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Thank you for visiting Juicy Secrets. What we’ve labored to create here is a high-quality online library of steamy, sensuous, and arousing erotic fiction that explores the edgier side of lesbian love. Our site was founded by three writers with similar tastes in things sexual – Naughty Mommy, JetBoy, and Cheryl Taggert – who came together in pursuit of a humble dream. Juicy Secrets is that dream come to life, and we are pleased as punch with the results.

The three of us originally became acquainted through the Lesbian Lolita site, a crucial resource for offbeat Sapphic fiction for over a decade. We posted our own stories there, exchanged opinions and thoughts on the comments threads, and became quite familiar with each other’s work. Unfortunately, various issues rendered Lesbian Lolita less than ideal for our wicked purposes.

At that point, we put our heads together and came up with the idea of starting a new erotic site. Juicy Secrets began in May 2015 as a selection of our own stories, but we decided from the first to encourage other authors to submit their works as well. In fact, we even succeeded in coaxing a few writers out of retirement! Now we are regularly offered first dibs on new stories, getting our mitts on some amazing stuff in the process.

Later, when Lesbian Lolita was in peril of being shut down for good, we elected to save the best of that site’s material and the Juicy Secrets Archive was born. Since then, we have expanded the Story Archives to include works from other sites, including lost treasures of lesbian fiction from the long-gone Sisters in Love.

In the years that have passed since we kicked things off, Juicy Secrets has ripened beyond our wildest dreams. Take a stroll around the grounds and see for yourself. Here you will find hundreds of sexy, edgy tributes to Sappho, waiting to be sampled and savored.

We receive no cash, sponsor support or Moscow bullion for running this site. However, we do consider ourselves paid for all the hard work we do (and work there most definitely is, friends!) when you take the time to leave comments for stories you feel strongly about, whether pro or con. Especially pro.

We wish to make it very clear that the stories we post here are fantasies only and should be read with that in mind. As with horror movies, gangsta rap, and crime thrillers, some ideas work far better as entertainment than real-life experiences.

In particular, we very much do NOT approve of having literal sexual relations with underage girls, so don’t try it, okay? Children should be playing in the sun, watching cartoons and daydreaming, not participating in illicit activities with grownups.

To that end, any comments left at Juicy Secrets that describe real-life sexual activities with kids will be promptly flushed… as will those actively advocating for pedophilia. There are other websites for that kind of thing, and interested parties are welcome to them.

Finally, our purpose here is entertainment, folks. We want to arouse, tease, stimulate and occasionally amuse our readers, helping them achieve an orgasm or two along the way.

Now, go read a couple of stories! (Er… you might want to get a towel first. You know, to sit on.)

Please Note: All stories published on this site are Copyright © 2015-2022 by the original author. All rights reserved.

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131 Comments on About Us

  1. Letoria says:

    A big and hearty Congratulations to the three of you. The site is beautiful and very well organized. I suspect you’ll get a lot more traffic than I do, every bit of it well deserved. Jetboy, will you be offering up your entire oeuvre, or just new releases?

    I’ll spread the word in my blog, and send a link to the readers on my email list. Good luck!


  2. JetBoy says:

    Thanks, Letoria! We’ll be linking to your site, so some of our traffic is sure to flow your way… deservedly so, let me add.

    I think I speak for all three of us in saying that the eventual goal will be to have ALL our lesbian stories appear here. We could have delayed the opening of Juicy Secrets by a week or so and gotten everything posted — that was the original plan, in fact — but our eagerness to go public proved too strong to resist. I can’t exactly speak for my partners, but to me it’s like getting my hands on the coolest toy ever.

  3. Letoria, thank you so much. Your compliments mean a lot, considering your own success in the area.

    We will try to add most if not all of our older stories. But I personally am also aiming to post as much new material as I can, without burning out or diminishing the quality. I want to give my “fans” a reason to keep coming back (and coming).

  4. Joe says:

    I’m glad you guys started this blog after leslita shutdown. I enjoy reading your stories.

  5. Letoria says:

    I forgot about that — I’ll put the direct link here on my own “Friends” page, as well as in my next update/blog and my email list.

  6. mike says:

    love my girls more pictures please I cant help it I just love you all

  7. Letoria, thank you so much. You are a true friend!

  8. Ironic990 says:

    Mommy…thanks for the background info. I had wondered what had been going on at Leslita. It was all very murky. The layout here is delightful, and it is also really nice to get to know the “real people” behind the internet curtain!

