The Joy of Looking, Chapter 3

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By Naughty Mommy

The next time didn’t happen until about six weeks later.

After getting in around 12:30 in the morning and then driving the babysitter home, my mother came to my room as usual. But instead of kissing me goodnight, she stood just inside my door and said, “Julie, baby, I’ve got someone downstairs. Do you want to come and play?”

I sat up in my bed. “What?”

“I have someone downstairs. She doesn’t know about our game, but I’m pretty sure she will like it anyway. Her name is Rayne.”


“R-A-Y-N-E. But listen, I want to try something. You can watch us but don’t let her see you until I signal to you, okay? After I look up and give you a little wave, then you can come out to the railing and show yourself to her. It would be really cool if you were naked. Does that sound good?”

“Sure, I guess.”

“Good.” She moved quickly over to the bed and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “I’m very excited about this. It’s been way too long since we played our game. You sure you’re ready for it?”

I nodded eagerly. It had been a while since Bonnie, and I hadn’t been expecting this, so I was caught by surprise. But I was also excited. “Sure, Mommy, I’m ready.”

“Okay, sugar, get naked and watch for my signal.”

She left the room and I climbed out of bed. This was different than before. She had always called it a ‘game’ but now it seemed like there actually were some rules to it or something. I wasn’t quite sure I understood, but I trusted my mom, and so I took off my nightie and my panties and went to the door. I opened it carefully and stepped quietly into the hall. By standing back in the shadows I was sure no one could see me.

The girl standing downstairs with my mother looked very young. She was tiny, only about five feet, and had spiky streaked hair. She was wearing torn black tights and black army boots with black denim shorts and a tight red tank top. She was flat-chested but her nipples stood out through the thin fabric of her top. She wore heavy eye shadow and pink lipstick.

“I like it that way,” I heard the girl say.

“You like being bad, Rayne? Have you ever been really bad?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Have you ever had sex with a woman who has three children?”

“Um, no.”

“Ever had sex with her while her daughters were sleeping in their bedrooms?”

While she was saying these things, my mom, whose back was to me, was slowly stripping off her clothes.

Rayne giggled. “No. I mean, that really would be bad.”

“Well, honey, I’ve got three daughters in this house right now and I want you to have sex with me right here in this room.”

By this time my mom was almost naked.

“I want you to lick my pussy and make me come in your mouth and then I’m gonna fuck your little pussy with my fingers and make you come again and again until you scream to make me stop. And I don’t care if it wakes up my daughters and they watch us because I love to have sex and I love to fuck young girls.”

Rayne, who was still fully dressed, tried to laugh, but I could see that she was also kind of nervous, while at the same time becoming aroused. “God, you are bad.”

“That’s right, baby, I am very bad. I’m so bad you can’t believe it. So bad I will make you come like you’ve never come before.”

I could hardly believe that was my mother talking. It was exciting and also kind of frightening how powerful and domineering she could be. And talking so dirty!

“I’m gonna fuck your little cunt with my fingers and then sit on your face and grind my pussy into your mouth and come all over you.”

Mom was standing in front of Rayne, with her back to me, and I could tell by the way her body was moving now and by the way Rayne was watching her that she was fucking herself with her fingers as she talked.

Rayne just stared at her and licked her lips. I think she was beyond words.

“Isn’t that why you came over here? Because you wanted to fuck a nice lady in her nice house while her nice kids were asleep in their rooms? Because you wanted to be a bad girl, Rayne? So, just how bad can you be?”

Rayne reached up and pulled down one of the straps on her tank top, revealing her small breast with a dark nipple. She took the nipple between her fingers and pinched it hard.

“That’s right. Now take off the rest of those clothes while I watch you. Come on, Rayne, strip for me and show me your sexy little body.”

The girl sat down on the sofa and hurriedly unlaced her boots and took them off. Then she opened her shorts, stood up and pushed them to the floor. Now we could see that she was wearing a red leotard that snapped at the crotch and had a thong in the back. On top of her black tights it looked really great.

“Ooh, that is nice. Very sexy. Rayne, did you used to be a dancer?”

“Well, um, a gymnast.”

“Oh, yeah, I see. You definitely have the tight little body of a gymnast. And I’ll bet you’ve got the flexibility too, right? So you can get into all sorts of crazy sex positions?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Okay, take the rest of it off too. I want to see you naked.”

She unsnapped the leotard and pulled it over her head, then pealed off the tights and stood in front of my mother. Her pussy was shaved bare, like Karen’s had been when I last saw her. Without her clunky boots and dark clothes, Rayne looked even younger. Her skin was very white. I later found out that she was 18, but she easily could have passed for 13 or 14.

Between my mother’s dirty talk and seeing Rayne’s nude body, I was really needing to touch myself. I stayed back in the shadows and tried not to move too quickly but I couldn’t resist putting my hand between my legs. My pussy was already very wet.

“Yes, you do look amazing,” said my mom. “Okay, now sit on the couch. But not on the seat, sit on the back.”

