The Joy of Looking, Chapter 4

  • Posted on April 29, 2015 at 4:03 pm

By Naughty Mommy

I didn’t have to wait very long to find out what the next adventure would be, and it wasn’t at all what I expected.

The very next weekend, Mom went out again, leaving us as usual with a babysitter. This time the girl’s name was Holly. She was 17, and she was the fourth new sitter in a row that our mother got for us. I couldn’t help but think that maybe she kept trying new girls in the hopes that one of them would turn out to be like Karen, someone Mom could have sex with while I watched.

But that didn’t happen this week. Holly was nice enough, and she was sort of pretty although kind of chubby. When my mother came home, at around 1:00 AM, I woke up and heard her talking briefly to the sitter downstairs, heard them drive away, and then about twenty minutes later, heard her car come back.

I was about to go so sleep again, thinking that nothing special would happen on this Saturday night, when my mom came into my room.

“Julie, sweetie, are you awake?”

I was, and after waiting a moment for my eyes to focus when I opened them in the semi-darkness, I saw that my mother was standing in my doorway completely naked. This was definitely something new, and it made me come fully awake right away.

“Yes, Mommy…”

She came toward my bed, and I got a strong whiff of perfume, the one she wore that I liked best. It was sweet and sexy and always made me think happy thoughts when she used it, which she often did. Tonight she must have just put some more on, because her delicious scent filled the room.

She sat down on my bed for a moment and put her hand on my cheek. The she said, “Brr, it’s cold out here. Scoot over so I can get in.”

Without waiting for me to move, my mother lifted the covers and slid into the bed next to me.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi.” She took my face in her hands and kissed me quickly on the lips. “I’m sorry to wake you.”

“It’s okay, I was awake.”

“And I — well, I, I wanted to play our game tonight, and I actually met someone, and I was getting all excited about it. But then she decided she didn’t want to come over here so we went to her place instead and it was nice, I mean, you know, we fooled around and everything, and that was great, but the whole time I kept thinking about you and wishing you were there and that you were watching me while I was kissing her and stuff and while she was putting her fingers in me and— ”

I suddenly realized that my mom was masturbating, right next to me in my bed!!

“—and even though it felt really good and everything, it still wasn’t the same as when we play our game, and I just wished she would have come over here because I love it so much when you watch us. You know?”

“Yeah. Um, me too. I mean, I like it.”

“I know you do.”

“What, um, what was her name?”

“Who? Oh, the woman? Her name was Candice.”

“Was she pretty?”

“Yeah. Yeah, she was. She was tall, with really long beautiful legs. She had a nice tan all over and she was wearing a really short skirt and had pretty blonde hair and a great smile. I — I liked licking her, and she made me come with her fingers, which was great, but still, I just kept thinking about you…”

As she said this, she scooted closer to me and kissed me warmly on the neck. Her hand was moving fast between her legs. “And you know what?”


“On the way home, in the car, after I left her place, I kept thinking about you and about the special game we play sometimes, and it got me so excited that I started touching myself while I was driving. I spread my legs apart — I wasn’t wearing any panties — and I was rubbing my pussy, and I was so wet, just like I am now. And I started wishing you were there, with me in the car, so you could watch me play with myself. And, well, then I just couldn’t wait to get home to you.”

I was finding it hard to know how to react. It had been one thing to watch my mother from a distance, and while it had been very exciting to see her having sex with the other women, or girls, this was different. Now she was right here in my bed next to me, naked, smelling really nice, and she was masturbating!

“Honey? Julie?” She was breathing hard and I could tell she was close. She kissed me on the lips, twice. “You — do you want to watch me, baby? Now?”

“Watch you?”

“Yes.” My mother pushed back the covers and got up on her knees. She climbed on top of me, straddling my chest. I was wearing just a t-shirt and panties. My mom used one hand to pull back on her pussy lips, opening them for me to see her better, then she slid two fingers of her other hand inside herself.

“Watch me, sweetie. Watch me come!”

I was watching her fuck herself. Her wet pussy was very close to my face. I could smell her perfume, and something else, a strong smell, good and exciting, that I guessed was the smell of her sex.

“Look at Mommy’s pussy, Julie. Look at Mommy. Do you like it? Want to see me come for you?”

