Naughty Mommy

I’m a lesbian mom, early 40s, US-born but now living abroad. I hope you will enjoy my stories, and I love getting comments on them — especially when they’re typed with wet fingers!


Bambi at the Beach, 6 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

A new adventure begins for little Bambi and her sexy, seductive mother in this sequel to The Lost Girl Game (see below).

Childhood Memories

Sensual recollections from a young girl’s life, age five to fifteen.

Cocktail Waitress

It’s certainly not a perfect job, but what job is? And anyway, it’s all worth it, because…

Comforting My Little Girl

A shy single mom and her equally shy 11-year-old daughter find they may not really need anyone else.


Taking care of the young neighbor girls after school, and giving them special treats.

Every Sunday Night, 2 parts

Two lucky little girls in a dirty little story.

The Family Kiss, 2 parts

Handing down special knowledge from generation to generation.

Getting Big

A young girl comes to her mother’s room one night with questions.

In Her Room

Day after day, it seems, she gets a little bit closer. But how far will she finally go?

Read the companion piece to this storyIn My Room

In the Closet, 2 parts

Special things sisters do while their parents are away.

The Joy of Lake Tahoe, 4 chapters

Our old friends Julie and Kate meet a new friend while visiting their aunt in Nevada.

The Joy of Looking, 133 chapters so far  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

An epic, novel-length story describing the sexual adventures of a beautiful mom and her three daughters.

The Lost Girl Game, 9 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

A precocious little girl named Bambi seems to be lost. But is she really?

Maternal Closeness

A young mother worries that her intimacy with her daughter may have crossed too many boundaries.

Maternal Exhibitionism

A fictionalized academic study, presented for your pleasure.

Nanna Comes to Help, 4 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

When Stacie has to leave town on a business trip, she asks her mother to stay with her little girl for a week.

Perfectly Natural, 2 parts

Love and affection between a mom and her daughter, what could be more natural or more beautiful?

Perverse Pleasures, 2 parts

Some things are better enjoyed when risk is involved.

Secrets, 25 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

Shelly has a secret she just has to tell someone. And it turns out she’s not the only one with something to hide!

Serendipity, 60 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

As several families of moms and girls cross paths in San Diego, they all discover new kinds of intimacy.

Sheila, Bridget, and the Girls, 6 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

Sisters Bridget and Sheila have three young daughters between them, more than enough to keep their hands full.

Showing Amanda, 4 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

A mother takes her 10-year-old daughter’s sex education into her own hands.

A Special Request, 2 parts

A call girl is asked to play the role of an 11-year-old girl named Kathy… by Kathy’s mother!

Spying on Hallie, 3 parts

When a mom overhears her teenage daughter masturbating, she’s tempted to take the next step, and then the next.

Teaching the Girls, 25 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

A 16-year-old is hired to provide yoga instruction for a group of young girls, but her private lessons end up going much further than she ever expected.

Telling My Story, 4 chapters

Passing down the pleasures of lesbian incest from generation to generation.

The Thunderstorm

Late at night in bed, a pair of teenage sisters create heat lightning of their own.

Two Moms, 25 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

Lia has moved to a different city, where she’s started at a new school and made a new best friend… a girl with a very interesting mom.

Well, why not? 2 parts

 A lonely single mom comes to question her beliefs about what’s right and what’s wrong.

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  1. Irene says:

    You are welcome. I would tell my friends but so far have been too shy to let them know of my explorations.

  2. Irene, do you have a favorite story here so far?

  3. Irene says:

    I am loving “Joy of Looking”.

  4. Ah, good. Well, that one should keep you entertained for a while. 😉

  5. Irene says:

    Lol…yes it should. 30 chapters down and explored. Fifty something to go. Definitely exciting times ahead.

  6. Cheryl Taggert says:

    Irene, be sure to check out the rest of the site, too!

  7. Irene says:

    Cheryl, trust me, I have.

  8. Tray21 says:

    Mommy just found your twitter account OMG talk about fingers!!!! you made me what to sign up for twitter.

  9. Wanderfar says:

    Dear Naughty Mommy,

    As I am working my way thru your delightfully naughty tales.. I would be remiss to not stop and express my gratitude.

