong because it was something she often wore herself. And then she pulled up her dress to show us that she was wearing one just like it.”

“No way.”

“Oh my god, what amazing legs she has. She pulled the dress all the way up past her waist, and you could clearly see that she was completely shaved, and then she turned around and showed us her bottom.”


“Yes! Now don’t you wish you’d been there?”

I didn’t answer, thinking about what I had been doing at that exact same time.

“After Melissa let her dress down, I said to her, ‘Wait, let me see again. Turn around and pull up your dress for me, would you?’ She smiled, then turned around and this time very slowly drew the dress up over her thighs until we could see her perfect bottom. And I touched her.”


“Yes!” My mother had one hand down between her legs now, while the other played with her breasts.

“I reached out and put my hand on her bottom. I said to her, ‘Oh my, you are so beautiful.’ And Kate said, ‘Mom!’ And then Melissa laughed and dropped her dress back down and turned around and said, ‘It’s okay, really, I don’t mind. I think your mom is a beautiful lady too.’ She looked into my eyes as she said that, Julie, and oh god, if your sisters hadn’t been there, I would have fucked… ooh, I’m gonna come…”

Her body quivered and she gasped and her hand squeezed her breast tight while the other one moved rapidly between her legs. I could tell by the sound that she was fucking herself with her fingers. As I watched her climax, I started touching my own nipples. I had never done that before with my mother in my bed.

It seemed that she was almost finished when she said, “If you had been there too, Julie, just you and me and Melissa, you could’ve watched her suck on my nipples, and watched me rub her little pussy and fuck her with my fingers, and— AHHHHH!!” She came again, harder and louder this time. I was afraid to touch my own pussy as I watched her, but I did start stroking my bare thigh with one hand while the other stayed on my nipples.

She suddenly kicked the sheets all the way off and threw open her thighs, putting both hands between her legs. I could see that she was spreading her pussy lips apart with her left hand and pushing the two middle fingers of her right hand deep inside herself. My mother fucked herself hard and fast.

When she started to come again, for the third time, I couldn’t resist any longer. I put my hand over my pussy and clenched my thighs together. It wasn’t enough to make me come right away, but it felt incredibly good.

Eventually my mom was exhausted. She lay there next to me, panting and sweating. She lifted her hand to her mouth and sucked and licked her fingers.

Then, still on her back, she turned her head to look at me. I was touching my nipples and clamping my thighs together. If she noticed what I was doing, she didn’t say anything. But she did ask, “Honey, what were you really doing in the bathroom tonight at Victoria’s Secret?”

I didn’t want to lie to her. Not after the way she was so open about sharing herself and everything with me. “I… I was masturbating.”

“I thought so,” she smiled. “Were you, did you come?”

“Uh-huh, yeah,” I smiled back.

She turned on her side, facing me. “And, do you want to tell me about, you know, was there anything or anyone in particular you were thinking about?”

“Melissa…” I whispered.

“Mm-hmm, nice.” She gave me a soft kiss on the lips. “Tell me what you were thinking about.”

“Well, I, um, when you guys were just looking at stuff in the store, I was kind of standing back and looking at her legs and thinking about what she would look like naked.”

“Uh-huh, and…”

“And that’s when I decided to tell you I had to go to the bathroom.”

“And then you went in and started touching yourself?”


“Did you take off all your clothes?”

“No, um, just my panties.”

“Just your panties. Ooh, that’s sexy.” My mother started caressing her own breasts again. “Honey, when I came to to the door to check on you, did you have your panties on then?”

“No, I, I was still, you know, touching myself.”

“Uh-huh, but did you put them back on?”

“Yeah, I did. And then I washed my hands.”


“Well, because they, you know, I could smell, um, you know…”

She leaned in very close and kissed me again on the mouth. I felt her tongue teasing my lips. She whispered, “Baby, if we are ever out shopping like that again, and if you go in somewhere and masturbate, promise me that when you come out you will not put your panties back on.”