She was fucking herself really fast and hard.

“Watch me — OHH!!!!!!!!!!”

She made herself come very quickly and for a moment she seemed to freeze in front of me, both hands clenched over her dripping cunt as she gasped and her body trembled. Then she collapsed on the bed next to me, her hands still working between her legs as she brought herself to a second strong climax.

Finally she was finished. “Oh fucking god that was good. Goddamn I needed that so much.” She raised a hand to her mouth and sucked and licked her wet fingers, apparently tasting herself.

After a minute or so of panting and licking her fingers, she turned to me and whispered, “Thank you, baby, that was so nice. But now you go to sleep and I’ll see you in the morning, okay?”

She leaned in to kiss me on the lips and I tasted… something… in my mouth. Was it the flavor of my mother’s pussy?

She got up out of bed, kissed me once more on the forehead, and then left my room. I heard her check in on my sisters before she went to her own bedroom.

I lay there for a long time thinking about what had happened. Eventually I turned on my side, intending to fall asleep. But I couldn’t get that vision out of my head: my mom’s hot, wet pussy, just inches from my face, as she fucked herself with her fingers.

I put my own hand down between my legs, inside my panties. My little pussy was very wet. I began rubbing myself and in just a few minutes I had two strong orgasms. Then, before I fell asleep, I tried something for the first time.

After my second climax had subsided, I dipped a finger inside the opening to my vagina, where my pussy was the wettest and warmest, and then I lifted the finger to my lips and tasted myself. It was good. I licked my finger, then did it again and again and again, savoring the taste of my own girlish sex, until finally I drifted off to sleep.

* * *

For several weeks after that, nothing special happened, that is until my little sister Kate had her 10th birthday.

It seemed like she was growing up really fast. Kate had just finished fourth grade — it was summer vacation now — and she was getting ready for fifth, but she was almost as tall as me and she was getting her boobs way sooner than I had. I was about two years older than her and two grades ahead in school, so I was going to be in seventh grade and yet we looked like we were practically the same age.

This made me feel kind of envious of her sometimes, because I really, really wanted to be a pretty, grownup woman — while my body seemed like it was planning to stay a little girl forever. But anyway Kate was so cute and funny I could never really mind that she was more popular than me. Everybody liked her a lot, including me.

For Kate’s birthday, Mom took us all out to dinner at our favorite pizza place, then she took us to get ice cream sundaes, then we went to the mall where we each got to choose three new music CDs — plus Mom got Kate this awesome new CD player for her room — and then we went to Victoria’s Secret, where Mom said she was going to let Kate pick out her first set of sexy underwear.

While we were looking at some of the little panties and bras at the Victoria’s Secret store, this really nice-looking girl came over to help us. She told us her name was Melissa. She was tall, a couple inches taller even than my mom, who is 5’8”. She had long, slender legs, and she was was wearing a very short dress made of some kind of thin fabric. She looked really sexy, and she had a great smile. I liked her right away.

Melissa asked us what we were looking for, and my mom told her that it was Kate’s 10th birthday and so she was going to let her choose some fancy new underwear. Melissa said that was a good idea, because every girl likes to feel sexy, even young ones. It made me sort of start to tingle the way she said that.

My mom and Melissa began looking through the things to find something for Kate, and Kate was looking too, of course, but I just stood back for a minute so I could get a better view of Melissa. I started wondering what she would look like naked — and then suddenly I had this almost uncontrollable desire to masturbate!

By this point I’d been masturbating just about every day — often several times a day — for almost a year, but up until then it had always been at home, usually at night in my bed (except for when my mom and I were playing our game). I’d never had an urge like this where I wanted to masturbate in public.

But as I stood there in the store looking at Melissa’s beautiful legs and wishing I could watch her take off her dress and be able to see the rest of her body, I started feeling as if I couldn’t stand it unless I touched myself.

I made sure that my little sister Molly was okay (she was looking at the undies on a sale table), and then I tugged on my mom’s sweater. “I have to go to the bathroom.”

“What, honey? Oh, um, Melissa, do you have a ladies room here?”

“Sure, it’s right over there” She pointed. “Uh, you have to go around those black nighties on the rack and it’s just behind them. Okay?”

I nodded and hurried away.