  9. Julie Van says:

    Love the new site, as well as the new stories. Looking forward to enjoying even more as you expand it. Also wouldn’t mind being able to share some of my stories which are presently posted on the Leslita site.

    Sinfully yours,

    Julie V.

  10. I am so glad to have found this site. I have been reading Leslita far longer than I should have and it warms me all over to see its spirit live on here. I can’t wait to read each and every story <3

  11. JetBoy says:

    Many thanks to you all, both old friends and new. We are delighted and then some to have you among us. Er… may I offer anyone a cherry-almond biscotti?

  12. Quiller Fan says:

    You guys are at the head of the class when it comes to erotic writing. It’s the top notch dialogue that does it for me.

    Hope that ‘Pensive Writer Type’ from Lesbian Lolita finds their way here someday. LOooking forward to the continuation of ‘The Joy of Looking’. Keep up the great work!

  13. PoppaBear says:

    Guys, Do you have any idea about what has happened to storyfriendsboard.com?

    Having just lost three friends from there in the past month, I’m getting paranoid.

  14. It does look like SFB is down, Poppa, but I have no idea why. Maybe it’s just temporary… Let’s hope so.

  15. PoppaBear says:

    Thank you, Naughty Mommy, I hope so too.
    Your new site is going really well, I hope you continue to have lots of success and gradually add more good authors to the numbers.

  16. firefly says:

    We got pulled because we ran out of funds.

  17. kimberly says:

    where’s the 1% when you really need them.

  18. I know, right? Billions for war and not a penny for lesbian pedophilia.

  19. Lynn says:

    Naughty mommy! You are hilarious !!! We need to get the 1% involved with us lol

  20. thewatcherai says:

    Sr for posting this here but since SBF went down its

    @firefly any idea when SBF may come back online?

  21. thewatcherai says:

    Any chance of having story codes added? I think it would help readers finds the kind of stories their looking for.

  22. We debated that but eventually decided that for our site, where nearly all stories include the same standard themes — underage lesbian sex, often with incest — the use of story codes seems redundant and unnecessary. For a site like ASSTR, where there are all different kinds of stories, it makes more sense, but not really for ours.

  23. ThylaneLover says:

    Not to be rude to you NM, since this is your site, but I agree that story codes should be added. Granted, the general theme of the stories is underage lesbian sex, often with incest, but that could run the gamut of all sorts of “perversions” some of us might not be comfortable with (ws, scat, beast, bdsm, etc). It would be a shame if half way through a good story we find little “Jenny” getting her cunny licked by the family dog or some other scenario that may turn us off.

    • Myka says:

      ThyLover – I have to agree with what you say. I am a newbie here but I think JS is a great site I really do but I have had already had a couple of ‘sudden disappointments’ similar to those you mentioned. i.e. I have started reading a story and had a sudden ‘turned off’ experience.

      We all have our ‘likes and dislikes’ and each to their own, no problem there, but because of that, if we know what the story contains e.g. as you suggested,)I think it would be an advantage.
      Still love JS 🙂

  24. Kelly Ann says:

    I don’t think Thylanelover quite understands this site yet. I love this site because I will never be surprised to find “little Jenny” being involved with the family pet. I come here and have contributed because this site is all about love. The fictional, unconditional, consensual love between women and young curious girls. To include “perversions” would not be a positive addition to a site that is built and run by writers who only write in a positive way about their characters. Story codes I don’t think are necessary.

  25. kim says:

    Yes I am with you, Kelly Ann, there are many other places to go if you want other stuff. Like you I come here because it’s like you said, “The fictional, unconditional, consensual love between women and young curious girls.”

  26. Kelly Ann says:

    It’s funny that I was paranoid about responses to my post. I wasn’t criticizing Thylanelover, only trying to point out what I think (hope) is the direction of this site. I’m relieved at least one agrees. Thank you Kim! 🙂

  27. Cheryl says:

    ThylaneLover (and anyone else turned off by the family dog licking a young girl):

    In the later chapters of “I Was the Daughter of a Porn Star,” the fictional Cheryl does encounter a young girl she babysits who enjoys having the family dog lick her, but it only occurs briefly in the story and is only a very small part. I apologize to anyone offended by this. I try to explore many things, especially if it’s something I have encountered in real life, and that is one thing I have encountered. I use my writing to come to grips with things I have done, some of which may be less acceptable to the readers here, but it is what it is.

    Oh, what the hell, I will confess it now. I have always been adventurous when it comes to sexual experimentation, and when I was in my early teens, I decided to find out if it felt good to have our small dog, a chihuahua, lick honey or other sweet tasting food from my clit. I couldn’t come that way, probably because it also made me feel weird, but it did feel good. It is one of the FEW things I feel guilty about doing. I included it in my story because my writing is like therapy for me.