“Yes! I love the idea of my sexy, naughty little 11-year-old girl walking around not wearing any panties. Especially if she’s just been touching herself and her pussy is still wet…”

She slid one hand back down between her legs again. “Do you want to masturbate with me now?”

“Now? Um, both of us?”

“Yes, together, at the same time.”

“I, I can try…”

“That’s a good girl. Turn on your side now and look at me. Look at me and kiss me while you touch yourself.”

I could tell it would not take her very long to come again. It seemed like once she got started, she was almost constantly on the verge of an orgasm. But I wasn’t sure if I could make myself come that fast.

I tried, though. I rubbed myself and I looked at her and we kissed a few times, but I couldn’t really get very close. She could see that I was having trouble and so she stopped before she had another climax.

“It’s okay, baby, we’ve had plenty of fun tonight. Thank you for letting me get in your bed and talk to you. I love you, darling.”

I wrapped my arms around her neck. “I love you too, Mommy, so much!!”

We kissed again, and this time I opened my mouth, letting her put her tongue inside. That felt funny, but I liked it.

Then my mother got out of bed, picked up her nightie from the floor, blew me a kiss, and left the room. I heard her checking in on Kate, and then on Molly, and a few seconds later I thought I could hear Molly’s voice out in the hall. I wasn’t sure why she would be awake, but it sounded like she was. But then my mother’s bedroom door closed and everything was quiet.

For a long time I laid there and thought about what an amazing day it had been.

As I recalled the beauty of Melissa’s long legs, and as I imagined what it would have been like to be with them in the fitting room while my mom was touching the girl’s bottom — right in front of Kate and even in front of 7-year-old Molly! — I touched myself and fantasized that Melissa was taking off all her clothes and that my sisters and I were watching while our mother put her hands all over Melissa’s body, and soon I was coming.

It was a long, slow, extended, warm, wet orgasm. When it was done, I turned on my side and lifted my hands to my face so I could smell my wetness. I tasted myself, and soon fell fast asleep.

I didn’t hear my mother’s bedroom door open again later as she returned little Molly to her room.

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  1. Jenny says:

    The “first time” and sexual relationships in adolescence, they should always be with mom or sisters.

  2. I think that’s a very good idea, Jenny!

  3. Tim says:

    Love the gradual increase in the impending sexual relationship between daughter and her mom, so exciting, so erotic.
    Another wonderful arousing chapter NM
    Thank you!!!

  4. sue says:

    How did we miss this delicious chapter.

    She whispered, “Baby, if we are ever out shopping like that again, and if you go in somewhere and masturbate, promise me that when you come out you will not put your panties back on.”


    “Yes! I love the idea of my sexy, naughty little 11-year-old girl walking around not wearing any panties. Especially if she’s just been touching herself and her pussy is still wet…”

    She slid one hand back down between her legs again. “Do you want to masturbate with me now?”

    “Now? Um, both of us?”

    “Yes, together, at the same time.”

    Classic story.

    Kim & Sue

  5. Bryan says:

    Omg this is a phenomenal story NM

  6. Clit Licker says:

    Yes it is – this is the third time I’ve read it (it was the first long story I…er…came across after discovering this wonderful site) and it’s still as good as the first time.

    • Russell says:

      indeed . same here
      it’s so well paced and the attention to the dialogue adds so much arousal for me.
      Outstanding work from the legendary Naughty Mommy

  7. Elio says:

    Bello e eccitante, ma lo sarebbe di più se a spiare la madre e le sua bambina di dieci anni che si amano ci fosse il papà che d’accordo con la moglie gode indirettamente questo meraviglioso spettacolo. Capisco che in questo sito i maschi sono banditi, ma qualche volta fate uno strappo , magari come ho suggerito io.- GRAZIe

    Google Translate: Beautiful and exciting, but it would be more so if spying on the mother and her ten year old daughter who love each other were the father who, in agreement with his wife, indirectly enjoys this wonderful show. I understand that males are banned on this site, but sometimes make an effort, perhaps as I suggested. – THANKS

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