Once inside the restroom, I locked the door, then lifted up my short skirt. When I looked down at my pink cotton panties, I could see a big wet spot. God, I was so turned on! I put my hand inside my panties and slid a finger between my pussy lips. I was so wet, just dripping, and so hot inside.

I quickly pulled off my panties and set them on the edge of the sink, then sat on the toilet with the lid still down, and spread my legs apart.

I closed my eyes and thought about Melissa’s long legs while I teased my little pussy with my hands. I imagined I was watching Melissa touch herself and that she was watching me, and that made me even more excited. After rubbing myself for only a couple of minutes I had my first orgasm. I came once, and then as I pictured her putting her fingers inside herself, I started coming again and again.

I really don’t know how long I was in there. I’d meant to stay for only like five minutes, but it must have been a lot longer, because my mother had to come looking for me.

The loud knocking on the door startled me. “Julie, honey, are you all right?”

I jumped up and grabbed my panties, pulling them frantically up my legs. I could still feel the cold wet spot in the middle. “Y-yes, um, yes, I’m fine…”

“Are you sick?”

“No, uh-uh, I’m fine. Just a minute.” I smelled my hands. They smelled like girl sex. I washed them quickly then smelled them again. Looking at myself in the mirror I could see that my face was flushed and shiny with sweat. Maybe I should pretend I wasn’t feeling well. It was worth a try.

I unlocked the door and opened it.

“Sweetie, are you sure you’re all right?”

“Yeah, I’m… I just have a little headache is all. Did you find some nice stuff for Kate’s birthday?”

“Yes, honey, we did. Melissa helped us and we got some really cute things. Maybe tonight when we get home Kate will do a fashion show for us.” She giggled, and that made me smile. “That is, if you’re feeling all right.”

I nodded. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I just, um, I needed to sit down I guess for a few minutes or something.”

My mother took my hand and looked into my eyes. She brushed a few damp strands of hair from my forehead. Even though I’d scrubbed my hands with soap, I wondered if she would be able to smell the sexy wetness in my panties. But if she could, she didn’t say anything about it then.

We gathered up Kate and Molly — Kate was all excited about her new little bras and panties — and started to leave.

Melissa was near the front of the store, working to straighten up a table of silk pajamas on display. When my mom thanked her for helping us, Melissa beamed and said, “Oh, it was my pleasure! Come back soon!” Then she blew a kiss to Kate, “Happy birthday, sweetie!”

On the way home in the car, Molly sat in front with Mom, and Kate and I sat in the back seat so she could show me all her new stuff. I liked everything a lot, especially this adorable pink and white bra and panty set. But all of it was really nice.

I remember thinking how happy we three girls were to have a mom who loved us so much and who treated us so well. And Kate was so sweet, she told me that whenever I wanted to wear any of her new things, it was just fine.

When she offered that, I immediately thought I would really like to try on the pink and white panties and bra, but I didn’t say anything just then.

However, as I pictured myself putting them on, and then as I started to fantasize about Melissa being with me in my bedroom, watching me and touching herself, I started feeling hot and wet again between my legs. But I knew, of course, there was no way I could masturbate right then, so I just looked out the car window and tried to think about other things.

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  3. Thank you, Jenny and MrStrut, for the nice comments. You both mentioned the scene of Suzanne masturbating over her daughter’s face. I’m glad you liked that. If you’ve read some of my other stories, such as “In Her Room” or “Every Sunday Night,” you’ll know that’s a special fetish of mine. The idea of close-up masturbation, especially between a mother and daughter, is very exciting to me.

    • Bianca Chels says:

      NM, indeed it is – and still is I soo very much like this story. I couldn’t write it nearly as well, but I have been living it. This story brings back so many wonderful memories.

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    But back to the topic — you may not find as much of that kind of detailed description in this story as you want. However, I did include a sequence in Serendipity where Angela carefully describes the process of cunnilingus to young Amanda, starting in Chapter 22.

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    Once again Naughty Mommy you have not disappointed me, you made me make a mess all over and so I had to lic…. err clean it up.


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    I suddenly realized that my mom was masturbating, right next to me in my bed!!

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    So arousing. Thank you for all the treasures you left us with to enjoy, Naughty Mommy.

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