Rayne frowned, but then she did as my mother asked.

“Spread your legs wide wide apart for me.”

The girl lifted her slender legs up until they were each stretched out on the back of the sofa, in a splits position.

“Very nice. Now open your little pussy lips for me. I want to make sure if my kids come out they’ll be able to have a good look at the sexy young thing their mommy is fucking.”

Rayne’s eyes went wide.

“You’re unbelievable,” she said. “Crazy, I think. But really hot too.” The girl held herself steady on the sofa with one hand and with the other began to vigorously stroke her clit. “You make me want to come.”

“That’s right. I want you to come. I want to watch you come. After that I want to make you come in my mouth and then I want to sit on your face and fuck you hard with my wet cunt.”

I was rubbing myself rapidly now and getting pretty close. I knew I had to follow instructions and not be seen until the right time — and certainly not have an orgasm — but god it was so exciting!

My mom was kneeling on the couch now, in front of Rayne. They were both masturbating. “Are you going to come for me?” she said to the girl.

“Do you want to watch me come?” Rayne was rubbing her clit very fast. “Huh? You want me to come for you, in your nice house while your daughters are asleep? You want to watch me put my fingers in my cunt and come for you?”

“Yes, I want to watch you!”

Mom turned and quickly waved up at me.

I stepped forward to the railing, into the light. I was naked and rubbing my pussy.

At 11 years old, my legs were longer, my breasts were slightly more developed, and my pubic hair had just started to grow, although you couldn’t really see it unless you looked close.

I still had a young girl’s body. But I knew what sex was, and I knew I loved it.

Rayne hadn’t seen me yet. She was fucking herself fast with two fingers, and obviously was close to an orgasm.

My mother told her, “Fuck your cunt, you bad girl, while my 11-year-old daughter watches you!!”

“What?! Unh??!!” She looked up and saw me just as she reached climax. She started coming, her body shaking, but she was still able to squeeze out the words… “watch me — come — little girl — ”

Then, so she wouldn’t fall over backwards, Rayne slid down onto the seat of the couch, still fucking herself.

She kept coming, over and over again. Her eyes were closed, but when she finally finished, she looked up at me, staring, as if to convince herself of what she was really seeing — a naked 11-year-old girl playing with her pussy — and then she looked down at my mother, who was now at the other end of the sofa, her legs spread wide, her fingers gently stroking her cunt.

“Now, come and eat me, little Rayne. Eat my pussy and make me come in your mouth while my daughter watches us. Okay? Is that bad enough for you?”

“Omigod,” Rayne muttered as she slipped her fingers out of her pussy and licked them clean. “You people are fucking crazy…”

But she duly put her face down between my mother’s legs and started licking her. She licked her clit, she put her tongue inside and fucked my mother with it, she sucked on her labia, she finger-fucked her, and all the time she kept looking up at me every minute or two, each time seeming surprised at what she saw.

I was definitely ready to come, but this was such a new and different experience that I didn’t want to miss any of it. And I also remembered then how Bonnie had teased my mom, had brought her close and then slid away, time after time, until it seemed to make my mom even more intensely excited, and so I decided to try that on myself.

Rayne was fingering my mother and sucking on her clit and it looked like my mom was about to come, but then the girl asked, “Is that really your daughter?”

“Uh-huh,” panted my mom. “Yes, it is.”

“And is she really just 11 years old?”

“That’s — keep fucking me — that’s right. Her, her name is Julie.”

“Julie. So 11-year-old Julie is going to watch her mommy come in my mouth?”

“Yes, she sure is.”

“That’s fucking awesome.”

My mom turned her head and looked up at me. Rayne also had her eyes on me as she put her mouth back over my mother’s clit and started fucking her even harder with her fingers.

She made her come quickly then, and when I saw my mom’s orgasm starting, I couldn’t hold back any longer. My attempt at prolonging would have to wait for another time. I gripped the railing hard with one hand as I climaxed and tried to keep my eyes open so I could watch what was happening.

Rayne kept trying to watch me too, but my mom clamped her legs around her head when she came and so Rayne missed most of my orgasm.

After my mom released the girl from the grip of her thighs, Rayne sat up and looked at me. Wiping her mouth, she spoke to me. “Did you come?”

I wasn’t sure if I should answer, but since my mother didn’t immediately object, I said, “Yeah.”

“That’s fucking awesome.”

Then she looked back down at my mother’s wet vagina. Rayne started touching herself while she stared at my mom, and then she looked back up at me. “Do you want to watch me fuck your mother?”

I nodded as I rubbed my pussy. “Yeah, I do.”

So Rayne climbed on top of my mother, sort of the way Bonnie had, only instead of leaning over her she was sitting straight up.

She began moving her mound against my mom’s slowly at first, then faster and harder. As she did, she kept looking back and forth between my mother’s face and mine, and occasionally looking at where my fingers were sliding between the slippery folds of my labia.