    Sorry, but if you are here, you need to try to at least be open-minded about all sorts of things. I’ve encountered things in stories that did not turn me on at all, and I just skipped that chapter, story, or even author if it dominated his or her writing.

    I’ve had people ask me to write things that I do not like or write about, such as forcing/coercing a child into sex, BDSM, and scatological subjects as they relate to sex (pee and poop). These definitely do not turn me on, and some disgust me. These types of stories are out there if you want to find them, but I definitely do not suggest I be “protected” from encountering it online. We start doing that, and stories like ours will disappear from the net because I can assure you there are plenty of people out there who think we should be put to death for even fantasizing about sex between young girls, or between an older relative and a young girl, such as mother-daughter or aunt-daughter, etc. Hell, there are plenty of people in my own city who think I should be put to death because I just married my lesbian lover.

    Sorry, but if you don’t like it, skip it when you encounter it.

  28. Terri says:

    Bravo Cheryl, well said…and if truth be known, I wasn’t even a young girl when I let my dog lick me…he enjoyed it and so did I…no harm done…but I guess most people would think I’m sick, but frankly, I don’t give a damn…we come here to be entertained and if something is not to your taste, read something else…there is plenty here for all…love you and love this site

    Kitty kisses, Terri

  29. Kelly Ann says:

    I hope this thread doesn’t veer off into a debate on tastes (pun intended — Cheryl, besides honey, what other sweet tastes?). Collectively as readers we are a qroup that loves reading about older/younger sex. How that sex occurs is often what separates one story from another. I understand that like any media I encounter that I don’t like, there is an off/on switch or a way to move on. I have never had to stop reading a story here because of what I perceive to be disgusting to ME! To tell the truth, I don’t find bestiality disgusting, and if I want to read stories of that genre I know where to find them.

    This thread started by wondering about story codes. I still don’t think they are necessary. I am also not the one putting in all the hard work it takes to run a site such as this. If those people who sacrifice their time to run this site for the enjoyment of others decide to include stories where the seduction of young, cute, innocent and very sexually curious girls by beautiful sexual women is brought about by themes that are in MY opinion on the fringe… then yes I would appreciate story codes at that time.

  30. ThylaneLover says:

    Cheryl (and others I seem to have offended with my statement):

    I wasn’t trying to criticize or offend anyone here, or any other site. I was merely pointing out that story codes would help others avoid such scenarios in the first place. I’m the LAST person that would suggest someone shouldn’t write/post a story about something that turns them on just because it might offend someone else.

    I’m not sure if anyone here recalls what my signature statement was on SFB, but it said “Censorship is either present or absent. It is never limited.”

    Quite frankly, I enjoy stories that involve some bestiality, and would never judge anyone for engaging in that in real life, either as a youngster or an adult. I was simply using that scenario as a reason for including story codes.

    I apologize if it came across that I was using it because I thought it was disgusting. That’s certainly NOT the case.

    As Terri said “if truth be known”, I’ve engaged in it also. I was a young, horny boy, and she was a little dachshund that like licking people…anywhere.

    So please, do not feel that I was trying to shame anyone with my comments.

  31. kim says:

    yeah,Like Cheryl and Lany said, I pretty much know what to expect here, and yes once when I was kid I let a dog lick my pussy, and I liked it, though the dog didn’t seem to be into after a while, and I felt bad for getting him to do it, and when I tried writing, I started to try throw things in that I didn’t really care for but that I hoped might get someone else off. I guess a lot of people would be shocked about stories about women and girls having sex. so my apologies to Laney, was not trying to put anyone down or anything.
    what did they used to say back in the last century, ‘Different strokes for different folks’ which is cool,you can just tell someone it’s not your thing,but if it’s their thing, that’s cool.

  32. DJ says:

    Hello to everyone here, and especially to Naughty Mommy, Cheryl, and Jetboy for creating such a great website. I just can’t get enough of the stories authored and published here for everyone to enjoy. I’m a refugee from the Story Friends Board. I was known as Jones4040. Sad to see that we have lost that site. But, as with most things, change is inevitable. So, just to continue the discussion on story codes….Within the context of this site and knowing what to expect, I don’t think story codes are necessary here. We generally know what to expect. I personally like the aspect of not knowing details and just seeing where the story takes me. Not knowing, provides an element of excitement. Lastly, I would challenge our gifted authors to introduce some ‘puppy love’ occasionally to their stories, and see what the reaction is from the reading community. I’ll bet it will be positive.