    Your story telling has several remarkable features. By taking the time (but not TOO much time) to develop the characters. your sense of PACING is a treasure. The descriptions, the outfits, the quality of skin all lead us inexorably into the mind fuck that your are laying the groundwork for.

    I like how you don’t try and move things along too fast but rather develop the details that keep each scene so alive!

    You truly have a gift and I just wanted to say… THANK YOU for writing!!

  10. Thank you so much, Wanderfar. I work very hard on my stories, and it truly means a great deal to receive feedback like this. You make me want to write even more, and better! 🙂

  11. Cybare says:

    I enjoy the stories could you add some more pics to your chapters and can u please add 2 your epic joy of looking ive been looking for the next chapter

  12. Thank you, Cybare. I’m glad you are enjoying the stories. Usually we put only one picture at the beginning of each story, even if it has many chapters. But maybe if I see another picture I like for this story I will think about adding more. 😀

    As for Joy of Looking, I certainly do plan to write at least a few more chapters, although that won’t happen very soon, I’m afraid. First I need to finish writing Serendipity, and that might take another three or four months, possibly longer. Thanks again for your comment!

  13. Casey says:

    I absolutely love The Joy of Looking. It’s one of my favorites. Incredible build up and payoff. Looking forward to your other stories. I can’t get enough mother/daughter lesbians.

  14. Thank you so much, Casey!

  15. jorge says:

    Hope a comment from a man does not put you off; the Joy of Looking is one of the best erotic stories I have had the chance to read. Exciting, tender, warm, and the anticipation as I looked forward to the mother giving into her desires was a delight.

    Hope that was not the end of the Joy of Looking, while I wait I will read your other stories. Thank you for taking the time to share your stories with us.

  16. Jorge, thank you very much for this. Your comment does not put me off at all. As I have said before, we are equal opportunity arousers here at Juicy Secrets, happy when our stories can bring pleasure to men, women, and anyone else. 😉

    I’m glad you enjoyed the Joy of Looking, and yes, I am planning to continue it at some point. Until then, please do take a look at my other stories. And feel free to comment again!

  17. jorge says:

    Just finished Nanna Comes to Help, and yes your stories are exciting, passionate, and warm, but I love the fact that you always make it a point to ask the girl for her approval, often; though lust is alive, the love stands out in your stories more. On to the next part, but just had to mention the fact that the love was felt.

  18. Thanks for noticing that, Jorge, and for pointing it out. That is an important theme for all of the featured writers here at Juicy Secrets: love and tenderness and genuine caring, in addition to the hot nasty sex. 😀

  19. Casey says:

    I’m eagerly awaiting further chapters for The Joy of Looking. Hopefully with even more hot fucking between young girls and older women. Maybe explore a few fetishes or kinks?

  20. Jenny says:

    Hello dear Naughty Mommy!

    I want to tell you that just discovered your delicious stories on the site Lesbian Lolita ( thanks to my girlfriend shared with me. We are reading all the chapters of The Joy of Looking and now, on this site JuicySecrets. We love this place because it has more juicy stories yours and because we love to see the images that accompany those. Our panties are wet !!! I love reading your stories be hot!!! They are fascinating, loaded with real incestuous lust and passion. Our favorite passion!!! Hopefully your delicious stories continue … forever !!!
    You get a couple of kisses, wet and deep of a lesbian couple who adore you.
    Right now the juicy panties got my girlfriend on my face, I lick all your juices fabric, as I read your stories. It’s delicious!!!

  21. Oh, thank you, Jenny! That’s very sweet. I hope you and your girlfriend will stay wet and juicy and horny and in love forever!! ❤

  22. Mona Lessie says:

    Naughty Mommy, do you know how to get to the original “Leslita” website? I am unable to find those stories.

    Please help,


  23. Hi, Mona, it’s nice to hear from you! You probably have an old link for Leslita. They had some recent technical trouble there, caused by ASSTR. Anyway, this link works now —

  24. Mona Lessie says:

    You are the BEST! It works. I have been wanting to read some of my favorites from the past and could not get there.