And Rayne was talking the whole time, though it seemed more to herself than to either me or my mother:

“I’m gonna fuck you bitch and make you come make you come while your little girl is watching us while your sweet little 11-year-old girl is rubbing her cunt and watching us and I’m fucking your pussy and I’m gonna make you come you cunt you whore you’re so fucking hot I want you to come and I’m gonna come on you…”

And my mother was talking to herself at the same time:

“Fuck me Rayne fuck my pussy fuck my cunt make me come while Julie’s watching fuck me now fuck me hard make me come and then come on my face OH GOD I’M GONNA COME JULIE WATCH ME!!!”

They came together, simultaneously, and I came too. But this time I was unable to keep watching. I had to close my eyes and lie on the floor because the feeling was so intense. I rubbed myself harder and harder and came again and again as I whispered to myself, “Mommy, I’m watching! Mommy, Mommy, I’m watching!”

When I was finally done, I sat up and looked down into the family room below. Rayne was sitting on my mother’s face now. My mom was holding the girl’s small ass in her hands and Rayne was rocking her pussy back and forth against my mother’s mouth. She came again. It seemed like Rayne could come as many times as she wanted.

It went on that way for at least another hour. They kept changing positions and licking and sucking and fucking each other. My mom had several more orgasms and Rayne had two or three for every one that my mom had. I came a couple more times myself as I watched them, but when the mantel clock struck 2:30, my mom said it was time for Rayne to go home. They had just finished a ‘69’, with my mom on top, fingering Rayne while she looked up and watched me masturbate. We had all enjoyed one last climax, but now the incredible night was finally over.

As Rayne slowly started getting dressed, I got up and went to my room and slid into bed. I was exhausted, as tired out as I had ever been, but my head was so full of all these exciting things I’d just seen and heard that I was nowhere near falling asleep.

I didn’t hear Rayne leave, and so I was surprised when my bedroom door opened. I thought my mom would wait until she was gone before coming in to kiss me goodnight. But there was one more surprise for me.

My mom came into my room, and then Rayne came in after her. They stood beside my bed and I looked up at them. My mom touched my cheek. “Hey, little girl. You okay?”

I nodded. “Uh-huh.”

“That’s my girl. Rayne wanted to say goodnight.”

“Um, goodnight,” I said.

She crouched beside me. “You’re an amazing little girl. Totally fucking hot. And you’re really lucky to have a mom like that. Goodnight, sweetie, and thanks for an awesome night.” She kissed me softly on the cheek. I smelled strawberry lip gloss. Then they left the room.

I heard Rayne go out the front door and heard her car start up and drive away. Then my mom came upstairs and back into my room. She knelt beside me as Rayne had and kissed my cheek. “Goodnight, little girl. That was a fun night but it’s very late and we both need to get some sleep. Okay?”

“Okay, Mommy.”

“I love you, darling.”

“I love you too.”

She leaned in and kissed me once more, this time on the lips. Then she left the room, checked on my sisters, and went to bed.

It took me a long time to fall asleep as I kept wondering what exciting direction our ‘game’ would take the next time…… but finally I drifted off.

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  1. Jenny says:

    I love to meet Julie’s mother, in a photograph, totally naked. Perhaps, she is kissing or having sex with Rayne, while Julie observes while masturbate…
    Todo tu historia es tan caliente!!! Cada vez más… y más.
    I ❤ Naughty Mommy

    • Bianca Chels says:

      This is soo much fun and almost exactly the way my mom introduced me to sex with her and her friends.

      Love this site and the absolute openness of the comments.

  2. MrStrut says:

    Thanks NM, they just keep getting better and better!

  3. Saapho69 says:

    I just had my morning orgasm. I love this chapter TYVM Naughty Mommy

  4. Rossella says:

    Le mutandine di mia figlia mi hanno rilevato che è arrivata pure lei alla pubertà. Ha appena compiuto dieci anni. Mi sono accorta che entro in bagno mentre le fa la doccia, faccio molti pensierini su di lei, ma nonho il coraggio. in questi racconti pare una cosa facile ma nella realtà è molto diverso, a volte quando la guardo mi pare quasi che lei mi legga il pensiero. Sta interessandosi al sesso tanto che con la sua compagne la sentii bisbigliare di aver saputo che ai maschi piace baciare e leccare laggiù,. Mio Dio come vorrei essere la maestra e dimostrarle che anche le sonne piace farlo e sono più brave degli uomini. Resterà un sogno?

    Google Translate: My daughter’s panties revealed to me that she too has reached puberty. You just turned ten. I realized that I go into the bathroom while he is taking a shower, I think a lot about her, but I don’t have the courage of her. in these stories it seems an easy thing but in reality it is very different, sometimes when I look at her it almost seems to me that she reads my thoughts. She is taking so much interest in her sex that I heard her whisper to her mate that she learned that males like to kiss and lick over there. My God how I would like to be her teacher and show her that she also likes to do it and are better than men. Will it remain a dream?

    • tractorboy says:

      a mum should always teach her daughter the important thins in life.
      Maybe she just hasn’t found a man that knows how to lick her properly

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