  33. Thanks for your comments, DJ, and welcome!

    As for “puppy love” LOL sorry, but you won’t get any of that from me. You see, I’m not really very adventurous. Moms having hot wild sex with their 7yo daughters is about as kinky as I get. 😉 But maybe Cheryl or JetBoy?

  34. Jen L. Lee says:

    Many congratulations to you for starting this. After over 100 of my own stories on LL, it is coming to a close. I intend to download all of my works, but after that – who knows? Most of you won’t know this, but a virus wiped out ALL of my work, including my “idea” files, notes and stories in progress. No sense in continuing with them now. I hope all of you find the success you are looking for. As for LL – I enjoyed it while it lasted.

    Bestest from Jen

  35. Cheryl says:

    Jen L.,

    Perhaps you could submit a new story to us? Most of your stories involve girls who are a bit older than some of what we have here, but that is just fine with us. I can say your writing is exceptional. As I recall, you even wrote one for me–or at least included me in the story–once upon a time. 🙂

    Naughty Mommy,

    As mentioned, I have included a “puppy love” scene or two in my Daughter of a Porn Star series. I may keep that going a bit when I resume writing that later this summer or early in the fall. Still, that particular flavor will never dominate my writing. It’s just a guilty pleasure I once indulged and have done my best to forgive myself for, and my writing helps with that.

    Love ya, big sis! :*

  36. MotherDaughterLover says:

    On story codes…personally I like them and include them in the opening of my stories as a matter of habit from writing in ASSTR and LL but also because of many of the reasons mentioned here. As a reader I appreciate story codes because sometimes when I want to get off to a story I might be in the mood for a particular kink, Strap-on, lactation & etc, the codes help me find what I’m looking for at that moment. Conversely there are things that can turn me off and ruin a great jilling for me. Just my thoughts on the topic.
    On a personal note I want to let my readers and friends I’ve made here know after today I will not be online for a while (hoping short while) as I am having open heart surgery tomorrow. If I don’t answer messages and such I didn’t want anyone to think I’m snubbing them or being rude. Also I am still working on my Chapter 4 of my Simpsons story and hoping to finish it during my recoup time. Should things go bad tomorrow I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped and supported me in my writing adventure. I never thought anyone would like my writings as I was very bad at it in school but the the support I’ve found here, LL and ASSTR has been wonderful and I really appreciate it. Love to you all.

  37. Joe says:

    I just found this site from a link on Naughty Mommy’s latest post on LL. I think I have read all of NM, Cheryl and JetBoy’s stories on LL. If I haven’t I am sure I will soon.

    I want to thank the three of you for your wonderful writing. It has stirred my imagination so much.

    I look forward to continue reading and experiencing the pleasures from your works. You three are just wonderful. I will be visiting this site a lot in the future.

    Again thank you.

  38. Cassie says:

    You said: “We are three writers with similar tastes in things sexual – Naughty Mommy, Cheryl Taggert, and JetBoy – who came together in pursuit of a humble dream. Juicy Secrets is that dream come to life.”

    Can you define what those “similar tastes” are, and what would make a story not fit those “similar tastes” if it were lacking?

  39. Cheryl says:

    Cassie, I think our “similar tastes” are obvious from our choice of themes in our erotica. We enjoy fantasies about adult women and young girls or young girls together. Fantasies are healthy things, allowing a release of tension caused in everyday life. We do not publish stories that are predominantly about heterosexual encounters, regardless of age. While a few stories and chapters may contain some sex between a man and woman, it occurs only when it is necessary to the situation involving the women/girls in the story. For example, I include a brief sex scene between a husband and wife because the story’s protagonist listens in since the wife thought she hung up the phone. This leads to a situation in which the protagonist has sex with the couple’s daughters.

  40. PoppaBear says:

    Now, Cheryl, I don’t recognise that scenario. Which story is that?

    • Cheryl says:

      How in the world did I miss this, Poppa? Forgive me. The story you ask about is “Nanny for a Night.” That is still one of my favorites. I’m even considering a sequel.

  41. JetBoy says:

    Cassie, the three of us came together to start this site because of our shared love of lesbian fiction — especially when underage girls and/or incest is involved. That basically sums up the “similar tastes” mentioned in the original post.