  25. HippyMike says:

    Greetings NaughtMommy!
    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been a long term fan of yours And the other authors on juicysecrets as well. I was just wondering if you would take up a challenge, since you’re an incredible author? I would love to see you write in your regular style, but include some manner of “mind control”, perhaps a magic ring eg. I ask only because I’m also a fan of the mcstories page and you are such a fantastic writer.
    Any way thanks for the many hours of “entertainment” you’ve provided

    Hippy Mike

  26. Thank you, HippyMike, for the compliments. I doubt that I will ever write any stories that include mind control. There was a time several years ago when I sort of toyed with the idea, but it doesn’t hold much appeal for me now. Sorry!

  27. becky says:

    just finshed, just looking, it was very hot and exciting and well written. your a talented writer and very good at what u do. trying to keep it clean with my comment, but had orgasm after orgasm and I thank you

  28. Poppabear or PoppaClyde2 says:

    Becky, darling, you ‘sound’ quite breathless. Are you all right now?

  29. Hi Becky, and thanks so much for your nice comment! Mommy loves hearing from girls and women — and men too, I suppose 😉 — who get so excited from reading her stories.

  30. JORGE says:

    I started reading the joy of looking again;when a story is just as exciting the second time around, its a good story;as much as I have enjoy your other stories, the joy of looking stand on its own, and the story can still go in so many directions if you wish to continue, and behind the lust,theres alway the warmth and that just add color to the foundation. youre a good naughty

  31. Joe says:

    Are you still submitting to lesbian Lolita? If not, I found your “Lake Tahoe” there under your name.

  32. Yes, that was sort of a special case where I allowed them to post my story on their site in addition to here. But thanks for looking out for me, Joe! 🙂

  33. Asian Toy says:

    Dear Naughty Mommy

    I love your stories and just started following you on Twitter. Your post are awesome. I hope you write more stories soon. I just recently found this site and was glad to see I’m not the only one out here that has these feeling or fantasies. Love to here from others with the same interest.

    Love Toy

  34. Thank you, Toy, and welcome to Juicy Secrets!

    I’m sorry, but we had to edit the comment you posted above to remove your email address. The only place on this site where we allow contact info to be shown is in the Readers Forum. You are more than welcome to leave your email address there, however, and invite others to contact you.

  35. becky says:

    your stories are the best I have read

  36. norm says:

    can please finish joy of looking

  37. I’m working on it, Norm. 😀 Several new chapters of JoL are almost finished. They should be ready for me to start publishing them by around, say, December 25th.

    Becky, thank you! That’s kind of you to say. xoxo

  38. Bubz says:

    Mommy I’m McLoving this all xx

  39. Thank you, sweetheart! I hope it makes your day a little brighter. xoxo

  40. bubz says:

    it has Mommy, miss u

  41. Ironic990 says:

    Re: Finishing JoL? One dissenting vote here… please, don’t EVER finish it, just go on and on and on. It was the first thing I ever read by you, and holds a very special place in my… uh, heart.

  42. Thanks, Ironic. I wish I could tell you the story will go on forever, but that doesn’t seem likely. Although I am composing quite a long extension, probably 40 or 50 more chapters, JoL will have to end someday, I’m afraid. Sorry about that.

  43. Raoul says:

    Hi is it possible to remove a comment or link one has posted?

  44. Yes, Raoul, if you tell us which comment you want to remove, we can do that. You may either send us an email at [email protected] or simply make your request in another comment and we will take care of it.

  45. Jennifer says:

    Naughty Mommy: This is one of the most amazing erotic stories I have ever read. You are so talented and creative. Your attention to detail is incredible and I feel like I know Suzanne, Julie, Kate, Molly, Dana and Chelsea as well as I know anyone. Bravo!


  46. Naughty Mommy says:

    What a lovely comment, Jen, thank you very much. I’m glad you’re enjoying The Joy of Looking, and that you feel you know the characters. I’ve been with them so long now they almost feel like family to me. If only they really were! 😉

  47. norm says:

    how many chapters in joy?

  48. It looks like it probably will be about 130 chapters when it’s finished, give or take a few.

  49. Brittney says:

    Hey! just had to say I L-O-V-E LOVE! your stories! feel free to email me anytime! kisses!!! xoxoxo

  50. Thank you, Brittney — I’m so glad you L-O-V-E my stories! Big kiss from me to you!! xoxo

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