    As for what would “not fit” at this site… well, that’s pretty simple: 1) any story that is primarily heterosexual, as Cheryl mentioned above, or 2) any story that features some kind of sex act that turns us off. The latter would include ANY act of rape or non-consensual sex that is intended to arouse the reader, and fetishes that we find either gross, creepy, silly or simply not erotic. There used to be an author at the Nifty Archive who regularly wrote lesbian fiction about women who sprouted massive erections when they became aroused, then took turns fucking each other with them. This is the kind of story that my partners and I would return to the author with a polite “Thanks… but it’s not really our cup of tea.”

    Oh, one more thing: for a story to “fit” here, it needs to be well written, at least by our standards. Cheryl, Naughty Mommy, and I can be tough critics, and that toughness gets applied to each other’s work as well. If my new story isn’t up to snuff, I count on my partners to tell me so. We work hard — not just on our own writing, but also to make each other’s fiction better.

    Hope we answered your question satisfactorily, Cassie. Thanks for playing. 😉

    • Tom says:

      and the quality of the writing shows! some of the best quality writing if a bunch of sites ive been to can be found here. the thrill of the chase is almost as erotic as the catch. love is love and sex is sex the two usually end up together but thats not always the case. all the stories here have both or just love. either way its highly arousing.

      thanks for all the hard work in writing and finding and coaching the amazing talent in others.

  42. steph-sammie says:


    Have a little complaint to make. In the opening statement you mention “we may need a towel” to sit on…

    We have now run out of towels…

    Thank you to each and every one of you who gives up an amazing amount of your own personal, and I’m sure, very busy lives to give us these stories. They are all incredible in their own rights.

    Once again… Thank you and please keep them coming…
    (Excuse the pun ) x

  43. steph-sammie, that’s the sort of complaint we love to get, hee-hee! Sorry about the increase in your laundry bill, but it’s a small price to pay for pleasure, wouldn’t you agree?

  44. Cheryl says:

    steph-sammie, allow me to thank you as well! I love the creativity behind your comment. Priceless! And I can’t tell you how happy I am you are enjoying our stories so much. Please keep “coming” back as well! 🙂

  45. Step-sanmie says:

    Hi all x
    Thank you for the replies to our post, feel quite honoured 🙂 x

    Bit of a question for you regarding the legallity of reading these stories on the site.
    We are from the UK and as much as we have tried, we csnt seem to find any info that discloses if we are breaking any laws by accesing and reading this type of fiction.
    And yes, both Sammie and myself are of legal age ( both mid 30’s females )
    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section etc x

  46. Steph and Sammie, regarding your question about legality… I don’t know what the laws are in Great Britain. Perhaps one of our other readers can answer that. But here at Juicy Secrets, we tend to follow the guidelines of our mentors at Lesbian Lolita, who wrote:

    The US Supreme Court ruled on April 16, 2002 that adult material depicting minors that was not made through the use of any actual minor is protected free speech. The ruling was against the Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 (CPPA) and the entire ruling is available via Findlaw.com. It is important to remember that everything on this web site is fantasy and therefore no child has ever been involved in creating them. Story comments, forum posts, and author profiles are also fantasy. No real children involved means no children were harmed, exposed, abused, or exploited in the creation or distribution of the stories.

    So, in the United States, where our site is based, fictional non-photographic depictions of adult-child sex are considered to be protected speech, and therefore legal, both to create and to read.

    • Myka125 says:

      I see it was a long time ago when this came up but, did anyone ever find out if it is legal for us in the UK to visit and enjoy this wonderful site of erotic fantasy tales?

  47. Girl Lover says:

    How do you post a story to this site?

  48. Just FYI — If you submit a comment, but you don’t see it appear right away, that’s not because you did anything wrong. The service that hosts our site is having some technical issues, and we are unable temporarily to moderate and approve comments from new visitors. We’re hoping they will fix the problem very soon!!

    • We’re finally back! Yay!! Of course, we were never really gone, but the service that hosts our site was dealing with some major technical problems, and so for the past six days we haven’t been able to post any new stories or chapters or approve any comments from new visitors to the site. Six days maybe doesn’t sound like all that long, but to me and my partners, Cheryl and JetBoy, it seemed like forever!

      Anyway, we’re glad to have our service restored. We’ve approved all the pending comments and posted a new chapter to the Joy of Looking. Soon we’ll have even more new material. Did you miss us? 😉

  49. kacey says:

    Welcome back, folks. Good to have you home!!

  50. Saapho69 says:

    Im so glad you are back. This made me so sad, I had no good masturbation material for what seemed forever 😛 (yes a few days for me is forever lol).

    As for my laundry bill, its not increased all that much, since im a squirter I have plastic sheets, plastic keyboard cover and mouse cover. :P. Now it has increased for my panties.

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